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  Gomes Lab
Movie 1 - Nuclear movement during cell migration - Using a cell line stably transfected with EGFP-tubulin (to label microtubules), we observe the nucleus (dark region) moving away from the leading edge of the cell (top). More movies are available here.
(Low res, 1Mb)
(High res, 11Mb)
Movie 2- Actin retrograde flow - By microinjecting low concentrations of Rhodamine-labelled actin, we visualize actin retrograde flow in the lamella of migrating cells by fluorescence speckle microscopy.
(High res, 1Mb)
Movie 3 - Nuclear movement after myoblast fusion - Using phase contrast microscopy to visualize nuclei, we observe the nucleus from a mononucleated myoblast cell migrating into the center of a multinucleated myotube.
(High res, 5Mb)