NFL & International Expansion

Should a nuclear attack occur at the Super Bowl, the NFL would become a household name worldwide by the next day. People in every country of every religion and of every language would be talking about the Super Bowl. In order to cash in on its new found popularity, the NFL would likely expand into Europe, Canada, and possibly even Mexico. Just on time, many franchise stadiums (Detroit & Minnesota) have collapsed, teams existing stadium contracts have expired, or owners are looking to move (San Diego).

It is clear that should the Super Bowl be attacked by a nuclear device, the NFL would take on a whole new global identification. When looking at a motive for a Super Bowl nuclear terror attack, NFL expansion is a prime one.

The Nuclear Bible: The NFL & International Expansion (PDF)

International Expansion Guesses:

  1. London Lions
  2. Mexico City Raiders
  3. Hamburg Seahawks
  4. Berlin Chargers
  5. Toronto Bills
  6. Frankfurt Vikings
  7. Barcelona Buccaneers
  8. Amsterdam Redskins
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