Nuclear Terror Research


The exhaustive amount of scholarly whitepapers, research papers, think tanks papers and journal articles cover the topics of nuclear error and Pakistan in depth, with multiple cross references. The plan is clear in that terrorists will acquire nuclear weapons. Whether they make it, steal it, find it or buy it, they will acquire one. If these papers are to be believed, nuclear terror is written in stone, and once one nuke goes off another will follow. The authors of these papers have a dilemma in that the public won‘t buy that some guys in a cave developed a nuclear weapon, and therefore have decided to set up Pakistan as the scapegoat for nuclear terror.

The narrative will likely be: Nuclear attack at the Super Bowl, Osama bin Laden is blamed initially, but upon the 2nd nuclear attack on Washington D.C., Obama retaliates against Pakistan with nukes for supplying Osama with the nuclear weapons. In the midst of the chaos, a bio terror attack will transpire in the Chicago area and America will be in World War III before she knows it. After the war, America will be tried in an international court for war crimes, and there it will be found that the nukes were not from Pakistan, but from the U.S. Military.

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