Grad School Timeline

Use this Timeline to help you keep track of your time and everything that you need to accomplish as you apply to graduate schools.
  • Study for the GREs
  • Start to think about the programs that you want to apply to
  • Schedule the GREs
  • Continue to study for the exam
  • Start to seriously think about the programs that you want to apply to by researching them online, talking to your professors and visiting the Career Development Office
  • Take the GREs
  • Make e-mail contact with professors
  • Ask for letters of recommendation
  • Finalize your list of schools
  • Retake the GREs if necessary
  • Request Transcripts and send GRE scores
  • Write your Statement of Purpose and begin applications
  •  Complete your applications and send them in before the deadline (these vary so make sure you keep them straight!)
  •  This is the worst part...waiting
  • Begin to hear back from schools
  • Look at the programs that you were accepted into again and schedule times to visit the schools so you can make the correct decision
  •  Make your final decision
  •  Relax and prepare for a few more years of school!