Due Day: 5/18 9:00am

Project Description

This project is a team project. In this project, you will develop a 3D model of a construction machine and visualize its motions. You are basically able to choose any dynamic object in a construction site as your modeling target, such as mobile crane, haul truck, excavator, drill machine, concrete transit-mix truck, etc. Please remember, a realistic visualization comes from detailed modeling. You may follow the steps to complete the project:

Step 1: Visit a construction site and pick a machine you would like to model.

Step 2: Observe the behavior of the machine. You may take video, pictures or notes to record the detailed motions of the machine.

Step 3: Create a 3D model in Blender and attach appropriate texture.

Step 4: Render two video clips, 10-15 seconds each, to demonstrate the motion of the machine.


The project will be graded by the correctness of the 3D model (40%), the level of details in the animations (30%), and the completeness of the written report (30%). At most 10% extra credits could be granted if one or several additional works is included. Possible extra credit works are:

  • The visualization of a construction site.
  • Present a relatively complex task or story in the animation.
  • Extra details in the 3D model or animations.
  • Other additional works which improve the visualization realistically or artistically.

Written Report

Written report is also very important in this project. The following four parts need to be included.

(1) Introduction to the machine: A short description (less than 500 words) about the machine. Some pictures, referenced website or books are plus in this part.

(2) Modeling processes: You have to describe your major work in this project. In particular, you have to explain (1) the observation of the machines; (2) tasks and challenges in 3D modeling; and (3) the purpose and method of rendering animations.

(3) Results: You have to list (1) the snap shots of 3D model from different view points and (2) a series of snap shots to present the animations or video. The major purpose of the snap shots is to present your work on paper.

(4) Extra credits: If you would like to obtain extra credits, please also list the additional works you have done.


All the teams have to link two animation files (You tube) and a written report (i.e. google site) to table in Project3 Submission site. The team name, names of the team members and the link of the written report need to be added to the table. We only grade the team linked to the Project3 Submission page before the due time. If you have any problem when submitting the project, please contact TA. Penalties for late submission is 10% per day up to a maximum of 7 days.