Terrorism & Mexico

The innuendos regarding the possibility that terrorists from the Middle East, namely Pakistan or Iran, will smuggle a nuclear bomb into the United States via Mexico is increasing at an alarming rate. It appears that Mexico will serve as the conduit for nuclear terror, and as a result a North American Union must be formed to prevent it from ever happening again.

See: North American Union (Wikipedia, 2011)
See: North American Union (PDF) (Council on Foreign Relations, 2005)

It is no wonder why the U.S./Mexican border has been left virtually open for the last 30 years, for it will serve its purpose when an alleged nuke is smuggled across the border. The only way Americans will accept the North American Union (merger of the US, Mexico, and Canada) is if a nuclear terror attack occurs and is blamed on the open border with Mexico. In order to be safe, Americans will accept anything, even at the detriment of their own nation's sovereignty.

ACCESS: The Nuclear Bible: Terrorism & Mexico (PDF)

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