Welcome NU English Students!

Concerned about life after college? You've come to the right place.
The anxiety and confusion ends here! You've taken the first step towards planning your future by coming to this site. 

It may be overwhelming to think about graduating and entering the "real world" with a degree that gives you so many options. This site has been designed to assist you with your difficult decision and give you tips and resources to help you along the way. 

So here's the big question: What Can I Do With a BA in English?

  • Try to avoid thinking negatively! You're more valuable than you think. The skills you develop as an English major are highly prized by employers in almost every profession. Professionals are looking for employees who are skilled at writing, editing, problem solving, critical thinking, and analysis and you've been developing those for years! 

  • There are so many choices!  Unlike an Education major or someone studying nursing, an undergraduate English major has not been trained for one specific kind of work. You probably won't find a job writing poetry or researching the roles of characters in major literary works... but whether you're aware of it or not, the large number of transferable skills that you've been developing and refining are valued by   employers located in the field of education, communications, government, business, the arts, health and human services, or law.
  • Take some time to self assess. Ask yourself: "what am I good at? what do I enjoy? what's important to me?" and research into career fields, industries, employers, and graduate programs. Use your self assessment to match your values, needs, ethics, aspirations, talents, and abilities with the needs of an agency, organization, or institution and you will be ready to focus on your future.

Remember: Don't get overwhelmed! There are boundless opportunities awaiting you and several ways for you to share your knowledge and love of English with the world. Take some time to browse this site and you will find tools that will get you started. Good Luck!