Public Announcement

[2015-06-01 00:10] New Lecture on June 3 (see detail HERE)

[2015-03-18 19:20] 
The slides of the lecture "我國工程界面臨的幾個問題" by President Lee is updated, please see HERE for more detail.

[2015-03-16 18:26] The speaker and host list is updated, please check HERE for more detail.

[2015-03-15 00:00]
We will draw speakers and hosts on March 16.

[2015-03-15 00:00]
The participation of 3/9 is updated, please make sure your participation is correct, and E-mail to TA if you have any question.

[2015-03-15 00:00] Please check this website at least once a week for your personal participation and latest announcement,.

[2015-01-24 00:00]
 If you would like to be a volunteer to give a talk in this class, please e-mail your subject and available date to Prof. Chen and TA.

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