NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL Lockout of 2011

Just in time for the 2011 nuclear detonation at the Super Bowl, the four major sports leagues of the United States (the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL) are all having a lockout, simultaneously! Is this sheer coincidence, or does NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NBA Commissioner David Stern, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman have foreknowledge regarding the nuclear attack? And, if so, and are they complicit in the planning and executions of the subsequent aftermath of the attack?

The players of the four major leagues should vacate their respective treacherous organizations and form their own leagues with better pay and better healthcare. As for the commissioners of these leagues, they should be charged with conspiracy and tried in a court of law.

ACCESS: The Nuclear Bible: The NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL Lockout of 2011 (PDF)
Collective Bargaining Agreement expired on March 4, 2011

NBA: "This Agreement shall be effective from July 29, 2005 and, unless extended or terminated pursuant to the provisions of this Article XXXIX, shall continue in full force and effect through June 30, 2011."

NHL: "Article 3: Duration Of Agreement: 3.1 Term. (a) This Agreement is effective retroactive to September 16m 2004 (the “Effective Date”), and shall remain in full force and effective until midnight New York time on September 15, 2011."

MLB: "The current CBA expires on December 11, 2011: 2007-2011 BASIC AGREEMENT: This Agreement, effective December 20, 2006, is between the 30 Major League Clubs and the Major League Baseball Players Association."
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