End of the Internet

The biggest thorn in the side of the Globalists is the internet, and there are now rumors that the world may be in the process of going to Internet 2, a highly controlled internet with Chinese style censorship. In 2009, Jay Rockefeller, stated that “The internet never should have been invented” (YouTube, 2009).

These statements shows the distain for the internet by the powers that be, because more and more people worldwide are tuning out of the mainstream media and onto the internet for their news and information. this is of course due to the corporate media’s unwillingness to speak the truth about a number of issues, particularly, Zionism, the North American Union, WMD's, 9/11 Truth, vaccines, and countless other topics. 

ACCESS: The Nuclear Bible: The End of the Internet (PDF)

Jay Rockefeller On The Internet

On January 15th, 2010, Paul Joseph Watson reported that the controversy surrounding White House information czar and Harvard Professor Cass Sunstein‟s blueprint for the government to infiltrate political activist groups has deepened, with the revelation that in the same 2008 dossier he also called for the government to tax or even ban outright political opinions of which it disapproved. Sunstein was appointed by President Obama to head up the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, an agency within the Executive Office of the President.

On page 14 of Sunstein’s January 2008 white paper entitled “Conspiracy Theories,” the man who is now Obama’s head of information technology in the White House proposed that each of the following measures “will have a place under imaginable conditions” according to the strategy detailed in the essay. "Government might ban conspiracy theorizing" (most of which occurs online). Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories (which would most likely be levied based on online behavior) Watson went on to state, “That‟s right, Obama‟s information czar wants to tax or ban outright, as in make illegal, political opinions that the government doesn‟t approve of” (Watson, 2010).

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