About KDT

Kinematix Dance Troupe

Who are we?

 As Northeastern University's Urban Dance Troupe, the purpose of Kinematix is to provide a channel for students to express themselves through urban culture- particularly through the interest of street dance. Established in 2006, Kinematix brings together the styles of hip hop, popping, reggae, and street-jazz that constitute the art of street dance. Kinematix encourages performances, enriches the talents of its members, promotes social interaction, and strives to bring awareness of the urban culture to its audience.

After four short years KDT has grown exponentially. We regularly participate in showcases around Boston. Teaming up with other University & Bostonian crews (i.e.- Fusion, Static Noyze, VIBES, etc...) And we are lucky enough to participate in BU Fusion's fabulous showcase-turned-competition "Elements" each November.

We also had the privilege of competing in "The MAIN EVENT" for our very first time in March 2010. We were competing against some of the best East Coast Crews and look forward to many more "MAIN EVENT" trips to come.

KDT is taking on new members each season through our audition process. The sky is the limit and hopefully we're gonna keep on growing!