Nuclear Terror News

The following news regarding an impending nuclear terror attack, whether false-flag or real, are quite substantial. Whether these are legitimate warnings, government propaganda, and/or outright fear mongering is secondary. The fact that they exist in excess shows that a potential nuclear terror attack is in the cards and may be played in a last ditch effort to regain total political and military control of society.

Nuclear Terrorism is Globalist‘s ―Ace up the Sleeve‖ so to speak, and it has likely been in the works for at least 50 years. As more and more people worldwide wake up to the reality of the current political, economic, and environmental situation, it appears that only a nuclear terror attack will terrorize the people enough to put them back in line.

ACCESS: The Nuclear Bible: Nuclear Terror News (PDF)

Resounding Themes:
  1. A nuclear bomb is easy to make and anybody, so long as they are dedicated, can make or acquire one
  2. A nuclear terror attack is not a matter of "if", but "when".
  3. Pakistan is the real threat to America because it has terrorist extremists threatening to overthrow the Pakistani government and seize its nuclear arsenal
  4. Martial law and/or a Military Dictatorship will replace the Republic form of U.S. Government, post nuclear attack
  5. Nuclear Proliferation is a "Global Problem" that requires a "Global Solution", and should a devastating nuclear terror attack occur, ALL nations would have to cede sovereignty to an international organization and open their particular country to nuclear inspection and regulation.

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