*Q:What is Hindi Film Dance?*
A: Hindi Film Dance, or just Filmi, is an energetic dance style that has its roots in the Bollywood music and movie industry. Bollywood dance itself is a combination of upbeat moves mixed in with occasional Hip-hop, Jazz, Bhangra, Bharatnatyam, and Kathak.  We try to incorporate all of these dance styles in order to create the dance style you see in Bollywood films.

*Q: How is it different from all the other dance teams around?*
A: The most important aspect of Filmi is that we are a co-ed Bollywood dance team. We rely heavily on guy/girl partner interaction and movement, which makes for an exciting and dynamic performance! Also, whether it's the story of one lonely guy trying to find his perfect match, or a pair of best friends who happen to fall in love, a Filmi dance is much more than just a series of movements strung together - each dance tells a story. Each Filmi team is actually judged on the story it tells and the dance the team can create around this storyline, so we're working hard to make ours an especially fun, exciting, and even comical one!

*Q: What does it mean to be a nationally competitive team?*
A: Participating in dance competitions is one of the most memorable experiences of being on a dance team! Being a nationally competitive team means that we travel across the country to well-established dance tournaments. The most elite competitions across the nation only accept teams after they have sent in official audition tapes. Typically, dozens of teams apply by sending in tryout videos. The organizers of the competitions meet to decide which teams to accept and which to reject. From there, roughly 8 to 10 teams, depending on the competition, are selected to compete. The teams come from everywhere around the U.S. and meet for one crazy weekend. All the teams usually stay in the same hotel, attend mixers together, compete together, and close out the night at sponsored after-parties. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are usually awarded prize money and also the recognition as being one of the best teams of the night.

*Q: Is there any experience required?*
A: No! Of course experience is helpful, but we will teach you everything you need to know. Some of the members on the team had no dance experience before coming to college, so don't worry if you've never danced before! We're really just looking for enthusiastic and fun-loving people who are interested in joining a team at Northwestern!

*Q: How many open spots are there on the team?*
A: Right now, Anubhav consists of  12 members. We are looking to take around 3 more guys and 5 more girls to complete our team for the upcoming year.