GRE Preparation

Do well on the GRE by following the tips on this page!
Important Tips:
  1. Take the GRE no later than the middle of October. This way you will have plenty of time to send your scores to schools and to retake the test if necessary. 
  2. Set a study schedule and follow it.
  3. Buy a GRE book to get all the tips and tricks you can use to do your best on the test.
  4. Take plenty of practice tests. Some practice tests can be found here:
Studying for the GRE Verbal Section:
  1. Learn vocabulary! Every part of the verbal section tests your vocab.
  2. Make flashcards of as many GRE words as possible and start studying them soon.
  3. Subscribe to a word-of-the-day service. Here are a few options:
***Do practice tests. Many books will provide specific tips to master individual skills, and will provide practice for each section. The more you practice, the better you will do.

Studying for the GRE Math Section:
  1. Don't be intimidated by this section. The GRE math is not any more difficult than what you saw on the SAT and the trick is to refresh yourself with the math you learned in high school. 
  2. Review and do a lot of practice questions.
  3. Make a sheet with formulas and equations you will need to know. Memorize them so you will feel a little better during the test.
Studying for the GRE Writing Section:
  1. A complete list of issue and argument topics can be found at
  2. Review the basics of what the scorers will be looking for in each essay. Familiarize yourself with the kinds of topics you may see. 
  3. Practice writing one or two essays to get comfortable with the format.
The Day of the Test:
  • Take time to go through the introductory section.This will help you to get comfortable in the room and relax. 
  • Use your 10-minute break wisely. Bring a snack or something to drink if you think you will need it.