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Who else is excited for Legend of Fuyao!!? First two episodes will drop today. I really hope it’s as good as the trailers make it out to be. 


Title: Legend of Fuyao (扶摇)

# of episodes: 66

Release date: June 18, 2018

Synopsis: The story takes place in the universe of five kingdoms that is led by the Imperial City of Wuji. Meng Fuyao was formed from a lotus borne by the Ancient firmament. Since young, she came under the tutelage of the Xuanyuan sect from the Taizhou Kingdom. She was always looked down upon for her lack of talent in martial arts until she learned an invincible fighting technique at the age of 16, and since then had tremendous improvements in her martial arts. Tasked with a pivotal mission to collect the secret orders of the five kingdoms, she embarks on a journey across the land. Along the way, she falls in love with the Crown Prince of Wuji and together, they battle the complicated politics and power plays between the different forces. Amidst the battle of authority between Zhangsun Wuji and Zhan Beiye (King of Tiansha), Fuyao was revealed to be the daughter of the King of Xuanji. With the help of her loyal companions, she sets out to unravel the heinous plot of the ancient firmament. Using her flesh and meat to counter the heavenly beings, Fuyao ultimately succeeds in destroying the evils of the world and bringing peace to the land. (wiki)

Filming Period: 2017.06.27—2017.11.23

Starring: Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Vengo Gao

Broadcast station: Zhejiang TV and Tencent (online)

Broadcast schedule: 2 episodes every Monday – Thursday

Where to watch: Viki (subbed); Youtube (raw)

《扶摇》美术特辑临摹写意山水 晕染中式含蓄内敛传统文化


Yang Mi as Meng Fuyao: A woman born from a divine lotus petal. Inheritor of “Po Jiu Xiao”, an invincible fighting technique. She was later revealed to be the daughter of King of Xuanji.

Ethan Ruan as Zhangsun Wuji: Crown prince of Wuji Kingdom, Lord of Changqing Shrine. His actual identity is the illegitimate son of Empress Yuan and Prince De of Wuji. He has a mysterious connection to the Firmament. He meets Fuyao as a child and falls in love with her. Xuanyuan Min is the name he uses when he disguises as a young master hailing from Taizhou.

Vengo Gao as Zhang Beiye: Prince Lie of Tiansha, leader of the Black Wind troops. He has an unrequited love for Fuyao.

Lai Yi as Zong Yue: Son of Taizhou’s Crown Prince. He is a medical practitioner by day and a cold-blooded assassin by night.



Karen Mok lends her voice to the opening themesong of Fuyao.

Lala Tsu sang the ending themesong for Fuyao

Fan Hua Meng (Prosperity Dream) by Huang Ling

Episode 1 preview

Episode 2 preview

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[Recap] Legend of Fuyao Episode 1-4

TitleLegend of Fuyao (扶摇)

# of episodes: 66

Release date: June 18, 2018

Starring: Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Vengo Gao

Broadcast schedule: 2 episodes every Monday – Thursday

Where to watchViki (subbed); Youtube (raw)

Episode 1

Intro to the prophecy where the peace of the country may once again be disturbed unless they find the girl that will own the 5-color rock.

The story starts off with our main female character, Fuyao looking all cool and badass as she is fighting ice warriors to break into the sacred ground of the sect. Just when she was about to reach her goal, a whip stops her and sends her falling. Pei Yuan shows up to reprimand Fuyao for attempting to learn the kung fu of the sect and say she will have to report it to the sect leader. Fuyao escapes by jumping out the window and down the mountain.

At the bottom of the mountain, Fuyao finds da shixiong, Yan Jinchen, and uses him as a shield from the Pei Yuan.

Fuyao decides to sneak in to watch the sacrificial ritual of the Xuan Yuan sect. Even though she’s part of Xuan Yuan but her place is with the lowest of the low department of the sect. Those in that department wears a black colored robe and is not allowed to learn any martial art.

Fuyao is caught by the department head, uncle Zhou, before she can even sneak in to watch the ritual. The old man yells at her but also cares for her. Instead of punishing her, he sends her off to the bottom of the mountain to buy wine.

At the kingdom of Taiyuan, the king is shown to be very ill. The prince will ascend the throne soon but the king reminds him that Qi Zhen must be killed in order for him to ascend safely. Qi Zhen has been eyeing the throne for a while now. And as the king predicted, Qi Zhen sets out to murder the royal family.

Fuyao is on her way back with wine while Pei Yuan sneakily sets up a trap for her. On her way, she finds an injured man who claimed to be the eldest prince Xuan Yuan Ming and asks her for help. She sneaks him on her cart but the cart flipped when she falls into Pei Yuan’s trap.

The prince is mysteriously taken.

Da shixiong hears Fuyao’s call for help (ALL THE WAY FROM THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN?) and rushes to help her as Pei Yuan was about to confess. He tends to Fuyao’s injury and vows to make her happy.

They are killing the prince when an order came to stop the plan but the prince was already severely injured by then. Xuan Yuan Ming is sent to Xuan Yuan to be cured by a known healer. He wakes up with Qi Zhen in the room. Qi Zhen tells him that the king had decreed him as the crown prince and the future king.

episode 2

It is shown that as Qi Zhen was about to kill the king and usurp the throne, the king reveals that once all the Xuan blood is dead, the throne will automatically be given to the Tian Quan kingdom. It is a rule set a long time ago. Qi Zhen is planning on learning the Xuan’s water technique and do more planning in order to claim the throne.

Fuyao got news that Xiao Bai is sick and decides to climb up the mountain for a healing herb. The crown prince snatches it before she can grab it and the two got into a duel for the herb. The prince wins in the end and left with the herb while she is stuck in the pond. The herb is used to increase the prince’s water power which, through the conversation, we know that he is a fake, pretending to be Xuan Yuan Ming.

Pei Yuan turns out to be the niece of Qi Zhen and a spy inserted in Xuan Yuan sect to plant other moles using the sect’s power. Fuyao was assigned to serve the formal gathering. When she sees the crown prince, she immediately recalls the thief that stole her herb and the face of the real crown prince.

The fake crown prince knocks water out of Fuyao’s hand and requests that she serves him in changing his outfit. Inside the room, Fuyao traps him with a hidden chain in the room and tells him that she knows how the real prince looks like. Turns out the herb that Fuyao is so furiously trying to get is to be used to cure a pig…And the fake crown prince of Taiyuan turns out to be Crown prince of Tianquan Kingdom, Zhang Wuji.

Fuyao hears rumors that Yan Jincheng will be marrying Pei Yuan and rushes to confront him. She sees him and Pei Yuan being lovely together. She walks away from the scene and into the forest. The crown prince finds her and tells her not to expose his secret. While they were talking in the forest, the beast wakes up and chases them. The crown prince lures the beast away. He manages the knock the beast out before any harm is done.

Episode 3

Yan Jincheng finds Fuyao by the river and yells at her for interrupting him and Pei Yuan. He explains that because Pei Yuan is from a powerful family and the niece of Qi Zhen, he cannot refuse the marriage request. He promises that he will take her as his concubine. He says he will still love her and that will still help her escape the servant status. She rejected his proposal. She doesn’t need a man to make her life better. She can do it herself!

Pei Yuan saw the whole scene and becomes furious at Fuyao. She orders someone to tie a string to her finger while she was sleeping so that she is signed up for the competition at Xuan Yuan. People are furious that someone of her status even dares to sign up. Yan Jincheng confronts her angrily. He’s angry that her signing up will cause him to be distracted. He rushes to his dad, the sect leader, wanting to ask for her disqualification, but Pei Yuan already convinced the leader to allow Fuyao to participate. This way Fuyao will be killed without her lifting a finger.

Fuyao is confused as to why her name is part of the participant but with her little martial art skills, everyone just assumes she will die in the competition. Uncle Zhou tells her to leave the place. To escape. But she refuses. If she leaves, Uncle Zhou and the whole department will get into trouble. Jincheng finds Fuyao at the cliff and apologizes. He tells her to hide and survive no matter what. He will try to protect her.

The day of the competition, all competitors are divided into two groups, white and green, to control the sealed beast. During the rampage, the beast knocks a lot of students out. Jincheng and Pei Yuan try to tame the beast but failed. Fuyao lures the beast toward her and away from the knocked down Jincheng. Jingchen rushes to help her and while the beast charges toward them, Fuyao uses the move that the crown prince used to knock out the beast.

Episode 4

Once the competition was over, everyone leaves the battle site with Fuyao riding the beast. Everyone is amazed that the lowly servant can tame the beast. People around Fuyao celebrates her success. The crown prince stops by to give Fuyao medicine that is specialized to heal wounds inflicted by the beast. Someone relays the message that Jingchen is injured therefore Fuyao goes to see him even though it is forbidden.

She gives the medicine that the crown prince gave her to him. Pei Yuan had set her up and catches her as she is leaving Jingchen’s place. The leaders of the sect accuse her of stealing the medicine. She didn’t want to out the crown prince, therefore, kept her silence.

They imprison her in another dimension where no one has survived before. Luckily the crown prince arrived in time to rescue her.

For the second round of the competition, the competitors have to work in pair. With a total of 24 participants, there are 12 pairs. They are to fight each other until 6 pairs remain. At the top of the battleground, Fuyao sees the crown prince and asks what is he doing here. All he tells her that he is her savior and he will not let her die on his watch.

Chexmix:  Sorry if my recap is kinda brief and simple. It just takes too much time to recap with details. If you have any questions about the drama tho, feel free to ask.  Now for the drama, not a bad start actually but it’s funny how I see so many Eternal Love scenes in this drama. The mountain. The blindfold. Fuyao on the tree. Other than that, I really really like Fuayo the character. To me, a drama where we have a strong female that doesn’t fall into the whole love trap is a plus. When she finds out that how spineless Yan Jinchen is, she gives up on her relationship with him without batting an eyelid! Chu Qiao’s character from PA was like that in the beginning too but then lost that charm half way thru. So I hope Fuyao doesn’t disappoint!


[Recap] Legend of Fuyao Episode 5-9

TitleLegend of Fuyao (扶摇)

# of episodes: 66

Release date: June 18, 2018

Starring: Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Vengo Gao

Broadcast schedule: 2 episodes every Monday – Thursday

Where to watchViki (subbed); Youtube (raw)

Episode 5

The battle between the 24 students rages on. Jingchen is too kind-hearted to kill any of my fellow classmates but Pei Yuan knock them off coldly. Fuyao was about to be knocked out too when the crown prince comes to save her. Together, they defeat their opponent and claim the umbrella. But as they descent, the field, their umbrella rips and they plunge downward. Crown prince throw Fuyao into the pond while he crashes onto the rock.

The wooden rod the Uncle Zhou gave Fuyao falls first and becomes a key that opens up some secret martial art manual for Fuyao. She wakes up with 4 water warriors surrounding her and they each attack her. She wakes up by the pond with a headache and a fuzzy memory of what happened the whole day.

Qi Zhen confronts the crown prince on his whereabouts and the crown prince tells him that he was playing around with crickets. Fuyao barges in during their discussion because she had a dream that the crown prince helped her during the battle but she doesn’t remember. Qi Zhen excuses himself but tells someone to keep spying on the prince. The prince notices it and lies to Fuyao that it wasn’t him. Fuyao wants to yell but at the same time, she doesn’t want to make a scene.

When Fuyao sleeps, the 4 water warriors would come into her dream and teaches her martial art. She would wake up sore and in different places and she doesn’t know why or remember much. She tries to tie herself down before sleeping but she still wakes up elsewhere. On a rainy day, she wakes up by the tree and the 4 warriors show up and fight her. The crown prince was watching afar until he notices that something is wrong. He rushes over to knock her out and that’s when she tells him that someone is forcing her to learn martial art.

Episode 6

Fuyao tells uncle about the weird dreams she has been having. She reasons that the wooden rod must be some key but she’s not sure. Yan leader brings a bunch of people with him to look for the bead from the second round of the competition. He accuses Fuyao of stealing it. She searches her pocket and the bead, indeed, is inside her pocket. Uncle Zhou begs for forgiveness. Fuyao can’t stand to watch that so she tells them that since that bead is in her pocket then it’s hers. It gives her the right to participate in the third round of the competition.

The 12 final contestants will be thrown in an illusion realm for the third round of the competition where only the final two will compete against one another in the final round. The two finalists ended up being Fuyao and Jingchen. During the fight, Fuyao obviously is more skilled than Jingchen but she gives her in the end in memories of their childhood.

They announce Jincheng as the winner but Pei Yuan is not satisfied. She slanders Fuyao and calls her a witch. She asks for Jincheng’s agreement and he actually agrees with her. Fuyao got mad and flies over to draw her sword. If they’re calling her a witch, she will show them how witchy she can be. She uses what she learned in her dream to defeat Jincheng but faints in the end.

Yan leader comes out and tells everyone that the martial art she used is evil and has been sealed by Xuan Yuan past leaders. He locks her up for “further investigation.” But what he actually wants is for her to cough up the manual. She has no idea what he’s talking about and tells him she has no manual. Yan leader shows Jincheng the Xuan Yuan’s secret while Uncle Zhou frees Fuyao from her chains and tell her about the martial art that she learned, Po Jiu Xuan.

Episode 7

It is explained that Po Jiu Xuan is not only a powerful sword technique but also an alive aura that lives with the wielder. Before Uncle Zhou can say more, other guards were coming. He takes Fuyao with him thru a secret tunnel to escape. He got crush under a gate helping Fuyao escapes. With his last breath, he tells her that she’s not an ordinary child. There were 5 seals on her when she was a baby and Po Jiu Xuan had activated that seal. He gives her a 5-color rock and tells her to go to the 5 states and look for each spirited location. He dies under the sharp gate…=(

News arrives that the kind of Taiyuan is in his last breath. Without the king, the capital Kun will be drowned in water. Qi Zhen, however, doesn’t want to take the crown prince back to the capital yet. He wants to be king and he’s willing to sacrifice the citizen for it. On the other side, Yan leader wants Jincheng to give Fuyao a truth medicine to make her tell them about Po Jiu Xuan. However, if she takes that medicine, her spirit will be destroyed in 1 hour.

By the time Jingchen arrives at the prison, Fuyao is already gone. Pei Yuan had taken her and is forcing her to jump off the cliff. She uses Xiao Qi to threaten her. Fuyao jumps but clings on to vines for survivals. Pei Yuan had set up bows to kill her. Crown prince comes to her rescue but she sees Xiao Qi get thrown down and rushes to save him. Crown prince sends Fuyao to Mr. Zong for healing.

Qi Zhen seeks out Fei Tian leader to learn the water technique that is only passed down in the Xuan Yuan’s blood. Fei Tian leader accepted his request in exchange for an equal offer. She tells him to use Xuan Yuan’s blood as a guide and She Kunling as a token. The plan is the kill the crown prince and transfers the power from the royal blood to his own body. Fortunately, the fake crown prince, Wuji already know about his plan.

Episode 8

Qi Zhen sends his army to search for the escaped crown prince. He closes in on the wing that Mr. Zong’s place. Just when his men were about to find Fuyao and the crown prince, Mr. Zong tricks Qi Zhen into thinking that his place is poisoned because of the medicinal herbs. Crown prince and Fuyao banter around before he tells her that his plans to leave Mt. Xuan Yuan. He gives Fuyao time to get her revenge against Pei Yuan before she joins him in their escape.

Jingchen confronts Pei Yuan on the matter of Fuyao jumping off the cliff. But he didn’t do anything to her since she’ the niece of Qi Zhen. Before getting revenge on Pei Yuan, Fuyao visits uncle Zhou’s grave. She sneaks into Pei Yuan’s chamber at night to get her revenge. She overpowers Pei Yuan and gives her slashes as revenge. But she gives up once Pei Yuan fainted. She didn’t want to become as evil as Pei Yuan. The maids following Pei Yuan, however, are not as kind. They took Pei Yuan’s swords and repeatedly make slashes on her face.

Jingcheng asks that his marriage with Pei Yuan be canceled. His father refuses. Now that Pei Yuan’s face is ruined, Qi Zhen brought up the topic once again and Yan leader vows that Jingchen loves her and will marry her no matter what.

Episode 9

Fuyao, the crown prince, and Xiao Qi are reunited and are getting ready to leave Mt. Xuan Yuan. Fuyao decides to head to the capital Kun. Crown prince decides to split way with them since it will be safer for them.

The request that Qi Zhen sent out for the She Kunliing returned with a letter from the King of Tian Sha. For the borrowing of She Kunling, he’s requesting lands from Mt. Changhan. A middle ground between the two kingdoms. Qi Zhen is angry but for power, he agrees to the request. And to fulfill the request, Tiansha sent Prince Lie to escort She Kunling to capital Kun. Before leaving, Qi Zhen asks that Mr. Zong accompany back to the capital. Mr. Zong agrees under the condition that he has access to all the medicinal herbs.

On the way to capital Kun, Fuyao got traps in a mystical fog that tries to lure her into the darker side. Lucky, Prince Lie shows up in time to disperse the fog and saves her. But he didn’t reveal his identity. He took a general alias instead.

As Pei Yuan wishes, the wedding between her and Jingchen finally happened. Even though she knows he doesn’t love her. On the night of her wedding, she overhead Yan leader telling his son that the poisonous powder will come in handy one day. Once Pei Yuan is no longer of use, he should use the powder to kill her.

Prince Lie notices that She Kunling is gone and immediately accuses Fuyao of stealing his bell. At this point, Fuyao woke up to a missing Xiao Qi. She tells him she has no idea what this is about but he doesn’t believe her and ties her up. Halfway thru, he picks her up to ride with him toward the capital.

Chexmix: Still okay so far. Still watching it! =D The martial art learning came too fast for me. Like Fuyao got so powerful so quickly. But then again, most main characters in Xianxia dramas always learn some powerful secret technique at the speed of light. Nothing new there. What  I didn’t expect tho…was the maids slashing Pei Yuan’s face!! Eerie! I mean she kinda deserves it…but wow! Scary.

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[Recap] Legend of Fuyao Episode 10-15

TitleLegend of Fuyao (扶摇)

# of episodes: 66

Release date: June 18, 2018

Starring: Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Vengo Gao

Broadcast schedule: 2 episodes every Monday – Thursday

Where to watchViki (subbed); Youtube (raw)

Episode 10

A young man shows up in front of Zhang Henian and claims that he’s a descendant of the royal blood. The advisor believes in his words and takes him to meet the king to prove it. However, he is not in the royal family tree. The advisor and Qi Zhen take him asks him to prove his power as a royal and he successfully did, stopping the rain that has been drowning the capital since the king got sick. This is all part of Wuji’s plan to force Qi Zhen to push him up as the crown prince.

At the same time, Zhan Beiye and Fuyao are crossing the bridge to get to the capital. During the chaos of the storm, Zhan Beiye falls off his horse and into the river. Fuyao jumps in to rescue him. While his soldiers fight over who to give him CPR, a young woman barges in and claims that role. Prince Lie wakes up before she can do anything and orders his men to take him away! (Lol! Funny scene)

While looking for Xiao Qi, Fuyao sees a marking on a carriage that tells her Xiao Qi is there. However the carriage went into the city and without an entry pass, she can’t enter. She tries to steal a pass while Zhan Beiye is sleeping. But he was awake the whole time and ties her up. His men rush to help but stop outside once they know that is was a woman inside his room. (Lol! His men are so funny.) The next day, when they are about to head into the city, Zhan Beiye tells Ya Lanzhu to stop following him. Fuyao defends the girl and bets with Zhan Beiye to allow her to follow. She won by smashing his jar for the rock.

Episode 11

Since Fuyao won the bet, Zhan Lanzhu is allowed to follow them into the city. She tells Fuyao that she loves Beiye and is willing to follow him around no matter what. She decides to cook for him but people criticize her for her lack of ‘feminine characteristics’. Not that she cares because she knows she likes him and that’s all that matter. But Beiye finds her annoying and to get away, he lies and said he loves Fuyao and she should just give up on him.

Beiye’s lie causes a rift between Fuyao and Lanzhu. Especially when Fuyao goes to confront him and he pulls her into an embrace right in front of Lanzhu. Luckily Lanzhu knows that he’s doing that to just anger her and make her give up. Fuyao goes to comfort her and the two learns about the festival that is happening that night.

Mr. Zong remembers his past while everyone celebrates the festival. Qi Zhen comes to ask him whether he can help heal the king. He tells him that complete healing is impossible but he can try.

When Zhang Beiye tells Qi Zhen that the bell has been stolen and Qi Zhen is not surprised, he suspects that there’s a mole in his team. He tests one of his men that has been with him for 10 years and finds that the mole wants to poison him. What asked why did he betray him, the mole admits that the king of Tiansha, ZhangNancheng, threatens to kill his family if he doesn’t kill Beiye. Out of guilt and to protect his family, the mole commits suicide in front of Beiye.

Episode 12

While Fuyao and Lanzhu are enjoying the festival, Pei Yuan and Jingchen are also there. Pei Yuan actually spotted Fuyao and gives chase. She hates her and really wants to kill her. However, Fuyao escaped. Jingchen anxiously asks Pei Yuan if it was Fuyao. She got mad and him for still caring for Fuyao.

Wuji lures Mr. Zong to an abandoned manor, which was, once upon a time, Mr. Zong’s home. It is the death anniversary of his family, Wuji is forcing to accept this and face his family. On the plaque of his parent’s is the name Xuan Yuan. Meaning that Mr. Zong is a descendant of Xuan Yuan and possibly the last royal blood of Taiyuan.

With his dying breath, the mole tells Beiye that Qi Zhen is in on the conspiracy of the stolen bell. Zhan Nancheng strikes a deal with Qi Zhen to kill Beiye while he is in Taiyuan. Beiye sends his trusted man with his seal to protect his mom, consort Jing. Under Qi Zhen’s plan, Beiye’s manor burns up in the fire. Lanzhu sees the scene and immediately rushes in to rescue him. Beiye ends up rescuing her instead. He lets his manor burns along with the body.

Fuyao continues to run away from the army chasing her. Wuji secretly helps her and then drags her to an abandoned manor to the hideout. He leaves to “lure” the army away. But secretly he sneaks into a slave prison to look for Mr. Qiu who used to serve under prince Wenji. He asks about the whereabouts of the Dragonscale armor, an heirloom of Taiyuan’s family.

Fuyao, on the hand, sees a marking from Xiao Qi and chases after it. Outside the slave center, a mysterious man knocks her out. The marking was left by that man. She gets trap in the slave center and forces to fight with other slaves. Pei Yuan is the mastermind behind the whole thing. She orders the slaves to kill Fuyao but none of them stands a chance. During the chaos, Wuji wants to drag Fuyao away but she is too anxious to save Xiao Qi to listen.

Episode 13

Fuyao rushes out of the slave center with other slaves but Pei Yuan’s army is ready for her. They shoot arrows straight at the slaves. In order to save the slaves, Fuyao supports the shield for them to escape. Pei Yuan shoots one arrow straight at her shoulder. Beiye and Lanzhu also rush over to save her. Fuyao lunges at Pei Yuan. Wuji sees that Pei Yuan has a hidden poisonous dagger ready for Fuyao and rushes to block it, forcing Fuyao to stab him. To convince Pei Yuan that he’s with her, Wuju tells Fuyao that a slave is a slave. Luckily, he manages to takes Fuyao out of Pei Yuan’s hand.

Wuji carries Fuyao away from the army with Beiye trailing them. He hands Fuyao over to Beiye to care for. While Fuyao is with Beiye, he tells her that the stolen bell is his family heirloom but also emits a cold wave. They are most likely using Xiao Qi to absorb that cold wave while stealing it. But it is evident that Xiao Qi is being imprisoned in Qi Zhen’s manor.

To sneak into Qi Zhen’s manor, Fuyao disguises herself as Yuwen Yi, Qi Zhen’s distant relative that will be living in the manor, using Lanzhu’s skill. On her way into the manor, she meets Pei Yuan, who doesn’t recognize her at all. She sneaks around the manor at night to look for Xiao Qi while Wuji secretly helps her avoid guards. While she’s walking around the manor, the 5-color rock that uncle Zhou gave her lit up. She follows the guidance of the rock toward a wooden door.

Episode 14

Qi Zhen brings Mr. Zong to cure the healing king but Zhang Henian is controlling the king’s diet to the tee. Everything that the king eats must go thru rigorous testing. Mr. Zong clarifies with Qi Zhen if he wants the King death or alive before walking into the King’s chamber. Inside the king’s chamber, Mr. Zong “heals” the king. The king sees him and immediately thinks of Prince Wenyi. Mr. Zong tells him that the descendant of prince Wenyi will take back everything from him.

Beiye sneaks into Qi Zhen’s manor to look for the bell also. Fuyao leads him to the wooden door she saw the other day. With the help of the 5-color rock, they teleport thru the door. The rock also leads them right to where the bell is. Right when Beiye is about to take the bell, Wuji comes out to stop him. He tells him that Qi Zhen has set up a trap, if he moves the bell now, all three of them will die. Fuyao and Beiye trust him for now and leave.

News came that the king is healthy again when Mr. Zong returns but quickly after, news came that the king had died. Qi Zhen uses the other prince, Xuan Yuan Hui, and the bell for the ritual to obtain Xuan Yuan’s water manipulation technique. And when the water moves at a flick of his hand, he thinks he has successfully obtained the power.

On the other side, Fuyao continues to look for Xiao Qi. Pei Yuan find him half-submerged in a pool of water and decides to use him as bait to lure Fuyao out. She’s impulsive but luckily Mr. Zong is there to knock her out.

With the king’s death, the water continuously leaks from the sky threatening to drown the city. Qi Zhen, with his dragon robe hidden, prepares this big speech to show off his new power and have people worship him as the new king. He walks up to the leaking water to display is power. And when the leak does repairs and the water no longer spews out from the sky, Qi Zhen thought he did it until he turns back to face Wuji and the power that HE just displayed.

Episode 15

Wuji displaying his water power in front of all the officials already gained him the title of King of Taiyuan. To convince Qi Zhen that he means no harm, he explains that he was captured and really doesn’t want this position since it risks his life. But it’s too late. Qi Zhen just looks at him with hate but can’t do much. On the day of the announcement, Qi Zhen hands him the seal with much resentment.

Mr. Zong comes to heal Wuji’s injuries. Wuji asks if he was curious how the water manipulation power comes about but Mr. Zong coldly tells him he doesn’t care and leaves. A Servant comes and asks about the party for the new king. Wuji tells him that a hunting trip will be perfect for such event. A perfect event for Qi Zhen to set his trap of killing Wuji also.

Fuyao disguise is at its limit but she hears about the hunting event and decides to attend. Since Pei Yuan is also attending. Beiye also shows up at the event with Wuji’s invitation. Pei Yuan brings Xiao Qi and suggests that instead of hunting animals, they hunt him instead. When Fuyao hears this, she dashes off to rescue him. Beiye joins in on the hunt. Qi Zhen convinces Wuji to participates while setting a trap for him with Lady Fei Tian’s aid. Fuyao and Pei Yuan face off in a battle.

Chexmix: I really like the scenes with LanZhu in it. She can come off as annoying to some but I love that she goes for the man she loves without restraint! And she’s funny. Her scenes with Fuyao and Beiye are nice distractions.

I love how Ethan Ruan plays his character. He’s serious when needed to be but playful when needed to be. Absolutely loves his character. Liu Yijun as Qi Zhen is also absolutely amazing! Evil, greedy, ruthless. He plays it all to the tee. I laugh so hard at the part where he was daydreaming about everyone bowing down to him! Lol!

Fuyao is not as bad as I’ve been warned. Yes, she’s impulsive but reasonably so in my opinion. At least she doesn’t jump to conclusion and hates Wuji because of his fake opinion on slaves. She gave him a chance and still trusted him afterward. Also, because of someone’s comment, I kept thinking that Xiao Qi was going to die the whole time while watching! hahaha. I’m glad he’s alive. =D

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[Recap] Legend of Fuyao Episode 16-20

TitleLegend of Fuyao (扶摇)

# of episodes: 66

Release date: June 18, 2018

Starring: Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Vengo Gao

Broadcast schedule: 2 episodes every Monday – Thursday

Where to watchViki (subbed); Youtube (raw)

Episode 16

The battle between Fuyao and Pei Yuan continues. Fuyao manages to knock Pei Yuan down and rushes over to save Xiao Qi. Except the person is not Xiao Qi but a maid, who pushes her blade onto Fuyao’s neck. Before Pei Yuan can strike, Wuji rushes out to save her. As Fuyao walks away, she steps onto a trap and sends her flying and Xiao Qi straight to the ground. Luckily Wuji is there to catch Xiao Qi and cuts her free from the rope.

Before the part way, Lady Fei Tian arrives with her power to try to kill Wuji. Wuji sends Fuyao off. She runs away with Xiao Qi to hand him off to Beiye, who uses his blood to free Xiao Qi of the bell. She rushes back to help Wuji. Right when the giant leaf man was about to kill Wuji, Fuyao gets in between them. Fei Tian sees that it’s Fuyao and dismiss her leaf man right away. She leaves without killing Wuji. Just as Fuyao is about to leave to, Wuji knocks her out and carries her back as the savior who saved the king.

Seeing how the Wuji, the king, trusts the female the saved him so much, Qi Zhen wants to use her as a spy for him. He approaches Fuyao, thinking that she’s Yuwen Zi, and adopts her as his goddaughter. At the same time, he plots to use Wuji’s future queen by controlling who gets entered into the pool of contestants.

Now that Xiao Qi is found, there’s no more reason for Fuyao to stay at Qi Zhen’s manor. With the help of her maid, she spreads gasoline all over the manor and sets it on fire that night. Qi Zhen’s men rush to find who the culprit as she tries to escape. Mr. Zong helps her in the process. As arrows fly dangerously around them, Mr. Zong flies over the wall and just as he’s about to help Fuyao up, Qi Zhen’s arrow shots him right in the chest!

Episode 17

Mr. Zong and Fuyao manage to escape Qi Zhen’s manor and hide in a secret pathway. Mr. Zong is severely injured but he needs to deliver a key to Wuji. With no other choice, he hands to task over to Fuyao and tells her to give the item to the person at the end of the tunnel.

When Fuyao exits the tunnel, the first thing she sees is a half-naked Wuji. He throws his shirt at her and she turns away immediately. At that chance, he pulls her in close and asks what’s she’s doing here. She tells him that she’s here to deliver stuff for Mr. Zong. At the sound of incoming soldiers, Wuji pushes Fuyao onto the bed and covers her up with a blanket. Qi Zhen rushes in to look for the thief that burns down his manor but sees a half-naked king instead. Qi Zhen insists on searching Wuji’s chamber. He inches closer until a woman’s voice stops him. Fuyao, in a very feminine voice, calls out King and inches her hand seductively up his shoulder. Qi Zhen gets the hint and backs off.

Fuyao kicks Wuji off the bed the minute Qi Zhen leaves. She wants to leave too. But returns when she realizes that she has no way of leaving with so many guards outside. She decides to help him with his mission. The two heads into the secret tunnel toward the royal water room. With the key that Fuyao delivered, a hologram of the dragon armor appears. Except Fuyao is also drawn into the water and armor hologram. Wuji notices that 5-color rock on her neck and debates whether he should let the armor lift the seal or not. Nothing is shown. Fuyao wakes up back in Wuji’s room. He tells her to enter the palace if she wants to know more about the rock and her seals. He made a bet with her that if she can still his treasured leaf within 12-days, he will lift the seal for her. In the meantime, she is expected to work for him.

Fuyao leaves the palace and goes to look for Lanzhu to maintain her alias as Yuwen Zi. Lan Zhu uses her clan’s technique to give her disguise a permanent feature. She changes her face too so many different faces (LOL) before getting the right one. Fuyao returns to Qi Zhen’s manor as an injured Yuwen Zi who had survived the fire.

Episode 18

Fuyao returns to Qi Zhen’s manor without much suspicion. Qi Zhen got sick and sends Yun Hen to help Mr. Zong with the medicine. While Yu Hen is cutting up herbs, Mr. Zong notices the scar on his hand. His little brother has the same scar when he accidentally cut him when they were young. Mr. Zong asks about the scar but Yun Hen doesn’t remember. Yun Hen, however, notices blood leaking out of Mr. Zong’s arm and grows suspicious.

Beiye receives an urgent message from the general that he had sent back to Tiansha to protect his mom. He goes up to the roof to reminisce about his childhood. Lanzhu joins him. He vows that he will protect everyone around him. Together, they sing his childhood song.

During political talks, Wuji continues to pretend to be uninterested. Every time a conflict comes up and a decision needs to be made, he deflects the matter to Qi Zhen. After the court meeting, Wuji got stopped by his guards from going out. When he inquired about the matter, they told him that someone was kidnaped in the capital. For his safety, it’s best that he doesn’t leave.

The person that got kidnapped is Fuyao and the person that kidnapped her is Beiye. He thinks that he’s saving her but she tells him that she doesn’t need saving. She has her reason to enter the court. In the case, he asks her to care for She Kunlin while he’s gone. He will be heading back to Tiansha in the meantime. She agrees to hold on to it for now.

Episode 19

After finding out that Fuyao is kidnapped, Wuji questions Qi Zhen and asks if it was his doing. He reminds Qi Zhen who is king in that conversation. Fuyao gets rushed back into the palace pretending to be injured. Wuji notices her pretense and pinches her cheek while acting all worried.

Beiye leaves for Tiansha in secret while Mr. Zong is summoned to look at the injured Fuyao. While walking Mr. Zong to the palace, Yun Hen recalls the night when the truth about his past was told. He went to look for Mr. Zong to confirm that he was the assassin that they have been looking for. Mr. Zong told him about the history of prince Wen Zi and how Qi Zhen framed the kind prince. Prince Wen Zi left behind two surviving descendants, one is Mr. Zong and the other is Yun Hen!

Lan Zhu decides to chase after Beiye while Xiao Qi decides to stay behind to reunite with Fuyao. Fuyao enters the palace to be part of the king’s harem. Wuji pretends to have a hard time deciding and chooses to spin the wheel. Fuyao and a few other girls got selected.

Yun Hen seeks out Mr. Qiu to learn the truth about his identity as prince Wenji’s son.

Episode 20

Prince Xiping raises a fuss in Qi Zhen’s manor that his daughter did not get selected. Qi Zhen tells him that there’s nothing he can do. It was all the king’s decision. As Xiping leaves angrily, a notice came saying that the king changed his mind and that Xiping’s daughter has been added to the pool of harem. Xiping thinks that this was all Qi Zhen’s doing to show how holds the power. Tang Bo Nian also expresses his thanks to Qi Zhen. Now the whole court thinks that Qi Zhen holds the power to the harem selection.

Yun Hen recalls his conversation with Mr. Qiu and can’t help but feel anger at Qi Zhen. But he has to keep it a secret. On the other side, Mr. Zong sees another childhood friend while at a restaurant. She is Qi Yun, the daughter of Qi Zhen.

Consorts are aggregate in the backcourt waiting for the king’s decree on where they will be staying for the night. On the king’s notice, lady Tang will be staying in the court that usually the future Queen stays at. Puruo, who got reinstated last minute, did not get assigned a place and threw a fuss. She thinks she deserves the court of the future Queen. Jian Xue moves in with Fuyao to empty her space for Puruo. (Too many ladies! Thank god for Wiki’s help with their name).

Wuji summons Tang Zhirong to his chamber that night. By tradition, he should not let anyone stay overnight in his chamber but he agrees to Tang’s request. Fuyao twists and turns at night thinking how best to steal his golden leaf. She disguises as a servant to sneak into his chamber. When Wuji asked to be bathed, he points at Fuyao, seeing right thru her disguise.

Chexmix: I thought I was gonna be skipping a lot of the politics for this drama but surprisingly, the politics of this drama is quite interesting. Reminds me a lot of NIF with the framed-prince and jealous king. The plotting is interesting too. Wuji picking his consorts all to disrupt the power balance. And now with the addition of Mr. Zong and Yun Hen’s story!! >.<

Wuji and Fuyao’s story is freaking cute too! Every time he teases her!!! Oh the subtle humor. Makes me smile all the time. =D And I take back what I said about Fuyao being almighty! Even tho she had learned this powerful technique. She is still very much a newb in martial art! I’m glad they made it that way. She’s strong enough to fight but not undefeatable!

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[Recap] Legend of Fuyao Episode 21-25

TitleLegend of Fuyao (扶摇)

# of episodes: 66

Release date: June 18, 2018

Starring: Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Vengo Gao

Broadcast schedule: 2 episodes every Monday – Thursday

Where to watchViki (subbed); Youtube (raw)

Episode 21

Wuji sends everyone away except for Fuyao, who quickly tries to snatch the golden leaf hanging on his neck. Wuji picks her up and throws her into the giant bathtub where they struggle and fight. Wuji, out of nowhere, pulls her into a kiss and when they came out of the tub, awkwardness hung in the air. They hear the footsteps of assassins rushing in. He tells her to hide but she decides to come out and help him. After they defeat they assassins, he rushes out with the fainted Zhirong while she stays behind to sneak out.

Fuyao overhears the servants talking about a haunted room with mirrors and decides to sneak in to destroy them. A figure ambushes her from behind and she wakes up in a locked cage and a crazy looking woman yelling at her.

Yun Hen and Qi Yun is out shopping. She tries to run away from him but in the middle of the busy street, she bumps into Mr. Zong and fainted. The two brothers talk in secret. Mr. Zong reminds him of his duty to the XuanYuan blood while Yun Hen struggles with his identity. Qi Zhen has raised him and cared for him. Mr. Zong reminds him again that Qi Yun is Qi Zhen’s daughter, the daughter of the man that killed their father. There will not be a good ending between them.

Episode 22

Fuyao has been missing for 2 days now. Wuji is worried about her and sent his rat to find her. The rat finds her and rescues her from her cage but the white fox was too strong. The rat reports back to Wuji and he rushes to help. By the time he arrives, Fuyao is already freed and the crazy woman has fainted. He rushes to pick her up and tells Fuyao that the lady is the princess of Taiyuan and the wife of Zhangsun De.

Wuji brings Fuyao back to her place for healing. He tends to her injuries. She feels really sick all of a sudden and he asks if she still has her bell. But the bell was taken by the crazy princess already. Because the bell is linked to Fuyao now, without it, she will be unwell.

Wuji goes to find the crazy princess and demands the bell back. In order to take back the bell, he subjects to 3 of her hits. She gives the bell back to him but was severely injured as a result. He gives the bell to Fuyao. His close servant can tell that he is fond of Fuyao but reminds him of his mission and of his engagement with someone already.

The next day, he parades with lady Tang in the court, in front of Fuyao and Jian Xue. The jealous Fuyao speaks out of turn and he tells her that it’s up to him who he favors! Once they leave, Jian Xue confronts Fuyao on her feeling for Wuji. She concludes that Fuyao likes Wuji!

Episode 23

Fuyao starts to realize that she’s falling for Wuji. Just as she admits it, Wuji shows up from behind. He dismisses Jian Xue and tells Fuyao that he heard everything. Fuyao asks if he also likes her. He lies and tells her that he did at first but what he’s looking for is a weak soft spoken girl and that’s not her. He tells her to disappear. The heartbroken Fuyao obliges and leaves.

The night of the winter festival. The whole court gathers while Fuyao changes into a maid outfit to leave the palace. Wuji looks really sad the whole night. Fuyao is on her way out when Wuji’s servant catches her and pulls her back. He tells her that Wuji cares for her but just that he can’t show it. She trusts his words and decides to stay. She changes back into her outfit to attend the festival.

On her way there, da shixong mistook her as Fuyao then recognizes her as Fuyao. The two steps to the side to talk. Even though he tells her that he still loves her and will only love her, she tells him it’s over between them. She leaves to go back to the banquet.

She shows up with a happier looking Wuji. Now that he knows she hasn’t left and is probably not leaving anymore. Gao Puruo volunteers to perform. In the midst of performing, her sword slips and heads straight toward Wuji. Luckily, he’s powerful enough to stop the sword. Uproar in the court. People accuse her and her father of trying to assassinate the king. She defends herself by saying that her wine is drugged. They tested it and it’s true.

Episode 24

Purou argues that it was lady Tang who drugged her wine. Lady Tang’s maid attests that she did not and perhaps it was Fuyao since they bumped into her on the way in. Suspicion turns to Fuyao and lady Tang. Purou suggests using the sacred mirrors to find the truth. Because Fuyao’s identity will be revealed once she stands in front of a mirror. As she’s walking toward the mirror, Wuji’s pet runs to the mirrors and knock them all down! Wuji uses that crime as an excuse to send Fuyao away.

As Fuyao is being sent away, the shattered mirror reflects her real face for both Pei Yuan and Qi Zhen to see. While being sent to an isolated court of, Wuji’s servant comes to tell Fuyao that Wuji will be away from the palace and that she should be safe there. Da shixiong threatens Pei Yuan to keep Fuyao safe but she uses her handkerchief to drug him. He faints.

When he wakes up, he sees Fuyao tied up on the corner with Pei Yuan standing around. She asks him to kill Fuyao. He fake agrees but cuts Fuyao’s rope off to let her escape. But Fuyao has been drugged and has no energy to move. He takes the poison that he was supposed to give to Fuyao and eats it instead. Pei Yuan gets mad and lunges in to kill Fuyao. Da Shixiong shields her! Pei Yuan’s maid grabs a sword and stabs thru Pei Yuan instead. The maid went crazy and tries to kill everyone too. Before she can reach Fuyao and Da shixiong, Pei Yuan, with her last breath, stabs her instead. Da Shixiong dies from the poison….(Dang! Everyone died….)

At Qi Zhen’s manor, Qi Yun is angry at Yun Hen for bringing her back. She cries and yells at him. Her dad shows up. She cries and yells at her dad for controlling her life. She is so worked up that she fainted. They summoned Mr. Zong to see her.

Episode 25

Fuyao ends up being saved by the crazy princess. She got rid of the dead bodies and in Fuyao’s place. Because she found a plaque that Wuji has given Fuyao, she now thinks that Fuyao is her long-lost daughter. In the same court, she sees Xiao Qi dressed up as a maid. He came to look for her and was forced to pretend to be a female in order to not be a eunuch.

While Wuji is away to pray for the peace of his country, Qi Zhen summons Fuyao to his manor. She knows something is up, therefore, sent Xiao Qi to notify Wuji. Xiao Qi follows lady Tang to visit the king. Once Wuji finds out that Fuyao is in danger, he threatens lady Tang to act as is while he rushes back to the capital.

Qi Zhen lies and tells Fuyao that he knows her and the king is in an alliance. If not, why would he rushes to the manor once he heard the Fuyao has been summoned. Fuyao keeps her cool and tells him she has no idea. To prove her loyalty, he tells her to kill the king, who’s currently waiting at the manor. She walks up to Wuji and hugs him. With Qi Zhen hiding behind a closed door, Fuyao pulls out her knife and stab the king. Turn out that it was a fake king that Qi Zhen uses to test Fuyao’s loyalty.

Fuyao is shaken that she had killed someone. Qi Zhen comforts her and tells her that he trust her now. On her way back, someone pulls her aside. When she looks up. It was Wuji. The real Wuji.

Chexmix: Uh…can I just say WAHTTT! That’s how Pei Yuan and Da Shixiong died???? I’m glad they’re gone now but that was fast! A little too easy no? Da Shixiong finally stepped up and be a tiny tiny bit more courageous and then the offed him. Didn’t even let the guy redeem himself. After this death scene, I think we’re heading into more angst drama now.

That last picture with Wuji and his smirk…>.<

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[Recap] Legend of Fuyao Episode 26-30

TitleLegend of Fuyao (扶摇)

# of episodes: 66

Release date: June 18, 2018

Starring: Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Vengo Gao

Broadcast schedule: 2 episodes every Monday – Thursday

Where to watchViki (subbed); Youtube (raw)

Episode 26

The real Wuji pulls Fuyao into an embrace and she is shocked at first but quickly recognizes him. They return to the palace and Wuji asks her how she knew that the other king is a fake. She tells him she just know. right when he was about to lean into a kiss, crazy princess’s voice calls for Fuyao. And like a caught teenager, the two pulls away immediately. Fuyao leaves Wuji hanging while she rushes to her “mom.”

An announcement comes out to promote Lady Tang. (Sorry I don’t keep track of their titles…). While admiring all the luxurious items, she remembers the time when the king puts a knife to her throat. He told her that he knows about her working to Qi Zhen. He told her that her father had submitted a request to send her little sister into court too. He tells her to choose wisely who to trust. She will die if she works with Qi Zhen. She will be a lonely court lady if he dies. But all the fame and wealth will be hers if she works with him. The answer is obvious.

Qi Yun invites both Mr. Zong and Yun Hen for lunch. While eating, she tells him about her childhood story with an old friend that she’s looking for. After Mr. Zong ate the soup, she tells them that this childhood friend is highly allergic to this herb. She puts this herb in the soup to confirms Mr. Zong’s identity. But when no rash showed up, Mr. Zong leaves in a rush and Qi Yun cries. Mr. Zong returns to his room to a suppressed rash. Yun Hen arrives later and begs him to spare Qi Yun. He tells him that he will do anything for revenge, even if it means killing his own little brother!

With Qi Zhen’s permission, the two brothers set out to “collect herbs” to make medicine. In truth, Yun Hen is asked to go see general Tang. Qi Zhen is having doubts about this loyal general and ask him to sneak into the capital for a one-on-one but Wuji and Mr. Zong have intercepted the letter and instead changes to it order General Tang to command his army to the capital. General Tang is doubtful therefore Yun Hen, a trusted Qi Zhen’s servant is a must to convince him that the letter is indeed Qi Zhen’s wishes.

Episode 27

Yun Hen visits general Tang and confirms that the letter is as Qi Zhen instructed. He tells him that it is time for their plan to be put into action. On the side, general Tang also asks for info from her daughter. Lady Tang confronts Wuji on what to do and he asks her what she thinks she should do. She replies to her dad, that everything is according to Qi Zhen’s plan. With Yun Hen’s words and his daughter’s assurance, general Tang sets out for the capital with his arm.

Qi Zhen hears about general Tang’s action and immediately thinks that he has been betrayed. While General Tang was ambushed and captured by Wuji. Mr. Zong and Yun Hen go to visit the captured general Tang, the person who is involved in the murder of their family. Mr. Zong tosses him a bottle of poison before he leaves.Another announcement comes out to declares lady Tang as the future Queen of Taiyuan. Now the whole court is preparing for the big wedding day. But big stir-ups is happening behind the scene. Wuji meets up with a trusted advisor and asks for his help while Qi Zhen meets up with a prince of Tianquan and asks for his help. The prince promises to help him for a return favor when he goes for the throne of Tianquan in the future.

Episode 28

The night before the big wedding, lady Tang prepares for the big day. She crazily apologizes to her dad saying she has no choice. Acting kind of crazy. But out of nowhere, a knife stabs her in the back and she falls to her death. Fuyao got kidnapped and Qi Zhen tells her that he wants her to be the future queen of Taiyuan. He asks her to kill Wuji on the day of their wedding.

Wuji and the whole court find out that lady Tang is dead. Fuyao (aka Yuwen Zi) gets nominated to be the next queen. Wuji angrily agreed. Fuyao tries to escape to warn Wuji but to no avails. Qi Zhen is executing his plan to usurp the throne on the day of the wedding.

On the day of their big wedding, both Wuji and Fuyao dress up in their wedding attire. On the way to the wedding hall, the impatient Fuyao, sitting on her carriage, keeps questioning when they would arrive. But there are so many rules and regulations that drag the whole ceremony out. Instead of sitting idly, she leaves her carriage and runs to the main hall. All the court officials gather for the wedding early. Qi Zhen stops him by saying that the time is not right yet. Secretly his army still needs time to arrive at the capital. Because Fuyao rushed, she arrives early also. Qi Zhen gets anxious and calls Wuji out as being a fake royal blood.

Episode 29

Qi Zhen calls out the real Xuan Yuan Ming and the real prince demonstrated the water technique in front of the everyone. Speculations on who is real and who is fake rises. Wuji tells them that this is all an illusion. He brings Fuyao toward the water and guides her hand to form the water orb as a demonstration. When in truth, Yun Hen is behind the whole thing.

Qi Zhen knows right away that his plan is failing. The minute the wedding resumes and Fuyao got the army seal, he orders the attack right away. His men storm in as well as Wuji’s royal guard. Instead of running away, Fuyao stays to support Wuji in the fight against Qi Zhen. But who would have thought that Qi Zhen is so powerful! They were losing the right and sustained a lot of injuries but managed to injure Qi Zhen in the end.

At the end of the battle, Qi Zhen, Wuji and Fuyao fall down. Qi Zhen takes the opportunity to escape. He meets up with Yun Hen without suspecting much. However, Yun Hen brought guards with him to kill Qi Zhen. Mr. Zong shows up and tells Yun Hen to kill the man. Qi Zhen finally realizes that Yun Hen is the second son of Prince Wenyi.

Back to the bloody scene. Crazy Princess rushes to the scene to find her “daughter.” Wuji breaks it to her that Fuyao is not her daughter. He pushes her to think back on the night she went crazy and asked what happened back in Tianquan that night. She mumbles crazily without answering him.

Episode 30

Yun Hen could not kill Qi Zhen. He begs his brother to spare him. And this point, Mr. Zong doesn’t care anymore. He tells him that the person who will sit on the throne is Yun Hen anyway and leaves. And we don’t know if Qi Zhen died or not….

Fuyao yells at Wuji for pushing the crazy princess too far. She leaves him disappointedly but fainted. He takes her to the sacred room and breaks the seal using the dragon scale from Qi Yun. He leaves her be and left to got back to Tianquan.

Fuyao wakes up outside the capital and reunites with Xiao Qi. The venture without a path until they met two thieves and realizes that the king of Tianshia wants to frame Zhang Beiye. They capture the thief and head toward Tianshia. But on the way, they stop by a town that is filled with sick people. Fuyao meets Fo Lian, a kind lady who is treating the sick villagers.

The advisors at Tianquan is currently discussing the who should have the right to the army between crown prince Wuji and elder prince. Wuji and his dad watch the whole debate behind the scene. The dad got angry that Wuji did not bring back the sacred bell.

Chexmix:  Oh man that wedding scene was hilarious. I cracked up at Fuyao skipping all those long boring rituals! Blowing at the incense to make it burns faster!? hahaha. Too funny. It’s nice to have humor in such serious drama. But I’m glad they’re finally leaving Taiyuan and venturing into Wuji’s territory!

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[Recap] Legend of Fuyao Episode 31-36

TitleLegend of Fuyao (扶摇)

# of episodes: 66

Release date: June 18, 2018

Starring: Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Vengo Gao

Broadcast schedule: 2 episodes every Monday – Thursday

Where to watchViki (subbed); Youtube (raw)

Episode 31

Fo Lian falls sick due to the disease and reveals to Fuyao that she is actually the second princess of Xuanji and betrothed to the crown prince of Tianquan. She gives Fuyao her pendant and asks that she goes and meet the king in her stead. Fuyao accepts and arrives at the capital of Tianquan. She sees a poor lady being bullied and stepped in to help. The guard and the first prince gangs up on her until an advisor show up to inform the prince, mistakenly, that Fuyao is the princess of Xuanji. The prince pretends to be all courteous afterward but Fuyao chooses to ignore him and leave.

Xuanji kingdom is very rich therefore everyone wants to be on the princess good side. Fuyao sneaks into a garden to collect herbs. She hears music and rounds to corner out of curiosity. She finds the person playing is Wuji. He hugs her out of happiness but she pushes him again. He lies and tells her that he’s the prince’s aide. They go out for a drink.

The power struggle in Tianquan continues behind the scene. Elder Prince wants to pull Prince De over to his side while Wuji shies away from the struggle in the meantime.

Episode 32

Wuji and his mom spend some time talking. She tells him that it’s time for him to marry the princess of Xuanji. He hesitates and avoids the question. Elder prince gets news that Wuji and Fo Lian princess had met up. Even though Wuji doesn’t know that his meet up with Fuyao is being perceived as so. Wuji continues to meet up with Fuyao and they spent the day in the forest.

Wuji’s mom also got news that Fo Lian is in the capital and that elder prince is making his move. As expected, elder prince arrives at where Fuyao is to escort her into the palace. Fo Lian’s personal maid shows up. Right before they enter the palace, the empress stops them and had her people escort Fuyao instead.

At the core of the meet up between the kingdom’s advisor, it was revealed that there have been weird circumstances happening at every kingdom. A rare and ancient phenomenon that is slowly destroying the landscape of every kingdom. Fuyao meets up with the empress to talk about her marriage with the crown prince. Her strong and independent mindset stands out and causes some tension. But she realizes that she’s Fo Lian now and doesn’t want to ruin the marriage that Fo Lian wants, therefore she pretends to be more submissive.

Wuji goes to look for Mr. Zong to find him in a very dangerous state. He helps him recover. Mr. Zong tells him that in order to learn from his teacher, Fei Yan, back then, he gave him 40 years of his life in exchange. (Meaning he’s going to die early…=(

Episode 33

Fuyao wakes up in the middle of the night from some noise. She follows the noise to find the empress sneaking around. She trails her and is shocked to see her and Prince De’s affair. Shock but doesn’t want to get in trouble, she returns to her chamber.

The next day, all ambassadors of the 5 kingdoms meet up to and present their kingdom’s item to the sacrifice. Fuyao arrives later than the rest. She voices out that she wants to present the map of xuanji to the king instead. In addition, she defended Zhang Beiye in front of all the ambassador. However, everyone is against her, including the elder prince.

Flashbacks show that the Empress and Prince De know about Fo Lian seeing them together that night. At the same time, the night before, the real Fo Lian also snuck into town to meet up with the elder prince. Fuyao presents the map but the map is fake. Then all of a sudden, the real Fo Lian shows up, pretending that she doesn’t know Fuyao at all. Now Fuyao is accused of being a fake. No one stands up to defend her.

Before the guards take her away, the king summons her. He reveals to her that the person Fuyao has been seeing is the crown prince, Zhangsun Wuji. He tells that even though Wuji loves her, he is also the crown prince. He has his duties. His marriage cannot be for himself. Fuyao sees everything through the screen and shatters at the deception. The king tells her that Wuji will always pick his duty over love.

Episode 34

The king lets Fuyao leave safely but outside the door is the elder prince and his guards waiting to kill her. The elder prince is lead to Fo Lian to believe that if he follows her plan, she will marry him and make him the crown prince of Tianquan. Fuyao fights back but the prince sends a poisonous centipede her way and renders her unconscious. The empress from Taiyuan tells Wuji that the fake Fo Lian is actually Fuyao. He rushes to beg his father to spare her. When he said he did, Wuji learns that Fuyao has been captured by the elder prince. He makes up his mind to go rescue her even if it means conflict.

During Fuyao’s coma stage, the elder prince wanted to take advantage of her. She sees him inching closer and wills herself to fight back. She forces the poison needle out and smashes him with a vase. He injured her severely but she, more so. Wuji barges into the prince’s manor to find the two of them severely injured. He caresses Fuyao gently and covers her up. Out of anger, he picks up his sword to kill his brother. Unfortunately, his guard was there to stop. The king summons the elder brother and takes him away.

Wuji carries Fuyao back to his own manor and asks Mr. Zong to look over her. But the poison in her is too severely. Without a cure, she might die soon. The whole court is in chaos because of the scandal. Wuji begs his father to spare Fuyao. But he tells him that it’s too late already. Wuji rushes out of the palace, fighting all the guards that his father has placed around, and rushes back to his manor to save Fuyao. He carries her out and leaves as they travel to find a cure for her poison.

Episode 35

Wuji and Fuyao travel alongside Mr. Zong to find a cure for Fuyao. Wuji knows that they will be able to save her but the problem is the king right now. His dad will kill her. He goes back to beg for forgiveness while Mr. Zong and them settles in a small town that is threatened by a group of thieves.

Wuji returns to the palace and begs his father to let Fuyao live. He tells him that she the first person he loves and makes him feel alive. He’s willing to give up the title crown prince for her. In the meantime, he vows revenge on the people that harmed Fuyao. He captures Fo Lian and locks her up in a basement, forcing her to reflect on what she did. Wuji wants to kill his brother but his father intervened. Wuji tells his father that his brother has been betraying the country by selling out to thieves. The angry king allows Wuji to investigate the matter.

Fuyao finally wakes up. She sees the state that the village is in an helps out. She learns that the official in the village is a scaredy-cat and does nothing to protect the people. She goes to find the official. He was arrogant only he learns that they are Wuji’s people. He hands over all authority to them and Fuyao decides that she will protect the people of the village if no one else will.

Episode 36

Fuyao takes over the city as their official. Wuji continues to hold Fo Lian captive, trying to force her to cancel their marriage. He brings the elder prince to confront Fo Lian but she keeps up her facade as the innocent princess without a shame.

The thieves send an invitation to Fuyao to visit their hideout. She playfully agrees despite everyone’s protest. But instead of abiding to the time, she sneaks into their hideout in the middle of the night. She pretends to be friendly with them while Mr. Zong leaves to investigate their weapons. They pretend to be working for the elder prince and convince the leader that they are on the same team.

Fuyao drinks the night away, feeling lonely that Wuji is not around. While in her stupor, Wuji actually shows up. She thinks that it was all an illusion. She wakes up the morning thinking it was all a dream. But during her court duty, Wuji shows up and accuses a Ms. Fu of stealing his heart. Fuyao ignores him and tries to dismiss him but he’s too persistent.

Chexmix: I’m far behind on this series. This drama will end in a couple of days I think so feel free to talk about the later episodes. Curious. Who else is watching? Or have people given up already? hahaha. Either way, I really like Fuyao the character. She falls in love but she doesn’t lose herself in the name of love like a lot of the main characters in c-dramas. Even with a broken heart, she still cares for the justice of the people. (This is kinda the character I imagined Chu Qiao from PA to be like.)  Anticipating the ending a lot!

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Legend of Fu Yao: Episodes 1 – 8 Recaps

On to the next big drama airing this season: Legend of Fu Yao, starring Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan, is proving to be the next big thing. Encompassing love, revenge, fate, friendship, companionship and royal intrigue, the drama is set to keep viewers on the edge of their seats whether in suspense or all out belly-aching laughter.

Join the crew of IMOmusings, Iridescent, Enid Bee and linjaturtle as we embark on this 66 episode long journey with weekly recaps.

Let’s begin Week 1!

The main character factions are used as label headers for each tab, however, the tabs will only be updated for new characters that show up in each recap roundup.

Born from the divine lotus petal and a member of Xuanyuan Sect. Originally disregarded as a member of the Xuanyou Division (servants), at the age of 16 she was able to learn the Sect’s long lost fighting technique, the Ninth Heaven Breach.

After defeating her martial brother in the Tian Dou Competition, she left the Sect to find herself and justice. On the way she meets a man with whom she falls in love and they join together to take down the forces of chaos in Taiyuan Kingdom. Helping to defend the people’s peace and gradually revealing their life secrets along the way.

Yang Mi as Fu Yao

 photo Fuyao.jpg

Ethan Ruan as Zhang Sun Wu Ji/Yuan Shao Xu

 photo Ethan.jpg


Crown Prince Wu Ji of Tianquan Kingdom, the illegitimate son of Empress Yuan and Prince De. Chosen by the heavens to prevent eternal doom from falling upon the Five Kingdoms.

He is courageous and resourceful and willing to do anything for those he loves. On the journey with Fu Yao, they fight side-by-side and grow together through mutual encouragement and affection.

With a mysterious connection to the Firmament, he has a lotus birthmark on his hand.

Xuanyuan Sect

Li Hong Tao as Yan Lie
 photo Yan Lie_1.jpeg

Huang Ming as Yan Jing Chen
 photo Yan Jingchen_1.jpg

Li Yi Xiao as Pei Yuan
 photo vlcsnap-00081.jpg

Liu Luo Xi as Ah Lie
 photo vlcsnap-00082.jpg

Jiang Long as Xiao Qi
 photo Xiao Qi_1.jpg

Sang Yan as Uncle Zhou
 photo vlcsnap-00044.jpg

Tianquan Kingdom

Gao Han Yu as Jiang Feng
 photo jian feng_1.jpg

Taiyuan Kingdom

Zhang Dong Shen as Xuan Yuan Ren
 photo vlcsnap-00064.jpg

Liu Da Shen as Xuan Yuan Zhai
 photo vlcsnap-00045.jpg

Quan Pei Lun as Xuan Yuan Min (Real)
 photo vlcsnap-00048.jpg

Liu Yi Jun as Qi Zhen
 photo Qi Zhen_1.jpg

Liang Zi Mu as Yun Hen
 photo yun hen.jpg

Lai Yi as Zong Yue
 photo Zong Yue.jpg

Vengo Gao as Zhan Bei Ye
 photo Vengo_1.jpg

Liu Qiu Shi as Ji Yu
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Sheng Wu as Lin Yi
 photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Zhang Ya Qin as Ya Lan Zhu
 photo lanzhou.jpg

Liu Xuan as Fei Yan
 photo vlcsnap-00069.jpg

Zhang Dong Shen as Xuan Yuan Ren
Liu Da Shen as Xuan Yuan Zhai
Quan Pei Lun as Xuan Yuan Min (Real)
Liu Yi Jun as Qi Zhen
Liang Zi Mu as Yun Hen
Lai Yi as Zong Yue

New this week:

Chen Xin Wen as Yu Wen Zi
 photo vlcsnap-00047.jpg

Zhou Li Wei as Shi Lan
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Yuan Yu Xuan as Qi Yun
 photo Qi Yun.jpg

Liu Guan Lin as Gao Hao (Commandery Prince of Xiping)
 photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Zhong Wei Hua as Cao Cheng (Head Eunuch)
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Sun Qiang as Zhang He Nian (Imperial Censor)
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Zhang Zhi Zhong as Mr. Qiu
 photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Hu Ke as Xuan Yuan Xiao (Supreme Princess of Taiyuan Kingdom, Royal Consort of Taiquan Kingdom)
 photo Xuanyuan Xiao 2.jpg

Li Ya A as Tang Zhi Rong
 photo vlcsnap-00056.jpg

Wei Hui Ni as Jian Xue
 photo vlcsnap-00050.jpg

Liu Zhi Wei as Gao Pu Rou
 photo vlcsnap-00045.jpg

Liu Ying Lun as Tai Yan
 photo Tai Yan.jpeg

 photo correlation chart.jpg

Eps. 01

1000 years ago Di Fei Tian ordered a massacre on the five kingdoms, striking the world into chaos.  The elder of Qiong Cang, Chang Qing Zi, used the Dark Soul Leaf to turn the situation around. The last drop of Di Fei Tian’s blood coagulated into a five colour stone, to be used by a young girl to awaken him.  The camera pans onto the backside of a man with long, luscious, black hair, dressed in white; the one who has been chosen by heaven to fulfil the legacy of the Dark Soul Leaf.  He kneels in front of an old man, who tells him of his important task to find the girl and prevent her from causing eternal doom to the five kingdoms.
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

The next scene captures a blindfolded Fu Yao (Yang Mi), standing in the middle of a snow field as the wind unravels her mask.  She is approached by four iced men on horses, having secretly snuck into the third round of the Xuanyuan Sect’s secret chamber.  She quite easily defeats the men on the horses, but just as she, dramatically, in slow motion, reaches for the glowing orange globe to complete the level, she is pulled away by a string that appears on her arm and thrown back into the Secret Chamber of Five Elements.
 photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Her senior sister, Pei Yuan (Li Yi Xiao), the first female disciple of the Sect, catches her in the room.  She announces her detest of the servant and her desire to bring Fu Yao to their master for punishment, but the cheeky and quite daring Fu Yao easily escapes through the window.

Fu Yao sits in a tree (*cough* Bai Qian anyone? *cough*), where she awaits her senior brother, Yan Jing Chen (Huang Ming).  The two share conversation, but not for long when they’re interrupted by Pei Yuan again.  Pei Yuan demands that Fu Yao is punished for not following the rules and now for sneaking down the mountain.  Fu Yao cheekily rebuts that Pei Yuan has done the same, especially since it’s the day of the grand sacrificial ceremony.  Jing Chen covers for Fu Yao, claiming he’ll punish her later as he tells Fu Yao to leave and reflect, with a sneaky wink. As Pei Yuan tries to chase after Fu Yao, Jing Chen pulls her back and they accidentally collide into a hug, which causes Pei Yuan to blush.  (*cough* looks like someone’s smitten *cough*) 
 photo vlcsnap-00037.jpg

Fu Yao overhears them talking about the sacrificial ritual and you can tell she has something up her sleeve.

On top of the mountain the disciples have gathered for the ritual. Jing Chen and Pei Yuan arrive. Unseen is Xiao Qi (Jiang Long) hiding behind a rock, also watching events nervously. Fu Yao climbs up the side of the cliff to join him so they can watch the ritual. In the meantime, Uncle Zhou (Sang Yan) at the bottom of the mountain is explaining the divisions on the mountain to a little boy. Only disciples born into noble and prestigious families are entitled to join the Xuanyuan Sect. Those in the Xuanyou Division are in charge of tending to their needs and are always subservient to them. The Xuanyou Division wears black clothing to show their status. As he warns the boy not to be like Fu Yao, he suddenly realises Fu Yao is missing and goes in search of her.
 photo vlcsnap-00071.jpg

Back on top of the mountain, Fu Yao has found Xiao Qi who gives her robes to change into. He is nervous about being caught, but Fu Yao is fearless and wants to see this ritual that occurs only once every eight years. Yan Jing Chen, his father, the Chief Yan Lie (Li Hong Tao) and another man stand around the Armillary Cauldron and raise their swords toward it to make it rise until it is floating in mid-air and Fu Yao and Xiao Qi watch. A pair of birds fly overhead (I’m guessing a good omen) and then some papers in the box fly around and fall back in. The Chief then announces that starting today any member of the Sect can submit their name to participate in the Tian Dou Competition. (anyone else get a Goblet of Fire vibe?) The winner will become an influential member of the Sect.
 photo vlcsnap-00077.jpg

Of course, just then Fu Yao and her friend are caught by Uncle Zhou.

At the bottom of the mountain, Fu Yao is again up in a tree. Uncle Zhou is yelling at her to get down so he can beat her. Finally, Uncle Zhou promises not to beat her if she comes down from the tree and that he’ll give her a chance to go into town, but once she is down the tree, starts beating her. You can tell that even though he’s stern with her, he still cares about her, but wants her to act appropriate to her level. She hates that there have to be different levels of status and that everyone should be treated the same.

That evening at the Sect, Jing Chen is talking to his father. We learn he was gone three months to Kunning, the capital of the Taiyuan Kingdom, where he met the legal first prince who is looking to form his own army. His father advises that the situation in Kunning has changed.

In Kunning, the prince, Xuan Yuan Xiao, runs to his sick father, Xuan Yuan Ren, the emperor.
 photo vlcsnap-00063.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00045.jpg
 photo vlcsnap-00064.jpg

They have planned to get rid of Qi Zhen, who has been coveting the throne, before the prince’s coronation.  But Qi Zhen (Liu Yi Jun), through the aid of some kind of fishbowl listening device, overhears their plans and his army attacks first in the night.

Jing Chen and his father worry that Qi Zhen usurping the throne will throw the five kingdoms into chaos. Jing Chen wants the Sect to help, but the Chief says that the Sect must remain neutral and wants his son to focus on winning the Tian Dou Competition.

At the palace, Qi Zhen’s troups have killed the Emperor’s soldiers. He then kills Xuan Yuan Xiao and orders his soldiers to kill all of the members of the Xuan Yuan royal family. In bed, the Emperor awakens to find Qi Zhen standing over him, but Qi Zhen will not kill him as he wants him to witness his take over of the throne.

In the woods, another Prince (Quan Pei Lun) is running from Qi Zhen’s soldiers. At the same time, Fu Yao is on her way back from picking up rice wine in town and literally runs into the prince.
 photo vlcsnap-00048.jpg

He tells her that he is the legal firstborn of Quan City, Xuan Yuan Min, and asks for her help him get away from the soldiers before passing out. She hides him in her cart and then proceeds. Unfortunately, Pei Yuan and her friends have set up a trap to teach Fu Yao a lesson. (Is it just me, or was anyone else wondering why she would jump out of the cart just because a jar of wine was broken?) She ends up in a net strung up in a tree while the cart crashes into a ditch. The prince’s body is dragged away by someone unseen, but when the soldiers arrive at the crash, they find another body (note the shoe change) and take it away.

 photo vlcsnap-00049.jpg
 photo vlcsnap-00078.jpg

On the mountain top, Yan Jing Chen is enjoying the view. Thinking Fu Yao has arrived, he reaches out to grab her hand, but finds himself holding Pei Yuan’s instead. She makes it very clear that she wants to marry him and stay on the mountain rather than go home to the marriage being arranged by her parents. He tries to, as politely as possible, brush her off (just say no, dude!), but Pei Yuan is determined. Just as she’s about to confess, they hear Fu Yao calling for help and Jing Chen runs off to help her.

In a shed, the soldiers stand around the prince. Their leader, Yun Hen (Liang Ze Mu), comes in and orders that the prince be killed, but just as a soldier is strangling him, another one arrives to tell Yun Hen that Qi Zhen has ordered that the prince not be harmed.

 photo vlcsnap-00052.jpg

Jing Chen gets Fu Yao out of the net. She is worried about getting in to trouble for the broken wine jars and then also realises the Prince is missing. She asks if Jing Chen saw an injured man, but he is more worried about her injuries and the Prince is forgotten. As he tends to her wounds, Jing Chen tells Fu Yao that once he becomes Chief of the Sect, he’ll let everyone know she is his woman. Pei Yuan overhears this and storms off in anger.  However, Fu Yao is more concerned that he makes the rest of Xuanyou Division no longer have to be slaves to the others.

An alarm sounds warning of trespassers on the mountain. It is Yun Hen and his soldiers carrying the body of the Prince and asking for their help to heal him. As they argue, Qi Zhen arrives with his entourage. On the mountain, the Divine Physician, Zong Yue (Lai Yi), is treating the Prince with magic acupuncture.

 photo vlcsnap-00070.jpgHe pronounces that the prince is fine and will awaken soon without the need of any medicine. And then we see that the prince is not the same person Fu Yao saw, but rather someone else (Ethan Ruan).

 photo vlcsnap-00058.jpgThe Chief tells Jing Chen that he suspects something changed causing Qi Zhen to bring the prince here and to be careful.

Fake Xuan Yuan Min (his name will be italicised from now on when referring to Ethan’s character) wakes up, startled and timid, and asks what is going on. Qi Zhen asks if he really is the prince and then, to test him, throws a cup of tea at him. When he does, the Prince quickly is able to manipulate the water, a skill that presents only in the Xuan Yuan family. Taking this as proof, Qi Zhen bows before the prince and calls him Your Highness. Qi Zhen tells him he has been named the legal heir to Taiyun Kingdom and that they will escort him back to the palace. Xuan Yuan Min is ecstatic at the news.

 photo vlcsnap-00060.jpg
 photo vlcsnap-00061.jpg
 photo vlcsnap-00062.jpg
Ep. 02

Xuan Yuan Min is acknowledged by Qi Zhen as the new Crown Prince after having been tested at the end of the last episode.

Through a flashback it is revealed that Qi Zhen had given the current Emperor medication to cause him to fall into a coma. His initial intention was to kill him, but Qi Zhen had to change his plans after the Emperor revealed that only someone of his bloodline would be able to ascend the throne as agreed by all of the Five Kingdoms. A condition that only those of Xuan Yuan blood are aware of. This has made Qi Zhen turn his attention to Xuan Yuan Min as a pawn in his quest for power. 
 photo vlcsnap-00083.jpg

Returning to Xuanyuan Sect, Fu Yao is shown being punished by having to wash all the clothes, only to have Xiao Qi run by panicked about Xiao Bai for whom the only cure is a flower found on Forbidden Peak. Fu Yao runs off in search of the flower only to meet the mysterious Crown Prince. The two fight for the flower in the pond, eliciting some rather… close encounters. Fu Yao uses the Prince as a means to escape the binding vines found in the lake only to be conned into falling back in while setting him free.  
 photo vlcsnap-00086.jpg

The Tian Dou Competition that occurs every eight years is set to begin with the presence of Qi Zhen and Xuan Yuan Min. Pei Yuan is shown to have a family connection with Qi Zhen.
 photo vlcsnap-00092.jpg

The fake Xuan Yuan Min, Zhang Sun Wu Ji, meets with Zong Yue and hands him the flower after being mocked for being so dirty. Wu Ji swallows the flower pill before discussing his meeting with the interesting girl.
 photo vlcsnap-00098.jpg

Meanwhile Fu Yao is being interrogated by Uncle Zhou about her appearance and whereabouts. She is hurriedly sent off to serve in the main hall where the attention Xuan Yuan Min gives her causes Pei Yuan to bring it to the attention of all in attendance, especially Yan Jing Chen.
 photo vlcsnap-00100.jpg

Xuan Yuan Min, being his lovely self, causes Fu Yao to pour wine all over him. He makes her follow him to help change his clothes. She demands he return the flower to which he replies that he already ate it, stirring her to begin sparring with him. They are caught in a compromising position by Yun Hen whom the Prince sent to get a change of clothes.
 photo vlcsnap-00104.jpg

When Fu Yao returns to the village, Xiao Qi advises her that Xiao Bai is very ill. But then Uncle Zhou arrives with some medicine that has just been delivered to him by Xuan Yuan Min. Zong Yue and Xuan Yuan Min takes a walk in the forest where Zong Yue scolds him for giving away such precious medication that was meant for him to use at the last moment in order to save his life. Now even Zong Yue is curious as to who this girl that has captured the attention of our Prince is, to which he answers, “I am also curious.”
 photo vlcsnap-00105.jpg

Fu Yao is informed by Uncle Zhou that senior elder brother and Pei Yuan were betrothed at the banquet today and earnestly advises her to move on; they are not people on the same path. In her love-addled state, she hurries to confirm this with senior elder brother only to be stopped and criticised by another senior brother for her unseemly ways. She then witnesses Pei Yuan and Jing Chen walking amongst the cherry blossoms where Pei Yuan wants to talk wedding, but Jing Chen wants to take things slow. Not hearing their conversation, Fu Yao takes this as confirmation of their relationship. When Jing Chen sees her, she runs away.
 photo vlcsnap-00106.jpg

Fu Yao runs off crying only to bump into Xuan Yuan Min who is derisive of her thinking that senior elder brother would follow after her. He then states that there needs to be an appropriate end to the morning’s situation, of which she assumes is death. Before anything else is said, both are forced to flee by the appearance of a beast, the Iron Buffalo. Xuan Yuan Min grabs her hand as they run and pushes her out of the path of the beast. Attracting its attention, he leads it away from Fu Yao. However, he isn’t able to get away quick enough and is hit by its tail. As the beast is about to attack him, Fu Yao then makes noise to get it’s attention and save him.
 photo vlcsnap-00117.jpg

Ep. 03

Starting where the last episode left off, Fu Yao attracts the beast, causing it to chase after her. After struggling with it for a while and being flung to the ground, Xuan Yuan Min swings by and punches the beast at its vitality point, causing it to fall to the ground and pass out.  He tells Fu Yao to leave quickly as it’s likely someone will come looking for it soon. Surprisingly he has dropped the will to kill her, warning her that, as a smart person, she should know when to not let words slip.  

Fu Yao sits alone reminiscing her moments with Jing Chen who soon approaches her from behind.  He tells her that she made a major mistake yesterday, knowing that he had already promised to marry Pei Yuan. He assures her that although he’s marrying Pei Yuan, his heart towards her has not changed. In the future, after he has developed a stable holding, he’ll make her his concubine. (Wow, he really thought she’d just be thrilled with that bit of news… smh)
However, Fu Yao informs him that being his concubine was never something she wanted. She wants a life where she’s not controlled by others, where she can work to obtain the things she wants. She knows liking someone is something you have to do wholeheartedly and cannot share.
 photo vlcsnap-00131.jpg

Having been informed by her servant of the meeting between the pair, Pei Yuan watches as Jing Chen pulls Fu Yao into a hug, confessing his love. But regardless, that’s not the life that Fu Yao wants, so she runs off after promising to never disturb him again. Pei Yuan takes her jealousy out on her servant by choking her with her whip as she vows that she won’t spare Fu Yao and she’ll make sure her life is worse than death.
 photo vlcsnap-00044.jpg

At night someone dressed in black cuts Fu Yao’s finger in her sleep. The next morning numerous disciples gather, exclaiming their displeasure of the new entry in the competition: Fu Yao’s. Jing Chen approaches her to voice his concerns with Fu Yao confused and denying she did anything. The process to enter the competition requires a person to prick their finger and stamp it on the entry form so he refuses to believe she didn’t do it. The two end up in a quarrel with Fu Yao storming off.  
 photo vlcsnap-00046.jpg

Pei Yuan visits their master to talk about Fu Yao’s entry.  Pei Yuan wants Fu Yao dead, but she doesn’t want Jing Chen to think she’s petty. Pei Yuan requests that the Sect Leader allows Fu Yao to enter the competition as she’s likely to die in the first round with her limited martial arts. The Sect Leader allows it. Jing Chen rushes in just after they’ve finished their conversation to request that he strip Fu Yao of the ability to enroll. Angered, his father claims that he does not have that ability and reminds Jing Chen of the political importance and advantage of his marriage to Pei Yuan. He further warns Jing Chen to not betray the hopes he has for him.  
 photo vlcsnap-00135.jpg

Xiao Qi rushes to Fu Yao, asking if she’s crazy and seeking death. Uncle Zhou interrupts them and tells Fu Yao to come drink with him. Although she does not want to, she hesitantly follows upon his insistence. As the two drink, he tells her that this was the wine he had saved with plans to drink it on her 18th birthday. She reminds him that she doesn’t have a birthday because he found her abandoned and no one knows when she was born.
 photo vlcsnap-00139.jpg

The mood dips as he tells her with sorrow to leave and never return. He’s prepared a carriage for her the day after, telling her to go and get ready. But, knowing that her departure will bring trouble upon the division, she refuses to leave. She asks him “Didn’t you always want me to accept my fate? If this is my fate, then I’ll accept it.”  He responds by shouting that he doesn’t want her to accept this fate. Tears well up in her eyes as she tells him she never wants to drink with him again and walks off, claiming she’s going to catch crickets.  

Xuan Yuan Min stares at the moon and thinks about Fu Yao while Fu Yao sits on top of the mountain, thinking. Jing Chen arrives and tells her she needs to get her rest. He apologizes for being a jerk and tells her that he’ll keep her safe during the Tian Dou Competition, but she is resigned to her fate and would rather be alone.

All the disciples gather on the day of the Tian Dou Competition. Xuan Yuan Min,though, looks very bored by the whole thing.
 photo vlcsnap-00141.jpg

The participants gather in a cave where the first sacred beast has been held captive. They are told to break into two teams and that the team which captures the beast and seals it with one of two spiritual forces will get to continue in the competition. When they break into teams, no one wants Fu Yao, but Jing Chen eventually pulls her in to join his team.
 photo vlcsnap-00054_1.jpg

Outside, Qi Zhen and the Chief discuss the competition while the very bored Xuan Yuan Min is more focused on the fruit he’s eating, much to Qi Zhen’s disdain.

As they go into the cave, the beast attacks. It turns out to be the same beast that Fu Yao and Xuan Yuan Min had fought before, the Iron Buffalo. (Hmmm, wonder if he knew all along…). The disciples try to fight it, but end up getting stomped on or hit with rocks that fall from the ceiling due to the beast’s heavy steps.

The Chief sees some of the wounded disciples coming out and is happy to hear that they are not from Jing Chen’s team.

Though Fu Yao tries to tell him that she knows how to fight the animal, Jing Chen drags her to safety and then he and Pei Yuan succeed in putting a collar around it, but the beast is not subdued. As it’s about to attack Jing Chen, Fu Yao starts making noises and attracts the beast away. She tries to do the same move that Xuan Yuan Min did and fails when the beast turns its head at the last minute. She then attempts to make the move again and… end of episode.
 photo vlcsnap-00142.jpg

==================================== Ep 04 ==============================================

The episode starts again with Fu Yao’s failed attempt at subduing the Iron Buffalo. She tries again, but Jing Chen, not realising what she is trying to do, knocks her out of the way. He then tries to attack the beast, but Fu Yao stomps over his shoulder and, as the other remaining disciples appear to watch, succeeds this time in hitting the beast right where Xuan Yuan Minhad before. The disciples watch in shock as the beast collapses.

Cut to outside where everyone is waiting to see which team wins and the very bored Prince is still chomping away. The Chief sees his son exiting with Pei Yuan and is proud, but then pride turns to shock when he sees Fu Yao riding the beast she’s tamed.
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.05.20 pm.png

The Prince enthuses about all the great hidden talents they have. (You just know when no one’s looking, he’s going to have that smart alec smirk going on.)

The other slaves celebrate Fu Yao’s win, but Uncle Zhou is worried. He warns Fu Yao that even though she passed the first round, she’s also put herself in danger. He makes it clear that the Chief will not be pleased and will be looking to pay her back for making their Sect look bad. 
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.09.50 pm.png

Pei Yuan is trying to tend to Jing Chen’s wounds when his father arrives. When asked about the wounds, Pei Yuan blames Fu Yao for distracting him and causing him to be hurt and also for taking credit for defeating the Iron Buffalo. The Chief announces that Fu Yao is no longer allowed in Xuanyuan Division and will be arrested if caught.
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.10.28 pm.png

By herself out in the woods, Fu Yao sees a fat mouse (Aww fat? He was just a wee bit chubby) run up to her. She tries to befriend it, but it runs away and onto the shoulder of the faux Prince who is watching her. He gives her medicine that will treat the poisoned wound from the Iron Buffalo’s claws. Some flirting commences with the mouse playing the jealous Tinkerbell before the Prince leaves, smirking to himself as usual. As Fu Yao demands to know who he really is, he promises that she’ll know when he takes off his mask.
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.13.07 pm.png

While Fu Yao is doing laundry, one of the disciples brings some of Jing Chen’s bloodied clothes for her to wash. Concerned to hear that his wounds won’t heal, she sneaks up to see him, despite being warned she’s not allowed. Jing Chen is happy to see her, but she only wants to give him the medicine and say goodbye.
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.20.40 pm.png

As she is leaving, she is arrested as it turns out the disciple had been paid by Pei Yuan to tell Fu Yao about Jing Chen’s wounds. As she is brought before the Chief, he accuses her of theft and asks her where she got the medicine, but she won’t say. As a punishment he sends her to the Realm of Nothingness, saying that if she was being truthful, she’ll be able to escape.
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.22.15 pm.png

In front of the entrance to the Realm of Nothingness, Pei Yuan is gloating as she hears from the others that no one has ever gotten out alive. They tell her she’ll know when Fu Yao is dead whena black force of energy rises out of it, so she decides to wait and watch. Inside Fu Yao finds herself in a frozen cave and is quickly impaled against the wall with two icicles where she is then covered with ice.
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.23.43 pm.png

But then Xuan Yuan Min appears and thaws her out (seriously, who is this guy, it’s killing me!). He is surprised to find that she hasn’t yet died and gets her out of the cave. Pei Yuan is angry when another disciple arrives to tell her that Fu Yao has been found alive in the woods and has made it out of the Realm.
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.24.21 pm.png

Back at Xuanyou Division, Uncle Zhou and Xiao Qi tend to Fu Yao. Jing Chen, hiding outside, is happy to hear she is alive. Uncle Zhou assures Fu Yao that since she made it out, the Chief can not punish her further. Fu Yao is determined to continue with the Tian Dou Competition and Uncle Zhou says he won’t try to talk her out of it. But when outside, it’s clear that he knows a little more than he’s been letting on. He raises his staff and vows that “Since this is her destiny, she should go down her destined path.

The disciples gather to hear instructions for the next round which begins with a scroll being thrown into the cauldron and then a bunch of smoke rises. The participants have to group up in pairs and any who have not found themselves a partner will be paired up randomly when the round begins.

In the temple, Pei Yuan kneels before the altar of the Grand Mentor and vows to help Jing Chen through the next round. Jing Chen is obviously not happy to pair up with her, but he knows he can’t do anything about it. That night as Fu Yao sleeps, Xuan Yuan Min thinks about her and how she is doomed in the next round.

The next morning as Fu Yao heads out, Uncle Zhou gives her his staff, a stove poker, to take with her in the next round.
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.28.41 pm.png

As the participants gather, the disciples make fun of her for bringing a stove poker. One of the senior members of the Sect informs the Chief that they have arranged to pair Fu Yao up with someone named A-Chen, but that he will desert her during the round so that she’ll lose. Jing Chen tries to talk her out of participating, but she refuses his help.

Back at the Sect headquarters, the maids enter the Prince’s chambers and find that he’s missing. They call for the guards who decide to look for him first rather than tell Qi Zhen, just in case the Prince is out having fun somewhere.

Among the people watching is the (really smoking hot) Divine Physician. Then there’s a long explanation about this Sect treasure, the Projector, that will allow everyone to see the entire mountain and the competition as the participants get through it. There’s a big red candle with dragon heads that will blow out the colour of the winning teams so that they will know who won. (But if you can watch them in that one artefact, why do you need the candle to tell you who won?)

The rules of the round are that once the candle is lit, the participants have to jump onto the fan blades in the light that matches the color of their team and then fight the other team to pull out a bead from the top of the fans. (Ok, not super obvious what light they are talking about when you watch it, but just go with it.) They have to work in pairs to succeed and must make it back to the destination with the bead before the Dragon Incense burns out.

As the round starts, Fu Yao is alone trying to fight another team. Just before she is defeated, Xuan Yuan Min shows up on the back of a bird, knocks off the other team and helps her up to the top of the fan. (But wait a sec, won’t everyone see and know he helped?) Fu Yao asks him what he’s doing here and why he’s helping her, but he tells her that she just needs to remember that he’s the one who saved her life. And then the episode ends…
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.32.36 pm.png

Ep. 05

The episode starts off where episode 4 ended with Fu Yao and Xuan Yuan Min on the fan blades. Just as he tells Fu Yao to remember that she will have to pay him back later, their adversaries appear and accuse Fu Yao of cheating by bringing a stranger in to help her and the fighting begins. (Won’t they tell everyone the Prince was there?)

In the meantime, Pei Yuan and Jing Chen are fighting their opponents. Pei Yuan has no qualms about killing off the competition which shocks Jing Chen since they are fellow disciples. He wants to treat others fairly, but Pei Yuan reminds him that being nice will only put him at risk. They get their umbrella and ride it down.

Everyone continues to watch as one flame after another announces yet another winning pair. The Chief is happy to see his son has succeeded. Pei Yuan and Jing Chen arrive and Pei Yuan hands the bead from the umbrella to Jing Chen to turn in. 
 photo vlcsnap-00150.jpg

Fu Yao almost gets knocked off the fan blade, but Xuan Yuan Min catches her and then they defeat the other team and take the umbrella down. Of course, right in the midst of what could be a really romantic ride down, a strong wind comes and tears apart the umbrella and suddenly they are falling. The spectators see a black cloud come out and go back into the Dragon candle and are surprised.

As they fall Xuan Yuan Min asks Fu Yao if she can swim. “A little.” He tosses her into the water as he hits the side of a cliff and suddenly Fu Yao is sinking in the water as the fire poker from Uncle Zhou suddenly dives down. Suddenly she is no longer in the water, but a strange cave and the poker staff has changed into some other item that acts as a key in a giant stone seal. Fu Yao lands on the seal and wakes up to find four watery-shaped soldiers appear and a watery sword in her hand.
 photo vlcsnap-00162.jpg

Everyone back on the mountain is waiting for the final team to appear. (More over the shoulder glances from hotty physician… Yes, please!) The Dragon incense is about to burn out, signaling the end of the second round. We learn that if the final team has gotten the bead, but doesn’t appear before them, that their fate will be determined by the Projector. Jing Chen is worried as he knows Fu Yao is missing.

Fu Yao finds herself trying to battle the watery soldiers, but they just go through her like… water. She passes out and back in the Illusion Hall that we last saw near the start of episode 1, a cloud of black smoke rises and the Lady of the Illusion Hall, Fei Yan, appears to announce that the girl with the five coloured pebble has appeared and that the Grand Mentor eventually will get control of the Five Kingdoms.

A whirlpool appears in the river. It is announced that the incense has burned out and the Chief announces the end of the second round, ignoring Jing Chen’s question about Fu Yao’s fate. The spectators see a strange dragon formation in the clouds and wonder what it could mean. The Chief explains that it’s it signifies the proximity of ‘a true dragon’ (Dragons are a symbolism of the emperor), but the heir apparent is not close by.  The Chief further adds that since it has appeared then the true dragon should be on the left.  It just happens that Qi Zhen is standing to the Chief’s left. (I think Qi Zhen reads this as an omen that he is the heir apparent.)
 photo vlcsnap-00169.jpg

In the temple, the Chief chastises Jing Chen for letting Pei Yuan carry the bead rather than him and warns him that though they are engaged, anything could happen before the actual wedding and he shouldn’t put himself at risk. He urges his son to think of his own interests first. Jing Chen again asks about Fu Yao and his father gets angry that he’s still thinking of her. He tells Jing Chen that she still has not been found, but they know that she fell during the competition. Before Jing Chen can run off to find her, his father warns him that if he doesn’t stop thinking about her, he won’t hesitate to punish either one of them.

Back at Xuanyou Division, Fu Yao is in bed and being tended to by Doctor Zong (lucky girl). Uncle Zhou keeps bugging him until finally, the doctor tells him to leave. Fu Yao is dreaming about being in the cave and fighting when she suddenly awakens with no memory of how she got back. She asks what happened, but the doctor can only tell her that physically she’ll heal quickly. Jing Chen, hiding outside again, is happy to find that she’s alive. Back at the Xuanyuan Sect, disciples report to the Chief that Fu Yao was found in a deep pool in the valley and that Doctor Zong has checked her out. He asks who sent the doctor, but they don’t know. As Fu Yao sleeps, she dreams of competing with Xuan Yuan Min
 photo vlcsnap-00170.jpg

The next day Qi Zhen is asking the Prince why he didn’t attend the competition and he says he was hunting crickets at the back of the mountain. (Isn’t it strange how the excuses are always catching crickets?) Qi Zhen is trying to instil the importance of the Prince’s role, but he is too busy playing with a ladybug and not paying attention. After he chastises the Prince, the Prince tells him a parable as a way to say that he has no great ambition and will rely on Qi Zhen to advise him.

Fu Yao arrives demanding to see the Prince and everyone is shocked by her impudence. After she finally remembers her place and bows, the Prince starts flirting with her. Qi Zhen excuses himself and, outside, asks Yun Hen if that slave is the girl he said the Prince liked. He tells Yun Hen to keep an eye on them to make sure it’s not a trick. 
 photo vlcsnap-00172.jpg

After Qi Zhen leaves, Fu Yao starts asking Xuan Yuan Min if he helped her in the competition. Aware that Yun Hen is listening in, Xuan Yuan Mindenies helping her and declares she must be brain damaged. He tries to get her to quiet down, but she keeps yelling out that she’s being molested. He warns her that everyone saw her barge in there demanding to see him. They won’t believe that she didn’t throw herself at him and that if she doesn’t play along, she might have to accompany him forever. When she threatens to tell Qi Zhen that he’s not the real Prince, he doesn’t believe her since she already once gave up the opportunity to reveal him and save herself.

Jing Chen watches his father erase the names of the disciples who died in the competition. He is surprised and asks why. His father informs him that they only want to remember the winners, not the losers, or it would be an insult to their ancestors. He reminds his son that showing mercy to others will only lead to poisoning himself and that he needs to put more effort into the next round. He reminds Jing Chen that Qi Zhen is ruthless and that the Prince is probably not as hopeless as he appears. He needs to be very careful and avoid all distractions, including Fu Yao.

At the doctor’s house, the Prince arrives to play a game of Go. He asks the doctor what medicine he gave Fu Yao to make her forget, but the doctor says he had nothing to do with it. He wonders if Xuan Yuan Min has fallen for Fu Yao. He offers to give him a drug to give to Fu Yao to make her forget all about him so she doesn’t ruin his plans, but he refuses.
 photo vlcsnap-00178.jpg

In her dreams, Fu Yao is back in the cave fighting. In the daytime she finds herself waking up in strange locations, not knowing how she got there. Xiao Qi comments on how she’s been really tired lately. Fu Yao wonders if someone is playing tricks on her and wonders why she wakes up so sore every morning. Xiao Qi promises to guard over her as she sleeps and beat up anyone who comes to get her, but the incidents continue. Disciples at the Xuanyuan Sect gossip about her strange sleeping habits. The Prince overhears and is intrigued.

The next night Xiao Qi ties Fu Yao to the bed, locks the door and closes the window, but after another night of dreams, she wakes up in the forest in the middle of a rainstorm with a sword in her hand. She sees more of the water soldiers and starts to fight them.
 photo vlcsnap-00187.jpg

The Prince, walking in the rain, sees her seemingly practicing on her own and is amused at first, but then realises something isn’t right. Rushing over to her, he hits some of her pressure points and she collapses. When he asks her what she was doing, she can only say, “Someone keeps coming for me. He keeps forcing me to learn martial arts.” before passing out.
 photo vlcsnap-00190.jpg

The Chief has been called to the temple. One of the beads from the last round of the competition is missing. When they look at the Projector, they see that the bead is in the Xuanyou Division.

Ep. 06

In Xuanyou Division, Uncle Zhou is cooking chicken soup. While he is tending to the fire, Fu Yao sneaks in for a taste, but he tells her that he made the soup especially for her and there’s no need to sneak around. As she eats, he asks her if she’s still waking up in strange places and she tells him all the places she’s shown up at, including the Grand Mentor’s hall. He asks her about her dreams and, as she describes them, he mumbles that “it really must be true.” He asks her where the fire poker staff that he gave her is and she tells him about how she fell in the water and it turned into something else, but she thinks it must have been a dream. Uncle Zhou says she’s talking nonsense and sends her to do chores before she finishes eating.
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 10.38.49 pm.png

Just then the Chief, with other members of the Sect, arrives to accuse Fu Yao of stealing the bead. At first, she insists she doesn’t have it, but after searching in her pockets, she finds it. Before the Sect can arrest her though, she says that she must have it because she attained it in the competition, which means she can go to the final round. The Chief, certain she won’t survive, says that she can participate if she insists, much to Uncle Zhou’s dismay.

The Prince is talking to his mouse buddy who gives him the news. Apparently, Mr. Mouse also runs errands for the Prince. He wonders how Fu Yao will manage to survive the next round.
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 10.41.45 pm.png

The next morning Fu Yao kowtows in front of Uncle Zhou’s house since he will not come out, and the other slaves are crying, certain they will never see her again. After a final goodbye, she heads out for the third round of the competition.

On the top of the mountain, everyone gathers for the third round. We don’t see the actual competition, but learn that all the contestants have to go through a realm of illusion and the two survivors will fight each other to determine the winner. Fu Yao and Jing Chen end up being the finalists. (Cute moment with Uncle Zhou giving Fu Yao a thumbs up for being a finalist.) Jing Chen is shocked to see her and asks how she can be so lucky all of the time to which she replies, “You’re right. No one can always be so lucky. But no one can be unlucky forever.” Jing Chen tells Fu Yao that she is no match for him and that he doesn’t want to hurt her. If she will just give up, she’ll be saved, but she refuses because she wants closure. (Translation: I’m going to teach you a lesson for trying to make me a stupid concubine, you jerk.)
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 10.46.36 pm.png

Pei Yuan, hoping to stop the fight and expel Fu Yao, tells the Chief that Fu Yao has secretly been learning some demonic martial arts. The Chief lets the fight proceed anyway. Jing Chen vows not to show any mercy as does Fu Yao. Their fight is mixed with memories of when they used to practice together, but despite his experience, Jing Chen is not able to defeat Fu Yao, much to everyone’s surprise. She even manages to take his sword from him. But then she concedes the fight to him and walks away.

The spectators are disappointed in the fight as they feel like it was just a setup. The Prince even encourages them to have another round. Pei Yuan can’t leave well enough alone and taunts Fu Yao for being an orphan and a slave. She accuses her of using demonic powers to win all the rounds and tempting Jing Chen. When she asks Jing Chen to confirm, he agrees, much to Fu Yao’s anger. She quickly returns to the fight and beats his sorry ass using all the skills she’s been learning in her sleep. The Chief recognises her moves as being part of the Sect’s lost martial arts, the Ninth Heaven Breach, and knocks her out. He tells the crowd that she has stolen this training and that in the hands of someone evil it can be extremely disastrous so he needs to seal her powers for everyone’s safety.
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 10.53.48 pm.png

Fu Yao wakes up in a dungeon with her hands chained (not sure why they wasted money on CGI chains here) and an energy field keeping her in place. The Chief enters the dungeon and demands to know where the manual for the Ninth Heaven Breach is located, but she has no idea where it is. He demands to know who taught her and she insists that she didn’t learn from anyone. He tells her she’ll remain there until she turns it over.

Jing Chen hasn’t eaten for three days. His father slaps him for being a sissy and a loser, then has him come to the temple. He prays to the ancestors. Now that the Ninth Heaven Breach manual is back on Mount Xuanyuan, he can finally accomplish their goal of restoring their Sect to its former glory and once again reign over the five kingdoms. Then he shows Jing Chen a hidden chamber; a location which is only shared between chiefs.
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 10.54.45 pm 1.png

Uncle Zhou comes to the dungeon bearing snacks for the guards. He has been sent to talk Fu Yao into telling him where the manual is. As he goes to see Fu Yao, the guards pass out from the hypnotic powder he uses. Fu Yao is surprised to discover that he has the power to get rid of the force field around her. He is concerned that she is injured, but she wants to know what is going on. He explains that he’d hoped that maybe he could get her to just be a regular slave and avoid this destiny, but that there’s no use in fighting fate. He confirms that her dreams were actually her learning the Ninth Heaven Breach.

Back in the hidden chamber, the Chief explains that the Ninth Heaven Breach is a special magical martial arts that attaches itself like an aura to a person. When Jing Chen asks if it’s recorded on any scroll, the Chief opens up another room full of statues in various poses. And credits…
 photo Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 10.56.27 pm.png

Ep. 07

The Chief is showing the statues of the various Ninth Heaven Breach poses to Jing Chen which he recognises from Fu Yao’s moves. As the Chief explains the history of the Sect, Uncle Zhou is also explaining it to Fu Yao. The founder of the Xuanyuan Sect happened to get a hold of some pages of the Ninth Heaven Breach and it became the foundation upon which the Sect was built. Years later the pages were lost and never found again.

Hearing people approach, Uncle Zhou takes Fu Yao out through a secret passage. They run and make it past one door before it closes, but as a gate comes down, though Fu Yao gets through, Uncle Zhou ends up being crushed. Uncle Zhou tells her “You were never born to be ordinary.” and about the spell that was placed on her. He quickly gives her the five coloured stone and tells her it was found on her when she was abandoned. She now needs to use the stone to find a place where spiritual essence gathers so that the spell can be lifted. Fu Yao refuses to leave him and stays with him as he tells her how proud he is of her before he dies. As she cries, disciples of the Sect surround her.
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Back in Taiyuan Kingdom, an official gets some news and demands to see the Emperor. He informs him that the city is about to be flooded and begs him to take care of his health so that he can save the city. Rain pours down over the city.
 photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Back at Mount Xuanyuan, Qi Zhen is practicing archery as the fake Prince watches. When a messenger arrives, the Prince wants to know if it’s time to return, but Qi Zhen instead sends him back to his quarters. After he’s gone, Qi Zhen asks Yun Hen if he’s heard from Lady Fei Yan. He replies he has not. Yun Hen wonders why he is risking the capital. Qi Zhen makes it clear he doesn’t care what happens to those in the capital as long as he can become King of Taiyuan. Yun Hen seems dismayed by the news, but not willing to risk his status.

Jing Chen reluctantly goes to see Fu Yao. He’s been tasked by his father to give her a soul splitting powder which will make her tell him anything for two hours so that he can get the secret of the Ninth Heaven Breach, but then it’ll kill her. His father also destroys the statues that record all the movements as they are no longer of use to him. Fu Yao wakes up back in her cell after dreaming of Uncle Zhou’s death. Some of the disciples enter her cell as she mourns him. 
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

On a cliff the doctor is talking to the fake Prince who we find out is really Crown Prince Wu Ji from the Tianquan Kingdom. His job is to pacify the unrest in Taiyuan Kingdom without going to war. Doctor Zong is concerned that the Prince is not taking his role seriously enough, but Zhang Sun Wu Ji is aware of the significance of what Qi Zhen is doing. They are sure he is looking for Lady Fei Yan to gain the ability to manipulate water so that he can take over Taiyuan Kingdom. She resides in Illusion Hall which can appear in any location in the right circumstances, so they are sure it could appear at Mount Xuanyuan. We also find out that the doctor is actually part of the Xuanyuan royal family, but has cut all ties with them.

 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg
 photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

When Jing Chen arrives at Fu Yao’s cell, she is gone and he is happy, thinking she has escaped. But really she’s near a cliff, lead there by Pei Yuan and some of her friends. Pei Yuan wants her dead and has risked the Chief’s anger to get her out of her cell. Back at Xuanyuan Division, Yun Hen reports to Qi Zhen that they have finally heard from Lady Fei Yan and he is very pleased.

To get Fu Yao to jump off the cliff on her own and keep her hands clean, Pei Yuan threatens the life of her friend Xiao Qi. After Fu Yao gets her to promise not to hurt Xiao Qi or any of the Xuanyou residents, she jumps.  Since Pei Yuan doesn’t believe a dead person can extract revenge she pushes Xiao Qi off the cliff as well. She also brags that she’s booby trapped the cliff so that there’s no way Fu Yao can use any of her tricks to survive.

But Prince Wu Ji arrives to save the day, catching her as she falls and helps her save Xiao Qi.
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Qi Zhen and Yun Hen are waiting by a river for the Illusion Hall to appear. Yun Hen confirms that the area is surrounded by checkpoints so that no one can intrude. As the sun sets, smoke appears and turns into the hall. Lady Fei Yan asks what he desires and why. Qi Zhen tells her he wants the power to manipulate water so that he can take the throne. She tells him that he will have to lose something to gain something (oh, please let it be Pei Yuan) and that if he gets the Englobement Bell and uses it with the blood of a Xuan Yuan heir during the red moon, he will get the power to manipulate water.
 photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

At Doctor Zong’s house, Wu Ji watches over a sleeping Fu Yao and comments on how vicious the Sect is for going after her. The doctor, though, thinks he’s just a softy.
 photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Pei Yuan is pissed. None of the disciples can find Fu Yao or Xiao Qi. As she yells at them, the Chief arrives. He sends them to keep searching and then chastises Pei Yuan for being impatient and ruining his plans. She tells him that he doesn’t need the Ninth Heaven Breach because he has her family connections, but he tells her that power fades and luck changes. What matters are abilities and being able to depend on oneself. He also warns her not to mess with Fu Yao again and to stay out of the Sect’s matters. Pei Yuan storms off and ends up taking out her frustrations on her maid.

Fu Yao is bathing in a tub inside. Outside, the Doctor is giving her instructions on which acupoints to activate and then throws acupuncture needles at her back through a window. (So, I’m guessing he doesn’t like girl cooties?) Fu Yao later asks him where Xiao Qi is and is told he is safe and recuperating. She thanks the doctor for helping her and Xiao Qi, but he makes it clear that he’s only doing it because the Prince asked him to and that he’s more concerned about him.
 photo vlcsnap-00034.jpg

Qi Zhen asks Yun Hen to deliver a letter to the King of Tiansha Kingdom asking to borrow their national treasure, the Englobement Bell. He has promised the King something he wishes for in return. He also tells Yun Hen to arrest the Prince so they can keep him locked up until the red moon to keep their plans from going south.

In his quarters, Zhang Sun Wu Ji is asleep when a figure comes into his room. Suddenly the Prince is awake and, with super speed, is able to come up behind the figure who then kneels. It turns out this is Jiang Feng, a Shadow Guard. He has been keeping an eye on things and witnessed Qi Zhen’s meeting with Lady Fei Yan and has also seen that guards are coming for the Prince. Zhang Sun Wu Ji tells him to stick with their plan and Jiang Feng leaves out the window.
 photo vlcsnap-00040.jpg

Qi Zhen’s guards appear and surround the Prince’s chambers as the Chief and Jing Chen witness from a distance. Yun Hen knocks on the door, but gets no answer. When they go inside, they find the place empty and the window open. A guard reports that a carriage was seen leaving. As the guards go to follow it, the Chief tells Jing Chen that they will pretend that they didn’t see anything as they have already chosen to be on Qi Zhen’s side. Once the guards leave, the Prince drops down from his hiding place in the ceiling.
 photo vlcsnap-00042.jpg

Ep. 08

In Xuanyou Division, Qi Zhen’s guards are searching for the Prince to no avail. Yun Hen and Qi Zhen meet in the woods. The carriage was a ruse and they think the Prince has not left. The only place left to check is Doctor Zong’s, so they head there.

The doctor is tending to his various herbs as the guards arrive. Qi Zhen asks him about the Prince, but the doctor says they are not well acquainted and asks why he would be at his house. Guards are sent to search the house and grounds as Zhang Sun Wu Ji and Fu Yao watch from their hiding place in the trees. While waiting on the guards, Qi Zhen touches a poisonous herb. The doctor quickly slices Qi Zhen’s finger to drain out the poisoned blood.
 photo vlcsnap-00057.jpg

He also advises them that he’s been working on a deadly poison and that the fragrance they smell is that poison. Suddenly a guard falls ill and then another passes out. The doctor says that if someone had been hiding here, they would have died by now from the poison. He adds they are welcome to continue searching. Qi Zhen decides there’s no point in staying further and they leave.

Safe from the guards, Fu Yao asks if the scent truly is poisonous, but the doctor walks off without answering. The Prince tells her that the smell is osmanthus and not poisonous at all, but to people with evil intent, they will believe it is.

Inside the house after the doctor has tended to Fu Yao’s wounds, the Prince tells her she’s lucky he’s here because the doctor will not dress the wounds of female patients. She’d be disabled if it weren’t for him, he says, but the doctor calls him out. The Prince still insists that Fu Yao remember she owes him. She asks what he wants and at first he says the Ninth Heaven Breach, but he’s actually joking. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, he says and because Yan Lie wants her dead, he wants to keep her alive. Much to Fu Yao’s chagrin, he starts to get all flirty again. After pushing him away, she asks him for another favour, but he’s already figured out she wants; revenge on Pei Yuan. He tells her that he has an escape plan and if she can return from her errand soon enough, he will take her with him. Otherwise, she’ll be on her own.
 photo vlcsnap-00061.jpg

Jing Chen is gazing at the window when Pei Yuan comes to bring him food. She senses he’s angry and asks if he is mad at her. He sarcastically says he wouldn’t dare blame her for anything. He tells her to leave, but she can’t let it go. She asks if he blames her for Fu Yao’s disappearance and he asks what she knows. She tells him that Fu Yao jumped off the cliff in shame. When he asks how Fu Yao is doing, she tells him it would be better to think of her as dead. As he is distraught, Pei Yuan decides to bring up wedding plans which only makes him mad and more sarcastic. She then asks if he ever liked her (girl, if you have to ask, you already know the answer), but he just tells her to leave. After she leaves, Jing Chen cries.

Fu Yao visits Uncle Zhou’s grave near where he died to bring him offerings and share a jug of wine. As she talks to him and remembers him, she thinks she hears and sees him, but then he disappears and she is heartbroken.
 photo vlcsnap-00062.jpg

Rain pours down on the mountain and Pei Yuan is taking her frustration out on her maids. She ends up making them kneel in the rain and tells them not to come inside. As she enters her chambers, a drop of water from the ceiling alerts her to an intruder. Fu Yao drops from the ceiling and cuts Pei Yuan’s face. As they fight, Fu Yao tells Pei Yuan each slice and stab is payback for all her various schemes and slights. Outside the maids hear the commotion, but stay put out of spite.

Jing Chen goes to the Chief to ask for the engagement to be cancelled as Fu Yao and Pei Yuan fight. Pei Yuan suddenly cuts her hand and starts flinging blood around (gross) which acts like acid on whatever it touches. Fu Yao recognises it as the Force of Blood Sacrifice and is surprised the Chief taught her something so vicious. Their fight continues outside in the rain.
 photo vlcsnap-00064.jpg

Jing Chen tells his father that he’s realised what a horrible woman Pei Yuan is and that he doesn’t want to marry her. The Chief tells him it’s too late and they can’t afford to offend her family.

The maids watch as the two women continue fighting until finally Fu Yao is able to defeat her. Despite having an opportunity to kill her, she tells Pei Yuan that she’s the better person and will let her live because she doesn’t want to turn into her. As Fu Yao leaves, the two maids pick up Pei Yuan’s sword and (cue the “karma’s a bitch” clip) proceed to cut up their mistress’ face to pay her back for how she’s treated them.

Qi Zhen’s soldiers have been tracking the Prince, but lose his tracks in the rain. Qi Zhen advises Yun Hen that they should search the waterways. Fu Yao and the Prince meet up and, once they see the soldiers, jump into the water together. In the water, Fu Yao passes out so the Prince gives her the kiss of life (awwww).
 photo vlcsnap-00070.jpg

In the morning, a guard reports to Qi Zhen that something has happened to Pei Yuan. In her chambers she’s shrieking about her face. The Chief and Jing Chen arrive and the maid tells them that her injuries aren’t bad, but her face is badly damaged. Pei Yuan tells her uncle that it was Fu Yao’s doing and to go kill her, but Qi Zhen is more worried about the damage to the family’s reputation if people find out she was wounded by a slave girl. When she sees Jing Chen, she yells for him not to come near. The Chief and Qi Zhen go outside to discuss the matter further.

Jing Chen stays inside with Pei Yuan, but she wants him to leave. She yells about what Fu Yao did to her, but when he is happy to hear Fu Yao is still alive, she realises her mistake. She yells at him that he wishes Fu Yao had killed her and is laughing at her. She starts going a little cuckoo and offers to show him her scars, but he just holds her as she cries.

Outside the Chief apologises for the incident, but Qi Zhen is more concerned about how to spin it. Either he can tell people that the Sect was colluding to kill the heir apparent and his niece, or they can say it’s foreign officials and that Pei Yuan was hurt saving the Prince who ended up being kidnapped regardless. The Chief agrees to go with his story to protect the Sect’s reputation. He also confirms again that Jing Chen will still marry Pei Yuan.

By the riverside, Fu Yao is remembering the kiss of life in the water. She is sitting far from the Prince, but he tells her to come closer to the fire to warm up. She sits by him, but warns him she’s not as frail as she seems. She asks him if he did any strange things to her in the water and he plays dumb. Then he says he sees someone coming and, as she looks, he grabs her arm to give her some of his internal force to help her heal. When someone really approaches, she doesn’t believe him.  But Xiao Qi happily shouts from afar in new clothes and with some horses. They reunite happily.
 photo vlcsnap-00076.jpg

Overall Thoughts

IMOmusings: My favourite character by far is the mouse!

Iridescent: I, one hundred percent agree, the mouse is the cutest thing to exist in this drama. On another note, have you seen Ethan’s smirk? It’s pure evil, in the way that it makes me giddy with joy.

IMOmusings: Oh, you mean the one during the slap or when he’s spinning her around in his room or the one where he’s telling the servant that he came into the room too early~. Ethan is perfect for this role, playful but devilish!

Enid Bee: Is it a mouse? I thought it was a gerbil. But that’s just because of the animation I guess. They made him all chubby and cute. 🙂 I’m definitely liking Ethan switching between timid and inept prince to cunning, devious guy. He’s definitely sexier when he’s being a jerk. Overall there are parts of this series that reminded me of other series (Princess Agents, Castle in the Sky), but I’m hoping as the story goes along I’ll compare less and just enjoy. I’m definitely interested in the story so far and not just because I am eagerly awaiting Vengo Gao’s arrival. Just wish Dramafever was subbing a little faster so I wasn’t so far behind.

Episode 4 is my favorite now. The look on everyone’s faces when Fu Yao defeats the beast. I was expecting that they would find a way to give someone else credit as usually happens, so I was very happy when she got to ride out with that smug look on her face. Oh wait, spoke to soon. Of course Pei Yuan has to make it seem like she did nothing. Please tell me there’s an episode where she gets punched in the face.

IMOmusings: ehehhehe Pei Yuan gets smited soon enough! This series has the best opening episodes I’ve ever seen for one based on a female lead~

Iridescent: Pei Yuan definitely deserves more than just to be punched in the face. If this series doesn’t have a happy ending I’ll revolt. I’m way too absorbed in this romance already, although it’s a little cliche with how many times he has had to save her already. I’m currently down the route of skipping all the talking to see our OTP. I’ve heard that Fu Yao is very much like a Mary Sue character, but so far she’s shaped to be a little more than that, and I really hope it continues that way.

Enid Bee: I just have to say, I have a major crush on the doctor. The more Lai Yi pops up on different series, the more I’m wishing he’d get bumped up to lead (or at least second lead). Guess I’ll have to find Hi Flower for that.
But I am glad that in this series Yang Mi gets to play a woman who doesn’t get pushed around. Would have hated it if she had pined for Jing Chen or agreed to be a concubine. Also, loved the look on that maid’s face as she was cutting up Pei Yuan’s face. Whoever that actress is, I hope she get to play a lead bad girl in a series some day.

Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 9-16 Recaps

Ep. 09

At the end of episode 8, after giving her some of his internal force, Wu Ji tells Fu Yao that someone is indeed coming. That someone turns out to be Xiao Qi.

Fu Yao decides that she wants to go to Kunning, to which Xiao Qi happily agrees to go with her.  Although they’re going to the same place, Zhang Sun Wu Ji claims to have more matters to attend to on the way and that it’s not safe to travel with him. They decide to part ways. Fu Yao promises that when the opportunity arises, she will return the favour for helping them these past few days. He replies “You don’t have to worry. Even if you forget it, I’ll find you wanting it.” He reminds her the road she travels on will not be easy. They bid their farewells. (To confirm, my heart is definitely broken)

Fu Yao and Xiao Qi watch as he rides away, before they reminisce over the 12 years that she’s been at Xuanyuan mountain. There’s sadness in this parting, especially since Uncle Zhou cannot accompany them in discovering the rest of this vast world. They kowtow to Uncle Zhou, promising to be well. Xiao Qi tells Fu Yao that not only did Xuan Yuan Minleave them the horses, but he also left them a lot of money. Fu Yao reminds him that if you receive a favour from someone, someday they’ll definitely expect you to return it.
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Yun Hen receives a carrier message by eagle for Qi Zhen. It’s from Zhan Nan Cheng, ruler of Tiansha (my favorite second lead from Cinderella Chef!!). At first, he declines Qi Zhen’s request for the Englobement Bell because the royal court finds it highly inappropriate and the people of the kingdom won’t agree. But then he agrees to loan it for personal use in exchange for full control over Mount Changan. Qi Zhen is annoyed that Zhan Nan Cheng would take advantage, but he still intends to agree. Being king is more important than controlling Mount Changan. He then asks Yun Hen who is escorting the Englobement Bell.
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Cue the moment we ladies have all been waiting for… Vengo Gao… uh, I mean Prince Zhan Bei Ye setting out with his troops for Taiyuan. (cue the sighs, squeals and hormones of a million ladies.)

Qi Zhen tells Yun Hen to keep an eye out for Xuan Yuan Min. He is also concerned that the King must not die before Qi Zhen can get the power to manipulate water. He knows he needs someone else’s help.

At Zong Yue’s house, Pei Yuan’s servants are tearing things apart, angry that the doctor will not treat her. They are ashamed to see Qi Zhen arrive to witness them. He has them taken away to be caned and then talks to Zong Yue. The doctor thinks Qi Zhen is also angry that he won’t treat Pei Yuan, but Qi Zhen couldn’t care less. Zong Yue offers him some tea, but Qi Zhen is cautious until the doctor advises him that if he meant to poison him, he’d be dead by now.

Qi Zhen sucks up to the doctor and finally makes his desires clear. He wants the doctor to become a royal physician. At first the doctor seems not at all impressed by what Qi Zhen can offer him, but after hearing Qi Zhen’s sales pitch, he tells him he will go to the capital and serve him if he follows three rules:

  1. Don’t make him socialise.
  2. Let him pick all his servants himself.
  3. Understand that though he saves lives, he can also take them and should not be treated as some benevolent doctor.

Upon hearing the last one, Qi Zhen seems quite pleased. He assures the doctor that he’ll agree to any demand.
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Lady Fei Yan tells the Grand Mentor that once she can make Fu Yao her servant and have the five-tiered spell lifted, he’ll be able to achieve his goals.

Fu Yao and Xiao Qi are following the sunset through a bamboo forest. Xiao Qi is nervous and scared, but Fu Yao is bold. They hear strange noises and finally Fu Yao leaves Xiao Qi to investigate. In the bamboo woods she hears Lady Fei Yan’s voice asking her to be her servant. She sees images of Uncle Zhou, Jing Chen and Wu Ji, but recognises that they are not real. Then, just before the ground opens up and takes her, someone pulls her out of the woods. That someone ends up being Prince Zhan Bei Ye who has used his whip to pull her out of the forest. (OMG, Vengo Gao is so hot…
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Pei Yuan is in her quarters, now wearing a veil to cover her scars, when Jing Chen arrives. His father has sent him to check on her. She’s still hoping that maybe he might like her a little, but he’s all about obeying his dad. When Pei Yuan attempts to reveal her scars, he tells her not to rush into it. At first she thinks he is being caring and brings up all the wedding plans, but later realises he couldn’t care less, despite what her maid says. When he’s gone, she pulls off her veil in anger. (Ok. it’s really not as bad as I thought/hoped it would be. Seriously, with all the time the maids had, that was all they could muster? I thought it was going to be all Joker level mutilation.)

Prince Zhan Bei Ye is cleaning his sword. (Wow, does that sound like an euphemism or what?) Fu Yao and Xiao Qi camp out under a tree, a distance from the Prince and his soldiers. Xiao Qi explains to Fu Yao that he had gone after her in the woods, but she didn’t answer. He saw these soldiers and asked for their help. They told him there was a miasmic fog that causes illusions.

General Ji (Liu Qiu Shi) comes over to give them food. Fu Yao asks what their leader is here for, but the General tells them it’s secret and that they better not cause them any trouble. After he leaves, Xiao Qi shares some information from his youth. He thinks that the head of the troops is from the Tiansha Kingdom and that the thing on his belt is the Englobement Bell. Fu Yao doesn’t believe him since he came to Xuanyou Division so young and couldn’t possibly remember this stuff.

At Xuanyuan Manor, the Chief and Jing Chen are bidding farewell to the wedding guests. Tomorrow morning Jing Chen has to go with Pei Yuan to the capital for their wedding. His father reminds him that this is his duty. Then he asks if he still has the Soul Splitting Powder and tells him that, when the time is right, he should use it on Pei Yuan as she obviously is not to be trusted. Of course, Pei Yuan overhears all of this and is shaken. Jing Chen doesn’t like the idea of doing such a thing, even if he doesn’t like her, but his father tells him that if she dies, he must find a scapegoat. He will get a lot of sympathy and it will help give him more opportunities. (If Pei Yuan is so ashamed by her scar, why is she wearing such a transparent veil for her wedding?)
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Xiao Qi is snoring away. Fu Yao covers him up and then checks out the Prince, who is staring at a silver comb, before she goes to sleep. Bei Ye is thinking of when he was a child, he used to comb his mother’s hair with the same comb and sing to her. As he puts it away, he realises the Englobement Bell is gone.

Fu Yao is awaken by the Prince and his soldiers, who think she has stolen the Bell. She’s surprised to find that Xiao Qi was telling the truth and that he is also missing. The Prince advises that she will be in their custody until they find the Bell.

At a crossroad to Kunning, two of Qi Zhen’s soldiers stop to ask if anyone has seen Xuan Yuan Min. The owner of a tea house, Jiang Feng in disguise, tells them that he just saw a man matching their description riding towards the city. After they have gone, his customer, Wu Ji in disguise, chastises him for having an ugly moustache and almost blowing his cover. They worry that the King does not have much time to live. Jiang Feng has also heard that Qi Zhen is searching for a woman and Wu Ji wonders how Fu Yao is.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Fu Yao is bound and forced to walk after the Prince’s troops. They arrive at the edge of the city and get a messenger hawk (so cool!) telling them that someone has almost caught up to them. Concerned about being slowed down, the Prince pulls Fu Yao onto his horse and they head for the river. (Lucky girl!)

In the capital, the King is ill and the doctors can do nothing. They advise the servants and Minister Zhang He Nian as much. Minister Zhang He Nian is upset when he hears that Qi Zhen has returned to the capital, but has not yet visited the King. He’s even more upset when he hears that Qi Zhen is telling people that Minister Zhang has kidnapped the true heir to take control of the kingdom.

Ep. 10

A mystery person has come to Minister Zhang He Nian’s estate to pay him a visit. Dressed as a man, he (okay, we know it’s a girl, but just go with it) claims to be of royal Xuan Yuan descent, and therefore has the right to become ruler. His proof is his possession of the ability to manipulate water. As the minister calls for someone to bring water, the mystery man tells him there’s no need for it as there is rainfall surrounding the city.  
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Cut to the discussion between Yu Hen and Qi Zhen over the speculation of Minister Zhang He Nian’s recent thoughts and lack of movements. News is delivered that the reason for his stillness is that he has found someone of the Xuan Yuan bloodline.  

Jiang Feng enters a room where Wu Ji sits preparing tea. Wu Ji asks if he has successfully escorted the girl to Zhang He Nian and he confirms. Wu Ji remarks that Zhang He Nian’s move of revealing his hand first was a smart one, though Jiang Feng is more concerned about the safety of the girl. (Kind of thinking Wu Ji is an ass here for putting the girl’s life in danger. I understand why, but still…) Jiang Feng pries into the reason behind Wu Ji’s moves, remarking that wouldn’t it be more stable to have Zhang He Nian support Wu Ji as Xuan Yuan Min onto the throne, to which he gets the side eye and scolded. Wu Ji tells him that he needs Qi Zhen to support him onto the throne, because only then will Qi Zhen reveal his ‘fangs’.
 photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Qi Zhen angrily demands how someone of the Xuan Yuan bloodline could suddenly appear. Yun Hen tells him of his speculation that someone helped Xuan Yuan Min escape from Xuanyuan mountain, and that there’s a spy in their ranks who has been providing information to Zhang He Nian. Qi Zhen worries that Zhang He Nian has the same goal as him. (I’m reminded of Wu Ji’s comment at the doctor’s house that evil-doers will assume evil because they themselves would do such.)

Water is pouring down over the city as the prospective heir visits the King. The heir says his father is Xuan Yuan Shi. A servant looks through the family genealogy. He finds that the heir’s father is recorded on the family tree, but there is no record of offspring and that his father would have been about 70 or 80. The heir advises that he was born of a maid. It’s pointed out that illegitimate births are not recorded in the official family tree. However, the officials are still concerned about how to verify this heir’s claim.

One of the King’s servant updates Qi Zhen. He informs him that the prospective heir is visiting the King and the officials are also in attendance.

As the officials debate the issue, Qi Zhen arrives. He suggests testing the heir’s power to manipulate water. The King agrees and says to take the heir to the Royal Bureau of Meteorology to test his powers. As the rain pours down on the capital, the officials wait outside the bureau, hopeful.

Prince Zhang Bei Ye and his troops have reached the river. He wants to proceed, but Fu Yao thinks it would be better to wait. She asks General Ji who is following them that the Prince wants to cross now, but he tells her to ask the Prince. The soldiers start crossing the bridge that is almost completely submerged.
 photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Zong Yue informs Wu Ji that Taiyuan Kingdom has always controlled the water and only the people with the power to manipulate water can rule it. (Am I the only one who just melts a little every time they do those close ups on Zong Yue? *le sigh* Between him and Vengo Gao, I’m going to be a bit of a hopeless mess…) But Wu Ji is interested to see how Qi Zhen plays this out.

At the Royal Bureau of Meteorology, Qi Zhen is dragging the heir behind him while Minister Zhang follows. While Qi Zhen is being intimidating, Minister Zhang is supportive. The heir goes up to this strange watery mechanism as the officials stand outside in the pouring rain, hoping for the best. As the Tiansha troops cross the river and are eventually swept into the water, Qi Zhen warns Minister Zhang that if this supposed heir fails, he will be blamed. But then the heir mimics the moves Wu Ji had previously done when he ate the flower and water stars to rise from the floor.

At the river, (hotty) Prince is swept into the water and everyone jumps in to save him (of course). Despite being last to dive into the water, Fu Yao is the first to get to him and saves him.

The heir has saved the day and stopped the rain. Minister Zhang calls out to everyone while Qi Zhen is in shock.

The river is now barely ankle deep, but the soldiers are carrying their Prince to shore. They all fight over who will revive him as Fu Yao watches, amused. Before one of the men can give him the kiss of life, out of nowhere appears the Princess of Qiongye Tribe, Ya Lan Zhu (Zhang Ya Qin). She is madly in love with the Prince and is determined to kiss him herself. Before she can, the Prince wakes up, knocks her away and quickly commands his troops to “Run away!!” (cue Monty Python Holy Grail here).

Back at the capital, the officials recognise the heir apparent. Qi Zhen is not happy about this turn of events.

Back at the Qi Zhen’s residence, Zong Yue is remembering his childhood in the capital and thinking of his sister and her pet cat as well as his words with Qi Zhen.  

At the Breezy Bamboo Residence, General Ji gives Fu Yao a bag of gold from the Prince to thank her for saving him, but then informs her that she is not free to leave until they find the Bell. She doesn’t understand the contradiction, but he advises that while theft is a criminal matter, her act of bravery is a personal one and must be kept separate. When she tries to go see the Prince, General Ji advises that she won’t see him.

The sick Prince is in no mood to see anyone. As Fu Yao pounds on his door, the Princess suddenly arrives, also wanting to see him. General Ji tells the Princess that the Prince is not there, but she doesn’t believe him. When she asks who Fu Yao is, Fu Yao asks if she is Prince Bei Ye’s sister. She responds no. She would rather be his woman.
 photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

Fu Yao is able to sneak away and head towards the gates of the capital. She sees a sign that indicates that Xiao Qi is in the capital. In a flashback we see she had taught him a spiral symbol to use as code if they get separated. But when she tries to enter the city, she is asked for travel documents, which she doesn’t have.

At Qi Zhen’s residence, court officials have visited to get the latest news from him. Yun Hen says they seem to be playing both sides, but Qi Zhen understands they want to do what’s best for themselves. “Only when facing difficulties is a person’s true character revealed.” He asks if Prince Zhan Bei Ye has arrived and not to underestimate him. Qi Zhen is still confident that the heavens favour him and is not worried about the latest turn of events.

At the Breathy Bamboo Residence, Fu Yao has snuck into the Prince’s room, unaware that he is feigning sleep and aware of her presence. She tries to take his badge off him so she can use it to get into the capital, but after some faux sleep moves, the Prince confronts her and they fight.

Outside the soldiers run up to the Prince’s quarters, but soon realise the fight is just him with a woman. Not wanting to interrupt the Prince’s sexscapades, General Ji sends the soldiers back to bed and stands guard, thinking Fu Yao’s moans are of pleasure. But inside, Fu Yao is tied up to a post and the Prince tells her not to be a sore loser. Now that he knows she’s a thief, he’s not letting her go anywhere, especially when she reveals that she knows where Xiao Qi is. When she won’t stop yelling about being molested, he stuffs her mouth with fabric to keep her quiet so he can go back to sleep. (Nevermind that her hands can reach her mouth, but okay…)
 photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

The next morning the Prince tells the lovestruck Princess that she can’t follow him anywhere, but Fu Yao jumps to her rescue and suggests a wager to resolve the issue. He agrees. Whomever can toss the most stones into a jar will win. As it begins, they both are hitting the target, but just as the Prince tosses his last stone, Fu Yao kicks a rock to make his jar break.

Ep. 11

Starting where episode 10 left off, Fu Yao and Prince Zhan Bei Ye are tossing rocks into a jar when Fu Yao breaks his jar before he can throw in the final one. She fakes concern and then declares herself the winner. He’s angry, but when Fu Yao offers her cheek for him to punch, he just storms away while Ya Lan Zhu is ecstatic.

They head into the city and Ya Lan Zhu explains that the city is surrounded by water so they live in constant fear of floods, but it’s also a natural barrier and is a good location for transporting goods. Then the show stops so we can have an in-show commercial for 58.com. (Didn’t this same company do this in Ice Fantasy Destiny? Hopefully it won’t happen as much here as it did in that show.)

As they continue through town, Ya Lan Zhu brags how she’s been following the Prince around this whole time, but when Fu Yao asks if they are engaged, she has to admit that he doesn’t return her affections. Fu Yao then promises to help her snag her Prince, though it’s obvious she thinks the Princess is rather silly. The Princess is wary and warns her not to hurt him, but ultimately agrees.
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Yun Hen greets Zhan Bei Ye and shows him and his soldiers to the Courier Inn where they will be staying. (Somehow he manages to not notice Fu Yao.) Zhan Bei Ye is eager to meet with Qi Zhen, but Yun Hen tells him to relax first after his journey.

Ya Lan Zhu decides to win Zhan Bei Ye’s affections by cooking a dish from Tiansha. She hears the servants making snide comments about her and yells at them, but is undeterred.

Fu Yao is wandering the grounds, trying to sneak away, when General Ji calls out to her. He tells her that she is free to wander around as she likes and that the Prince trusts her, but if she runs away, he will punish her. She doubts she would be caught, but then he reminds her that she is alone with no one to help her find Xiao Qi and that it would be easier if she had Zhan Bei Ye’s help. She agrees.

As the Princess finishes cooking, Fu Yao comes in to see what she’s doing. Ya Lan Zhu insists that she try some of the food and Fu Yao struggles to swallow it down, but says nothing except to encourage the Princess to take it to her beloved.

Ya Lan Zhu chases after Zhan Bei Ye, trying to get him to eat her dish. After telling her no several times and chastising her for her behaviour, he knocks the dish out of her hand. As she locks on to Bei Ye’s arm, a servant tries to get her to control herself. Amused by the spectacle of the Princess with her arms wrapped around Bei Ye and confessing her love, Fu Yao suggests that he try being kinder. (Uh oh, shouldn’t have called attention to yourself.) Zhan Bei Ye, suddenly inspired, tells the Princess that he is in love with someone else and that someone is Fu Yao.

In the stables, General Ji asks why Zhan Bei Ye is more hot-tempered than usual and guesses that his meeting with Qi Zhen went bad. In a flashback we see that he told Qi Zhen about the Bell being stolen and Qi Zhen accused him of lying and then pretended to be sympathetic after the Prince said he’ll bear the responsibility. Zhan Bei Ye is certain Qi Zhen was behind the theft.

Before they can continue their talk, Fu Yao storms in, angry at him for putting her at odds with the Princess and for embarrassing Ya Lan Zhu in front of everyone. Zhan Bei Ye wants her to leave, but she wants to fight him. Of course, this gives him the opportunity to put her in a compromising position when the Princess arrives. (Why is it Fu Yao is supposedly one of the best fighters of her prestigious sect, yet she can’t defeat anyone whilst she’s in Kunning?) Angry at Fu Yao for stealing her man, she storms off and Fu Yao chases after her. General Ji asks if the Prince really is in love with Fu Yao to which he responds, “Am I blind or crazy?”
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

In the courtyard, the Princess is pouting. Fu Yao tries to talk to her, but she isn’t interested. Fu Yao tells the Princess that she needs to pick a fight with the Prince, but she refuses and won’t let Fu Yao either as she hates the thought of anyone hurting him. She admits that she can’t talk back to him like Fu Yao does because she just only wants to be nice to him. As she laments her situation and hopes that, one day, he’ll realise how good she would be for him, some servants pass by with lanterns. They learn it is the Double-Third Festival and that if one prays to the Water God, then their wish will come true. Eager to pray for her Prince, Ya Lan Zhu goes with Fu Yao into town.

In Zong Yue’s chambers at Qi Zhen’s manor, he is going through his supplies when a servant informs him of the festival. He reminisces about the festival as a child.
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Qi Zhen interrupts his thoughts to deliver some gifts and encourage the doctor to take a look around town. Then he gets to his real concern. He wants the doctor to make the King better or to at least make it seem as if he’s getting better. Zong Yue says he’ll need to see the King first before he’ll know if he can do anything for him.

As they walk through the crowded streets, Fu Yao and Ya Lan Zhu see a strange, round lantern in the sky which appears to have some chubby rodent riding inside. They wonder whose lantern that is and why they chose it.
 photo vlcsnap-00079.jpg

Zhan Bei Ye is cleaning his sword (he does this a lot…he needs a girl…) when one of his men, Lin Yi (Sheng Wu), comes to bring him some liquor to share a toast. As he pours some out, the Prince is immediately on his guard. Just before Lin Yi can drink his cup, Zhan Bei Ye says that he should drink to him instead for all his years of service and switches the cups before Lin Yi can say anything. He tosses his back and then asks why Lin Yi hasn’t drunk his, making a pointed comment that he hasn’t poisoned it. Lin Yi is hesitant, but just as he is about to drink, the Prince knocks the cup out of his hand.

Wu Ji and Jiang Feng are wandering the crowded streets, following the round lantern. Wu Ji asks Jiang Feng why he picked such an unusual, ugly lantern. He says that he thought the vibrant colour would be easy for the doctor to recognise and follow. Suddenly Wu Ji sees Fu Yao and pushes Jiang Feng over to one of the stalls so that she won’t see them.

The Princess goes into another shop… and cue another in-show product placement, this time for face masks.

As Wu Ji watches Fu Yao looking at lanterns, Jiang Feng asks what he’s looking at. But he only says that they should leave. The Princess comes out to get Fu Yao so they can go to the bridge. As they turn to leave, Fu Yao catches a glimpse of someone she thinks is someone familiar, but shrugs it off.

Yun Hen reports to Qi Zhen that by now Zhan Bei Ye must have been poisoned by their informant, but that they have a backup plan in case he failed.

Zhan Bei Ye is questioning Lin Yi to find out why he tried to kill him and who put him up to it. At first Lin Yi says he’s angry at him for letting his brother rule the kingdom and not rebelling. But the Prince just wants to know where the Bell is.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Fu Yao asks the Princess why she calls the Prince “Fifth Brother” even though he only has two brothers. Ya Lan Zhu reveals that he had two other brothers, but that his eldest brother killed them and then held his mother captive so that Zhan Bei Ye would obey him and not rebel.

The Prince, after all the years of loyalty, wants to know why Lin Yi betrayed him and promises to let him go if he tells him. Lin Yi finally confesses that the King of Tiansha has threatened the lives of his family if he doesn’t do it. He then kills himself so that his failure won’t cause his family to be punished. As Lin Yi dies in the Prince’s arms, he warns him he is still in danger and then whispers something to him. After warning him, “Danger lurks in every corner of Taiyuan”, he dies. Zhan Bei Ye tells his soldier to spread the word that he killed Lin Yi for trying to murder him to keep Lin Yi’s family safe.

Ep. 12

Fu Yao and Ya Lan Zhu make it to the bridge (hey, I’ve been on that bridge before) where they see a couple tying Ribbons of Love. The couple tells the Princess that if you tie a knot in the tree with the one you love, then you’ll be together forever. She runs off to get Zhan Bei Ye to come to the bridge and leaves Fu Yao who wants to look around. She decides to pray to the Water God to keep Xiao Qi safe and help her find him. As she prays, across the water Pei Yuan is tying a knot in a ribbon as her maid watches. She prays to the Water God to help her find Fu Yao and that she’ll pay whatever the price just to get her. Just then the maid sees Fu Yao and brings her to Pei Yuan’s attention. Fu Yao also sees them and quickly runs away.
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Zong Yue is following the round, mousy lantern which leads him to an abandoned house, his former childhood home. As he goes inside, he remembers the life he had back then and is sad. As he walks through the place, Wu Ji appears. Zong Yue asks Wu Ji why he has brought him here, as Zong Yue has said he didn’t want to come back until he had avenged them. Wu Ji chastises him for not paying respects to his family over the years, and then informs him that he retrieved his family’s remains and, for one night only, has brought them here to this house. He gestures towards another room. He also tells Zong Yue he has a gift for him as well that Zong Yue may or may not like.

Fu Yao runs through the crowded streets followed by Pei Yuan and her soldiers. Jing Chen appears, wondering who she is chasing. She first says a thief bumped into her and he wonders why she is being so intense. She gets mad that he shows no concern for her and says he wouldn’t have treated Fu Yao that way. Then she reveals that is who she has been chasing. Immediately Jing Chen is concerned for Fu Yao which angers Pei Yuan even more. She warns him that if he betrays her, she will pay him back 100 times. Then she orders the soldiers to find Fu Yao.

Zong Yue enters the room, seeing visions of his parents. Then he sees the memorial tablets for his family around the room. He tearfully pays his respects and apologises for being unfilial. As he remembers the night his family was killed, he reveals that he’s never forgotten the hatred in his heart and we learn that his true name is Xuan Yuan Yue. In flashbacks we see that as a boy, he was left for dead in a pile of bodies and saw his parents killed. He vows to avenge their deaths. (I’m looking forward to sexy, dark doctor…) He then sees an envelope, inside which is a paper confirming the date of birth of Yun Hen. (A potential brother?
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Yun Hen and Qi Zhen talk about how Zhan Nan Cheng actually hid his real desires in the message. In fact, it was not Mount Changhan that he wanted, but rather Qi Zhen’s help in getting rid of Zhan Bei Ye once and for all.

Zhan Bei Ye tells General Ji that he suspects Qi Zhen is helping his brother to get rid of him. They have to retrieve the Bell so that his brother will have nothing to hold against him. In the meantime, he gives the General his tally and urges him to sneak back to Tiansha. He is concerned about his mother’s safety and asks the General to contact his past subordinates and then to ally himself with the King when he returns. He has a secret force keeping his mother safe and this will trigger an escape plan for her. The General wants no part in it as it means the Prince will give up what power he still has left, but the Prince says this is the only way.

Qi Zhen says he has no wish to get involved in Tiansha’s business, but needs the ally and feels the festival provides the perfect excuse. They plan to make it look as if some lanterns fell causing the Inn to catch on fire.

Ya Lan Zhu arrives at the Inn to discover dead sentries and archers waiting outside the Prince’s chambers. Desperate to save her beloved, she whips out a slingshot and starts taking out soldiers. Of course she’s got no ordinary ammo, but special ammo containing poisonous scorpions. The Princess may be silly and not able to cook, but she can hold her own in a fight. She whips out two daggers and starts taking out soldiers until she is finally wounded.

Fu Yao is running from the soldiers when someone kicks some grains over, causing the soldiers to slip and fall. She is pleased to see it is Wu Ji and then takes off before the soldiers can get up. Later behind a tree, Wu Ji finds her and immediately can’t resist teasing and flirting with her before taking her to hide.
 photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Ya Lan Zhu is crying at the burning building for the Prince when he suddenly appears to save her. She is immediately back in silly girl mode and tries to hold his hand, but then stands back as he takes out the remaining soldiers. (Dude just punched a sword to pieces!) Afterwards, as the Princess vows vengeance on the King for letting people try to kill him, he seems amused. They leave the bodies to burn and go to look for Fu Yao.

A man in black goes to an abandoned house and starts to draw a mark on the wall when he hears a noise and hides. Fu Yao and Wu Ji come around the corner and go inside the abandoned house. Wu Ji tells Fu Yao to stay put and hide and not to go anywhere after the soldiers are gone. The soldiers bust into the courtyard in time to see a figure disappear over the wall. They leave to chase after the figure and Fu Yao comes out of hiding. Then she sees what was drawn on the wall; the symbol she taught Xiao Qi. Forgetting Wu Ji’s instructions, she goes to find her friend.

Wu Ji and Jiang Feng are outside the slave arena where, Wu Ji says, slaves are treated worse here than on Mount Xuanyuan. Jiang Feng takes out the guards and they go inside, past the cells of pleading slaves, to a cell with an old man inside.

Fu Yao comes upon the arena and watches some of the slaves fighting when a figure comes up from behind and knocks her out.

It turns out that the man in the cell is Mister Qiu, a former servant for Zong Yue’s father and the one who betrayed them. Wu Ji informs him that he’s here on behalf of the person he saved and we see in flashback that he worked with a soldier to keep Zong Yue from being killed. Wu Ji asks him about the Dragonscale Armour. The Armour is the sacred treasure of Taiyuan Kingdom that has been both a blessing and a curse for the kingdom. Wu Ji informs him that they plan to retrieve it.
 photo vlcsnap-00029.jpg

The dark figure turns out to be the guy at the abandoned house. Fu Yao wakes up in chains and wants to fight him, but he informs her that she’ll get a chance to fight. He takes her out to the arena and three slaves with swords are brought out to fight her. They are told “Whoever kills her will get to leave here alive.” At first Fu Yao tries to get them to act in solidarity, but they won’t hear of it. Pei Yuan appears to watch the fight.

Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu are on the bridge, wondering where Fu Yao could be.

The slaves attack Fu Yao who easily avoids them, but when she tries to get them to stop, one of them cuts her arm. When two try to run away, archers overhead kill them. Pei Yuan tries to shoot her as well, but Fu Yao puts the last slave in the way. Before he dies, he warns her to run. Pei Yuan admits that she has Xiao Qi and has been leaving the symbols to lure her. When Fu Yao tells Pei Yuan that she’ll give in to her if Pei Yuan lets Xiao Qi go, Pei Yuan will have none of it. Instead she offers a tray of gold and freedom to any slave who can kill Fu Yao. The doors of all the cells are opened and men stream out to attack Fu Yao as female slaves huddle in terror. Slaves who retreat are shot with arrows. As more slaves die, Pei Yuan is visibly agitated to see that Fu Yao is still not dead.

Wu Ji tells Mister Qiu that they are here to take him out of the cell. He has Jiang Feng take the man out. As they go, he hears the sound of fighting from the arena.

Fu Yao is leaping over and beating up men. The man in black drops down to attack her, but she easily defeats him. This angers Pei Yuan who kicks the tray of gold over. The slaves immediately forget killing Fu Yao and run to gather as much of the gold as they can while Pei Yuan and the soldiers leave the arena. The slaves then start pushing on the gate to try to get out. Fu Yao goes down with them. Wu Ji arrives to try to save her, but she wants to follow Pei Yuan and save Xiao Qi.
 photo vlcsnap-00032.jpg

As the sun rises, Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu overhear soldiers talking about trying to find Fu Yao and they go to save her.

Outside the slave arena, as they attempt to open the doors, the slaves don’t know that an army is waiting, with archers, to kill them.

Ep. 13

Outside the slave arena, Pei Yuan waits with the Defense Battalion as the slaves pound on the arena doors. Eventually the doors give way and the slaves come streaming out, only to be shot with arrows. Fu Yao witnesses the massacre and kicks up one of the doors to use as a shield for her and several slaves.

Ya Lan Zhu and Zhan Bei Ye arrive and are attacked by soldiers whom they fight off. One soldier reports back to Pei Yuan that Fu Yao has reinforcements, but she is not concerned and is focused on killing her nemesis. After Fu Yao tells the slaves to run to safety, Pei Yuan shoots an arrow through a hole in the door and into her back. Fu Yao tries to get Pei Yuan to at least let the slaves go free, but Pei Yuan feels no need to make any deals. She just wants Fu Yao to die. Fending off the soldiers, Fu Yao picks up a sword and heads straight for Pei Yuan, but just before she can stab her (or before Pei Yuan can throw a poisoned dart at her) Wu Ji steps in front of her sword.

Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu watch in confusion as Wu Ji, in an effort to find a way to save her, starts to chastise Fu Yao for attacking Pei Yuan. Fu Yao is disappointed when she hears him proclaim that there will be even more slaves when he is king and that slaves are nothing. When Pei Yuan tries to take Fu Yao into custody, Wu Ji says that he also wants revenge. He tells Pei Yuan that he saved her life so she should give him face and let him take Fu Yao. He orders Jiang Feng to take Fu Yao away and then leaves as Pei Yuan looks on in frustration. Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu leave to follow the Prince and when a soldier reports to Pei Yuan that Fu Yao’s accomplices got away, she strikes him dead with the dart.

In an alley, Wu Ji hears Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu following him and turns around to give them Fu Yao, much to their surprise. When Bei Ye asks who he is, he refuses to answer and instead says it isn’t safe for Fu Yao to be with him.
 photo vlcsnap-00040.jpg

As the officials assemble, Minister Zhang asks Qi Zhen why his Defense Battalion was deployed by someone else over a love affair. Qi Zhen accuses him of making up stories. Minister Zhang speculates that someone could think that it was done intentionally so someone could make money by secretly recapturing the freed slaves and Qi Zhen wonders who could be spreading such slanderous rumors.

The heir apparent, Xuan Yuan Hui, arrives to be formally declared as the next King of Taiyuan. He talks about the Emperor Star, which bores Qi Zhen, and then Minister Zhang announces a celebration for the heir apparent. As the heir leaves, Qi Zhen congratulates Minister Zhang on keeping the heir safe and then leaves.

In a new inn, the Princess is nursing Fu Yao as Bei Ye watches. As soon as Fu Yao awakens, he leaves to bring back food. He seems very concerned about her. The Princess insists on taking care of the still sore Fu Yao and gives her an update of what they saw happen and what happened to them. Lan Zhu apologises for arriving too late to save Fu Yao.

When Prince Bei Ye compliments her for doing so well, Fu Yao is surprised he would praise a woman. He tells the Princess to let her rest, Fu Yao wants her to stay. When the Princess asks who the man was that Fu Yao stabbed, Fu Yao calls him a jerk. Ya Lan Zhu starts to explain how he saved them, but Bei Ye changes the subject by letting her know that he knows who has the Englobement Bell and that they probably kidnapped Xiao Qi when he witnessed the theft. Fu Yao realises he knew all along that she wasn’t a thief and was using her, and she isn’t pleased. But all she wants is to find Xiao Qi. Bei Ye promises to help her, but she tells him he should focus on finding the Bell since now she’s certain she knows where to find Xiao Qi.

Zong Yue has tended to Wu Ji’s wounds and complains that he healed too quickly and was a waste of herbs. When Wu Ji flinches in pain, Zong Yue and Jiang Feng make fun of him for letting himself get hurt just because of a girl and speculate that it won’t be the last time. 
 photo vlcsnap-00045.jpg

Qi Zhen slaps Pei Yuan for her actions at the slave arena. She has put him in a bad position and possibly risked what power he has just over one slave. She tries to get him to calm down, but he is too angry and sends her away. As she leaves, Yun Hen enters, forewarned by a servant that Qi Zhen is in a bad mood. Qi Zhen tells him about the incident. Yun Hen tells him that some of the soldiers saw Xuan Yuan Min at the arena that day and Qi Zhen orders him to look into it. He asks about Zhan Bei Ye and Yun Hen tells him that he got away.

Fu Yao and Ya Lan Zhu meet Zhan Bei Ye for dinner. When the Princess offers to cook for Fu Yao, Fu Yao tells her to make something for Bei Ye instead. As they have their meal, Fu Yao explains how she knows Xiao Qi is at Qi Zhen’s manor. Bei Ye thinks he must have been tortured by Pei Yuan for her to have found out about the symbol, and says he also believes that Xiao Qi is being used to feed the Englobement Bell. Only members of the Zhan family can touch it safely without being harmed as it’s also a demonic item and anyone else would be in danger of their health. He tells Fu Yao to wait for him to get some information and he will help her save Xiao Qi.

Qi Zhen decides not to pursue the matter with Tiansha Kingdom further and instead will play nice to Prince Bei Ye to keep his brother on his toes. “He is not to be underestimated.” Qi Zhen also wants Yun Hen to kidnap Xuan Yuan Hui. Yun Hen is concerned because he’s now been made the heir and is being well guarded by Minister Zhang. This angers Qi Zhen who chastises him and then sends him on his way. A servant comes in to announce that Miss Yu Wen Zi has arrived. Qi Zhen can’t be bothered to deal with her and tells the servant to take care of her himself.

Fu Yao leaves the inn dressed as a noblewoman with the Princess dressed as her maid. She sees Bei Ye in disguise as a commoner as she boards her carriage. A flashback shows that he discovered that Qi Zhen’s distant relative, Yu Wen Zi, had been sent to live with him but had secretly eloped with a servant and her servants are too scared to tell anyone. He’s decided to send Fu Yao in her place, but they need someone’s help.
 photo vlcsnap-00046.jpg

To help her, since Qi Zhen would recognize her, it turns out the Princess has family skills that can disguise Fu Yao’s face, but only for five days. The Princess offers to go with Fu Yao to help in exchange for a kiss from Bei Ye who refuses, so Lan Zhu kisses him on the cheek instead.

At Qi Zhen’s manor, the servant welcomes Yu Wen Zi and her maid inside. As they enter, Pei Yuan and her maid walk past them, but the maid seems to recognise Fu Yao. Pei Yuan asks the woman to look at her. At first, Fu Yao refuses, but when she finally turns her head, what Pei Yuan sees is someone else’s face. She scoffs at the woman’s name and then leaves.
 photo vlcsnap-00048.jpg

Jiang Feng reports to Wu Ji that Fu Yao has successfully entered Qi Zhen’s manor. Zong Yue is concerned it means that Wu Ji will be hurt again trying to help her and they tease him.

Once the servant takes Yu Wen Zi to her quarters and introduces her to Shi Lan, the head housemaid, he informs her that her maid is not allowed to stay per Qi Zhen’s orders. The Princess, while playing the grieving maid, whispers to Fu Yao to avoid mirrors and water as anything that reflects light will expose her disguise. Fu Yao follows Shi Lan into the North Quarters.

That night Yun Hen and two soldiers sneak into Minister Zhang’s manor. A soldier reports to Qi Zhen that Yun Hen has been successful.

Fu Yao sneaks out at night looking for a place which seems to be highly secure as she speculates this is where the Bell would be kept. As she sneaks around, she’s suddenly hit with a rock. She hides against a wall at first, confused, but when she starts to go again, she spots soldiers and realises that someone just kept her from getting caught.

Outside Qi Zhen’s chambers, Zong Yue remembers the paper he found about Yun Hen. He runs into Yun Hen and the two soldiers carrying a body. Zong Yue remarks that he must have found a heavy treasure. As Yun Hen leaves to see Qi Zhen, the doctor asks him how old he is. The doctors mentions Yun Hen was born on June 8th and he is surprised. He asks how the doctor knows, but the doctor leaves. Fu Yao continues wandering around the courtyard while Wu Ji secretly spies on her from the bushes.

The next morning, Wu Ji is commenting on how well Qi Zhen is treating the doctor and all the good food he gets, but the doctor is mad that he went running around in the night instead of resting. When Zong Yue asks why he’s sticking around, Wu Ji claims it’s so he can be near his doctor, but Zong Yue knows it’s Fu Yao that keeps him around and is worried about him taking such a big risk. Wu Ji then says it’s because she’s looking for the Bell like he is.
 photo vlcsnap-00049.jpg

As they eat, in a dungeon, Xiao Qi is tied up and soaking in a pool of water.

Fu Yao wanders the manor during the day and suddenly notices her necklace is reacting to something. She pulls it out, wondering if the pulsating could be an indicator that she’s near the Bell. She sees a big door in the wall and walks towards it when someone calls out to her.

Ep. 14

At Qi Zhen’s manor, Fu Yao wonders if her necklace could be indicating the way to the Bell, but before she can try out a pair of doors, a servant calls her and tells her that she’s in a forbidden area, and that orders are to kill anyone who goes there. He lets her off since she is new around here after she feigns being lost.

Yun Hen delivers news that the King appears to be getting better. Qi Zhen is not pleased. He decides to take the doctor to see the ailing ruler. Fu Yao sits in her room wondering what is up with the necklace, the spell and her past.

Qi Zhen and Zong Yue arrive at the palace to see the King. One of the King’s servants tells Qi Zhen that Minister Zhang is having the King carefully watched and is testing all medicine and food for poisons. He also informs Qi Zhen that only the doctor is allowed to see the King when Qi Zhen suggests the doctor may be able to help. When the servant leaves, Zong Yue asks Qi Zhen, “Would you like the King to live or die tonight?” Cue the ominous thunder.

Inside the King’s chambers, Zong Yue pulls back the curtain around his bed. (A couple of ladies here wouldn’t mind getting that look…)

Oh, guess who’s wandering around the grounds at night again. Aw, it’s Fu Yao in bright pastel again. (How does she not get caught?) Someone grabs her and pulls her into the bushes, though she quickly realises it’s Zhan Bei Ye who really thought his black mask would disguise him. Fu Yao shows him the door and her glowing necklace. They try to figure out how to open the door. When brute force doesn’t work, Fu Yao tries holding on to the pulsing necklace first and then placing her hands on the door. After a moment, the two of them suddenly fade away. (Mr Stark, I don’t feel so good…)
 photo vlcsnap-00082.jpg

Zong Yue is going through his acupuncture needles when the King, realising he is not up to anything good, asks him who sent him. He offers him money and fame or whatever he wants. The doctor smirks and hits an acupoint to incapacitate him. The King comments that he looks familiar, but when he starts to say Zong Yue’s father’s name, Zong Yue pokes him with another needle and tells him he doesn’t deserve to say that name. “You’re still alive.” The doctor replies “You’re not dead yet, so how could I die?” The King asks if he’s going to kill him to which a dark (and so, so very hot) doctor vows to take everything from him and then flings some more needles at him.
 photo vlcsnap-00084.jpg

Fu Yao and Bei Ye are wandering around a cave when they hear a sound. Her necklace comes off her neck and starts leading them to the Bell. In a large room, they find it levitating over a pillar. Fu Yao is pleased thinking that Xiao Qi must be nearby, but Bei Ye warns her that she needs to be careful because if they just grab it, Xiao Qi could end up getting hurt. He, himself, will get it so no one will be harmed, but just as Bei Ye is about to grab it, Wu Ji appears and fights to keep Bei Ye from taking the Bell, to Fu Yao’s surprise.

Zong Yue arrives at Qi Zhen’s chambers. When he asks how the King is, Zong Yue says he did his best. Just then, a servant arrives to announce that the King has become much healthier. After the servant leaves, Qi Zhen asks why he healed him to which he says it was for both their sakes.

In the cave, Bei Ye wants to know who Wu Ji is, but instead Wu Ji says Fu Yao can tell Bei Ye, though she tells Bei Ye that she doesn’t know him. Wu Ji complains that while she is healed already, his wound from her is still healing. When she asks why he is there, he tells her it is to save them both. Qi Zhen has booby-trapped the Bell and they will die if they take it.

In Qi Zhen’s chambers, he and the doctor suddenly hear the toll of a bell and Yun Hen comes in to announce that the King has passed away. The doctor repeats again that he did all that he could do, but that it was the King’s fate. Qi Zhen then loudly laments the passing King, crying crocodile tears for all to hear. Zong Yue comments to himself that the rain won’t fall tonight and then leaves, after which Qi Zhen tells Yun Hen that it’s time to get ready.

Bei Ye doesn’t trust Wu Ji, but Fu Yao asks when they can retrieve the Bell. Wu Ji says in three days Qi Zhen should be done with it, and then they can get it and save Xiao Qi. He warns them to leave now before the guards catch them. The pair decides to trust Wu Ji this time and leave.

Xuan Yuan Hui is laid down, seemingly unconscious, on a table by Yun Hen and Qi Zhen. Remembering Lady Fei Yan’s words, Qi Zhen performs some gestures against a seal on his wall. Suddenly he, Yun Hen and the heir are transported to an underground cave with a waterfall. Yun Hen cuts Xuan Yuan Hui’s wrist and his blood drains into a jar. Qi Zhen pulls the Bell from his belt (I thought only members of the Zhan family could touch it? I guess that’s what Xiao Qi is for?) and combines it magically with the blood. He then attempts to manipulate the water in the waterfall and finds that he is able to reverse it. Satisfied that he has succeeded, he laughs with glee and declares that Taiyuan Kingdom no longer needs the Xuan Yuan family. (Suddenly remembering Lady Fei Yan’s line about how he must lose something first before he can gain…)
 photo vlcsnap-00091.jpg

That morning in his chambers, Qi Zhen dresses in the emperor’s robes with Yun Hen’s help. Yun Hen confirms that their men are in place guarding the waterways and all the officials have been contacted. He asks what they will do with the Englobement Bell and Qi Zhen decides there’s no need to give it up as it may come in handy later.

Outside at the Waterfalls of Changyuan, the officials are worried. They are waiting for the heir apparent to arrive. Qi Zhen arrives, wearing a white robe to hide the black emperor robe. He climbs the steps to the altar overlooking the Waterfalls. The officials are begging Minister Zhang to bring the heir, concerned there is no one to manipulate the water and save Taiyuan. Qi Zhen then waves his hands and succeeds in closing up the waterfall. As he whips off the white robe revealing the black emperor robe, the officials all bow to him as their new king… and then he wakes up, still standing at the steps, imagining what his victory will be like. Yun Hen tells him that Xuan Yuan Min was spotted in town. Qi Zhen tells him to find Xuan Yuan Min and bring his body back.

Fu Yao, back at the manor, notices a bunch of soldiers guarding a dungeon (ooh, I’ve been there, too). As she wonders if that is the place where Xiao Qi is held, she sees Pei Yuan appear and try to enter using the Defense Battalion badge, but she’s denied. Jing Chen arrives to try to get Pei Yuan to go home, but Pei Yuan tricks him into believing that Fu Yao is being kept in there. When Pei Yuan then threatens to kill herself, she finally is able to get in.

The officials want to know why Qi Zhen has brought so many soldiers, but he waves them off, pointing out that the kingdom is in danger right now and that the water needs to be stopped. Milking this moment for all he can, he accuses Minister Zhang of being up to something and gets the officials agitated and worried. They don’t want to get help from the Imperial City as they know then they will fall under their control. When Minister Zhang suggests they find a way to stop the water, Qi Zhen asks them how, but Minister Zhang is at a loss. After fanning the flames more, Qi Zhen finally infers that he may have the power to stop the water, but waits for the officials to beg him, feigning reluctance, until they promise to make him king.

Jing Chen is surprised to see Xiao Qi, but happy to see Fu Yao is not locked up in there. Pei Yuan asks Xiao Qi how to find Fu Yao, but he doesn’t respond. Xiao Qi begs Jing Chen for help and Jing Chen tries to talk Pei Yuan into letting Xiao Qi go, but she refuses and taunts her husband. Instead she wants to use Xiao Qi as bait to catch Fu Yao. Outside Fu Yao sees them carrying away Xiao Qi, but before she can go save him, Zong Yue knocks her out.
 photo vlcsnap-00095.jpg

Qi Zhen goes up to the altar to stop the water with visions of victory in his head. He does all the motions, but nothing happens as Zhang He Nian taunts him. Qi Zhen tries again and still nothing happens. Finally, third time’s a charm, the water stops as the stunned officials watch. Qi Zhen is surprised at his own power. He turns around to receive the accolades of the officials only to discover that a smirking Xuan Yuan Min is standing there, and that it was he who stopped the water and is being acknowledged as the new King of Taiyuan. (Is it just me, or was the look on his face just priceless? “I’m gonna be king, I’m gonna be king, I’m…oh, crap…”).
 photo vlcsnap-00096.jpg

Ep. 15

It’s the day of the coronation and Qi Zhen has come to visit Xuan Yuan Minas the officials gather. Wu Ji quickly goes back to playing stupid and helpless, but Qi Zhen thinks he is playing a role and wants to know why he left Mount Xuanyuan and suddenly returned. Wu Ji claims that he was kidnapped and almost killed, and now he fears the cost of the throne will be his life. Still not convinced, Qi Zhen asks him who his abductors were. He is vague, but infers that it was Minister Zhang. He tells Qi Zhen that he escaped when his captors let down their guard.  When asked why he was at the Slave Arena, Wu Ji said he went there looking for Qi Zhen, but instead was stabbed by a slave girl and saved by Pei Yuan. After seeing the bruises on Wu Ji’s arm from his captors, Qi Zhen assures the new king that “Who would dare to harm you when I’m here by your side?” 
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Fu Yao, still in the bushes with the hotty doctor (lucky girl), yells at Zong Yue for preventing her from saving Xiao Qi, but he tells her that as long as she isn’t rash, Pei Yuan will keep him alive just to catch her. (Listen to the hotty doctor, Fu Yao.) When she asks if Xuan Yuan Min made him do that, he tells her to talk to Xuan Yuan Min directly and not use him as a messenger.

The coronation of the new king begins and Qi Zhen watches bitterly as someone else takes the position he’d hoped to have. (Cry me a river…) That night, his head servant is worried about him. The servant informs Yun Hen that Qi Zhen has been shut up in his study and asks what is wrong. Yun Hen goes in to see Qi Zhen who asks if he believes in fate. Qi Zhen wonders if the heavens arranged for this to happen and Yun Hen tells him that he’s overthinking it. Qi Zhen, after all he’s sacrificed and everyone he has betrayed, can’t believe things ended up this way. He wonders how he had the power to manipulate water one day, but not the next.

Zong Yue inspects Wu Ji’s bruises which he inflicted on himself. Wu Ji asks about Fu Yao, but Zong Yue won’t answer and Wu Ji accuses him of being jealous. But Zong Yue is more concerned with Wu Ji’s cover story. Wu Ji asks Zong Yue if he wants to know which Xuan Yuan descendent he used to trick Qi Zhen, but Zong Yue isn’t interested. He tells Wu Ji to stop meddling in his affairs, but, of course, Wu Ji won’t. The doctor warns him that he’s being watched and he needs to be careful, but Wu Ji is certain Qi Zhen will try another attempt on his life. Just then Head Eunuch Cao comes in and Wu Ji makes a show of commenting on how thankful he is to Qi Zhen for sending the doctor to treat him.

After the doctor leaves, Eunuch Cao gives him some dates for a banquet to celebrate his coronation, but the King wants something better; a royal hunting trip. Eunuch Cao protests, but the King isn’t having any of it so the eunuch reluctantly agrees to prepare it.

Yun Hen tells Qi Zhen to take care of his health and that he’ll have another opportunity. When Yun Hen suggests that it’s good that at least it is Xuan Yuan Min on the throne, Qi Zhen is not pleased. He doesn’t trust the new King and is determined to get rid of him. He vows to kill whomever ruined his chances at the throne.
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

In his chambers, Wu Ji is reading when he suddenly dismisses his servants so he can take a nap. His parrot starts to warn of an assassin and suddenly Xuan Yuan Hui appears. Without turning to face him, Wu Ji chastises him for not having left already as promised. Then Xuan Yuan Hui turns into Commandery Princess Tai Yan who had been pretending to be the heir. She claims that Wu Ji had promised to spar with her if she helped him, but he denies such a promise.

It turns out she deliberately meddled in his plans and wounded the real Xuan Yuan Hui so she could come in his place. Wu Ji asks Tai Yan if the only reason she sticks around is because she wants a fair match.  Tai Yan is angry and determined to make a scene, but Wu Ji easily defeats her. He tells her to go home right away or he’ll inform her father. He says he’ll always be grateful, but she tells him that she doesn’t want his gratitude, she wants to defeat him, and then she disappears. (How many different characters are we going to have to keep track of? I mean, I’ve seen the list so I have a good idea, but it’s starting to feel like an Avengers movie in here. And I having a feeling there are going to start to be a lot more storylines branching off.)
 photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Jiang Feng runs in asking about the Princess, but Wu Ji tells him that he wounded her and it will take her a couple of months to heal, and not to worry about her. When Wu Ji asks what he’s really here for, Jiang Feng hands him a confidential letter from his father. His orders are for Wu Ji to retrieve the Englobement Bell and then wrap up his mission. (I’m guessing that includes restoring the real Xuan Yuan Min to the throne?) Now that the Emperor knows about the Bell being used, Wu Ji knows he needs to retrieve it.

Fu Yao has realised her facial disguise is about to expire and is trying to figure out how to escape from the Manor, and get a new one. Shi Lan arrives to get her ready for the hunting party. When Fu Yao hears that all the women of the household are expected to attend, she tries to play sick, but is told that she can’t be absent because it’s for the coronation of the new King. Fu Yao is surprised to hear “that guy” actually became King, but when she finds out Pei Yuan will be there, she hurries to get ready.

As Wu Ji arrives, there are a gaggle of ladies waiting for him. Jiang Feng tells him that they are all vying for his attention and Wu Ji is certain Qi Zhen has some scheme going. As he makes his way to his seat, he hears a guard trying to turn Zhan Bei Ye away so he turns around to greet him. Bei Ye is surprised when he sees who the new King is and then confused when Wu Ji feigns as if this is the first time they’ve met, but he plays along. Qi Zhen arrives and Wu Ji tells Qi Zhen that he had heard Zhan Bei Ye was visiting and had invited him. Qi Zhen and Bei Ye also act as if they haven’t met up before this day. 
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

On a platform, they sit with other guests. Wu Ji asks Bei Ye where he is staying and is surprised to hear about the attempted assassination and fire that compelled Bei Ye to change lodgings. When asked who did such a thing, Bei Ye pats Qi Zhen on the knee and comments that it was “just a couple of weasels”. (I love all these not so subtle comments they pass around.) He also tells the King that during that same night, the Englobement Bell was stolen and he wants the Taiyuan Kingdom to take responsibility. When asked why he had brought it, he says, “Ask Qi Zhen”. Qi Zhen suggests that maybe the King of Tiansha heard about the Dragonscale Armor and wanted to try out the Bell with the magical Waterfalls of Changyuan. Then he suggests that perhaps Bei Ye has faked the theft and merely misplaced it. They trade barbs with laughs and then the King promises to investigate the theft thoroughly.

As the time for the hunt is announced, Yun Hen sees the head servant from Qi Zhen’s manor. The head servant tells Yun Hen that Pei Yuan has taken Xiao Qi and they can’t find him. He is worried that Qi Zhen’s plans will be thwarted. Yun Hen says that he’ll tell Qi Zhen when he has a chance since he knows Pei Yuan will be at the hunt.

Pei Yuan arrives with her servants who unload Xiao Qi from her carriage. The maid comments that he seems to have a strange illness, but Pei Yuan doesn’t care as long as he can help her get Fu Yao. 
 photo vlcsnap-00004_1.jpg

Three men ride up with pheasants they have killed and present them to the King who awards them. The Commandery Prince of Xiping is about to suggest a young lady for the King when Pei Yuan arrives. She suggests a special target for the hunt, a felon who has been sentenced to death and has been disguised as a bear. Fu Yao, in the crowd of ladies, recognises Xiao Qi’s boots right away as does Wu Ji. The King agrees to the idea and promises a reward for the victor.

As servants beat drums and blow horns, everyone prepares for the hunt. Qi Zhen suggests the King join the hunt, but he complains that he is no good at it. Qi Zhen promises to take care of him, so he agrees to go and they ride out into the woods.

Fu Yao runs after Xiao Qi who has been tied to the back of a horse. Zhan Bei Ye sees a deer in the woods and is about to shoot it when the Commandery Prince of Xiping arrives. He steps aside to give him the kill instead and rides on. A eunuch lets a rabbit loose and Qi Zhen points it out to the King who chases after it into the woods. Qi Zhen then informs Yun Hen that he has invited Lady Fei Yan to help them get rid of the King.

Fu Yao runs after Xiao Qi when, suddenly, she is ambushed by Pei Yuan. As usual, Fu Yao tries to bargain and Pei Yuan refuses. (Why do you even try this anymore, Fu Yao? You know she’s just a big, bratty bitch.)
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Ep. 16

Fu Yao quite easily defeats Pei Yuan (why does Pei Yuan even try anymore?). She rushes over to the person covered in the bear costume and is ambushed by Pei Yuan’s servant, who places a dagger right at her neck. A mysterious person throws stones from afar, hitting Pei Yuan and her servant, causing them to faint. Turns out it’s none other than Zhang Sun Wu Ji, who asks Fu Yao how she’s going to return the favour. She replies, “There’s a beautiful princess lying on the ground. You can take her as you please.” She questions whether he’s been hiding and waiting for the opportunity to strike and make her thank him. (Bingo! lol)  

As Fu Yao walks off to save Xiao Qi, she falls into a trap, and a rope pulls her up into the air as Xiao Qi descends on the other end of the rope, onto sharp metal spears awaiting on the ground.  Thankfully, Wu Ji is there to prevent the fall and transfer some of his inner energy to Xiao Qi. He cuts the rope that holds Fu Yao up and rushes to catch her (finally, not in the elegant drama style) where she lands hard on his arm and tells him not to touch her (lol). She rushes to Xiao Qi’s side. 
 photo vlcsnap-00054.jpg

From afar, Yun Hen has prepared a bow and arrow to shoot Zhang Bei Ye. However, he is stopped by Qi Zhen, who tells him Zhang Bei Ye has to stay alive for Qi Zhen to have something to bargain with Zhang Nan Cheng and for there to be an explanation for the loss of the Bell. Leaves rustle as the men remark that Lady Fei Yan has arrived. Fu Yao and Wu Ji also notice this change, as he tells her to leave with Xiao Qi. She hesitantly leaves, telling him not to die. As she rushes away, she runs into Zhang Bei Ye, who uses his blood to remove the Bell from Xiao Qi’s body.

Wu Ji battles figures made of leaves. Fu Yao rushes back to help him. She asks him why he deliberately got himself stabbed that day, to which he asks if he hadn’t done so, would she have stopped? The two fight it out with the leaf figures in a coordinated fight sequence (almost like they had practiced before). However, the defeat of the figures is temporary as they quickly reform. As they discuss this, they look at each other and then suddenly they follow through with their fight sequence again, this time clashing their swords together to create sparks, which sets the figures on fire and causes them to disappear.
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Suddenly, the leaves stir and a massive giant formed from rocks emerges. Fu Yao and Wu Ji run, but are knocked down. As the rock-giant is about to stomp on Wu Ji, Fu Yao rushes on top of him, using her body to protect him (sweet, but still wouldn’t they both just be squished at this stage?). Lady Fei Yan sees this and stops the giant to keep Fu Yao safe and then leaves. Wu Ji pulls Fu Yao closer to him, so their faces are centimeters away from touching as he asks “Are you that worried for me?”  She quickly stands up, claiming she just didn’t want him to die in someone else’s hands.

Voices searching for Xuan Yuan Min are heard. As Fu Yao takes her leave, having completed her tasks, Wu Ji hits one of her acupuncture points, causing her to freeze. He needs her to complete the ‘play’. He carries her back, bridal style, to the starting point and hands her to the eunuchs. Xuan Yuan Min gets angry at Qi Zhen, claiming that Qi Zhen purposely sent assassins to kill him. Qi Zhen makes the excuse that it was actually the heaven’s test, something all rulers have to go through before they ascend the throne. Wu Ji plays along, telling Qi Zhen that since the girl saved his life, Qi Zhen should reward her by sending her to the palace (is this really a reward?). Qi Zhen decides that it’s the perfect opportunity to place a chess piece by Xuan Yuan Min’s side. 
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At an inn, Zhan Bei Ye nurses Xiao Qi, to which he exclaims the one in the most danger now is Fu Yao. At Qi Zhen’s manor, Fu Yao is informed that Qi Zhen will come visit her. As she finds her veil, her maid tells her that the important thing is the birthmark so that her face won’t be recognized. The maid reveals she’s been sent by someone who is not Zhan Bei Ye, to help Fu Yao. Fu Yao greets Qi Zhen with her veil on. Qi Zhen adopts Yu Wen Zi, promises to make her the queen, and take care of her family, if she remembers that he’s the one that helped her to the position.  

Back at the inn, Xiao Qi and Ya Lan Zhu await for Zhan Bei Ye to eat dinner. However, seeing Xiao Qi’s lust for the food in front of them, Lan Zhu tells him to go ahead and start. As he shovels food into his mouth, he talks about wanting to go save Fu Yao, which Ya Lan Zhu agrees is a great idea. Zhan Bei Ye arrives and tells them not to do anything stupid.

Yun Hen updates Qi Zhen on the situation, speculating that Zhan Bei Ye has retrieved the Bell.  In addition, Xuan Yuan Min has privately seen Zhang He Nian to discuss court matters. Qi Zhen decides that the royal marriage can no longer be delayed. Although he has placed bets on Yu Wen Zi, he knows that he can’t rely solely on that path.  

Fu Yao has prepared a lot of oil so that she can cause a fire and run away. And she has prepared a corpse to be burned in her place as well. Meanwhile, the eunuchs have prepared a list of women eligible to join the imperial harem. Once the list has been delivered to Xuan Yuan Min, the men separately discuss with their subordinates, Zhang Sun Wu Ji with Jiang Feng and Qi Zhen with Yun Hen, the political ties and backgrounds of these women. It’s the 15th, the night of a full red moon (this follows the Lunar Calendar), which Wu Ji speculates to mean something bad will happen that night.  

Wu Ji and Jiang Feng now stand at the place we once saw Xuan Yuan Hui manipulate water. They discuss the Dragonscale Armour, one of the four sacred objects, an item that can grant wishes of youth, health and invulnerability. Jiang Feng talks about Zong Yue’s father, the previous Prince Wen Ji, and how it was rumoured that it was because Prince Wen Ji hid the Dragonscale Armour with plans to usurp the throne that caused his death. But Wu Ji brings up the other hypothesis that the King became so wary of his own son that he framed him and had him killed. 
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At Qi Zhen’s manor, Fu Yao sets her room on fire and, as chaos reigns, she attempts to run away. However, she accidentally brushes past bells which have been set up around the manor to alert of intruders. As guards hear them and run in search of her, Zong Yue, dressed in black with a cloth covering his nose and mouth, taps her on the shoulder and tells her to follow him. As he climbs up to the roof and as he helps Fu Yao up, Qi Zhen shoots an arrow, hitting him in the chest. (Dammit, Fu Yao. You got our hotty doctor wounded!)
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Overall Thoughts

Enid Bee: Vengo Gao shows up and I’m all…what doctor? (Until Lai Yi is back on screen at least.) But loving getting to know more about Zong Yue’s back story. And was pleasantly surprised to see Zhang Yi Cong from “Cinderella Chef” showing up in this series as Vengo’s brother.

Linjaturtle: I’m still Team Hotty Doctor, lol. The entrance of Vengo looked like something out of a Game of Thrones scene. Must be all that black, snow, mountain in the backdrop and the horses’ mask looking like a White Walker’s horse! And yeah, I’m disappointed the maids didn’t do a better job carving a masterpiece on Pei Yuan’s face.

Iridescent:  I’m still team Ethan and completely unaffected by the addition of new love rivals.  I’m hoping to become a little more interested in the politics, because I’m going to need to, I guess, if I want to sit through these lack of OTP moments.

Enid Bee: Oh, I still love the Doctor, Linja, especially as his story starts getting darker, but I’m willing to share the love with Vengo as well. Tee hee.

Linjaturtle: OH WOW – hotty doctor’s backstory. Him crying broke my heart. When I say I’m on Team Hotty Doctor, I just mean I think he’s the hottest, lol. I ship Wu Ji and Fu Yao. Wu Ji is so extremely flirty and that darn smirk of his! But I like.

Enid Bee:  Yup, the doc is the hottest. 😀

When Bei Ye and Fu Yao were trying to open those doors, I was really hoping that the doors would just open for Fu Yao and then afterwards she’d offer to help Prince open any jars he may have about as well.

Iridescent:  Dragonscale armour is the first time Dramafever has translated one of the items whilst retaining its Chinese meaning. At the end of the available episodes for this week, I feel I’m anticipating next week’s episodes much more than I was last week.

Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 17-24 Recaps

Ep. 17

Wu Ji and Jiang Feng are in the Royal Bureau of Meteorology. It turns out that silver thing in the middle of the strange watery… globe, orb, what do we want to call it?… is just one scale from the Dragonscale Armor. It’s what helps keep the dome in place over Taiyuan Kingdom and helps control the water. They get a report that Qi Zhen’s manor is on fire and hope that Zong Yue will still be able to deliver some mysterious item to them on time.

At the manor, Fu Yao is warding off the arrows of Qi Zhen’s men. As Zong Yue helps her over the wall, Qi Zhen shoots him with an arrow and then sends soldiers to pursue them. Qi Zhen inspects the fire as servants desperately try to put it out. Yun Hen thinks it’s related to the assassins they just saw and Qi Zhen insists that he find them right away.
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Zong Yue and Fu Yao are running from the soldiers. Fu Yao tries to check the wound and take him some place to hide, but Zong Yue warns her that it’s poisoned and tells her they need to go to the palace. The soldiers follow the trail of blood they leave behind.

Wu Ji is in the waterfall courtyard when Jiang Feng advises him that assassins at Qi Zhen’s manor have escaped and are being hunted down. An amused Wu Ji surmises that the assassins must be the doctor and Fu Yao in disguise. Jiang Feng reports that one of them was wounded and is worried that the doctor was not able to carry out their plan to help them find the location of the Dragonscale Armor, delaying them for some time.

Fu Yao doesn’t understand why Zong Yue wanted to come to the palace as there’s no way out and he may die, but her concern only brings him to retort that his current situation is her fault. She promises to save him at the risk of her own life. (Yeah, you better save our boyfriend, Fu Yao. Love, Team Hotty Doctor.) But Zong Yue knows the palace better than she and leads the way.

Qi Zhen arrives at the palace gates with the Defense Battalion, telling the guards that assassins are loose in the palace and gives orders to seal all nine of the palace gates. He promises a reward for whomever arrests the assassins. They let his Defense Battalion into the palace to search.

Zong Yue has led Fu Yao into some tunnels under the palace where he collapses. As Fu Yao helps him up, he yanks the arrow out of his chest and then tells her, “Tear open my clothes.” (Members of the hot doctor fan club quickly volunteer.) After hesitating, she exposes the wound on his chest and he pours medicine on to it to help counteract the poison. He proclaims that without it, he’d be dead already.
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Fu Yao is surprised that Qi Zhen turned out to be such a skilled fighter, but Zong Yue informs her that Qi Zhen first made a name for himself for his fighting skills alongside the politically skilled Prince Wen Yi – Zong Yue’s father in case you forgot – as the Two Heroes of Taiyuan. Zong Yue knows that Qi Zhen will be looking in the palace for them and Fu Yao worries how they will escape as the doctor is wounded.

Still determined to complete his mission, Zong Yue tries to get up, but can’t. Fu Yao offers to complete his mission for him since it’s her fault he was wounded, but he doesn’t trust her. However, after more failed attempts to get up, he finally acquiesces and hands her a scroll from his robe. He gives her directions through the tunnel to deliver it, but won’t tell her what it is or who she is delivering it to, just where to find them. She agrees and tells him to rest, but he tells her that he has to make his way back to Qi Zhen’s so he won’t be a suspect. As Fu Yao leaves, the doctor informs her that it’s okay if she dies, but she can’t lose the scroll and she promises to pay him back for saying that.

A trap door opens and Fu Yao climbs out, peering about cautiously. She looks through a curtain and sees a man undressing. It’s Wu Ji who throws his shirt at her. She tosses it back and he slips it back on and begins to tease her. He says he was just about to call someone to help him dress and when she starts to walk away, he grabs her.
 photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

The Defense Battalion lines up along the hall outside the King’s chambers as Qi Zhen arrives to check him. When he calls out at the door, Wu Ji quickly tosses Fu Yao onto his bed and covers her with himself and a blanket. Annoyed, she asks, “Do you want to die?” to which he gives a cheeky answer, “I want to stay alive with you.” (This guy just can never be serious, can he?)

Qi Zhen and two of his soldiers storm into the King’s chambers. They find him shirtless in bed and annoyed. When Qi Zhen informs him that there are assassins, he tells them that they are ruining his evening. When Qi Zhen continues to be insistent that he may be in danger, Wu Ji suggests that maybe they should check his bed to see if there is an assassin hiding there under the blankets. Taking the hint, Fu Yao calls out to him and slides her hand over his shoulder. Embarrassed to have interrupted the King’s fun, Qi Zhen apologises and leaves. On the way out, he comments to Jiang Feng that the King is very “spirited”. (Love Jiang Feng’s facial expressions.)
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

With Qi Zhen gone, the couple proceed with the required sexy bed fight. Fu Yao keeps losing (too distracted by his bare chest I suppose). When he won’t let her go, Fu Yao tells him that he owes her for taking advantage of her, so he suggests he make it up to her by letting her take advantage of him. When he asks why she showed up, she tells him it’s his fault for getting her all that attention on the hunting party, compelling Qi Zhen to decide to send her to the palace. She informs him that she’s here in place of the doctor due to his injury and Wu Ji is concerned.

When Yun Hen informs Qi Zhen that they could not find the assassins, Qi Zhen tells him to keep searching, but then a soldier arrives to advise that Minister Zhang has sent his soldiers to protect the King. Qi Zhen decides to withdraw his men from the palace, but insists that they cannot let the assassins leave the city.

Fu Yao gives Wu Ji the scroll and asks about it, but then pretends not to care. The object in the scroll is a glowing dildo… no, wait, it’s a key to the Royal Bureau of Meteorology. Fu Yao is again curious, but doesn’t trust the King to tell her the truth as he’s shown himself to be devious and that he uses others. She still holds a grudge about what happened during the hunting party and he confesses that he did it because he couldn’t bear to have her leave and never see her again, but she refuses to believe him. When she starts to leave, he tells her that there’s still more help needed, but she walks away. Wu Ji, confident she’ll return, has Jiang Feng pour out two servings of tea.
 photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

As he expected, Fu Yao returns. She claims to be taking pity on him by staying longer though he suspects that it’s due to the number of guards outside. She asks what he needs her for and, after telling Jiang Feng not to let anyone in the room, they exit via the trapdoor, lead by everyone’s favourite guide rodent and chubby mousy, Yuan Bao.

Back in the tunnels, Wu Ji cautiously follows Yuan Bao. When Fu Yao asks why he is cautious, he reminds her that Qi Zhen has informants everywhere. When asked about the tunnels, he tells her that they were built to keep the King safe, but that the men who helped build them were killed to protect the secret of the tunnels. Fu Yao hates the idea of people being sacrificed just for the King’s safety, but Wu Ji says it’s what’s needed to protect their power. When Fu Yao asks if he’s that type of king, he asks her if she would still stay by his side if he said yes. She tells him that he should strive for what he wants, but not use such despicable means. When Wu Ji asks her what she wants, Fu Yao refuses to tell him and insists that she’ll get it on her own when he offers to help her.

Qi Zhen is angry to hear that the fire is still not under control and, in fact, has spread to the North Quarters. He asks how Yu Wen Zi is, but before the head servant can answer, Yun Hen arrives to inform him that they can’t find any trace of the assassins. Angered by his failure, Qi Zhen slaps him hard across the face in front of everyone. Yun Hen is stunned and ashamed of his failure. He kneels as Qi Zhen yells at him and threatens to take away his position.

In the Royal Bureau of Meteorology, Wu Ji and Fu Yao look at the Dragonscale. She tries to touch it, but Wu Ji tells her if she does, she’ll cause the kingdom to flood. Fu Yao recognises the place even though she’s never been there before and wonders why. Wu Ji holds out the key and it floats up above the Dragonscale and starts to glow. Fu Yao is amazed by the colours.

Suddenly, a vision of the Dragonscale Armour appears. Fu Yao is suddenly possessed and starts to sleepwalk towards the vision. Wu Ji is surprised and then notices the multi-coloured stone on her necklace is glowing and realises that she is the girl that his Grand Mentor told him to find to protect the Five Kingdoms. He watches in amazement as she starts to float towards the Armor. He realises that the Armour can help lift the spell off of her and wonders what to do.
 photo vlcsnap-00034.jpg

Fu Yao wakes up in the King’s chambers. She asks what happened, not able to remember, so Wu Ji tells her that she passed out and he carried her back to his room, and then teases her that she’s getting fat. When she tries to leave, she has trouble standing and Wu Ji carries her back to the bed. He asks her how long she’s been dreaming about mysterious places and waking up tired and she wonders how he knows. He tells her that if she enters the palace, he’ll tell her, and since she has already spent so much time alone with him in his chambers, she might as well enter the palace and he’ll take care of her.

When she still refuses, he informs her that he can tell her what and how her dreams are related to the stone she wears. When she suspects that he and the doctor planned this, he tells her that he can help lift the spell, which causes her to remember the words of Uncle Zhou. She is still determined to do it alone so Wu Ji places a bet with her. He tells her if she can take his Leaf of Spiritual Elixir from him within the next twelve days, he’ll lift the spell from her and not ask for anything in return, but if she can’t, then she will have to obey him. She finally agrees and then leaves with Yuan Bao as her guide out of the palace. As she goes, Wu Ji recalls what happened earlier that evening and wonders if she will be the one to destroy the Five Kingdoms and if he should involve her in his search for the Armour.
 photo vlcsnap-00042.jpg

At the Courier Inn, Fu Yao sneaks into the Princess’ room and wakes her. When she wants to go get Xiao Qi and Bei Ye, Fu Yao instead tells her that she needs to keep the disguise on longer. Lan Zhu informs her that her necklace is a holy relic that will allow her to help set the disguise permanently. But when the Princess tries, she turns Fu Yao into Bei Ye, then to Xiao Qi, General Ji and a number of other people until, finally, she’s able to return her to Yu Wen Zi. She reminds Fu Yao again to stay away from mirrors and water to protect her disguise.

The next morning, Qi Zhen is looking over the rubble of the North Quarters with Yun Hen and his head servant. He insists that they find the body of his goddaughter when suddenly Yu Wen Zi crawls out of the burning remains. She informs Qi Zhen that she was alone when the fire hit and ran until she passed out.

Ep. 18

With Yu Wen Zi found alive and only slightly singed, Qi Zhen has the servants take her away to be cleaned up so that she can be presented to court.

Back in his study, Yun Hen kneels before Qi Zhen who finally asks him if it still hurts where Qi Zhen slapped him. Qi Zhen tells Yun Hen that because the servants already acknowledge Yun Hen as their young master since he was raised by Qi Zhen, he knows that seeing him slap Yun Hen would be more motivation to the servants to keep working hard than if he punished them directly. As Qi Zhen acknowledges that he worries about his own death, he starts vomiting blood.
 photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Shirtless in his room (le sigh), the doctor is tending to his wound when a servant comes to get him to treat Qi Zhen. (Nice dragon tattoo. Can I get a closer look?) He gets dressed and checks on Qi Zhen. He advises that Qi Zhen’s injury is not simple, but he has medicine that can heal it in five days. It would, however, require Zong Yue to personally blend the herbs. Qi Zhen insists the doctor proceed, but then gestures to Yun Hen to follow him, obviously not completely trusting Zong Yue.

As Zong Yue mixes the herbs, Yun Hen watches. Zong Yue wonders out loud if Qi Zhen suspects someone is trying to kill him, but Yun Hen deflects the question as silly and asks if he can help cut herbs. The doctor notices a scar on his hand and remembers as children, when he accidentally cut his brother. (Oooooh, little Yun Hen is sooooo adorable. I want to pinch his cute little cheeks!) He asks Yun Hen about the scar, but Yun Hen does not recall how he got it. When he refuses some cream to remove the scar, Zong Yue mentions that he heard he was an orphan raised by Qi Zhen and wonders if he wants to keep it to find his surviving relatives. Yun Hen will only say that he is thankful to Qi Zhen.
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Zong Yue, who has been grinding herbs, offers to swap tasks with Yun Hen as the blade he’s using is quite sharp. As Zong Yue cuts herbs, blood starts to run down his hand. He quickly blames the blade, but Yun Hen is obviously suspicious, though he says nothing, instead keeping a careful eye on the doctor.

Lan Zhu is upset to hear about the fire at Qi Zhen’s manor and laments that she should have made Fu Yao stay. Xiao Qi and Bei Ye are surprised to hear that Fu Yao visited and wonder why she returned to the manor. Lan Zhu decides to go save her, but Xiao Qi tells her that Fu Yao is safe where she is, though the Princess is not convinced. They ask Bei Ye to help them rescue Fu Yao, but, busy cleaning his sword as always, he refuses.

Lan Zhu yells at him for the first time for not helping and decides to go on her own, but Bei Ye says she’ll only end up getting herself and Xiao Qi killed. Disappointed in Bei Yi, she grabs Xiao Qi’s arm and starts to leave.  But then Bei Ye warns them that they are already being watched, and there are more informants along the road who will warn Qi Zhen that they are coming and put Fu Yao in danger. As they apologise, Bei Ye notices the same way in which they wring their hands with worry. (Ooo, is orphan Xiao Qi a little prince?) When he leaves, Lan Zhu worries that she was too harsh on him, but Xiao Qi assures her that he is concerned about everyone and not to take it to heart.

A Tiansha soldier on horseback delivers an urgent message to another soldier to take across the river to Taiyuan Kingdom.
 photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Qi Zhen drinks the medicine that the doctor gave him and is pleased with the result. Yun Hen tells him to rest, but Qi Zhen can not relax until they find the assassins. Yun Hen thinks back to Zong Yue’s bleeding, but says nothing to Qi Zhen. Instead he leaves, deep in thought, before finally going to Zong Yue’s chambers where the doctor has redressed after tending to his wound (no, I swear, letting it air out will help it heal faster…). He lets Yun Hen in and after some time passes, Yun Hen leaves; neither man giving any indication of what was said or how things stand as Yun Hen walks away in slo-mo to dramatic music. (And fan fic writers starting typing furiously away with their own version of what happened that evening…)

A soldier delivers the message to Zhan Bei Ye, to his surprise. Whatever the news is, it’s not good. That night, he sits on the rooftop under the moonlight thinking of his mother. Lan Zhu appears, not knowing what has happened, just that he is upset about something. She asks what’s wrong and then apologises for her behaviour earlier, but he doesn’t respond.
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

She asks him if he is homesick and he reminisces about the home he can no longer return to, but the Princess insists that his mother, his soldiers and herself are all his family. He agrees and declares that, “No man is fit to survive in this world if he can’t protect his family.” and promises to take care of all of them, including her and Fu Yao. Still thinking of his mother, Zhan Bei Ye starts to the sing the song he used to sing to her with Lan Zhu joining in. (I quite like this song.) When the Princess tells him that she’d like to sing that song to his mother, he agrees and seems very touched. They continue to sit in the moonlight, singing.

The new King has his first day in front of the Royal Court, but finds it all boring and would rather play with his headwear or nap, much to Jiang Feng’s chagrin. When asked to make decisions, he defers to an equally bored Qi Zhen for his opinion. Afterwards the other officials are impressed with how much influence Qi Zhen has over the King and comment that he is already half ruling the kingdom. Qi Zhen is pleased. Chief Eunuch Cao asks him about the fire at his manor, but he plays it off as nothing. Then Eunuch Cao informs him that the King had secretly met with Minister Zhang to expand the garrison guards. Qi Zhen is concerned to find out that the King approved the expenses and isn’t sending it to be discussed by the Wenchang Chamber.

Zhan Bei Ye, dressed as a commoner, overhears fellow customers at a noodle shop discussing the assassins at Qi Zhen’s manor and then hears that he is sending his goddaughter to the palace as a candidate for consort. He quickly runs off.

Fu Yao is riding in a carriage to the lateral courts as Shi Lan explains the selection process. When she hears that she is going to be checked to confirm that she is still a virgin, Fu Yao is having none of it. But before she can leave the carriage, it stops and she hears a ruckus and people running away in terror. Suddenly, someone grabs her.
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Wu Ji is trying to head over to the lateral courts to oversee the selection of the consort candidates, but the soldiers beg him not to go. At first they say it’s because of the rules of the harem, but when he asks if the harem or the King is more important, they can only say the King. Then they insist that, because there will be so many people coming and going, they want to keep him safe. The King wonders if they are not very good guards then if they can’t keep him safe. Finally they admit that their caution is due to a candidate from Qi Zhen’s manor having just been kidnapped right in front of the palace. Wu Ji seems concerned.

In the woods, Fu Yao chastises Zhan Bei Ye for dragging her away. He insists that he was saving her, but she tells him she has her reasons for entering the palace. While she is thankful that he tried to help, she is insistent on going. He warns her to be careful and then asks her a favour. Zhan Bei Ye talks about how she doesn’t have any negative symptoms when she’s near the Englobement Bell, to which she jokingly asks if he intends to give it to her only to be surprised when he hands it over. When she tries to give it back, he tells her that she’s the only one he trusts to keep it safe while he goes back to Tiansha to deal with some business there. When asked when he’ll return, he remarks that it could be ten days, a few months or never. (Ooo, I think big brother is in trouble…) When Fu Yao tells him that he has to return and buy her a drink, he agrees.

In court Qi Zhen takes responsibility for failing to protect his own goddaughter. The King chastises him and accuses him of planning the incident to keep her from entering the palace. Qi Zhen promises to investigate and find the kidnappers.
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Ep. 19

Wu Ji is accusing Qi Zhen of planning Yu Wen Zi’s kidnapping to keep her from entering the palace, but Qi Zhen denies it and promises to investigate the matter thoroughly. However, the King brings up the fact that assassins have already set his manor on fire and he’s still hunting them as well as handling state affairs, and suggests having Minister Zhang investigate for him. When he announces he has approved funding for Zhang, Qi Zhen gets upset. Wu Ji reminds him who is king and that, despite Qi Zhen’s help, he can be replaced. (I love watching Qi Zhen get played.) He then encourages Qi Zhen to go home and get some rest.
 photo vlcsnap-00060.jpg

Just then one of the eunuchs arrives to announce that Yu Wen Zi has been found. She is carried in with Shi Lan following. Shi Lan tells everyone that Yu Wen Zi was abducted, but the kidnapper thought she was someone else and then dumped her in the lake. Because of the incident, she passed out. Wu Ji, concerned, pinches Fu Yao’s cheeks, but when he sees her squirm, realises she is fine and tries not to laugh as does Shi Lan. He then proceeds to ham it up for the court. He asks for a doctor and then suggests that Qi Zhen send Zong Yue.

Jiang Feng compliments Wu Ji later on his acting skills and for scaring Qi Zhen, but he responds, “Can’t you tell when I’m acting and when I’m really angry?” He’s mad that someone messed with his woman.

Qi Zhen is upset that Xuan Yuan Min, who was supposed to be his puppet, is acting up. When Yun Hen suggests that, regardless, he is still King, Qi Zhen is not happy. Then he remembers that he must reign in his temper if he is going to grab the throne. When Yun Hen suggests that Xuan Yuan Min may have sent the kidnappers, Qi Zhen agrees. He thinks it was a ruse to get the funds approved for Minister Zhang. He doesn’t trust the King at all and realises he will be more difficult to manage. He realises that he needs to find a better informant to help keep an eye on the King.
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Zhan Bei Ye is packing up when Ya Lan Zhu and Xiao Qi find him. They’ve heard about Fu Yao being kidnapped and are certain it was him, but when they ask where she is, they are disappointed to hear that she chose to go to the palace instead. Lan Zhu realises that he is leaving. He gives her some gold leaves, but when she offers to join him, he tells her no.

Yun Hen visits the doctor to ask him to check on Yu Wen Zi. He agrees as a favour to Yun Hen.

Lan Zhu and Bei Ye ride through the woods. Then he stops and tells her that she can not go with him further. She is worried about him being alone, but he tells her that she will be too much of a burden and he won’t be able to keep her safe. He tells her not to let anyone know that he’s left or he will be in danger. She agrees. He also warns her to be careful and go back to Qiongye Kingdom if there is any danger. Ya Lan Zhu watches sadly as he leaves.
 photo vlcsnap-00072.jpg

Zong Yue and Yun Hen walk together through the courtyard. The doctor asks if there is news of the assassins and Yun Hen informs him that they were found and killed by Qi Zhen. It turned out that they were some bandits. Zong Yue is surprised that they were killed, but Yun Hen says the dead can’t cause any further issues. After complimenting Yun Hen on taking such good care of the situation, Zong Yue leaves for the palace.

But Yun Hen is thinking back to the night before when he met with the doctor. In a flashback, Yun Hen asks to inspect Zong Yue’s arm and the doctor goes ahead and shows him the still bleeding wound on his chest. He admits that he was one of the assassins. Yun Hen wants to take him to Qi Zhen, but when Zong Yue tells him he knows his real birthday is July 4th (Happy Birthday, cutie!!), he is shocked. Zong Yue tells him that he knows he’s been looking for his birth family and Yu Hen asks how he knows.

Zong Yue asks what he knows of Prince Wen Yi. Yun Hen recalls that he was a traitor to the throne and was executed along with his family. Zong Yue then informs him that in truth, the Prince was loyal, but schemers in the palace, including Qi Zhen, made the King doubt him and convinced him that he was disloyal. Finally the King had him killed, but there were two survivors, his two sons. When he rips open his robes to reveal the water dragon tattoo on his shoulder, Yun Hen is shocked. (And I was sooooohappy…) Zong Yue reveals that the two sons both have this tattoo. Yun Hen looks over at his own shoulder, but doesn’t offer to show us anything. (Show us yours, Yun Hen. Show us yours!)
 photo vlcsnap-00077.jpg

When Zong Yue asks if he has the same tattoo, Yun Hen instead refuses to believe him as he owes Qi Zhen his life. But when Zong Yue tells him to go ahead and take him to Qi Zhen, Yun Hen doesn’t.

Yun Hen and Zong Yue arrive at Yu Wen Zi’s chambers and the doctor goes to check on her. Fu Yao is surprised, at first, that he knows who she really is and is happy to be able to be herself and tries to be friendly. Zong Yue is still not very warm with her and wants to know what she’s up to. He suggests that if she keeps up with her schemes, he’s probably going to die. When she suggests that he’s such a good doctor that he could bring anyone back from the dead, he tells her that if she ever dies one day, he definitely won’t bring her back. But you can tell she’s growing on him a bit. When she complains of a headache, he ends up taking her pulse without using a handkerchief. (Guess he’s not so anti-girl cooties now.) He seems alarmed and tells her she’s dying, but she thinks he’s teasing her again. He gives her a bag with some medicine – the black pill can save lives, the white pill can take lives and the red… she can’t use unless she asks him first. As he leaves, he thinks to himself how odd it is that she has the pulse of the living, but also someone who is dying at the same time.
 photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Jiang Feng asks Wu Ji if he wants to go visit Fu Yao now that she’s safe. Wu JI reminisces about her and about what his mentor told him, but is in no rush.

Ya Lan Zhu puts up a sign at the Inn announcing that Prince Bei Ye is very ill and is recuperating up in the mountains. Then she sets out to follow him. Xiao Qi is upset that she only has thoughts of Bei Ye and is leaving him behind, but all her life has been spent following him around. She suggests Xiao Qi go with her, but he wants to stay and find a way to help rescue Fu Yao. He is very sad to see the Princess go.

Jiang Feng helps Wu Ji get ready and they go to court for the selection of the consorts. The candidates arrive all wearing the same pink dress. In the royal court, the King informs Qi Zhen that he has asked the officials to gather to help him decide. When Qi Zhen points out that picking a consort is an important matter and that it should just be up to Wu Ji, he says that he has them to help make decisions for him.
 photo vlcsnap-00082.jpg

The candidates are summoned into the hall and Wu Ji gleefully checks them out. Of course he can’t just play it straight and has to have some fun. He immediately calls one of the women up. She is Tang Zhi Rong, the daughter of Tang Bo Nian, one of the Generals who protects the border. (I know in real life, these people would all have been in their late teens, early twenties, but when they say she’s 17, I had to laugh.) When Qi Zhen reminds the King who her father is, he says that he’ll choose whomever Qi Zhen tells him to pick, Qi Zhen deflects and tells the King he should choose for himself, so he immediately chooses her. (Check out Fu Yao getting a bit catty with her side eye.)

Asking for another girl to come forward, one steps up, but he immediately sends her back. Then Yu Wen Zi comes forth, but just as she’s introducing herself, the King cuts her off, bored by the whole process already. He instead asks that Qi Zhen just pick all the consorts for him because he doesn’t want to, which causes a stir with the other officials. Qi Zhen, knowing that will put a target on him, refuses. So finally the King decides that he wants to play Spin the Jade Scepter to pick his consorts, much to everyone’s annoyance as Fu Yao tries not to laugh.

Having been told by Zong Yue that Master Qiu, who used to take care of them, now spins sugar in town, Yun Hen goes to find him. He recognises Master Qiu right away and has memories of his childhood with his brother and Master Qiu’s spun candy. (Oooo, that little kid is too adorable!!) Master Qiu also recognises him right away.
 photo vlcsnap-00085.jpg

The consort candidates are waiting out in the waterfall courtyard as the eunuchs advise them that they will announce who the consorts are shortly. One candidate, though, is having none of it. Gao Pu Ruo, the daughter of the Commandery Prince of Xiping, is angry about the King changing the tradition. In the past, some of the Taiyuan Queens have come from her family and she just can’t shut up about how unfair it all is. (Oh, she’s going to be fun. She and Pei Yuan should start a club.)

When she hears Yu Wen Zi laugh, Pu Ruo confronts her, but our heroine is no pushover and not impressed at all by her credentials. Zhi Rong tries to keep the peace, but Pu Ruo brushes her off for being illegitimate. No matter how much she tries to go off on the other ladies, they always have a witty comeback, and it’s quickly clear that she has no fans in this bunch. Pu Ruo tries to teach Yu Wen Zi a lesson, but, while Fu Yao pretends to protect herself, she trips Pu Ruo instead and Pu Ruo is unaware her lipstick has smudged all over her face. As she makes fun of Yu Wen Zi for her red birthmark, Pu Ruo thinks the ladies are laughing with her until someone tells her about the lipstick on her face. After another backhanded compliment from Jian Xue, the daughter of a scholar, and Yu Wen Zi, Pu Ruo finally shuts up.

In the hall, Qi Zhen asks the King why he wants to resort to such a method, but Wu Ji tells Qi Zhen that since he won’t pick for him, this is what he wants to do and starts spinning the scepter. (Though I’m sure with some magical help to pick the right girls.)
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

The eunuchs come out to announce the names of the chosen consorts which includes Jian Xue, Tang Zhi Rong, Yu Wen Zi and five other ladies. Pu Ruo throws a fit that she is not one of the chosen ones. Of course Zhi Rong can’t resist remarking how sad it is that they won’t be sisters before leaving while the Commandery Princess pouts.

At his house, Master Qiu invites Yun Hen to sit, but Yun Hen just wants to get to the point. He asks if it’s true that Master Qiu betrayed their family, angry that he would do such a thing. Master Qiu explains that when they knew what was going on, Prince Wen Yi had asked him to earn Qi Zhen’s trust and pretend to betray his master in an effort to save his sons. Master Qiu willingly let people believe he was a bad person just to save them.

In the great hall, Wu Ji inspects his consorts. He walks up to Fu Yao, as if about to choose her as his favourite, but then chooses Zhi Rong instead, who is thrilled. He gives her the title of Consort of Prestige, but Minister Zhang reminds him that there are supposed to be four consorts and that they should be conferred at the same time, and, from them, one will be chosen as queen. Wu Ji decides to make Jian Xue the Consort of Honor and Fu Yao the Consort of Benevolence, and saves the fourth to be chosen later because “I didn’t expect this to be so tiring”, much to the chagrin of the officials, including Qi Zhen. The rest of the consorts become ladies-in-waiting.
 photo vlcsnap-00086.jpg

Yun Hen is leaving Master Qiu’s house and is surprised when the old man kowtows to his young master. Master Qiu tells him not to show any mercy to his enemy.

Ep. 20

Yun Hen is leaving Master Qiu’s house and is surprised when the old man kowtows to his young master. Master Qiu tells a distraught Yun Hen not to show any mercy to his enemy so that his father can rest in peace.

An official complains to Minister Zhang that the King is too muddleheaded and unmotivated, but Minister Zhang thinks that there is more going on than meets the eye and can see that what seems like absurd decisions, actually have another motive.
 photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

The Commandery Prince of Xiping is furious about his daughter not being chosen and suspects Qi Zhen had a hand in it. Qi Zhen reminds him that he had no control over how the choices were made, but the Prince is unconvinced and wonders what kind of man Qi Zhen helped take the throne.

Pu Ruo is crying to her servants about not having been chosen despite her bloodline. She’s a spoiled brat and determined to run to her daddy and have him fix everything.
 photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

As Qi Zhen and the Commandery Prince continue talking, the Prince vows that his family has been disrespected by this and he could care less about helping anyone else; a not so subtle threat to Qi Zhen. Just then Yun Hen arrives to deliver a decree from the King. He has named Pu Ruo as the Consort of Virtue. Instead of being pleased, the Prince is even more suspicious of Qi Zhen. He thinks that he is being played by Qi Zhen as a warning, but Qi Zhen insists he also didn’t know. Qi Zhen hates having to suck up to him but knows he needs the Commandery Prince’s forces. He asks Yun Hen why the King had changed his mind, but Yun Hen doesn’t know.

At the palace, Jiang Feng relays back about the delivery of the decree and the Prince’s reaction. Jiang Feng asks why Wu Ji made Pu Ruo a consort, given that her father is colluding with Qi Zhen, and that she, herself, is a troublemaker. But Wu Ji is using this opportunity to create suspicion between the two men and also thinks having the Prince’s spoiled daughter in the harem will likely cause some interesting drama and cause someone to make a mistake.

General Tang Bo Nian’s disciple arrives at Qi Zhen’s manor to see him. He has come on behalf of the General to thank Qi Zhen and bring him a gift. General Tang Bo Nian promises not to forget Qi Zhen if his daughter gets the King’s favour and Qi Zhen promises to help her. After he leaves, Qi Zhen comments to Yun Hen on how quickly the General responded. As he tells Yun Hen that Qi Zhen needs him to take care of something, Yun Hen is deep in thought, remembering what Master Qiu told him. In flashback, we hear more about how Master Qiu saved the boys, despite Qi Zhen. Suddenly Qi Zhen squeezes Yun Hen’s face, bringing him back to the present and he quickly leaves to run his errand.
 photo vlcsnap-00033.jpg

Zong Yue is walking through town to have lunch at a restaurant and is surprised to see it so busy. And then, we find ourselves in another 58.com product placement scene. In short, the restaurant hired a new chef who is so good that they are attracting many clients. As he waits for his food, Zong Yue recognises the young woman who walks in from his childhood days. She is Qi Yun, the daughter of Qi Zhen, and someone Zong Yue used to tease as a kid. She is the new chef. He is amazed to see that she has overcome her incurable illness. He watches as the Defense Battalion, along with Yun Hen, arrive. Yun Hen is there to take Qi Yun back to her father’s place, much to her chagrin.

At the palace the new consorts wait to be shown to their new living quarters. They are all given face masks (awww… more product placement)and are lead inside Zhaoyan Palace. Fu Yao thinks it’s a trap and that they are going to be crammed into a back garden, but Shi Lan assures her that is not the case and explains how the living situation works. Fu Yao complains that it’s not fair that men get to have a bunch of concubines, but there’s nothing similar for women (amen, sister!). Fu Yao gets a little too loud and draws the attention of the other consorts. To explain herself, she claims to have seen a rare bird.
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Just as the women are about to be assigned their living quarters, they are surprised to see a sedan chair arrive and not pleased at all to see the Spoiled Princess stepping out. She brags about how the King gave her the chair and made her a consort, feeling pleased with herself. Immediately, the cattiness begins, but when Bitchy McBitcherson wants to make a ruckus, the others wonder loudly what the King may do if he were to be annoyed with one of them, and that possibly he may take their title away, so she calms down. But when a eunuch arrives to give the living assignments, Pu Ruo goes off again, hitting the servant and stomping her feet, insisting that the Queen’s palace be hers.

Qi Zhen’s head servant enters the study followed by Qi Yun and Yun Hen. Head Servant tries to get the young girl to be nicer to her father. We find out that she has spent the past three years travelling around the five kingdoms, honing her culinary skills. When she brags that no one bullied her because she’s so cute, Head Servant advises her that it was because her father had men following her to keep her safe. She finally sits down to talk to her dad and promises to stay with him if he’ll let her do what she wants, and won’t make her take lessons to be a lady or meet potential husbands. He agrees. Then she gets teary-eyed looking at his grey hair and apologises for running away.

Yun Hen brings her a box as a present. Inside is a cat that looks just like one she lost. She’s happy again. Qi Zhen sends her to see her grandmother with Yun Hen happily following.
 photo vlcsnap-00055.jpg

Fu Yao is happy to see that her new home is in a quiet area. Jian Xue arrives and asks to stay in Zuiyan Hall with her. With Spoiled Bitchy Pants insisting on living in Yongjia Hall, the hall usually for the Queen, Jian Xue decided it would be easier just to give up her place and room with someone else. (I want to hope that she’s going to become an ally, but after watching The King’s Woman, I trust no one.) Fu Yao agrees and Jian Xue goes in without much of a thank you. (She’s not very social, that one.) As she checks out her new quarters, Zhi Rong arrives bringing gifts for Yu Wen Zi(Hmmm… not trusting this one at all.) Zhi Rong says they should consider themselves sisters since Qi Zhen helped them both get into the palace, and then asks if Fu Yao will stay with her, but Fu Yao declines, wanting to avoid another temper tantrum by the Queen Bee-yotch. When Zhi Rong wonders if Jian Xue would live with her, she is quick to call out from the Hall that she’d also rather stay where she is. Before going, Zhi Rong gives Yu Wen Zi a hairpin and warns her to be careful in the palace and that they should look out for each other. (Oh, she’s definitely going to be trouble.)
 photo vlcsnap-00057.jpg

That night Fu Yao thinks about the bet she has with the King. She decides to put her thieving skills to use.

Zhi Rong gets ready (oh, more face cream…) and then we see her playing music for the King. When Jiang Feng tells him that everything has been readied, Wu Ji has her stop playing. He compliments her skills and offers, as a reward, anything she would wish, but her only wish is to serve him. Jiang Feng reminds the King that he still has not chosen a queen and that if Zhi Rong stays the night, then the others may… but the King calls him a nag.

Fu Yao takes out one eunuch and steals his uniform. Then she knocks out another to take over carrying the King’s clothing to him. In the bath, (I want to be able to take a bubble bath in a tub like that!) Zhi Rong is giving the King a massage and he comments that if he’s not careful, he may end up doing something he shouldn’t. When he tells his consort she should go home and they should schedule a meeting as per regulations, she asks to stay instead, so he agrees.

The eunuchs enter with his clothes and Wu Ji walks his consort over. At first it appears that he is asking his consort to bathe and change him, but then he points to one particular eunuch instead to perform the task: Fu Yao.
 photo vlcsnap-00087.jpg

Ep. 21

The eunuchs enter with the King’s clothes and Wu Ji walks his consort over. At first it appears that he is asking her to bathe and change him, but then he points to one particular eunuch, instead, to perform the task: Fu Yao. Surprised to be chosen, she starts to help undress him, but when she touches the leaf that she’s come to take, he warns her to be careful of it.

When Wu Ji comments that he would love some sweet osmanthus honey brew, Zhi Rong eagerly offers to make it. Once she leaves, Wu Ji dismisses the rest of the servants, except for his fake eunuch. After they are gone, he teases her with a flower, revealing that he knows it’s Fu Yao. And so the sexy bathtub fight commences with Fu Yao getting the leaf, but Wu Ji stealing an underwater kiss. As they kiss, he thinks to himself that even though he knows this is an ill-fated romance, he might as well go for it.
 photo vlcsnap-00090.jpg

But then assassins appear. Fu Yao hides in the water so that when they bust in, with Zhi Rong captive, they only see the King. They knock out the consort and then proceed to attack him, with one managing to cut his arm. Fu Yao leaps out of the water to help him. When he asks her why she is helping when she already got what she came for, she says it’s so he can give her what he promised. When the assassins run off, she yells at him for allowing himself to get injured, though she knows he could have easily avoided the attack, and then helps bandage him up as the alarm goes up around the palace.

The King comments on how she runs toward danger, where others would flee. When he says that, as a woman, she should be protected by a man rather than being as bold as one, she is annoyed. When he mentions the kiss, she gets all shy as he gets serious and wonders why he can’t bear to lose her. But then, just when you were thinking he was finally being sweet, he reveals that he’d swiped the leaf back from her and she has lost the bet.

Guards frantically run around the palace to protect the King. Fu Yao starts to leave, but he suggests it’s easier for her to hide in the room with him. When the guards enter, the King runs out carrying the consort, saying that she’d saved him, but was wounded. Fu Yao emerges from hiding in the bathtub, annoyed at behind treated so after she’d helped him.
 photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

The next day in court, the officials are surprised the King is not there and even more surprised when Head Eunuch Cao announces that he was wounded by assassins and will not be attending court. The Commandery Prince of Xiping asks Qi Zhen why he is so impatient in trying to kill the King off so soon, but Qi Zhen reveals that he had no hand in it and they wonder who did it. Qi Zhen talks to Eunuch Cao who reveals that the King was only slightly injured, but that he has had all the guards replaced and will remove anyone from their post who dares speak up for them.

Qi Zhen and Yun Hen enter his study as Qi Zhen speculates that the King himself is responsible for the assassination attempt and is using it to get rid of his informants. He now must find someone who can more easily get close to the King.

At the harem Fu Yao overhears two servants talking. They are being sent to Cuiliang Hall, which is said to be haunted by ghosts. A maid says that Pu Ruo is looking for the magical Aquatic Spirit Mirrors so that she can perform at the Winter Clothing Festival. (I’m guessing Harry Potter fans aren’t going to like this storyline either.) A eunuch warns her that the Hall are cursed and they lament having to do this task. Fu Yao comes out from hiding to ask about the mirror, but the servants run off. She worries that if there are mirrors at the festival, her secret will be revealed, and decides to find the mirrors and break them.
 photo vlcsnap-00109.jpg

Qi Zhen is advised by his head servant that men have been sending calling cards and gifts for Qi Yun, but he has returned them all. Qi Zhen mocks the men who think they are worthy of his fortune and tells the servant to keep turning them down. When the servant mentions that Yun Hen has been very attentive to Qi Yun and has been keeping her entertained so that she’s not bored while being grounded, Qi Zhen makes it clear that he considers Yun Hen as nothing more than a servant.

Wu Ji is surprised to hear that Zong Yue believes Qi Yun is wearing the Dragonscale Armor and Wu Ji asks how Zong Yue knows. Zong Yue remembers that Qi Yun was very ill when she was born and not meant to live long, but now that she is still alive and well with no signs of illness, it’s clear that she must be wearing it as it is the only cure for her particular ailment. He promises to verify.
 photo vlcsnap-00110.jpg

Fu Yao, back in her eunuch disguise, sneaks into Cuiliang Hall. The buildings are abandoned and covered in cobwebs. As she tries to decide where to look for the mirrors, she hears an animal in the bushes and thinks it’s Yuan Bao. Then she sees it is a white fox. When she tries to pet it, it bites her and runs into one of the buildings with her chasing after. Inside the room is a wreck with furniture laying about or covered with sheets. She finds the mirrors, but  is knocked out by someone before she can break them.

Zhi Rong and her maid secretly meet with Qi Zhen. Zhi Rong thanks him for helping her enter the palace and tells him that she fears for her safety. She makes it clear that to be safe, she must become Queen and asks for his help, promising to do whatever he says, which pleases him. He advises her that the upcoming festival will give her that opportunity and she should plan carefully.

Qi Yun walks through town with Yun Hen following behind. She’s annoyed to have a babysitter and even more annoyed when Yun Hun will only call her by her title rather than her name. As much as he tries to stick with protocol, once she sticks her face close to his, he relents and calls her by her name. She drags him into a clothing store and then goes to try on dresses. A few seconds later, Yun Hen hears her escaping out the window and chases after her. She runs through the crowd until she bumps into someone who knocks her out. Yun Hen catches up and sees that the someone is Zong Yue (lucky girl).
 photo vlcsnap-00115.jpg

Fu Yao wakes up in chains and locked in a cage. She frantically tries to escape when a woman in white appears. Though she doesn’t introduce herself, we know that she is Xuan Yuan Xiao, Supreme Princess of Taiyuan Kingdom and also the Princess Consort of Taiquan Kingdom. She’s also crazy. Fu Yao tries to flatter her, but the lady isn’t impressed. It turns out that she’s been the one making people believe the Hall is haunted so that she can have it to herself and practice her martial arts.

When Fu Yao tries to excuse her trespassing by saying she was chasing after a nasty fox, the Princess gets angry. That fox is the Xuan Yuan Fox and not some nasty pest. Angry at Fu Yao for sabotaging her plans, she vows to punish her. She pulls out the Englobement Bell and asks what it is. Fu Yao desperately tries to get it back, but after finding out how important it is the Princess refuses and leaves Fu Yao.

By the river, Qi Yun is laid out under a tree as the two Xuan Yuan brothers talk. Zong Yue wants to know what Yun Hen plans to do next, but Yun Hen doesn’t know. He sees Qi Zhen and his daughter as his family and says that Zong Yue has ruined his good life. Zong Yue, though, warns him that while he may view Qi Zhen as a father figure, Qi Zhen will never see him as anything more than a dog and asks if Yun Hen really values Qi Zhen over their murdered family. When Zong Yue tells Yun Hen that he can do what he likes, but that he will never be acknowledged by the Xuan Yuan family, Yun Hen takes out his frustration on some plants and then says that he knows that he is a member of the Xuan Yuan family and will not forget his responsibility. But he doesn’t want Qi Yun to be harmed, and he’ll make sure of it. (Aww Yun Hen) Zong Yue tells Yun Hen that Zong Yue knows Yun Hen cares for her, but that “Sworn foes cannot be forgiven.” Yun Hen scoops Qi Yun up and rides off as Zong Yue watches, thinking to himself that the Dragonscale Armor belongs to the Xuan Yuan family alone.
 photo vlcsnap-00121.jpg

Head Eunuch Cao arrives to deliver reports to the King, but he tells him to give them to Qi Zhen to review instead. When Eunuch Cao announces that Master Guo wants to discuss the rites for the festival, Wu Ji tells the eunuch that they should just do what they always do and that Eunuch Cao should personally supervise it. Jiang Feng arrives and reports to Wu Ji that Fu Yao has been missing for two days. Wu Ji is agitated by the news, but realises that this could only be either, because she left on her own, or that she met an enemy she couldn’t defeat. He knows that she still needs the spell to be lifted so it must be the later, and there’s not many people  in the palace who could possibly overpower her.

Ep. 22

Wu Ji sends our favourite mouse, Yuan Bao, to go find Fu Yao. Jiang Feng is surprised that he’s not going to go look for her himself. Just then Tang Zhi Rong arrives and Wu Ji has her brought in, telling a surprised Jiang Feng that he has to act according to his position.

In the cage, Fu Yao is sleeping. Yuan Bao comes out of a hole in the floor and the noise wakes up Fu Yao who calls to him. But the Xuan Yuan Fox, controlled by the crazy Princess, has other plans. Fu Yao can only watch as Yuan Bao runs around the room, but the mouse is much more spry than his fat, furry butt would lead you to believe. And he’s clever as well. When he runs into the cage with Fu Yao, this causes the fox to chase after, causing it to break open, but Yuan Bao is hurt. Fu Yao fights off the fox while yelling at Yuan Bao to go tell Wu Ji what has happened.
 photo vlcsnap-00143.jpg

Tang Zhi Rong is playing for the King, but can tell he is not even paying attention. When he says that he’s tired, she offers to attend to him and he agrees. After changing into sexy bedtime wear, she leads the King to bed and asks him to grace her with his favour. Just then Yuan Bao arrives and startles her. Wu Ji tells her that Yuan Bao is his pet and pretends the chastise the mouse while listening to what Yuan Bao has to say. He sends Yuan Bao away and returns to his Consort who is ready to get it on. As he leans in to kiss her, he knocks her out instead, and then leaves with Yuan Bao leading the way through the tunnels.

Miss Bitchy-Pants is leading a team of nervous servants to Cuiling Hall. She chides them for being so scared, but then gets startled by her own servants who are wearing scary masks to scare off the ghosts.

Inside, Fu Yao is still fighting the fox, but finally is able to defeat it, causing the Princess to come flying out of her hiding place and land, unconscious, on the floor. As she tries to revive her, Wu Ji arrives, worried and making sure Fu Yao is okay. But when he sees the woman unconscious, he is even more concerned. He tells Fu Yao, who the lady is. Fu Yao is surprised as she thought all of the Xuan Yuan family had been killed, but it was only the men with water manipulation powers. Wu Ji mentions that the Princess is under a Confinement Spell, but before he can explain it, they hear people outside and rush to leave.
 photo vlcsnap-00151.jpg

A maid is warning of stories of people dying in this hall, but Miss Bitch-a-lot is having none of it and, grabbing a lantern, goes inside with the rest of the servants following. They find the mirrors and Pippi Bitchstockings has them quickly loaded up so she can use them at the festival. As they do so, she scoffs at the idea of the place being haunted and speculates it was done so to protect such a treasure. In the meantime, a servant, having seen the masked servants standing outside of Cuiliang Hall, runs off in terror, warning of ghosts.

Fu Yao wakes up in bed with a concerned King watching over her. She thinks it’s only an animal bite, but he warns her that she was bitten by a spiritual fox and that it will take her some time to heal. After teasing her for always trying to get in to bed with him, he becomes more serious and apologises for putting her in danger and not getting to her soon enough. She’s not sure how to take this side of him, so he goes back to teasing again. When she asks for him to lift the spell, he tells her that she has to do a task for him first, otherwise if she leaves him once the spell is lifted, the next time he sees her… But he cuts himself off and instead says she’ll need someone to take care of her lovesickness.

Fu Yao suddenly starts to feel ill and Wu Ji realises she doesn’t have the Englobement Bell and, without it, she needs some of his internal force to survive until she can get it back. Suddenly they hear guards outside wanting to come in to Zuiyan Hall.
 photo vlcsnap-00157.jpg

The maids try to ward them off, but Jian Xue tells them to let the guards in. They check her chambers first and, once they find it cleared, next try to go to Yu Wen Zi’s chambers. Jian Xue warns them that the consort is ill and should not be disturbed, but they insist.

Wu Ji is holding Fu Yao, amazed to see her, for once, as a weak and gentle woman. When she points out that there are many weak and gentle women in his harem, he tells her that he only cares about her. When he tries to give her his internal force, she says she doesn’t deserve it. “You deserve the best of everything,” he tells her and then transfers his internal force to her.

Jian Xue points out to the soldiers that Yu Wen Zi is the goddaughter of Qi Zhen and, as they are General Tang Bo Nian’s men, that their actions could be seen as them trying to bully her in favour of the General’s daughter which could anger Qi Zhen. When she offers to go with them to inspect Fu Yao’s room, they decide they’ve searched enough and leave.
 photo vlcsnap-00156.jpg

Wu Ji lays Fu Yao down to recuperate as Jian Xue comes in to give him an update and Fu Yao is surprised to find out she is yet another one of Wu Ji’s people. (How many people did he manage to sneak in to this palace anyway?) Jian Xue asks how Fu Yao was wounded so badly, but he only orders Jian Xue to take care of Fu Yao. As he leaves, Fu Yao grabs his robes to ask where he is going. She is worried for his safety now that he’s transferred his internal force to her, but he is determined to get the Englobement Bell back. “Whatever I want in this world, I never fail to get it,” he tells her before leaving.

As soon as she sees Wu Ji, Xuan Yuan Xiao attacks him. When she hears that he knows who she is, she suspects him of being sent there by the Emperor of Tianquan, but instead he asks for her to return the Englobement Bell. She says she will if he will allow her to strike him three times and, if he lives, she will give it to him. He agrees and asks that if he does die, that she gives the Bell back to Fu Yao. She is amazed at the request and starts to wonder what if if someone else she knew had done the same for her.

She strikes Wu Ji three times and is amazed to see him still standing. She had spent years training to improve her martial arts, so she can attain revenge and is disappointed to find that it was to no avail. She hands back the Bell as it is useless metal to her, but before Wu Ji can leave, she asks how “he” is to which Wu Ji responds that “He has 17 concubines now.”

Back in the tunnels, Wu Ji is struggling. He spits up blood as a concerned Yuan Bao watches.

 photo vlcsnap-00172.jpg
Fu Yao wakes up and Jian Xue shows her the Englobement Bell that Wu Ji has brought back for Fu Yao. Fu Yao worries about him, but Jian Xue assures her that he is okay.

As Tang Zhi Rong continues to sleep, Wu Ji recuperates. Jiang Feng is surprised that Xuan Yuan Xiao could have wounded him so much, but Wu Ji says that it was the Confinement Charm that caused the damage. Jiang Feng worries that Wu Ji is risking too much for Fu Yao and that she is holding him back from his purpose, but when Wu Ji suggests letting her go, Jiang Feng also doesn’t want him to do that. Knowing that he needs to get the Englobement Bell back, they have to keep Fu Yao there. Jiang Feng also points out that back home Wu Ji is already engaged to someone else(whaaaaaa), someone that Wu Ji himself chose. (First Jing Chen and now this… Girl can’t get a break.) Wu Ji agrees that she needs to leave, but that he will be the one to send her off.

The next morning Wu Ji can’t keep his eyes open. When Tang Zhi Rong awakens and joins them, he declares that she has the King’s favour and rewards her.
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

At the harem, Fu Yao is feeding the fish. She is startled by Jian Xue’s arrival. Jian Xue teases her and asks who she is waiting for, but she denies waiting for anyone. As they go back to their chambers together, they see a parade of people following the King and Zhi Rong. Wu Ji pretends not to remember Yu Wen Zi‘s name and Fu Yao retorts, “Who could remember with Zhi Rong attending to them.” He immediately berates her for the comment and then decides to remove them from Zuiyan Hall and put Zhi Rong there instead so she will be closer to him.

Qi Zhen is angered to hear about this and feels this is being done to insult him. Yun Hen suggests that it’s not an issue since the General is one of Qi Zhen’s allies, but Qi Zhen says that there is no such thing as absolute loyalty.

Jian Xue tries to assure Fu Yao not to take Wu Ji’s reaction to heart. Then she tries to gauge Fu Yao’s true feelings. After Fu Yao asks Jian Xue to just come out and ask what Jian Xuewants to know, Jian Xue asks if Fu Yao likes the King. Hesitantly she admits that while she has issues with the secrets that he’s keeping, that she has gotten used to having him around and has found herself thinking of him more and more. Jian Xue says that means Fu Yao likes him. (Yes!)
 photo vlcsnap-00180.jpg

Ep. 23

When Fu Yao says she has gotten used to having him around and has found herself thinking of him more and more, Jian Xue says that means Fu Yao likes him, which surprises Fu Yao. She recalls her failed relationship with Jing Chen and says that’s why she isn’t sure if she does like the King or not.

She is surprised to see Wu Ji suddenly appear. He has been listening to their conversation and Fu Yao is embarrassed because she doesn’t know how he feels. Jian Xue is excused by Wu Ji. When Fu Yao asks him, he is complimentary at first, but then says that he needs a weak and gentle woman by his side, which she is not. She is heartbroken and laughs at herself for having gotten attached to him.  (*cries) She thanks him for being honest and that now that she knows how foolish she was, that she will deal with it herself. She promises to pay him back and not pester him anymore, but he doesn’t want her to pay him back and requests that she just leave as soon as possible. She storms off, leaving a sad Wu Ji behind.
 photo vlcsnap-00183.jpg

Head Eunuch Cao is supervising the festival preparations and punishing any mistakes.

As Fu Yao starts to leave for the festival, Jian Xue gives her an outfit and a badge that will help Fu Yao leave the palace and tells her that Wu Ji will take care of matters with Yu Wen Zi. The King is participating in the offerings for the festival and Qi Zhen comments that he doesn’t seem very happy, but Wu Ji says he’s being too sensitive.

Cue the sad music montage flashback of their moments together so far.

As Fu Yao is on her way out, Jiang Feng calls to her, to talk.
 photo vlcsnap-00186.jpg

In the Great Hall, officials and nobles are drinking toasts to one another. When Pei Yuan and Jing Chen go to make a toast to Qi Zhen, other officials compliment and praise Jing Chen. Pei Yuan loves it, but Qi Zhen seems unmoved, though making note of the officials who comment.

Pei Yuan gets jealous when she catches a maid making eyes at her husband. He tries to calm her down by proposing a toast, but instead, she insists that he feed her, which he does, though clearly embarrassed about it.

The King arrives along with three of his consorts. Zhi Rong asks about Yu Wen Zi and a maid advises that Yu Wen Zi is sick. Dancing girls come out to entertain the court, but Wu Ji can only stare at Fu Yao’s empty seat. In the meantime, Jing Chen doesn’t look at the dancing girls until his wife nudges him. After a moment, he excuses himself so he can get away for a bit.

Fu Yao is angry at now being told to not leave and not understanding what is going on. Jiang Feng then tells her how Wu Ji got the Englobement Bell back and that he’s never seen Wu Ji care about anyone the way Wu Ji cares about her. Jiang Feng tells her he just said those things to protect her, but that she should stay. As she storms off, Jiang Feng worries she is still leaving, but then she tells him she has to get ready for the festival.

Jing Chen is wandering around the waterfall courtyard when he recognizes Fu Yao. When she turns around though, he sees just Yu Wen Zi’s face and apologizes, but as she walks away, he recognizes her walk and knows that it is Fu Yao in disguise.
 photo vlcsnap-00192.jpg

The guests start asking the King what sort of entertainment he has planned for the festival. When he admits he had none, Bitcherella takes this opportunity to offer to perform a special sword dance for him with the Aquatic Spirit Mirrors and he agrees.

Jing Chen tells Fu Yao how much he misses her, but she’s not interested and tells him that he needs to treat his wife well because he chose her. He vents that his marriage was a mistake.

The jealous Tang Zhi Rong is unhappy to see Pu Ruo getting the attention. Then she notices each Consort has different coloured dishes and gets an idea. She sends her maid on an errand.

Jing Chen thinks Fu Yao is still sad about what happened and is surprised when she tells him she’s not. She admits she had been sad to find out that he would betray her so easily for the sake of his career, but that she understands now that it means he didn’t really care that much about her, and that she deserves someone who does care for her the way she deserves and treats her well and won’t betray her. (Ummm, got some bad news for you…) But Jing Chen is still insistent, asking her for her to wait for him to succeed and then he can be with her. She tells him to let her go and leaves for the Festival.
 photo vlcsnap-00194.jpg

Zhi Rong’s maid asks the maid carrying Pu Ruo’s wine to help her look for some lost earrings and gives her a gold leaf as a thank you. While the maid is distracted, she puts a drug into the wine. Then, pretending to have found them, heads with her for the hall when they run into Fu Yao. Despite having spilled wine on her, Fu Yao forgives the maids and lets them go on their way.

In the hall, Zhi Rong awaits fulfillment of her plan while Pei Yuan wonders where her husband is. Jing Chen arrives, sullen and distracted. When she asks what took him so long and pesters him, he yells at her that he wants to go home. He’s done playing nice.

Just before Pu Ruo is to begin her dance, Zhi Rong offers another toast to the King. As everyone in the hall drinks to the King, Zhi Rong watches with glee as Pu Ruo drinks from her glass. Just then Yu Wen Zi arrives and apologises for being late. Miss Bitchy-lotta asks why Yu Wen Zi exerted herself to show up and Yu Wen Zi said she was lucky enough to suddenly feel better and hopes the King isn’t angry. Of course Wu Ji is happy to see her and has her sit without any punishment, causing the officials to mutter amongst themselves that the King must like her to be so forgiving.

Pu Ruo begins her dance, though Wu Ji can’t help but make faces at Fu Yao, who scoffs at him. Everyone is entranced by the performance and all is going well at first. But then the drug in her wine starts to take effect and, suddenly, Pu Ruo loses hold of the sword which flies straight towards the King’s head. All are in shock, including Wu Ji who yells and holds up his arm, but behind his sleeve is able to block the sword and make it drop to the table. Despite this, Jiang Feng calls out “Protect the king!” and initiates what becomes a dog pile of eunuchs on His Majesty. (Funniest moment of this show yet.) Everyone in the hall kneels, with Qi Zhen very late to join in.
 photo vlcsnap-00204.jpg

Annoyed at first by being tackled, Wu Ji recovers with a sly smirk. Minister Zhang accuses Pu Ruo of trying to kill the King with her father arguing back. The King stops their fighting, certain that she didn’t do it intentionally. Suddenly Pu Ruo vomits on the floor. At that point she’s so embarrassed that she asks for the King to kill her. When Pu Ruo’s wine is tested, it comes up positive for drugs.

As they wonder who would have done it, Pu Ruo accuses Zhi Rong who immediately denies it. When asked for proof, Pu Ruo tells them that Zhi Rong’s maid paid her maid to help her look for some earrings while she was bringing in the wine, and that she must have drugged the wine then.

Ep. 24

Pu Ruo accuses Zhi Rong of drugging her wine who immediately denies it. When asked for proof, Pu Ruo tells them that Zhi Rong’s maid paid her maid to help her look for some earrings which she was bringing in the wine, and that she must have drugged the wine then. When called upon to explain the situation, Zhi Rong’s maid accuses Fu Yao of having placed something in the wine. As each side pleads their innocence, Pu Ruo suggests using the Aquatic Spirit Mirrors magical qualities to determine who is telling truth. After a demonstration of how the mirrors can show what people had been doing earlier, Jian Xue suggests that that the maid go first, but Zhi Rong wants Yu Wen Zi to go first instead and the King agrees.

Aware that her reflection will undo her disguise, Fu Yao walks hesitantly towards her doom. But just before she can be unmasked, Wu Ji secretly tosses Yuan Bao out, who proceeds to run around the mirrors. Responding to their King’s pleas for someone to catch his pet mouse, officials run after it and manage to destroy all of the mirrors. Feigning anger over his pet, Wu Ji commands that Yu Wen Zi be banished to Cuiliang Hall and that no one can visit her.
 photo vlcsnap-00215.jpg

Zhi Rong is pleased, but so is Fu Yao. But as she is walked past the shattered bits of mirror, Qi Zhen and Pei Yuan both see her reflection. Pei Yuan starts to get up, startled to see it is Fu Yao, but Jing Chen holds her back and she realises that he already knows the Consort’s true identity.

When the King is asked to anoint a queen that night, he responds in anger that currently there is no one suitable to be chosen. Qi Zhen suggests he take a few days to decide. After dismissing everyone, Wu Ji leaves. Outside the hall, he gives Jiang Feng a hard time for talking Fu Yao into staying, but then admits he can’t be mad about it. He has to leave for a few days and asks Jiang Feng to keep an eye on her. Jiang Feng asks if sending her to Cuiliang Hall is Wu Ji’s way to protect her and Wu Ji confirms that it’s also to make Qi Zhen send her to him sooner.

In the waterfall courtyard, Jing Chen is walking his drunken wife home. Pei Yuan taunts him because Fu Yao is already married into the palace and keeps laughing at him, despite his anger. When he suddenly starts feeling strange, he realises that she’s poisoned him, but passes out before he can do anything as Pei Yuan laughs. She recalls what she overheard at her wedding when Jing Chen’s father told him to kill Pei Yuan.
 photo vlcsnap-00224.jpg

Fu Yao is being walked to the hall when Jiang Feng arrives to talk to her. She tells him to thank the King and Jiang Feng gives her a hebao (a pouch accessory) that he says will keep her safe while she is in Cuiliang Hall. As the guards open the doors to the hall, they tell her that this is considered the Cold Palace and that they can not proceed any further. As the doors close behind her, though, someone knocks her out.
 photo vlcsnap-00227.jpg

Jing Chen wakes up to find himself bound up in one of Cuiliang Hall’s buildings with his wife standing over him with a sword. She calls in her maid who brings in the Soul Splitting Powder, and she reveals that she heard his father’s instructions and that she thought the fact that he never used it on her meant that he cared about her. But now she knows he doesn’t… Then he sees Fu Yao tied to a post, still unconscious.

Qi Zhen is thinking back to when he first met Yu Wen Zi and wonders who the imposter really is and why she seems so familiar. He asks his head servant, Wei Chuan, where Yu Wen Zi’s surviving family members are, but is reminded that Qi Zhen had them all killed off so they wouldn’t cause issues. Qi Zhen asks him to run an errand and whispers it to him.

Jing Chen asks Pei Yuan not to kill Fu Yao and his yelling wakes up Fu Yao. She has been given drugs to paralyze her so she can’t move. They think Pei Yuan is going to stab Fu Yao, but she reveals that she has a more devious plan in mind. Pei Yuan cuts the ropes binding Jing Chen and tells him that he has to give Fu Yao the Soul Splitting Powder or take it himself. He agrees to kill Fu Yao.

As he walks up to Fu Yao, Jing Chen apologizes for all that has happened, but then surprises everyone by cutting Fu Yao’s ropes and ingesting the powder himself. When he requests she let go, Pei Yuan refuses, angry that he would die rather than love her.  (This is exactly why he doesn’t love you.) Pei Yuan is determined that Fu Yao will die, but before she can kill Fu Yao, Pei Yuan gets stabbed in the back by her maid, who finally admits that she was the one who cut up Pei Yuan’s face. Pei Yuan is shocked, but the maid finally can vent about how badly Pei Yuan treated her.

But it’s not just Pei Yuan she wants dead. (I kind of don’t get what Fu Yao has done so wrong…) As the maid goes for Fu Yao, Jing Chen dives in front of her to save her. But before the maid can make her move, Pei Yuan kills the maid and then, with her dying breath, tells Jing Chen she hates him. Jing Chen is able to say a final goodbye to Fu Yao and promises to treat her better in his next life. Cue the usual pre-death flashback music montage. After he dies, Fu Yao passes out.
 photo vlcsnap-00229.jpg

Yun Hen tries to give Qi Yun flowers, but she knocks them out of his hand and they fight. Qi Yun is no match for Yun Hen, though. Still thinking they are just having fun, he gives her advice on what she did wrong and what to do next time. But as she starts to cry, he realises that she is really upset. She’s mad at him for making her come back to the manor where she has to do everything her father wants and can’t live her own life and she wishes she’d been born into an ordinary family.

Her father, having overheard her outcry, chastises her for having become unruly. When Yun Hen tries to speak up for her, Qi Zhen brushes him off. He makes it clear that he finds the idea of his daughter being a chef beneath her station, but she wishes that she’d just died when she was younger, only to suddenly collapse. Qi Zhen sends Yun Hen to get the doctor. (Finally! Why have you been hiding him this episode, producers?)

Qi Zhen pleads with Zong Yue to save his daughter. As Zong Yue checks her, Qi Zhen notices the doctor doesn’t use a handkerchief when taking her pulse. Zong Yue pretends to detect that she has had an illness for a while and suggests that whatever means is being used to keep her well can’t cure the illness and will only cause more problems. Zong Yue then dismisses Qi Zehng and Yun Hen so that he can treat her undisturbed. After Qi Zhen leaves, Yun Hen tells him to treat her, but Zong Yue will only look at him emotionlessly as Yun Hen leaves. Once they are gone, the doctor starts treating her.
 photo vlcsnap-00233.jpg

Overall Thoughts
Enid Bee: Saw the doctor’s tattoo and suddenly Vengo just ain’t looking like all that to me anymore. I do love the Lion brother’s in these episodes (Leon Lai Yi and Leo Liang Yi Mu per their Weibo IDs). I’m very interested to see how their story plays out. Either way someone is not going to get a happy ending I think.

I really am getting into the music in the show this week, especially the song “Window”. It’s now added to my daily commuting playlist. (It’s on iTunes under artist Greeny Wu if you are interested.)

Linja: Okay, that dancing half nekid Wu Ji in the room with Fu Yao was very pleasing to my eyes … I mean, it was beautifully shot and directed. And BAHAHA! Glowing dildo … I cannot unsee it now.

Iridescent: Why is Pei Yuan still not dead? Okay nevermind she dead.

Enid Bee:Yes, that was awesome and I love that maid even more now.
I don’t know why, but I’m still not feeling Fu Yao and Wu Ji as a couple. I like their characters, I’m very interested to see how their stories play out, but as a couple I’m just… meh. That bed fight is a good example. The one in Princess Agents was one of my favorite scenes, but in this show, it’s amusing, but I could really care less about them getting together.

Iridescent: Honestly I hated the bedroom slow motion fighting in Princess Agents, it was really out of place. Especially since them attempting to kill each other, was not well romantic. But at least here, I feel it matches, because Wu Ji is purposely being flirty.

IMOmusings: I feel like I’m part of a minority that’s loving the OTP from start to finish. I disliked Jingchen from the start – he was weak-willed and bent to the whims of both his father and Pei Yuan. The only reason he changed at the end was because he realised he had lost Fu Yao forever. As far as Bei Ye goes…well he doesn’t have the history that Wu Ji does, nor the amount of I need to save her situations. Wu Ji basically puts his life on the line time and time again (risking exposure of his true identity…even though his tactics are on par with Mei Chang Su) because of Fu Yao’s tendency to rush into things without thinking. Everyone was hammering for his blood because of the jealousy he incites in Fu Yao but honestly he loves no one but her and never even for a second thinks otherwise, even with the dang Zhi Rong throwing herself at him.

Still….the series is developing pretty slowly for being ¼ way done and still so much more story left. I know they’re trying to build OTP relationship and history for the unyielding and complete trust later on but….*pulls hair out*

Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 25-32 Recaps

Ep. 25

The episode opens as Qi Zhen is at the bedside of Qi Yun who has fallen unconscious. As Zong Yue walks in, Qi Zhen requests his aid, to which he agrees. While treating Qi Yun, Zong Yue thinks back on the conversation that he had with Wu Ji regarding Qi Yun’s ill health and the connection it has with the Dragonscale Armour. (I feel like Wu Ji’s little smirk lets us know that he feels there’s more going on between Zong Yue and Qi Yun than even Zong Yue knows…) Zong Yue laments that even though he wants to save Qi Yun, he does not want to be the cause of death of an innocent like her (*coughs* when has that ever stopped you before~then again the King wasn’t quite so innocent). Cue risqué reveal of Dragonscale Armour!
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Zong Yue makes doe eyes at Qi Yun, (Does he? At this point I think he’s still so focused on revenge that no matter how cute she is, he’s still got his eye on the prize) while Yun Hen and Qi Zhen wait outside anxiously. When he leaves, Yun Hen, once again, attempts to emphasise the point that Qi Yun should not pay the price for Zong Yue’s revenge against Qi Zhen, *coughs* to which he replies, “Each person has their own fate, it cannot be forgotten nor dismissed, it’s a matter of destiny and racing against the Gods, and there’s no way to win.”

Fu Yao wakes up to see the crazy lady staring at her eagerly. (Waking up to creepy staring seems to be a thing for Fu Yao…) She has somehow managed to end up under the care of Xuan Yuan Xiao after being heavily wounded last episode and she learns that the Elder Princess has also taken care of the bodies of Jing Chen, Pei Yuan and the maid as well, so no one knows they are dead. As is typical for all Chinese dramas, the hebao Fu Yao had received previously is a token of identity that the Elder Princess recognises as belonging to her long-lost daughter. An emotionally charged discussion about Fu Yao’s parentage and Xuan Yuan Xiao’s daughter ensues with the Princess showing her “daughter” all the clothes she had made for her over the years as princess awaited her daughter’s return. Suddenly, Xiao Qi enters dressed as a palace maid.
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Qi Yun wakes up from her illness and finds Zong Yue in the pavilion outside her room playing his flute, his silhouette greatly reminding her of a boy she once admired. (*coughs* goddang this dust) “I feel like I have met you before… like someone from a long time ago, an old friend…”, she tells him, but he brushes it off as just wishful thinking and leaves her frustrated as ever. (You and the rest of Team Hotty Doctor.)

After some slightly weird hugging and greetings between Fu Yao and Xiao Qi, and a quick update on Bei Ye and Lan Zhu, Fu Yao returns to the Elder Princess and they have a sweet ‘mother-daughter’ moment before the Princess has a meltdown when Fu Yao makes the mistake of asking about her husband. Having just knocked her out, Fu Yao is hurriedly summoned by Xiao Qi as eunuchs’ approach to ‘escort’ (I read apprehend) Yu Wen Zito Qi Zhen’s manor. Although she reminds them that the King has ordered her not to leave the Cold Palace, the eunuchs come with prepared excuses saying that the King is absent from the palace, attending the rites, and won’t know she is gone, and that Qi Zhen has invited her maternal family who has travelled from far away.

While this transpires, Xuan Yuan Min is at the altar conducting the ancient rites. (I actually was rather impressed by the level of detail for this scene as often they tend to just mention that these things have happened.)
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

As Fu Yao has no way to deny the invitation, Xiao Qi hurriedly explains that once they return to the manor, with so many people around, she will be unable to run away. He wants her to escape now, but Fu Yao, mindful that others will be punished if she does, simply pulls out a dagger from under her pillow before telling Xiao Qi that too many people’s lives depend on her staying and that she’ll leave only when necessary.

Whilst finishing up the rites, Xuan Yuan Min appears extremely tired, only to be told he has to stay by the altar for another day while fasting and praying. After much complaining, the head eunuch whispers that he understands and has prepared everything. Enter Zhi Rong. While her maids deliver a selection of snacks, Wu Ji recognizes Xiao Qi in the contingent of maids. He whispers an urgent “Fu Yao” as he passes, while Jiang Feng sputters at his appearance. (Gao Han Yu has the best facial expressions.) As the maids leave, Wu Ji sends Jiang Feng to follow Xiao Qi who urgently warns Jiang Feng to, “Tell him to send people to the Qi Zhen’s quickly!”

Wu Ji orders dancing girls, but then eventually sends everyone away so that it’s just him and Zhi Rong, who thinks she’s finally getting lucky… until he pulls a dagger from his sleeve and warns her not to cry out. Outside, in the hall, the servants can hear the Consort flirting with the King, but then we see Wu Ji riding off to save the day while a sad Zhi Rong is pretending that she is playing the lute for the King in an empty room.
 photo vlcsnap-00032.jpg

At his manor, Qi Zhen attempts to interrogate Yu Wen Zi about her relationship with the King. He told her that after hearing she had left, the King ignored every counsel and set off to bring her back. She attempts to deny any good relationship/collusion before Qi Zhen attempts to guilt Yu Wen Zi into following his commands once again and is told to assassinateXuan Yuan Min.

The two meet as Qi Zhen had planned, but Yu Wen Zi, after hearing Xuan Yuan Min making comments that don’t quite match with what they had discussed before, realises that this person is an imposter. Watching from afar are Qi Zhen and his men who have been ordered to kill her if she doesn’t obey his order.

Remembering what Qi Zhen told her to do, she pulls out the dagger to stab Xuan Yuan Min, killing him before having a (fake) complete meltdown, until Qi Zhen reveals it was all a test with someone disguised as Xuan Yuan Min. Yu Wen Zi exclaims how she can’t believe that he doesn’t trust her. (But Fu Yao has passed the test!) She is then returned to the palace where she notices someone following her (three guesses who~~).

 photo vlcsnap-00039.jpg

Ep. 26

Fu Yao is trying to sneak back into Cuiliang Hall when she hears someone in the bushes. When she hides behind a tree, she is grabbed and it turns out to be Wu Ji. She couldn’t be happier to see him and realise it’s the real deal this time. She informs him that she killed him earlier and is very happy to see him again. After talking about what happened, he asks how she knew it wasn’t him and she tells him that no matter how good the disguise, “he can’t imitate your bitchy expression.” (All his flirting has rubbed off on Fu Yao now.) Of course, it leads to a sweet moment where they are about to kiss, when “Mom” interrupts the fun. 
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Head Eunuch Cao reads out a decree, once again praising Tang Zhi Rong as a role model of the harem, and all the ladies visit her, bring presents and praise her for being the only consort to get the King’s attention. Everyone wants to be on her good side, but Zhi Rong, while willing to play the part, is less than happy with the reality.

In a flashback, we see that Wu Ji called her out on being a spy for Qi Zhen and providing Qi Zhen with information. Wu JI also let her know that her own father has asked that her sister (who, unlike her, is a legitimate daughter) be married into the palace as well, and warns her that no one is looking out for her. When she asks what she should do, he tells her that as long as she does what he says, she will reap all the benefits. (I’m feeling sorry for her now. I was expecting her to turn out to be full on evil and scheming.
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

As Zhi Rong is summoned to see the King, Her Royal Pain in the Ass, Pu Rou, is trying to hang herself as her maids plead with her. She’s upset the King hasn’t given her any attention. Her father is upset as well and yelling at Qi Zhen again about not helping her, but Qi Zhen informs him that he has no say in who the King likes. When asked if Zhi Rong will become Queen, Qi Zhen says he doesn’t know, but the Commandery Prince doesn’t seem convinced. He brings up how Tang Bo Nian helped him kill off Prince Wen Yi and his family, and now seems to be benefiting from it, but Qi Zhen holds the party line that the Prince was a traitor, though the Commandery Prince is no fool. As the Commandery Prince leaves, he points out that if Zhi Rong becomes Queen, it won’t necessarily benefit Qi Zhen. Qi Zhen also suspects that General Tang has intentionally had his daughter alienate Yu Wen Zi to keep her from being a threat.

Jiang Feng reports to Wu Ji that Qi Zhen has sent a messenger to General Tang asking him to come to the city alone. They realise it’s a test of loyalty and they plot to make Qi Zhen’s doubts grow, with Zong Yue’s help.

Zong Yue has been summoned to check on Qi Yun, but it’s a ruse. She’s been trying to get him to come over for a meal, but he’s been avoiding her, so she tricked him to come to check on her. He tells her that he was just doing his job and there is no need for any praise. Just then, Yun Hen arrives to give her a present but sees the doctor and stops. Qi Yun asks him to help convince Zong Yue to stay for a meal and, when the doctor finally relents, they all sit down together. 
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Qi Yun tells Zong Yue that he reminds her of a childhood friend who she used to like, but he would never give her the time of day and even left her in a cave one time. As she serves Zong Yue some soup and has him try it, she reveals that she paid back the boy by putting qijin leaves in his soup because she knew he was allergic and would get a rash from it. But when she tried to see the results of her trick, the boy had moved away so she never got to see what happened. Zong Yue finishes the soup and then gets up to leave, but Qi Yun won’t have it. Certain that he is that same boy, she annoys him by trying to look under his clothes, certain that the qijin leaves she put in the soup this time will cause the same rash, but his arm is clear of any blemish. (You should ask him to show you his tattoo. He keeps flashing it at everyone.) After the doctor leaves, Yun Hen tries to console her, but she is upset because she knows the boy didn’t move. He was killed, instead, along with his entire family, and she begins to sob.
 photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

The doctor hurries back to his chambers and immediately starts to treat his now inflamed and blistered arm. As he heals, he has flashbacks to his childhood with Qi Yun. Yun Hen visits the doctor, but Zong Yue warns him that if they are seen together too often, Qi Zhen will get suspicious. But Yun Hen doesn’t care. He knows he needs to help his brother avenge their family, but again begs that he leave Qi Yun out of it. He also acknowledges that he’s known for a while that Qi Yun had feelings for someone from her past and now he knows that it was Zong Yue, but Zong Yue is upset that Yun Hen is more worried about his enemy’s daughter than his own family. “In your eyes, is she more important than anything else?” (My poor, poor Yun Hen, jie jie’s heart hurts for you.)

Zong Yue reveals to Yun Hen how he was buried alive with the bodies of their family, and had to resort to cannibalism to survive, so he has no interest in his little brother’s pleas and that, if he has to, will have no problem doing away with him. Yun Hen is shocked and confused. Zong Yue warns him that he should get rid of his feelings for Qi Yun because he’ll never have the status to be married to her. Then Zong Yue tells him that they have some work to do.

Zong Yue informs Qi Zhen that Qi Yun’s life isn’t in danger, but she still needs special medicine that he needs to gather himself in the mountains. Qi Zhen consents to have him go and suggests taking Yun Hen with him for protection.

The next day as they ride out, Yun Hen realises they are going in the wrong direction. Zong Yue reveals that he needs Yun Hen to intercept the message for General Tang.
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Back in the palace, Yuan Bao has lead Fu Yao to Wu Ji’s chambers where he complains that he was waiting forever for her. But she’s jealous about Tang Zhi Rong spending so much time with him while she has to hang out in the Cold Palace, never knowing when she’s going to be called on. Of course the two can’t resist teasing each other. But Wu Ji has some business. He wants her to take the Mystic Spiritual Leaf and use it to ask Xuan Yuan Xiao some questions to find out what happened with her and the Prince, and why she ran away from Tianquan. The leaf will record her memories. Fu Yao doesn’t want to as she’s aware of how hurt the Princess is and feels bad for her, and doesn’t want to use her the way Wu Ji has been using other people. When he tells Fu Yao that if she doesn’t, then he won’t be able to get the information needed to remove the spell from her, she says she’s willing to pay the price and ends up leaving. 

Zong Yue tells Yun Hen that Qi Zhen is a suspicious person and will be worried about General Tang gaining more power and influence through his daughter’s marriage to the King. Yun Hen figures out that while General Tang is gone, other people under Qi Zhen’s influence will take over his troops. But then, Zong Yue confirms that they have switched the letter and, instead, told General Tang to come to the city with 50,000 of his men.

General Tang is suspicious of the message he received from Qi Zhen and decides to send a message back to confirm before just taking troops back and getting arrested for it. But before he can send the message, Yun Hen arrives in person to verify it. The brothers know that General Tang won’t easily obey unless someone he trusts confirms the orders.
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Ep. 27

Yun Hen has arrived at Tang Bo Nian’s base to verify the letter from Qi Zhen as part of Zong Yue’s plan. When the General asks what is up, Yun Hen advises that he has come in person to explain that Qi Zhen wants to proceed with the rebellion they’ve been planning for years. The first 50,000 men are to come with him with the rest as back up, split into three groups to surround the capital.
 photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

General Tang and his men proceed, but stop just outside the capital, waiting for a messenger sent to his daughter. He is still worried it is a trap. At the palace, Zhi Rong advises the King that her father has sent a secret letter about the arrival of himself and his men, and of his worries. She realises that his act is considered treason, but also does not want to put herself at risk, so she disavows the Tang family and vows to be loyal to the King. He tells her that if she can help them take down the army, he will reward her. At the possibility of that reward being the position of Queen, she promises to confirm to her father that all is going according to plan and he is safe to proceed.

Head Eunuch Cao announces the upcoming royal wedding where Tang Zhi Rong will become Queen of Taiyuan Kingdom. Many gifts are delivered to her and she is aware that her father will likely die for his crimes, but at least she will be able to survive. In the meantime, General Tang and his troops are ambushed in a pass by archers in black and the General is wounded.

Jiang Feng asks Wu Ji why he hasn’t seen Fu Yao in a while and if Wu Ji’s mad at her. Jiang Feng has noticed a change in his master’s demeanour since meeting her and wonders if her lectures have affected him, but Wu Ji doesn’t want to discuss the matter, so Jiang Feng leaves him alone.
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

At Qi Zhen’s manor, Yun Hen reports that General Tang arrived at the capital with 50,000 men, but they have disappeared. Qi Zhen is furious the General decided to rebel and is certain that the General has been plotting with the King to betray him. Qi Zhen views the announcement of the new queen as proof of this. He decides to come up with a plan to combat this plot.

Qi Zhen reads a secret message from someone promising to meet up with him. It appears that he has a second ally already in play, just for this very reason. 
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Zhi Rong is performing for the King when Jiang Feng arrives to deliver the news. He announces that General Tang arrived in the capital, but then suddenly his men disappeared. Zhi Rong is worried. The King wonders if Qi Zhen is responsible for the disappearance. Fortunately General Tang has been arrested and hidden from Qi Zhen. After Jiang Feng leaves, Wu Ji tells Zhi Rong that he locked up her father because he doesn’t think her father deserves to die, but if Qi Zhen finds him, he won’t be able to save her life.

In the dungeon, Yun Hen and Zong Yue visit General Tang. When the General asks who Zong Yue is, he reveals his tattoo (something about that sound effect makes me giggle), which the General recognises immediately and is shocked to realise that the son didn’t die. He’s even more shocked when he finds out that Yun Hen is Zong Yue’s brother. Tang Bo Nian realises their return was a trap and asks what they want. The General confirms that their father was set up by Qi Zhen on behalf of their father’s younger brother so that Qi Zhen could get the Dragonscale Armour. When Zong Yue asks the General why Qi Zhen wanted it, Tang Bo Nian will not say, but Zong Yue knows it was for his daughter. The General is willing to let them kill him, but the doctor, not willing to get his own hands dirty, leaves the General with the means to do it himself. 
 photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Qi Yun sees her father rushing into his study and follows after him. Wu Ji and Jiang Feng are looking out over a pond in the gardens, discussing how much time they’ve spent in Taiyuan Kingdom and how it’s time to bring matters to an end. Jiang Feng seems pleasantly surprised to hear that it is almost over. Head Eunuch Cao arrives with Minister Zhang to see the King. As he is listening, Wu Ji asks Minister Zhang what he thinks about General Tang, but doesn’t mention the recent events. Realising Eunuch Cao is listening, the King asks Minister Zhang if, since the borders are stable, Zhang He Nian would like some extra men to help shore up his numbers and promises him 50,000 men, but Zhang worries that the other officials will think he has selfish intentions.

When Minister Zhang starts to cough from the cold, the King sends Eunuch Cao to get a blanket and Jiang Feng to keep an eye on him. Once they are gone, Wu Ji quickly reveals to Minister Zhang that the palace isn’t safe due to spies and that Wu Ji needs Zhang He Nian’s help. In the meantime, soldiers ride up to a lake where Qi Zhen is waiting. It is the Eldest Imperial Prince of Tianquan Imperial City, Wu Ji’s brother.

Wu Ji tells Minister Zhang that he wasn’t much interested in the throne, but got caught up in fate and realises that he is not capable. Minister Zhang vows to help him. Worried about a potential rebellion hurting the Kingdom, the King suggests giving up his throne before he’s forced to abdicate by Qi Zhen, but Minister Zhang feels there are loyal people who will help guard the Xuan Yuan bloodline. Inspired by the King’s honesty, Minister Zhang confesses that the reason why he doesn’t want more soldiers is that he feels there are others in the court that deserve them more, plus his health would make it too difficult for him to manage that many soldiers.

Qi Zhen thanks the Imperial Prince, Zhang Sun Pin Rong, for coming to visit. The Imperial Prince promises to help Qi Zhen get the throne if he, in the future, will help him become Tianquan’s Crown Prince. Qi Yun, hiding in the trees, is shocked to witness this exchange. Qi Zhen, though, is concerned that Crown Prince Wu Ji may hear of this.
 photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

Minister Zhang is surprised that Qi Zhen would try to become King and even more surprised that the Imperial City might help him. Minister Zhang is also shocked the King would say anything bad about the Emperor or Crown Prince Wu Ji and goes on to praise them, much to the King’s amusement. (Seriously, no one has like a potluck or something to meet their rulers? No drawings shared about the place?) The King shows him a secret letter saying that someone from Tianquan has secretly visited Qi Zhen.

Qi Zhen tells the Imperial Prince that he’s been planning this for a long time, and reveals the allies Qi Zhen has and his agreements with them as Qi Yun listens. But the Imperial Prince is skeptical about Qi Zhen’s llack of action. Qi Zhen assures him that he is waiting for the right time, while the King tells Minister Zhang his own plans. Minister Zhang agrees to risk his own life to protect the King. 
 photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Qi Zhen plans to attack on the royal wedding day, but the Imperial Prince wonders why he is so worried about a puppet king taking his powers away.

Ep. 28

Qi Zhen plans to attack on the royal wedding day, but Zhang Sun Pin Rong wonders why he is so worried about a puppet king taking his powers away. Qi Zhen says that while everyone gathers for the wedding, Qi Zhen will be able to easily sort out those who support him and kill those who don’t. Qi Yun is angry with her father, but then someone (oh, who could it be…) comes up behind her and knocks her out.

Tang Zhi Rong is bathing. As she listens to the maids talk about how much the King likes her, she gets angry and sends them away. While she looks over her clothes for the wedding, she imagines what the wedding day will be like, but is less than happy as she thinks about her family. She promises that once she is Queen, she’ll pay back those who betrayed her family, but suddenly finds herself stabbed in the back by an unknown assailant. 
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Jiang Feng advises Wu Ji that his robes for the wedding have been delivered, but the King is lost in thought. Jiang Feng wonders if perhaps Wu Ji should have a different Queen, but Wu Ji knows Zhi Rong is the only one who will do what needs to be done.

Fu Yao wakes up and finds herself locked in a room with wedding robes on display. Not sure how she got here, she looks around the room and at the clothing. She remembers going back to her chambers and being called by a eunuch, only to be knocked out. Qi Zhen enters the room and she asks why he didn’t just ask her to come.

Zhi Rong’s body is taken away as Wu Ji asks who did it. Jiang Feng tells him they don’t know and advises him that Fu Yao is also missing. Wu Ji is certain this is Qi Zhen’s doing.

Qi Zhen tells Fu Yao that he wants her to be Queen. She wonders if he means for her to pretend to be Zhi Rong, but he insists she will be formally proclaimed as the new Queen. He confesses that he doesn’t mean for her to marry the King, but to kill him.
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Jiang Feng explains that as part of the ceremony, the seal that controls the guards will be handed over by the Queen as part of the wedding ceremony. This would be the best time to steal it. Qi Zhen confirms this very plan with Fu Yao and she promises to go along with it.

When Head Eunuch Cao advises that there are rumours about the fate of Zhi Rong and that, with her demise, someone else should be named Queen so that the wedding can proceed. The King is angry at this request and is shocked (shocked, I tell you!) that the officials suggest Yu Wen Zi. He rants about how he’s sure Qi Zhen is behind it and behind the murder of his Queen to-be, but then says he doesn’t care and they can name whomever they want to marry him. (Love Jiang Feng’s playful suggestion to calm down and watch out for his health.)

When everyone is gone, Yuan Bao comes out from hiding and Wu Ji confesses about being relieved to know Fu Yao is safe. “I originally wanted her to leave, but we can’t control fate. If she’s pre-destined to be my Queen, there’s nothing I can do.
 photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Fu Yao fidgets as she’s watched by the guards. Shi Lan arrives to serve her and Fu Yao is relieved, and asks her to make her a cup of tea. She whispers to Shi Lan that Qi Zhen plans to kill the King and that he should escape, but Shi Lan tells her that it’s not possible as they would both end up being killed.

Shi Lan tries to leave to get water, but the guards won’t let her go and they bring water instead. When Fu Yao asks for food, they also bring it. Even faking intestinal issues only results in them bringing a bucket. Finally, they are able to get the guards to leave so she can do her business. With them gone, Fu Yao calls for our favourite rodent. In the palace, her calls attract Yuan Bao’s attention.

After Qi Zhen has presented the King with a drawing he made of a dragon and a phoenix as a wedding gift, Wu Ji thanks him for it and, in recognition of his years of service, presents him with a plaque that says “Sacrifice for the Nation”.

Fu Yao, back to being stared at by the guards, waits impatiently for Yuan Bao to arrive.

Qi Yun is asleep in a strange room and Zong Yue tucks her into bed. (lucky girl…)
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Yun Hen confirms with Qi Zhen that everything is prepared. When Qi Zhen asks for Qi Yun, Yun Hen reminds Qi Zhen that he had her sent away from the city. A soldier reports that the person they were looking for has been found. When Yun Hen asks Qi Zhen why he wants to act during the Royal Wedding, Qi Zhen confirms what he told the Imperial Prince, that he wants to use this opportunity to take care of his enemies. When Yun Hen points out there would be so many people there and a lot of collateral damage, Qi Zhen slaps him, telling him that anyone that stands in Qi Zhen’s way will be removed.

The King and future Queen are dressed in their wedding robes with lots of dramatic music playing. It’s time for the big game, folks! The wedding procession to the palace proceeds as the decree for Yu Wen Zi to be Queen is read out. The procession is soooo slow with various rites being performed every ten steps so Fu Yao is bored. Outside the capital, the Prince of Xiping and his men wait for a signal.

Yuan Bao arrives carrying the cutest little mouse bag. Fu Yao is mad at him for not showing up the day before. Then she realises he has a note for her. It’s from Wu Ji with instructions to hurry the rites up and then watch for his signal to run away. After telling Yuan Bao to hide, she suddenly gets out of the palanquin, much to everyone’s shock, and makes a run for it. (And thus begins the funniest scene in this show since the eunuch dog pile.)
 photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

With servants madly trying to keep up, Fu Yao runs to the waterfall courtyard and starts the incense, insisting that the officials administering the rites and finish reading the decree by the time the incense finishes burning, which she blows on to make it burn faster. Just as the rest of the procession arrives, out of breath and exhausted, the incense is done and she dashes off for the hall as everyone responds in confusion.

In the great hall, officials are muttering about why they were asked to come so soon and skip all the other steps. The King arrives with his retinue and tells them to start the ceremony before the auspicious hour. Confused, because the Queen has not yet arrived, they start, but then are interrupted by Qi Zhen who arrives, wondering why the ceremony is being rushed. When the King says the Queen will arrive soon, Qi Zhen starts to explain that it will take another hour for her to get here, only to be surprised by the announcement of her arrival. Fu Yao walks down the aisle on her own, much to the shock of the officials not used to things being done outside of the normal rites.
 photo vlcsnap-00038.jpg

Fu Yao bows and apologises for being late, but Wu Ji is happy to see her. Qi Zhen asks Yun Hen what time it is, commenting that the person they were waiting for must have arrived by now just as the Imperial Prince’s soldiers come across the desert. Qi Zhen tells Yun Hen to bring over the person. Qi Zhen then calls out to the King that the wedding can not yet proceed. When another official asks why he is stopping the ceremony, Qi Zhen suggests that the King is an imposter. Fu Yao, knowing this is true, is concerned.

Ep. 29

Qi Zhen suggests that the King is an imposter. Another official accuses him of treason and argues with him to prove it. Yun Hen enters with the real Xuan Yuan Min whom Fu Yao recognises right away. The officials don’t know what to believe so a bowl of water is brought out for Xuan Yuan Min to display his water manipulation powers. However, Wu Ji is not deterred. Instead, he offers another display and has Fu Yao herself manipulate the same water to success. Of course, no one notices that it’s really Yun Hen controlling the water. (OK, how did he learn this skill if he never knew until now that he was of Xuan Yuan blood?) (Iridescent:  Zong Yue probably taught it to him, when they were discussing plans of sabotaging the rebellion.) Wu Ji then accuses Xuan Yuan Min of being a con artist and Xuan Yuan Min is dragged away. In the meantime, the Prince of Xiping and his troops proceed towards the capital as does the Imperial Prince’s army. 
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Qi Zhen apologizes for his mistake, ready to be punished, but Wu Ji doesn’t want to kill him on such a joyful day and the wedding proceeds. As the auspicious hour is announced, the King and his Queen continue with the ceremony. As they stand together, an apparition arises and floats around the room while the couple makes lovey eyes at each other. (Awww, it’s so sweet.)
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

The military tally that controls the army is presented to the Queen just as Qi Zhen gets a message from a servant. Before she can give it to the King, a soldier rushes in to advise that an army from Tiansha Kingdom is attacking them. Another soldier arrives to announce that the Defense Battalion in control of the city gates is rebelling. An official accuses Qi Zhen of trying to usurp the throne and is immediately killed by an arrow.

Qi Zhen commands his troops to get the King and Queen and suddenly there is fighting in and around the palace with officials, maids and soldiers being slaughtered. Minister Zhang is with his troops outside, prepared to give his life to defend the Kingdom. Outside the city gates, soldiers are arriving to attack.

Fu Yao tells Wu Ji he should escape, but he says there is no way out and that when he calls her a bitch, she should run away. Jiang Feng tries to take out Qi Zhen, but is knocked out. (Qi Zhen is a pretty badass fighter. I really like him as a bad guy, I have to say. And will also enjoy seeing him get his comeuppance.)

Fu Yao and Wu Ji are surrounded by some soldiers who try to protect them though they are outnumbered. Qi Zhen commands Fu Yao to give him the tally which causes Wu Ji to call her a bitch and accuse her of betraying him as the tally is flung over to Qi Zhen, but Fu Yao doesn’t leave. Instead, she pulls a dagger from her sleeve and holds it to his throat. Qi Zhen is pleased and orders her to kill him. 
 photo vlcsnap-00027_1.jpg

But Wu Ji uses his magic “throw a girl around and make half her clothes fall off” skills and suddenly he and Fu Yao are in front of Qi Zhen all in red and ready to fight him. When Qi Zhen rebukes his goddaughter, she reveals that she’s actually Fu Yao and he finally remembers that servant girl from Xuan Yuan Sect. Holding up the tally, Qi Zhen takes control of the guards, but before they can attack the fake royals, Fu Yao holds up the real tally and Qi Zhen realises that he has been tricked.

Wu Ji commands that the soldiers arrest Qi Zhen, but as they fight with Qi Zhen’s men, he attacks the couple. Though they outnumber him, his skills make it difficult for them to defeat him. (I’m actually really surprised, he’s as strong as he is.)

The Imperial Prince looks over the city as the Prince of Xiping’s troops arrive at the gate. Qi Zhen’s men open the gates, but as they start to enter, someone sets off a defense system that shoots arrows from the walls and kills several of the soldiers. Then the order goes out to close the gates. The order is from Yun Hen. When a soldier chastises him for killing their allies, Yun Hen kills him with an arrow and then tells the rest that Qi Zhen has ordered the gates closed and to stop anyone from entering the city. Now Qi Zhen’s allies are fighting one another. Inside Minister Zhang encourages his men to keep fighting to protect the kingdom.

In the great hall, everyone is dead except Qi Zhen, Fu Yao and Wu Ji who continue to fight.
 photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

In the meantime, Qi Yun wakes up in a strange room. She sees the doctor and asks what is going on. He reveals to her that she was right about his identity and also that her father was the one who killed his family and that he has sworn revenge.

As the fight in the great hall moves out into the courtyard, which is also littered with bodies, Zong Yue tells Qi Yun the noise she hears is her father trying to take over the kingdom, but she refuses to believe him. He reminds her that she heard for herself of her father’s plan, but she still won’t accept it. She tries to ask the doctor not to go after her father, but he is unmoved.

Qi Zhen has managed to get a hold of a wounded Fu Yao and holds a dagger to her throat. Qi Zhen tells Wu Ji that he will let her go only if Wu Ji gives up his powers and his throne. Fu Yao tells Wu Ji not to do it and to let her die, but Wu Ji won’t allow that. Just as Wu Ji is giving in, Fu Yao turns and head-butts Qi Zhen and the couple attack Qi Zhen and finally take him out before collapsing from their own injuries.
 photo vlcsnap-00036.jpg

A soldier tells the Imperial Prince that the Prince of Xiping has turned on Qi Zhen and defected to the royal family. Now that the odds are no longer in Qi Zhen’s favor, the Imperial Prince has no interest in helping him and has his men retreat.

Minister Zhang and his surviving men survey the damage. Fu Yao and Wu Ji lay in the courtyard, wounded, as Qi Zhen flees. He rides out to the woods to meet Yun Hen and his troops. Qi Zhen proclaims that “The gods want me dead, but I’m not going anywhere.” He wants to go to an area he controls, Gan Province, and come up with a new plan to take over the Kingdom, which disappoints Yun Hen.

As Qi Zhen gets up, they are surrounded by the King’s army and he realises that Yun Hen, who can’t face him, has turned on him. Zong Yue appears and Qi Zhen realises it was him and demands to know who he works for. When he says he works for Prince Wen Yi, Qi Zhen is shocked. Then he recognizes Zong Yue as the son he thought had died, but is even more shocked to discover that Yun Hen is his brother. Finally, Zong Yue gets to vent his anger on the man who killed his family and then tells Yun Hen to kill Qi Zhen.
 photo vlcsnap-00039.jpg

Fu Yao and Wu Ji survey the dead bodies. Crazy lady arrives to find her daughter, but Wu Ji still needs information. He confronts her and forces her to acknowledge that Fu Yao is not her daughter and that her daughter is dead, but the princess refuses to accept it.

Ep. 30

At first, denying Wu Ji’s assertion and refusing to discuss what happened the day she left the Imperial City, Xuan Yuan Xiao finally remembers the events of the day she ran away. She overheard the Emperor arguing with another concubine about how someone else’s son was named Crown Prince and then she ran away with her daughter but was chased down by soldiers who set the woods they were hiding in on fire. She screams in agony while Fu Yao looks on in sadness as the woman starts searching the dead bodies for her daughter and then yelling that Zhang Sun Jia killed her daughter. Wu Ji feels bad about having to make her remember, but is glad to finally know what happened.
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

After listening to Qi Zhen reminisce about raising him and making him promise to not hurt his daughter, Yun Hen can’t bring himself to kill Qi Zhen. Zong Yue tells his little brother that the Taiyuan Kingdom is Yun Hen’s now and he can do what he likes with it and Qi Zhen. When asked about Qi Yun, the doctor warns Yun Hen, “Affections of the heart are always deadly.” His revenge completed, Zong Yue has no interest in the throne or killing Qi Zhen himself, so he leaves.

Xuan Yuan Xiao asks Fu Yao if it’s true that she’s not her daughter and Fu Yao starts to cry, but the Princess laughs instead. Then she leaves the palace, saying that she is going to find her daughter. Wu Ji apologises to Fu Yao, who is disappointed that in the end he still used people. As she wonders who he really is and why he did all this, she passes out.

In the Royal Bureau of Meteorology, Zong Yue and Wu Ji lay the unconscious Qi Yun and Fu Yao under the Dragonscale to lift off the first tier of the spell. Zong Yue uses his powers to remove the first tier as both women float in the air. Fu Yao’s wounds heal, her magic disguise disappears and her necklace glows. Wu Ji hopes that she will no longer have to pretend to be someone else again (no such luck there…) while Zong Yue declares she will have to suffer a lot more. Wu Ji believes that the two of them are meant to meet again and tells her sleeping form to take care of herself. Wu Ji tells Yun Hen to take good care of the Kingdom while Zong Yue leaves Qi Yun in Yun Hen’s care, still wearing the Dragonscale Armour. And so the episode ends…
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

OK, not really. With all that music and stuff, it sure felt like an end, but I guess to just part 1 of the story as there’s still 25 minutes left to go. Whee!!

Fu Yao wakes up by the river, a memory of Wu Ji’s kiss on her lips, but not much else about what happened to her. She hears Xiao Qi calling her name and sees him paddle a boat up to the shore. He has exposition to pass on. He tells her the fake King told him where to find her. Yun Hen is now King of Taiyuan Kingdom and has made our favorite bitchy consort, Gao Pu Ruo, his Queen after making a promise to her father in exchange for him turning against Qi Zhen during the battle. They both wonder who the fake king is and why he went to all the trouble just to win the kingdom for someone else.

The pair decide to travel down the river and see where it takes them. Cue another montage of the events of these first 30 episodes. And now that’s the end of the episode… wait, no, Fu Yao just realised that her multi-coloured stone is gone and has been replaced with Wu Ji’s Mystic Spiritual Leaf . A flashback shows that he swapped them in hopes that it will bring her back to him. Angry, she yells at the air as a confused, but amused Xiao Qi watches and then proceeds to recite poetry as they float down the river. (Awww, look at his cute face.)
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

At night they walk through the woods and find an abandoned campsite, but then are attacked by two Tiansha soldiers. They capture one who claims to have been working for Zhan Bei Ye, but ran away when the battle in Taiyuan failed. Fu Yao realises that he was actually working for Zhan Nan Cheng and had been told to claim they worked for the other prince if the battle failed to give Zhan Bei Ye bad name. She asks what happened to Bei Ye and we get an image of the wounded prince bleeding out.

Fu Yao decides to take the soldier prisoner and head to the Imperial City to clear her friend’s name. As they ride through the woods, they come upon a campsite filled with people suffering from an epidemic. Undeterred, Fu Yao goes in to get clean water and ask about what has happened. A maid, Qiao Ling, tells her that the sick people are refugees from the battle who have gotten ill. Her mistress, Feng Jing Fan, a Princess from the Xuanji Kingdom, who is also known as Fo Lian, has been tending to the sick with both her time and her money. 
 photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Xiao Qi runs in, announcing that their prisoner has gotten ill, so they put him in Fo Lian’s care. When Fu Yao asks Fo Lian why she is helping all these people, Fo Lian says that she made a promise to Buddha to do good deeds. Fu Yao has Xiao Qi distribute their money to the sick, certain they’ll be able to make more. He tells her that he heard there is a mysterious leaf in the Imperial City that can cure this disease which makes Fu Yao look at her necklace. He also heard that the Crown Prince, Zhang Sun Wu Ji, is returning to the city and everyone is certain he will fix everything. 

In the Imperial City, officials are reading and signing documents while the Emperor’s table sits empty in front of them. As they go about their work, General Huo Yuan Shan suggests giving control of the army back to the Crown Prince when he returns from training in the Holy Lands, but Duan Tong, a Prime Minister, thinks it would be unfair to the Elder Imperial Prince to make the Prince give up the army he’s been in charge of for years. After debating amongst themselves, they both turn to the empty Emperor’s chair to plead their cases. Though the chair is empty, the Emperor is observing them from another room where he can see what is going on in a cloud of smoke coming from a large censer. Then all the officials kneel towards the chair and kowtow. 
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

The Emperor clears away the smoke and talks to Wu Ji about what has happened while he was gone. He reminds his son that he will have to prove himself again to win back allies. When Emperor asks about the Englobement Bell, Wu Ji apologises to his father for failing and offers to take his punishment. Instead, the Emperor tells him to go see his mother.

The Empress, Yuan Qing Yi, is looking at the stars when her maid brings a drink from her husband. When the maid reminds her that the Crown Prince is returning, the Empress is happy to hear her husband has helped make celebration plans.
 photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

In the morning, Fu Yao is disappointed to find out her prisoner has died. Thinking that she is sad to have lost a friend, Fo Lian tries to console her, but Fu Yao informs her that actually he was a witness to help a friend of Fu Yao’s and mentions that she was headed to see the Emperor of Tianquan to plead his case. Fo Lian is surprised that Fu Yao is going there and Fu Yao asks why. And this time it really is the end of the episode.

Ep. 31

Fo Lian is surprised to hear that Fu Yao is headed to see the Emperor of Tianquan to plead for Fu Yao’s friend and Fu Yao asks why. Fo Lian warns her that while it is easy to enter the city, entering the palace is difficult, plus the celebration for the returning Crown Prince will mean that the palace will be heavily guarded. Fo Lian shares her knowledge of the Crown Prince and his great deeds, which Fu Yao thinks may not all be true. Fo Lian offers to take Fu Yao there in two days as Fo Lian is already headed that way and that she will help get Fu Yao into the palace. Alone that evening, Fo Lian is looking forward to Wu Ji’s return. (I’m guessing this is the fiancée we heard about.)

The next morning the maid runs to Fu Yao with news that the Princess is ill. Fo Lian asks Fu Yao to go to Tianquan Kingdom on her behalf as she thinks she won’t make it. She tells Fu Yao that she has been engaged to Wu Ji from childhood and has been writing to him all these years. She asks Fu Yao to go in her place and has her maid give Fu Yao the Princess’ badge to help with the request. (Here we go again.) Fu Yao is hesitant, but finally agrees.
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Xiao Qi is surprised by the decision, but Fu Yao says there is a crisis in the capital and if the Princess doesn’t arrive on time, her kingdom will be punished. Fu Yao decides she will tell the Crown Prince the truth once she sees him.

In Tianquan, they are amazed by all the sights, including the impressive palace. They see a crowd with a woman begging an official to help her sick brother by letting her keep some leaves she picked from the Feather Tree to help cure him, but commoners are not allowed to touch it. Just as soldiers are about to kill the woman, Fu Yao knocks them out with fruit baskets. She chastises the official, Xu Lai, the Imperial Prince’s guard, for bullying the woman.

The Imperial Prince, Zhang Sun Pin Rong (also know as Prince Yi), arrives and his guard has soldiers attack Fu Yao, but she easily defeats them, dropping the badge in the process, and throwing two swords towards the Prince, not to kill him, but to cut the belt on his robes. He demands she be killed just as Zhang Sun Jia, the Imperial Prince’s Uncle, arrives. He sees the badge and gives it back to Fu Yao and chastises the Prince for treating her so, revealing that she is the Princess they’ve been waiting for. Fu Yao pleads the woman’s case, but Zhang Sun Jia informs her that they already were about to distribute the leaves to the people in town. The woman is thankful for the leaves and to Fu Yao.
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

As Fu Yao and Xiao Qi continue through town, guess what shop they see? I’ll give you a sec as I bang my head on this coffee table…

They find out that the Imperial Prince had already booked rooms for them, but they decline the rooms as they are certain he is up to no good. Sure the Prince must have bribed everyone in town, they happen to run into the one person they can trust, Zong Yue.

Prince Yi is angry to hear Fo Lian has not checked into any of the rooms he had for her and takes it out on his guard. He wants to win the support of her Kingdom, but his plans so far have failed. The guard promises to find out about her accommodations.

Well fed and happy, Xiao Qi and Fu Yao are surprised when Zong Yue starts to tally the bill. When Fu Yao informs him she has no money, he tells her that he is short on staff so she suggests that they work for him in return for meals and accommodation and some nice benefits. They take up the doctor’s offer and he immediately sends them to gather herbs. 
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

One of the places for them to get herbs is heavily guarded. Fu Yao sends Xiao Qi to get the other herbs while she breaks in. She climbs over a wall and finds the plants, but as she finishes gathering what she needs, she hears someone playing a familiar tune. She watches the mystery musician from the side until she realises who it is, that fake King.

Incensed, she storms up to him and he is both surprised and happy. She asks for her necklace back, but he hugs her instead. She doesn’t believe him when he says he missed her because of all his other lies. They exchange necklaces, but when she tries to leave, he stops her. He starts to say he’s the Crown Prince, but then says he’s the Prince’s aide, Yuan Zhao Xu, (Dammit…seriously…we’re doing this again…) but Fu Yao still thinks he’s a liar and wants to meet the Crown Prince and see if all the stories she heard about him are true. Now that she knows he was in Taiyuan on the Prince’s orders, she thinks the Crown prince must not be a good person. Wu Ji instead wants to take Fu Yao somewhere fun, but she just wants to go to the palace, though she won’t tell him why. 
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Wu Ji takes her to a brothel for a meal and a lot of wine, but she is still suspicious of him and suspects this is a place he hangs out at a lot. When she starts to leave, he tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away only to then grab him and kiss him.

Zhang Sun Jia is listening to music as some ladies dance for him. The Imperial Prince arrives and sits with him. Prince Yi dismisses the dancers and then finally speaks his mind. He is hoping they can team up to keep the Crown Prince from taking their authority from them but his Uncle is not interested in any plots. (Of course he wouldn’t be.)The Imperial Prince then brings up an incident at the hunting grounds and insists that he should watch out for the Crown Prince, but the Uncle just worries about the tea instead. After the Imperial Prince leaves, Zhang Sun Jia comments to himself that it’s really Prince Yi he needs to be worried about.

The officials in court are sending matters about the army to Prince Yi to check since the Crown Prince has not arrived, but Prince Yi declines since it wouldn’t be appropriate. Officials start to argue whether or not these decisions should wait, with the Prince finally giving in as the Emperor and Crown Prince watch on the smoke screen. The Emperor chastises Wu Ji for having spent time with Fu Yao instead of being in court and wonders why.
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Zhang Sun Jia bows before an empty table and chairs and then sits and starts to sing. The Empress arrives and he apologizes for singing a song about childhood love. (Ooooo, is this a royal love triangle?) She announces that Wu Ji is home and asks Zhang Sun Jia to give Wu Ji, his support which he promises.

Wu Ji tells his father that it’s more fitting for Prince Yi to lead the army, but the Emperor wonders if he’s trying to play the good guy and avoid conflict or if he worries the army will be full of spies plotting against him. Wu Ji agrees that it’s all of those reasons. He reports on his business in Taiyuan and it’s success. It’s revealed that for the past ten years Wu Ji has been working to keep each of the five kingdoms from becoming a threat to the Imperial Kingdom, but now the Emperor wants him to help run the kingdom. The emperor warns Wu Ji that the Kingdom affairs are a matter of life and death and to always be cautious.
 photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

At the doctor’s manor, Xiao Qi and Fu Yao are performing tasks. Fu Yao asks the doctor about Yuan Zhao Xu.

Wu Ji passes by Zhang Sun Jia in the courtyard, but does not acknowledge his greeting.
 photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Ep. 32

Wu Ji passes by Zhang Sun Jia in the courtyard, but does not acknowledge his greeting.

At the doctor’s manor, Zong Yue tells Fu Yao and Xiao Qi stories about the Crown Prince’s achievements that have been due in part to Yuan Zhao Xu’s help.

The Empress is happy to see her son who tells her the Emperor is too busy to come to the dinner. She asks if he saw his Uncle, but he says he has not. He apologizes for being unfilial and she dismisses the servants to speak with her son alone. She wants her son to marry and have kids and is worried about Prince Yi causing trouble, but Wu JI tells her just to take care of her health and he will take care of everything else.
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

The Empress wants him to marry Fo Lian now that she’s in the city, but he asks for more time. Thinking he has someone else he’s interested in, she says he can have concubines as long as he marries Fo Lian.

A drunk Prince Yi is flirting with his maids when his guard interrupts to give a report. He confirms that the Crown Prince was seen with Fo Lian and Prince Yi is angry that he made a move first. The guard suggests that Prince Yi not wait any longer since the agreement was only that Fo Lian marries whoever sits on the Tianquan throne.

Fu Yao is thinking about Wu Ji. She’s a smitten kitten now. Zong Yue makes fun of her for avoiding Wu Ji and teases her about him. 
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Prince Yi is angry at the fuss the people in the city are making over the Crown Prince and wonders if it was Prince Yi’s mother’s lowly status that cost him the title, while the guard wonders exactly what Wu Ji has been doing all these years. Prince Yi is ready to make his move.

Fu Yao is walking through the woods when Wu Ji finds her and offers to grill her some fish. They sit around the fire and listen to the sounds of the forest. He suddenly takes Fu Yao to a spot where they see an animal materialize. It is the King of Muling, the God of Agriculture, whom the Zhang Sun family prays to. Any couple that sees him will go on a journey together and the deity represents pure, courageous and selfless love. Fu Yao, of course, still has doubts about him. 
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

The lands around the Imperial Palace are cracking open as the Emperor worries that the secrets of the kingdom can no longer be hidden. His servant confirms that the envoys from the other kingdoms have arrived. The Empress surveys a map when a servant arrives to advise that Fo Lian still has not visited the Palace, which surprises the Empress. She worries that the Xuanji Kingdom has other plans and is angry to hear that Prince Yi has gone to fetch her.

Jiang Feng announces that the envoys from Taiyuan (the Consort of Honor, Jian Xue) and Tiansha (Prince Huan) have arrived. He wonders why the Emperor has invited them over and why Wu Ji has not gone to greet them. Wu Ji thinks it’s to consult about the wedding. When Jiang Feng wonders why Wu Ji hasn’t visited Fo Lian, Wu Ji says he knows they are destined to marry and doesn’t feel a need to rush over to see her. (No!)

The Empress has arranged for Fo Lian (or should we call her Faux Lian?) to be brought to the palace, but Prince Yi is already at the doctor’s manor to fetch her. He tries to suck up to her, but she isn’t interested. He then tells her that he is there to escort her to the palace and to get her ready for the ceremony for the envoys at the palace, so she agrees to go with him. Just then Qiao Ling, the real Princess’ maid arrives to join them. On the way to the Palace, Prince Yi’s carriage is stopped at the gates with the guards requesting that Fo Lian come with them, much to the Prince’s anger. 
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

The envoys from Tiansha and Taiyuan meet with the Zhang Sun Jia and ask what it is that the Emperor really wants, as they are sure it’s not just about the wedding. Then Zhang Sun Jia mentions that he’s heard about strange events in their kingdoms. Taiyuan has experienced much rain, and in Tiansha there have been strange events in the Geya Desert as well as earthquakes. A volcano has also erupted in Xuanji. Prince Huan asks where the Xuanji envoy is and is told that she is meeting with the Empress and will be informed later.

Zhang Sun Jia asks for their thoughts on what has happened after all these years. Jian Xue asks if there have been events in Tianquan and is told that the Feather Tree that holds it together is showing signs of withering.

The Empress welcomes Fo Lian who feels that the Empress seems familiar while the Empress praises Fo Lian. When asked about the refugees, Fu Yao talks about what has been happening on the border, but the Empress warns Fo Lian that she will run out of money if she keeps doing all these good deeds. She is impressed though by the Princess’ selfless answer.

Zhang Sun Jia shows the envoys a magical image of the palace and the destruction that is happening.
 photo vlcsnap-00029.jpg

The Empress warns Fo Lian of the importance of her actions in representing the kingdom and that her eyes must only be for Wu Ji and that she must never be alone with another man, no matter what the reason. She then dismisses the servants so they can speak privately.

Zhang Sun Jia informs the envoys that each of the kingdoms represents one of the five elements and that only by gathering them can they save them.

Wu Ji and Jiang Feng arrive at a cave in the forest. Wu Ji goes inside to meet Zong Yue.

Fu Yao tells the Empress that she feels it’s a shame that it’s an honor for men to have many concubines, but looked down upon for women. The Empress explains that wealth and reputation go hand in hand, but Fu Yao wonders if this marriage, while a business deal to the Empress, may not be what the Crown Prince really wants which offends the Empress. She warns that the Princess’ status was not enough to make her the Crown Prince’s Consort and that after marriage, she’ll have to give up her title.

In the cave, Wu Ji finds his friend ill and starts using his powers to help him. (Save our boyfriend, Wu Ji!) He succeeds, but ends up with a black mark on his hand. 
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

A servant reports to Zhang Sun Jia about the envoys and Fo Lian’s visit to the Empress. The servant thinks the Empress is greedy for power, but the Prince knows she is protecting her son.

The Empress tells Fu Yao that it’s best that she doesn’t see Prince Yi as he does not have good intentions. She also warns Fo Lian that she must watch all her words and actions as there will always be people watching her. As it’s late, the Empress tells Fo Lian to stay the night at the Empress’ palace.

In the cave, hotty doctor is recuperating as Wu Ji watches over him. He warns him that his martial arts practice are too demonic and he is putting himself at risk. (Aww, he’s got some grey hairs now. Still smexy as ever!! *le sigh*) Wu Ji hands him a box with something in it, which Zong Yue is surprised to get. Then he sees the black mark on Wu Ji’s hand and asks if Fei Yan has been there. 
 photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Prince Yi is napping when a mystery lady comes to visit. In the meantime, Fu Yao is talking to the maid about Wu Ji and Fo Lian’s love story.

Wu Ji is surprised Zong Yue asked about Fei Yan. She is a deity of Qiongcang, but isn’t evil though she practices some dark arts. He wonders why she would teach the doctor the black arts. Zong Yue explains that after he survived the murder of his family, she saved him and taught him the practice, as well as his medical skills, to help him survive. In return, he gave her forty years of his life. Wu Ji realises he only stayed alive to seek revenge. (Wait a sec. Our hotty doctor is dying? Nooooo…)

Overall Thoughts

IMOmusings: ugh did not like the opening of this week in Ep 25, Zong Yue made Yun Hen beg for Qi Yun’s life and completely ignores him. I’m going to hate this brotherhood, I can feel it in my bones!

Enid Bee: I liked that there was so much Zong Yue this week. But Yun Hen didn’t have to beg, he chose to. I don’t know why he felt the need to do it again after all the other times his brother told him, “bros before hos”. It’s not like his response was anything new. But that story about how he survived… yikes! He warned us, he’s not a benevolent doctor and don’t expect him to be a saint.

For a moment there I was almost feeling Fu Yao and Wu Ji as a couple, but as I watch him basically putting others in harm’s way just to…oh, I don’t even really know what the point of all this that he’s doing really is. If he was doing it to help Zong Yue get the throne, then I’d get it, but the doctor isn’t interested in ruling, just revenge, and once they get Qi Zhen out of the way, then what? “Surprise, I’m really the Emperor’s kid. Thanks for playing. I’m going home now. Bye, Felicia!” I thought he was supposed to keep war from breaking out.

Linjaturtle: I know some people might not like the brothers’ subplot, but I am really enjoying it. I love watching hotty doctor spit fire whenever he talks about revenge. Just a smidgen smexy. I don’t feel bad for Yun Hen much because hotty doctor is just so passionate about doing justice for his family that I’m completely taken in and rooting for him to exact retribution.

Enid Bee: Kind of disappointed that Zong Yue let Qi Zhen live. I thought for sure he’d pick up the sword and kill him himself or just throw a bunch of needles at him as per usual. But I liked that neither of them were really power hungry for the throne. Hope Yun Hen enjoys his new wife. Eeek!

But my favorite doctor doesn’t have long to live? I’m not liking that little twist.

IMOmusings: I’m probably the only one here who absolutely hates the brother subplot. It rubs me in all the wrong ways…or maybe the dynamics of the actors just don’t work for me =/. The bromance between Zong Yue and Wu Ji is more convincing~. In the end, Yun Hen’s only purpose in the eyes of Zong Yue was to carry out revenge and take over the Kingdom, there was no sense of familial tie there, everything was about using the guilt Yun Hen would have felt at being told he had been living with their family’s murderer. There was no, you’re my brother, we need each other, just, you’re my brother now listen to my words, your feelings have no place in this world!

The more I watch of the series the more I feel like they’re playing far more to the romance than the story of the Five Coloured Stone which makes me a little sad. At over 60 episodes I would have hoped to see more of the actual story rather than just love and jealousy.

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Once again it’s Wu Ji and Zong Yue to the rescue~~.
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Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 33-40 Recaps

Lots of drama, fighting and romance this week on Legend of Fuyao~~

Join the crew of IMOmusings, Iridescent, Enid Bee and linjaturtle as we embark on this 66 episode long journey with weekly recaps.

Let’s begin Week 5!


Series Information:

Chinese Title: 扶摇
Episodes: 66
Genre: Ancient, Romance
Broadcast Source: Tencent Video, Zhejiang Satellite TV
Airing Schedule: 2 eps a day, Mon-Thur
Current Progress: 40/66

Tang Guo Zhong as Chi Gui (aka Scarlet Devil – Leader of the Black Militia)
 photo Chi Gui.jpg

Jia Ben Chu as Tie Cheng
 photo Tie Cheng.jpeg

Yan Lu Han as Hu Sang
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Luo Ting as Magistrate Su
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Liu Yu Qi as Hong Ying (A Courtesan)
 photo vlcsnap-00018_1.jpg

Ep. 33

Wu Ji finds out Zong Yue traded 40 years of his lifespan for Fei Yan’s help and is shocked. Zong Yue tells Wu Ji that he knows Wu Ji helped him defeat Qi Zhen to prove himself as Crown Prince and that Wu Ji doesn’t need to worry about Zong Yue anymore. However, Wu Ji insists that part of why he helped was for the sake of his friend. (Awww, love their friendship.)

Zong Yue reminds Wu Ji that Wu Ji’s wedding is the next day, but Wu Ji can tell that’s not why Zong Yue is bringing it up. When Zong Yue asks Wu Ji if Fo Lian is who Wu Ji really wants, Wu Ji shares the story of how he first met Fo Lian and why he liked her at the time. Zong Yue asks him about Fu Yao and what will happen to her, but Wu Ji is stumped.

Fu Yao can’t sleep and ends up seeing the Empress sneaking out. She follows and discovers her meeting with Zhang Sun Jia and overhears about their forbidden relationship, which they are also hiding from Wu Ji.
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

After accidentally making a noise and scaring off the Empress, Fu Yao rushes back to her room, mad at herself for snooping. Zhang Sun Jia finds a piece of fabric stuck to the tree Fu Yao was hiding behind earlier.

The next morning, as Qiang Long helps Fu Yao get dressed, Fu Yao jokes about keeping the outfit which contains real gold. At the same time, Wu Ji is waking up in the cave, still distracted. The doctor’s hair is back to black (awww, I liked the grey) and he wonders if Wu Ji is stalling. Just then Jiang Feng comes looking for his master to tell Wu Ji that everyone is waiting for him. Zong Yue starts to tell Wu Ji something, but Wu Ji cuts him off. After Wu Ji leaves, Zong Yue comments how amusing it will be when Wu Ji discovers Fo Lian is really Fu Yao. (Dammit, hotty doctor. This is the one time I am mad at you. Just tell your friend already!)
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

In the royal court, the envoys have started sharing their parts of the Conferring Map of Domain as the Empress watches from her seat behind a curtain and Zhang Sun Jia conducts the meeting. All that’s left is the piece from Xuanji Kingdom, which will be combined to help the Feather Tree. Just then Fo Lian enters and Jian Xue recognises her right away, but Jian Xue holds tongue despite her obvious confusion. Before Fu Yao will hand over her part of the map, she says that she has to talk to the Emperor first. When they insist to know why, she accuses the King of Tiansha of setting up Zhan Bei Ye and she wants justice for him. As she argues with the rest of the royals, the Emperor watches on his smoke TV.

In the midst of this, the Empress comes out from behind the curtain and in flashback we see that Zhang Sun Jia showed her the piece of fabric he found and that she recognised it as from clothing she’d given Fo Lian to wear. They know Fo Lian saw them together. The Empress tells Fo Lianthat, right now, what is most important is saving the kingdom and then they can discuss her matters. But Fu Yao still won’t relent.
 photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

When Prince Yi suggests she is stalling because she doesn’t have her part of the map, she agrees to contribute her piece. But when she puts it into place, the expected reaction doesn’t occur. Just as he suggests that the map is a counterfeit, the real Princess Fo Lian is announced. At first, Fu Yao is hopeful that the real Fo Lian will confirm their story, but soon realises that Fo Lian has set Fu Yao up. And with no one to testify on Fu Yao’s behalf, she has no one to rely on. Angry, she starts to comment that the Empress is not helping her because the Empress knows Fu Yao saw her. Fu Yao is cut off by the Empress, who suggests killing Fu Yao as an apology to Princess Fo Lian, but then the Emperor calls for Fu Yao to meet him.

For the first time, someone finally tells Fu Yao what’s really going on. The Emperor tells her of Wu Ji’s true identity and seems to know everything about all their adventures. He even admits that his son has fallen in love with her, but that Wu Ji will choose responsibility above his personal desires.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

In the royal court, all the pieces of the map are finally joined together. Wu Ji joins everyone as the Emperor and Fu Yao watch from afar. Fo Lian is happy to see her future husband, but is disappointed that he’s not quite as affectionate as she’d hoped. But Fu Yao just sees Wu Ji choosing Fo Lian and is heartbroken. When he hears about the impersonator, Wu Ji says that person should be punished, which hurts Fu Yao even more. When the Emperor accuses Fu Yao of trying to seduce the Crown Prince, she tells him that she was never interested in doing so.

In the royal court, as the nobles discuss the strange events in their kingdoms, a servant presents the Empress with her medicine as commanded by the Emperor, but she doesn’t want to take it. Clearly something about the pill makes her, Wu Ji, and his uncle nervous.

Ep. 34

In the royal court, as the nobles discuss the strange events in their kingdoms, a servant comes to present the Empress with her medicine as commanded by the Emperor, but she doesn’t want to take it. Clearly, something about the pill makes her, Wu Ji and his uncle nervous. To save his mother embarrassment, Wu Ji tries to get the servant to set it aside, but the Empress takes it.

The Emperor sets Fu Yao free and tells her that, from now on, she is not at all involved with his Kingdom. At the same time, the Empress tells everyone they can leave, but Fo Lian wants quality time with Wu Ji and is super clingy. He’s not interested though and reminds her she needs to act appropriately, which makes her angry. (Check out those crazy eyes!
 photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Fu Yao, dejected, walks through the courtyard when she is confronted by Prince Yi and his guards. Jian Xue, in the meantime, is waiting for Wu Ji and immediately tells him that Fu Yao was the imposter. He rushes off to find Fu Yao. He first goes to ask his father not to punish her. His father replies that she has already been set free, but it was up to fate whether she lived or not.

Fu Yao and Prince Yi are fighting in the courtyard. He wants Princess Fo Lian’s badge and Fu Yao is angry he helped Fo Lian set her up. He is not able to overcome her until he throws some poisonous bugs at her, which knock her out and he locks her away in a dark room.
 photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Fo Lian visits Prince Yi to get her badge back and to thank him for his help. We see in flashback how they plotted together so he could have her as his wife. (Is it just me or does he have a really creepy chin? Those side profiles…) Fo Lian has no qualms flirting with the creepy prince and reminds him that he only succeeded in taking down Fu Yao because she had her maid poison Fu Yao’s food. Now that they have succeeded, he insists that Fo Lian marries him instead of his brother, but she says she will only marry him if he becomes Crown Prince. She makes it clear that though she is in love with Wu Ji, it’s more important to her that she becomes Empress of Tianquan. As a second princess, she has hated that she can not become Queen of Xuanji and wants to be able to outrank her older sister.
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Outside Shangyang Palace, Wu Ji is pacing when Jiang Feng informs Wu Ji that they captured Fo Lian’s maid and found out Prince Yi took Fu Yao. When Wu Ji hears that Fu Yao was poisoned, he’s ready to kill his brother if the older hurts her, despite Jiang Feng’s pleas.

Prince Yi has his servant deliver a jade bracelet to Fo Lian and is pleased to hear that Wu Ji is looking for Fu Yao, upset about Fu Yao being missing. Since Wu Ji cares about her, he definitely won’t spare her.

In a dark room, Fu Yao, once again, is sleeping while someone is creepily staring at her, but this time, he’s also undressing. Slowly, Prince Yi starts ripping off parts of her costume as she lays unconscious, but her body’s energy manages to eject a Soul Locking Needle out of her head that he had put there to stun her. She awakens just in time and smashes his head with a vase. He is upset, uncertain how the needle came out, and draws a sword to attack her, but she takes a broken piece of pottery and fights back as best she can, despite him cutting and wounding her. In the meantime, Wu Ji does some really cool, badass, slow-mo horseback riding to her rescue. (Ok, totally got me there. He looks pretty hot.)

Despite her injuries, Fu Yao manages to get up, much to Prince Yi’s ire. He just can’t understand how someone so seriously poisoned and injured could survive his attacks. He manages to stab her in the gut, but she just pulls the sword in deeper so she can get close enough to punch him. (Like a boss!)

Prince Yi’s guards try to keep Wu Ji from entering Prince Yi’s manor, but Wu Ji couldn’t care less what they have to say and rides his horse right through them.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Prince Yi stabs Fu Yao in the arm and she breaks off the point of the sword and kicks it towards Prince Yi, slicing off his balls in the process before passing out. Hearing his brother’s cries of anguish, Wu Ji rides his horse through the wall. Despite Prince Yi’s call to kill her, Wu Ji instead rushes to her side. She opens her eyes for a moment and sees him, then passes out. At this point, Wu Ji is ready to murder anyone who hurts his woman and goes after Prince Yi, but is stopped by Jiang Feng and Prince Yi’s servants. Then messengers from the Emperor announce that Prince Yi has been summoned to the palace. Once his brother is gone, Wu Ji picks up Fu Yao and takes her back to his manor.
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Prince Yi is crying and hoping for his father’s help, but the Emperor is disgusted with his son for jeopardising the family’s reputation, which the Emperor considers paramount above all. When the Prince asks the Emperor to heal him, the Emperor basically tells Prince Yi to suck it up.

Zong Yue is treating a restless Fu Yao as Wu Ji watches. The doctor informs Wu Ji that the poison from the spell she’s under plus the poison from his brother’s attack has put her in danger. Wu Ji blames himself for putting her in danger. (Um, yeah. You better feel sorry.) He asks Zong Yue if he has a cure, but before Zong Yue can answer, Jiang Feng arrives to tell him the Emperor is at court to make a decree and that Wu Ji needs to go there immediately.
 photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

In the Imperial Court, it becomes clear that the story now is that Fu Yao tried to assassinate Prince Yi and the Emperor orders she be arrested and executed. Just as the officials wonder what the Crown Prince may have to do with these events since he has Fu Yao at his manor, Wu Ji arrives. He asks to speak with his father privately and begs the Emperor not to punish an innocent person, but his father makes it clear that Fu Yao is not considered innocent since she made Wu Ji fall in love with her. Instead, the Emperor sees her as his son’s weakness which he intends to take care of. Wu Ji realises that his father has been distracting him, while his guards go get Fu Yao and, despite a warning from his father, leaves to save her.

Jiang Feng and Zong Yue are battling the guards. (Ooo, I love sword-flinging hotty doctor even more than needle-flinging hotty doctor.) Wu Ji faces down soldiers in the courtyard and outside of the palace, as he attempts to leave, and manages to take them all down. (Like a boss!
 photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Back at his manor, he scoops up Fu Yao, and leaves, with Xiao Qi, Jiang Feng and Zong Yue fighting off the soldiers. They do their superhero walk out of the palace (see the behind the scenes outtakes for some awesome dancing and hair flip action). At the river, Wu Ji asks Jiang Feng to keep an eye on Prince Yi and Fo Lian, and to report the latest news to him. Then, after another buddy moment with the doctor, Wu Ji heads for the desert with Xiao Qi and Zong Yue to search for a plant to help treat the poison.
 photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

Ep. 35

Hotty doctor takes a trip across the desert to Nanrong with his entourage. Aww, he deserves a vacation. He’s been a busy guy. Let’s just enjoy the lovely desert shots, dreamy music and our favourite Divine Physician riding a camel towards their next destination, Yao City. (But seriously, someone give Lai Yi his own series. It’s been too long since he was a lead.)
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

The group stops as the sun sets so they can set up camp, get water and for Zong Yue to go find some of the grass that will help treat Fu Yao’s symptoms. Fu Yao is still asleep while Wu Ji laments how his arrogance ended up getting her into trouble despite his best intentions. He realises everything is all his fault (damn skippy!) and that if she can just wake up, he will take any punishment from her and will take care of her.

As night falls, Wu Ji is tending to Fu Yao when he hears Zong Yue asking Xiao Qi if he’s a virgin and then tries to cut his hand to get his blood. Xiao Qi wants to help his friend, but is scared to get cut, but then Wu Ji offers his hand instead. (I kept expecting the doctor to say, “You’re a virgin, my ass.” Iridescent: Honestly though, that scene made Xiao Qi seem petty since Fu Yao did give up her life to save him) Zong Yue mixes the blood with the grass and gives Wu Ji instructions for how much to give Fu Yao. But this isn’t a cure, only to treat the symptoms, as they need to find the mentor who taught Prince Yi this type of poison in order to get the antidote.
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

In the morning, Zong Yue sees Wu Ji getting a message from an imperial dove. The Empress has sent out soldiers to find Wu Ji. She wants to ensure his position and the marriage, but Wu Ji’s only concern is Fu Yao. He decides to return to find out why Fo Lian set Fu Yao up and to get his father to forgive her. Zong Yue promises to take care of Fu Yao for Wu Ji, whilst he is gone.

The Empress and Fo Lian are sharing a meal and the Empress is impressed by Fo Lian’s desire to help refugees in the city. The Empress wants to make the marriage official, much to Fo Lian’s delight.

In Yao City, Zong Yue is looking for ingredients while Xiao Qi worries about Fu Yao. They hear villagers worrying about getting away from the city before the Black Militia comes. Talking to some of them, the pair finds out that the city is about to be attacked by the Black Militia, which has been terrorising people without any intervention from the Imperial City. The County Magistrate is in league with the Black Militia and does nothing for the people, so everyone is leaving while they still can.

A servant is beseeching the Emperor to eat when Wu Ji arrives. He apologises to his father for being unfilial and prepares to be punished, but the Emperor thinks it’s useless since Wu Ji doesn’t even know what he has done wrong. Wu Ji says he looks up to his father, but that Fu Yao was the first person he met that didn’t suck up to him because of his title and calls her “the love I never had.” When the Emperor asks if he’s willing to give up being Crown Prince for her, Wu Ji says he is. The Emperor’s reply is that Wu Ji an adult now and he can do as he pleases, and the Emperor leaves Wu Ji alone.
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Fo Lian is walking through the city when Jiang Feng approaches with an invitation from Wu Ji. Suddenly, she wakes up on the floor of a room with Wu Ji staring at her. She’s immediately in full flirt mode, but instead, he tells her a story he heard from the commoners of a woman who had a treasure that could ward off all disease. This woman had learned black magic to intentionally spread a plague and then pretended to be a saviour and took care of the sick, utilising the treasure. Fo Lian is shocked at hearing of such a woman. She asks who this woman is and offers to talk to her to make her mend her ways. Wu Ji hands her a mirror so she can see who the woman is, but she refuses to look. 
 photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Suddenly, a trap door opens and she is dropped into a cell. Continuing to feign ignorance, Fo Lian says that she has nothing to be guilty about to which Wu Ji then tells her he will leave her alone to meditate and the trap doors close.

Throughout this episode, time passes though there’s no actual measure of how long time is passing, so we just have to guess. Wu Ji gets a letter from Zong Yue reporting that Fu Yao is doing better and should be able to walk so a few weeks have probably passed. Hearing that an antidote is still needed, Wu Ji knows what he needs to do.

Prince Yi, overhearing some maids talk about makeup, lashes out at them, certain they are laughing at him, and ends up wounding one of the maids with his sword. Wu Ji knocks the sword out of his hand before the older can do more damage and sends the maids away. When Wu Ji asks why his brother is attacking the girls, Prince Yi blames it on Fu Yao. They start to argue, but before it can go farther, they are both summoned by the Emperor.

The Emperor is disappointed in both his sons. Wu Ji agrees that their reputation is everything and then reveals that because of this, he has been hiding his brother’s misdeeds from his father. The Emperor becomes very interested in hearing more about it, much to Prince Yi’s dismay.
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Fu Yao is roaming the desert and sees Wu Ji riding towards her on a horse, but it’s just a mirage. Xiao Qi arrives, upset that she’s gone wandering despite the doctor’s orders for her to stay put while she’s still recovering. As they talk, they see smoke rising from a village in the distance. Fu Yao, as usual, decides to head towards danger without hesitation. (Girl, you’re really used to somehow always having a night in shining armour around right?)

Wu Ji informs his father that Prince Yi has been colluding with the Black Militia, despite the older’s claims to have suppressed them. Prince Yi and the leader, Scarlet Devil, have made a deal. Prince Yi gave gold and weapons in return for half a year of peace in Nanrong as the militia grew in size. They’ve been robbing and killing people in the countryside with no intervention, putting that strategic location at risk. The Emperor is angered to hear of this. He can forgive his eldest for his strange personal predilections, but can not stand betrayal of their people, and he gives Wu Ji permission to go to Nanrong to investigate further. (I see what you did there, Wu Ji. Very clever.)

Fu Yao and Xiao Qi arrive at the village and help tend to the wounded villagers. As they listen to the people talk about how the militia continue to attack them while the County Magistrate from Tianquan does nothing, Fu Yao is furious. At the Magistrate’s house in the middle of the night, Fu Yao beats the drum until he wakes up. The Magistrate is ready to arrest her, but then Zong Yue arrives carrying the Shangyang Palace badge and suddenly the Magistrate is singing a different tune. 
 photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Initially sucking up to the doctor, the Magistrate is instructed by Zong Yue to talk to Fu Yao instead, as he’s only there to report back to the Crown Prince. The Magistrate immediately pleads to Fu Yao that there’s nothing he can do about the Militia as they are outnumbered and he is old. When word of another attack comes, Fu Yao is ready to head out there herself until the doctor reminds her that being reckless will only put people in danger. “What we need to do is annihilate them once and for all.” 
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

The next morning, the Magistrate acknowledges in front of the entire village that he sucked at his job and then announces that a special envoy from the Imperial City will now take over Yao City. Out comes Fu Yao in a snazzy new outfit. (In a flashback, we see the doctor is back to using his skill with poisons to convince the Magistrate to retire as well as to get more information about the Militia to pass on to Wu Ji.) Fu Yao promises to take care of the people of Yao City and defend them, and they are all inspired. Even Zong Yue claps.

In her cell, Fo Lian is meditating. Wu Ji enters to give her a bowl of water, but she decides to pretend she’s too good to accept it. To her dismay, he ends up pouring it on the ground. He then hands her a letter that he wrote up for her. It’s a letter acknowledging that she is a bad person and asking to annul the engagement. Upset, she pleads with Wu Ji that the accusations are false. She claims she has been honest and is deeply in love with him. She won’t ask for an annulment. Wu Ji then brings in Prince Yi.
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Ep. 36

Fo Lian pleads with Wu Ji that she has been falsely accused and refuses to annul their engagement. Wu Ji then brings in Prince Yi, who confirms that Fo Lian told him she knew who Fu Yao was and wanted to ruin Fu Yao’s reputation. He also shares that she seduced him into helping her as Fo Lian cries, accusing Prince Yi of framing her. But Wu Ji says that he doesn’t care if she’ll admit it or not as he knows how to make others believe it’s true. Despite her wailing for him to listen to her, he leaves her alone.
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Prince Yi begs Wu Ji to stop his investigation now that he’s helped Wu Ji deal with Fo Lian, but Wu Ji isn’t interested in helping. Wu Ji asks for the antidote to the poison Prince Yi used on Fu Yao, but the older insists that his mentor never gave it to him. His mentor kept it to himself and is traveling and can’t be reached. Trying to appeal to Wu Ji as a brother, Prince Yi is frustrated to be denied and vows to take actions of his own.

The Black Militia at their compound have heard about the new magistrate and want to go attack Yao City, but their chief, Scarlet Devil, is cautious, knowing that she’s been sent by the Imperial City. Instead, he orders his men to rob the villages around Yao City, but warns them not to attack the women, as a way to put pressure on the new magistrate.
 photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Wu Ji has been ordering gifts and sending them to Fu Yao, but instead of keeping them, Fu Yao has them distributed amongst the villagers. One of the soldiers, Tie Cheng, who has a crush on Fu Yao, sees a pretty hair pin and insists that Fu Yao keep it because it will look good on her. Zong Yue, who witnesses the exchange, writes back to Wu Ji and warns Wu Ji that if he’s gone for too long, Fu Yao will forget him. Zong Yue also gives us some more indication of time passing by sharing news that Fu Yao has been training troops and ordering reforms in the city so it must have been a few months now since Wu Ji left.

Wu Ji visits his prisoner and informs her that word has gone out that Fo Lian is in Fufeng Kingdom doing good deeds. He points out that all her traveling over the years makes it very easy for him to make up stories of where she is at, with none the wiser as to her true location. And when he points out that her death would just be a mystery, she finally admits that she did those things, but only because of her feelings for him. Wu Ji doesn’t care why, he only cares that she annuls the engagement. Cut to Wu Ji riding across the desert back to Nanrong as a decree is read out that Fo Lian has decided to make treating the suffering of the people her priority and has asked to annul the marriage.

The Black Militia is upset because all of Fu Yao’s actions have limited their conquests. They invite her to meet them, but Tie Cheng and a village elder insists it is not safe for her to go. Xiao Qi tries to get Zong Yue to weigh in as well, but he says that he’s only a doctor and it’s up to her to decide. Fu Yao realises it’s probably a trap, but is still going to go, not at all concerned.

As Fu Yao and Tie Cheng leave to meet the Militia, the doctor insists on joining them. Since Wu Ji has entrusted Zong Yue with her care, he feels obliged. At the Militia’s fortress, all appears empty. The three wander in and suddenly the doors close and they are surrounded. They start fighting with Militia members. (Hotty doctor back to using his fists and needle throwing combo. Still smexy as ever…) Scarlet Devil jumps in to fight Fu Yao himself. They are evenly matched, but then finally the chief stops when he hears Tie Cheng call out her name. 
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Sitting down to food and wine, the Chief apologises, saying that they thought they were thieves and didn’t realise who she was as he hadn’t expected her to show up in person. When presented with a chest of gold from the Militia, Fu Yao at first acts impressed and shares pieces with her companions, who can see the gold bars have Tianquan stamps on them. But then she refuses the payment and threatens to go the legal route.

When the Chief points out that past magistrates, who were as ambitious as her, ended up getting killed, she then switches to playing helpless, hinting that they both work for the same master. Tensions eased and wine is served as Zong Yue pretends to use the toilet, but goes to check out their armory instead.

To distract them, Fu Yao suggests a drinking match and they agree, certain that such a tiny girl will be easy to out drink. Tie Cheng tries to step in for her, but she cuts him off. When the Chief notices the doctor is still missing, Fu Yao just wants to keep drinking. But the doctor is caught and brought back to the Chief who is ready to kill their visitors, until Zong Yue brings out yet another badge, this one from Prince Yi. Fu Yao says they are there to ensure that he is loyal to Prince Yi. The Chief is not entirely convinced until Zong Yue points out that the dagger he has could have only come from one of the royal family, and then Scarlet Devil insists that they have always remained loyal. They all toast to their future successes.

It’s beginning to snow as Wu Ji rides the way back to his woman. Back at her manor, Fu Yao and Zong Yue talk about the Militia. When she asks how he got the badge, he says telling her would mean bringing up a certain name he knows she doesn’t want to hear. When he asks her why she is mad at Wu Ji, she says it’s because Wu Ji says one thing, but does another. However, the doctor tells her that things are more complicated than they may seem. Tired of all Wu Ji’s lies, she isn’t sold.

Drinking by herself alone outside at night, she thinks it’s another mirage when Wu Ji appears before her. Drunk, she’s happy at first, but then she’s angry with him, certain he’s not real and that he would never come back for her. 
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

The next morning, as Fu Yao goes to perform her duties as magistrate, Tie Cheng is waiting eagerly as always and ready to go fetch breakfast for her. Wu Ji watches his would-be rival with amusement as a smiling Zong Yue (wow, he so rarely does that) updates Wu Ji on his findings regarding the Black Militia. 
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Prince Yi is angered when a doctor tells him that his manhood can not be repaired. The prince orders that the doctor announce that he is healed and can have offspring, but the doctor doesn’t want to dishonor his family by lying. Prince Yi brings out his sword and the doctor prepares to die, but instead finds himself covered in the blood of the maid whom the Prince has killed instead, before putting his sword to the doctor’s throat.
 photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Fu Yao is resolving local conflicts when Wu Ji arrives. He wants to sue a woman from Taiyuan who broke his heart and caused him to lose his wealth. He presents to her a folded handkerchief that she remembers he had used to wrap up a fish skeleton as a memento of their love back in Tianquan. Fu Yao tries to find a legal reason to not hear his case, but he has a response for each of her arguments.

Ep. 37

(Warning you now that one of us had a little too much wine before recapping the rest of the episodes for the week. If you find these recaps amusing, yay! If not, it’s her fault!!)

Fu Yao is annoyed with Wu Ji and not wanting to deal with his frivolous lawsuit. (Oh, she tricked you? Really? Let’s look at the facts, shall we…) Of course, Xiao Qi totally wants Fu Yao and Wu Ji together and tries to help, but to no avail. Instead Fu Yao runs away.

Tie Cheng asks Xiao Qi who “Mister Yuan” is, but Xiao Qi tells Tie Cheng to mind his own beeswax. Tie Cheng keeps pushing and, of course, Fu Yao arrives before her friend can spill the beans. Tie Cheng offers to take her somewhere fun and she agrees. Xiao Qi wants to go as well, but she’s mad at him and makes him stay.
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Out in the desert, Fu Yao is enjoying the music of the singing sand. Then, moving to another spot, they can see mirages in the desert. Fu Yao is surprised to see Mount Xuanyuan and Tie Cheng tells her that the God of Sand will show her whatever is on her mind. She sees Taiyuan and then Wu Ji – Wu Ji as Xuan Yuan Min, Wu Ji in the garden, even slow-mo Wu Ji on a horse. Of course that last one ends up being the real deal.

Fu Yao gets annoyed and leaves, telling Tie Cheng to not let “him” follow. Of course, Wu Ji warns that her friend can’t exactly stop him, before knocking Tie Cheng out and carrying her off to an oasis. And then it’s all sad, lovesick Wu Ji and obstinate, wilful Fu Yao arguing. Wu Ji realises that she’s not really saying why it is that she’s so mad so, of course, he’s gotta kiss her. She brings up his engagement and when he tries to tell her it’s been annulled, she won’t listen.

He has her hold the Leaf of Spiritual Elixir which he told her before will reveal the truth. When she does, we find out that what the Emperor showed her was not the complete truth. Turns out Wu Ji was even colder to the bitchy Princess than we first saw and Fu Yao also sees the eventual confession. Wu Ji tells her that part of the Emperor’s power is sowing seeds of doubt. 
 photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

At night in the desert, their fight is over. Wu Ji is playing with Fu Yao’s hair and they are being all cute again. But Fu Yao is still cautious of his sweet talk, so he teases her about Tie Cheng. Wu Ji is not jealous because he knows he can outperform anyone who may show up. Then Yuan Bao arrives to warn of strangers.

The Black Militia are camping out near where they are, lead by the Scarlet Devil. They realise something is afoot. Of course, Wu Ji wants to take charge, but Fu Yao reminds him that a local will be more effective. Before either of them can do anything, someone else arrives to cause a scene. Lan Zhu is back!! And she is kicking ass and taking names. (Normally I hate the whiny princesses, but she gets a pass because she is no pushover.) They watch her fight some guys from the militia and then Wu Ji kicks a couple rocks to save her while she takes out the rest. The three have a brief reunion before running off to hide in a cave, not noticing that one of the guys is not actually dead.

In the cave, we get a bunch of exposition: Lan Zhu went chasing after Bei Ye, lost him in the Geya Desert, aka the Desert of Death, got lost, found her way to Pan City, got captured by her father, was engaged to a shaman, threatened to kill herself, escaped to look for Zhan Bei Ye again and then stole a horse from the Black Militia, causing the fight we just saw. Wu Ji asks if she is from the Qiongye Tribe and she wonders how he knows.

The survivor of the Princess’ fight informs the Scarlet Devil that she ran off with the Yao City Magistrate. He decides to show the Magistrate how much of a threat the Black Militia are.

More cave exposition as Lan Zhu and Wu Ji talk about the Qiongye tribe. They were the fifth major Kingdom until two brothers, both kings, fought and split up the kingdome with Lan Zhu’s father, one of the kings, retreating with his people to the mountains. Suddenly, Fu Yao is ill from the Love Lock Poison. As Wu Ji uses his skills to help her, Lan Zhu recognises the movements immediately and is not happy. 
 photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

After helping Fu Yao, Wu Ji once again is proposing to Fu Yao, but she’s not having any of it. And Lan Zhu has her own business with him. She demands to know if he has had anything to do with what happened to her family and he admits that he was responsible. But when she tries to stab him, Fu Yao, as usual, gets in the way and gets a dagger to the chest instead.

Back at Yao City, Fu Yao is, as usual, waking up to someone watching over her. (Can’t she end up in bed for some fun reason and not because she’s dying/wounded/poisoned/can’t stop sticking her fingers in the outlets?) Lan Zhu and Wu Ji are both concerned about her, but she hates being helped and asks to be alone for a while.
 photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

This gives Lan Zhu and Wu Ji some time to sort out their conflict. Wu Ji tells her to go ahead and kill him and he won’t fight back, but she doesn’t go for it. So then, he says that once she unites her kingdom and rules it, he is willing to fight her as an equal. But for now they decide to leave their differences aside and they shake on it.

The people of Yao City perform a ritual for the God of Sand to protect them and then throw sand about the place. (I feel sorry for any of the extras wearing contacts. What agony!)

Zong Yue is having tea outside. (Hi, hotty doctor. Your fans have missed you.) He sees Xiao Qi running off to deliver some skincare serum that Wu Ji gave to Fu Yao, over to Lan Zhu. Zong Yue takes it from him and doesn’t give it back. Instead, he distracts Xiao Qi, asking about the God of Sand ceremony. (Sorry, Xiao Qi, you don’t get this princess.)
 photo vlcsnap-00034.jpg

Tie Cheng is showing off his archery skills as part of the festival, mostly to impress Fu Yao, as Zong Yue gives Wu Ji an update on Prince Yi’s movements. Wu Ji is aware of his brother’s schemes, but can only think of Fu Yao. Zong Yue warns Wu Ji that without the antidote, there’s nothing they can do for her and that she is his weakness. But Wu Ji is certain he can succeed and is not worried.

Tie Cheng suddenly throws an arrow at Fu Yao and challenges her to a match. She easily wins, but apparently what Tie Cheng meant was that if she won, she would marry him, which she is not prepare to do. (Sorry, Tie Cheng, but you are no Zong Yue… I mean Wu Ji…) Of course Wu Ji steps in to save the day by challenging Tie Cheng. While Tie Cheng shoots an arrow, Wu Ji grabs one from his quiver and tosses it, knocking out Tie Chung’s arrow and winning the match. He then tells Tie Cheng that pestering a beauty won’t win her over. (Oh really? Isn’t that what you’ve been doing for the last 36 episodes?!)

That evening there is a competition for the most beautiful woman in Yao City. Wu Ji asks why Fu Yao is not participating and she says that it’s because she’s not that pretty. The winning girl has seen Wu Ji and eagerly offers her handkerchief to him, a symbol that she wants to be his. Wu Ji won’t take it, but Fu Yao easily accepts it on his behalf, which angers him and he walks away.
 photo vlcsnap-00039.jpg

In the desert, Wu Ji is drinking and Fu Yao joins him as if she was just a buddy, but he is having none of it. His feels are all hurt, but she just ignores him. He demands to know what is going on, but she just wants wine. (Me, too!)

Ep. 38

In the desert, Wu Ji is drinking and Fu Yao joins him as if she was just a buddy, but he is having none of it. His feels are all hurt, but she just ignores him. He demands to know what is going on, but she just wants wine. Angry, Wu Ji won’t let her leave and they finally have another fight. She knows she’s been poisoned and there is no cure and she doesn’t want to hurt him, but, of course, he kisses her and says that he wants to share her pain and insists that he’s not going to let her die.
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

A little while later there’s this sweet couple moment with Fu Yao celebrating her Prince’s birthday with fireworks and some sacred birds flying overhead and some pretty music and nice quotes that made me slightly teary-eyed. “When we’re alive, we should shine with brilliance. When we die, we should die with honour.”

The next morning, there is an urgent report from Tianquan to Wu Ji. Oh, look, it’s Zong Yue!!!! (*le sigh*) The Emperor is ill (f*** him?) and Wu Ji feels compelled to go home though he realises it’s a trap. 
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

The Emperor asks his servant about the machinations of the officials in his court as well as of Prince Yi. Even ill, he is no idiot. (I really want to admire this about him, but he’s still a dick!) He asks about Wu Ji as well. Prince Yi is making moves against Wu Ji.

Back at Yao City, Wu Ji is also aware of his brother’s plans. He decides to take the dangerous, but direct route through Geya Desert. Zong Yue tries to talk him out of it.

The Emperor asks his servant whom he would choose as his successor, but the eunuch is too smart to say. He then shares what others think and the consensus is for Wu Ji. But the Emperor feels that Wu Ji has had it too easy and that it would be good to throw some obstacles in Wu Ji’s path. He’s still a bit mad about the whole Fu Yao thing.

And now we are back to Wu Ji telling hotty doctor of his plans. Wu Ji has arranged to have his Shadow Guards meet him in the Geya Desert to help him get back, but Zong Yue worries about what things may be in the desert and offers to go with him. (Producers, are you trying to make something happen here? I mean, I know ‘buddy love’ is a thing right now in C-drama land, but given that you are airing against “Guardian” which, right now, is the king of BL, followed by “C.S.I” featuring your Jiang Feng, you shouldn’t even be trying. Just give us more Lai Yi. He’s what we want.)

Prince Yi is crying crocodile tears for his sick dad, but, after getting no response, he tries to peek in on dear ol’ dad. Cue jump scare as the Emperor appears behind him. (The Emperor may be a dick, but I still like him more than Prince Yi.) Once again, the Emperor berates his eldest for being a sucky candidate for Crown Prince, but then leaves the door open for him to gain it by killing his brother. (Nice family you got there.)
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Prince Yi and his troops ride through Nanrong as Fu Yao tries her hand at the “womanly arts”  by making a pouch for Wu Ji, but Yuan Bao just laughs at her attempts and says her lotus looks like a Riceball (Enid:”Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” anyone? / IMOmusings: I just love the way they had Yuan Bao rolling around in laughter~ Iridescent: Honestly surprised that Fu Yao understands Yuan Bao now).
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Xiao Qi comes and drags her outside in time to see Tie Cheng kowtowing to Wu Ji, calling Wu Ji his mentor and promising to take care of his mentor’s wife. But Fu Yao doesn’t want to be his wife and kicks him over. (And made me snort wine up my nose when I laughed. Thanks a lot.) Fu Yao doesn’t want any of the responsibility of feeding him, but Tie Cheng, as always, is willing to feed her instead. 
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Wu Ji sends Xiao Qi and Tie Cheng away so he can have flirty time with Fu Yao, who is upset to hear that he plans to leave. He trusts Tie Cheng the most to take care of her and has taught him some stances, but Fu Yao is all in “I can take care of myself” mode. (Are you really sure you can?) However Wu Ji is serious. He knows he will face dangers going back to the Imperial City and wants her to be safe, but she feels she will be fine.

The next day, when she says goodbye to Wu Ji, she must also say bye to Zong Yue who is going to look for the antidote for the poison in her body. (Noooooo! Who am I going to oggle at now?) The doctor insists that the couple owe him a lot. Wu Ji emphasises to Fu Yao how important Yao City is to Tianquan Kingdom and so she is committed to keeping the city safe.
 photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

The Ball-less wonder and his troops have arrived at the Black Militia’s compound.

Zhang Sun Jia has arrive at a brothel, where a young girl eagerly awaits him as an older woman spies on them. He is entertained, but once the spy leaves, it’s revealed that the young girl herself is also a spy for him, delivering news of Prince Yi’s movements against the Crown Prince and asking what he plans to do. Zhang Sun Jia won’t pick sides and points out the benefits of both. When the past is mentioned, he acknowledges that originally, he was destined to rule the Kingdom, but chose his true love over power and that she still is the most important to him. Then he reveals that he knows the girl is an agent of the Emperor and has been spying on him. He tells her that he will help her leave the city so she can lead a peaceful life. (I hope he is Wu Ji’s dad. He’s not so much of an ass.)
 photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

At the Black Militia camp, the Scarlet Devil eagerly accepts more gold and weapons from Prince Yi. (Sidenote: If you haven’t yet, you should watch “Rakshasa Street”. Tang Guozhong plays a Guardian in that show and his story is soooooo good and heartbreaking and he has some great fight scenes and a funny bromance with Jiro Wang.) Prince Yi tells Scarlet Chief to take out Yao City first and then help him seize the Imperial City.

Fu Yao and Yuan Bao are worried about Wu Ji and missing him. In the desert, Zong Yue and Wu Ji ride as they are pursued by Prince Yi’s soldiers. In the meantime, the Black Militia and Prince Yi’s troops are headed for Yao City when Prince Yi finds out that Fu Yao is the magistrate of that city and demands that the Black Militia give him her head.

Tie Cheng and a city elder report that the Black Militia are on the way to attack the city and ask Fu Yao what she plans to do. She realises that she should have planned sooner for this and decides to do what they can to defend the city.

In the desert, Zong Yue and Wu Ji are near the Geya Desert, but the Shangyang Palace cavalry has still not arrived. They realise it means they’ve been compromised. They decide to fight Prince Yi’s troops. Fu Yao and her friends are planning how to defend the city on limited rations and weapons. (Molotov cocktails! Even if it is a waste of good wine.)

Zong Ye and Wu Ji defeat the soldiers, but Wu Ji realises that continued battles are just meant to wear them out so it’s best to split up. Wu Ji leaves Zong Yue alone in the desert (looking so smexy…). 
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

The Black Militia and Prince Yi’s soldiers ride for Yao City just as the citizens have hidden jugs of wine in the ground and left the gates ajar. The adversaries are ready to attack, but see no soldiers on the wall and no one to confront them. They have archers shoot arrows, but get no response. The soldiers send the Militia to check it out first. They enter, but then are attacked at the last moment by the townsfolk, who also send molotov cocktails flying over the walls that trigger the jugs of wine buried in the ground to blow up and all their enemies scatter. (Yao City – 1, bad guys – 0)

Ep. 39

Prince Yi’s soldiers call to attack Yao City, but the molotov cocktail attack pushes back them and the Black Militia from the city. (Who runs the world? Fu Yao!)

The Empress senses bad omens. She runs to the Emperor’s manor, kneeling outside and promising to continue taking her medicine, even if it kills her (ok, WTF is in that medicine?!), just as long as her son lives and the Emperor keeps his promise (whatever that is). 
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

A messenger reports to Fu Yao that the soldiers that were in Baiting have been relocated far away. There are no reinforcements for Yao City. They are distributing watered down congee to the citizens, but their rations are almost gone, even with Fu Yao not eating herself. What few bits of food are found Fu Yao has distributed amongst the citizens as she tries to figure out other options. In her manor, she fingers the pouch that Wu Ji gave her should things go bad. He told her that inside was the one thing that could keep her alive and she is hopeful, but when she opens it up, she only finds instructions to flee. However, she refuses to abandon the people of Yao City.

Prince Yi delivers another shipment gold to Scarlet Devil with the promise of more once the latter takes over Yao City and delivers Fu Yao’s head. Of course the Prince himself will not be sticking around as he wants to personally take care of his brother.

Fu Yao is happy to see Wu Ji return until she realises it was just a dream. Xiao Qi reports that the Black Militia shot messages into the city saying that anyone who surrenders will be spared and that the townsfolk have opened the city gates. As they flee the city, Fu Yao tries to get them to go back inside, only to watch them get slaughtered as the Black Milita’s archers shoot them down. She manages to save one child (that was soooo “Princess Agents”) before she ends up getting shot in the back. 
 photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Healing after her wound, Fu Yao is not ready to give up, even as Xiao Qi tries to get her to flee. When Lan Zhu says that he’d need the two of them to save him, he brags that he is from the Stealth Merman Tribe and can dig tunnels like no one. (OK, why didn’t we know this before and why doesn’t he just dig a tunnel for the entire city to use to flee and let the militia waste time attacking an empty town?) Fu Yao decides that Xiao Qi and Lan Zhu will use the tunnel to go get help – one from Tiansha and one from Tianquan – while Fu Yao stays on.

Prince Yi hears that Wu Ji has entered Geya Desert and they proceed to take care of Wu Ji. In the meantime, a dehydrated Wu Ji and his horse collapse in the desert just as Prince Yi’s soldiers come to . But Wu Ji is victorious despite his situation, collapsing after overcoming the soldiers. (Even as he collapses, some of them are still rolling down the sand dunes from above him, but screw continuity…)

The Empress secretly meets with Zhang Sun Jia, telling him that Prince Yi is trying to kill Wu Ji with the Emperor’s approval and urging Zhang Sun Jia to help, but he knows there is little he can do. He tells her not to overreact as Prince Yi has not yet formally announced her son’s death. In the meantime, he will do what he can to get more information.
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

In Yao City, the townspeople are eager for Fu Yao to offer a plan, but are disappointed when she gives up and goes to turn the city over to the Black Militia. Even Yuan Bao is mad at her. Fu Yao has to pester the mouse several times before he finally goes to find Wu Ji. Then Fu Yao leaves the city as the people throw objects and insults at her for deserting them as Tie Cheng tries to defend her and insist all is not as it seems.

Fu Yao arrives at the Black Militia camp to surrender the city. The Scarlet Devil is arrogant, knowing he soon would have the city anyway, but Fu Yao points out that they’ve kept him at bay for almost a month and Prince Yi must not be happy. He finally agrees to the formal ceremony to swear a truce. The ceremony dictates Fu Yao and Scarlet Devil must draw blood from their heart. As she takes the dagger, the Militia watch her warily.
 photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Back at Yao City, the citizens hear that Fu Yao has given them up and the Militia promise not to kill anyone who is strong enough to serve with them, but Tie Cheng is not having it.

Fu Yao sticks the dagger in her chest and draws a drop of blood that she then drops in a bowl of wine. The Scarlet Devil takes his dagger, drops his armour and prepares to draw his own blood. But Fu Yao, instead, shoves the dagger into his heart and then kills his men. When he gets up to fight her, they square off, but eventually she cuts off his head. (I saw the behind the scenes for this shot. Awesome camera work.)

As she wraps the head up in cloth to take back to Yao City, she is discovered and now has the Militia outside, waiting to take her down. But then some mysterious men in black cut through the side of the tent and announce that they’ve been sent to protect her. She rides with them back to Yao City with the Militia in pursuit. (Hat’s off to the B-roll team for those awesome overhead shots!)

Wu Ji wakes up in the desert, surrounded by statues. But then he realises that the statues are men who suffered from the Petrifying Potion that is now consuming him. Thinking only of Fu Yao, he passes out again.
 photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Fu Yao and her saviours arrive at Yao City, but the citizens refuse to let the traitor in, even when she tells them she killed Scarlet Devil. (Sorry, girl. I know pretending to be a traitor came so easy to Wu Ji, but you’re no Crown Prince and your act didn’t pay off as well.) Tie Cheng, inside the city walls, is begging for them to let her in, to no avail, as the Militia arrive to kill her. Fu Yao and her protectors fight the Militia as Tie Cheng tries to hack at the chains locking the city gates with no success.

Fu Yao is distraught. “The ones I’m risking my life for would actually shut me out. Those I don’t even know are the ones who sacrificed for me!” She watches as another of the nameless men fights and dies to protect her.

Ep. 40

Fu Yao watches as another of the nameless men in black sent to save her ends up dying while the townsfolk inside call her a traitor and refuse Tie Cheng’s pleas to let her in. She tries to get the last remaining man to escape and take a message to Wu Ji, but he has promised his master to protect her with his own life and proceeds to take out as many as he can before he finally dies. She can then only tell Tie Cheng not to cry and to thank him for helping her.
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Yuan Bao, our mousy friend who, apparently, can travel miles very, very quickly on his short little legs, has found Wu Ji. He, of course, is only thinking of Fu Yao and sends Mr. Mousy back to tell her where he is. (In the meantime, mousy is all, “Screw this back and forth, you two. I’m tired. I’m finding myself a lady friend and having some fun.”)

Fu Yao, now alone, prepares to take her life before she is killed as Wu Ji also prepares to die. Neither have any fear. But at the last moment, someone shoots the sword out of Fu Yao’s hand. It’s the long lost Zhan Bei Ye!!!!! (Hi, Vengo! Since there’s no doc around, I’m glad to have one handsome face around.) Of course, he brought friends, the Black Wind Cavalry, headed by Xiao Qi (wow, I thought Lan Zhu would have headed for Tiansha), and orders them to kill the Black Militia. When he asks Fu Yao where she wants to go, she says, “Anywhere, but here.” When the people of Yao City finally open the gates, they find the dead bodies of the Black Militia and Fu Yao’s backside as she leaves their sorry asses forever.
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

***Warning: The rest of this episode is a buttload of exposition about Bei Ye. Nothing advances this story at all, or at least in not any obvious way at this point.***

At the Black Wind Cavalry’s camp, Fu Yao is, once again, in bed, being stared at, this time by Bei Ye. Xiao Qi, the King of Exposition, has updated Bei Ye on all things Wu Ji. Fu Yao has visions of Wu Ji and, of course, is determined to just go and save him, despite how weak she is. When Bei Ye asks about her visions, she describes Wu Ji surrounded by statues that are really men and that he is being turned to stone. The Prince says it’s just a dream, but the look on his face tells us that he recognises her vision.

Outside, he and General Ji talk about her dream and General Ji is impressed by what Fu Yao has accomplished since they met last in Taiyuan. They recognise what she describes in her dream as being the forbidden zone of the Geya Desert from which no one ever survives. Xiao Qi overhears them talk about how Wu Ji most likely is trapped there and will not survive. 
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Xiao Qi goes to take care of Fu Yao, who is determined to crawl all the way to Wu Ji to save him. When Xiao Qi lets slip what he heard, she is even more determined, but is too weak and passes out as he calls for help.

Xiao Qi begs for Bei Ye and General Ji to save his friend to which Bei Ye decides to pull out the Englobement Bell and use it to save her. (Wait a sec. He gave that to Fu Yao before she left Taiyuan, but Prince Yi never found it on her when he was looking for Fo Lian’s badge, but now Bei Ye has it again? Umm, who exactly changed Fu Yao’s clothing after that battle at Yao City? Hmmm…) General Ji pleads with Bei Ye not to use it, but he sends both of them away.

Xiao Qi and General Ji wait nervously outside. Xiao Qi is worried for Fu Yao, but General Ji knows that the method Bei Ye is using could, at the very least, drain the Prince of his life force and, at the most, cause death. Inside the tent, and a bit of overacting later, Bei Ye puts the Bell in Fu Yao’s hand covered by his and they meet together in her subconscious as General Ji explains how the whole process works. Not knowing what else to do, Xiao Qi and General Ji go looking for a doctor. (Hey, we know a guy…)

In Fu Yao’s subconscious (let’s call it Inception), she is in the desert, trying to find Wu Ji, but finds Bei Ye instead. They come across an army and Bei Ye quickly has them hide. The army is the Dust Dragon’s Secret Army and can kill them even though they are in a dream.

At the Black Wind Cavalry, random doctors have not been able to help. (Hey, we told you we know a guy!) Just then, Lan Zhu arrives and she’s brought Zong Yue!!! (I would like to apologise to my neighbor for the drunken shriek I let out when Zong Yue finally returned.) Xiao Qi immediately asks Zong Yue to check on the pair.
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Prince Yi receives news that Wu Ji slipped into quicksand and died. Cue crocodile tears of grief at the passing of his brother and his insistence that his guard dig up the body for a proper burial. Zhang Sun Jia, of course, is there to witness the whole thing. When Prince Yi suggests that perhaps now he could take over the Kingdom, Zhang Sun Jia insists that he has no interest in power and prestige as the Eldest Prince does and is interested in simpler pleasures like tea rituals, poetry, the opera, flowers, (secret meetings with the Empress, making sure Wu Ji retains the throne…) and no stress. Prince Yi, though, doesn’t believe him and has his guard keep an eye on Zhang Sun Jia, certain that he’ll need to take out his uncle next to ensure his rise to the throne.

Zong Yue can’t do anything to help Bei Ye or Fu Yao. Fu Yao was already in danger from the curse, the poison, Yao City people breaking her heart, Wu Ji being in danger, the writers of this series losing the plot and getting us mired in this situation… After Lan Zhu insists that he must know a way to save them, he admits there is one person who can save them, but that person would have to come willingly. And that person is….
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Back in Inception desert world, Fu Yao is tired and wants to pass out so Bei Ye punches her in the face. Wait, no, he punches himself in the chest, since they are joined, so hurting himself hurts her and that will jolt her awake. Ironically, he does it because he can’t bear to hurt her. Fu Yao wants to talk about Wu Ji, but Bei Ye just wants to talk about what happened after he left Taiyuan and so then we get a bunch of exposition between him and their friends around the campfire waiting for them to wake up. As General Ji says, “It’s a long story…” and then everyone spends the last twelve minutes telling long stories.
 photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

The short version… sort of… hard to make this short:

Zong Yue’s story: after the desert fight, he took the official route to the Imperial City, met Jiang Feng, found out the Cavalry was misdirected, heard about Wu Ji’s supposed death and then ran into Lan Zhu.

Bei Ye and General Ji’s story: General Ji went to Tiansha as ordered, but Zhan Nan Cheng had already taken out Bei Ye’s subordinates and was hunting down General Ji, who fled to the desert which happens to be where Bei Ye’s mother’s family hails from. (So the desert is at the end of an icefield? Add that to the plot point WTF list.) The Geya Desert people’s Black Wind Cavalry took care of General Ji and his men, but then they realised that, actually, the Cavalry were plotting something, so they sent that emergency note that Bei Ye received in Taiyuan, which made him leave.

Bei Ye arrived in Geya Desert where, initially, he was used in a ritual to worship the Dust Dragon’s Secret Army (that scene of him bleeding earlier in this series), and then they tried to kill him and his men, but then the earthquakes happened with our supporting characters and others falling into this deep crevasse and killer wasps come out of the ground trying to kill everyone. But Bei Ye found the Black Dragon Sword in a rock and pulled an Excalibur which then lead to the wasps disappearing and the Cavalry to pledge loyalty to Bei Ye as the new leader of the Black Wind Cavalry. (Props to the Props department for that kick ass sword!)

Post-exposition: Lan Zhu tucks her Prince in, still upset he left without her.

Overall Thoughts

Enid Bee: Is it just me, or the further along this story goes, are there an awful lot of plot holes? How does Jian Xue know what Fu Yao really looks like? Why does Fo Lian seem to know about her and know to be worried about her? If Wu Ji and Fo Lian were sharing love letters this whole time and it was his idea to marry her according to Zong Yue, why now is it made out to be like his mom is making him? How does Xiao Qi suddenly know how to fight? Why is the Emperor such a dick? OK, that last one isn’t really a plot hole. Just more of an observation…

Linjaturtle: I agree with you. Many many plot holes. How did Yuan Bao reach Wu Ji in the desert so fast when he tooks days to ride across? Wasn’t Wu Ji surrounded by dead bodies? How did he move location and end up surrounded by statues instead? Did those corpses turn into statues? So confused. – Oh I see. I’m not with the story. Those corpses did turn into statues. Can we please skip this arc?

Enid Bee: I finally realised that Ethan Ruan was in one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas, “My Queen”. That series is the reason why I ended up starting to learn Mandarin and spent a month traveling around Asia in 2017. Can’t believe I didn’t realise it was him! I loved that couple. So why don’t I feel the same chemistry in this show with this couple? I like both of the leads (Yang Mi is the reason I decided to watch this series), but something about this series is not making these two click for me. As I said before, I like the characters as individuals, but not as a pair. (And I love Lai Yi and he, honestly, is the reason I’m still hanging in there. Please let him have his own little love story in this, even if tragic.)

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What…did I just walk in to…
 photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Also, our favourite handsome doctor needs a hug.

Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 41-48 Recaps

Zhang Yi Cong as Zhan Nan Cheng (King of Tiansha)
 photo Zhan Nancheng.jpg

Gu You Ming as Zhan Bei Heng (Prince Huan)
 photo Zhan Beiheng.jpg

Chen Ying as Consort Jing (Zhan Bei Ye’s mother)
 photo Consort Jing.jpeg

Yang Zhen Yu as Gu Ling Feng (Commander of “Gold of Tiansha” army)
 photo vlcsnap-00043.jpg

Liu Yang as Attendant Li (Head Eunuch)
 photo vlcsnap-00019_1.jpg

Tan Xi Zhi as Eunuch Hua
 photo vlcsnap-00015_1.jpg

Ep. 41

Ya Lan Zhu is fussing over the unconscious Zhang Bei Ye, telling him how upset she was that he left without her and all that he went through, and praising him for surviving, though he’s not allowed to do that again. She is certain he is only interested in Fu Yao, but warns him that he’s not allowed to die for her. 
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

In the Inception desert, Bei Ye and Fu Yao are asleep. Fu Yao wakes up to the sound of a voice. She tries to wake up her friend, but her hand goes through him like a ghost. The voice asks if she wants to live or die and when Fu Yao asks who it is, Lady Fei Yan appears. Lady Fei Yan tries to get Fu Yao to pledge loyalty to Lady Fei Yan in exchange for saving Fu Yao, but Fu Yao refuses. Even when Fei Yan brings up how Yao City treated Fu Yao and how Fu Yao has no one, Fu Yao tells Lady Fei Yan that there are still others who have been there for her and she’s willing to die for them. Impressed, Fei Yan decides she’ll save Fu Yao anyway and disappears, promising they will meet again. Bei Ye and Fu Yao wake up, much to the delight of their friends.

The Emperor receives a report from Prince Yi advising that Wu Ji’s corpse has been found. The Emperor is shocked by the news, as is the court. A messenger relays that he died of Petrifying Poison and that they dare not bring his body back for fear of others being infected. The Emperor agrees Wu Ji’s body should be buried as soon as possible.
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Zhan Bei Ye tells Fu Yao that he is headed back to Tiansha while the Black Wind Cavalry will be retreating to the mountains and he asks what she plans to do. He suggests she go to Yao City  and get some closure, though, at first, she is not willing. He tells her that the people of the city have been looking for her now that they understand what she did, but she thinks they could just suck rocks. “They ripped my heart to pieces.” Bei Ye insists she gives them another chance.

He and Fu Yao go to Yao City where everyone immediately kneels in front of Fu Yao. Bei Ye speaks on her behalf to forgive the people for what happened and tells Fu Yao, “From now on, Yao City is definitely yours.” The people pledge their loyalty to Fu Yao, but the only person she is happy to see is Tie Cheng, recovered from his wounds and carrying the official seal. She puts him in charge of Yao City as she no longer wants the position. Instead, she wants to find Wu Ji.
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

In court, with news of Wu Ji’s death only a day old, some of Prince Yi’s allies start asking about naming him the Crown Prince. Prince Yi sends a message, once again trying to suck up to everyone by playing up how sad he is and how he punished someone for suggesting he be named crown prince.

Zhang Sun Jia comes across the Empress, who has passed out, and her maids are trying to revive her. She has heard the news of her son passing away and fainted after begging the Emperor to let her see her son’s body. Zhang Sun Jia sends some maids to get the doctor. The Empress wakes up, asking to see Wu Ji, but he dissuades her as the trip is dangerous. When a servant comes to give her her regular dose of medicine, she refuses it.
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Zong Yue has just received news of Wu Ji’s death and is too stunned to read it to the others so Bei Ye grabs it and reads it aloud to Xiao Qi and Lan Zhu. (Group hug from Team Hotty Doctor, mostly because the episodes lately have been sexy doctor light so enjoy him while we’ve got him, ladies.) Fu Yao comes bursting in the door just in time for the bad news.
 photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

The Emperor is not sure if he believes that Wu Ji really is dead and asks his servant what he thinks. If he really is dead, the Emperor ponders who should be Wu Ji’s successor. He knows Prince Yi wants the role and Zhang Sun Jia doesn’t seem very interested. He decides to cause some drama of his own just to stir up both sides and see what happens, as well as find out who sides with whom in court. It’s clear he intends to use the Empress. But then he realises that he still needs to confirm if Wu Ji really is dead and urgently sends his servant to confirm.
 photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Zong Yue has his doubts about Wu Ji’s death, even if it was written by Wu Ji’s Shadow Guard. Zong Yue and Bei Ye are worried about what Fu Yao may do and that she may fall into a trap. Lan Zhu tells them she had Xiao Qi place hypnotic incense in Fu Yao’s room to calm her down, but then he comes running in, yelling that Fu Yao has run off. Bei Ye goes after her.

In the desert, Fu Yao has found one of Prince Yi’s soldiers to get more information out of, but Bei Ye knocks him out. She refuses to go with Zhan Bei Ye, determined to confirm that Wu Ji is really dead. (Girl…*sigh*)

Meanwhile, Prince Yi’s men form a funeral procession with Wu Ji’s coffin where they plan to burn the body. (Wait, isn’t it stone? How is that going to help?) Prince Yi is keeping up the sad big brother routine in front of the Emperor’s servant, who asks about how they found the body. The Prince tells him how his soldiers searched for several days before finding him. The eunuch informs Prince Yi that several in court are asking for the Prince to be named the Crown Prince, which pleases Prince Yi, and that the Emperor has sent the eunuch to confirm the body is Wu Ji’s.
 photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

At the request of the Emperor’s servant, the soldiers remove the lid from the coffin before lighting it on fire. Bei Ye and Fu Yao, disguised as soldiers, watch to funeral and Fu Yao sees her beloved’s body and gets upset. Knowing she’s going to get them caught, Bei Ye knocks her out and then throws rocks to knock out two other soldiers. Certain that the passed out soldiers have caught what killed Wu Ji, the other terrified soldiers run away. 

 photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

That night Fu Yao wakes up in the desert. She’s ready to go kill Prince Yi until Bei Ye gets her to calm down and promises to help her avenge Wu Ji.

Servants in the Tianquan Palace are gathering the ingredients for the Empress’ medicine with one servant secretly writing them out. Zhang Sun Jia has a doctor look at the list of ingredients and is shocked to discover that it’s a slow acting poison. He meets with the Empress in the garden, asking why she never told him about the medicine. We find out that the Emperor forced her into marriage.  She didn’t want Zhang Sun Jia to get involved for his safety as she knows the Emperor is out to get him and is just using her to do it. But now with Wu Ji dead, Zhang Sun Jia wants to save her, telling her to give him three days to make plans and then he will take her away.
 photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

Bei Ye and Fu Yao just waltz into Prince Yi’s tent to kill him. (Um, Bei Ye, I thought you had more sense than this. After telling Fu Yao to be smart, this was your plan? Just walk in the front door?) And then, surprise, surprise, soldiers run in and surround them. They are King Zhan Nan Cheng’s soldiers, the Gold of Tiansha, who have come to arrest Bei Ye. One of Prince Yi’s men tells them that he knew they were at the funeral and would come to kill Prince Yi. When Fu Yao demands to know where he is, they are told that he’s going to Pan City for the King of Tiansha’s birthday.
 photo vlcsnap-00029.jpg

Ep. 42

Prince Yi knew that Fu Yao and Bei Ye were at the funeral and would come to kill him so they’ve ambushed them at the Prince’s camp. When Fu Yao demands to know where Prince Yi is, they are told that he’s going to Pan City for the King of Tiansha’s birthday. Before the soldiers can arrest them, Bei Ye tosses hypnotic gas (which doesn’t affect him or Fu Yao for some reason) and they run for it.

In Tiansha, King Zhan Nan Cheng is cleaning his jade while a visibly annoyed Prince Huan watches. (These Zhan men really like keeping their stuff well polished and shiny…) Prince Huan is upset that the Emperor doesn’t believe their story about Bei Ye colluding with Qi Zhen and is asking for proof. But the King isn’t worried because the Emperor is right. When Prince Huan asks what to do about the Gold of Tiansha, who has been sent to arrest Zhan Bei Ye, the King reminds Prince Huan that Bei Ye has his own personal army, the Black Wind Cavalry, which is against the law and that’s why he’s being arrested.
 photo vlcsnap-00035.jpg

In the desert, Bei Ye and Fu Yao aren’t able to keep ahead of the Gold, but then the Black Wind Cavalry arrives, along with their friends, Xiao Qi, kickass Princess Lan Zhu, General Ji, Tie Cheng and everyone’s favourite sexy, sword-wielding doctor. (*le sigh*)

Prince Huan still continues to be upset about Bei Ye, wondering how he could fly the Cavalry banner when they were disbanded long ago. Prince Huan worries the Gold are not a match, but the King still isn’t worried as he has plans to lure Bei Ye to Tiansha.

General Ji informs Bei Ye that he’s been accused of intending to rebel and that his friends, family and subordinates back in Tiansha have either been imprisoned or killed. The King has also locked up his mother and promised to bury her with her husband if Bei Ye doesn’t show up in 15 days. Realising they are outnumbered, Zong Yue takes some of Bei Ye’s men to lure them away while the rest go to safety. (And now we won’t get to see him for awhile. *so extremely sad*
 photo vlcsnap-00039.jpg

Bei Ye tries to get Fu Yao and her friends to take the safe route to Tiansha while he takes the more dangerous and direct route across Mount Changan. Of course, no one will hear of it, so he sends his men back to Geya Desert, and then the Scooby gang with some soldiers goes through the mystical forest. For some reason they are depending on Xiao Qi to lead them through even though he only went there once when he was six.

More Gold soldiers arrive, lead by General Gu Ling Feng, again to arrest Zhan Bei Ye. Everyone splits up, with Bei Ye taking Lan Zhu with him, and Tie Cheng, Xiao Qi and Fu Yao leaving together. Bei Ye and Lan Zhu end up at the edge of a cliff, battling the General and some of his men. To save Lan Zhu, Bei Ye tosses the Englobement Bell to knock away a blade, but she still ends up falling and hanging off the side. The General is about to kill Bei Ye as Bei Ye is holding on to Lan Zhu, but General Ji takes him out with a flying kick and helps pull Princess Lan Zhu back up where she passes out.
 photo vlcsnap-00044.jpg

Fu Yao and co. reunite with everyone else, but General Ji worries about the Englobement Bell. Bei Ye couldn’t care less at this point, as now he’s suddenly got the feels for Lan Zhu and just wants her to be okay. Telling Fu Yao that he’s going to get water, he leaves the Scooby gang behind, but she’s no fool. She and Xiao Qi insist on joining them while Tie Cheng takes Princess Ya Lan Zhu back to recuperate. (Fu Yao and Bei Ye are the worst at trying to be sneaky.)

As they sit around a campfire later cooking fish, Fu Yao recalls memories of Wu Ji and his fishbone love memento. Xiao Qi, though, is interested in the Black Dragon Sword. We learn that there is a legend of the God of Swords turning into a black dragon and attaching to the Zhan family so now each member has their own sword with eyes that no one but they can touch. 
 photo vlcsnap-00046.jpg

The group continue on through the foggy forest until it’s just Fu Yao, Bei Ye and a random soldier (hmmm, wonder who is going to die next…) on their own.

They see a body hanging from the trees, but when they try to cut it down, Bei Ye and the soldier end up in quicksand. Fu Yao tries desperately to save Bei Ye after the soldier is a goner, but Bei Ye wants her to save herself and tries to give his sword to her. General Ji and Xiao Qi find them and try to help, but flesh-eating ants are approaching. Of course, everyone continues to be stubborn as hell with General Ji finally cutting off his own arm to distract the ants.

 photo vlcsnap-00050.jpg
Later, now that he’s out of the quicksand, Bei Ye is upset about the men he’s lost while Fu Yao tries to get him to not give up. “You can’t let so many of your brothers die for nothing.”  She reminds him that he still needs to save his mother. When Bei Ye tells her that she also needs to take care of herself and that Wu Ji wouldn’t want to see her like that, Fu Yao says she doesn’t think Wu Ji is dead and then goes off to get water.

In the forest alone, Fu Yao is sad. She sees something odd on the ground and, when she picks it up, suddenly sees Wu Ji. Happy to see him, she runs to him, but when he tells her that they should forget about the Five Kingdoms and everyone else, and just go spend the rest of their lives together, she smells something fishy. Knowing that Wu Ji wouldn’t just give up on everyone and everything like that, she knows this is another fake Wu Ji and stabs him and he turns into black smoke. Bei Ye suddenly appears and pushes her out of the way just before the smoke can attack and it ends up going into Bei Ye’s body and he is knocked out. Fu Yao calls for help, but then passes out herself. 
 photo vlcsnap-00052.jpg

Zhang Sun Jia has returned to run off with the Empress, but she refuses. Instead, she gives him the Supreme Badge of the Imperial City so that he can leave Tianquan. Soldiers arrive to arrest Zhang Sun Jia, saying the Emperor has ordered his arrest as an assassin, but he fights them off. After trying one last time to get the Empress to go with him, she threatens to kill herself if he doesn’t go, so he leaves. But it turns out this whole thing was planned by the Emperor. The Empress is ready for him to kill her, but he’s not ready for her or his brother to die yet, as he still is waiting to see how things play out.

Prince Yi and his soldiers are crossing the snowfield to Tiansha when he hears about Bei Ye being driven into the mystical forest on Mount Changan.  He also hears that the King of Tiansha has now come forward in support of Prince Yi to become the next Crown Prince. Things are looking good for the eldest Prince.
 photo vlcsnap-00062.jpg

Fu Yao wakes up to someone else watching her sleep. It’s Wu Ji. Or is it? She’s happy, then remembers what happened in the forest and freaks out, but it really is him and she’s happy and crying, and they’re hugging and it’s very sweet. (Ummm, so what happened to hotty doctor?) Fu Yao asks him what happened in the desert and he says it was very unexpected… and we have to wait until the next episode to find out why.

Ep. 43

Fu Yao is happy to see Wu Ji alive and well, but is confused because she saw his corpse at the funeral. He tells her that he was ambushed by Prince Yi in Geya Desert and thought he would die, but Yuan Bao saved him. He promises never to leave Fu Yao again. (Which you know means he’s gonna leave her again…
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Unfortunately, Zhan Bei Ye is not doing so well and even our handsome doctor can’t help him. He’s been hurt by supernatural powers and Zong Yue (hey, when did you sneak back?) says they need the Englobement Bell to save him. Lan Zhu, having just arrived in Pan City with Tie Cheng, is upset and frantic so she starts yelling at our hotty doctor. (Hey, hey, that’s our boyfriend, lady! You can’t yell at him like that.)

Our Zong Yue is alone in his chambers and visibly upset. (Team Hotty Doctor quickly offers to teach that annoying princess a lesson and warm hugs.) Since we can’t be there for him, Wu Ji appears and reminds the doctor of how much Zong Yue has saved everyone’s butts so far. Wu Ji realises our dear doctor is not himself and, grabbing Zong Yue’s wrist, discovers he is not doing well. But the doctor assures Wu Ji that he won’t die anytime soon.

However, he is losing his medical skills, as half of his skills come from his inner force which is becoming harder to control. (Why do I have a bad feeling that this show is going to end with our handsome doctor having a funeral of his own? Better go find the tissues now.) Wu Ji wonders if Lady Fei Yan is punishing him because Qi Zhen failed, and the doctor is upset that he didn’t even kill Qi Zhen (as are we), and even more upset that, without his skills, he’ll be useless. Wu Ji vows to help him. (As does Team Hotty Doctor. Starting with hugs.)
 photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

At the Wintry Hall, King Zhan Nan Cheng welcomes Prince Yi, but is a little dismayed to not see Prince Yi bringing any goodies with him. Prince Yi promises that they are on their way, but he does bring one little gift: the Englobement Bell. One of his men found it on Mount Changhan which leads to a lot of dialogue about Bei Ye and the Englobement Bell and yadda, yadda, yadda. The King decides to celebrate its return with a banquet.

Fu Yao is sad, again. Wu Ji apologises, again, for everything that’s happened so far and saying that, because of it, she’s no longer happy-go-lucky like she was before. She tells him she had to kill another fake Wu Ji and that she knew this one was fake because she knew the real him would never give up the Five Kingdoms or his friends for her and tells him that she’s still the same person as before. But Wu Ji wants to be all touchy-feely now about his feelings and how he’s changed, and how he knows he’s not as awesome as Zhan Bei Ye. 
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

He hands her the object she saw on Mount Changhan. It is the Congregation Bell, another Tiansha relic that was thought to have been lost forever. He also informs her that his spies have told him the Englobement Bell is back with the King of Tiansha.

Zhan Nan Cheng and Prince Yi enjoy some entertainment during dinner, but Prince Yi can only sigh very loudly and pointedly. Prince Huan tells Prince Yi that he’s practically got the crown prince title in the bag, but Prince Yi still sighs VERY loudly. (My 6-year-old nephew is more subtle.) It turns out the Emperor’s servant informed him that his father has said that choosing the next Crown Prince is up to the rulers of the Five Kingdoms and that, if Prince Yi can go through the Ruins of Heaven’s Gate and survive, just as his brother did before, then he would be able to gain their loyalty and trust. Sending all the servants away, Nan Cheng tries to talk Prince Yi out of it because of the danger, but Prince Yi knows that if he doesn’t do it, the people will never think he is as good as Wu Ji. He then asks if the King might have an object in his possession that will help Prince Yi survive the challenge.

Later the King and Prince Huan are enjoying all the gifts from Prince Yi and talking about him. It becomes clear that they think Prince Yi is not as smart as Wu Ji and it will be easier to manipulate him to get what they want. Even if Prince Yi fails, they are not worried as it won’t affect who rules Tiansha. And then we find out that they are giving Prince Yi the Englobement Bell to help him in the Ruins.

Lan Zhu is dressed as a soldier, trying to sneak into the palace for the Englobement Bell, when Fu Yao, dressed in black, finds her and says she will help her.
 photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Prince Yi is looking at a map of the kingdom while his servant wonders why he agreed to give Zhan Nan Cheng so much territory, but Prince Yi has no intention of keeping his promise once he gains the throne.

Back at Scooby Headquarters, Zong Yue, Tie Cheng, Xiao Qi and General Ji are checking out a map of the Tiansha Palace. Zong Yue points out that the Bell must be kept in the heavily guarded Singing Frost Tower. (How is this info coming from him and not General Ji who is actually from Tiansha?)Fu Yao and Lan Zhu will distract the guards while Wu Ji steals the Bell just as it’s being given to Prince Yi.

Lan Zhu and Fu Yao watch Prince Yi and the King enter the tower, and then they jump over a wall. Despite Fu Yao warning Lan Zhu that the King loves traps, Lan Zhu runs off towards an unguarded spot and sets off an alarm that alerts the guards. In the Tower, the lights go out as they are looking at the Bell. The King is amused.
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Fu Yao and Lan Zhu are surrounded by guards, including General Gu who attacked the group back on Mount Changhan. Lan Zhu immediately goes after him while Fu Yao has to fight off everyone else. But while Fu Yao is doing just fine, Lan Zhu is knocked down and Fu Yao has to drag Lan Zhu back over the wall to safety. They run through the city, careful to not run towards where Bei Ye is hiding. Back at Scooby Headquarters, the others somehow know about what happened and hope Lan Zhu and Fu Yao return safely. (Really, writers?)
 photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Lan Zhu is surprised to see Wu Ji handing the Englobement Bell over to Fu Yao and finds out that it was planned the whole time for him to get it. Back at their lodgings, Lan Zhu tries to use the Englobement Bell to heal Bei Ye, but it doesn’t work and they figure out that it’s a fake. (Who’s surprised? Were you surprised? I was surprised…*cue sarcastic eye roll*)

Wu Ji sees an angry Fu Yao and asks what’s wrong. (Side note: anyone else getting tired of him always calling her “girl”. She has a name!!) She tells him the Bell was a fake and realises that it must have been Prince Yi. Once again we get Fu Yao being all impetuous and Wu Ji as the voice of reason. He’s also jealous of Fu Yao being so worried about Bei Ye and is certain that she likes Bei Ye better so she has to reassure him that he’s her favourite.

Cut to Nan Cheng and Prince Yi, where we find out that Prince Yi faked the whole death certificate, and is pretty certain that Wu Ji is still alive. Prince Yi warned Nan Cheng ahead of time and they had planned this whole thing with the fake Bell. (Is it just me or does it feel like the writers are trying waaaaay too hard?) Prince Yi is certain that Wu Ji will show up at the Ruins of Heaven’s Gate to get the real Bell. Nan Cheng is impressed by Prince Yi’s plan to use Wu Ji and get rid of his younger brother at the same time.
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Sure enough we cut to Zong Yue arriving to tell Wu Ji and Fu Yao that he heard Prince Yi is going through the Ruins of Heaven’s Gate and Wu Ji is certain his brother must have the Bell or he wouldn’t dare go. Fu Yao insists on going there to help save Bei Ye so Wu Ji agrees to go with her.

Xiao Qi watches Lan Zhu talking to the unconscious Bei Ye and seems a bit sad, though is it because it’s clear she loves him or just for the situation? (Pretty sure Xiao Qi likes Lan Zhu.)

The next day everyone is gathering to watch Prince Yi take on the Ruins of Heaven’s Gate. The Emperor’s servant (why did no one give him a name or did I miss it?) wishes him well.

Lan Zhu is alarmed when Bei Ye will no longer drink his medicine. When she goes to find the others and Xiao Qi says they have gone out, she gets upset, but won’t tell him what happened. 
 photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Everyone waits for Prince Yi to proceed with the challenge and they see some astronomical omens that they take as good signs for Prince Yi. In the meantime, Wu Ji and Fu Yao have already entered the Ruins. At first it seems normal and Wu Ji said the last time he went through it, it was no big deal. Suddenly, the sun is covered by clouds and a strange wind blows the two lovers away from one another. Fu Yao starts calling for Wu Ji, but turns around to see… herself. Wu Ji also finds himself facing himself. While Wu Ji is calm, Fu Yao is freaked out by it.
 photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Ep. 44

Certain that their friends have abandoned them, Lan Zhu is going to take matters into her own hands. She talks to Bei Ye about the first time she saw him when they were kids. Basically, the men of Xuanji sound like jerks and it was the first time she saw a male not being a jerk to a woman, so Lan Zhu fell in love with him. She declares that, even though he’s never answered her declarations of love, she has considered herself his woman and is willing to give up anything to keep him alive. She then reminds him that she has the Power of Transferal and can use that to save him. (Is it me or do these scenes with Lan Zhu just seem to go on forever?)

In the Ruins, Wu Ji and Fu Yao face off against themselves. While Wu Ji is witty enough to realise that it’s all a trick of the mind, Fu Yao is easily lulled into a trance, where she envisions herself in the middle of a battlefield, surrounded by dead soldiers, and sees a wounded Wu Ji. (Sounds about right…) In the trance, she follows her doppelganger while reliving the sad moments of her life so far. Wu Ji, in the meantime, fights against himself and ends up winning. 

 photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg
 photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

Lan Zhu tells a sleeping Bei Ye that the Power of Transferal can cause injury or even death, but she is willing to face the consequences to save him. Then she uses her powers on him.
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Wu Ji desperately uses his powers to find Fu Yao. Her clone tells her that her life has been so full of regret and fear that if she just goes to sleep, she can get away from it. Entranced, Fu Yao starts to walk towards a portal to her death, when Wu Ji manages to finally call out to her mentally and wake her up. Fu Yao and her clone fight as Wu Ji rushes to save her. Realising that they are the same, Fu Yao cuts her own throat to defeat her shadow and wins, though wounded. (Yeah, I’m sure that was the best idea…) Wu Ji finds her just as Prince Yi arrives. 
 photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Big brother is happy to see all is going according to plan and thanks Wu Ji for helping make it so easy for him. The brothers end up fighting, but just as it seems that Prince Yi is going to win, Fu Yao, now awake, manages to save Wu Ji and Prince Yi finds himself about to be sucked into the deadly portal. He frantically pleads for help and apologises for all the crimes he’s committed. Wu Ji and Fu Yao think about it.

Lan Zhu collapses from using her powers, but is happy to feel Bei Ye’s hand moving. Xiao Qi comes in to ask what is wrong and she tells him that Bei Ye will wake up soon. Xiao Qi is happy at first but then realises that something is wrong. Lan Zhu is now blind from saving Zhan Bei Ye. Xiao Qi is upset with her for doing something so rash and not waiting for them to get the Bell, but Lan Zhu only cares that Xiao Qi promise not to tell Bei Ye what she did and she gives him instructions on how to take care of Zhan Bei Ye when he awakes. Then she sings to Bei Ye the same song that they sang on the rooftops of Tianquan. 
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Outside the Ruins, everyone is exclaiming over the quintuple rays of sunlight, something not seen since Wu Ji defeated the Ruins. Everyone takes this as a good omen for Prince Yi, including the Zhan royals. Everyone exclaims when Prince Yi exits the Ruins, though they notice he doesn’t seem happy. But then everyone sees who comes out behind him. It’s a not dead Crown Prince Wu Ji. (Gotta love Nan Cheng’s “oh shit” face.) Initially shocked, everyone eagerly greets and bows to Wu Ji as a dejected Prince Yi looks on.

In a flashback, we see Fu Yao and Wu Ji in the ruins waking Prince Yi up with the Bell. The couple discovers that the antidote for Fu Yao’s poison is actually in Prince Yi’s blood and, because his mentor is dead, it is the only antidote. Fu Yao makes the Prince swallow a pill, a poison she said she got from Zong Yue with unpleasant side effects. “An antidote for an antidote.”

In Tiansha Palace, Zong Yue has taken some of the Prince’s blood and will use it with other ingredients to create the antidote. Prince Yi chases after the doctor, asking for the antidote, so Wu Ji “reminds” Zong Yue that the pill Fu Yao made Prince Yi ingest was a poisoned pill given to her by him. Zong Yue “remembers” and gives Prince Yi half of the antidote, promising the other half in a few days, as long as Prince Yi behaves. As they are leaving, Prince Huan arrives to invite Wu Ji to a royal banquet, but Wu Ji says he’s too tired from the challenge and will have to come another time.
 photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Walking back to their lodgings, Wu Ji and Zong Yue are amused by the trick that Fu Yao played on Prince Yi and Zong Yue remarks she is becoming more and more like Wu Ji. When Wu Ji asks what Zong Yue gave Prince Yi, Zong Yue says it’s a poison, but not a fatal one, though it does have unpleasant side effects. Cut to Prince Huan asking Prince Yi for the Englobement Bell back as Prince Yi begins to suffer from “intestinal discomfort”.

Xiao Qi helps Zong Yue gather the ingredients for the antidote.
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Zhan Bei Ye dreams of Fu Yao in the desert singing to him and wakes up just as she arrives with the Englobement Bell. Surprised and happy to see him up, she gives him back the Bell, promising to catch him up on everything after she rests. He asks her if she had been singing to him, but she tells him she has a horrible singing voice, which leaves him perplexed.

Sad Xiao Qi is happy to see Fu Yao, but when she asks about Lan Zhu, he tells her that Lan Zhu has gone to bed. Fu Yao is surprised, but then realises that if Lan Zhu is in bed, she must be really tired and is sure she’ll be really happy to see Bei Ye when she’s awake.

Later that night, Fu Yao drinks as she thinks about the vision she saw of the battlefield. Zong Yue interrupts her thoughts to check on her. He gives her a surprised look, but says nothing, so she gives him a big-eyed look in return. He tells her that the antidote is working, but not to eat or drink anything cold for the next week.
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

But then, he informs Wu Ji that, while the antidote is working, her pulse is strange. Wu Ji knows right away what Zong Yue is referring to. Somehow, in the Ruins, another tier of the spell was lifted. Zong Yue also wonders if Wu Ji noticed that the spell seems to be suppressing another stronger power that increases as each level is lifted. The doctor also wonders why such a strong and ancient spell was cast on her and what Wu Ji thinks about it, but Wu Ji only cares that she’s his woman. The doctor has his doubts. (And then Zong Yue disappears for two episodes…argh!)

Cue flashback of Wu Ji’s mentor telling him his destiny.

The Emperor receives the news that Wu Ji is alive and has defeated the Ruins yet again, and he is pleased. But, of course, he’s not going to tell the Empress right away. Instead, he asks her why she hasn’t been eating and tells her to take care of her health, but she thinks he doesn’t care if she lives or dies. When he mentions his brother, whom he wishes were dead, and questions why she doesn’t hate Zhang Sun Jia for abandoning her, she tells the Emperor he doesn’t understand, because he has never been in love or trusted anyone. Now that Wu Ji is gone, Zhang Sun Jia is the only person left she can depend on. With her son dead, she tells the Emperor that he no longer has anything to hold over her. And that’s when he decides to tell her that her son is alive. 
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Ep. 45

The Emperor tells the Empress that her son is still alive. She desperately wants to see him, but the Emperor tells her that she’ll need to wait until he lets her see Wu Ji.
 photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Prince Huan tells Nan Cheng that Prince Yi has gotten sick and hasn’t returned the Englobement Bell due to his gas issues. Nan Cheng says he can fart himself to death for all he cares as long as the bell is returned. A guard appears reporting that Prince Yi has disappeared and handing over a note that he left behind. In the note, Prince Yi tells the King that Wu Ji has the Englobement Bell.

Xiao Qi is ugly crying about Lan Zhu.
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Unaware, Fu Yao tells Bei Ye about how she tricked Prince Yi. Wu Ji is jealous of the two and when Fu Yao tries to give Bei Ye his medicine, Wu Ji insists that he do it instead, leading to a rather awkward moment between the two guys with Bei Ye finally just taking the medicine himself. Of course Wu Ji uses this as a reason to drag Fu Yao away since Bei Ye can take care of himself now.
 photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Outside, Fu Yao teases Wu Ji for being jealous. When Wu Ji says that she’s not the woman who should be taking care of Bei Ye, they realise that they haven’t seen Lan Zhu in a while. Seeing Xiao Qi, they ask about Lan Zhu. He avoids answering and tries to leave, but eventually he tells them the truth about what happened. They go into Lan Zhu’s room and find it empty. A note that she has left says to tell Bei Ye that she has gone home and will return soon, and for them not to look for her.
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Before anyone can do anything, though, Prince Huan arrives at their lodgings with many troops. His initial excuse is that Zhan Nan Cheng, realising the Crown Prince was staying in such lowly accommodations, wanted to invite him to stay at the palace. When Wu Ji finds an excuse not to leave, one of the soldiers pretends to see an assassin and Prince Huan insists on letting his troops search for the assassin. Wu Ji plays along and lets them look, asking Tie Cheng to escort them around.

All is well until they get to the room where Bei Ye is staying and Tie Cheng tries to keep them out, exclaiming that it is the Crown Prince’s rooms and that they can’t enter, as Bei Ye, Fu Yao and Xiao Qi get ready to fight for their lives inside. But the soldiers go in anyway and find nothing. Thanks to the combination of the Englobement and the Congregation Bells, Bei Ye is able to make himself, Xiao Qi and Fu Yao invisible to the soldiers. With neither the Bell nor the errant Prince Lie being found, Prince Huan punishes his soldier for sounding a false alarm and they start to leave. Suddenly Wu Ji remembers something his brother gave him and hands it over to Prince Huan to take to Nan Cheng.
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Of course, it’s the fake Bell, which Nan Cheng shatters on the ground, angry at both of the Tianquan princes.

As Bei Ye, Fu Yao and Wu Ji talk about the Bells and how good it is that they have both, Xiao Qi is pouting. Bei Ye realises that everyone seems upset about something and then asks where Lan Zhu is so they tell him the story she wrote in her note.

Nan Cheng suspects Wu Ji is the one behind the disappearance of the Bell and is also certain Bei Ye is still alive and that Wu Ji is likely allied with him. Prince Huan, though, isn’t convinced, much to Nan Cheng’s annoyance. Nan Cheng, eyeing him with suspicion, recalls a time Bei Ye saved Prince Huan’s life and how Prince Huan talked Nan Cheng into giving the Bell to Bei Ye to take to Taiyuan. Prince Huan is frantic to make the King not suspect him, but because they share the same mother, the King does not suspect him.

Instead, Nan Cheng wants to start getting rid of Bei Ye’s past subordinates, including the ones in power. The King wants them all arrested with everyone over age sixteen killed while the girls are to be sent to brothels and the boys to the army. (Sending the brothers to the army sound counter productive honestly.  It’s like, I’ll kill your parents and then train you and perhaps give you the power to extract revenge.) When Prince Huan worries Wu Ji may interfere, Zhan Nan Cheng reminds him that the Imperial City can not intercede in domestic affairs.

Wu Ji and Fu Yao search Pan City for Lan Zhu with no luck. They see some of Bei Ye’s subordinates being walked through the city in chains to their doom and hear townspeople comment on how much better Bei Ye is than the current King, and what a shame it is that Zhan Bei Ye was treated so unjustly. Suddenly, a stranger hands Fu Yao a note and leaves. It is an invitation for her to meet someone at the Iron Cliff the next day.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Bei Ye is helping General Ji get dressed. Though the general feels overwhelmed by the gesture, Bei Ye feels it’s the least that he can do given that General Ji gave up his own arm to save him. Bei Ye is determined to avenge all their dead comrades.
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

When Zhan Bei Ye comments how it was Fu Yao who took care of him and helped him get better, Xiao Qi loses it, calling the Prince an “ungrateful scoundrel” and informing Bei Ye that it was Lan Zhu, not Fu Yao, who stayed by his side, and that she gave up her eyes to save him. It turns out General Ji is also aware of what happened and that Ya Lan Zhu had snuck away. This upsets Bei Ye and he yells at the returning Wu Ji and Fu Yao for not telling him. He is determined to go find her, but they tell him that they already searched for her in the city with no luck. They tell him they know where to find her and show him the note Fu Yao received in town. Bei Ye determined to go, but Fu Yao wants to stop him. Wu Ji, however, intercedes and says that Bei Ye has to do this and that he will go with him.
 photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

As the two men walk to the Iron Cliff, Bei Ye realises that Wu Ji probably had another reason for wanting Fu Yao not to join them. Wu Ji does. He advises Bei Ye that it’s time for him to make a commitment and decide once and for all if he wants to just sit back and do nothing about Tiansha or take action and get back the kingdom.

Back at the lodgings, it’s General Ji’s turn to try to do something rash, this time to save Bei Ye’s mother, the Grand Consort Jing. But this time Fu Yao is the voice of reason, knowing that Nan Cheng will keep Consort Jing alive to use as bait to get Bei Ye, and Fu Yao promises to think of a plan to save her.
 photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

At the cliff, the two Princes watch as a crow flies towards them and drops something into Bei Ye’s hand; Lan Zhu’s necklace. Wu Ji, knowing that Bei Ye is going to Illusion Hall to meet Lady Fei Yan, gives Bei Ye instructions on what to say. At the hall, Bei Ye enters and sees a woman in white. Following Wu Ji’s instructions, he introduces himself and asks for her help. But it’s not Lady Fei Yan he’s talking to. Instead, it’s Wu Ji’s annoying little buddy, Tai Yan, and she is not pleased that Bei Ye came without Fu Yao and won’t bring her mentor out unless Fu Yao is there. She threatens to kill Lan Zhu, which angers Bei Ye and he draws his sword. They fight at first, but when she drops Lan Zhu from the ceiling and threatens to kill her, Bei Ye stops and begs her not to hurt the Princess. Bitchy as ever (Nahh… this time, Tai Yan has a reason for her actions.), Tai Yan could care less and is about to take her life when Wu Ji comes in and stops her. 
 photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

Bei Ye picks up Lan Zhu, who regains consciousness, while Wu Ji asks Tai Yan to let them go, but she refuses. She reveals that her mentor wants to meet Fu Yao. Wu Ji tells Bei Ye to take the Princess away and, when Tai Yan tries to stop them, Wu Ji fights her and, again, defeats her. As he leaves, she calls out that she knows Fu Yao is the one his mentor ordered him to find and asks if he’s forgotten his other identity, but he tells her to lay eggs and leaves.

Back at the lodgings, Wu Ji is holding the Leaf of Spiritual Elixir as he remembers an image of Fu Yao awakening in the middle of a lotus, when Fu Yao comes in with some wine. She wants to celebrate Lan Zhu’s return. Wu Ji asks Fu Yao if she had ever wondered who her parents were. She admits that she used to think they were very powerful, important people who wanted to hide her for her safety and that, one day, they would return for her, but then later realised that the only people who would abandon their children to become servants to others must have already been in a very bad situation. When asked if she holds a grudge against them, Fu Yao doesn’t care because she now considers Uncle Zhou her family, but the thought of him makes her sad and want to drink more.
 photo vlcsnap-00039.jpg

Ep. 46

When Wu Ji asks if Fu Yao holds a grudge against the parents who abandoned her, Fu Yao doesn’t care because she now considers Uncle Zhou her family, but the thought of him makes her remember his death and what he told her of the spell. Wu Ji then gives her the Leaf of Spiritual Elixir, saying that while it’s very important, she is even more important to him. He also tells her that it contains his memories, good and bad, and things that are important to him. Cue some smooching. (Really it seems like he’s not conflicted at all, about giving up the rest of the world for their love.)
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Out in the snow, Bei Ye is standing in front of Lan Zhu’s quarters when Xiao Qi comes out. When Bei Ye asks how she is, Xiao Qi doesn’t answer and just leaves. So Bei Ye yells out to her that his life is hers now and that he’ll risk his life for her in gratitude for what she did. She tells him to come inside where she informs him that it’s her birthday. Then, she starts going through a list of the last couple of birthdays that have all pretty much sucked. (Aw, so I’m not the only one with a jinx of a birthday.) But she tells him that she doesn’t want his pity or his gratitude. What she really wants is for him to love her. However, since she’s certain he loves Fu Yao, she’s willing to wait until eventually he loves her. While hugging her, he calls her by her nickname, Zhu Zhu, for the first time. (Awww…)

Wu Ji finds Bei Ye outside getting drunk. Seeing the Crown Prince, Bei Ye kneels to thank Wu Ji for helping him, but Wu Ji doesn’t want any of these formalities and, instead, invites Bei Ye to drink. Bei Ye admits he’s never been ambitious and had always thought if he just put up with his brother’s crap, everything would be fine. But now he realises he can’t do that anymore, though he first wants to make sure his mother is safe. Wu Ji promises to help him as does Fu Yao who suddenly appears. 
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

The next day, Bei Ye is in his “Peaches” disguise and goes with Fu Yao to the city. There they find a drunk Eunuch Hua who immediately recognises Prince Lie, even with his faux facial hair, and kneels before him, grateful that the Prince is still alive. The eunuch passes on a coded message from his mother saying that she is fine, but warns that she is under heavy surveillance in Xihua Palace. The men are not sure how to get Bei Ye in to see his mother, but Fu Yao has a plan.
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Representatives from the different Kingdoms arrive for King Nan Cheng’s birthday celebration. He is a bit surprised to see Wu Ji appear to join the festivities, but has to put on his friendly face. (But I like his “I’m evil” looks.) When Nan Cheng tells him that Wu Ji didn’t need to go to the trouble, Wu Ji tells him that the Emperor has made a decree that Wu Ji is to take over running the Five Kingdoms, which a eunuch verifies.

Bei Ye and Fu Yao, dressed as servants, enter the palace where Eunuch Hua assigns them to Xihua Palace. They are on their way when they run into the same General Gu from Mount Changhan and their attempt to steal the Bell. Recognising both of them, the General attacks, but the pair ends up killing him and hiding his body behind a rock. Then they jump over a wall into the palace. While trying to decide what to do, they hear his mother singing, only for her to be beaten and punished by a servant. Fu Yao has to hold back an angry Bei Ye and tells him she knows of a way to get his mother out.

At the King’s birthday dinner, everyone is enjoying music and a show. Wu Ji asks if he can visit the Singing Frost Tower and the King hints that he should already be very familiar with it. A soldier runs in and announces General Gu’s death. Prince Huan is furious and offers to investigate, but then Wu Ji recalls an incident in Taiyuan where, on the King’s birthday, something similar happened when the King’s uncle wanted to usurp the throne. The King tells Prince Huan to stay where he is and just to send officers to handle it while he stays at the party, but Prince Huan does not feel easy. As Wu Ji proposes a toast to Prince Huan, the King eyes them both carefully and then tells Attendant Li to have the guards at three of the gates changed out. The first seeds of doubt have been planted.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

At nightfall, Fu Yao delivers dinner for the Grand Consort. She finds the consort unconscious and tied up. Fu Yao unties her and wakes her, telling Consort Jing that Fu Yao has come on behalf of her son to help rescue her. Fu Yao will take the Grand Consort to the toilet where he will be waiting.

In the banquet hall, soldiers arrive with the General’s body. Prince Huan is upset to see the general dead. The King asks the Crown Prince what he thinks and Wu Ji advises that the body appears to have been stabbed by one of the Cold Blade’s used by the Tiansha’s guards, so it must be an inside job. When Prince Huan tells Wu Ji he is being too hasty to judgement. Wu Ji says, “I’m just stating the facts. I didn’t say YOU had anything to do with it. Besides, your brother wouldn’t doubt you.” (So basically just saying what will guarantee doubt in everyone’s mind.)

The guards inspect the toilet before they let the Grand Consort and Fu Yao enter, telling them that there are assassins in the palace. Inside, through a window, Bei Ye and his mother finally see each other again for the first time in a while. 
 photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Prince Huan swears he didn’t have anything to do with the General’s death and would never plot against his brother. Prince Huan says that he suspects it’s Bei Ye and that Bei Ye must have returned. The King immediately orders guards to Xihua Palace.

Bei Ye wants to get his mother out of the palace, but Grand Consort knows it’s too dangerous and tells him not to. Instead, she gives him a hairpin of hers with something hidden in it.
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

The next day, Fu Yao sees Bei Ye being sad about his mom. She promises to help him in the future whenever he needs it. He feels guilty for being so meek all these years and not helping his mother sooner, as well as for all the people who have risked their lives to keep him safe.

Zhan Nan Cheng gets the feeling that something bad is about to happen. Prince Huan tries to reassure him that they are doing everything they can, but the King is not assured. He also still suspects Wu Ji and Prince Yi of being up to something and that Bei Ye is not dead.

Bei Ye is doing what he always does, cleaning his sword. He tells Wu Ji he’s ready to take back what is his. In the hairpin, Bei Ye has found the real decree from the former Tiansha king in which he named Bei Ye as his successor. The decree that was read out by Zhan Nan Cheng’s uncle was a fake. The Scooby gang are all in to help Bei Ye, but he worries about how it will affect the people of Tiansha. 
 photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

General Ji also points out that they don’t have enough troops, but Wu Ji says they have underestimated Bei Ye. It turns out that the Black Wind Cavalry was formed by Qiongcang (aka The Firmament) to keep the Zhan family in check, in case they got too powerful and decided to take over the other Kingdoms. The Cavalry and their leader are granted Qiongcang powers that can break the spells that protect the Tiansha palace and help them annihilate any traitors, but they need more soldiers and can’t get any from outside of Tiansha without a Tiansha seal. So where can they get soldiers from? Wu Ji knows.

Ep. 47

Bei Ye needs more soldiers to help him overthrow his brother, but can’t get any from outside of Tiansha without a Tiansha seal. So where can they get soldiers from? Wu Ji and Bei Ye have the same thought. The men of Black Wind Cavalry that Bei Ye found are not the only soldiers in the Geya Desert. There were others who betrayed their duty and the Qiongcang magic trapped them in the Geya Desert for eternity. They are the Dust Dragon’s Secret Army, the same ones Fu Yao and Bei Ye saw in Inception desert world. Legend says that the sword Bei Ye found is the key to controlling them, but they don’t know for sure if it will work or if they exist. However, Wu Ji knows they do exist as he saw them when he almost died in the desert. Bei Ye is determined to go and reassures a worried Ya Lan Zhu that this is his destiny. (How is it that this couple now is having much longer touchy-feely scenes than our OTP?) Fu Yao tries to volunteer herself and Wu Ji to help, but Wu Ji tells her they have other business to take care of.
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

King Nan Cheng has Prince Huan increase security around the palace. Prince Huan reminds him that with all of Bei Ye’s allies that they’ve arrested, and with the General’s death, there are a lot of vacancies now. Nan Cheng asks if Prince Huan is looking to take over the Gold of Tiansha, but Prince Huan is defensive and swears that he has no interest, so the King plans to find someone he can train to follow his every command.

Wu Ji, of course, plans to make that person Fu Yao. Knowing how suspicious the King is of everyone, he wants to get someone by the King’s side who works for them. Fu Yao is not very comfortable with the idea of sucking up to the King and worries it’s dangerous, but, of course, she will do it. Because Wu Ji knows the King is petty, Wu Ji has a plan.

Soldiers announce the competition to becoming the General of True Valiance. To sign up, warriors have to carve their name into ice and get a white ribbon to wear on their arm. The King, once again, participating in the Zhan royal family’s favourite past time of polishing a prized possession, listens to his brother’s report about sending an invitation to Wu Ji to help judge the competition. The King wants Prince Huan to send over gifts as well so the King can suck up to Wu Ji. Prince Huan is worried because they had previously pledged to support Prince Yi. However, the King is going to go with whomever he thinks can help him most and is annoyed with Prince Yi.

Various men step up to carve their names into ice with their swords to enter the competition.
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Fu Yao comes up, this time pretending to be Jiang Feng, and uses her powers to add her name to the ice, to everyone’s amazement.
 photo vlcsnap-00035.jpg

As he leaves, Wu Ji arrives in a carriage and they have a well-staged argument in front of everyone, where they make it clear that Jiang Feng is tired of Wu Ji not promoting him and wants to go where there are better opportunities. The Crown Prince is not happy about Jiang Feng leaving. 

Zhan Bei Ye and his men are riding their horses near the edge of the desert when he stops. He knows they are being followed and, when he calls for the person to come out, up pops the blind Princess who somehow managed to follow them despite not being on horseback. Bei Ye insists she ride on his horse to keep her safe. Before they ride off, he promises to celebrate all her birthdays with her from now on. (Girl… you blind.  You know you’re just going to be a burden to him.)
 photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

King Nan Cheng is being dressed and getting an update on the competition. Once the servants leave, he tells Prince Huan how disappointed he is that Wu Ji wouldn’t agree to participate in the match and wonders what Wu Ji is up to since he is staying in the city. Prince Huan passes on the rumour about Wu Ji and Jiang Feng’s confrontation. He tells the King about the Crown Prince’s Shadow Guard, who has been favoured by Wu Ji for so long, but now they’ve had a falling out and Jiang Feng, in anger, signed up for the competition.

Fu Yao is annoyed at having to act all the time and swears she won’t do it again, when Xiao Qi enters, announcing the return of Zong Yue. Fu Yao scolds Zong Yue for leaving without telling anyone. (More like the writers forgot about him, much to our chagrin. But don’t worry, Team Hotty Doctor. The next couple episodes bring a lot more of our Divine Physician. *le sigh*) When Fu Yao comments on the doctor so quietly returning and wondering if he was worried about being caught in the King’s trap, he tells her that there are so many scouts around the place that he knows his return has been noted. 
 photo vlcsnap-00001_1.jpg

As the writers suddenly realise only a third of the series is left to go, they give the doctor some exposition to help bring his storyline (remember the whole revenge on Qi Zhen thing?) back on the table again. He tells Wu Ji that he heard that Qi Zhen fell ill after being imprisoned, but then escaped thanks to Yun Hen not killing him. (Still not sure why you didn’t just do the job yourself.) While Wu Ji understands why Yun Hen would feel that he owes Qi Zhen for raising him, Zong Yue worries that his brother is not capable enough to rule Taiyuan and that Qi Zhen is just waiting to strike back. Wu Ji tells him his brother was not born a killer, but that “One day, when he’s all bruised and bleeding, when he knows the pain, only then will he understand.” Zong Yue just wants things to go well for Yun Hen and will not be at ease until Qi Zhen is dead. Wu Ji suggests that they lure Qi Zhen out.

Xiao Qi (a.k.a the writer’s favorite tool for exposition) is surprised to hear that Zong Yue is also going to take part in the competition and wonders why. Fu Yao explains that they are pretending to be rivals for Wu Ji’s friendship so that Zhan Nan Cheng will want to win Jiang Feng over.

The day of the competition begins, and the King and Prince Huan are seated, but Wu Ji’s seat is conspicuously empty, much to Nan Cheng’s chagrin. Zhan Nan Cheng has done everything he can, but seems to have been snubbed by the Crown Prince. He asks Prince Huan where the competitors are and Prince Huan explains that he sent out assassins to kill them as they make their way to the venue. Those who survive and make it to the venue before a stick of incense burns out will have passed the first round.

Fu Yao is attacked by assassins as she walks to the venue. She subdues one of them, asks who sent them, and is informed about this first part of the competition. She is angry that the King would just kill off innocent people just for this competition. For Nan Cheng and Prince Huan, however, this is a requirement as all the men in the Gold of Tiansha are survivors who have killed before and that’s who they want leading them. But the King is bored with waiting and wants something exciting to watch. 
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Wu Ji arrives and, immediately, everyone goes into faux politeness mode. Nan Cheng notices Wu Ji expectantly watching the doors and asks if he’s waiting for someone, but Wu Ji doesn’t answer. The incense is almost out when competitors start running in the slowly closing doors, Fu Yao and Zong Yue included. Of course, Zong Yue notices another competitor right away, Qi Yun, and wonders why she is there. We see in a quick flashback that Qi Zhen is ill and has told Qi Yun that only Zong Yue can cure him.
 photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Nan Cheng announces that the winner of the competition will be the one who can retrieve a very special treasure that is hanging in a sack over a bunch of blades, before fires burn up the ropes holding it up and it falls. The King enjoys Wu Ji’s pained expression hearing about this.

When the match begins, the competitors immediately start fighting one another, while the King keeps an eye on Wu Ji’s reactions. Hotty Doctor is looking sexy as hell while taking out competitors. Jiang Feng is almost taken out, but Wu Ji quickly tosses a cup to knock out a competitor’s sword. When Nan Cheng asks Wu Ji about Jiang Feng, Wu Ji says Jiang Feng is just having a tantrum and that’s why he joined the contest. Nan Cheng is surprised to see Zong Yue is also in the competition and asks about him. Wu Ji confides that he and the doctor are close friends and that he doesn’t know who to root for between the two.

Jiang Feng fights one competitor, Tang Yi Zhong of Xuanji Kingdom, and knocks away his sword. He’s ready to be killed, but she opts instead to let him go and he thanks her. Other men get launched into the frozen water as one after another are taken out. Qi Yun is hurt and is about to be killed when Zong Yue saves her and dispatches another competitor. She wants to talk to him, but instead is rushed away as he continues to fight.
 photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Finally, it ends with just Jiang Feng and Zong Yue left standing. They trade barbs while Wu Ji asks for Nan Cheng to give them both the title, but Jiang Feng doesn’t want a title offered out of pity and, instead, Wu Ji’s two buddies fight it out. As they fight, the ropes holding the treasure finally break and they immediately grab the ropes to ensure the treasure doesn’t fall. They continue fighting until Zong Yue falls towards the ice water. As Wu Ji rushes to save the doctor, Jiang Feng grabs the falling treasure. When she opens the sack, she is surprised and angered to discover Grand Consort Jing was in there. Although her first impulse is yell at the King, she remembers her role and, instead, claims to be angry because she wasn’t expecting such a heavy load and almost hurt herself.
 photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Nan Cheng is ready to give Jiang Feng the title when Wu Ji tries to talk Jiang Feng out of it. Citing a desire not to break his own word, plus with Jiang Feng’s own desire to be somewhere he is appreciated, the King accepts Jiang Feng as the winner.

Fu Yao is still mad about the Consort, but is thankful Bei Ye wasn’t there or he would have been caught trying to save his mother. She hopes they can get Bei Ye on the throne soon and Wu Ji reminds her that she has to keep up the act and gain the King’s trust if they are going to be able to do that.

The next day, Wu Ji and Zong Yue walk through Pan City. Wu Ji explains how they have to make the King trust Jiang Feng and doubt everyone else, but he realises the doctor is distracted, though Zong Yue claims nothing’s wrong. Just then, his distraction appears before them: Qi Yun.
 photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

Eunuch Hua is scolding a batch of new eunuchs, and among them is Xiao Qi, when the Head Eunuch comes looking for a servant to replace one that just died. He ends up picking Xiao Qi. Eunuch Hua tries to help Xiao Qi, but the Head Eunuch notes that the King’s servants end up dying in a few days and they don’t want to waste one of their apprentices for the role, so there’s nothing that can be done and Xiao Qi runs off to serve the King.
 photo vlcsnap-00032.jpg

Ep. 48

Zong Yue is having some tea as Qi Yun watches him. He asks her if she is there to avenge her father, but she insists she’s not so he tells her to leave and stay far away. When she won’t, he gets up to go and she tries to stop him, which makes him angry. He tells her that he won’t kill her for sins that aren’t hers, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be nice to her and that he still wants her father dead. Him saving her at Wintry Hall gave her hope and she is certain that he’s been thinking of her. She reminds him of their good childhood memories and asks for a chance to make up for her father’s mistakes because she hates seeing him live in anger. But Zong Yue can’t forget watching his family die. He accuses her of seducing his brother to make Yun Hen not want revenge on her father and now trying to seduce him for the same reasons, and he tells her to get lost and leaves while she cries, insisting that she’s not that kind of girl.
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Nan Cheng eagerly shows Jiang Feng around his tower of treasures. She praises his collection and, upon seeing the empty pedestal where the Englobement Bell once was, asks if he is missing a piece. He tells her that he is about to acquire a new treasure to put in that spot. Prince Huan is announced and the King eagerly has him brought in. Jiang Feng, remembering that they’ve met before, tries to leave, but the King won’t hear of it. Instead, she looks at the treasures as they talk. Prince Huan informs the King that there’s no more money in the treasury to buy the treasure the King wanted, which angers the King. He demands that they raise taxes, but Prince Huan worries the people will not be able to pay the new taxes, though the King could care less.

As they argue, Jiang Feng steps in to offer a suggestion: arrest some of the corrupted officials as they will have more money than the commoners. Prince Huan, the more politically savvy of the brothers, realises this could cause other issues, but Nan Cheng doesn’t care either way. Zhan Nan Cheng tells his brother to do one or the other as long as Prince Huan can get more money for the treasure. The King is frustrated that his brother always has bad news and likes his new buddy, Jiang Feng.
 photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Prince Huan, finally realising how much Jiang Feng looks like Faux Lian, runs into her outside the palace and accuses her of being the same person. Jiang Feng gets offended at being called a woman and feels he is being insulted, but Prince Huan is certain they’ve met before and wants to figure it out.

Bei Ye and his crew arrive in a small village. Worried about Lan Zhu, he tells General Ji to find a family who is willing to feed them so that they can get some rest, though General Ji worries they may be found by the King. As they eat, Bei Ye tries to pay off the man whose family is taking care of them, but the man refuses as they are guests. 
 photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Head Eunuch Li shows Jiang Feng to his new quarters and tells him that the King has never favoured someone so much in the past decade and had a good location selected for himJiang Feng rewards him and Eunuch Li predicts he will rise up the ranks quickly.

Inside, and finally alone, Fu Yao calls out to the person hiding in her room. Wu Ji comes out, complaining that it’s going to be harder to see her, but liking that they can secretly meet in her bedroom. When she wonders why he’s not hiding under her bed, he suggests they both hide there. 

Fu Yao worries that Prince Huan will reveal her secret, but Wu Ji says Prince Huan will keep it to himself if he’s smart. The King is overly suspicious and Prince Huan is the only brother he hasn’t killed. Prince Huan has managed to get to such a high position without being harmed, but he must be getting anxious, Wu Ji says, as we see Prince Huan sending a letter to someone.
 photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Bei Ye is laying next to Lan Zhu, just a curtain separating them. He can’t sleep so Lan Zhu asks him to share his troubles with her and… TL:DR version – he’s worried, she reassures him, pretty music plays, I check my email. 
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Fu Yao and Wu Ji discuss the plan to make Nan Cheng doubt Prince Huan. She realises Wu Ji is worried about something and she reassures him that she knows how to suck up to arrogant royals. However, he is more concerned about Bei Ye and what difficulties he may be facing.

Men in black set fire to the village granaries as Bei Ye and Lan Zhu are still talking. Fast forward to them hearing calls of alarm and rushing out to see what has happened. The villagers are trying to put the fire out when soldiers arrive. Two days ago, the soldiers had been trying to buy up the land, but the villagers refused. Now that the King wants the wood that grows on their land for his royal halls, so they are going to arrest the villagers for setting fire to their granaries. Bei Ye and co. immediately stop them and take out the soldiers.
 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

The next morning, with the horses and some of their men gone, they are running across the ice field when they are stopped by a crevasse. The Gold of Tiansha appears, with the leader of the troops telling them to surrender, but they fight instead. Somehow blind Ya Lan Zhu can sense when her man is in trouble and ends up stepping between him and a blade. He’s upset and makes her promise not to save him anymore as now it’s his turn to take care of her.

Nan Cheng is checking out his family… treasures when Head Eunuch Li announces that the Ice Field Tiger has appeared. The King is eager to hunt it and takes Jiang Feng and some other soldiers with him. It’s an auspicious sign from the gods and very rare. Seeing something white in the distance, the King proceeds with Jiang Feng and a few men, but they run into assassins in black who kill off everyone but the King and Jiang Feng. Jiang Feng manages to “save” the King while getting wounded in the process.
 photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Wu Ji paces nervously until one of the assassins reports the success of their mission and that the King has named Jiang Feng the General of True Valiance.

In the palace, servants have delivered various gifts from the King and one servant, Xiao Qi, delivers some special medicine, but Jiang Feng refuses all of it. The King arrives, insisting on feeding Jiang Feng the medicine himself, but the warrior refuses all the King’s kindness, not sure how to accept it. The King is thankful to his new General and offers any reward. At first, he refuses, but then, finally, asks to be put in charge of the Gold of Tiansha.
 photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Prince Huan appears at that moment, declaring that this demand is proof of Jiang Feng’s bad intentions and then accuses Jiang Feng of being a spy for Wu Ji. Prince Huan produces a letter from Prince Yi as evidence and tells his brother about the incident with fake Princess Fo Lian and says that Jiang Feng is that same imposter, the wanted fugitive Fu Yao. Not phased, Jiang Feng says Prince Huan forged the letter and is trying to set him up. When the Prince asks why, Jiang Feng tells the King that his brother secretly met with Wu Ji and asked for his help to get the Tiansha throne, which Prince Huan violently denies.
 photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

As proof, Jiang Feng mentions a ninth concubine that the Prince married the day after Wu Ji arrived in the city and that she acted as a messenger. When the King asks to talk to her, Jiang Feng advises that the concubine mysteriously died recently and Prince Huan confesses he killed her for cheating on him. But Jiang Feng suggests that the deceased woman left behind evidence and that Prince Huan has been building up his own army and hoarding some of the money from raids of corrupt officials. When Prince Huan says that flying thieves stole the money from the officials before he could get it, Jiang Feng laughs at his story. Insisting on his innocence, Prince Huan asks for his brother to believe him. The King says he says he will… once he takes a look at Prince Huan’s manor.

 photo vlcsnap-00029.jpg

Overall Thoughts

Linjaturle: I think the writers have given up on the story. What, as if another tier was lifted in the Ruins and we don’t see anything significant happen. It took 30 episodes to lift one tier and almost another 10 to lift another that we weren’t even aware of. I am not impressed with the two main female characters. Fu Yao and Lan Zhu don’t take a second to think at all and are always wanting to rush off into danger, and now we have Lan Zhu with a senseless sacrifice. She went on and on and on about not being able to live if she can’t see Bei Ye anymore and well, now that she really can’t see him… what’s she gonna do? She had very little faith in her friends to save Bei Ye. Hotty doc had already informed her Bei Ye WILL NOT DIE. I can’t make sense of it. At least, there’s one less female recklessly rushing off into danger now. If she can’t see, she’ll stay put. Hotty doctor saving me from giving up this drama. More Zong Yue, please!

Edit: Welp. There goes my theory that if Lan Zhu is blind, she’ll stay put. Nope, she managed to follow Bei Ye, not being able to see and all. If she had a white cane on her, I could swallow that, but otherwise… how?

Enid Bee: The good news is we are going to get more Zong Yue next week. But yeah, we are very close to the end and, ever since the “Red Wedding” at Taiyuan, it’s just been people running around the different kingdoms, splitting up, reuniting and so little about the spell and the prophecy. And sure Fu Yao and Lan Zhu have been hysterical messes, but then the guys decided to take their turn at it (Bei Ye, General Ji). We need more of the calm, collected and smarter than everyone else Zong Yue as he seems to be the only one capable of being emotional without doing something stupid. (So far at least. Unless you count letting Qi Zhen live as something stupid.)

As much as I don’t like Tai Yan being back, at least her appearance points to the plot getting back on the original track and I’m anxious to get this whole mystery with Wu Ji’s uncle as well as Fu Yao’s origins finally get resolved. I’m actually a little glad that it’s only 66 episodes because I don’t think I could handle more and it’s getting harder for me to think of funny things to say in these recaps. (Unless they did a “Cinderella Chef” and killed off everyone except Zong Yue and Qi Zhen and then let them spend the rest of the episodes plotting against each other with a few final epic battles where Zong Yue finally kills him just before he dies. Sad, but satisfying.)

I’m loving Nan Cheng as the baddy much more than Prince Yi. He’s silly, but in an amusing, but still evil, way. (Plus I love that actor – his reaction faces are my favorite thing this week.) I’m not sorry to see creepy, whiny Prince No Balls go. But still no one is quite as good at being bad as Qi Zhen and I can’t wait for him to return.

IMOmusings: Honestly, this series started off with so much potential. It had the right mix of fantasy, romance, political upheaval and pretty faces to keep you interested. Then….half way through…everything just falls to pieces. I’ve basically given up on following the drama and not even Zong Yue can keep me interested. He used to be the voice of reason but now, I basically fast forward past any scene of him that doesn’t involve Wu Ji and their bromance. This push and pull relationship he has with Qi Yun is so belittling to his nature and just brings back my hate for his and Yun Hen’s storyline. He knows Yun Hen likes her so if he eventually does get with her after all this hate, it completely throws his upright nature out the window.

Iridescent:  I feel like there’s too much emphasise on the side storylines now, including Zong Yue’s one.  But then again, I’m no longer all that interested in the main couple anymore.  I would have rather had Qi Yun disappear from this story, mainly because it makes me feel worse for Yun Hen, knowing that he may have to witness the love of his life marry his dying brother.  It’s not like his life wasn’t hard enough already.  I’ve been doing a lot of skimming, not really happy with the development or well lack of development for Fu Yao and Lan Zhu. I’ve always been finding it hard to find the motivation to continue this series. We’re already 2/3 of the way done, but for the last 20 or so episodes it seems we’ve been at the same place.  The separations between our OTP are not long enough for their reunion to feel touching either.

Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 49-56 Recaps

Gao Li Wen as Feng Jing Zhi (First Princess)
 photo vlcsnap-00019_2.jpg

Lin Jing as Feng Xuan (Queen of Xuanji) and her twin, Feng Qi (True Heir to the throne)
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Li Do as Feng Wu (Fifth Elder Prince, Feng Xuan’s brother)
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Chen Jun Yu as Tang Yi Zhong (Guard of Feng Yin Pavilion)
 photo vlcsnap-00005_1.jpg

Xue Yu Ru as Yu Mei Sheng (First female General of Xuanji)
 photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Cao Wei Yu as Yu Heng / Meng Shuo (One of the 10 strongest immortals. Feng Qi’s husband.)
 photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Liu Sha as Tian Ji (High Immortal of Ancient Firmament, Zhangsun Wu Ji’s teacher)
 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Ep. 49

After listening to both Jiang Feng and Prince Huan about whether or not Prince Huan has been stealing from the King, Nan Cheng decides to search Prince Huan’s manor. The guards end up finding a room filled with treasure, which includes several chests of gold and silver, and a room underneath with a cache of weapons. Prince Huan begs his brother to believe him that he is being framed, but the King has Prince Huan arrested and sent to the Celestial Prison. Jiang Feng then kneels and asks to be punished. He had sworn an oath previously as a Shadow Guard and couldn’t share the information that he had with Nan Cheng, and feels that the King will no longer let him serve. But upon hearing that divulging the secret of Prince Huan’s meeting with Wu Ji means that Wu Ji will now treat Jiang Feng as an enemy, the King takes this as proof of loyalty and rewards Jiang Feng with control of the Gold of Tiansha.  photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

A decree goes out about Prince Huan’s crimes and that he is to be imprisoned with poisoned wine so he can take his own life. Wu Ji thanks Tie Cheng for helping plant the gold and weapons in Prince Huan’s manor.

In the desert, as Bei Ye and his troops are resting, he and Lan Zhu again have the same old “I want you to be safe.”, “But I want to be with you.” argument they always have.

In a tea house, Zong Yue overhears people talking about Prince Huan’s crimes. He is then joined by his brother, Yun Hen, who has finally been allowed to visit him. photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Jiang Feng visits Prince Huan in prison. The King has had Jiang Fengdeliver a final meal. Prince Huan laments how he tried to be cautious all these years to stay alive to no avail. He knows his brother already doubted him even before Jiang Feng showed up. He also feels guilty because, to stay alive, he had to kill three of his siblings. Fu Yao promises herself to protect his wife and children as he drinks the poisoned wine.

Bei Ye and his men approach the Ancient City of the Dust Dragon. Bei Ye tells Lan Zhu to hold his hand and never let go as they ride into the empty town.

It turns out Yun Hen snuck into Tiansha alone looking for Qi Yun. Zong Yue confirms she is there, but warns him not to trust her or her father. Yun Hen is worried about Qi Yun, though Zong Yue thinks he’s looking for the escaped Qi Zhen. Little brother is surprised big brother has heard about Qi Zhen’s escape and tells him that when Qi Zhen had fallen ill in prison, Qi Yun asked to take care of him until he died. Yun Hen agreed and moved him to a manor with few precautions. Zong Yue is disappointed and warns his brother that Qi Zhen will be waiting to take his life to get the throne, though Yun Hen refuses to believe it because of a letter Qi Zhen left behind, appearing to want a truce.

General Ji reports that there’s no sign of the Dust Dragon Army in the city so they decide to wait there for them to arrive.

Qi Zhen’s letter said that he did what he did to save Qi Yun and that he would return the Dragonscale Armour to them once he gets it from Qi Yun, even if it costs both of their lives. Zong Yue is not convinced, but Yun Hen doesn’t see how Qi Zhen could get the throne now and worries for Qi Yun’s safety. Zong Yue warns him that Qi Zhen is using his daughter, but Zong Yue says he’ll go with Yun Hen to finish things once and for all.

Fu Yao is walking down the street when she is ambushed by Tai Yan. Supreme Master has a message for Wu Ji, which Tai Yan wants her to deliver, but Fu Yao refuses. When Fu Yao blows her off, Tai Yan attacks, but Wu Ji appears and protects her. After Fu Yao gets scratched, Wu Ji teaches Tai Yan a lesson by putting her in a restraining spell again. As the couple leaves, Tai Yan yells, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you when you die by her hands one day. photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

After some medicine, Wu Ji is again apologising for Fu Yao getting hurt even though it’s nothing major. She asks about Tai Yan and he tells her about Lady Fei Yan, Illusion Hall and his mentor, Supreme Master Tianji of Qiongcang. He tells her that he chose to train there to avoid issues at home. Fu Yao asks what they were and he confides that he knew his mother loved someone other than his father, and doesn’t know why his mother married his father when she loved someone else. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Bei Ye and co. have been in the ancient city for two days and there’s still no sign of the Dust Dragon Army. Bei Ye tells Lan Zhu how the Black Wind Cavalry betrayed Tiansha. Legend has it that underneath the city is a valuable treasure that is cursed and can harm whomever touches it. They are trapped due to their desire for this treasure until someone lifts the spell and sets them free.

Fu Yao now understands that Wu Ji did so much to impress his father to make up for his mother’s affair. But thanks to Fu Yao, Wu Ji has realised there’s more to the world than just the throne. He is happy to have someone to confide in, while Fu Yao feels fortunate to have someone with whom to share life’s troubles. And Yuan Bao is just happy his human parents are together and he doesn’t have to run back and forth across the desert anymore.

Lan Zhu feels bad for the traitors being stuck in the desert for such a long time, and thinks they may wish to go home soon. She wonders if Bei Ye’s Black Dragon Sword could lift the curse, which makes Bei Ye think. If he makes a promise on the sword, then the Cavalry can be free if they fulfill their original promise.

Zong Yue heads out early, telling Tie Cheng not to disturb his sleeping brother. As Yun Hen sleeps, a letter from Zong Yue is nearby. In it, Yun Hen has written that he realises his brother’s compassion makes Yun Hen a good ruler, but this issue with Qi Zhen is hard on Yun Hen so Zong Yue is going to take care of it himself while he’s still alive. He also makes Yun Hen promise to be loyal to the people of Taiyuan.

Bei Ye flings his sword around and summons the Black Wind Cavalry. A dust cloud rises and the Dust Dragon Army appears, surrounding them and demanding to know who they are. Bei Ye shows the sword and introduces himself. He reminds them of their oath to follow the Black Dragon, but they don’t want to follow him. Bei Ye makes an impassioned speech to them and swears on his sword to free them if they help him. Lan Zhu also pipes in that they can trust him, but their leader’s response is that they will help if he will sacrifice Lan Zhu. Bei Ye isn’t willing to, but, as usual, Lan Zhu is more than willing to kill herself for him and grabs a sword. But Bei Ye stabs himself before she can do anything, declaring that this is his sacrifice to make alone. Bei Ye implores the leader to keep their promise to wipe out the king and restore peace. And then he dies. photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

Ep. 50

Bei Ye sacrifices himself, declaring that the Dust Dragon Army still have to keep their promise to wipe out the king and restore peace. As he is dying, Lan Zhu runs up to him and we get another tearful speech about how she would do anything for him… zzzzzz… Bei Ye tells her to go tell Wu Ji what happened so he can take care of Nan Cheng, but she wants Bei Ye to do it himself. And then, he pulls the sword out of his chest and dies in Lan Zhu’s arms. Cue the Bei Ye theme song and lots of flashbacks and tears. photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Once Bei Ye dies, the Dust Dragon Army pledges to serve him and a lot of sparkly dust kicks up and Bei Ye is alive again. Happy hugs!

(Here it is folks. The moment we’ve been waiting for: the return of Qi Zhen!) Zong Yue arrives at Qi Yun’s house. She tells him to leave, but he knows Qi Zhen is inside. She pleads with him that her father is too ill and to leave him be, but Zong Yue goes inside anyway to see a sickly Qi Zhen coughing in bed. (Don’t trust him!! – she says knowing exactly how this is going to play out…) Qi Zhen tries to send his daughter away, but she refuses to leave until Zong Yue gives her a prescription to help treat her father. Once she’s gone, the doctor checks Qi Zhen’s pulse only to find that his enemy is not sick at all. Qi Zhen quickly jumps up and grabs a hold of the doctor’s throat.  photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Zong Yue: “Ah ha! I knew you were faking it, so I covered my clothes with poison that will kill you!”

Qi Zhen: “Ah ha! But I knew you’d know, so I found Lady Fei Yan and got special incense to defeat you!”

And our Divine Physician passes out.

Jiang Feng tries a rare Ice Plum specially provided by the king. She likes them, but wonders why he went to all the hassle and worries about having too few troops around to protect them because they’ve been sent to pick fruit. But the King is not worried about any attacks. Just then, Eunuch Hua runs in to report of an auspicious sign which excites Nan Cheng.

Outside they see a dragon-shaped cloud in the sky. When Jiang Feng asks what it means, the King explains that whenever a miracle or major event is about to occur, this will appear in the sky above the Ruins. Jiang Fengpredicts good news for the King, but then Head Eunuch Li comes running in with bad news. Bei Ye has fought his way back to Tiansha and is not far from Pan City. When Jiang Feng asks how they could have defeated the King’s soldiers with so few men, unless the soldiers were rebelling as well, the Head Eunuch reports that Prince Lie’s army appears to be god-sent, easily overcoming all obstacles. The King orders that all the officials to be brought to the palace.

Qi Yun is taking care of our hotty doctor (lucky girl) and weeping. Her father tries to convince her that the doctor will never want her because she is his daughter, but she is angry at her father for using her as bait to catch Zong Yue. She knows that her father’s reasons for coming to Tiansha had nothing to do with her. When he reminds her that it’s Zong Yue’s fault that Qi Zhen is now a criminal with nothing, and that he did what he did to get the Dragonscale Armour for her, she yells at him. She’s tired of him using her as the reason for killing off Zong Yue’s entire family, when she knows it was for the throne. He slaps her, insisting that anyone, but her, can think he is a sinner. photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

At the Palace in Tiansha, Nan Cheng is upset to hear that Bei Ye is still alive and orders that Consort Jing be killed. One of the officials pleads with him not to, which angers him. Jiang Feng also agrees the Consort shouldn’t be killed, saying they can use her as a bargaining chip with Bei Ye. Nan Cheng agrees and, instead, says to chop off her hands. When Jiang Feng says not to, the King begins to suspect his new General is on the other side. But, instead, Jiang Feng suggests taking her out in front of Bei Ye and THEN chopping her up in front of him to demoralise his army, which the King likes. (I know he’s a bad guy, but King of Tiansha is kind of hot when he’s angry…) photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Another official worries there are not enough soldiers to protect them and that they should wait for reinforcements, but Jiang Feng reminds the King that he sent soldiers to pick plums, much to the dismay of the officials. They are short handed and the nearest garrison is farther away than Bei Ye’s oncoming army. Annoyed, the King commands Jiang Feng to come up with a plan or be killed, so Jiang Feng suggests asking Crown Prince Wu Ji for help. But back in his lodgings, Wu Ji, sleeping on his bed, suddenly disappears.

Yun Hen is awake, his brother’s letter in hand, and asks Tie Cheng about Zong Yue. When he hears that the doctor left early in the morning, Yun Hen is worried. Tie Cheng suggests he talk to Wu Ji, but they find his room empty. Yun Hen leaves a message for the Crown Prince and then heads out to catch up with his brother. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

At the Peak of Nothingness in Qiongcang, Wu Ji awakens to find himself before the Supreme Master Tianji. His mentor is upset that Wu Ji has been ignoring his summons so he resorted to this method. He’s disappointed with Wu Ji and asks about the woman Wu Ji was told to find.

Jiang Feng mentions that Wu Ji has 100,000 soldiers in the Alliance Army not far from here, which Wu Ji can deploy to keep the peace. The King worries Wu Ji is on Bei Ye’s side, which Jiang Feng confirms is true. Wondering why his General would suggest letting in Wu Ji’s troops, Jiang Feng advises that Tianquan doesn’t care who is on the throne and that Wu Ji only supported Bei Ye because Nan Cheng had aligned himself with Prince Yi. The Crown Prince would not support a rebel, so Nan Cheng just needs to convince Wu Ji to help. Jiang Feng offers to persuade Wu Ji on the King’s behalf, which the Nan Cheng agrees to.

Wu Ji lies to his mentor and says he’s still looking for the woman. His mentor is upset that Wu Ji has been spending time trying to gain power rather than fulfilling his destiny by finding that woman. The Supreme Master warns Wu Ji that he can’t guarantee peace in the Five Kingdoms unless he finds that woman and kills her, and that he needs to do it soon, which surprises Wu Ji.

Wu Ji then finds himself tied up in a cave of overgrown plants and his mentor advises him he needs to be punished for not accomplishing his task by having his blossoms plucked off? (But he hasn’t even given Fu Yao his flower yet…) Wu Ji starts writhing in agony as a flower falls.  photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Back on his bed, Wu Ji is writhing in pain, but unconscious. Tie Cheng is worried and tells the arriving Fu Yao something is wrong and that the doctor is gone. But when Fu Yao enters Wu Ji’s room, Wu Ji is up drinking tea and saying he’s fine and just had an issue with his inner force, though he won’t let Fu Yao have a look.  photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Fu Yao gives him the update on Bei Ye and the King, but she is worried that they will need to rescue the Grand Consort soon. Tie Cheng is happy to see Wu Ji is well and then tells him that Zong Yue has gone after Qi Zhen. Wu Ji insists on going after the doctor to help him, but when Fu Yao wants to join, he reminds her that she still has a job to do.

Zong Yue wakes up, tied to a post, with his little brother also tied up next to him. Zong Yue is upset Yun Hen came, but Yun Hen is happy to at least be able to die with his big brother. Qi Zhen comes out to survey the two. He continues to treat Yun Hen as a son, despite Yun Hen’s rejection of him, and promises that he can be with Qi Yun if he kills Zong Yue. Yun Hen refuses and Zong Yue realises that Qi Zhen just wants Yun Hen to have to live with the guilt of killing his brother. Knowing that if Yun Hen refuses, it means they both will die, Zong Yue tells Yun Hen that he is dying already due to his deal with Lady Fei Yan, and to go ahead and kill him. (Why must you guys torment Yun Hen so much?  Has he not been through enough?) Qi Zhen cuts Yun Hen’s bonds loose and tosses him a knife, but Yun Hen, instead, cuts his brother free and then attacks Qi Zhen, with Zong Yue following behind. They fight Qi Zhen as best they can, but Qi Zhen has made a deal with Lady Fei Yan to gain her powers and easily overcomes both of them. Just as he’s about to kill off our favourite doctor… the episode ends.  photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Ep. 51

Qi Zhen has made a deal with Lady Fei Yan to give up what life he has left to gain her powers and easily overcomes the brothers. Just as he’s about to kill off our favourite doctor, Yun Hen grabs Qi Zhen’s leg, begging to be killed first, but Qi Zhen likes to go by seniority. He tries to kill Zong Yue with a magical sword, but at the last moment, Qi Yun steps in and is impaled instead. All the men are in shock by this turn of events. Zong Yue catches her, but her father pushes Zong Yue out of the way to grab her, desperate to know where her Dragonscale Armour is, and why it didn’t protect her. Qi Zhen tells his daughter that he was killing off their enemies so that she could live in peace, but she would rather sacrifice herself if it will get this feud to end. As she dies in her father’s arms, the brothers also grieve.  photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

However, Qi Zhen isn’t giving up any grudge. Blaming Zong Yue for her death, Qi Zhen attacks him with all he’s got, knocking away Yun Hen when he tries to stop him. With Zong Yue on the ground, coughing up blood (like you do), Qi Zhen, once again, tries to use the same weapon against Zong Yue, but it bounces off him instead, to everyone’s surprise. They realise that Qi Yun gave Zong Yue the Dragonscale Armour to protect him. (Okay, so then why did you jump in front of the blade Qi Yun?) Zong Yue cries, telling Qi Yun’s body that he wasn’t worth it. Qi Zhen can’t take it. After all he’s done, he’s ended up with nothing. Using his powers, he turns them on himself and dies, holding his daughter in his arms one last time as Yun Hen watches in despair. photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Bei Ye and his army ride towards the palace (oh, I hate the fake horse riding close ups), as Jiang Feng delivers the news to Nan Cheng that Wu Ji doesn’t want to help him because he allied with Prince Yi,. However, if the King agrees to certain circumstances, Wu Ji will help him. Wu Ji wants to take credit for pacifying the unrest and he wants to take charge all of the armed forces temporarily. The King worries he will use the army and turn on Nan Cheng, but Jiang Feng assures him that he will have hold of all the commander badges and military tallies so that Wu Ji won’t get control of them. Nan Cheng is not certain how to proceed, but when Jiang Feng reminds him that he could lose all of his treasures in the Singing Frost Tower, and the Head Eunuch advises that the army is 50 miles away and that people in the places Bei Ye’s army has been through already have all pledged their allegiance to Prince Lie, the King readily agrees.

Zong Yue is holding Qi Yun’s body as his brother berates him for not being able to save her. The weapon Qi Zhen used was a bone melting poison that the doctor can not cure. He is distraught and realises that he was the cause of trouble for his brother and Qi Yun’s death because he disregarded their feelings, instead of just giving up his grudge. As he cries and apologises, Wu Ji arrives, realising that he came a bit too late. Luckily, he still has one of the Muling Berries left, the same berry that saved his life in the desert, and gives it to the doctor who quickly squeezes the juice into Qi Yun’s mouth. As she starts to cough, Yun Hen is overjoyed that she’s alive, but Zong Yue knows it’s only temporary and that he needs to find a cure for the poison. Leaving his brother behind to rule Taiyuan, he promises to find a cure no matter how long it takes, and tells Wu Ji, “If we’re meant to meet again, we will. Cue yet another full song and flashback montage as the doctor walks dramatically into the ice fields… (You get a week, hotty, and then we better see you back. And what happened to the doctor’s horse? His skinny butt can’t carry her everywhere. Going to watch the raw episodes to make sure he returns…) photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

At the gates of Pan City, Wu Ji arrives with his army, including the real Jiang Feng. (Was kind of hoping for some tongue in cheek greeting between him and Fu Yao.) Nan Cheng is waiting with his soldiers. Wu Ji tells the King that he better not go back on his word. Agreeing, the King has Jiang Feng give over the military tally, which he does somewhat reluctantly. But when Wu Ji says he wants to have 20,000 the Gold of Tiansha deployed to stall the enemy, Jiang Feng wonders why he won’t use his own army and reminds the King that the city is well fortified and they can hold off Bei Ye themselves. Wu Ji offers to give back the tally and take his army and leave, but Nan Cheng insists Wu Ji keep it and help them. photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Bei Ye is so sweet keeping the dust out of Lan Zhu’s face as they ride closer. In the Wintry Hall, the King and officials react as one report after another announces that Bei Ye is even closer until they are at the gate. Nan Cheng pleads with Wu Ji to save him, so the Crown Prince goes off to lead his men against Bei Ye (or so he says…). Soldiers on the wall have heard the tales of Bei Ye’s unstoppable army as they see them approach. Inside the second set of city gates, the real Jiang Feng nervously waits with Wu Ji’s army and the Gold of Tiansha as flares go up announcing the arrival of Bei Ye. photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

As Bei Ye and friends arrive, the soldiers on the wall get ready to attack. Bei Ye gets off his horse and makes an impassioned speech to the soldiers, letting them know that he doesn’t want to kill his own countrymen, and that he’s just there to fulfil the true will of the old ruler, and to get rid of the fatuous king who has made Tiansha suffer. The soldiers all admire Prince Zhan Bei Ye, but also must act upon the royal decree to defend the city. Bei Ye promises they will all get honorable burials and kneels before them. And then the fighting begins.

The Dust Dragon Army soldiers quickly scale the walls of the city to take out the soldiers on top as they fire arrows on the army below. Then the gates open to release more of the soldiers inside, who fight with the Black Wind Cavalry. Inside, Wu Ji joins Jiang Feng who confirms that they were able to rescue the Grand Consort Jing safely, but Wu Ji warns there is still bloodshed to come. (Then why are you wearing white?) photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Having defeated the first set of soldiers, the Dust Dragon Army are unable to proceed further because there is a spell on the gate that keeps them from going in. They ask to be released as promised, but General Ji thinks they are trying to avoid keeping their own promise. Bei Ye promises to release them as soon as he has won, but they don’t trust him. To help settle the matter, Ya Lan Zhu offers to stay as a hostage, knowing that he will definitely win and come back for her. The leader of the Dust Army agrees, so Bei Ye and his soldiers proceed into the city. Bei Ye and Wu Ji finally come face to face, but then, as Wu Ji tells Bei Ye that he is there to help him take the throne, the real Jiang Feng orders their men to turn around and attack the Gold of Tiansha, with Bei Ye and his men following. 

 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

As the Gold soldiers are defeated, a battering ram is brought in to bring down the next gate. In the Wintry Hall, one of the officials wonders if they should open the gates to let Wu Ji’s men in, but the King won’t hear of it. Instead, he says to keep the gates shut and offers Zhan Bei Ye’s title to whomever can kill him. As the Gold soldiers within the Yongqin Gate try to keep the soldiers from busting in, a young eunuch, Xiao Qi, arrives with a commander’s badge and tells them to open the gates and fight the soldiers.

Jiang Feng arrives at the Wintry Hall, with soldiers, to protect the King, who is now frantic. As Nan Cheng hears soldiers yelling, he tells his General to get him out of there. When a soldier reports that they opened the gates under Jiang Feng’s orders, the King accuses him of lying, but Jiang Fengconfirms it’s true, to everyone’s shock. The King, confused, orders his General to kill Bei Ye, but his general does nothing. The King realises he’s been betrayed when Jiang Feng reminds him that he had never pledged allegiance to the King. She reveals that she isn’t Jiang Feng and tells him that he can ask his brother who she really is. The King then realises that Prince Huan was right all along and she is Fu Yao.

Outside the palace, Bei Ye and his men fight the guards, though Bei Ye is reluctant to kill any of them. Inside, the King is trying to get his guards to arrest Fu Yao, but none of them will act. Fu Yao turns to the officials to persuade them to align themselves with Bei Ye or suffer the consequences. One official holds out, calling her a villain, despite all of the villainous things his King has done, but the rest of the men want to keep their money and their families and agree to pledge allegiance to Bei Ye. Nan Cheng offers silver to any guard who kills Fu Yao, but still, no one will do anything.

Bei Ye and his men face down the last six guards whom Bei Ye persuades to drop their swords and leave. Wu Ji and Jiang Feng survey the bodies and Jiang Feng asks Wu Ji (who’s uniform is still a clean white even after all that blood flying about) why he didn’t just have his father issue a decree to make Bei Ye the King and avoid all this bloodshed, but Wu Ji knows that for Bei Ye to be a true king, he needs to learn to forsake compassion.

Prince Zhan Bei Ye, rightful King of Tiansha, enters the Wintry Hall and Nan Cheng immediately kneels in fear, begging to not be killed. Bei Ye doesn’t want to taint the hall with Nan Cheng’s blood, but also laments all the innocent lives lost. photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Ep. 52

Bei Ye doesn’t want to taint the hall with Nan Cheng’s blood, but also worries that letting him leave alive would be an insult to all those who sacrificed for Tiansha and the murdered innocents. Nan Cheng pleads for mercy, trying to claim a bond of brotherhood, which makes Bei Ye laugh and then berate Nan Cheng for what he’s done to the Kingdom. Nan Cheng reminds him that his mother is still alive and well, but Bei Ye doesn’t want to hear it. Because of all his crimes, Bei Ye is about to stab Nan Cheng with his Black Dragon Sword, but can’t bring himself to do it. Instead, he throws it down and tells Nan Cheng to leave.

Nan Cheng is thrilled, but instead of just leaving, he pulls a dagger from his sleeve, intent on killing Bei Ye. Instead, he gets a dagger in the back thanks to Eunuch Hua. (That’s for ruining his liver!) Bei Ye immediately, goes to rescue his Princess Lan Zhu and give her the good news. He also keeps his promise to the Dust Army and uses both Bells to free them from the curse. photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

King Bei Ye’s first act is to perform the rites for a National Remembrance Day in the Kingdom in recognition of those who died. Once the rites of libation are completed, he takes the throne and a decree is sent out announcing Tiansha’s new King, decreed by god to rule in what will now be called the Yongji reign. It is also decreed that all generals and soldiers who participated will be rewarded, with some men being given new titles as well. The King also will grant amnesty to all who fought against him, as well as return all treasures from the Singing Frost Tower.

As the rewards are read out, Wu Ji notices one name missing. He asks Bei Ye to reward Fu Yao and suggests making her a vassal king and giving her Mount Changhan in return for all she did for him, with Wu Ji offering compensation in return. Bei Ye agrees though the officials are very surprised by the unusual request and a little worried about the consequences.

After the officials leave, Bei Ye realises that giving Mount Changhan over to Fu Yao means giving up a lot of Tiansha land, and he wonders if Wu Ji is taking precautions against him. Wu Ji tells Bei Ye that Mount Changhan is linked to Qiongcang and sees this as a way to help prevent possible future conflicts. The new King is not terribly concerned, though, as he sees Wu Ji as an ally. Ji Yu comes in to warn that someone has arrived and Bei Ye, upon hearing the name, tells Ji to put everyone on alert and not let anyone in the city without an official decree or badge. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Ya Lan Zhu is being carried in a sedan chair when she asks to be let down. Despite her maid’s concerns, she insists on walking by herself the rest of the way as she remembers the route. She manages to make it almost to Xihua Palace when she hears Bei Ye and General Ji talking about the mysterious visitor and the security precautions being made. Then she overhears Bei Ye and his mother talking.

Grand Consort Jing asks about Ya Lan Zhu, concerned that she hasn’t seen her in awhile. She comments on how the Princess has matured and Bei Ye is glad that she likes her. But his mother has more important business to discuss. After the battle, she knows Tiansha needs a reason for celebration and she wants her son to marry, though he says he hasn’t thought about marriage yet. Consort Jing suggests he marry the girl that helped her when they reunited, Fu Yao. Lan Zhu is dismayed to hear Bei Ye talk highly about Fu Yao and his mother commenting that it sounds like he likes her. When he admits that in Taiyuan he had thought she was the only one he could ever marry, Lan Zhu has heard enough and leaves before she can hear the rest of the conversation. (Stupid girl…) photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Lan Zhu leaves and misses hearing Bei Ye tell his mother that, while he likes Fu Yao, she is only a friend and that the person he wants to be with is Ya Lan Zhu. As Lan Zhu is suddenly whisked away by a man in red, Bei Ye asks his mother for her consent to marry Princess Ya Lan Zhu. She is thrilled, though she worries Lan Zhu’s blindness will cause issues with others, but Bei Ye won’t let anyone bully his girl.

That evening, Wu Ji and Fu Yao head to the palace and run into Xiao Qi who is looking for Lan Zhu, but no one knows where she is. Fu Yao is worried, but Wu Ji tells her, “This is the Tiansha Palace. What could go wrong?” (The number two most common thing someone says in a drama just before something bad happens. photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

King Bei Ye comes out to greet the couple and they ask if he’s seen Lan Zhu. Just then Ji Yu runs up to advise that their mysterious visitor broke through the gates, but then disappeared without fighting anyone. He hands the King a letter that was left behind. Reading it, Bei Ye gets angry. He tells the couple that he knows where Ya Lan Zhu is and asks them to keep an eye on the palace for him. As he leaves, Fu Yao tries to join, but Wu Ji stops her, telling her that this is something the King will have to do on his own.

The man in red runs across the ice field with a feisty Princess on his shoulder. Lan Zhu demands to know if he is after Bei Ye and he admits that he is. She tells him that if he plans to threaten Bei Ye, she will kill herself, but ends up biting him instead.  photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Wu Ji, though, has figured out that the mysterious visitor is most likely Bei Ye’s mentor, Lei Dong, one of the top three of the Ten Saints of the Five Kingdoms.

At Lei Dong’s house (Love that cute little house! I want to live there.), Bei Ye’s mentor is commenting on how heavy Lan Zhu is, but she just wants to know what his connection is to Bei Ye and bites him again when he continues to give her attitude. He tells her that Bei Ye’s grandfather asked him to be Bei Ye’s mentor and that he trained him, but that he doesn’t like him because Bei Ye boring and no fun. When Lan Zhu tells him that she heard Bei Ye’s mentor was highly skilled, handsome and charming, he is flattered and lets her touch his face. But then, she ends up grabbing a hold of his ear, instead, and twists it, later blaming her blindness. She demands to know why he wants to harm Bei Ye, but he insists that he’s helping him. Because he knows the new King needs to get married soon, he is there to filter through the candidates.

Bei Ye rides to Lei Dong’s as Fu Yao worries whether or not Bei Ye can defeat him, but Wu Ji is certain Bei Ye’s mentor intends no harm and that whatever he has planned will be good for both Bei Ye and Lan Zhu. Curious, Fu Yao asks who the other top two Saints are after Lei Dong and it turns out that number two is someone named Sheng Ling who retired and whom almost no one has met, including Wu Ji. And number one is Wu Ji’s mentor.

Fu Yao hopes that their friends can be happy together and Wu Ji gives her a comforting hug, also hoping that all those in love won’t have to suffer hardships and can be happy together. He remembers, once again, his mentor’s commands for him, but when Fu Yao asks him what is wrong, he just chalks it up to quiet times being too few and far between. So, of course, Jiang Feng interrupts cuddle time to deliver a coded letter from someone in Xuanji Kingdom. Upon reading it, Wu Ji is concerned.

The next morning, Lei Dong criticises Lan Zhu for being lazy and fat. He informs her that he has planned out lessons to make her a suitable wife. The first lesson is sewing and embroidery, but Lan Zhu feels he is making fun of her blindness as there’s no way she can learn that, though he insists that she can. As he reads out the full itinerary, Lan Zhu refuses, but he drags her kicking and screaming to each one. At her cooking lesson, she overdoes it with the salt. During music lessons, she goes all improvisational jazz on him, sending Lei Dong running to his house to hide from the horrible noise.

Finally, when he is making her repeat verses on how to be a good wife, she is too tired to continue. Lei Dong berates her for being childish and quitting so easily. He declares her not good enough for Bei Ye, but she doesn’t respond. When he chides her for being blind, she is quick to jump up and defend herself. photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Ep. 53

Lei Dong is berating Lan Zhu for not being good enough for Bei Ye to marry, but she can only respond with, “Who said that I’m marrying him?” She’s given up on him. Lei Dong is disappointed in her for giving up so easily and that the old her would have been a much better match for the new King. But that still doesn’t get a rise from her. So he rubs in the whole blind thing and she goes off on him, telling him she is far more perceptive than any sighted person and that the things he’s trying to teach her would be useless skills for Zhan Bei Ye’s future wife.

Zhan Bei Ye arrives at Lei Dong’s house just in time to hear Lan Zhu declare she is the best match for him, but when Lei Dong points out that, when he nabbed her, she was already on her way out the door, she admits that she doesn’t want him to marry her out of guilt nor does she want to hold him back in anyway. Then she also tells Lei Dong that Bei Ye wants to marry someone else anyway, which makes Bei Ye step forward and grab a hold of her. Right away she knows it’s him and tries to get away, but he holds her tight. Lei Dong makes a show of not being able to watch the two and leaves the couple alone. Zhan Bei Ye finally tells her that he loves only her and not just because of her sacrifice. He gives her the option to be with him for the rest of their lives and they kiss. (This was the first couple scene where I had any feels. Despite how annoying Lan Zhu can be sometimes, I still ship them more than our leads.) photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Wu Ji explains to Fu Yao how Xuanji Kingdom is the most closed off and mysterious of the Five Kingdoms. He doesn’t understand all of the coded letter and has sent Tie Cheng to find Mister Fu, one of his informants, to provide more information about Xuanji. Just then Mister Fu arrives. He reports that there have been changes in Xuanji Kingdom with more goods available, but food prices keep dropping. He worries the cheap food means there is something wrong with the source. There are also fewer coins available. Wu Ji asks if there are any unusual sightings by the Purple Phoenix River and Mister Fu tells him there is a rumour that it’s about to run dry. Wu Ji is clearly concerned, but tells him not to take the rumour seriously and that it is probably a man-made issue.

Wu Ji asks about the Queen of Xuanji and Mister Fu reports that she is very ill and several people are eager for her throne. Because only a tenth of the people are allowed to leave the Kingdom and all letters are examined carefully, information has been limited and news has been delayed. Mister Fu promises to keep Wu Ji apprised of any updates. After he leaves, Wu Ji is concerned that the matter is not so simple. When Fu Yao asks what the coins have to do with it, he tells her that Xuanji makes all the coins that the Five Kingdoms use and, if there are less of them, it would affect the other kingdoms. He decides to go to Xuanji. Fu Yao wonders if the letter may have come from Fo Lian, which makes him even more determined to go. Fu Yao gets jealous until he tells her that she will go with him. photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Zhan Bei Ye leads Ya Lan Zhu out of Lei Dong’s house to take her home. His mentor is pretending to nap, but when he hears Lan Zhu has wine for him, he “wakes”. Bei Ye thanks him for taking care of Lan Zhu, but his mentor just waves them off. Lan Zhu can see his true intentions to help them. Lei Dong, though, insists on being cranky, so Lan Zhu tells him that since Bei Ye’s not good with words, she’ll come spend time with his mentor to cheer him up. She lists off all the things Bei Ye had told her about him and how much he respects Lei Dong. When she reveals she knows an embarrassing secret of his about how he was injured saving Bei Ye, Lei Dong gets all flustered and makes her promise not to tell anyone, and then sends them off, still cranky.

Finally the couple leave but after a few steps, Lei Dong calls out to them, remembering something he had to do. Saying that even though he’s not fond of Bei Ye, but since he’s the King and needs to get married, he gives them an early wedding gift and uses his powers to restore Lan Zhu’s sight, then walks away, grumbling as usual. Lan Zhu cries happily now that she can see again. They both kneel to thank Bei Ye’s cranky mentor.

Back at Tiansha Palace, Fu Yao, Xiao Qi and Wu Ji greet the couple and are happy to hear about Lan Zhu’s sight being restored. Lan Zhu notices that Fu Yao is wearing Zong Yue’s clothing and says that she looks so much nicer than he does. (You take that back right now!! Our hotty doctor is the best looking of everyone! And get out of those clothes, Fu Yao. You’re getting your jinxed cooties all over them.) Fu Yao tells Lan Zhu that they are going to Xuanji to check out an issue.

In the meantime, Wu Ji gives Bei Ye an update on Xuanji Kingdom and asks that Tiansha help maintain the peace if worst comes to worst. Bei Ye thinks Fu Yao should stay, but Wu Ji tells him that Fu Yao is the one who has decided to go. The girls are all girly talking about girly stuff. (And now Lan Zhu is annoying me again.) Fu Yao promises they’ll return for the wedding, Xiao Qi gives Lan Zhu some candies he bought for her, and then everyone says goodbye as farewell music plays, and the travellers set out on horseback for Xuanji. photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

In the Illusion Hall, black smoke comes out of a censer and floats over Lady Fei Yan’s head. She can tell from this that Fu Yao is getting closer to her destiny. “She’s getting closer and closer…This is your destiny. No one can change it.”  photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

In Xuanji Kingdom, Fu Yao, Wu Ji and Xiao Qi have stopped at a tea stand and are talking about the lava waterfall drying up. Without it, there will be a shortage of coins and people will start hoarding them, causing inflation and destabilising the Five Kingdoms. They overhear that minters at the Purple Phoenix River were arrested and that the Purple Cape, the guards who serve the royal family, have been making arrests everywhere. The royal family knows about the problem and is covering it up instead of reporting it, and the trio wonder why.

Fu Yao has an idea and asks to take a look at the coded letter. As she looks at the phoenix seals on the letter and around town, she suddenly has a flashback of herself as a child inside a cabinet with a similar seal carved in the door. Wu Ji, realising she’s had a memory, tells her that there are different variations of the phoenix used by different people in Xuanji and asks her what version she is looking for though she isn’t sure.  photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Guards from the Purple Cape pass them so they decide to move on, but end up being stopped by them. Mistaking Fu Yao for someone they are looking for, a man named Zhu San, they try to arrest her. (So Zhu San has big boobs, too? Seriously, how is it not obvious she is not a guy?) One guard points out that Fu Yao doesn’t have the same mole that Zhu San has, but his leader would rather arrest the wrong person than let the right one get away.

When Wu Ji asks what they have done wrong, the leader of the guards tells him it’s none of his business. Fu Yao is indignant and, when they try to arrest her, she easily fights them off. The guards stop when someone new arrives, Feng Jing Zhi, the eldest princess of Xuanji. The Eldest Princess also does not think Fu Yao is the coin minter they are looking for, but is not happy that she went after her guards. When Fu Yao tries to shrug it off as just a few blows, the Eldest Princess insists that she exchange a few blows with him as well. Of course, Fu Yao can handle herself, while also being a bit flirty with the Eldest Princess. (Yeah, she’s definitely been hanging around Wu Ji too long.) The Eldest Princess gets offended and tries to have Fu Yao arrested, but Wu Ji steps in to help Fu Yao escape. photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

That night, they see more of the Purple Cape looking for them in hotels. Fu Yao is worried about how they will find accommodation, but Xiao Qi is certain that with Wu Ji with them, it will be okay. However, they can’t expose Wu Ji’s identity until they know who sent him the letter and why.  photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

The Eldest Princess is thinking about the flirty fight she had with Fu Yao. A guard reports that they still haven’t found them and she warns the guard that if they don’t find them, she will hold him responsible.

It starts to rain. Fu Yao sees a wedding going on at a house. After Wu Ji asks Fu Yao and Xiao Qi if they want wine, they decide to join the wedding party, where they are offered accommodation for the night. Wu Ji goes to bed early, leaving Xiao Qi and Fu Yao to talk. She knows Xiao Qi is thinking of Lan Zhu. He’s embarrassed that people knew he liked Lan Zhu. photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Another guard arrives to report to the Princess on the coin minters being arrested. They have captured all but one who was on leave when the mint was raided. The Eldest Princess is concerned about anyone finding out about the troubles they are having. The guard has found out where the missing worker lives. (Let me guess…)

The groom’s father offers Fu Yao and Xiao Qi more wine and asks them where they travelled from. Fu Yao asks him about the Purple Cape and what is going on, but the man laughs it off as nothing and insisting they just need to stay home. Of course, Fu Yao has to be nosy and ask about the Purple Phoenix River, so the man warns her not to be careless and talk about such things as they are just rumours. “The kingdom is prosperous. What could possibly go wrong?” (Oh no. Now you’ve jinxed it, old man.)  

Fu Yao and Xiao Qi go back to their rooms, commenting on how Wu Ji seems to be so tired all the time. Fu Yao checks on the Crown Prince as he sleeps when he suddenly starts to jerk around in pain, covered in sweat. She checks his pulse and is alarmed. He is back in that Qiongcang cave with his mentor, being punished more for not completing his mission. (Seriously, what is the deal with the flowers?) His mentor warns that once the five-tier spell is broken, the woman he was tasked to find will turn into a witch, Di Fei Tian will be awakened and shroud the Five Kingdoms in darkness. He tells Wu Ji that he has no choice, but to kill her. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Fu Yao can tell his vital force is a mess and decides to use her inner force to soothe his. She tells Xiao Qi not to let anyone interrupt them or they will both be in danger, and he agrees. Just then, they hear horses, so they turn out the lights.

Apparently, part of soothing Wu Ji’s vital force involves getting him shirtless. (Not mad at you at all for that one, girl.) Fu Yao attempts to heal Wu Ji as Xiao Qi keeps watch. The Purple Cape, with the Eldest Princess, break into the courtyard of the house and the old man is killed. Xiao Qi sees but doesn’t call out as per Fu Yao’s warning. He can only watch helplessly while trying to assure Fu Yao that nothing is wrong. People are being slaughtered and Xiao Qi can only watch. 
 photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Ep. 54

Fu Yao is trying to heal Wu Ji with her inner force as Xiao Qi guards the door and witnesses the Purple Cape slaughtering the Li family and wedding guests. Finally, there are only two more people left for them to find: the bride and groom. The male guards decide to have some fun with the bride first. When the grooms begs for mercy, they kill him. As they taunt the bride that help is not coming, Fu Yao hears them attacking the woman and is torn between helping Wu Ji or helping the girl. She gets up to leave, breaking her connection to Wuji, and they both spit out blood, so she stays and continues as Xiao Qi watches and shakes his head for her not to go.  photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

A pouch falls out of her pocket that has a pill from Wu Ji that can enhance her powers rapidly, but then she can only use her vital force for 30 days and can’t engage in combat. (Convenient ex machina there, writers.) Fu Yao tells Xiao Qi to give it to her, which he does reluctantly. Fu Yao’s power increases and she is able to help Wu Ji, and then bursts out of the doors to take out the guards raping the bride. One guard remains and the bride watches as Fu Yao dodges his sword and kills him.

The bride has gone insane and just sits in the rain, laughing maniacally. When Fu Yao tries to comfort her, the bride bites her arm instead, spitting blood back in her face and berating her for not coming out sooner to save her family after all they did for them. Then she passes out in a puddle as Fu Yao kneels by her. photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Fu Yao is distraught for not saving the family and begins to cry. She finally gets up, pulls out one of the swords, and is about to take her life, when Wu Ji stops her. She can only scream and cry and hit him until he holds her close and tries to reassure her that it’s understandable that she chose her family over strangers and it’s not her fault. Finally exhausted, she passes out in his arms and it’s his turn to scream and cry.  photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

The next morning, the pair are in a cave. Wu Ji talks to her as she sleeps, knowing she has to go through so much pain, and not knowing how to make it up to her and how unfair it is. Fu Yao wakes up, still tired, and Xiao Qi arrives. She still feels guilty about the Li family, despite Wu Ji’s reassurances. “I can only choose between what hurts and what hurts more.” Wu Ji is really suspicious of the massacre and what the royal family is up to. If the kingdom descends into chaos, it will be bad for everyone. They decide to go see the Queen. photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

In the palace, the officials, all women, are reporting to the Eldest Princess. She complains that there are so many urgent reports, more than usual. She demands answers and, when none are forthcoming, accuses them of not liking that she is in charge while the Queen is ill, which they quickly deny. She dismisses the officials and talks to her lead guard who presents the Crown Prince’s seal. The Eldest Princess is surprised that he has come to visit so suddenly and is also surprised to hear that he has brought a doctor to attend to the Queen, as well as a private letter.

The letter unnerves the Eldest Princess who informs the guard that they met the Crown Prince yesterday and the man they nearly arrested is Zong Yue. (No, she is not! He’s much taller and more handsome… So tired of all these dumb disguises…) She berates her guard for not being more careful about whom she tries to arrest, but also wonders if the Crown Prince has heard the rumours. The Eldest Princess orders that they follow protocol, but not utter a word about what is really going on. She tells the guard to take their guests to see her mother.

The Eldest Princess takes Wu Ji and the fake doctor to see the Queen, Feng Xuan, who has been refusing to take her medicine. Eldest Princess is surprised to learn that Fo Lian was the one who delivered the medicine. She had ordered that the second princess was not to be allowed near Ruichen Palace, the Queen’s residence. The Queen then informs her that she was the one who called for Fo Lian. The Queen apologises for her weakened state and instructs Wu Ji and the fake doctor to discuss all business with Feng Jing Zhi, while instructing her daughter to treat them with all hospitality. Wu Ji thanks her and leaves as Fu Yao stays behind to play doctor. The Queen asks the Doctor why he doesn’t kneel to which heresponds that guests to a kingdom usually aren’t required to kneel. The Queen calls him to come up to check on her. photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Jing Zhi tells Wu Ji that special accommodations have been made for them further away as the inner palace is almost all women. Wu Ji asks about Fo Lian and she congratulates him for being a good judge of character by breaking off their engagement. She acknowledges that her sister has always been bad, but now, without the engagement, she’s a nobody. Jing Zhi doesn’t believe the love story that Fo Lian told, as it’s well known that when a woman becomes queen, all of her single sisters are killed off to consolidate the Queen’s power. (But I thought having the divine sign kept there from being a fight over the throne?) Jing Zhi offers to marry Wu Ji to help solidify their alliance, but Wu Ji asks to think it over and is not at all tempted when she mentions there are other proposals.

A servant tells Fo Lian that someone has come to collect copies of the sutras, which Fo Lian hands over to be taken to the temple to be used to pray for her mother. She is very concerned that they place them in the proper order. When she moves to go with them, the maids stop her and inform her that the servant who let her out earlier was caned to death, so no one else dares let her out. Fo Lian commends herself for being so nice to that servant before she was killed. Since she can’t go out, she asks where Wu Ji is.  photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

The fake Doctor tells the Queen that her illness is severe, but not incurable. When she asks for medicine, Fu Yao gives her some. A servant takes the medicine and has it given to a man from the Leading Phoenix Chamber, the Queen’s trusted personal guard. The man is a familiar face, it is Commander Tang Yi Zhong, the man Fu Yao refused to kill during the competition in Tiansha. He takes the medicine first for the Queen and then suddenly collapses to the floor. Alarmed, guards draw their swords on Fu Yao.

Wu Ji follows a servant to his lodgings and he recognises Nanny Hui, Fo Lian’s former nurse. He reminds her that he was there when he was nine and she is surprised he remembers her. When she asks him if there is anywhere he’d like to go, he remembers the lotus pond where he first saw Fo Lian and asks to go there, but she tells him that it’s been closed off and is deserted. Still wanting to see it, she takes him there.

The fake Doctor tells the Queen to wait and, sure enough, Commander Tang is revived. He was knocked out momentarily because her illness requires much stronger medicine. When asked how he feels, Commander Tang responds that he feels fine. He then realises that he knows the Doctor, but says nothing. The Queen rewards him and he leaves. She offers the fake Doctor a reward as well.

Wu Ji walks on the bridge over the lotus pond (awww, my favourite place in Hengdian) and remembers meeting a girl who was making the flowers bloom and asking who she was. Adult Wu Ji still wonders who she was. (So I guess he’s thinking it wasn’t Fo Lian he met after all. photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Fu Yao is given a badge that will allow her to go almost anywhere around the palace. As she walks with Xiao Qi, she finds herself having memories of being a child and running along the same paths. When she is blocked from going towards a spot she remembers, the servants tell her it’s restricted and that they don’t know what is over there. Fu Yao then remembers a young boy. photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Fu Yao reports back to Wu Ji that the Queen doesn’t have any serious illness, but actually is being poisoned. She gave the Queen the poison antidote that Zong Yue left for herself. They wonder who could have poisoned the queen when they hear a strange call of an animal. Wu Ji tells Fu Yao that the kingdom is near the Yuge Mountain Range which has a lot of caves and that wind blowing across the caves can make that sound, but that it’s also said to be the sound of the phoenix in the Purple Phoenix River, and that such a sound is only heard when the Phoenix of Flames appears. Once again, Fu Yao finds it familiar, as if from a dream. Wu Ji is concerned but says nothing. photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

He tells her that he was followed by a man with Qiongcang fighting skills, who had also been drinking. (I’m pretty sure I didn’t fall asleep while doing this recap, but I don’t remember this happening.) He thinks the man was sent by the Queen. All the different things going on in the kingdom make Wu Ji worry there are big problems.

The next day, Jing Zhi is taking the fake Doctor around the palace and shows her the Little Phoenix Chamber, where all of Xuanji’s historical records are stored with other documents. It is only opened twice a year to update records, and closed for maintenance the rest of the time. Fu Yao asks if she can let her in to see it, claiming to be a “boring man and fond of reading”. Fu Yao uses all her Wu Ji flirting techniques on the Eldest Princess which, of course, work.  photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

They enter the chamber, but Fu Yao doesn’t close the door all the way, allowing Wu Ji to sneak in. A big iron door marks the restricted area of the Chamber that is said to be guarded by the Phoenix of Flames. The royal family origins are concealed there. Hearing a noise, the Princess turns to look, but Fu Yao grabs her and uses her Wu Ji flirting skills again to distract her so she doesn’t catch the Crown Prince sneaking in. (Of course, he’s enjoying watching her.)

Ep. 55

They enter the chamber, but Fu Yao doesn’t close the door all the way, allowing Wu Ji to sneak in. A larger door marks the restricted area of the Chamber that is said to be guarded by the Phoenix of Flames. The royal family origins are concealed there. Hearing a noise, the Princess turns to look, but Fu Yao grabs the Princess, and flirts to keep her distracted.  The Princess asks if Zong Yue has someone he likes, which makes Wu Ji smile in amusement in the background. Fu Yao, replies that he had been busy studying medicine and has never occupied such thoughts. The Princess tells Zong Yue that it’s time he considers it, as she holds onto his hands. Fu Yao does not answer, but instead suggests they leave.

Once they have left, Yuan Bao comes out of Wu Ji’s clothes and is instructed to open the doors to the Chamber. In the middle of the Chamber they find the Royal Feng Family’s Family Tree. Noticing a mechanism on the bottom, Wu Ji has Yuan Bao go into the holes of the box to disable the booby traps.  photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

A flashback of Wu Ji’s conversation with Fu Yao plays, as the pair speculate about the mysterious person who takes orders from Feng Xuan.  They know the person has to be of the Xuanji family line, to which Wu Ji says they will be able to find clues within the family register. As Wu Ji flicks through the pages, he stops at the names of two couples: Feng Qi – Yu Heng and Feng Xuan – Huan Rui. As his finger brushes past Feng Qi’s name and it blinks, he notes that it denotes that the person is dead.  But the name Feng Wu Ming flashes in a way that he’s unsure of the meaning since it doesn’t indicate if she’s alive or dead. (She’s Fu Yao! Isn’t it obvious she’s Fu Yao! Oh, can we just hurry and get to the big reveal…) photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

It is reported to the Queen that the situation at the Purple Phoenix River is more severe than initially thought. The amount of Xuanji’s gold ore and the level of the lava of the Purple Phoenix River are directly correlated.  Commander Tang is afraid that the remaining gold ore will only last one year. As the Purple Phoenix River is the divine miracle that created the Xuanji Kingdom, the Queen informs her subordinate that it’s not something that can be affected by mortals and may just be a temporary situation, or he might be overthinking it.  However, he persists on talking of the matter, to which he is warned by the Queen that he knows the consequences and severity of his assumptions. As the river is the lifeline of the Xuanji Kingdom, the news that the river may be diminishing will cause chaos to the civilians but the Queen does not mind if the civilians are worried. Her current concern is the future of the kingdom without her. As both of her daughters have not shown divine signs of the phoenix, if something were to happen to the Queen, the Five Kingdoms and Xuanji may fall into chaos.  She notes Zong Yue’s diagnosis that she wasn’t ill, but instead being poisoned and tells Commander Tang to investigate it.  As he talks about how Zong Yue’s medicine has taken effect, but she reminds him that both Zong Yue and Wu Ji are unwanted visitors who should not be trusted.  She tells him to list the people that followed him to examine the situation at the River, saying that they should be rewarded (but we all know this is far from true), and then dismisses him.  

At first the Queen appears to be talking to herself, wondering if the Commander will find out something is not right, but she knows, regardless of whether he does figure it out or not, he won’t be able to do anything.  Then it’s revealed that she’s been talking to a man hiding in the ceiling. She sends off her secret assassin to take care of a task, as he descends from his hiding place.

Fo Lian summons her mentor Lady Fei Yan, by using the same blood and candle rite that Qi Zhen did.  Fo Lian tells her mentor that her plans are on the way and, soon, Fu Yao will become her  servant.  In addition, Fo Lian will also achieve what she wants. (Nope. No you won’t. Lady Fei Yan is not your friend…)  photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Fo Lian’s servant greets Fu Yao, using Fu Yao’s real identity.  Fo Lian wishes for Fu Yao to visit her. Fu Yao knows that since the servant knows of her true identity it is more of a threat than an invitation, so she agrees to go. (Note to self: always avoid crazy eyed royals.)

Wu Ji is having tea when the Eldest Princess arrives. She pretends to be there to bring him gifts, but it becomes clear she’s looking for the doctor. (If you think this fake one is hot, you should meet the real one…) Wu Ji asks her about her aunt, Feng Qi, and she wonders how he knows about her and suspects he’s up to something. He informs her that her mother’s illness is actually due to poisoning and she thinks he is accusing her, but he tells her to calm down and that they are on the same side in wanting to resolve the issue of the Purple Phoenix River. They wonder who it could be that is poisoning the Queen and the Princess is sure it’s Fo Lian. photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Fu Yao and Fo Lian meet and Fo Lian is back to her faux ways. (Maybe we should just call her Faux Lian, but I think Princess Crazy Eyes has a better ring to it.) She insists that everything that happened in Tianquan as all due to Prince Yi, but Fu Yao isn’t falling for any of her tricks. Princess Crazy Eyes offers her a gift, her phoenix jade scepter, as a peace offering. (Don’t trust her farther than you can drop kick her into a lava river.) The Princess insists that Fu Yao takes the scepter, saying she has no intentions behind it (sure…) and that she won’t reveal Fu Yao’s true identity. Fu Yao finally accepts it and leaves. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

When she shows Wu Ji the scepter and tells him what the Princess said, he confirms it. He doesn’t see anything wrong with the scepter and asks her what she will do with it. Fu Yao suggests they pawn it to get berries for Yuan Bao. Wu Ji shares the information he found out about the royal family tree and that he heard that the sisters used to be very close. Of course, as he relates the Queen’s extreme reaction after the death of her sister, Fu Yao comments on how alike she and Fo Lian really are. Wu Ji warns Fu Yao to avoid Fo Lian in the future while Fu Yao teases him for even being engaged to her in the first place.

Wu Ji takes her to the lotus pond and explains how he first met Fo Lian, though now he wonders if it really was her. In the meantime, the place triggers a memory in Fu Yao. The girl he met had been obviously bullied and he had befriended her and tried to rescue her, but then she disappeared before he could take her back to Tianquan. He didn’t know who she was until later when Fo Lian started sending him letters, saying that she was the girl he’d met and returning his Leaf of Spiritual Elixir which he had given to the mystery girl. He’d agreed to the marriage to save her. Then he declares that he’d never thought marriage was a big deal or that he’d ever fall in love until he met Fu Yao.  photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Commander Tang finds the Crown Prince and the doctor hugging. He kneels before them, calling Fu Yao by her real name and her title of Vassal King. He confirms that he recognized her right away and assures them he has not told anyone. He reveals that he knows that they are investigating and that the historical records have been altered so they need to talk to the actual people who are still around to get the truth. He suggests they talk to Feng Wu.  photo vlcsnap-00001_1.jpg

The Eldest Princess picks up the Queen’s medicine to take over herself. She wants to convince her mother to let her marry Zong Yue.

The Queen’s assassin is reporting that so far he has not been able to kill Wu Ji, but she wonders if he even really wants to kill the Crown Prince, which he confirms he doesn’t. This angers her as she knows he’s hoping Wu Ji could help him find his wife and child. She is frustrated that he still won’t accept her love.

Mother Crazy Eyes photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg
Daughter Crazy Eyes
 photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

As the Eldest Princess arrives at the door to her mother’s chambers, she hears her mother talking. The Queen brags how she’s killed off everyone else who knows where her assassin’s family is and that she’s the only one left who loves him. (Yeah, she wins worst villain on this show. Qi Zhen just killed the entire family. He didn’t go around taunting the survivors.) She warns him that if he wants to find out where Feng Qi and his daughter are, he has to obey her.

The Eldest Princess is shocked to hear that the poisoning is part of the Queen’s plan to keep people from finding out that she doesn’t carry the divine sign of the phoenix and that it is the reason for the Purple Phoenix River drying up. Shocked, she drops the medicine and runs out of the palace to avoid being caught. (As if those twenty guards outside couldn’t have just told them who it was.) But the assassin catches up to her and kills her.

Feng Wu kneels before Wu Ji and then sits down with him and Fu Yao to talk about the royal family. Wu Ji reveals what he knows and confirms it with Feng Wu, including that he is Feng Xuan’s brother. He asks for confirmation that Feng Xuan truly is the destined queen, but Feng Wu tells them no one knows for sure. Feng Qi and Feng Xuan were twins and when they took them together to the Purple Phoenix River to confirm, no divine sign appeared. Only one daughter in each generation will have the sign and that is why there have never been disputes over the throne before. Because there was no sign, they had to wait until the girls grew up and had children of their own to see which one was born with the sign. But then the sisters ended up giving birth to daughters on the same day. Feng Xuan’s daughter was born with a lotus in her mouth, which they believed was a divine sign. Feng Qi died soon after and Feng Xuan inherited the throne. But who was the child born with a lotus in her mouth? photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Ep. 56

Feng Wu is relating the story of how the twin princesses, Feng Xuan and Feng Qi, conceived and gave birth to daughters at the same time. Feng Xuan’s daughter was said to have been born with a lotus in her mouth so because of that, and a divine sighting by the Purple Phoenix River, Feng Xuan is anointed as the eldest princess. That daughter was Crazy Eyes Fo Lian.  photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

When Fu Yao points out that Fo Lian is not even the heir to the throne, Feng Wu tells them that Feng Xuan changed the rules so that the first legal-born daughter would be the heir. Wu Ji and Fu Yao don’t understand why there was a change unless Fo Lian is not her real daughter or neither daughters carry the divine sign. Feng Wu mentions that Feng Qi’s daughter died and, when Wu Ji asks if the daughter was Feng Wu Ming, they wonder if she carried the sign. Feng Wu says that anyone who would know for sure has died already.

Wu Ji tells him that Feng Wu Ming is marked on the family tree as neither alive or dead. They find out that her father, Meng Shuo, who is still alive, was what split the sisters apart. Both sisters loved him, but he only loved Feng Qi. It’s revealed that Meng Shuo is also known as Yu Heng, one of the Ten Saints, which surprises Wu Ji. He left Xuanji after Feng Qi died and no one knows where he is. Feng Wu worries that the Kingdom is on the verge of destruction, given all the current palace drama, and that, if the Queen can’t suppress the evil force in the River, then the Five Kingdoms are doomed.  photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Feng Wu hopes that Wu Ji can help save Xuanji Kingdom since Wu Ji can’t.

As they leave Feng Wu’s house, Wu Ji realises that Tang Yi Zhong, who has been waiting outside for them, is actually Feng Wu’s son. He confirms that after his father’s other siblings were all killed off, he assumed another identity and entered the Leading Phoenix Chamber. He also hopes that Wu Ji can help save the kingdom, but when Fu Yao asks, he denies sending any letter. Wu Ji realises they need to figure out the Queen’s secret and Tang Yi Zhong knows just the person. photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

As we watch this mystery man getting drunk, we hear Yi Zhong describe a man who has worked secretly by the Queen’s side for many years, doing all her dirty work. Fu Yao guesses that it is Yu Heng, but Wu Ji needs to hunt him down to be sure. First, he wants to see the Purple Phoenix River.

Queen Crazy Eyes stares at the body of the Eldest Princess, but instead of being upset, she is relieved to be rid of another witness. “No one is allowed to destroy my plans, even my own children! photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

Princess Crazy Eyes prays to Lady Fei Yan, letting her know that her trap has been set and hopes for Fu Yao to die, but Lady Fei Yan warns her that Fu Yao can not be put in danger. photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

Yi Zhong is showing Wu Ji and Fu Yao the underground lava river when Fu Yao sees the Phoenix of Flames but the guys don’t see anything. When Yuan Bao appears and confirms that he can see it to, it makes Wu Ji wonder. (Oh, come on. I think everyone has figured this out by now…) photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Xiao Qi is relieved to see his friends safely return when the mystery man appears and attacks the group. Wu Ji goes after him and Fu Yao follows. Wu Ji calls out Meng Shuo’s name which makes him pause for a moment, confirming his identity, before he runs off, with the Crown Prince following.

Fu Yao, though, suddenly finds herself in an abandoned area of the palace, having strange visions of the Queen and little Fo Lian watching as a woman is tortured and a little girl watches. Fu Yao finally realises that the scepter she accepted from Fo Lian has something wrong with it and drops it to the ground, but then someone knocks her out.

Wu Ji is surrounded by a group of men whom he fights off, but then he realises that it’s a distraction and that Fu Yao is in trouble. He tries to go save her, but more men appear to fight him.

Fu Yao wakes up next to the dead body of the Eldest Princess, holding in her hand a dagger which appears to have killed her. Fo Lian runs in, putting on a show of fake concern of finding Fu Yao killing her sister but Fu Yao realises Fo Lian set her up. Her head still affected by whatever it is Princess Crazy Eyes did to the scepter, Fu Yao has difficulty moving, so she can only crawl on the ground as Fo Lian taunts her. She is determined to take back everything Fu Yao took from her, including Wu Ji. She also teases Fu Yao that she’s known all along who she really is, but she refuses to tell her, though the memories that continue to flood back in Fu Yao’s mind give a good indication of what happened and how it was that Fo Lian ended up knowing about her and Wu Ji meeting. photo vlcsnap-00032.jpg

It’s morning and Wu Ji is still fighting the men. When he finally dispatches them, he tries to leave but Meng Shuo tells him he is too late to save Fu Yao. Then he advises that he can help the Crown Prince save her if…

Fo Lian has brought Fu Yao to court to accuse her of her sister’s murder and of poisoning the Queen. Fu Yao figures out pretty quickly that the Queen is in on this as well. In a flashback, we see that Fo Lian walked in on her mother with her sister’s corpse and is the one who suggested the plan to frame Fu Yao. The Queen orders Fu Yao to be executed. Fu Yao denies the charges and asks Fo Lian again who she really is, but Fo Lian just acts as if she is an insane person. When one of the officials asks the Queen to anoint Fo Lian as the heir apparent, Princess Crazy Eyes is pleased, but pretends to be too distraught by her sister’s death and asks for them to wait. photo vlcsnap-00033.jpg

Wu Ji appears before the Queen. Fu Yao tries to warn him not to help her, but he still tries. The officials wonder if he had something to do with the murder. Before he can say anything else, Fu Yao tells the Queen that she acted alone and should be the only one to face the consequences, to which the Queen agrees and has her arrested. When Wu Ji tries to get the Queen to speak with him privately, she feigns being too ill and tells him they will talk later.

In Ruichen Palace, the Imperial Physician tells the Queen that the poison is almost completely out of her system thanks to Yu Heng’s careful dosage and Zong Yue’s medicine. She warns the physician that no one can know who really gave her the poison and the blame will all be put on Fu Yao. For fear of his life, he agrees. She promises him a reward to be sent to his house. (And by reward she means assassination…)

The Queen berates Yu Heng for not killing Wu Ji, but he could care less. Of course she still loves him so she can’t stay mad at him. But he’s not interested in her flirting which angers her. How can he not like her when she looks exactly like the woman he loved, but he tells her that she’s not her sister and never will be. Then she once again holds her knowledge of his wife and daughter’s whereabouts over his head. When he makes as if he will kill her, she is not concerned, knowing he wants to find his family too much to get rid of her. He’s realised she’s never going to tell him where they are, but also can’t kill her because she looks like Feng Qi. He also regrets all the evil he’s done on her behalf for the sake of finding his family. When he decides it’s better that they both die, Feng Xuan tells him that after she executes Fu Yao, she will tell him everything about his wife and daughter. (She’s definitely even more evil than Qi Zhen. photo vlcsnap-00035.jpg

Wu Ji rushes to the prison to free Fu Yao, but she refuses to go. Wu Ji tells her that he’s figured out the Queen’s secret, but Fu Yao wants to stay because now that her past memories have been triggered, she wants to figure them out and remember who she really is. Wu Ji tells her that he will help her and that he thinks her identity is tied to the royal family’s secret, but that they need Yu Heng’s help. Because Yu Heng knows more about the palace than anyone and has made a deal with Wu Ji in exchange for help finding his family, the Crown Prince thinks he will be able to help them. photo vlcsnap-00036.jpg

Overall Thoughts

Enid Bee: Zong Yue, my reason for watching, is gone. (Unless I translated what they posted on Weibo correctly and he’ll be back in time for the finale – UPDATE: Yes, he will be!) And that kiss between Bei Ye and Lan Zhu were the first butterflies I got watching this show ever. Sure, the Princess whines too much and that damn song gets overused, but despite it, I still ship them more than the OTP. I’m pretty sure I have a good idea of how this is going to end so I have no anticipation for anything except when is the Divine Physician going to come back. (I predict, as usual, he’ll arrive in time to save everyone’s butts.) I’m just here to recap for all you lovely folks, especially the ones who gave up watching, but still want to know what happened. I got you covered. Go back to rewatching episodes of Guardian or check out that new Tomb of the Sea series. And remember that Martial Universe and Let’s Shake It 2 start next week!! 😀 (UPDATE: Let’s Shake it 2 got postponed so Martial Universe it is…)

Linjaturtle: So far, I think the best arc, for me, are the brothers (Zong Yue may or may not have a teensy bit to do with it). I didn’t mind how they wrapped that up. I know viewers may have wanted Qi Zhen killed by one of the brothers, but the fact that Qi Zhen was left with nothing after all his life was spent trying to benefit from others, all the killing and scheming and using people, all that power hungry and greed, was quite satisfying to see. Killing him won’t crush him, but taking everything that he had worked hard for (trampling over everyone in the process), and the last straw was taking his daughter from him, was more devastating to him than anything else.

I was so glad Zhan Bei Ye’s arc ended. Goodness me. Can’t stand anymore of Lan Zhu’s crying speeches and senselessly trying to sacrifice herself at any given opportunity. I still don’t buy Bei Ye and Lan Zhu’s romance. It wasn’t convincing. I had no feels whatsoever.
Surprisingly, I am enjoying the Xuanji arc. I love the crazy mother and daughter pair. Now we know where Fo Lian gets her crazy eyes from – her equally crazy-eyed mother. I am having a lot of fun watching them talk insanely.

Iridescent:  I am so sick of the Zhan Bei Ye song and Lan Zhu in general, so I’m glad it’s over.  I will miss Zhan Bei Ye’s mentor though, he was the comedic relief this show has been needing.  Honestly, I feel sorry for Yun Hen and I still do.

Ep. 57

Wu Ji tells Fu Yao he’s figured out the family secret and that her identity might be tied to it. (Gee, really? Wonder what it could be… *bangs head on the coffee table*) He tells her that they will need Yu Heng’s help since he knows the most about the palace and Wu Ji has made a deal with him. photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

In a flashback, we see that Yu Heng told Wu Ji why he’s been serving the Queen and asks for Wu Ji’s help. Wu Ji tells Yu Heng that he’s pretty sure Yu Heng’s daughter is alive, but doesn’t mention that his wife is dead.  photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

We find out that Yu Heng didn’t know about his wife being dead because he was at a battle when she was killed, (Wait, wasn’t there this big deal funeral for her? And the guy still didn’t find out from anyone?!) and Wu Ji shares all the other information with Fu Yao that the rest of us have already heard (twice). Guards arrive and Wu Ji fights them off (but of course, we don’t get to see any of this because they wanted to save time for more exciting talking).  photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Queen Crazy Eyes is lighting incense and pouring wine in remembrance of the Eldest Princess, all the while rationalising being the worst mother in the world, and hoping that her daughter will look over her from heaven to help ensure she can retain the throne. photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

The Queen later wakes up in pain, wondering what’s wrong. Her doctor tells her that she’s been poisoned, but she refuses to believe it. She’s been taking a pill that keeps her from being poisoned. Of course, Wu Ji arrives in time to inform her that her pill can’t defend against Qiongcang poison. She makes the servants leave and then demands to know why he is poisoning her, and he asks her what her motive is for pretending to be poisoned and causing panic in the Kingdom. When she threatens to tell on him to his dad, he reminds her that she’ll have a lot more to answer for to the Emperor with all that she’s hidden. He demands to know what happened in the palace 19 years ago, but she refuses to speak of it. photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Yu Heng arrives and the Queen tells him to kill Wu Ji, but he ignores her. Realising that he is aligned with Wu Ji, she tells him to go ahead and kill her. photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Princess Crazy Eyes arrives with guards to take Fu Yao to be executed, and is angry to hear that Fu Yao has escaped. But, when Fo Lian tries to go with the guards to find Fu Yao, Lady Fei Yan shows up, upset with her disciple for disobeying her. She knocks out the guards and takes Fo Lian away. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

The Queen tries to use her history with Yu Heng to get him to not trust Wu Ji, but it doesn’t work. She then tells him that, if he kills Wu Ji, she’ll tell him everything. Yu Heng hesitates. Fu Yao arrives and Yu Heng, at first, thinks she is Feng Qi, but then sees it’s Fu Yao. Wu Ji tells him that Fu Yao is his daughter.  photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

When he asks the Queen if it’s true, she is angry he would believe strangers and then tells him that his daughter died all those years ago, but the Queen never told him to save him from the pain. Then she tells him to kill the two liars. Yu Heng isn’t sure what to believe. When the Queen tells them there is only one way to verify it, they decide to go with that.  photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Fo Lian finds herself kneeling near her mentor at the edge of the Purple Phoenix River. She tries to get Lady Fei Yan to kill Fu Yao or let her do it, and is upset when she finds out her Mentor doesn’t want to kill Fu Yao, wondering why everyone wants to protect her. And then a lot of back and forth between these two and what’s going on with Fu Yao and Wu Ji goes on for the rest of the episode. photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

The Queen shows Wu Ji ancient documents showing how to verify kinship by burning hair from the child and parent with the gallbladder of a phoenix. If black smoke appears, they are not related. Of course the Queen uses her powers to make black smoke appear. Angry at everyone for lying to him, Yu Heng turns on Wu Ji, who dodges his blows, but does not strike back. photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Lady Fei Yan explains that the Phoenix of Flames is suppressing an evil entity in the river and she needs the heir to Xuanji’s throne, as they are the only ones who can suppress it. Princess Crazy Eyes insists that she’s the true heir who was born with a lotus in her mouth, and who carries the divine sign of the phoenix, but Lady Fei Yan knows better. To her amusement, Princess Crazy Eyes starts praying, trying to call out the Phoenix to no avail. photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Somehow, Wu Ji and Fu Yao have ended up in some underground part of the palace by the Phoenix altar. Wu Ji reminds Yu Heng of what the Phoenix of Flames is guarding and what it could mean if the true heir is not found. He insists that Fu Yao really is his daughter, but Yu Heng doesn’t believe anyone now. Surprisingly Wu Ji now has his sword, as does Fu Yao, and they fight off Yu Heng, though Fu Yao gets cut and the couple end up tossed on this huge phoenix seal. photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

Princess Crazy Eyes is freaking out that she can’t make the Phoenix appear and is even more upset when her mentor calls her a counterfeit heir. When she demands that Fu Yao be killed, Lady Fei Yan tells her that eventually, Fu Yao will be, but not yet.  photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Fu Yao’s blood drips on the seal and it starts to glow. As the sound of a phoenix calls out, Fu Yao suddenly rises up in the air, causing both men to stop fighting. Wu Ji realises that the third tier of the spell is being removed. As it is lifted, Fu Yao gets her memories back and cries out in agony as the Phoenix of Flames appears. photo vlcsnap-00033.jpg

Lady Fei Yan tells Princess Crazy Eyes that Fu Yao is the true heir as Fu Yao falls to the ground and is caught by Wu Ji. Yu Heng finally believes she is his daughter. Lady Fei Yan laughs maniacally.

Fu Yao tells Wu Ji the story of her childhood: Queen Crazy Eyes killed her mom, her mom’s personal maid hid her away and was raped by creepy servants just to keep her safe, and then she met little Wu Ji.

Ep. 58

Fu Yao’s backstory continues: Fo Lian revealed Fu Yao’s existence to the Queen, who had the maid killed and told the guards to kill the girl, but one guard felt sorry for her and let her go, and then suddenly, she woke up in a creek being rescued by Uncle Zhou and her memories were gone. photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Queen Crazy Eyes arrives with her maid, Tang Yi Zhong and a bunch of Purple Cape guards. They all see Yu Heng call Fu Yao his daughter and says the blame for all that happened is on him for being more worried about his career than his family, and declares himself to be a bad father. He asks Fu Yao if she blames him and she talks a while of all the things she used to feel about her unknown parents until we finally get to the, “Hi, Dad. Do I look like Mom?” bit and they hug for the first time.  photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Queen Crazy Eyes then goes full crazy eyes. Declaring Fu Yao a witch who has bewitched everyone, she demands that the guards arrest her, but they do nothing. Instead, Tang Yi Zhong reminds everyone that only the true heir to the Kingdom can reactivate the altar and bring about the sign of the phoenix. He declares Fu Yao the true Queen and kneels before her and everyone else, except Crazy Eyes, kneels as well. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

However, Crazy Eyes is not going to let it go, so Wu Ji details some of her crimes before everyone. When she asks for proof, her brother, Feng Wu, appears, asking if she wants him to provide the proof or detail even more of her crimes. She is angry at Yu Heng for not killing her brother as she ordered.

When she tries to get Yu Heng to kill her brother, he still refuses. So she, again, tries to go all temptress with the, “I’m the only one who really loves you” bit. (Lady, those eyes would scare off a blind man.) But she’s saved the best crazy eyes for last, trying to convince him that she was better than Feng Qi, and then telling him that it’s still up to her if he can reunite with his daughter or not. (Um, that ship has sailed, crazy eyes.
 photo d38754f4-7d42-419e-a361-ddc3b7df17dc.png

Yu Heng laughs. Her threats have no power over him now. He tells Fu Yao that Crazy Eyes made him take a magical oath that linked both of their lives together so he couldn’t go against her will. The Queen tries to use this oath to make him kill Fu Yao, but he fights it. Fu Yao and Wu Ji use their powers to help break his oath so that he won’t kill himself, which ends up making the Queen spit out blood. Finally realising that she’s lost, the Queen mumbles about stars, and then dies, crazy eyes still in full effect. photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Lady Fei Yan returns to Illusion Hall, thrilled that Di Fei Tian will soon be returning. photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Xiao Qi is here, which means there’s more exposition to be told. He is thrilled that his friend is going to be Queen and has finally found out who she is, but Wu Ji looks worried at the dark clouds that appear. He explains that Di Fei Tian’s consciousness was split in half, with one half put in the Purple Phoenix River and the other half in Qiongcang’s Mount of Nothingness. There’s no way to destroy it so they have to keep the two halves separated to keep everyone safe. But, despite the true queen being found, the abnormalities are still occuring. Wu Ji worries it means that Di Fei Tian’s consciousness cannot be contained for much longer, but Xiao Qi, ever the optimist, feels that all the masters in the Five Kingdoms will be able to suppress it. photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Fu Yao is looking out at the lotus pond and remembering her childhood. Wu Ji appears and she tells him that she’s tired, and she’s wondered about what might have been. He reassures her that he’s here now to take care of her and takes the blame for how bad her life as been. Then she tells him that she doesn’t mind the hardships she’s been through since she was able to find him. photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Fu Yao has to say goodbye to her father just after she’s found him. He wants to go to a temple and pray for forgiveness for his sins. He tells his daughter to cherish her true love, now that she has found him, and Wu Ji promises to take care of his daughter. Fu Yao recites a verse that Wu Ji taught her as children. It turns out to be something that her mother wrote to her father and gave to her. It’s a bittersweet moment for the father as he says goodbye. Fu Yao is sad to see him go, but Wu Ji reminds her that the palace has bad memories for her father and he needs to do this. photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Now it’s time to reunite the Scoobies…

King Zhang Bei Ye is helping his Princess down the stairs. (Did he knock her up already or is she really clumsy in the snow?) Eunuch Hua brings a message from Xuanji, giving them the news about Fu Yao. photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Zong Yue (yaaaaaaaaaaay!) and Qi Yun are tending to patients in a little village. He gets a message from Fu Yao giving him the news and inviting him to her coronation. He tells Qi Yun he has to go. Now that she is better, and doesn’t need the Dragonscale Armour, she’s free to go wherever she wants. Qi Yun wants to stay in the village as it’s the first time she’s able to take care of others and likes it. As Zong Yue is about to ride away, she tells him that by the time he returns, the shrimp should be nice and big, so he tells her to wait for him to return, and then he’ll eat all the shrimp she can cook for him. photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

It’s coronation time. In echoes of her last walk as Queen, but this time with her entourage intact, Fu Yao walks to her throne. Her new Uncle, Feng Wu, with his status restored, participates. Wu Ji gets to be the one to hand her the divine sceptre as Xiao Qi looks on with glee. Wu Ji also tells her that the Imperial City would be willing to establish an “eternal friendship” with Xuanji Kingdom, which she tells him she’ll think about.  photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Cutting open her palm with a dagger (Linja: I am always amazed they never flinch when doing this. I cry like a baby when I get a papercut), she holds on to the scepter and her blood causes the Phoenix of Flames to appear.

Ep. 59

With the coronation over, Fu Yao sits alone in her throne room, thinking about the past. And so we get a three minute recap of the previous 58 episodes. (Ok, if they only showed one episode a week, I would get this, but couldn’t this time have been taken up with something… I don’t know… more interesting and relevant. Yeah, I’m ready for this series to be done now. photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Tang Yi Zhong arrives and immediately kneels, but since he is her elder cousin and her first friend, she insists that, when no one is around, he not use such formalities. He lets her know that they have still not found Princess Crazy Eyes, who apparently went off the deep end and ran away from the palace. She tells him to punish Fo Lian’s accomplices the way that they usually would, but when Fu Yao hears they would be scrubbed to death (seriously?), she abolishes all forms of torture, which pleases her cousin. As he leaves, Wu Ji arrives, asking her how it feels to be queen, but she’s not terribly impressed and doesn’t understand how a position that requires you to be so on your guard and cautious to maintain your power, is coveted by so many. She thinks only the virtuous and capable should run things. Wu Ji hopes that she continue being like this. photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

A decree is issued getting rid of the absolute monarchy in Xuanji and establishing a committee of seven ministers to run the Kingdom. The officials are pleased by this, but Xiao Qi is not as he had hoped to be appointed as a high-ranking official. Fu Yao tells him that he can be one if he has the talent for it. A servant announces the arrival of her guests and Fu Yao sends Xiao Qi to get Wu Ji. photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

But Wu Ji is doubled over in pain. This time his mentor has taken him to that giant floating lotus and it’s revealed that this place is the forbidden area of Qiongcang, where his mentor trained. Still punishing Wu Ji for not accomplishing his task, his mentor reveals that not only is Wu Ji the reincarnation of the man who originally defeated Di Fei Tian, but that he’s known all along who the woman was and that Wu Ji has been protecting her. He warns Wu Ji, again, that if he doesn’t kill her, the Five Kingdoms are in danger.  photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu arrive to congratulate Fu Yao. Zong Yue also arrives to tease her and ask that the person impersonating him be punished. (Linja: Welcome back to the crew, doc. May you never leave again).

Wu Ji has just returned from his punishment when Xiao Qi arrives at his door to get Wu Ji. Wu Ji calls out that he’s fine and will join them shortly.

That night, there is a giant fireworks display. As they watch, Zong Yue asks Wu Ji what’s wrong, but Wu Ji will only ask about Qi Yun and the Dragonscale Armour, which she has once again. Zong Yue can tell his friend is not well. He has a guess about what may be the matter, though Wu Ji will not confirm. Zong Yue wonders if Wu Ji is sacrificing too much, but Wu Ji holds on to hope. photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Fu Yao is in Ruichen Palace, thinking again, when Wu Ji arrives. As Wu Ji is inviting her to go to Tianquan to see his father, a messenger arrives from the Imperial City. It warns that his uncle, Zhang Sun Jia, has gathered an army and many allies from the City, and is planning to attack.  Furthermore it is asking Wu Ji to return to help fight his uncle. Fu Yao goes with him and Tiansha Kingdom pledge their army, but Xiao Qi and Zong Yue stay behind. (Really, our hotty doctor rode all the way here to beg out of the battle?) (Linja: I spoke too soon. Goodbye, again, my doctor.) photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

At Tianquan Palace, a maid purporting to be sent on behalf of Zhang Sun Jia tries to get the Empress to leave the palace with her. At first, the Empress doesn’t believe her, certain she’s another trick by the Emperor. But after being presented with a jade badge and reciting some lines, she knows that the maid is sent by him. She is about to leave with her when she finds out he is going to attack the city and that Wu Ji is returning to fight him. The Empress decides not to leave as she needs to tell Wu Ji something. (Two guesses what it could be…) photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

Officials report to the Emperor that Zhang Sun Jia’s army is just over the river from the city and asks for guidance, as his brother has managed to gain allies on the way, but the Emperor only wants to know where Wu Ji is.

Jiang Feng is happy to see his master returning with Fu Yao and updates him on all that has happened. Wu Ji is immediately called to see the Emperor, leaving Jiang Feng instructions to warn everyone to keep away from his woman. photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

Fu Yao is approached by a servant with an invitation to see the Empress, unofficially of course. Hesitant, she still agrees.

Wu Ji is trying to talk to his father about the pending rebellion, but the Emperor only wants to let him know about all the things in his chambers he’s leaving for him. He tells his son that he is too old now and that Wu Ji needs to take over the political and military affairs of the Empire now. He also reminds Wu Ji that people who commit treason, even family members, need to be punished appropriately. He also, this time, accepts Fu Yao (yeah, I’m not buying it) now that she’s royalty and claims to want his son to be happy with the woman he loves. Wu Ji is about to leave, but then, decides to make one last confession. photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Fu Yao meets the Empress and kneels before her, though the Empress is not having that now that she’s a Queen. Instead, she wants to ask Fu Yao a favour: to tell Wu Ji not to kill his uncle. But she won’t tell Fu Yao the reason. Fu Yao refuses, telling her that Wu Ji needs to make the decision for himself and that it’s not her business.  photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

Wu Ji apologises to the Emperor on behalf of his mother for her affair and is surprised to learn that his father already knew about it.

Ep. 60

The Empress is still pleading with Fu Yao, who just refuses to get in the middle of this family fight. Wu Ji arrives in time to hear Fu Yao tell the Empress that she trusts Wu Ji to make the right decision and that the Empress needs to stop trying to make decisions for him. When Fu Yao leaves the Empress’ chambers, Fu Yao is surprised to see Wu Ji and tells him to go see his mom.

Wu Ji goes in to see the Empress and apologises for making her worry. She tries to convince him not to kill his uncle, but before she can tell him why, the Emperor’s servants arrive with medicine for her, and Wu Ji leaves. photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Prince Yi is annoyed that his uncle made him wait so long to meet with him, even after their allegiance. When Prince Yi threatens to take his troops and go, his uncle is unphased. Prince Yi suggests keeping himself as a hostage to help him negotiate with the Emperor, but his uncle reminds him that after he tried to kill Fu Yao, he would not make a good hostage. When Prince Yi brings up the affair, Zhang Sun Jia is not pleased. He tells Prince Yi that he will not show anyone, not even Wu Ji, any mercy. This pleases Prince Yi, though Zhang Sun Jia wonders how his relationship will be with the Empress once he kills her son. Zhang Sun Jia insists she’ll get over it. (Yeah, because the death of a child is nothing…) Then he tells Prince Yi it’s time to proceed with their plan at the palace.
 photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Three men in black sneak across the palace grounds. The Emperor, about to take his medicine, confirms with his servant that their men have been dispatched. Three men in black kidnap the Empress. Three more men in black kidnap Xuan Yuan Xiao who has apparently returned to the Imperial City. (Guess which one is going to Zhang Sun Jia’s camp?) Three men in black carrying a woman are spotted by the guards who give a short chase and a bit of a fight, but then, let them escape. photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Wu Ji is suspicious of this rebellion and feels like something is not quite right about it all, though he isn’t sure what it is. Suddenly, a messenger runs in to tell him that the Empress has been kidnapped by assassins. He gets up to help find her, but he passes out. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

It’s flower plucking time again. Despite Wu Ji’s pleas with his Mentor to let him go so he can find his mother, his Mentor couldn’t care less about anything not related to Di Fei Tian, knowing that if he gets free, the rebellion won’t even matter. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Fu Yao tells Jiang Feng that she doesn’t know what this illness is, but Wu Ji’s had it before. Jiang Feng wants to have Zong Yue brought to the palace, but she tells him that the Divine Physician knows of it and can’t help either. (But, we could see him and we would appreciate that very much. Sincerely, Team Hotty Doctor.) When Fu Yao asks who could have kidnapped the Empress, Jiang Feng doesn’t want to say, but she figures out it’s Zhang Sun Jia. As she sneaks around the palace grounds later, Fu Yao is also nabbed.

Jiang Feng is pleading with Wu Ji not to be so impetuous and hold off on charging out after his uncle for kidnapping his mom and girlfriend, reminding Wu Ji of his own advice to not act emotionally. Jiang Feng also advises Wu Ji that his uncle would not kill the women. The servant from the Emperor calls Wu Ji to see him. photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

The Emperor is shocked (shocked, I tell you) that his brother would kidnap the Empress. Going on about how old and ill he is, he gives Wu Ji his sword. Then the Emperor tells him this long story about how his uncle and mother had been a couple, but his mother was power hungry and wanted to be Empress, but then later, had the affair and plotted with his uncle to poison the Emperor, which didn’t work. (I’m going to call liar, liar, pants on fire for this one.) Apparently, the hunting grounds incident (is this every going to be explained?) was supposed to have been a failed assassination attempt on Wu Ji planned by his uncle. He makes Wu Ji promise to kill Zhang Sun Jia himself. photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Zhang Sun Jia enters his tent, expecting to see the Empress, but instead finds Xuan Yuan Xiao, who tries to kill him with a dagger. He easily thwarts her attempts and is happy to see his wife, but she is still mad at him. She knows his heart was only for someone else. When he points out that she was the one who left him, she realises he doesn’t know what happened to her or their daughter, and she won’t tell him.  photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Wu Ji meets up with Jiang Feng  with his army to face his uncle. There’s no word on Fu Yao. Prince Yi demands his Uncle tell him what has gone wrong with their plan, but his uncle accuses him of leaking the details of their rescue attempt and causing it to fail. When Prince Yi hears that his uncle has decided to go to war even though not all the troops have arrived, Prince Yi decides to pack his things up and go.  photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Fu Yao wakes up in chains and finds the Empress is with her. She tells Fu Yao that the chains can not be broken. They are in a secret chamber of Tianquan and no one will hear them scream. Fu Yao is angry that Zhang Sun Jia would trap them here to which the Empress responds, “Do you really not know who had you captured?”  photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Meanwhile, Wu Ji is scoping out the battlefield and trying to strategize.

Ep. 61

Prince Yi is riding through the woods with his servant, Xu Lai. They stop and Xu Lai asks where they should go. Prince Yi decides to return back to the Imperial City. He plans to use the information he has about his uncle’s troops to help him get back on Wu Ji’s side. He doesn’t care what he has to do, as long as he can stay alive. But he finds out too late that Xu Lai also is looking out for himself and stabs Prince Yi in the back, letting him know that he’d already aligned himself with Zhang Sun Jia to protect his career, and he had orders to kill him if he should try to leave. (And no one was sad about it at all.) photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Jiang Feng finds Wu Ji still up late at night looking over battle plans. photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Fu Yao can’t understand why and for what reason she has been imprisoned with the Empress. The Empress tells of how she wanted to marry Zhang Sun Jia, but the Emperor proposed before she could, and she wasn’t able to turn him down without implicating her family. She knew he didn’t love her and didn’t understand why he did it. She only stayed for Wu Ji. Just then, their captor, the Emperor, arrives, asking if the Empress wants to be with her beloved. He doubts her love story. photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

An assassin returns to see Zhang Sun Jia. He went to the palace to get info and confirms the Prince’s fears, advising that they don’t know where the Empress is being held. An official arrives to advise that Wu Ji’s reinforcements are on their way and asks what to do next. Zhang Sun Jia decides they should prepare to battle in the morning and that he will figure out what to do about things at the palace later.  photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

He goes back to his quarters, where Xuan Yuan Xiao is staying and tells her she can go. He accepts blame for not taking care of her in the past. But she wonders why he hasn’t asked about why she left or where she’s been. Instead, he tells her that he didn’t search for her because he thought she’d be better off without him.  photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

The Empress is upset that the Emperor is using Wu Ji in getting his revenge. The Emperor responds back that he also has been used by others. Then he decides to tell them a story about him and his younger brother – born of different mothers – who grew up together. The younger brother was well liked, while the elder was not good with people, slow, but studious. Even when the older brother was made the heir apparent, people preferred his younger brother. He thought he was the heir because his father cared about him, but then he found out the throne was jinxed, with emperors not living very long, and his father didn’t want his favourite son to be cursed. He took the throne anyway, because he then would have the power to control other people’s lives. He broke the jinx on the throne, at the risk of his health, to protect future generations. But he is angry about the Empress’ affair. She is surprised to find out he knows already, but even more so when he asks her who Wu Ji’s father is. (Geez, Emperor, what did you think would happen if you married the woman who loved your brother? photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Zhang Sun Jia confirms that he did think Xuan Yuan Xiao had left because of his affair with the Empress. But in fact, that was not the reason. Instead, the day she caught them, she got lost in the palace and ended up overhearing Prince Yi’s mother wanting to know why Wu Ji was made the Crown Prince over her son when he isn’t even the Emperor’s child. The Emperor saw her and she ran away.  photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

In the woods, palace guards caught up to Xuan Yuan Xiao and her daughter and set the woods on fire as they hid. She was later rescued by Lady Fei Yan who, as usual, made a deal with her to take some years of her lifespan. But she couldn’t find her daughter at all. (Whoa… suddenly, I’m wondering if she might be Tai Yan.) But Xuan Yuan Xiao still blames him for all that happened and agreed to help the Emperor in return for finding out where her daughter is. Then as planned by the Emperor, she tells him that Wu Ji is Zhang Sun Jia’s son and he is stunned. photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Wu Ji and his army arrive to face his uncle’s army as the Emperor tells Fu Yao and the Empress that he hates Wu Ji because of who his father is, but loves Wu Ji as an heir. The Emperor wants to teach Wu Ji a lesson by having him kill his birth father.  photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Xuan Yuan Xiao wonders how Zhang Sun Jia never suspected that Wu Ji was his son after such a long affair. He refuses to believe her as she tells him of the Emperor’s plan, years in the making, for this moment to happen. He is even more surprised that his brother spent 20 years working on this plan. His wife asks Zhang Sun Jia what he intends to do now that he knows that this has all been a trap, to which he says he will still wage war as he has no other choice. She thinks he only craves power, but he knows that Wu Ji will win over followers if he kills the traitor, so he plans to sacrifice himself as he never cared about the throne and wants to help his son.

The Emperor wants Wu Ji to suffer in pain and sorrow. Since he loves both women, the Emperor wants one to poison the other and for Wu Ji to live with it. Fu Yao still doesn’t understand why he would punish Wu Ji, who loves the Emperor and is innocent in all this. But the Emperor wants Wu Ji to be able to walk his path alone when deserted by all those he loves. He tells them that the chamber will be filled with poisonous gas. The only escape is if one of them takes the poison and then the other can be freed. The Emperor leaves them. photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Both armies are facing each other and Master Duan wonders why Wu Ji is hesitating. An official tells Zhang Sun Jia that Wu Ji’s army has arrived and he needs to give orders to his general, but instead he tells him that he is riding out himself and to withdraw the troops, despite the official’s pleas. Xuan Yuan Xiao offers to help him put on his armour one last time and gives one last goodbye, as Wu Ji rides out ahead of his troops to wait for his Uncle. Zhang Sun Jia tells his wife that he believes their daughter must still be alive, and tells her to find her and live well.  photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Ep. 62

Wu Ji is waiting for his uncle, who finally arrives. As Master Duan reminds the Crown Prince to kill the traitor as a warning to others, the two face off. Wu Ji warns his uncle that only one of them can survive. Zhang Sun Jia recognises his brother’s sword in Wu Ji’s hand and makes him promise to only hold Zhang Sun Jia responsible for this rebellion and not punish the others, which Wu Ji agrees. When his uncle wants to begin, Wu Ji asks where “they” are, at first he doesn’t understand, and then realises he means the Empress and Fu Yao. He tells Wu Ji that he has never and would never hurt them as he cares about them, too. They decide to face off, mano y mano, as both armies watch.  photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

The Empress and Fu Yao both dive for the poison. Fu Yao gets it first and takes it, despite the Empress’ pleas to let her take it, but Fu Yao doesn’t want Wu Ji to lose his only mother. She hopes that, given her past history with poisons, her internal force will save her so she takes it. (*sigh*whatever) Once she does, the chains disappear from the Empress. She tries to take Fu Yao with her, but Fu Yao urges the Empress to go alone.  photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

With the Empress gone, Fu Yao realises that the Emperor is probably watching and talks to him before she dies, telling him that she knows he just wants to kill Wu Ji’s kindness and hoping that she’ll let him hold on to just a little bit of kindness because of how important he is to Wu Ji. And then she passes out as she is saying Wu Ji’s name. The Empress runs across the courtyard and finds a carriage waiting for her to take here anywhere she wants to go, so she heads out to her son. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

A servant informs the Emperor that the Empress is on her way to Jiangbei and that Fu Yao isn’t doing so good. The Emperor wonders if he is too ruthless. (Oh, you think?!)

Zhang Sun Jia is surprised that Wu Ji and his moves, both learned at Qiongcang, are so similar to which Wu Ji asks why he forgot the other lessons from Qiongcang about brotherhood. Angered and looking at the sword in Wu Ji’s hands, Zhang Sun Jia attacks and takes the sword from Wu Ji, forcing Wu Ji to take Zhang Sun Jia’s and tossing the other one away. (At the very least, he doesn’t want to give his brother the satisfaction of having died by his sword.) Then, when Wu Ji attacks, they run at each other, the uncle without a weapon. Zhang Sun Jia stops to give Wu Ji the opportunity to kill him, but Wu Ji also stops short. When he sees his uncle attempt to finish the job by throwing himself on the blade, Wu Ji pulls it back and knocks him down instead. Lots of meaningful glances fly around as Wu Ji drops the sword. photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

A figure arrives in the chamber for Fu Yao. It’s Uncle Zhou!!

The dying Emperor stumbles around his chambers looking for some pills. His servant announces a message from Master Duan that the rebels have surrendered and that his brother was captured alive by Wu Ji. The Emperor tells him to convey an urgent decree that his brother is to be executed on the spot by the Crown Prince.  photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Fu Yao wakes up on that same rock from thirty episodes ago, where Wu Ji took her to see that King of Muling that his family worships. She sees Uncle Zhou and is happy, but thinks that she is dead. Surprised to find she is alive and so is he, she hugs him and cries. He tells her that what she saw on Mount Xuanyuan was what he wanted her to see. He tells her he’s been keeping a watch over her from afar and knows of her travels and promises not to leave her again. (Lies!) When she worries about Wu Ji, Uncel Zhou tells her that he knows about that as well, but that she is too ill to go help him. She argues with him, but then passes out. He wants to help cure the poison, but he knows doing so will mean she is another step closer to her fate. He lifts off another tier of the spell as each tier was for each Kingdom. Once he does that, the King of Muling arrives to help Fu Yao.  photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Fu Yao arrives at the Qiongcang forbidden land with the giant floating lotus and hears a voice that tells her about her destiny. She watches herself come out of the lotus, all in red just as Wu Ji did before. But then the lotus version of her is surrounded by black smoke and turns her clothes to black. The voice tells her that the blood on the five-coloured stone she had was from Di Fei Tian and has been directing her to remove the tiers of the spell so that, once removed, he will be awakened again by turning her into a witch to destroy the Five Kingdoms. Only her death can stop it and only Wu Ji can destroy her.  photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Cue another musical montage of past WuFu moments.

Fu Yao is back on the rock again with Uncle Zhou and the King of Muling, as the voice asks her if she is prepared to accept this, but she knows she’s never been in control of her fate and would rather save the kingdoms. When she asks who he really is, Uncle Zhou reveals that he is Sheng Ling, the second of the Ten Saints. He tells how he found her with the stone when she was a child and added on the five-tier spell, rather than kill her, so that she could decide her own fate. He hid her at Mount Xuanyuan because it could restrain the powers in her. She tells him that she has no regrets because she met the love of her life and had many adventures.
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

He hands her an object and asks if she remembers it. It is the transformed version of the stove poker he gave to her during the competition. It turns out it’s actually the Changqing Dagger of Qiongcang and he tells her to keep it. If she kills Wu Ji, no one can harm her, but if she doesn’t, her fate is sealed. He leaves the choice to her. photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

When Uncle Zhou starts to leave, Fu Yao chases after him, but he stops her. He’s transferred his lifetime of powers to her and disintegrates before her eyes. Fu Yao is distraught to have to lose him for the second time.

Wu Ji sits alone, looking at his uncle’s sword and thinking. Jiang Feng arrives and tells him the Emperor wants him to carry out the execution of Zhang Sun Jia himself in front of the army, which makes him think some more. Outside, he sees his uncle standing ready for execution and tells Jiang Feng to bring wine and food. He goes up to the platform where his uncle waits, two executioners at the ready, as the imperial decree is read out of his crimes.  photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Zhang Sun Jia looks at the clouds in the sky and enjoys the sun with a slight smile on his face. He starts to laugh about the decree, knowing that’s not the real reason his brother wants him killed. Master Duan gets angry at him for speaking so, but he couldn’t care less about added charges as he’s going to die anyway. Wu Ji tells Master Duan to step down, but he refuses to slack off on his duties, so Wu Ji tells him to just stand and watch instead. Zhang Sun Jia tells Wu Ji that by killing him, Wu Ji will win over the people and gain the best reputation, and that it’s worth it to Zhang Sun Jia. He doesn’t mind losing to Wu Ji, only to his brother.

Wu Ji pours out some wine for his uncle. Though Zhang Sun Jia knows he will be listed in history as the worst traitor, his conscience is clear.  photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

The order is given for the execution to begin, but it’s stopped as the Empress arrives, calling out for them to stop. Zhang Sun Jia is upset she is there. Master Duan declares that the Empress is demeaning herself and will disgrace the royal family, and tries to get Wu Ji to take her away, but Wu Ji refuses and accepts responsibility. He walks away and lets the couple talk. photo vlcsnap-00029.jpg

Ep. 63

Master Duan tells Wu Ji that his mother is disgracing the family, but Wu Ji allows his mother and his uncle talk as Wu Ji steps down from the platform. The Empress is surprised to find out that the Prince knows Wu Ji is his son, and promises to beg Wu Ji to spare him so that the Emperor’s plot will fail, but Zhang Sun Jia won’t let her and tells her that he has to die to keep her safe.  photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Of course, they are yelling this to each other to keep this quiet from Wu Ji WHILE HE’S STANDING RIGHT THERE WITHIN EARSHOT! (Kind of wish we’d just done GIF recaps as that would make this more entertaining and convey my frustration much better. / IMOmusings: sadly I haven’t learnt, nor do I have the programs to make gifs xD otherwise we’d get crazy eyed mama and daughter gifs every week / Enidbee: ooo, I can help with that for our next show…)

Then Wu Ji steps back up on the platform, as they are still arguing in loud voices not to tell Wu Ji anything. His uncle insists that Wu Ji hurry up and kill him, while the Empress is begging him not to die. Suddenly, Zhang Sun Jia grabs the sword out of Wu Ji’s scabbard and kills himself in front of everyone, knowing that he has to die to help Wu Ji succeed as the future Emperor. Wu Ji is stunned and his mother is distraught.  photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Wu Ji sits outside his tent, sad and deep in thought when Fu Yao arrives. He asks if his uncle abducted her, but she only asks if he’s talked to his mother. He lets a few tears fall and asks if the Emperor was behind all of this, but Fu Yao doesn’t want to be the one to tell him. (So even the Empress is not surprised Fu Yao survived?) photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

The Emperor’s servant tries to get him to get some rest as he’s been waiting all day for news. Finally he gets the report that his brother has been killed and he is happy to hear that he is dead. He stumbles and falls to the ground as his servant calls for the Imperial Physician. photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

The Empress is burning paper money for Zhang Sun Jia. Wu Ji visits her and she finally tells him that Zhang Sun Jia was his birth father and how the Emperor had plotted for years to have him kill his “uncle”, and also made sure to wipe out all his closest kin. Wu Ji goes outside and starts laughing and crying, processing all she told him about how the Emperor wanted him to be betrayed by his family and supporters. He’s angry that only now she has told him this information. Fu Yao can only watch from afar.  photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

In the morning, Zhang Sun Jia’s body is burned on a funeral pyre, witnessed by just a few. That night in the woods, Wu Ji secretly burns paper money for his birth father. Fu Yao joins him. He’s not sure of his identity anymore after all this. Fu Yao tries to give him advice and console him. photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

They ride back to the Imperial City where officials are waiting outside the Emperor’s chambers as he is dying. Wu Ji goes inside to see him. (And suffocate him with a pillow?) Wu Ji thinks the Emperor will eventually recuperate, but he doesn’t agree and wants to say goodbye one last time. The Emperor comments on how Wu Ji has always taken on things alone and never leaned on anyone. He leaves the throne to Wu Ji and warns him it is the most hated position and that people will think he’s wrong no matter what he does. But Wu Ji just wants to know why the Emperor did what he did. When the Emperor confirms that everything his mother told him was true, he is surprised. Even more so to hear that this has been the Emperor’s life goal.  photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

The Emperor admits that the two people he hates most in the world is his brother and himself. He married the Empress only because he knew she was the one person his brother loved most, since his brother had always gotten everything else he wanted. The Emperor doesn’t know why he wasn’t able to kill Wu Ji as a child and, instead, raised him to take over the throne, despite him being a reminder of his brother. However, the Emperor also admits that he knew Wu Ji was the only choice to be the heir. He wanted to make him as cold and miserable as himself, so that he’ll be a wise emperor, but it didn’t work out as he’d hoped. (Tell him Fu Yao’s still alive. Ha ha! That plan didn’t work.) As he wonders why he couldn’t make Wu Ji more like himself, he dies and Wu Ji does more of that laugh/crying thing as he remembers the only father he knew. He kowtows to the Emperor one last time. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

A decree is read out announcing the Emperor’s death and proclaiming Wu Ji as the new Emperor. The officials come to court in mourning wear to see Wu Ji, but Jiang Feng tells them to go home. The officials are frustrated that Wu Ji hasn’t taken care of state matters in days, but Jiang Feng can only tell them that, due to the sudden death, Wu Ji is not ready and they will have to take care of matters themselves.

Wu Ji, also dressed for mourning in the Emperor’s chambers, thinks of his mother who has abolished herself from the palace and will now be known as Yuan Qing Yi, and live in Wanxin Temple on Mount Green Pearl. She wants her son to be with the one he loves and never deal with the heartache she had. Fu Yao joins him to update him on the funeral guests and plans. She also went to visit his mother at the temple.  photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Ep. 64

Fu Yao joins Wu Ji in the Emperor’s chambers, where he is mourning, to update him on the funeral guests and plans. She tells him about her visit to see his mother at the temple. She also tells him that she secretly snagged two of Zhang Sun Jia’s robes, when his home was raided, in case he wants to erect a cenotaph for him. Wu Ji admits that he had doubted his parentage in the past, but had been too afraid to seek out the truth. He admits he never cared about the throne and only wanted to please the Emperor, and is hurt to know that the whole time his father hated him. Fu Yao tries to console him, promising to never betray him and always be by his side, but he doubts even she can prevent that. When she reminds him that the Five Kingdoms need him and so does she, he knows she is right and that he has responsibilities now.  photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

The next day, he goes to meet the officials, although without bothering to shave.

On the Mount of Nothingness in Qiongcang, the Qiongcang elders have realised that the sealed rock of Di Fei Tian is underneath Changqing Hall. They know that the spell keeping it there won’t hold on for much longer. Tian Ji wants to discuss what to do next to keep it safe. They realise that they need to join forces to reinforce the spell and keep this half from joining the other one. But the dark forces in the rock are growing and an elder points out that their powers will not hold it for long and that it is up to the gods. Regardless, they circle the large rock and do what they can to reinforce the spell. But cracks appear in the rock and black mist creeps out of it as they struggle to keep it contained until the circle is broken. They have given up half their life for nothing. When the other elders ask if Wu Ji has found the witch, Tian Ji doesn’t tell them. Wu Ji is their only hope. photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Silently, Tian Ji sends a plea to Wu Ji to complete his task and kill her. He says to bring Fu Yao to Changqing Hall, but Wu Ji wonders if killing her really is the only way, and isn’t sure what to do.

Fu Yao is standing on one of the towers overlooking the city, looking at the blade from Uncle Zhou and remembering his advice to kill Wu Ji to survive or to be prepared for a rough road.  photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Wu Ji joins her, wrapping his outer robe around her to keep her warm. She knows he hasn’t been sleeping and wants him to get some rest. They talk about the view and how hard life is, and how fickle people are. And then, there’s more flashbacks to them meeting and getting to know each other. Fu Yao also admits that, after pretending to be so many people, she’s not sure who she is. Wu Ji tells her that she is his Fu Yao and nothing else matters. Fu Yao tells him to promise that if one day she is no longer around, to be a good and wise Emperor, and Wu Ji immediately worries she is up to something. But she lies and insists there is nothing to worry about. Wu Ji tells her that if, in the end, there must be a tragic end and there’s nothing they can do about it, he just wants to be by her side forever. They both remember the dire warnings that she must die or doom will fall on the Five Kingdoms, but won’t talk to each other about it. photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

The mourning period is over. Wu Ji has been coronated and gets another fun hat to wear, though this time, he resists the urge to play with it like he did in Taiyuan. The officials, including Jiang Feng, all kowtow to their new Emperor and get down to business. Wu Ji wants the winter ritual for the solstice held at Mount Green Pearl. An official reminds Wu Ji that an envoy has to be sent to Qiongcang to retrieve his decree of coronation and gives a list of candidates, but Wu Ji already has decided who should go.

Fu Yao is talking to Yuan Bao about how Qiongcang wants her dead and wants Wu Ji to be the one to kill her. She knows he won’t do it, but that if he doesn’t, it endangers everyone else. She is worried about Wu Ji and doesn’t want him to live in guilt, but also doesn’t want him to put everyone at risk. She’s decided that she will go to Qiongcang and gives Yuan Bao some of her hair in the hopes that one day he can bring Wu Ji to kill her, but mousy doesn’t really want to be the one to do that. photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

As Fu Yao goes to leave the palace, we get more flashbacks as she composes her goodbye letter. She is walking through the woods but ends up running into Wu Ji, who tells her that she can not ever again leave him without saying a word. He tells her never to go to Qiongcang without him. He never wants to live in regret again and that he will always go wherever she goes. If this is all destined, they agree that they should face it together. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

In Changqing Hall, Tian Ji looks at the lava rock when a disciple arrives to tell him that Wu Ji has come to Qiongcang with a woman. Tian Ji dismisses him, pleased that Wu Ji understands his place and that the witch has come. But then, another disciple arrives to say that Wu Ji has disappeared and erased all his tracks. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Lady Fei Tian is in Illusion Hall receiving a message from a crow and tells it to go find the couple. photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Wu Ji has taken Fu Yao to a place that looks like Shangyang Palace, but is in Qiongcang. He built it with his powers when he was training and it is the safest place he can think of for them to hide. They talk about his sad, lonely childhood for a bit. Then Fu Yao sees a letter on his desk. It’s a sad poem he wrote. When she asks who he wrote it for since he is hers, he teases her for being jealous and then kisses her. It’s the first time she’s called him hers and he’s happy.  photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Tian Ji is in the forbidden land, looking at the giant lotus. A disciple appears and announces Lady Fei Yan has arrived. He is surprised as Changqing Hall and Illusion Hall, while both in Qiongcang, have never interacted in centuries and he wonders why she would visit. He agrees to meet with her in hopes to help protect the Five Kingdoms. (Surprised he hadn’t kept such a close eye on Di Fei Tian’s disciple.) photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Wu Ji tells Fu Yao about his mentor’s view of the mundane world as transient and unimportant when compared to eternity and that he used to agree until he met Fu Yao. (Wait, didn’t he give this same speech about two times before already?) He knows that Fu Yao is determined to die, but he won’t let her, as he thinks there’s a chance she doesn’t have to die. She, too, refuses to accept this fate.

As they sit together, they hear the caw of crows and see a black cloud. Wu Ji knows it’s Fei Yan looking for them. Wu Ji tells Fu Yao that he’ll go visit his mentor and tells Fu Yao to stay so that she won’t get hurt, but she asks if his mentor will spare him if she goes.

Overall Thoughts:

Linjaturtle: Finally, we get some answers to Fu Yao’s forgotten past and another layer or two gets lifted off. I actually can’t wait to see her turn witchy. Need some excitement after Bei Ye’s boring arc.

Okay, it’s still a snooze-fest. This whole mess with the adults is terrible and the poor kids are shouldering the consequences. I say this saga of a mess is all the Empress’ fault. Even if she was in a loveless marriage, she is still married, and having an affair, getting pregnant and passing it off as the Emperor’s kid, was the beginning of this suffering she put upon Wu Ji, herself, and the Zhang Sung brothers. Second to blame is Zhang Sung Jia. He was married, had a daughter and still got involved with the Empress. Or are they equally to blame? Affairs cause a ripple effect of destruction to all connected. Stay away from them, please.

And lastly, I don’t know who’s worse. Wu Ji’s mentor or the Emperor.  

Enid Bee: Please, someone send sugar, lots of it. I need something to keep me awake. These final episodes are putting me to sleep. Shouldn’t it be getting more exciting at this point? Instead, it’s all long-winded dialogue and people taking forever just to get to the point. I have serious Fu Yao fatigue, but hanging in there since there’s just a few episodes left… I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more Divine Physician. But sadly, not this week so hopefully in the finale… a little… pretty please…

Iridescent:  I kind of understand Wu Ji’s mentor’s view point.  Like if you can trade one life for thousands, or millions even, it’s understandable why you would want to.  I felt really bad for Xuan Yuan Xiao.  She was used and then she found out the man she loved never actually loved her, and then she had to send him to death.  All the while she never got anything in return, she loved him to his end and never found her daughter. I’m just so glad this show is over.  The ending left much to be desired, I wanted to see everyone happy, not just our main couple, but whatever.  It’s over, I’m done.

Ep. 65

Wu Ji and Fu Yao hear the caw of crows and see a black cloud. Wu Ji knows it’s Fei Yan looking for them and they know her intentions. Wu Ji tells Fu Yao that he’ll go visit his mentor and tells Fu Yao to stay so that his mentor won’t hurt her. She asks if his mentor will spare him if she doesn’t go with him and adds that she won’t allow him to swap his life for hers.  She wishes that from now on regardless of what obstacles there are they’ll face them together. He tells her to listen to him this one time. Although his mentor is stern, he is still an open hearted and upright person who has the interest of the world in mind. If his mentor can find another solution to this crisis, he definitely will not want to harm innocent people. Wu Ji promises to find another way even if his mentor can’t. Fu Yao pauses for a while before telling Wu Ji that if all does come to down to as predicted, she wants him to be the one to kill her and be a wise Emperor to all the kingdoms when she is gone. He promises to return the next day, wanting her to promise that she’ll wait for him, which she agrees to. Then he leaves and the tears she could not suppress any longer begin to flow.

Lady Fei Yan and Tai Yan arrive at Changqing Hall to meet Tian Ji and the other elders.  Tian Ji asks Lady Fei Yan whether she has important matters to discuss, as it’s been 100 years since they’ve interacted.  Lady Fei Yan says that since the witch has arrived and that they should capture her quickly. Tian Ji tells her that Changqing Hall never spoke to Illusion Hall about this matter before and that there’s no need for her to concern herself with this affair. The Elders bring up Illusion Hall’s allegiance with De Fei Tian all those years ago. Tai Yan reminds them that it was Illusion Hall was the one to suggest using the Leaf of Spiritual Elixir to help defeat Di Fei Tian in the end. Lady Fei Yan tells them that they should forget the past and focus on saving the world. When Tian Ji brings up the fact that she has been investigating this witch for some time and questions her motives, Fei Yan claims to be wanting to protect Illusion hall. Tian Ji tells her that they have everything under control and she doesn’t need to worry about it which makes her laugh. She brings up the fact that Tian Ji knows that Fu Yao is the witch they’ve been looking for and that she and Wu Ji have been inseparable. The other elders have not heard of these matters and are surprised. Tian Ji asks them to give Wu Ji another chance, as Wu Ji has already brought the witch to Qiongcang. Lady Fei Yan pretends to have the good of the nation in mind, as she says she’s afraid Tian Ji and Wu Ji’s master and student relationship will interfere with the situation at hand and cause the world to fall into chaos. Tian Ji gets defensive and assures her that it won’t be a problem. Tai Yan hears Fei Yan he shouldn’t be lenient on Wu Ji just because he’s his favourite lest they be blamed for Di Fei Tian rising again, and she is conflicted.
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Back in the Illusion Hall, Tai Yan tells Lady Fei Yan that the elders don’t understand what she wants and Fei Yan confirms that she wants Fu Yao alive to resurrect Di Fei Tian and they want her dead. Tai Yan wonders why they don’t get their cooperation, Fei Yan says she doesn’t need their help and that it’s only Wu Ji she’s concerned with. Tai Yan realises that her mentor wants to use the elders to eliminate Wu Ji and Fei Yan confirms that is her plan. Seeing how upset she is by this news, Fei Yan warns her disciple that feelings are the most useless thing in this world.

Wu Ji arrives at the gates to Qiongcang. Tian Ji asks where Fu Yao is and is angry when Wu Ji has not brought her and won’t reveal her location. Wu Ji asks for his mentor to be lenient which angers him. He calls him a traitor who deserves to be punished. Wu Ji kneels before the gate and asks to be put through the Nine Illusions Realm punishment. He has heard that if a person survives all four realms, then they will be treated with god-like status and receive help from Changqing Hall. This only angers Tian Ji more and he agrees to the punishment. Four warriors appear to fight Wu Ji and for awhile he is able to avoid their attacks before getting hit. Then chains come from the sky and surround him.

Fu Yao and Yuan Bao are worried about Wu Ji. He has not returned on time. She begs Yuan Bao to take her to find Wu Ji.
 photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

On top of the Mount of Nothingness, Wu Ji is hanging from the sky in chains with stakes buried into his shoulders, forearms and gut. He comes to and sees Tian Ji there, once again asking for Fu Yao’s location. But Wu Ji refuses to give in, certain that Fu Yao would never harm the Five Kingdoms. He suggests that her death may not be the only solution and asks to be allowed to find a way. Tian Ji says he has already tried to find alternate solutions, but her death is the only way. Wu Ji refuses to believe him and is willing to give up everything for her, even his life. Wu Ji knows he must be punished and tells Tian Ji to take back his martial arts skills, which he does, injuring Wu Ji in the process. The punishment Tian Ji gives him will break down internal and external energies and hasn’t been used in centuries. He gives his disciple one last chance to turn in Fu Yao, but he refuses and takes the punishment instead. As he passes out, we get more WuFu flashbacks as we hear Wu Ji’s thoughts of the life he wants to give Fu Yao.
 photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Fu Yao arrives at the gates to Qiongcang with Yuan Bao. Before she can go in, her friends arrive as well. Xiao Qi, Zong Yue, Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu are there to help her save Wu Ji. Apparently, Yuan Bao messaged them as well though Fu Yao doesn’t want to involve them. They are surprised she didn’t tell them sooner and she updates them on the latest. Bei Ye tells her that because they are friends, of course they are going to help. And Zong Yue just ignores her and leads everyone in.

Wu Ji is now chained to a block of ice. Tai Yan appears to try and free him to no avail. He wakes up and tries to get her to stop, knowing she can’t free him and could get in trouble. She gets mad when, once again, Wu Ji is more worried about Fu Yao and is upset that he planned to sacrifice himself for her. But Wu Ji insists that the only way to fulfill his wish is to lose his Qiongcang powers, no matter how much Tai Yan insists it’s dangerous. He doesn’t care though because if he fails, he’ll get to die with the one he loves.

Fu Yao and friends make their way up the Mount of Nothingness to a wooden suspension bridge over a deep canyon. They hear two disciples talking about Wu Ji’s punishment as they cross the bridge, commenting on how severe it is and that he’s sure to die. They knock one out and then get information on Wu Ji’s whereabouts from the other one before knocking him out. Zong Yue has heard of the spot and how bad it is. With no other choice, the team crosses the rickety bridge as more disciples appear. Fu Yao’s friends send her on ahead to help Wu Ji as they fight off the disciples. (Here’s one last look back for Team Hotty Doctor…)

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Tai Yan tells Wu Ji she found the mirror that he had been looking for to help him find a solution. At first he thinks it’s of no use to him now that he’s lost his powers. But then he realises that he is a direct descendent of the mirror’s owner. He has Tai Yan put some of his blood on the mirror and sees the lotus from the forbidden land with his predecessor there. He says, “It started with me. It existed because of me. It existed because of me. It will end with me.” They aren’t sure what to make of what he says at first. Tai Yan tries to go back to freeing him. Wu Ji tells her he doesn’t want to implicate others, but she just wants him to think of himself for once. He tells her that he was being selfish in doing this for Fu Yao and suddenly that makes him realise what it is he needs to do. Tai Yan also realises that he’s going to sacrifice himself.
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In Changqing Hall, Tian Ji asks how Wu Ji is doing and is told he still has not begged for mercy. The other elders want to send people to find Fu Yao as the seal has been stirring and they worry what will happen if she charges in. Tian Ji is certain she will come looking for Wu Ji and they can kill her then.

Fu Yao’s friends want to go help her, but someone has to stay behind to guard the bridge. Xiao Qi tells them he will stay so they can go help Fu Yao. They protest, not wanting to leave him alone, but he insists that Fu Yao needs him more and he wants to be able to return the favour after all the times they’ve protected him.
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Ep. 66 - Final

Tai Yan is trying to rescue Wu Ji, but he is more focused on the message from the magic mirror. He realises that he will have to die with Fu Yao. Tai Yan tells him that she will help him then if that’s his plan, but he tells her not to help and just to leave as he doesn’t want her sacrificing her life for him. She is not going to listen though. He yells at her as she leaves.
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Disciples appear on the other side of the wooden bridge and see only Xiao Qi. When they offer to spare his life if he moves aside, he refuses so they run forward, but he has cut some of the boards loose and they fall in to the canyon below. Xiao Qi thinks he’s safe, but then one of the disciples rises up and attacks. Xiao Qi fights as best he can, but, in the end, vowing that he would rather die than let the guy win, takes his adversary over the bridge with him to protect his friends. (Saddest death in this whole series.) And another music montage… Yup, everyone gets one when they die…

Tian Ji and the other elders watch Wu Ji from another peak, waiting for Fu Yao to arrive. They say that Fu Yao can’t be considered a witch until the final seal is broken and that they will unite their powers to seal her.

Just as they were wondering if she would show up, Fu Yao arrives to try and save Wu Ji, apologising for causing him trouble. He is happy at first to see her, but then remembers where they are and tries to get her to leave, but she refuses to go and tries to free him. When she reminds him that she went through a similar ordeal and survived it, he tells her that this is not the Realm of Nothingness (that ice cave from eps. 4). She is surprised he knows about it, but he doesn’t want to talk about the past. She feels even more guilt, but he tells her she is not to blame and owes him nothing and tries to get her to leave, but she still refuses.
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Tian Ji and the elders arrive and tell Wu Ji that she can’t leave even if she wants to. Wu Ji tells her to go. Ignoring Wu Ji’s yelling, Fu Yao turns to face them. Tian Ji blames her for Wu Ji disobeying them. With one more look back at her beloved, she tells them they can do whatever they want to her as long as they let Wu Ji go. The elders use their powers to seal her as Wu Ji yells for them not to do it. He screams more as she falls to the ground. But then black smoke appears and takes out the Qiongcang elders. Lady Fei Tian and Tai Yan have arrived.

Tian Ji yells at Fei Yan for attacking them from behind while they were using their powers and she reminds him that, as the last of Di Fei Tian’s bloodline, she has no reason to help him. Instead she plans to use Fu Yao as an offering on the sealed stone so that the evil flame inside her will restore her mentor and they can take over the Five Kingdoms. Tian Ji vows to kill Fei Yan, but she easily defeats him. Lady Fei Yan orders Tai Yan to kill Wu Ji, but she attacks her mentor instead. Fei Yan is not easily tricked though and tosses her disciple aside. She chides her for thinking her mentor didn’t know what was going on and reminds her that Wu Ji doesn’t love her and chastises her for never perfecting her technique because of her feelings. Not willing to give up, Tai Yan tries again, but Fei Yan sends her body flying off the mountain to fall to the bottom and die. Wu Ji vows to kill her.

As Fei Yan walks over to Fu Yao’s body, but gets distracted when Wu Ji starts laughing and tells her that she’s already dying and there’s no use in her fighting it. He can tell her vital signs are off and that her death is near despite on how young she looks. Her youth is from borrowing people’s lifespans, but she will quickly disappear to nothing because of all the power she’s expended. Her face starts to turn black as her body fights the inevitable, but then tells him that he will die first and starts to use her powers to kill him. As she does, Fu Yao wakes up which energizes Wu Ji, who manages to break free of the chains and the stakes that were holding him back. Their friends arrive as well in time to help fight against her though she laughs that they would try. Zhang Bei Ye, Ya Lan Zhu and Zong Yue all attack her, but are thwarted. Fu Yao tries next and succeeds finally in stabbing her, but this is what Fei Yan wanted. She uses the last of her life to break the last seal of Fu Yao’s spell and turns into smoke that enters Fu Yao’s body and sends her in to the air.
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When she drops back down, she is no longer Fu Yao. Wu Ji goes to check on her only to get choked by her as their wounded friends watch helplessly. Zong Yue warns his friend that she only sees them as obstacles now and they watch as evil Fu Yao flies away in a dark cloud with Wu Ji. They land in Changqing Hall where the rest of Di Fei Tian’s consciousness lives under the lava rock. The rock is shaking and vibrating. Evil Fu Yao is ready to complete her task. Wu Ji tries to stop her, but she easily tosses him aside. He keeps yelling at her to stop, so she stabs him to shut him up. Her stab evokes flashes of memories of the two together in her mind. He persists in calling to her, trying to get the real Fu Yao to remember him. She cackles hysterically and slices and stabs him across the chest, but as she does, more memories start coming through and she begins to struggle, at first not successfully, as Evil Fu Yao attacks Wu Ji again and again. However, the memories continue to come. The real Fu Yao starts to fight back and drops the sword. She and Wu Ji hold hands for a moment, but then Evil Fu Yao gets the sword back. As she is about to stab Wu Ji, the real Fu Yao is able to take control and stab herself to save him. The black mist leaves her body and the lava rock explodes. No more Di Fei Tian.
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The wounded couple lay on the floor and hold hands and cry and talk a lot as they bleed out. Wu Ji tells her she’s not allowed to do this again and she tells him she just wanted to use her death to save the world. He tells her that from now on there is no more witch, just Fu Yao. They are happy to have defeated fate. They both home for peace in their world and Wu Ji wants to make her Empress and all the foods he wants her to eat and the places he wants to take her. He promises to ensure her safety and grow old together. Now that they have endured all the suffering in the world, Fu Yao says they need to enjoy all the sweetness and be together forever.

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The End.

Ok, not really. Instead, we next see them alive and, well, running around the gardens in the Imperial Palace. Wu Ji is commenting that Fu Yao is getting fat, but won’t put her down. She teases him about a mark she saw him carve, wondering who he is lovesick for. He infers that it’s for her and vows that for the one he loves, he will go where ever she is and fight any obstacle to get to her because he has no fear of trials or tribulations. They look out over the Imperial City.

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Final Thoughts

Linja:  I am sure they both died and that happy ending is just an afterthought, a wish, a glimpse to what may have been or MAYBE their next life. But for real, I believe they dead. Or maybe I’m just really over this drama and I am glad it’s ended. It’s been fun doing the recaps though!

Enid Bee: First off, thanks to Iridescent for getting this whole thing started, IMOmusings for the awesome screengrabs (especially of our hotty doctor) and putting it all on the site and making it look so nice and to Linja for being the best proofer ever!! This was my first time recapping and I was so glad to be able to work with such a great team and not have to try to do all this myself each week. (Still can’t believe I did 8 episodes a week for two months. Then again, my house clearly looks like that’s all I’ve been doing the past two months.)

As much as this show started to drag for me, I’m still so happy I made it through because now I’m a huge Lai Yi fan thanks to this show. Maybe way too much of a fan. (I made a fan vid for Zong Yue so clearly I have a problem. And I don’t care. Tee hee.)

I was a little surprised that after loving both lead actors in other shows (Peaches, My Queen), that the two of them together just didn’t work for me. I also actually wish the show had ended with them on the ground dying. Then again I do like bittersweet endings. But I did like that the final scene is a little ambiguous so fans can make it mean whatever they want. And I would love if there was a sequel just about my favourite doctor and what happened with him next. (Mostly because it’s about time Lai Yi had another lead role. For any other Lai Yi fans, here’s a treat for you.)

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But I did enjoy many of the supporting characters. Loved Qi Zhen as the initial bad guy and it made me wish this show had been more about the Xuan Yuan brothers finding each other and overcoming their common enemy to protect the kingdom. That whole storyline I really enjoyed and once it ended, the show felt kind of done for me. I also wish Jiang Feng had more screen time. (And now I want to watch that actor in SCI if I can ever find some subs for it.) I loved his facial expressions and really all of the comedic bits in the first half of the series. For now I eagerly await The King’s Avatar to see my five favourite supporting actors from Fu Yao reunite again (Lai Yi, Gao Han Yu, Liang Zi Mu, Jiang Long and Liu Qiu Shi).

Bye bye, Fu Yao 4…
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Some of our favourite scenes were the silly moments.

The eunuch dogpile
 photo dogpile.gif

Wu Ji playing with his new hat
 photo bored.gif

And, of course, those mother-daughter crazy eyes…
 photo crazyeyes.gif

 photo queen_crazy_eyes.gif

And the most iconic moment of all: Yuan Bao rolling in laughter! Who can forget Fuyao’s moment of womanly virtue xD
 photo yuanbao_laugh.gif

Hu Cong Mi Suan recently released artwork she did for the show on her Weibo page from some memorable scenes in the series so we wanted to post a few here:

 photo IMG_0352.jpg

 photo IMG_0353.jpg

 photo IMG_0354.jpg

That’s all for Legend of Fuyao folks. 8 weeks and a day and 66 episodes later, we finally made it! Thank you for joining us on this voyage and we hope to see you on our next one for Martial Universe.
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