Interesting Links

In no particular order 

The best, free, Open source Customer Relationship Management. So you say what is Customer Relationship Management? Well CRM provides a structured framework for managing your companies interactions with customers both internal and external. SugarCRM is on this list because, its open source meaning free, and its very well written. You can tweak and modify just about every aspect of the program and there are several paid support options avaliable as well. I find it very similar to products but a lot more cost effective. You can chose to host the software your self or pay a regular fee to have it hosted off-site.

A nice little reference for commands, for the novice, newbie or expert. I find myself using linux on and off and I sometimes forget what command I want to execute and I find this reference very handy. I also recommend that if you're getting started with linux that you read through it.

This site has tons of free or free with credit photos at massive resolution. Great for backgrounds or building images for other stuff too. Where do ya think I got the cool stuff I put here??

This is a clever service that lets you get your snail mail (from the postal service) in your email. You simply allow them permission to open your mail and they use a special machine to open and scan your mail. Its actually pretty cool and just as secure as any other form of communication which involves a third party in transmission or transport. Plus you get all your snail mail crap in your email instead. Combine this is a gmail account and you're on your way to a paperless world. You can also have them filter your mail so you get less junk mail. How cool is that?

This site has loads of information on VoIP and asterisk and related subjects.