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Professional Areas to Consider

Job Area:
  Background information:
Good for people who:
How to "break in" to this area:
RadioRadio Stations need writers and editors to work behind the scenes of on-air broadcasts.
Have terrific flexibility for work hours and who are willing to do what's needed, as needed.
Connect with the NU radio station WNIA. Or contact other stations in the area for an internship. 
TelevisionIt's a big industry with opportunities on the local and national level. Television is creative, stimulating work in a highly competitive environment.
Work well under a deadline; can collaborate creatively; and don't mind climbing up the ladder.
Call the news director or production manager of your local TV station to ask about internships and volunteer opportunities.
It involves strategic planning, development of collateral across all types of media, pricing, distribution, media planning, and public relations.
Are highly creative; know how to present ideas effectively; can persuade/influence people; can think strategically; and have good interpersonal skills.
Courses, tutorials and workshops can give you an overview of the industry and help you star to make contacts.
Build your own abilities and knowledge by seeking out marketing jobs that interest you.
It involves the development of the ad itself, the positioning of the ad, and consideration of how the ad fits in with a larger ad campaign.
Are effective team workers; are creative idea generators; have a technical or computer background; and can implement innovative ways to deliver advertising.
Being an English major is a good foundation but it must be matched with training and experience in a niche market, a specialized skill, or a particular industry. Apply for  internships to gain this necessary experience.
Technical Writing
Involves writing for business or technical purposes. Examples: developing proposals for a nonprofit or instructional brochures for a toy company. Technical writing jobs are available in the industries of computers, science, law, medicine, and more.
Can translate complex ideas into plain language; have a command of mechanics of writing and editing; can adapt their writing style to suit a specialized audience.
Seek out internships in industries that interest you ASAP. Contract or temporary technical writing assignments are a good foot in the door and could lead to full-time positions.
Public Relations
Involves acting as an intermediary between an organization and the public.
Can research and synthesize information into a clear, memorable message; are creative "idea people"; have fantastic project management and interpersonal skills.
 Develop a writing portfolio that exhibits versatility, creativity, and effective communication skills. Proven knowledge of a particular industry will help you secure a PR position.

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