Assignment 2

Due day: 3/30 9:00am
Please answer the following problems in the textbook. You may sketch the views by hands or draw them using AutoCAD. If you sketch by hand, please use graph paper or plain paper with proper guiding lines. You may purchase graph paper or download it from EG website. If you use AutoCAD to answer the problems, please plot the drawing. No matter you draw by hand or by Autocad, please answer one problem per sheet.

1. Sketch or draw front view, side view and top view of the object shown in Exercise 4.5-22. (20%)

2. Add missing line and sketch or draw in isometric shown in Exercise 4.6-4. (20%)

3. Sketch or draw top view shown in Exercise 4.8-6.(20%)

4. Please draw all the necessary views for all the blocks in EG CUBES (40%)

Please submit the sketch drawings to TA (paper version) before the class. If you have any problem when submitting the assignment, please contact TA. Late submissions without earlier approval are NOT acceptable.

助理-CAE TA,
Mar 18, 2009, 7:08 AM