Welcome to the Gomes lab

Cytoskeleton architecture and cell polarization
UMR S 787 INSERM, Groupe Myologie  
Myology Institut
University Pierre et Marie Curie

Position of the nucleus is important for cellular activities such as cell division, cell migration and multicellular organism development. The cytoskeleton plays an important role in nuclear positioning either by anchoring or moving the nucleus within the cell.

In our lab we are interested in understanding how does the cytoskeleton regulates nuclear positioning and what is the role of nuclear positioning during cell migration and myofiber formation. We are also curious to know how mutations in proteins associated with muscular dystrophies interfere with nuclear position during myofiber formation.

 We use different molecular and cellular approaches in combination with time-lapse imaging analysis to address these questions. 

 Our laboratory is part of the UMR S 787-Groupe Myologie, located at the  University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), in Paris. We are integrated in the Myology Institut and we have support from the INSERM, AFM, MDA, FRM and La ligue contre le cancer.