Candaca Nubian Guest House?

Albete beitkum!(Nubian proverb) This house as your house!

     The guest house is run by a South Korean family who live with the beloved Nubian people in Dongola, North Sudan. They have three teenage boys and they can  take you to look around in town and the river Nile to swim. The boys make good guides while you stay in the Candaca Nubian Guest House.
    사람 잡아 먹는 악어, "Crocodile in process of devouring a man" by copied from stone pictographs.
    Our aim for the Nubian Guest house are:
    1) Introducing the Nubian cultural heritage and their hospitality for visitors.
    2) Developing responsible community tourism industries in North Sudan.
    3) Preserving Nubian Culture where industrialization threatens Nubian culture.
    4) Extending Nubian hospitality for others.
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Isa Lee,
Feb 28, 2012, 9:16 AM