Our Program

VIVA HALAL AC isn´t only concerned with the most important forest in the world but its main concern is to get the inhabitants of the forest involved in sustainable alternatives
Due to post revolution agreements over  70 % the Selva Baja forest is Ejido farm land, so the only way to reforest is working side by side with the ejido (farmer or peasant communal land).  These farmers are the main reason we are loosing 100´s of thousand of hectares of forest. Because of their irregular farming habits, they deforest the land to grow maize or other grains for cow feed. 

Based on the land system we have found a unique way of getting reforestations done that are truly sustainable. We support local farmers by introducing agro reforestation  alternatives with native trees, that will give them a better yield than their occasional cow feed plantations, as follows?
1.We give them selected trees  from the Selva Baja that yield them benefits in the short and long term.
2. We guarantee the trees by being by the side of the farmers making sure the plants succeed
3. On our selected fields we do water deposits for emergency irrigation. Even though the trees are native and are meant to survive in the wild without supplementary irrigation we make sure that the first years the trees get the sufficient nutrients to survive.
4. We support the farmers by teaching the skills and technics to benefit as much as possible from the trees.
5. We support them by seeking markets for their yields (tropical forest fruits, handicrafts,renewable timber, etc)
6. We support the creation of networks among local farmers, teaming up to be better suppliers for potential markets
7. We encourage the production of honey and bee hives within their new reforestations. 
8. We promote a variety of tree cultivations to help the farmer produce all year round having trees for short and long term yields.
How can you help?

The costs per hectare of our program are approximately 2500 US. Includes 600 trees, assessment, planting, emergency irrigations, fencing when necessary and more. And trees that die are replaced the following year.

Most organizations concentrate on planting trees alone. In many occasions they don´t consider where they are going to plant them. Today we have a serious problem in Mexico specially, where we find mass tree production with very low probabilities for them finding a habitat to grow in succesfully.

 We concentrate on the effective selection of trees and we work in hand with the farmers.  Mexico´s total National territory consists of  180 million hectares of which 103 million hectares are registered as farm land (Ejido).  90% percent  of  the Ejido is Non Irrigation farm land and it hosts most of the dry tropical forest. The farmers of the Non irrigation land are extremely poor, in the best of cases they manage to rent their land for infamous prices to big cooperations that aren´t allowed to buy the land so they rent them for extremely low prices. Between  $80 to $100 US per hectare in average per year. 

Viva Halal Ac has a list of farmers that our interested in our program and want to join our effort. We need your support.