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Melting Roads

Roads melt as temperatures soar
Roads have been melting in parts of England as the heatwave across most of the country continues

mid-term questions(part 2)

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One of the techniques that psychics use is to (1)________. They will tell you, “You are intelligent with a great sense of humor.” Who is going to answer, “Well, actually, I am not. I am stupid and have no sense of humor at all”?                                          (2%)

(A) use a name               (B) give a flattering statement  

(C) identify common medical problems   

(D) get information from the client   


Miss World Aishwarya Rai announced her engagement to 31-year-old actor Abhishek. Unfortunately astrologer predicted poor health or an early death for her husband, so Aishwarya attempted to avert disaster by marrying a banana tree first in the hope that the bad luck would affect the tree instead of her new husband. Although this may sound bizarre, only a few people in India regard this behavior as outrageous.                                             (4%)

2 Give a word that has similar meaning to avert.

 avoid / steer clear of / keep away from 

3 Explain in your own words: Why does Aishwarya marry a banana tree?

Nowadays it is almost obligatory for Indian parents to have a horoscope drawn up when a baby is born. Two people taking advantage of this boom in business are Kalidas and Vishi, who have put their tents complete with laptop computer and printer right outside a hospital. They either visit the maternity wards or wait outside until new parents leave to offer their services. For the equivalent of $6 they use the baby’s time and date of birth to print out a horoscope for the delighted parents. (3%)

4 Explain in your own words: How do Kalidas and Vishi make money?


As the body gets older, the self-repair mechanism of the cells starts to slow down. The best way to keep the process working efficiently is to exercise it, in the same way you would exercise your muscles to keep them strong.                                        (3%)

5 What is the relationship between muscles and the self-repair mechanism?

 The self-repair mechanism and muscles are similar. If you don't exercise them, they will slow down and become less strong. 

The English have a difficult and dysfunctional relationship with clothes. Their main problem is that they have a desperate need for rules, and are unable to cope without them. This helps to explain why they have an international reputation for dressing very badly, but with specific areas of excellence, such as high-class men’s suits, ceremonial costume, and innovative street fashion. In other words, we English dress best when we are in uniform.                                       (5%)

6  Explain in your own words: Why do the English have a difficult relationship with clothes?

 The British desperately need rules, without which they feel helpless. However, choosing what to wear often requires creativity or sensibility, not rules.  

7  What does them refer to?


Although Italian men used to be known for expressing their love freely and exhibiting their macho instinct, times now have changed. “Young women are wary of responding to approaches by strangers, and romance has become a risky business,” says Mauro.            (2%)

8  Give a word that has similar meaning to wary.


Scorpios are inquisitive and probing, fascinated with how things and people work. They take a great interest in understanding human emotions and are always seeking to uncover a hidden truth.      (2%)

9  Give a word that has similar meaning to probing.

 curious / inquiring 

mid-term questions(part 1)

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1 Reading

字彙與語法 28% (1~12每題1.5分,其餘每題1)

1        We often think of the English as cold and reserved, the Brazilians as lively and fun-loving, but often these national stereotypes are not accurate.

2        Not everyone believes in psychics. True, there are some people who believe that psychics have special powers, but others are skeptical about it.

3        After I took the medicine, I got a rash all over my body. I must be allergic to it.

4        Finding a partner is a complicated (= not simple) process. It takes a lot of time and efforts.  

5        In the Stone Age, a man would take food to a prospective partner as a symbol of his love.

6        If your signature is illegible, that means you are less assertive and you tend to avoid conflict.

7        A: Do you like the apartment you looked at yesterday?

B: Well, it’s good in terms of price, but the location isn’t so great.

8  In the speed dating, you have three minutes to talk to each person. You can get an idea of what a person is like in that time, and you can eliminate them if you see right away that they are not your type.

9  Choose one grammatically correct sentence. 

   (A) Their train has arrived ten minutes ago. We’re late.

   (B) I have worked in this company in 2005

   (C) What time did you wake up this morning?

   (D) We’ve had this computer for last October.

10  Choose the incorrect auxiliary.

   A: I’m starving.

   B: You (A)are? I’m not. I had very big lunch.

   A: So you don’t want to go out for dinner, (B)do you?

   B: Not especially, but if you (C)are, I’ll come with you.    (do)

   A: You (D)will? That’s great. I don’t feel like cooking tonight.   


11 Choose one incorrect sentence.

(A) A: I’ve been throwing up, and I have diarrhea. B: I think you have food poisoning.

(B) Janet wore her new shoes, and now she has a blister on her toe.

(C) When I exercise, I have difficulty breathing. I think I have arthritis.  (asthma) 

(D) Robert shut the door on his finger, and now it’s very swollen. 


12 Choose one incorrect sentence.

(A) The TV presenter uses sign language so that the blind can follow what’s happening.    (the deaf)

(B) The building has easy access for the disabled.

(C) The government offers courses to help the unemployed find jobs.

(D) After the accident, the injured were taken to the hospital.  


 (A) dyslexic  (B) vain  (C) impulsive  (D) eccentric  (E)possessive

13 A(n) impulsive person tends to act without thinking.

14 A(n) dyslexic person finds it difficult to read a text.

15 A(n) possessive person is not good at letting other people share his/her friends.


The Czechs and the Argentinians thought of themselves as irritable and unfriendly, but they turned out to be the friendliest of all nationalities. The English were the nationality whose own image was the furthest from reality. While they considered themselves reserved and closed, in fact they were among the most outgoing and open-minded of the groups studied.


20 According to Dr. Kyriazis, running for a bus or having to work to a deadline are examples of “good stress,” ________, situations with moderate stress.

 (A) that said     (B) that is    (C) besides that  (D) by contrast

21 Passwords reveal your personality because they are invented _____. Since you are focused on getting into a system, you are likely to write something that comes to mind quickly.

 (A) in the sly    (B) on the spot   (C) at all costs   (D) in the head

22 A rising signature means that you are the kind of person who, when ______ with problems, will work to overcome them. Usually optimistic, you are in control and ambitious.

  (A) face    (B) facing     (C) faced    (D) to face


 額外加分機會 complete the passage.

1 The Australians treat others as equals, irrespective of their profession or standing (=status) in society.

2 In the speed dating, I made eye contact with the woman next to me. We raised our eyebrows for a possibility, and exchanged smiles if the man was good-looking. 

3 Apart from the queen, the English may not be individually eccentric, but they show a kind of collective eccentricity.

4 “Stop laughing. Everybody is looking at you.” “I’m sorry, I can’t help it. This is so funny.”


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No one could have visualized hurricane-force winds destroying bus stops and ripping trees out f the wet soil.
grab hold of
trash cans that have gotten blown in

total nightmare
There is no escaping the heat. 
  = It is impossible to escape the heat.

...if the pub isn't equipped with a large fan.
in a trance
You kind of feel
a high-budget movie

river bank
So far, so good.
break into our apartment
I wanted to be in the middle of things.
= be involved in what was happening
water level
perverse desire
parking lot
My nerves gave out.
on my last attempt
wade into the water

just in case
Climate change is something we cannot close our eyes to.
...if we keep on polluting the atmosphere with carbon dioxide emissions.
extinct / extinction
low-lying islands
Temperatures will have risen by about 15 degrees Celsius.

Listening 3.8
organic food

3A Expressions and Vocabulary

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1 Speaking and Listening

search someone's house
your valuables
Number these rooms in the order that burglars usually search them.
in jail
takes $3000 worth of goods

live events
shoot the movie
He just asked me to steal his watch, without him noticing.
If you know where people are looking, you also know where they are not looking.
at risk

Colloquial English 2

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Vocabulary and phrases
extensive training
safety drills
safety related 跟安全相關的
a whole slew of people
There aren't that many bad sides.
You're up all night.
It takes a toll on your body.
You pretty much sleep the rest of the day.

walk through the aisle
stretch your calves
once they get their questions answered 一旦問題獲得解決
clench their fist on the armrests
their eyes shut tightly
We are taking off out of New York.
ground people  地勤人員

On the Street

I feel pretty good once in the air.
we'd be taking off any moment  我們隨時就會起飛
we got sent to a hotel  我們被安排送進旅館

Off the top of my head
that's pretty hard.

I can't think of anything offhand.
but aside from that, no. 但除了剛剛講的經驗之外,我想不到其他令我挫折的事情

plane crashing
bawling my eyes out


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What does "No Frills" mean? Check out the wiki for definitions. 


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3 Reading Answer Key 
f) A

4 Vocabulary
The queen is wearing a matching green hat and dress; she is wearing a necklace and earrings. 
The woman is wearing a black top, red shorts, and long black and white striped socks. 
The man is wearing a purple suit, a green shirt, and a purple tie. 
The two judges are wearing wigs and robes with purple hoods. 
The couple is wearing plastic ponchos.  

Colloquial English 1

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Wheel of Fortune (Rota Fortunae)

Listen to Viva la vida by Coldplay and see if you can find out anything you can relate to our discussion this week.  


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Reading & Listening 

hit her hard on the back 
She was starting to panic.
She's choking
a talk show presenter
rush over 
But I'm glad I was there to help.

One of the tomatoes got stuck in his throat.
Peter began to turn blue. 
The street was completely deserted.
I made every mistake possible and nearly killed him. 

cut down (on)
chronic illness
should be avoided whenever possible
natural defense
...which protect us from illnesses common among older people
brain cells
react quickly and efficiently
repair the damaged cells
The body's response is greater than needed to repair the damage.
self-repair mechanism
instruction manual
Next time your boss tells you..., don't panic.

Reading Answer Keys (p. 15)
f) cut down / chronic / beneficial / strengthen / cells / damage / disease / harmful / muscles /

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