Nagoya University Foreign Students Association (NUFSA) 


Welcome to NUFSA's page! We hope this page will provide useful information during your study in Nagoya University, also during your stay in Nagoya! 

First question that many people ask is WHAT IS NUFSA?

Nagoya University Foreign Students Association, known as NUFSA, is a student body organized under a set structure, which aim is to create an enjoyable study environment for foreign students enrolled in Nagoya University.

Funded primarily by Nagoya University, the association’s membership is automatically granted for all Nagoya University Foreign Students. However, NUFSA is composed of a number of effective officers, elected on a yearly basis, who handle its everyday operations and organize its yearly activities.

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1. Promote friendship, understanding and awareness among foreign students and between foreign and Japanese students;

2. Provide for welfare and arrange social activities for all members of the association;

3. Release data and information relevant for students’ academic and daily life


NUFSA organizes several activities all year round.

· Orientation for new comers.

· Together with ACE throwing parties such as welcome party, new year party, etc.

· Together with ACE and other Japanese Volunteer Groups helding BAZAAR every spring and autumn providing very very cheap householding stuffs, electrical devices, etc.

· Participating in Nagoya University Festival, known as 名大祭(めいだいさい)every year around June.

· Free movie night every once a month.

· Any suggestion for an event or activity? Drop us a line to

NUFSA Officers 

Upcoming Events

Welcome Party

Spring Bazaar

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