About Us

Northwestern A•NU•Bhav is a co-ed and competitive Hindi Film Dance team, one of the first in the Midwest! We choreograph and dance to Bollywood music and compete nationwide. We've also performed for Northwestern University campus events, and even off-campus events throughout the city of Chicago.

Hindi Film Dance, or just Filmi, is an energetic dance style that has its roots in the Bollywood music and movie industry. Bollywood dance itself is a combination of upbeat moves mixed in with occasional Hip-hop, Jazz, Bhangra, Bharatnatyam, and Kathak. We try to incorporate all of these dance styles in order to create the dance style you see in Bollywood films. The most important aspect of Filmi is that we are a co-ed Bollywood dance team. We rely heavily on guy/girl partner interaction and movement, which makes for an exciting and dynamic performance! Also, whether it's the story of one lonely guy trying to find his perfect match, or a pair of best friends who happen to fall in love, a Filmi dance is much more than just a series of movements strung together - each dance tells a story.

 We participate in some of the most prestigious dance competitions in the country and compete against many of the best collegiate teams! Each year, we bring a new liveliness and an unforgettable experience to the dance floor!

After winning prizes at prestigious national competitions for the past four years, we are ready to bring a new routine to stages around the U.S.!