How to Prepare for the Future

There is a lot that you can do to prepare yourself for your future career or graduate school program while you are still an undergrad.
  • Visit Niagara's Career Development Office. NU's Career Development Office has a broad array of services available for undergraduates, including career counseling, career fairs, job listings and internships, campus recruitment, and much more. Make the CDO your home base for career exploration activities. Find out more about the NU Career Development office and the events they have planned here.
  • Go on an Informational Interview: Setting up an informational interview with a professional in your field can be an excellent and much less threatening way to practice your interview skills and find out more about a particular job or field.
  • Get Experience through an Internship or Volunteer Work: Employers value experience very highly: it shows them that you know what the job or field is like and are prepared with the necessary skills. Even if you are close to graduation, consider a semester-long internship or a short-term volunteer project.
  • Make Contacts: Talk to faculty, counselors, graduate students, and your peers. Get involved in departmental and college functions, lectures, seminars, workshops, and activities. Some of the most valuable contacts you'll make in college may not be apparent at the time you're making them. Networking is extremely important: this is how you get information about career fields, find resources, hear about jobs, get recommendations, forge key relationships and locate mentors. A large percentage of professional jobs are found through personal contacts, not through the want-ads!
  • Get Involved in a Student Organization: Consider joining a student organization like the Aquila or The Index. Not only will you have an opportunity to make contacts, but you may also have a chance to develop skills like leadership, presentation skills, and teamwork.
  • Attend a Career Fair, and Bring Your Résumé: Career fairs are a great opportunity to see what's out there and to make contacts with recruiters. They are also a great place to practice your presentation and interviewing skills and try out your résumé.