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Northeastern University Concert Band

Concert Band FAQs

Who are you? 

Concert band is a group of students and community members dedicated to the concert performance of music.  The organization is run by a council of student group leaders, and directed by music department professors and students.  Concert Band is made of two ensembles, an audition-only Wind Ensemble and an open Symphonic Band.  Even if you haven't played in a while, come join concert band and improve along with us! 

When do you rehearse?

Wind Ensemble meets on Tuesday nights from 5:30 to 7:00, and Symphonic Band meets from 7:00 to 8:30.  Rehearsals can be a relaxing break from a hectic Northeastern schedule. They are in the newly-renovated Fenway Center (formerly St. Ann's chapel) on St. Stephen's Street. 

When are your events?

We usually have two concerts per semester, as well as social events like dinner at Pizzeria Uno's, evenings at the Boston Pops, and a year-end band banquet.  In addition, Concert Band takes a three-day trip each March to perform and see another city.  On March 28-30, 2008, we will travel to Niagara Falls, Ontario,  Past destinations have included Quebec City, Williamsburg, Toronto, Ottawa, New York City, and Montreal.

Are there auditions? 

Everyone must audition at the second rehearsal of each semester.  Music is provided at the first rehearsal, where we will get the opportunity to practice a piece together.  The audition will be short excerpt from that piece-- there is no need to be nervous!  The highest-placing students will receive a spot in Wind Ensemble, and everyone will receive a spot in Symphonic Band.

Tell me more about Wind Ensemble. 

 Wind ensemble is a smaller group within the concert band.  They play more challenging music and only have one musician per part.  Students will be offered a seat in the wind ensemble based upon their placement audition.  They are conducted solely by the professor.   

Tell me more about Symphonic Band.

Symphonic band is open to everyone, but that doesn't mean we take our musicianship any less seriously.  Auditions are for placement only, everybody will get a part.  This ensemble is conducted by professors, students, and alumni.

Is Concert Band a class, too?

Concert Band is, first and foremost, a student organization.  However, students may receive one course credit for participating in each ensemble.  MUS U905 is Symphonic Band, and MUS U907 is Wind Ensemble.  All undergraduate members who are currently in classes are required to register for the class, unless it would create an overload conflict. 

This credit counts towards the Music Ensemble requirement for music majors and minors, and as an elective for all other majors.  The class is repeatable for credit.


General FAQs 

Who can join NU Bands?

Membership in the two organizations is open to anyone affiliated with the University: students (undergraduate and graduate, full-time and part-time), alumni, faculty and staff.  Community members and students at other local schools may also join-- for example, past members have included students from Wentworth Institute of Technology, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, and Emerson College.  Only full-time NU undergraduates may vote or hold office.  

Do I need to be a music major?

You do not need to be a music major!  Typically, we are about 50% science majors, 25% music majors, and 25% other majors.  All six of NU's colleges are represented in NU Bands.  We all play for fun, but there are opportunities for more advanced musicians such as composition, solos, wind ensemble, and conducting.

Do you offer band scholarships?

Yes, we do!  Go to our band scholarship page for more information.

I haven't played in a while, can I still join?

We have musicians of various playing abilities and experience - NU Bands exists for the benefit of everyone! Our goal is to provide the opportunity to continue to play or expand your horizons and learn new instruments.

I don't have an instrument, or it is too large to bring to college.  Does the band have any available?

There are a limited number of band-owned instruments, which can be used on a first-come, first-served basis.  You can use them at rehearsals and performances, and sign them out for practice or personal use by special arrangement with a council member. 

My instrument does not fit in my dorm room, do you have any storage space?

We have our own secure closet at 121 Ell Hall. It is specially designed to protect your instrument from temperature and humidity.  You may access the closet before an after rehearsals and performances, during office hours, or by special appointment with a council member.

What other instrumental ensembles are there at NU?

The NU Symphony Orchestra is both a course and a student organization.  For more information, email nuorchestra@gmail.com.  

The Music Department offers one-credit courses in Jazz, Rock, Blues, Electronic Music, and Chamber Ensemble.  For more information, contact the Music Department at www.music.neu.edu.