Nuclear Terror Survival Guide

If only a ‘Dirty Bomb’ attack, you can expect localized and downwind contamination from the explosion and dispersed radioactive materials. If you are near enough to see or hear any local bomb blast, assume that it includes radiological or chemical agents. You should move away from the blast area as quickly as possible. If the wind is blowing toward you from the direction of the blast, travel in a direction that is crosswise or perpendicular to the wind as you move away from the blast area.

If possible cover your face with a dust mask or cloth to avoid inhaling potentially radioactive dust. Upon reaching a safe location,
remove your outer clothing outside and shower as soon as possible. Refer to local news sources for additional instructions
about sheltering or evacuation. The government is better prepared to direct and assist the public in a ‘dirty bomb’
incident, unlike an actual nuclear weapon attack discussed in the guide.

ACCESS: The Nuclear Bible: Nuclear Terror Survival Guide (PDF)

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