Team Churches

Geography and Church Buildings

The 'Map of the Region' below shows the spread of towns and villages in the area of south west Northumberland that contains the parishes of the North Tyne and Redesdale Team Ministry, each containing one or more Church of England church buildings. A detailed map is shown on the page for each of the Team's churches.

Byrness village is situated alongside the A68 trunk road some 5 miles south east from Carter Bar, the border between Scotland and England.  South of the village of Byrness is the little church of Byrness St Francis

Further south alongside the A68, beyond Rochester and the Bremenium Roman fort, is Horsley and Holy Trinity church.

A little further south, taking the A696,  there is Otterburn and St John's Church.

Byrness to Otterburn is a distance of 10 miles.

A further three miles along the A696, turning left onto the B6341, lies Elsdon and St Cuthbert's church.

These parishes of the northern part of Redesdale are under the charge of the Team Vicar who resides in the Otterburn Vicarage.

Bellingham with its St Cuthbert's church lies 8.5 miles south west of Otterburn and is the place where the Team Rector lives.

The parish of Corsenside, in the southern part of Redesdale, includes the villages of Ridsdale (A68 to the south of West Woodburn), West Woodburn and East Woodburn and smaller widely spread settlements. The remains of the Roman fort of Habitancum are near West Woodburn.There are two church buildings: St Cuthbert's is set on a hillside a couple of miles north of West Woodburn close to the site of Corsenside village, which was abandoned in the medieval period; and All Saints is on the southern side of the River Rede, mid way between East and West Woodburn.

The parish of Falstone with Greystead and Thorneyburn contains:St Aidan's,Thorneyburn, the redundant church building of St Luke's, Greystead, now under private ownership, and St Peter's, Falstone, which also serves the people of  Kielder.  The distance from Bellingham to Kielder is 18 miles.

Map of the region