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At present, I do not have the resources necessary to support my own website and therefore use this Google Site as my central "website." Just about everything of interest to me is on far...remember I've got free time now and again ;)

What is this place?

This is the index of NullCoding's website. Please see the About Me page for more information on who exactly this "NullCoding" is.

For now, this is my central website. Please, have a look around!

For now:

Below is a list of websites I either own, maintain, or am associated with. I do not own any domain names or web servers. I have also provided some contact information.


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And some pages I don't really use anymore. These are deprecated links kept here for fun and nostalgia ONLY!
I can't even guarantee they always (or ever) work.

  • Forum I maintain. It's full of cool people who don't post enough.
  • My OLD blog. I wrote on it, and so did several of my friends.
  • Another Forum, for the clan I helped run in OpenArena
  • YouTube channel with pertinent videos.
  • Youtube channel with frivolously entertaining videos.

Contact Information 
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As a general rule, you can find me just about anywhere by searching for "nullcoding." Meldar667 is an old username of mine. I don't use it for anything new because it's childish and silly. And it's got numbers in...