Nuclear Hijack - Top Secret

Nuclear Terrorism:
  1. Steal, buy or otherwise acquire fissile material and fabricate a crude nuclear bomb
  2. Steal, buy or otherwise acquire a ready-made nuclear weapon; or take over a nuclear-armed submarine, plane or base.
  3. Attack a nuclear reactor or waste fuel cooling pond.
  4. Disrupt critical inputs for the safe running of a nuclear reactor e.g. water supply for cooling, electrical power supply systems.
  5. Attack or steal nuclear fuel or waste containers, most likely in transit.
  6. Make and detonate a radiological weapon, or "dirty bomb", to spread radioactive material
The greatest fears of nuclear terror came true on August 29, 2007, except that it has occurred within the United States, not an Islamic country. The following story has been shelved from the beginning, and wasn’t even written about until September 23, 2007. At the time, George W. Bush was in the White House and Dick Cheney was Vice President. Although the Air Force has stated that the thermonuclear weapons have been recovered, the deaths of at least (10) U.S. Air Force servicemen have died in rather mysterious ways.

Should a nuclear attack occur, it is likely that the nuclear warhead will have originated from the Minot nuclear hijack, as depicted in Blackjack. This theft will likely be the root cause of World War III, and the crime will eventually be blamed on the good people of the United States, which will be subsequently demonized like the German people post World War II.

ACCESS: The Nuclear Bible: Nuclear Hijack - Top Secret (PDF)
B-52 Thermo-Nuclear Warheads
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