Helpful Links & Suggestions

Use these links to help you jump start your Graduate School or Job Search.
Graduate School Search Engines:
  • : this site provides an easy way to find schools and programs that fit into your desired price range, location, etc.
  • : this is another search engine that will assist you with finding the right grad school and program.

Sites to Help you Find a Job:
  • : a comprehensive job search engine, searching hundreds of job listings across the World Wide Web.
  • : find articles giving you the low-down on how to break into, train for, and get jobs in particular fields.
  • : this is the site of the International Volunteer Programs Association, a nonprofit organization through which you can find teaching opportunities abroad.
  • : as a recent college grad, the Teach for America program can connect you to 2 year teaching opportunities across the country.
  • : teaching may be "the toughest job you'll ever love." Consider doing it abroad through the people who coined that phrase.
  • : a serviceable search engine that provides you with an overview of publications in your area. 
  • : site for media professionals that handily categorizes job postings in magazines, TV/radio, trade publications, nonprofits, newspapers, and more.
  • : this site lists opportunities in media, publishing, technical writing, and medical writing.
  • : this site lists job opportunities and internships in the book publishing industry.
  • : a site for industry news and links, also featuring an advanced search engine for jobs for editors, journalists, and others. 

A great book to check out of Niagara's Library is Time Lemire's
I'm An English Major--Now What?

  • Lemire examines graduate degrees and relevant professions for English-loving students in detail and provides tips and interviews to give the reader an in depth look at all the available options that English Majors have.