Name: Anonymous
Country: Norway

You don't get it, do you? You really don't get it. Do you?

What? Are you mad because you didn't see any "major fireworks?"

If you are talking about David Taylor, who wrote the E-Book, "Nuclear Bible" which was based on information that he worked so hard to gather and then rush to write so he could beat the deadline (yesterday's game), then maybe you should be thanking him that nothing DID happen.

Do you understand what he did? He not only wrote that book, which was about the CIA, the FBI, and others, and even about Alex Jones--whom he claims is in on it--but he even called all those offices, and then went on the radio to tell the public about the book and about what he had just done. That took BALLS!!! He could have been killed! His life may still be on the line for that!

Think about this one. This was a big one--a REAL BIG one. If David Taylor was right, President Bush Sr. and about 100 celebrities were going to take 20,000 children--CHILDREN-- to DIE at the Super Bowl last night, but just before the Doomsday plane was supposed to hit, Bush and his celebrity friends would have taken a secret elevator to an underground tunnel that would have led them to safety, while everyone above was going to be nuked--INCLUDING the 20,000 children!

Then that 20,000 children would have been their "LEVERAGE" to anger the American people against the Pakistanis…David Taylor single-handedly stopped them himself--like a SuperMan.

If something WAS planned for last night, it was because of HIM that they had to cancel their plans! For if they DIDN'T cancel their plans, well, he has already exposed them, and we would have KNOWN that it was NOT Pakistan--or Israel--but it was THEM who did it--and they would have gone to jail for a very long time--or maybe even been shot for Grand Treason.

My hat's off to David Taylor.

He doesn't owe us any apologies at all.

We owe him our thanks.

David Taylor not only wrote that book, but he made it public a week before the game, he went on radio and gave interviews, he opened a website with his book on it (and all the incriminating evidence in that book), and not only that, but he even called the CIA and the FBI and reported that there was going to be a possible terrorist attack--just to let them know that he was on to them. I told my friend that after all that, they wouldn’t DARE carry it out--because they would never be able to cover it up--not with all the evidence that Taylor had already leaked!

I still believe that David Taylor was right--and that he stopped it from happening, and I think that it is very unfair for people to say that just because it didn't happen, that proves that he was wrong. Isn't that what we are trying to do here on GLP? Aren't we trying to stop them from carrying out their evil deeds? Then if we do succeed in stopping them, shouldn't we be celebrating, rather than to be blaming the ones who alerted us and calling them a liar BECAUSE it didn't happen?

Rueben Bustos
Country: Mexico

Thank you for preventing a possible nuclear catastrophic event. Many people prayed.

Name: Dr. Erich W. Skwara
Country: France

Thank you, David, for this enlightening and frightening e-mail and long and excellently researched, daring, possibly quite truthful study. Yes, we do live in an age where democracy, if it ever existed, is dead, and where all Western governments seem decided collectively to abolish all individual freedom - possibly in a worse way than earlier totalitarian regimes were doing this. It is sad and infuriating, and even if today - February 7th (I write you from Paris, where it is February 7th already) - were to pass peacefully, it does in no way invalidate the course of action and intent your study outlines. Congratulations, as cynical and sad as it sounds in such a grave matter, on your courage, your activism, your brilliant mind!

Yours warmly,
Erich W. Skwara

Name: Dr. Jesus Nieto
Country: United States of America

David, this is an amazing document and I can't believe how well written and documented it is! Congrats!!!! While I don't doubt that such a thing might happen, I pray that you're wrong. Either way you've done a wonderful job of providing a great deal of some crucial information regarding things that have happened, the way that the power elites operate and why, and super-important things for folks to think about. And by the way, I'm very, very honored that you listed me as one of your mentors. Please know that I see you as my mentor, rather than the other way round.

With great gratitude and respect, Jesus