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Lawless Lawyer Episode 1 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 1 Recap

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) drives his sports car at a high speed. He leads the police officer on a motorcycle on a merry chase before he’s stopped. As he is accessing his wallet in the divider between the seat, several rolls on money are displayed peaking the officer’s interest. The officer asks him to step outside the car. He maneuvers Sang Pil to a spot out of view of the CCTVs. There the officer holds out his hand expectantly for a bribed. Sang Pil feigns ignorance. The officer growls that without compensation he’ll write the largest ticket. Sang Pil hands over his license with his business card on stop. The officer scoffs that lawyers don’t scare him. Sang Pil counters he should be scared because he just obtained the evidence to back his clients claims that they were forced to give the officer bribes. Sang Pil points to the camera on the back of the car. He snatches his license and tell the dismayed officer to write him the biggest ticket he can. He swaggers back to his car.

I’m excited to have this episode to watch! Lee Joon Gi looks great in the to cool for school sunglasses. His cocky confidence was great.

A man is being beaten by a gang of thugs at their leader’s direction. Sang Pil arrives at the warehouse. Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) meets him with the news their client is being beaten as they speak. Taking the direct route, Sang Pil rams his car through the door to the warehouse, does a couple of donuts, and gets out of the car approaching the leader and his thugs. Sang Pil informs the leader he’s there to collect his client. Gwang Soo cuts the client from the ropes. The leader tells his thugs to attack him. Sang Pil takes one shot to the mouth, deftly takes a knife from a thug, and informs them all the increased penalties for assault with a weapon. On the laptop he shows the leader how much money he’s made evading taxing. Sang Pil notes if he reported him the fine would be $2M. He asks if a $2M fine is worth the $800K his client cost him. The leader isn’t convinced. But when 8 cars surround them and Choi Dae Woong (Ahn Nae Sang) approaches them he changes his tune.

The warehouse scene was choreographed well. I’m digging Sang Pil. Who is Dae Woong?

Lawyer Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) waits with a nervous client for sentencing. The judge sentences the battered wife to 20 years for murdering her husband during an attack. Jae Yi is floored. Her client is stunned and taken away to prison. When the courtroom clears Jae Yi calls out the judge for a harsher sentence than the prosecutor requested. The judge sneers that he has the power and little women like her have no place defending clients that went beyond acceptable behavior. Jae Yi points out the husband stabbed her client during the assault. The judge pushes Jae Yi saying her makeup stinks up his courtroom. Jae Yi makes a fist and punches him. He falls to the floor. She’s suspended for 6 months.

That judge was a chauvinist pig and deserved the punch and more. Good job Jae Yi!

At the discipline hearing the judge hobbles into the room using a crutch, wearing a neck brace and patch on his eye. He demands Jae Yi get more than 6 months. Jae Yi won’t apologize. The judge claims he would have given her a break because she was a woman, but know he’ll throw her in jail. Calmly Jae Yi walks to the judge. Worried she’ll hit him again, he falls to the ground. Jae Yi tells him she’s offended by his tactics as a lawyer and a woman.

After a vigorous workout, Sang Pil exists to the street. A delivery man on a motorcycle pulls up and hands him a small box then drives away. Sang Pil opens the box and finds a small notebook. Sang Pil reads it and looks pensive.

Jae Yi walks the street and receives a text that she’s been fired. She sighs. Sang Pil and Gwang Soo pass her. Gwang Soo turns and watches a news report about an upcoming trial of a detective and the presiding judge. He makes a call.

Sang Pil meets his Uncle Dae Woong for drinks. He informs his uncle he’s going to open his own law firm. He shows Dae Woong the small notebook. His uncle asks if he’s going to Gisung because of that woman. Sang Pil confirms this. He declines Dae Woong’s offer to send some men with him.

Nice to see Sang Pil has support. Who is the woman?

Jae Yi stares at the justice statue and murmurs she wanted to follow that mandate. She looks at a picture of her father and apologizes. She sighs and walks away.

Moments later, Sang Pil stares at the justice statue. He thinks the saying time heals all wounds is articulated by people that haven’t been hurt before.

Sang Pil and Gwang Soo drive across a foggy bridge. An accident stops traffic. Sang Pil thinks his world stopped when his mother left.

Flashback….Sang Pil’s mother emphatically tells a young Sang Pil not to return to Gisung or trust anyone from Gisung.

Sang Pil and Gwang Soo listen to an interview from the first female judge in Gisung. On the train, Jae Yi reads an article about the first female judge in Gisung. Sang Pil’s car and Jae Yi’s train are side by side for a moment.

Nice camera work seeing both characters from Sang Pil’s car.

Jae Yi rolls her suitcase down the road. She walks to the beach. Sang Pil’s car passes her.

Sang Pil and Gwang Soo arrive at the building he intends to establish his office in. He goes the to current tenant. He sees the engraving from long ago. He touches it reverently.

Flashback…Sang Pil’s mother carves the initials in the wood of the law office. She tells a young Sang Pil they must move again. Sang Pil is understanding. He puts a homemade belt and her a declares he wants to be a lawyer just like her. She’s surprised. He asks how lawyers fight. She tells him lawyers fight with the law.

Sang Pil informs the current tenant Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) he will have to vacate the office. The tenant and his cronies laugh. Sang Pil removes his suit jacket and tells Geum Gang he’ll have to learn to listen to him the first time. They shut the doors to the office.

Jae Yi arrives at her father’s photo shop. As she and her father it she asks if he wants to say ‘I told you so’ about being fired. Instead he suggests they observe the new female judge in action.

Sang Pil puts his jacket back on. Gwang Soo arrives and asks what’s going on. Geum Gang pledges he and his cronies are their support team from this moment forward.

Jae Yi and her father arrive to the courtroom to see Judge Cha in action. Sang Pil and Gwang Soo is there too and sees them. The prosecutors enter. Her father asks if she still hates Kang Yeon Hee (Cha Jung Won). Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) enters the courtroom. She tells the court that verdicts are difficult to deliver. She outlines the case of years of domestic abuse that ended with the wife killing the husband during extreme threat. She eloquently explains her rationale. She declares the wife is not guilty. Jae Yi smiles. Sang Pil smiles. The courtroom erupts with applause. As Jae Yi and her father leave the courtroom he gets a phone call that wipes the smiles from his face. He tells Jae Yi he must leave and scurries away. Yeon Hee tells Jae Yi she handed the case badly. Jae Yi shrugs and says she has hot blood. Judge Cha walks up and says that hot blood means a pure heart. Yeon Hee tattles that Jae Yi was suspended. Judge Cha shrugs that news off and is glad Jae Yi is back. Yeon Hee leads Judge Cha away. Sang Pil watches the exchange.

Jae Yi returns to her father’s store to find it being trashed Geum Gang and his cronies with her father cowering. She’s shocked to learn her father has taken a loan and can’t repay it. Geum Gang warns he’ll be back.

Jae Yi storms to the office. Geum Gang and his cronies are packing up their belongings. Sang Pil stares at an old book. Jae Yi bursts in and goes to Sang Pil assuming he is the head man. She lights into him about her father’s loan. The do the lawyer banter thing. Jae Yi is surprised when Sang Pil suggests that this kind of behavior isn’t good during her suspension. Jae Yi is shocked he knows about her. She demands if he investigated her. Sang Pil whispers in her eye that he’d only investigate someone he’s interested him. She punches him.

Terrific initial meet. Pow…right in the kisser!

Jae Yi is thrown in jail.

Sang Pil meets with Geum Gang and his cronies. Gwang Soo shocks them by informing them Sang Pil is a lawyer. Sang Pil says yesterday they were loan sharks and didn’t follow the law. Today they work for him and must be above the law. They laugh. They realize Sang Pil and Gwang Soo are serious. They pledge to turn their lives around. Jae Yi stares into the night alone in the office.

Flashback…Sang Pil’s mother dashes through the rain and into the office. She locks the door. She’s dismayed when a young Sang Pil comes down the stairs. She dashes to the window and sees two cars drive up. She grabs a photo on Sang Pil’s uncle and writes his address on the back of it. She gives Sang Pil money. She tells him to go to his uncle should anything happen to her.  She emphatically tells a young Sang Pil not to return to Gisung or trust anyone from Gisung.

Sang Pil stares into the night and remembers her words.

Flashback… An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) and his men surround Sang Pil’s mother. He asks why she’s stuck her nose into business that doesn’t concern her. He spies Sang Pil’s umbrella. He asks who is here. She claims to be alone. He demands the memory card. She claims she doesn’t have it. He lures Sang Pil to reveal himself or his mother will be hurt. Predictably Sang Pil reveals himself. His mother rushes to him. The men separate them. O Joo walks to Sang Pil and puts his hands on the top of his head and under his chin like he will break his neck. He demands the memory card. Having to options, Sang Pil’s mother hands over the memory card. O Joo calls his boss and asks what to do with the lawyer and her son. Sang Pil takes the memory chip and swallow it. O Joo declares he won’t wait until he poops instead he’ll cut it out. He pulls out a knife. Sang Pil’s mother grabs him. O Joo stabs her. She falls in front of a stunned Sang Pil.

In the confusion, Sang Pil exits the window into the night. He runs and finds a police officer Ha Ki Ho (Lee Han Wi). He tells him that his mother was just killed. O Joo walks up to them. Sang Pil declares that man killed his mother. O Joo nods to Ki Ho to hold the boy. In the police car, Ki Ho is in the back with Sang Pil. Via phone O Joo instructs him to retrieve the memory chip from the boy then bury the mother and son together. Sang Pil bites Ki Ho’s hand. Chaos ensures. The car flips. Sang Pil crawls from the car. Ki Ho grabs him. Sang Pil shrugs out of his raincoat and runs into the night.

Sang Pil stares into the night.

Flashback…Young Sang Pil finds his Uncle Dae Woong and his gang fighting another gang. When the fight is done Sang Pil approaches his Uncle. He says his mother’s name. His Uncle says they don’t talk anymore. Sang Pil says his mother is dead. She died in front of him. She was murdered. Uncle Dae Woong holds his sobbing nephew.

Sang Pil stares into the night.

Flashback…Over a meal a young Sang Pil asks his Uncle Dae Woong if he is a thug. Uncle Dae Woong confirms this. Sang Pil asks him to teach him to fight. Uncle Dae Woong asks if he wants revenge on the men that killed his mother. He refuses to help Sang Pil achieve that goal. Sang Pil declares he promised his mother he’d become a lawyer. Uncle Dae Woong support that. Sang Pil vows that even though his mother didn’t want him to return to Gisung, that he will one day.

Sang Pil stares into the night. He takes the microchip from the book. He watches his mother tell him the chip has all the answers. She reminds him he must be a good lawyer. She’ll be watching. Tears fill Sang Pil’s eyes.

Wow! That was a compelling backstory that would affect anyone!

Sang Pil and Gwang Soo arrive at the police station. Sang Pil waits until Jae Yi is brought to a private office. Sang Pil declares he’s interviewing her for the job of office manager. He explains that he’s a lawyer. Jae Yi is insulted. Sang Pil points out her father can’t pay back his debt, but she can by taking the job. She scoffs and declares she’s a lawyer. Sang Pil reminds her she’s suspended for punching a judge after losing the case for her client. Jae Yi retorts that Sang Pil can’t judge her. She can’t tell if he’s a lawyer or a thug. She suggests his clients are rich and evil. Sang Pil points out you must know the law to be able to break it effectively. Sang Pil offers to eliminate her suspension and hire her as a partner if she does a good job as office manager. Jae Yi spits out that she’s lawyer. Sang Pil stand and claims he loves her fiery nature. He promises to let her know the results of the interview. Sang Pil watches him go with a stunned look on her face.

Jae Yi is released from jail. The officer tells her she knows the right people. She receives a text from Sang Pil informing her she’s been hired. LOL! She can’t believe it.

Jae Yi’s father gets drunk and tells her he shared their situation with Judge Cha. Jae Yi is appalled. Her father claims he’ll sell the shop and pay off the loan. Jae Yi reminds her father of his belief that their mother needed to the photoshop to remain, so she could find her way back to them. As Jae Yi helps her father down the street he says he took out the loan to pay her college bills. Yeon Hee drives and gets out of the car. Jae Yi doesn’t want to talk to her. Yeon Hee says that Judge Cha helped her get out of jail. Jae Yi takes her father back to the photo shop.

Jae Yi arrives for work. She tells Sang Pil she’ll work until her father’s debt is paid. Jae Yi notes that the firm’s name “Lawless Lawyers” fits him to a T. Sang Pil says it is time for their first case. They leave the office.

As they arrive at their destination, Sang Pil asks if she’s in a relationship. Jae Yi tells him to forget about it. She doesn’t indulge in office romances. She goes on to say she hates overconfident lawyers. They enter the jail. As they walk to the interrogation room, Sang Pil informs her this case has another lawyer, is being prosecuted by the best one, and Judge Cha is the judge. Jae Yi asks what the case is. Sang Pil tells her it is the murder of the mayor.

A man arrives outside Sang Pil’s office. He calls his boss at Ohju. He declares he going to find a lawyer. The man chuckles and turns. It is O Joo!

Jae Yi asks Sang Pil why he wants a no-win case. The client arrives. It is Ki Ho! Sang Pil introduces himself. Ki Ho doesn’t realize who he is. Sang Pil suggest he’s the right lawyer for him. Ki Ho retorts he has a good lawyer. When he puts Sang Pil’s business card on the table, the bite marks a young Sang Pil made years ago are revealed. Sang Pil stares at them. He recalls biting Ki Ho. Sang Pil smiles and promise he can win the case. Jae Yi stares at him.

My Thoughts

Worth the wait. I LOVED this first episode. Well written, acted, directed, and filmed. First episodes are often problematic introducing the characters and story while drawing in the audience effectively. Writer Kim Jin Min penned a home run first episode. The flashback of a young Sang Pil, his mother, the murder, his flight was compelling. The young actor that played the young Sang Pil was good. In addition, I loved the strong women (Sang Pil’s mother, Judge Cha, and Jae Yi)! How Sang Pil’s and Jae Yi’s path intertwined at the end was perfection. If the episodes that follow are like this one, we are in for a treat of a series.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) is confident lawyer, but his mission to avenge his mother’s death. With the justice statue in his office, he’s seeking justice, not revenge. The long flashback laid out his past. I appreciated the backstory wasn’t piecemealed. We understand his perspective, his mission and want him to succeed. Didn’t Lee Joon Gi look fabulous in the shades and suits? He was made to rock a double-breasted suit. I fell in love with Lee Joon Gi in Scarlet Heart Ryeo were he commanded that series and stamped that character as his forever. Sang Pil is smart, articulate, smooth, sexy, and right up my alley. Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji’s chemistry is there. Are we in for a compelling story that doesn’t dance around romance? I hope so.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) is a capable lawyer who is spirited, honest, and loyal to her father. I loved that she decked that chauvinist judge. I lived vicariously as I’ve never been able to do that, though men have deserved it. I enjoyed that she decked Sang Pil in their initial meeting. I look forward to learning more about her. She seems like an equal partner for Jae Yi. How refreshing is that?

I rank these episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The first song of the OST is “Burn It Up” by the K-Indie band Iamnot who debuted in 2015.

Lawless Lawyer Episode 2 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 2 Recap

In the jail the accused felon arrives in the meeting room. It is Woo Hyung Man (Lee Dae Yeon). Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) introduces himself. Ki Ho doesn’t realize who he is. Sang Pil suggest he’s the right lawyer for him. Ki Ho retorts he has a good lawyer. When he puts Sang Pil’s business card on the table, the bite marks a young Sang Pil made years ago are revealed. Sang Pil stares at them. He recalls biting Ki Ho. Sang Pil smiles and promise he can win the case. Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) stares at him. Hyung Man retorts his lawyer promises the same. He boosts his lawyer is good. Sang Pil agrees that Hyung Man’s lawyer former judge turned lawyer is the best. Jae Yi grows tired of the pandering and stands to leave. Sang Pil introduces her as his office manager. Hyung Man asks if she’s his fellow sales representative. Jae Yi asks if Sang Pil has any self-respect. Sang Pil tells Hyung Man his more than a lawyer, he’s a trouble shooter too.

At Ohju headquarters An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) and his Lawyer Go (acting as Hyung Man’s lawyer) listen to a former gangster who is concerned about the arrival of Sang Pil onto the scene. O Joo scoffs that Ginsung is ripe for lawyers to make money, no doubt that is why Sang Pil is here. The former gangster asks O Joo to take him back.

Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) meets O Joo in his office. She takes the power seat. They discuss the next candidate for mayor. Judge Cha dismisses all of O Joo’s guesses. He is stunned the Judge Cha wants him to run for mayor. He literally gets in his hands and knees and bows to Judge Cha thanking her for the honor. Judge Cha says the 15 years he’s been a businessman merely mask that he is a gangster at heart. She declares a politician is a better role for him. O Joo promises to do his best.

Drat, my hope that Judge Cha would be above reproach are dashed. Though her assessment that a gangster like O Joo would make a good politician is probably correct.

Hyung Man tells his lawyer he’s not excited about being in jail and wonders if O Joo is leaving him out to dry. The lawyer assures him that is not the case. He asks Hyung Man if has a message for O Joo he could pass along. Hyung Man shakes his head no.

Judge Cha and Jae Yi have tea in chambers. Judge Cha asks about Sang Pil. Jae Yi admits his a scoundrel but a fascinating one. They discuss the upcoming case of Hyung Man. Jae Yi comments there was no motive for murder. Judge Cha demurs that isn’t uncommon. Judge Cha suggests they go shopping together to celebrate Jae Yi’s recent birthday. While shopping Judge Cha asks to be called Mom like Jae Yi used to. Jae Yi smiles and does so. Jae Yi asks why Judge Cha has stayed in Ginsung. Judge Cha says she was born here and will die here. Yeon Hee’s mother sees them and pretends to be pleased to see Jae Yi. She says that without their competition, Yeon Hee might not have become a lawyer. She tells Judge Cha that is appears that Judge Cha likes Jae Yi more than Yeon Hee. Judge Cha shakes her head. She gives Jae Yi a backhand compliment that common people like Jae Yi are important to Yeon Hee and her. Jae Yi maintains a frozen false smile. Her last dagger is to tell Jae Yi that those from humble background will never soar. Judge Cha leaves with her giving Jae Yi a warm smile.

Flashback…Yeon Hee’s mother burst into the classroom and berates the teacher for not giving Yeon Hee the highest score. What if she doesn’t get into Seoul University she rails. Jae Yi interrupts. Yeon Hee’s mother goes to slap her, but Jae Yi blocks her. Yeon Hee’s mother reads her nametag and states the Jae Yi is Yeon Hee’s rival. She tells Jae Yi she is now on her blacklist. She exits.

For publicity Judge Cha visits an orphanage and warmly gives the children gifts while being filmed and interviewed. Yeon Hee’s mother slides an envelope of money to Judge Cha’s assistant.

Sang Pil watches Judge Cha’s interview as Jae Yi returns to the office. She spies a dry-cleaning bill for Sang Pil’s suit on her desk. She tells Sang Pil once her suspension is lifted, she’ll pay. She tells Sang Pil that she’ll do things her own way. She asks Sang Pil if he has any pride in being a lawyer. Sang Pil declares himself Lawless Lawyer. He’s a lawyer that will fight for his clients using the law. The guys line up behind him then strike a pose. Jae Yi can’t help but laugh. Sang Pil tells Jae Yi it is time for research. He tells Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) to release the floatie.

The floatie turns out to be a drone. Gwang Soo controls the device as a stoked Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) watches. He asks Gwang Soo for background on Sang Pil. Gwang Soo shows up his watch.

Flashback…It’s 2013 and Sang Pil saves Gwang Soo from a gang first using his watch to block a knife then his body to fight off the gang. He tosses the watch to Gwang Soo.

Gwang Soo declares he’ll server Sang Pil until the end. Geum Gang makes the same vow. The two men pinky swear.

Sang Pil takes Jae Yi to the crime scene of the mayor’s murder in a warehouse. Sang Pil wonders why a murder would be committed in such a high traffic place. Yeon Hee and the police arrive. They demand to know why they are there. Sang Pil introduces himself to Kang Yeon Hee (Cha Jung Won) who remarks he’s trying to steal the client. Sang Pil smiles and declares he’s never failed to steal a client or trial he wanted. He confirms Hyung Man has no alibi. He and Jae Yi start to walk away. Yeon Hee offers to introduce him to a good office manager. Sang Pil says he has a good office manager. They leave.

In a lobby Sang Pil and Jae Yi see Lawyer Go. Sang Pil asks him to hand over the case to him. Jae Yi stares in shock. Lawyer Go chuckles at the outrageous request. Sang Pil spies the Lawyer Go’s male assistant trying to touch Lawyer Go’s female assistant who recoils.  Lawyer Go warns Sang Pil to back off or there could be consequences. He strides away. Sang Pil calls Gwang Soo to do his thing. The drone hover outside Lawyer Go’s office windows. Lawyer Go calls O Joo who instructs him to let Hyung Man rot in jail. Lawyer Go asks if Hyung Man has something on him. O Joo denies this and says he knows someone will give Hyung Man an alibi. Lawyer Go promises that won’t help Hyung Man.

Sang Pil stares into the night. He sees Jae Yi sitting at the desk working late.

Flashback…Sang Pil’s mother tells O Joo to relay her words. O Joo spies a young Sang Pil and pulls him close. Sang Pil’s mother orders him to release her son. O Joo says her actions could have consequences. He releases Sang Pil and walks out of the office. Sang Pil tells his mother he’s not afraid on criminals just like her. She smiles.

Sang Pil tells Jae Yi to head home. She asks how he knew that Hyung Man doesn’t trust his lawyer. Sang Pil asks how she knew. Jae Yi says the first impression gave her the feeling but her second meeting with him confirmed it. Sang Pil is impressed she met with Hyung Man. Jae Yi agrees that Hyung Man has no motive to murder the mayor. She asks if he’s innocent. Sang Pil says she needs to find that out.

At the courtyard the trial of Hyung Man begins. The prosecution presents a knife that stabbed the mayor with Hyung Man’s fingerprints, pants with the mayor’s blood, and a shoe print that matches Hyung Man’s shoe. Hyung Man looks out in the onlookers and sees Sang Pil. Their eyes lock. Sang Pil realizes all the evidence could have been fabricated. The defense is offered the chance to make their rebuttal. Lawyer Go stands and says he has no rebuttal. Sang Pil smiles. Hyung Man is flabbergasted. Lawyer Go declines the opportunity to cross examine a witness. Hyung Man asks what is going on. Lawyer Go claims he’s saving the good stuff for later. Sang Pil leaves. Judge Cha calls the lawyers to the bench. She tells Lawyer Go he’s giving a half-hearted for his client. Lawyer Go says he’s in the process of securing more evident. Judge Cha declares the next court date will be in 4 days. In chambers Judge Cha asks Lawyer Go why he isn’t trying. He jokes that he’s making the decision easy for her. She orders him to the floor. He immediately complies. She pushes him and orders him up. She’s worked too hard for his bad performance to derail her efforts. She hurts him. He falls to his knees and promises to do better.

Judge Cha seems to be the kingpin of power. I like it, but Jae Yi won’t. I enjoy the powerful men kneeling before her.

Sang Pil visits Hyung Man in jail. He suggests that his lawyer’s performance is part of a plot to frame him. Sang Pil shows Hyung Man the drone video of Lawyer Go’s phone call confirming he’d provide Hyung Man no defense per the plan. Hyung Man is not happy. Sang Pil asks why Hyung Man was sent to jail not killed. Sang Pil present Hyung Man the contract to sign. Hyung Man declares he doesn’t trust Sang Pil and leaves.

Hyung Man is attacked in jail.

In the office Jae Yi recalls her meeting with Hyung Man and his refusal to consider a lawyer he trusted. She asks he reason is his wife in the hospital. Hyung Man leaves. Jae Yi receives a text from her father about a date with Mom.


At her father’s house, Jae Yi remembers a happy moment with her mother. Her father points to a nearby house and says he planned to buy when she became a lawyer. Too bad the area is being redeveloped and he cannot longer afford it. Jae Yi doesn’t care. She remembers the last day with her mother.

Flashback…On a rainy-day Jae Yi asks her mother to buy her a harmonica for school. Her mother says she’ll pop out and get it. She’s doesn’t want Jae Yi to come and get wet and cold. She kisses Jae Yi and disappears into the night.

Jae Yi tells her father she’d hope to locate Mom once she became a lawyer. She asks if he believes Mom is alive. Her father doesn’t answer. The drive away from their former family home.

Sang Pil visits Hyung Man in jail again. He asks about the attack. Hyung Man tells him to stop coming. As Hyung Man turns to leave Sang Pil asks if he wants to get out to tend to his sick wife. Hyung Man grabs him and demands to know who he is. Sang Pil motions to his scar and asks if he remembers the kid that gave it so him. Hyung Man does remember the night. Sang Pil tells him he’s the son of female lawyer that was killed and the one that gave him the bitemark. Hyung Man backs away. Sang Pil says the real reason he wants to be his lawyer is to get him out of jail then kill him. Hyung Man calls him crazy. Sang Pil repeats the promise and gives him a steely stare.

Good scene! Part of me wonders if revealing his identity is wise, but you know it will come out eventually. The way Sang Pil gave Hyung Man the “I’m not kidding look”…awesome!

Sang Pil stands in the rain and watch Jae Yi and her father dash back into the photo shop. Hyung Man calls Sang Pil and tells him he wants him as his lawyer. Hyung Man asks if he can get him out. Sang Pil assures him he’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. Hyung Man tells him to get him out. Sang Pil says the fee will be his life.

Another good scene. Sang Pil is clear and absolute about his intentions.

Sang Pil walks in the rain. He sits and pours a drink for his mother while he drinks from the bottle. He remembers her final words to her “be healthy, be brave”. He gets on his hands and knees and grieves. Uncle Dae Woong (Ahn Nae Sang) approaches and holds an umbrella over him.

Back at the office Uncle Dae Woong realizes this is the office Sang Pil’s mother was murdered. Sang Pil tells him that he’s taken the Hyung Man case. He’s going to make them pay. He vows to kill all of them. He vows to send those outside jail into jail and vice versa. He’ll make their lives hell on earth.

That was powerful raw grief and vengeance.

Lawyer Go reports to O Joo that Hyung Man has signed with Sang Pil. O Joo refuses to the Sang Pil best him. He makes a call.

Sang Pil texts Jae Yi that Hyung Man signed with them. She can’t believe it. As she walks to work 2 cars pull up. She’s pulled into one of them.

When Sang Pil arrives at the courthouse his men are waiting to cheer him on. Gwang Soo says they wanted to show their support. He wonders where Jae Yi is. He calls her phone. The thug answers. He has Jae Yi speak. He tells Sang Pil to arrive or he’ll start to remove Jae Yi’s organs. Sang Pil informs him they snatched his office manager, not anyone that matters. Sang Pil says he’s starting a new trial and hangs up. The thug can’t believe it. He asks Jae Yi if she’s Sang Pil’s woman. She laughs and tells the thug to do research before his next snatch. She’s furious to learn Sang Pil isn’t coming to save her. Sang Pil calls the thugs saying he’s changed his mind. He instructs Gwang Soo to stall the start of the trial until he returns. Sang Pil speeds to the location.

O Joo tells the thug to give Sang Pil two options give up the trial or give up his life. He gives the thug free rein to get results.

Sang Pil arrives and finds the thug smug. Jae Yi can’t believe he gave up on the trial. Sang Pil assures her that isn’t the case.

At the courthouse, Judge Cha enters the courtroom. Gwang Soo is next to Hyung Man. Judge Cha asks Gwang Soo if he’s Sang Pil. Yeon Hee pipes up and says Sang Pil left the courthouse. Judge Cha asks why he’s sitting next to Hyung Man. Gwang Soo claims to be Sang Pil’s partner.

The thug has his men come out. Sang Pil begins to fight.

Judge Cha asks Gwang Soo if he’s really a lawyer. He claims to be. Yeon Hee walks over and exposes the tattoo art on his chest. She declares he’s a thug. Judge Cha orders Gwang Soo arrested. Geum Gang and his men burst into the courtroom while barring the exit. Geum Gang declares he’ll kill Gwang Soo for the money he owes him. He charges Gwang Soo.

There chaos in the courtroom. Judge Cha tries to get control.

Sang Pil fights with choreographed elegance. He unties Jae Yi. They flee.

Gwang Soo and Geum Gang read the text from Sang Pil that he’s returning to the courtroom now.

As Sang Pil speeds to the courthouse, Jae Yi holds a handkerchief to his bloody head. He tells her there isn’t any need to thank him. She agrees because he was the reason she was kidnapped. She does recognize he saved her. For a moment Sang Pil looks at her with a care in his eyes.

Flashback…Sang Pil argues with the chauvinist judge. We see Sang Pil was there and tripped the guards coming to help the judge. He laughs when she decks the judge. When he saw her on the street he wonders aloud to Gwang Soo if he should hire her as his office manager. He ordered Geum Gang and his men to collect from Jae Yi’s father. He recalls tearing away from Hyung Man as a child with the help of Jae Yi’s mother.

OMG…superb link between our two leads. My hat is off to Writer Yoon!

Sang Pil thinks “what happened to my Mom, also happened to your Mom”. Jae Yi asks why he’s looking at her like that. Sang Pil declares they’ll fight together from now on.

Chaos still reins in the courtroom. Sang Pil and Jae Yi enter.

Flashback…O Joo calls the mystery person for instruction on what to do with Sang Pil and his mother. The woman (we now know it is Judge Cha) orders O Joo to kill them. Young Sang Pil’s eyes widen in shock. Even better, a young Sang Pil sees Judge Cha speak with O Joo outside his mother’s law firm after killing his mother.

The chaos commences. Sang Pil approach Judge Cha. She asks who he is. Sang Pil identifies himself and declares the trial can begin now.

My Thoughts

Judge Cha is the kingpin. I was initially disappointed but as the episode went I loved Writer Yoon’s choice. Judge Cha’s absolute power (while evil) was a pleasure to watch. Watching O Joo and Lawyer Go kneel in front of her were moments to savor. Then the best reveal of all, a young Sang Pil saw Judge Cha and KNOWS she’s the kingpin. I AM LOVING IT!

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) showed many facets this episode. He showed his confident, relentless lawyer side as he prodded Hyung Man to capitulate and let him become his lawyer. The drone footage of Lawyer Go talking to O Joo to ice Hyung Man turned the side. He shows his fighting prowess. Once again, he took down the gang of thugs imported from Seoul. He showed his caring side. He mourned his mother. He vows to his uncle that he’d make those that killed his mother pay. We know that includes Judge Cha. He watched Jae Yi and her father comfort each other on the anniversary of her mother’s disappearance. Now that we know she died saving a young Sang Pil, it all comes together. He’s giving Jae Yi the opportunity to get revenge/justice on those that killed her mother. That makes his manipulation of her by trashing her father’s shop acceptable in my book. In short, I love Sang Pil. Lee Joon Gi’s navigated each facet of this complex and driven character. Sang Pil is the kind of character actors dream of.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) mourned her mother’s disappearance with her father. The flashbacks revealed her mother was kind and caring. She didn’t desert Jae Yi and her father (though they don’t know that). She helped Sang Pil escape that fateful evening which undoutably led to her death. What a superb way to tie our leads. Once Jae Yi learns this…watch out! I loved the reveal that Sang Pil was in the courtroom when she decked the judge. Sang Pil’s assessment that they have a shared experience in what happened to their mothers is spot-on. Strangely enough, I don’t feel the need for immediate romance after this episode. A strong, trusting, working relationship is what these two need to navigate the mess in Ginsung and let the scales of justice rule .

I rank these episode (on a scale from 1-10) as excellent. My episode ranking chart is below.

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 3 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 3 Recap

Chaos still reins in the courtroom. Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) and Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) enter.

Flashback…O Joo calls the mystery person for instruction on what to do with Sang Pil and his mother. The woman (we know it is Judge Cha) orders O Joo to kill them. Young Sang Pil’s eyes widen in shock. Even better, young Sang Pil sees Judge Cha speak with O Joo outside his mother’s law firm after killing his mother.

The chaos commences. Sang Pil approaches Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook). She asks who he is. Sang Pil identifies himself and declares the trial can begin now. Judge Cha orders everyone that caused the disruption to be arrested. Sang Pil’s men are taken away. Judge Cha asks why he is late. Jae Yi says he extracted her from kidnappers. Judge Cha doesn’t want to hear the explanation from Jae Yi, she wants to hear it from Sang Pil. He states certain people don’t want him here. His head begins to bleed. Jae Yi asks to take Sang Pil to the infirmary. Judge Cha grants a recess.

Sang Pil’s head wounded is cleaned up. The nurse states it isn’t too bad. Jae Yi helps Sang Pil on with his jacket and tie. Sang Pil tells her this will be an exciting trial. In fact, he expects to be arrested during the trial. Jae Yi is shocked. They are told the trial will begin again.

As Sang Pil sits next to his client, Woo Hyung Man (Lee Dae Yeon) says he has a bad lawyer but a good judge. Sang Pil asks if Hyung Man knows who she is. He calls him clueless. Judge Cha enters the courtroom. She calls the trial to order. Sang Pil stands to make a request. Judge Cha asks what it is. He asks Judge Cha to recuse herself. She laughs. She has the prosecutor, Kang Yeon Hee (Cha Jung Won), and Sang Pil approach the bench. Sang Pil states one of the judges has disgraced the court. Judge Cha asks who it is. Judge Cha whips out his phone.

At Ohju headquarters An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) dreams of Golden City. His assistant reports Sang Pil made it to the trial. O Joo wants to see the thug that blew that assignment.

Sang Pil shows a video of one of the judges using public transportation, so he can take upskirt videos. He reports the police know about this and the newspapers will publish articles today. Judge Cha sends Sang Pil and Yeon Hee back to their seats. As Sang Pil gets to his seat he once again requests the Judge Cha recuse herself. Sang Pil says if she knew about the other judge’s activities and looked the other way, she must. If she just found out about it, she must. Sang Pil asks her to make a fair judgement. Sang Pil states if the charges are true the judge will be removed. She’ll consider forming a new bench of judges. Yeon Hee asks that Sang Pil be detained by the chaos creators were his employees. Yeon Hee states it is illegal to delay court. Judge Cha agrees and orders him detained. The ends the trial for the day.

Sang Pil notes to Jae Yi he predicted this. As Sang Pil and his men are put on the bus to jail, he asks Jae Yi to take care of the firm for 3 days.

Yeon Hee tells Jae Yi that her association with men that like is embarrassing. Jae Yi promises they’ll met in court one day. Yeon Hee says it will be good battle. Jae Yi counters lawyers fight prejudice not the prosecution. She leaves.

O Joo asks his thug how one lawyer bested all his men. He says that Sang Pil is an excellent fighter. O Joo stabs the thug in the leg as retribution. He asks who is the power behind Sang Pil.  The thug cites Dae Woong. O Joo says he’ll have a big job for him soon. He leaves.

In jail, Sang Pil complements Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) and Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) for the excellent diversionary tactics. Sang Pil says he’s here for a reason.

In the dining hall, Sang Pil sits next to Director Oh In Chul, minister of finance for Gisung. Sang Pil says he laundered the money for the murdered mayor. Sang Pil says he refused his requests to visit so he came directly to him. In Chul can’t believe Sang Pil landed himself in jail to talk to him. He refuses to speak with Sang Pil. He hates lawyers. Sang Pil points out that lawyers help those in need. In Chul walks away.

O Joo receives a package without a return address. It has photos of him committing crimes back in the and a rock. O Joo says running for mayor brings out threats. He orders Sang Pil left alone in jail. He declares once he’s mayor, he’ll handle him.

Jae Yi meets Judge Cha in her chambers. She asks Judge Cha to delay the trial citing Sang Pil lack of preparation time not to mention he’s in jail. Judge Cha denies the request. She tells Jae Yi to use her lawyer skills and prepare for the trial herself.

Jae Yi visits Sang Pil in jail. She relays Judge Cha denied her request for a delay. Sang Pil is impressed she asked. Jae Yi informs Sang Pil the trial begins the day after he’s released from jail. She says he won’t have time to prep the case. Sang Pil teases her activities make her a real office manager. Sang Pil says he’ll rely on her skills as a lawyer. He knows she’s ready to engage. Jae Yi complements Sang Pil on his decision to expose the judge. That makes Sang Pil smile. As she leaves Sang Pil states he trust Jae Yi’s skills. That makes Jae Yi smile.

That was a lovey almost flirty exchange between our leads.

Yeon Hee’s mother is Judge Cha’s court while she gets a massage. When Judge Cha says she must nap, they all scatter. Outside Yeon Hee’s mother reviews papers and say the embezzler should get 10 years. She must do what she can to get Han Joon Pil probation soon. Her assistant shows her registration papers for one of the orphans. She’s pleased to see this.

Jae Yi visit her father who remembers the good old days when he was the Cha family personal photographer. He’s forever grateful they paid for her education. Jae Yi retorts he and mother also contributed.

After her nap, Judge Cha asks Yeon Hee’s mother if she’s handled the details on Golden City. She confirms this stating there were a million details. Judge Cha warns her not to try and take advantage of her trust. Yeon Hee’s mother blusters she wouldn’t do such a thing. She complains the Judge Cha like a common girl like Jae Yi more than she likes her.

O Joo calls Yeon Hee’s mother and tells her to tell Judge Cha he’s coming over to talk privately with her. She doesn’t like his high-handed ways.

At the office, Jae Yi starts to read the police investigation but gets distracted by thoughts of Sang Pil. She walks to the carved inscription which reads Sang Pil, King of Lawyers.

In jail, Sang Pil recalls attending Jae Yi’s graduation and getting a little girl to give Jae Yi flowers from him anonymously. He recalls Jae Yi’s mother saving him the night his mother was murdered.

I love that Sang Pil has kept tabs on Jae Yi for years.

Jae Yi goes to the hospital to visit with Hyung Man’s wife. She finds O Joo there and waits for him to leave. He glances at her as he exits the hallway. Jae Yi enters the room and sees the funeral portrait her father took over in anticipation of dying from her illness. Her father said Hyung Man had cared for his wife during the 5 years of her illness. The woman stirs and asks who she is. Jae Yi identifies herself as her husband’s lawyer. The wife tries to sit up, but Jae Yi pushes her back. The wife asks Jae Yi to help her husband, so she can die in peace. Jae Yi smiles her agreement.

In the dining hall, Sang Pil sits next to Director Oh and suggests that the report documenting his theft of city money was written by him, so he would be jailed. Director Oh throws his food towards Sang Pil. Not blinking an eye Sang Pil whispers that Director Oh thought jail would be safer. Sang Pil wonders if that is true.

Jae Yi visits Hyung Man in jail surprising him with the news she visited his wife. She explains she wanted to understand all facets of him. She asks why his alibi, Mr. Kang, won’t testify on his behalf.

Jae Yi visits Mr. Kang who isn’t interested in talking with her. She tells him he can’t frame an innocent man. Mr. Kang scoffs and shows her scars from multiple wounds Hyung Man gave him. He throws her out. He ignores her pleas.

Hyung Man tells Sang Pil that Jae Yi visited him. Sang Pil says she’s working to set him free.

In the exercise yard, 4 men attack Director Oh. Sang Pil and his men intervene to save him. Hyung Man recognizes one of the attacking me. He realizes Sang Pil manipulated him by having this man attack him and fear for his life.

Sang Pil tells Director Oh that Ohju grew with the mayor’s help during his tenure. He wonders why O Joo had the mayor killed and why he framed Hyung Man. Director Oh doesn’t know if Hyung Man is guilty but knows the that Golden City, a huge redevelopment of Ginsung (once thwarted), is making a comeback.

O Joo finds the office he’ll run his campaign out of. He declares he’s running for mayor. O Joo tells his thug he’ll get another chance as right-hand man for the campaign. The thug vows to do whatever it takes to make O Joo mayor.

Sang Pil is surprised the former mayor thwarted Golden City. Director Oh says that’s all he’ll say. He vows he’ll live a peaceful life once he leaves jail. Sang Pil realizes O Joo wants to be mayor.

Jae Yi brings Hyung Man’s wife to see Mr. Kang much to his dismay. Hyung Man’s wife struggles out of her wheelchair to beg for Mr. Kang’s help. Flustered he helps her back into the wheelchair. Jae Yi tells Mr. Kang she knows he cares what happens to Mr. Kang. She recalls seeing him in the courtroom gallery.

Sang Pil and his men exit the jail into the bright sunshine. Jae Yi arrives to pick up Sang Pil. He says it is too early. She chides him for not paying overtime. Sang Pil asks if she brought tofu. Jae Yi retorts he’s not innocent, so no. Sang Pil treats everyone to a meal at the beach. Jae Yi pushes his head into the bowl of noodles. In a show of solidarity all the men follow suit. Everyone laughs. While the men frolic on the beach, Jae Yi tells Sang Pil that Mr. Kang has agreed to testify for Hyung Man. She confirms her belief that Hyung Man did not murder the mayor. Sang Pil warns her the hard part starts now. Jae Yi promises to work hard. She holds her fist up and Sang Pil bumps it. “To the Law”. Sang Pil’s men grab him and toss him into the sea. Jae Yi dashes away to escape a similar fate.

Sang Pil’s men and Sang Pil have that “boys just wanna have fun” vibe that is infectious. I love it every time Sang Pil and Jae Yi fist bump. It shows they are together in purpose.

Sang Pil visits Hyung Man in jail. Hyung Man hits him for toying with his life. He says if O Joo wanted him dead, he’d be dead. He goes to hit Sang Pil again who blocks the hit by grabbing his hand. Sang Pil twists his wrist and reminds him he’ll get him out, but Hyung Man’s life is the price. He could kill Hyung Man now. Sang Pil surprises Hyung Man that O Joo isn’t the kingpin, someone else is. He says it is Judge Cha.

It surprised me that Sang Pil named Judge Cha as the kingpin. I would think he’d hold that information close to the vest.

Jae Yi has tea with Judge Cha who warns her about trusting Sang Pil. Judge Cha receives a call from O Joo who informs her that Mr. Kang has agreed to testify for Hyung Man. He offers to kill him. Looking at Jae Yi, Judge Cha coolly says she’ll handle the matter in court.

Sang Pil tells Hyung Man there such as thing as “murder in court” meaning someone is killed by the law during a trial. Sang Pil says their opponent isn’t the prosecutor but Judge Cha. He says the judge has the biggest influence on the outcome of the trial.

Gwang Soo and Geum Gang review Mr. Kang’s security footage in hopes of finding video proof that Hyung Man visited that evening. They are thrilled when they find a customer that likes to secretly film conversations have such proof.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi cross paths with O Joo as they enter the courtroom. O Joo glances at Sang Pil. As Sang Pil settles down next to Hyung Man they both watch O Joo settle down in the courtroom gallery. Sang Pil tells Hyung Man he’s figured out why O Joo has framed him. It’s to divest himself of troublesome things before he runs for mayor. Hyung Man isn’t pleased to learn the man he worked for 20 years doesn’t want him to tell the secrets he knows.

Sang Pil questions Mr. Kang on the stand. He testifies Hyung Man was with him that evening. When Yeon Hee cross examines she asks if Sang Pil paid him to say that. Sang Pil objects. Yeon Hee produces Mr. Kang’s previous sworn testimony and hands it to Judge Cha. She asks Mr. Kang which one is true. Mr. Kang says he lied on the before but is telling the truth now. Judge Cha asks how she can believe a man that just called himself a liar. Sang Pil says he has video corroborating Mr. Kang’s statement. Yeon Hee objects that it hasn’t been entered into evidence. Sang Pil asks Judge Cha to consider admitting the video after she looks at the stills from the video. Judge Cha reviews the still. She states she’ll decide to admit the video later.

O Joo tells his assistant that Judge Cha won’t allow the footage. He asks him to dispatch the guy with the knife. He walks away. Geum Gang, dressed as cleaner, bumps into O Joo’s assistant and plants a bug on him.

Is the man with the knife the real murderer?

After court Sang Pil tells Jae Yi they must find to real murderer. That’s the only way to prove definitively Hyung Man isn’t the murderer. Geum Gang gleefully tells Sang Pil the tracker has been placed. Gwang Soo pulls up in a car and says they need to follow. Geum Gang, Jae Yi and Sang Pil pile into the car. They follow O Joo’s assistant.

O Joo and thug, now campaign’s right-hand man, discuss the opportunity to run for mayor as a chance of a lifetime.

Gwang Soo films O Joo’s assistant talking to a local guy. Geum Gang recognizes him as the human trafficker of Ginsung. As he leaves Sang Pil, Geum Gang, and Gwang Soo get ready to confront him (steel bats at the ready). Sang Pil asks Jae Yi to block the exit route. She sighs. Another round of fighting.

Gwang Soo and Geum Gang have bats while Sang Pil has none. Gwang Soo claims Sang Pil doesn’t need one. Standing at the human trafficker’s door, Sang Pil states he hates it when his suits are ruined during these exchanges. The trafficker opens the door slowly and they grab him. While they dangle the trafficker over the rooftop Sang Pil gets him to confess that O Joo’s assistant wanted him to transport a man to China today. In fact, that man should be at his door now.

Sang Pil looks down and sees a man at the trafficker’s door. The man looks up, sees Sang Pil and runs. Sang Pil pursues. Jae Yi slows him down a bit by opening her door into the man. It’s a footrace between Sang Pil and the man with Jae Yi following in the car. It ends in the subway with a fist fight between Sang Pil and the man. Thankfully Sang Pil disarms the man from his knife quickly. Jae Yi watches it, worried for Sang Pil. The man ends up in a headlock with Sang Pil telling him he’ll testify in court. But then a subway comes and Sang Pil is forced to release the man. When the subway is gone, the man has Jae Yi with a knife at her throat. Sang Pil flashes back to the night his mother died by O Joo’s knife. Sang Pil orders the man to drop the knife. With a steely stare Sang Pil promises he’ll kill him if he hurts Jae Yi. The lights flicker. Sang Pil grabs the knife with his hand. They struggle. With fists of fury Sang Pil hits the man repeatedly. Jae Yi tries to pull him off and gets pushed to the ground in the middle of the tracks.

The man blurts out that O Joo ordered him to kill the mayor. He promises to show Sang Pil how O Joo hasn’t been affected. Another subway comes. Sang Pil pulls Jae Yi out of the path of the subway. The man steps in front of the subway. That’s the one witness they didn’t want dead. Overcome by everything she’s seen, Jae Yi struggles for breath.

My Thoughts

Murder by Law is in play. Judge Cha started flexing her power in the courtroom. Sang Pil is right, she is the one that matters for the verdict. I can see why he tried to get rid of her, to no avail. Writer Yoon gave this episode a lighter fun feel. SP and his men put a smile on my face as they frolicked through jail! I know there is plenty of emotional content to come, so I enjoyed the respite. What did we learn? O Joo ordered the mayor killed. That wasn’t a surprise. But Golden City development is the driver. O Joo oozes slimy power. He’ll be perfect candidate. I was surprised he gave the thug that bungled SP’s delay to the courtroom an important job in his campaign. You’d think he’d have a more competent underling.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) had fun in jail. He was exactly where he wanted to be. He got Director Oh to admit he sent himself to prison. I’m not exactly sure where that piece of information will fit into this story’s puzzle. I love the SP frolics along with his men. He’s not stiff. He’s playful. The chase and fight scene with the mayor’s murderer ended with a confession but his suicide. Where does that leave Sang Pil who needed the man to definitively prove his client was innocent? I enjoyed the growing teamwork between Jae Yi and Sang Pil. When Jae Yi had the knife held to her neck, Sang Pil flashed back to his mother’s death but it didn’t freeze him up. In fact, it fired him up. He grabbed the knife with his hand and pummeled the man. He was pummeling the demons from the past. When the subway came he pulled Jae Yi to safety. While I wish she hadn’t frozen on the tracks (that didn’t ring true), it didn’t affect the outcome. Sang Pil would have to release the man to avoid the subway and the man would have chosen suicide.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) is a member of the Lawless Lawyer team. I like seeing her smile at the antics of the boys. I was surprised when she pushed Sang Pil’s face into the noodles. Then the rest of his men followed suit. She had a long-suffering look when Sang Pil asked her to block the exit. She did an admirable job following the chase in the car. I’m assuming she was overcome by witnessing the man’s suicide. That would be jarring. She forced Mr. Kang to speak the truth when she brought the wife to see him. The comradery between Sang Pil and Jae Yi is growing. Will she notice Judge Cha using her power to shape the outcome of the trial?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 4 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 4 Recap

In the bowels of the subway…When the subway is gone, the mayor’s murderer has Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) with a knife at her throat. Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) flashes back to the night his mother died by O Joo’s knife. Sang Pil orders the mayor’s murderer to drop the knife. With a steely stare Sang Pil promises he’ll kill him if he hurts Jae Yi. The lights flicker. Sang Pil grabs the knife with his hand. They struggle. With fists of fury Sang Pil hits the mayor’s murderer repeatedly. Jae Yi tries to pull him off and gets pushed to the ground in the middle of the tracks. The man blurts out that O Joo ordered him to kill the mayor. He promises to show Sang Pil how O Joo hasn’t been affected. To prove that point when subway comes, steps in front of the subway. Overcome by everything she’s seen, Jae Yi struggles for breath. Sang Pil carries her out of the subway.

An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) pays a visit to the Director of Prosecutors, Mr. Jang. He’s surprised that O Joo will be running for mayor. He doesn’t understand Judge Cha’s reasoning.

In the hospital emergency room…When Jae Yi stirs Sang Pil tells her that the tranquilizer will make her drowsy, so she should sleep. She sits up and sees Sang Pil’s bandaged hand. She asks why Sang Pil pummeled the mayor’s murderer mercilessly. Jae Yi notes he seemed like a different person. A police officer arrives and asks to speak with Sang Pil.

Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) and the other two judges on the panel review the video corroborating Mr. Kang’s alibi. Judge Cha sees the news report that a man was killed in the subway and Sang Pil and Jae Yi were witnesses.

At the police station…The Detective doesn’t believe Sang Pil’s statement that the man confessed to be the mayor’s murderer. Sang Pil reminds him it is his job to investigate with an open mind. The detective suggests that Sang Pil pushed the man into the subway. Jae Yi tells him to watch his mouth. She stands and says the interview is done. Kang Yeon Hee (Cha Jung Won) watches from behind the mirror.

Yeon Hee tells an existing Sang Pil and Jae Yi that the dead man’s cell phone wasn’t found. She suggests Sang Pil took it. Jae Yi asks why everyone suspects Sang Pil. Yeon Hee asks Sang Pil why he wants to win the trial so badly. Jae Yi notes wanting to win is what lawyers do.

Yi exit, Jae Yi asks why he didn’t mention the mayor’s murderer saying O Joo authorized the murder. Sang Pil sees O Joo. He walks up and introduces himself. O Joo claims to feel odd speaking to the defense for the murder of his dear friend the mayor. Sang Pil notes that O Joo is also his client’s friend. O Joo denies having more than a passing relationship. Sang Pil states that the mayor’s murderer is dead and just before he died he named the man that hired him. Both men stare at each other. O Joo chuckles that he doesn’t care even if the man cited him. Sang Pil wonders why O Joo wouldn’t care since he and the mayor were dear friends. O Joo walks towards his car then asks if they’ve met before. Sang Pil follows and says he’s originally from Ginsung. They stare again. O Joo takes his leave. Sang Pil is shaken to speak with his mother’s murderer.

Excellent opening conversation for both Sang Pil and O Joo. Neither gave an inch during the conversation. Every show needs good adversaries.

O Joo’s assistant admits that Sang Pil’s man put a tracker on him yesterday. O Joo slaps him a bit then they sit down to eat. O Joo tells his assistant that Sang Pil has him in his sights. The assistant promises to remove the human trafficker who was going to send the mayor’s murderer to China at his request. O Joo tells him to dump him in the sea.

Sang Pil drives Jae Yi to her father’s photoshop and home. She’s asleep when they arrive. Sang Pil stares at the family photo of Jae Yi, her father and mother. He knows her mother saved him and died because of it. Jae Yi wakes and asks why he was staring at the picture of her mother. Sang Pil claims to be interested in what her mother looked like. Jae Yi’s father exits the shop as they exit the car. Jae Yi introduces them. Her father invites Sang Pil inside for tea. Jae Yi’s father thanks Sang Pil for lowering his interest on his loan and sending his men to clean up the shop. Jae Yi is surprised by this. Her father asks about Sang Pil’s family. Sang Pil explains he was raised by a single parent that died when he was young. He says his mother was a wonderful lawyer and he’ll never be as good as she was. Jae Yi is surprised by this. Jae Yi’s father wants Jae Yi to become a great judge just like Judge Cha.

Who is Sang Pil’s father? Will this come into play during this series?

Sang Pil returns to the office and hands Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) the mayor’s murderer’s phone. Gwang Soo is impressed Sang Pil snagged it before the police. Sang Pil asks him to unlock the phone. He hopes evidence is on the phone they can use. Gwang Soo confirms that Geum Gang is taking care of the human trafficker. Sang Pil sighs that the mayor’s murderer is dead and the man that ordered the murder is running for mayor. The odds are against them.

Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) loves feeling like a detective as he watches the human trafficker arguing with someone on the phone. Gwang Soo tells him to switch with another of his men and head to a mortuary.

Yeon Hee’s mother who is Judge Cha’s assistant tells Judge Cha that she’s worried that O Joo may be volatile and not trusty worthy as mayor. Judge Cha warns her not to marginalize the candidate she’s handpicked. Yeon Hee’s mother can’t believe that Sang Pil is as passionate about this case. She wonders what is driving him. Judge Cha says O Joo is determining this as they speak.

Gwang Soo and Geum Gang go to the morgue to get the mayor’s murderer’s fingerprint to unlock the phone. Forced to hide they end up with the dead man. They unlock the phone.

Gwang Soo and Geum Gang are a terrific pairing. Geum Gang could come off as an idiot but doesn’t. His enthusiasm and limited brainpower is humorous.

Sang Pil arrives at the office to find cars with men standing at attention. She enters to find Sang Pil telling a man that Judge Cha is promoting O Joo as mayor which isn’t good. When they spot her, they end the conversation. Uncle Dae Woong (Ahn Nae Sang) doesn’t introduce himself but tells Jae Yi he’s heard about her from Sang Pil. He hands her his business card and leaves. Jae Yi examines the business card and asks why he’s here from Seoul. She asks if Sang Pil suspects Judge Cha. She asks if Sang Pil suspects everyone. She admits she wants to know more about him.

As Dae Woong leaves, O Joo’s assistant reports this. O Joo isn’t happy to have Dae Woong in town and conspiring with Sang Pil. Angrily he yells the trial must go the way he wants.

Gwang Soo tells Sang Pil he has the call history from the mayor murderer’s phone. Sang Pil tells him to find the number he called the most prior to his death. Jae Yi spies the cell phone in Sang Pil’s hand. She realizes he took it before the police could. Sang Pil asks Gwang Soo who will be upset that he as the cell phone. He decides to poke the bear. As Sang Pil and Gwang Soo leave the office, Jae Yi recalls Sang Pil sharing his mother was a lawyer and telling O Joo he was from Ginsung.

O Joo watches his thug put together a gift that bribes explaining when accepted, the receiver becomes his slave. His assistant enters and says a witness to the mayor’s murder has come forward.

Several floors up O Joo meets the witness who said he saw a man enter the warehouse where the mayor was killed. He’s sure that man was not Hyung Man. O Joo asks why the man came to him and not the police. The man knows that Hyung Man and O Joo are good friends. O Joo asks if he wants money. The man claims he only needs a little. O Joo tells the man that when this building is finished the vending machines profits can be his. He shows the doomed man the city skyline. He motions his thug to push the man off the building. The thug hesitates. He tells the man he won’t be around to see the building finished. His eyes tell his thug to push him off now. The thug kicks the man off the building. O Joo orders his shaken thug to search the man’s house for any video evidence. He orders him to dump the body.

You knew that man was toast the moment he went to O Joo. Too bad Sang Pil won’t ever know about this eye witness.

The power shakers meet for dinner at Judge Cha’s. Everyone proports to be pleased about O Joo’s campaign for mayor except the Director of Prosecutors, Mr. Jang. Yeon Hee’s mother asks O Joo what he will do with his company Ohju once he’s elected. O Joo declares he’ll let someone take control. He tells her he’s brought a gift for her to enjoy.

Jae Yi walks home to the photoshop. She looks at the picture of Judge Cha and her father. She remembers Sang Pil’s words that weren’t flattering. She calls a friend to get information a lawyer.

That lawyer must be Sang Pil.

Looks like all the attendees at the dinner get a parting gift containing cash. In Judge Cha’s study, O Joo loads more cash into her safe. He promises that once he’s mayor she’ll need more safes. He prostrates himself to ask Judge Cha to attend his first rally at the fish market. Judge Cha isn’t interested. O Joo clinches his jaw before he rises from the floor. He asks if Judge Cha will approve the alibi video for Hyung Man. Judge Cha tells him not to dabble in her world. She asks if he’s assumed he’s her new right-hand man. He apologizes.

O Joo wasn’t happy with Judge Cha’s refusal of support. Is that the first chink in the armor?

As O Joo is driven home, Sang Pil calls on the mayor murderer’s cell phone. He tells O Joo that the mayor’s murderer called him more than anyone else. Sang Pil says they need to stay in touch. O Joo mutters Sang Pil’s name.

At the courthouse Judge Cha informs Sang Pil and Yeon Hee that the video evidence of Hyung Man’s alibi as well as the eye witness has been rejected. The upskirt video taking judge claims they couldn’t clearly identify the man as Hyung Man. Sang Pil asks if the disgraced judge will remain on the bench. Judge Cha informs him that charges against the judge couldn’t be confirmed and therefore the 3 of judges will stay as is for the trial. Kang Yeon Hee (Cha Jung Won) is thrilled and accepts the decision. Sang Pil suggests that rejecting the video was subjective and an expert should be engaged to identify the men in the video. Judge Cha doesn’t like her decisions being questions and claims she won’t denigrate her court by allowing false evidence. Sang Pil promises at the next trial, the evidence will be so solid that she can’t throw it away. He leaves. Yeon Hee follows.

Judge Cha certainly has an ego. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Yeon Hee asks why Sang Pil is confident when he’s lost this decision. Sang Pil claims the trial as gone exactly as expected. Sang Pil says that O Joo murdered the mayor so he could take his place. He suggests Yeon Hee consider that possibility. She finds it ridiculous. Sang Pil says their job is to fight for the truth.

Jae Yi enters the jail to speak with Hyung Man. When Sang Pil tries to locate her, Gwang Soo tells him where she is. Sang Pil is concerned.

Jae Yi tells Hyung Man that the ruling on accepting the video alibi will be given today. She believes it will be approved. Hyung Man believe that Judge Cha is killing him with the law and won’t allow the video alibi. Sang Pil is surprised by this and asks him to explain. Just as Sang Pil enters the room, Hyung Man says that Judge Cha supports O Joo. Sang Pil tells him to zip it. Hyung Man can’t believe that Jae Yi is naïve about Judge Cha. As Sang Pil leads Jae Yi out of the room, he calls that Jae Yi needs to know this.

Outside the jail, Sang Pil asks if Jae Yi has ever looked at Judge Cha with a critical eye. Jae Yi says those the trusts, she trusts. Sang Pil tells her that Judge Cha denied the video of Hyung Man’s alibi as well as the eye witness testimony. Jae Yi can’t believe it. Sang Pil says that everything she knows about Judge Cha is wrong. Just then Detective Gong walks up. He’s been looking for Jae Yi’s mother. She thanks him for his efforts. She vows to never give up. Sang Pil watches them.

Is Detective Gong a dirty police officer? When will Sang Pil come clean about her mother’s death?

As Jae Yi and Sang Pil stroll she repeats her vow to never give up. Sang Pil says he understands better than anyone. Jae Yi tells Sang Pil that Judge Cha has been a substitute mother. She tells Sang Pil to prove to her that Judge Cha isn’t who she thinks she is.

I like that Jae Yi is open enough to save “prove it”.

The police recover the body of a man (witness who said he saw a man enter the warehouse where the mayor was killed). Detective Gong says they must investigate. Another officer shows a debt receipt. He says it is suicide simple and further investigation is unwarranted.

Back at the station, Detective Gong pulls out the file on Sang Pil’s mother. Inside the file is the missing persons flyer for Jae Yi’s mother.

At the office, Sang Pil goes upstairs. There’s an evidence wall.

At home, Jae Yi looks at her mother’s picture then plays the harmonic she thought was broke that sent her mother into the night to purchase that fateful night.

Sang Pil is determined to protect Jae Yi as her mother protected him.

The next morning as Sang Pil and Gwang Soo leave the office to go to court, Gwang Soo informs him they have proof that O Joo’s assistant, the human trafficker, and the hit man communicated before the mayor’s murder. Jae Yi arrives ready to go but Sang Pil tells her not to come to court for her safety. Jae Yi refuses, reminding he must prove his allegations about Judge Cha. She gets in the car.

Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) calls saying he’s got the human trafficker in his sights. They head that way. Jae Yi realizes that the hitman’s phone was illegally obtained. Miffed, she reminds Sang Pil that illegally obtained evidence is not admissible in court. Sang Pil state this is the way his law firm does things when the need arises. When they arrive, Geum Gang gets in the car. They see the human trafficker hugging his mother. Sang Pil directs that no moves to snatch him be made until he is parted from his mother.

O Joo asks his assistant about Sang Pil. His assistant reports that Sang Pil’s mother was a human rights lawyer. She committed suicide and Sang Pil went to live with his uncle DH. O Joo’s memory is triggered and he realizes who Sang Pil’s mother was. He realizes that Hyung Man was the man he assigned to get rid of Sang Pil. He is not happy to learn that Hyung Man lied that Sang Pil was dead.

Geum Gang and Gwang Soo make their move to snag the human trafficker. Things don’t go exactly as planned. Geum Gang ends up in the trafficker car with Sang Pil and Jae Yi in pursuit.

Judge Cha, O Joo and all the big players along with press and public attend the unveiling of a statue of her father.

The car chase ends with the human trafficker apprehended.

Best car chase of the series! Kdramas don’t typically do good chases but this was breaking the norm.

Judge Cha speaks about her father’s values. She lies that she lives by his values. After her speech, O Joo snatches the limelight to announce he’s running for mayor. Judge Cha isn’t pleased he went against her expressed wishes. The crowd chants O Joo’s name.

Sang Pil, Gwang Soo, Geum Gang, and Jae Yi arrive. Jae Yi can’t believe Sang Pil would do this at Judge Cha’s ceremony. Now Sang Pil highjacks the limelight and announces to all he has apprehended the man that ordered the hit on the former mayor. He declares it is now in Yeon Hee’s hand to determine the truth. The hitman is given into her custody. O Joo compliments Sang Pil on his showmanship. Jae Yi sees the closeness between Judge Cha and O Joo.

Sang Pil follows the duo. Jae Yi catches up to him. She tells him to stop. Sang Pil hopes she has the guts to follow him. She realizes he did this to give her empirical proof.

Judge Cha hits O Joo for turning the spotlight on himself. O Joo says he knows who Sang Pil is. He drops the bomb who Sang Pil’s mother was. She orders him to go.

Sang Pil finds Judge Cha standing alone in the courtroom. She’s not happy to see him. He declares that Hyung Man won’t be railroaded by the law and O Joo won’t become mayor. Judge Cha says that Sang Pil is just like his mother. Sang Pil tells her not to take his mother’s name in vain. Judge Cha says others have tried to confront her before but not have succeeded. Sang Pil declares he’ll be the first. Judge Cha walks away and sees Jae Yi.  She walks up to Jae Yi and stares.

My Thoughts

Team Evil knows who Sang Pil really is. O Joo was shocked that Hyung Man lied to him that Sang Pil was dead. Judge Cha wasn’t happy to hear that Sang Pil’s lawyer was the woman she ordered murdered 18 years ago. This needed to happen. Sang Pil couldn’t remain unknown with all the bold and brash moves he has made. Team Evil’s background check revealed the truth. Writer Yoon is reveals just enough each episode to move the story forward at a good pace. This is a dense story and the episodes are too. Writer Kim directed an excellent car chase that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) resolved to prove to Jae Yi that Judge Cha is a member of Team Evil. He wants to protect Jae Yi, but she won’t stay safe in the background. When she demanded proof that her surrogate mother Judge Cha wasn’t trustworthy, Sang Pil delivered to a degree at the statue ceremony. I don’t think it’s enough prove Judge Cha she’s evil, but it was enough to prove a reliance on the gangster of Ginsung. I had to chuckle at O Joo’s game show host performance at the statue ceremony. It was awkward but effective. Their first meeting was effective too. Sang Pil is up against adversaries that run the town with an iron fist. This is an uphill battle. It was sweet when Sang Pil waited to approach the human trafficker until he finished his encounter with his mother. The mother-child bond is something that Sang Pil respects for himself and others.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) demanded proof Judge Cha was the noble woman she loves. I was impressed she had an open mind in this matter. But when Sang Pil asked her follow, she didn’t want to. She didn’t want her view of Judge Cha to be proven faulty. She’s catching on that Sang Pil and his men bend if not break the law to get the competitive edge.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 5 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 5 Recap

Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) declares Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) is reckless as his mother. Sang Pil tells Judge Cha not to speak of his mother again. Judge Cha says he isn’t the first to believe he can take her down. Sang Pil declares he will be the one to get it done. Judge Cha walks away shaking her head as she passes Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji).

Yeon Hee’s mother isn’t happy that the ceremony was hijacked. Yeon Hee leaves to interrogate the human trafficker.

O Joo complains that Sang Pil is set on revenge for those that killed his mother 18 years ago. Judge Cha understands the sentiment. O Joo asks if he can take Judge Cha someplace special today.

Sang Pil’s men are stroked how well the day went. Jae Yi isn’t in the mood to celebrate. Outside she asks Sang Pil why getting Hyung Man acquitted has gone from O Joo is the target to Judge Cha is the target. Sang Pil says Judge Cha’s father was an all-powerful judge and treated like a king. Judge Cha inherited this power. Jae Yi can’t believe Judge Cha would want a man like O Joo as mayor. Sang Pil says O Joo will do the dirty work and amass more power and wealth for Judge Cha. Jae Yi won’t believe it. Sang Pil notes not believing doesn’t make it not true.

O Joo brings Judge Cha to the eatery he shared many a meal with her father. He obeyed her father for years as the muscle. O Joo is pleased to have the opportunity to pair with Judge Cha. He says they will be unstoppable. Judge Cha throws soju in his face. She doesn’t like O Joo assuming the relationship he had with her father will be their relationship. She calls him a servant she inherited. O Joo gets on his knees an apologizes for overstepping. Judge Cha says the only person she can forgive is herself.

O Joo’s oily familiarity is off putting. Judge Cha taking a firm hand with him works for now. Will it always?

Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) finds Sang Pil looking at his wall of evidence. He wonders if Sang Pil should tell Jae Yi about her mother’s murder and Judge Cha’s part in that. Sang Pil says that Jae Yi should be told when she sees the true colors of Judge Cha, not before. Gwang Soo notes that will be difficult. He muses that Jae Yi once seemed as only a tool for revenge, now he wonders if she is the last piece of the puzzle.

At home, Jae Yi recalls crying for her mother as a young girl. Judge Cha promised to find her mother. Jae Yi’s father tells her to quit working for Sang Pil. Their loyalty is to Judge Cha not those that are willing to hijack a special moment.

Jae Yi visits Judge Cha who claims that Sang Pil must want revenge for some ruling he disagreed with years ago. She says being a judge means she garners enemies with each verdict. Judge Cha asks Jae Yi how well she really knows Sang Pil.

Sang Pil visits O Joo at campaign headquarters. He gives him the cell phone of the dead mayor’s murderer. O Joo claims not to care and has his man throw the phone out the window. Sang Pil and O Joo stare at each other.

Jae Yi walks and stares at the law firm business card Judge Cha gave her. She recalls Judge Cha telling her that Sang Pil has a criminal record (which Jae Yi did not know). Judge Cha told Jae Yi that she got her a job at the law firm. Judge Cha doesn’t want Jae Yi working for this that want to destroy her. Sang Pil sees her and asks why she has ignored his calls. The looks she gives Sang Pil tells him to back off. Sang Pil says they’ve only got 2 more hearings before the trial.

At the jail, Jae Yi and Sang Pil meet with Woo Hyung Man (Lee Dae Yeon). He asks how they are going to get the human trafficker to point the finger at O Joo as the man that hired the hitman. Jae Yi declares they’ll make it happen. Sang Pil asks Hyung Man to relay everything he knows about the human trafficker. Hyung Man declares the man has no weak spots. Sang Pil declares everyone has someone they want to protect.

At the courthouse, Hyung Man can’t believe it when the human trafficker is no longer a suspect but a witness for the prosecution. Yeon Hee looks confident. Hyung Man looks nervous.

Yeon Hee’s mother tells O Joo to not get near her daughter. O Joo chuckles at her protectiveness.

Sang Pil’s cross examination of the human trafficker starts out ineffective. Both Yeon Hee and Judge Cha tell the hitman he doesn’t have to answer Sang Pil’s questions. Geum Gang brings in the human trafficker’s deaf mother into the courtroom with a front row seat. Sang Pil tells the man he can either tell the truth or turn into a criminal in front of his mother. The man hesitates. Sang Pil says he knows about his mother’s heart disease. The man looks into his mother’s face. She smiles and waves. He sighs. Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) leads the mother out of the courtroom. The human trafficker admits he hooked the hitman up with a requesting client. Sang Pil asks who the client was. He admits it was a secretary. Sang Pil asks whose secretary. The hitman admits it was O Joo’s secretary. He apologizes to the court for his role in the mayor’s death. Yeon Hee can’t believe it. Judge Cha doesn’t like. Only Sang Pil and Hyung Man are pleased.

O Joo’s secretary tells him what happened in court. O Joo tells his secretary to go hide and keep a low profile. He leaves. O Joo’s thug / campaign manager suggests he remove Sang Pil permanently. O Joo declares the priority is getting him elected, then they will kill Sang Pil.

Kang Yeon Hee (Cha Jung Won) finds Sang Pil after a workout. She says he has her attention. He asks if she was able to arrest O Joo’s secretary. Yeon Hee says they are looking for him. Sang Pil assumes the man has disappeared because he was tipped off. Yeon Hee wonders what Sang Pil wants out of this trial. Sang Pil says that’s simple. Yeon Hee declares who ever determines the truth will win even if they lose the trial. Sang Pil promises that he’ll get his client acquitted and let Yeon Hee ensure justice is done.

Is Yeon Hee untainted and really trying to do her job?

Jae Yi visits Hyung Man in jail and asks about Judge Cha. Hyung Man says that during his long tenure as O Joo’s man, someone directed O Joo’s activities but O Joo would never reveal who that was. Hyung Man believes in Ginsung, only one person has more power than O Joo, and that is Judge Cha.

Jae Yi asks around the neighborhood and learns Sang Pil’s mother was a lawyer who committed suicide and her son disappeared.

When Jae Yi returns to the office she asks Gwang Soo why Sang Pil returned to Ginsung from Seoul. Gwang Soo doesn’t answer. Jae Yi asks Geum Gang how long he’s known Sang Pil. Geum Gang declares they met when Sang Pil blew into town and demanded the office space. Worried that Geum Gang will spill the beans that Sang Pil directed the loan shark to learn on Jae Yi’s father, he orders him to get back to cleaning. Jae Yi searches for information on Sang Pil’s mother’s death. She finds articles about the suicide. She notices the date Sang Pil’s mother died is the same date her mother went missing. She leaves the office. Gwang Soo scoots over to her computer and sees what she was researching. He calls Sang Pil, but he doesn’t answer.

Sang Pil meets with Jae Yi’s father. He tells Sang Pil his actions at the statue unveiling were rude. He says his family is indebted to Judge Cha. He declares he doesn’t want Jae Yi working with Sang Pil anymore.

Jae Yi goes to the police station where Detective Oh is arguing with his co-worker that the mayor’s murderer didn’t have a debt with the loan shark which is counter to the loan receipt found on the dead man’s body. The co-worker tells him to drop it. The orders are to wrap the case up, not investigate it further. Jae Yi asks Detective Oh for the case file on Sang Pil’s mother’s suicide. Detective Oh shares he was the investigating officer. He never believed it was suicide. He says she was the best lawyer he’s ever known. He says she’d never leave her young son alone. He chuckles remember how smart her son was. He wonders where he is today. He warns Jae Yi this is the only copy of the case file; the original was supposedly lost.

O Joo and his lawyer visit Hyung Man in jail. O Joo tells Hyung Man that trusting Sang Pil won’t get him far. Hyung Man counters that at least Sang Pil will get him out of jail instead of letting him rot for a crime he didn’t commit. O Joo states they both know too much about each other. He says his power is the difference. He shows Hyung Man video showing the hitman murdering the mayor and creating evidence to frame Hyung Man. Not surprisingly, Hyung Man grabs for the tablet with the video. O Joo says Hyung Man will have to trust him if he wants the exonerating video. As O Joo leaves with his lawyer, he tells him not to make mistakes going forward.

Hyung Man calls his wife in the hospital. She’s weak but able to tell him that O Joo has covered all the hospital bills and has visited her daily. Hyung Man is surprised. When she passes out, Hyung Man is concerned.

Hyung Man refuses to see Sang Pil when he comes to the jail.

Jae Yi meets Dae Woong (Ahn Nae Sang) and proves her knowledge that he was a gang leader in Seoul. She knows Sang Pil was a member and legal counsel. Dae Woong chuckles and asks if she knows his relationship to Sang Pil. Jae Yi doesn’t. He informs her that Sang Pil’s mother was his sister and Sang Pil is his nephew. That surprises Jae Yi. Dae Woong asks if Jae Yi has ever wondered why she met Sang Pil so soon after returning to Ginsung. He says Sang Pil’s decision to return to Ginsung is at great personal risk.

Dae Woong calls Sang Pil and confirms Jae Yi came to see him as he predicted. He warns Sang Pil not to trust anyone. Sang Pil says he’s watched Jae Yi for a long time and he trusts her. After the call, Sang Pil recalls Dae Woong taking him away from Ginsung for his safety. He recalls his uncle recommending that Sang Pil not seek revenge because that is an endless quest.

Bold as brass, O Joo visits Sang Pil in his office. O Joo blatantly recalls the office and the night he murdered his mother. O Joo declares Sang Pil may have the law but he has money and the law in the form of Judge Cha’s support. Sang Pil grabs O Joo and declares he could kill him right here, right know, but he won’t. O Joo chuckles and thanks him for his life. He tells Sang Pil they’ll meet next time on his turf. As he leaves O Joo recommends that Sang Pil check with Hyung Man. He says Hyung Man might have had a change of heart. He saunters out of the office.

I wish Sang Pil recorded that conversation. O Joo truly believes he is untouchable. Is he right? An excellent confrontation between the two men. Sang Pil’s rage are simmering just below the surface and O Joo knew it. Yanking on the light chain repeatedly was perfectly annoying, as O Joo intended.

O Joo arrives at Judge Cha’s house. He and Yeon Hee’s mom get into it. She declares that he’s overstepping thinking that he can be any more than the thug he is. O Joo points out that even though she was born rich and he was born poor they have both been servants of this household all their lives. When the blind woman is about to be lead to Judge Cha, O Joo rips off her glasses to determine if she’s really blind. Yeon Hee’s mother is livid that he dares to question her choice.

O Joo visits Judge Cha while she’s being pampered. She asks how he could let his mess infect her courtroom. O Joo smiles and says that Judge Cha’s power can wipe out his transgressions. He’s been proactive. Anyone that would say anything bad about him, has been paid off.

Sang Pil stares into the sea.

Jae Yi returns to the office. She recalls tidbits that prove Sang Pil knows her history better than she first thought. Sang Pil is surprised Jae Yi is in the office when he returns. She says this office has secrets. This office was his mother’s office. The day his mother died was the day her mother disappeared.  She wants an explanation. She turns the justice scales statue and the evidence wall appears. She asks why she and her mother are on the evidence wall.

Sang Pil steps towards her and states the O Joo killed his mother in front of him in this office. Sang Pil identifies Judge Cha as the person that ordered the murder. Jae Yi gasps. Sang Pil continues and says what happened to him after her Jae Yi’s missing mother are the after affects. A tear rolls down Jae Yi’s face.

My Thoughts

Sang Pil is fighting an uphill battle. His loneliness in his struggle was evident. He is orchestrating everything. It’s like juggling on a see-saw. O Joo and Judge Cha throw wrenches in his plans and he must adjust. Team Evil acknowledges Sang Pil’s drive and are not discounting him anymore. His ability to get the human trafficker to confess that O Joo’s secretary hired a hitman through him was impressive. Yet is it? It seems like turning it over to Yeon Hee guarantees nothing that could upset Judge Cha will happen. While I don’t think Yeon Hee is corrupt, she wants to please Judge Cha to usurp Jae Yi in Judge Cha’s affections. Now that Hyung Man has pulled away from Sang Pil, what will he do next? What’s his end goal? Does he want Team Evil dead? In jail?

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) told Jae Yi that Judge Cha ordered his mother murdered. I don’t think he would have told her this at this point, but she discovered the wall of evidence and demanded answers. He told her the truth. Sang Pil and O Joo’s confrontation in his office was unsettling. Sang Pil could have made a physical move against O Joo but didn’t. The time wasn’t right. Sang Pil’s initial interaction with Judge Cha was telling. She threw the gauntlet down and said others have tried and failed to bring me down. Sang Pil promised he’d be the one. With the absolute power Judge Cha has, how can Sang Pil hope to succeed?

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) identified Judge Cha as the kingpin behind his mother’s murder. Does Jae Yi have an open mind? Will she consider the possibility? Now that she knows her mother’s disappearance and Sang Pil’s mother’s death are related; will she press Sang Pil for all the details? Jae Yi sees the Sang Pil is invested in her and has been for longer than she suspected. The question is, who does she trust? Judge Cha or Sang Pil? Jae Yi’s interaction with Uncle Dae Woong was good. She knew about his exploits but didn’t know the blood connection between Sang Pil and Dae Woong.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 6 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 6 Recap

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) turns the justice scales statue and the evidence wall appears. She asks why she and her mother are on the evidence wall. Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) steps towards her and states the O Joo killed his mother in front of him in this office. Sang Pil identifies Judge Cha as the person that ordered the murder. Jae Yi gasps. Sang Pil continues and says what happened to him after her Jae Yi’s missing mother are the after affects. A tear rolls down Jae Yi’s face. Sang Pil identifies the photographer of the photos on the evidence wall were her mother.

Is this another factor why Jae Yi’s mother died? Not just saving Sang Pil from Hyung Man?

Jae Yi leaves the office in tears. Sang Pil follows. Jae Yi stares into the see. Sang Pil tries to comfort her. Jae Yi pushes him away. He stays a respectful distance back. Jae Yi calls her father and tries to tell him but can’t. Sang Pil gets soju and fireworks. They drink. Sang Pil gives Jae Yi a piggyback to the office. Sang Pil carefully puts her to bed and gently brushes the hair from her face. He looks at the notebook an anonymous driver gave him in Seoul. He recalls telling Uncle Dae Woong he going back to Ginsung because of the notebook and Jae Yi. Sang Pil looks at Jae Yi. While he wants her to know everything, he hopes she never knows the whole truth.

Lovely scene. Sang Pil knows the pain. He wounded let Jae Yi suffer alone. He gave her space. He gave her company. He gave her transport. He gave her a bed.

What is the whole story? Did Jae Yi’s mother and his mother work together? Were they close to exposing Judge Cha?

The next morning Jae Yi finds Sang Pil sleeping in his office chair. She puts a blanket over him and leaves. Sang Pil opens his eyes.

Kang Yeon Hee (Cha Jung Won) considers Sang Pil’s words that maybe someone in the prosecutor’s office leaked to O Joo’s secretary he was going to be arrested. She calls Inspector Min and asks why O Joo’s secretary hasn’t been found yet. She wonders if there is a leak in the office. Inspector Min denies that possibility. Yeon Hee stresses they must find O Joo’s secretary. Inspector Min notes that if there is doubt surrounding Hyung Man’s guilt, they could lose the trial. Yeon Hee counters his job is to find O Joo’s secretary.

Is Yeon Hee willing to use her brain power to find the truth?

Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) sees that O Joo is second in the polls. Yeon Hee’s mother notes that O Joo’s secretary being named at the trail did him no favors. Judge Cha asks why Yeon Hee’s mother isn’t helping O Joo per her orders. Yeon Hee’s mother drops the combative tone and defers to Judge Cha.

As they exit An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) suggests that Yeon Hee could eliminate the PR problem the trial has become. Livid, Yeon Hee’s mother tells him that Yeon Hee’s career is pure and won’t be tainted by helping the likes of him. She warns him that her daughter can put him back in jail.

When Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) arrives at work, he discerns Sang Pil didn’t sleep. Sang Pil admits he told Jae Yi everything…but the most important piece of the puzzle.

Jae Yi looks through the last photobook of her mother. She goes to the location. She imagines her mother taking pictures of the activities that cost her life.

O Joo tells his thug campaign manager that years ago he bought worthless land that is ready again to be fashioned into Golden City. It is the reason he must become mayor. O Joo says the next step is to transfer his company into a blind trust.

Jae Yi watches O Joo campaign.

Sang Pil finds Jae Yi walking the beach. She tells him she believes him. Sang Pil is relieved. She asks if he came back to Ginsung for revenge. Sang Pil confirms that and adds he wanted to tell her the truth. Jae Yi asks how he knew about her mother. Sang Pil finally says Jae Yi’s mother saved his life. Sang Pil asks what happened to her mother. Sang Pil says nothing. Jae Yi says she’ll hear it for herself.

Jae Yi visits Woo Hyung Man (Lee Dae Yeon) in jail. He thanks her for all’s she’s done but he’s determined to go it alone now. Jae Yi brings up Hyung Man kidnapping Sang Pil when he was 10 years old after seeing his mother murdered in front of him. Jae Yi asks what happened to the woman that helped Sang Pil. Hyung Man scoffs that it doesn’t matter. Why does she care? Jae Yi says simply the woman was her mother. Stunned Hyung Man steps back. Jae Yi follows. She asks if she’s alive and where she is. Hyung Man faintly repeats, she was your mother? He sinks to the floor and apologizes. Jae Yi says she won’t forgive him.

Good scene. I liked how Jae Yi stepped into the shadows when confronting Hyung Man. His apology said it all. Jae Yi can no longer believe her mother may be alive. The dream is dead.

It rains that evening. Jae Yi stares at the picture of her family in her father’s window. She can’t go in.

Jae Yi returns to the office to find Sang Pil staring into the night. She comes behind him and gives a back hug. She asks that he stay like this. Sang Pil leans back into her. He grasps her hands. He turns. He hugs her. Gently Sang Pil brushes his face and asks if he’s lived with this pain for 18 years. They hug again. Sang Pil warns it is only going to get harder. Jae Yi knows this is true. Sang Pil pulls back, cradles her face and gently kisses her. Jae Yi kisses him back. Two souls that share pain, purpose, find comfort in each other. The next morning, Jae Yi wakes to find Sang Pil’s arm around her. She smiles and gets out of bed.

Well done. Their mutual need spanned not only the emotional but the physical. Finding comfort in each other was natural and right. I was glad to see Jae Yi smile when she saw Sang Pil in the morning. I didn’t want her to cringe and wonder why she’s done that. It was truly mutual. Nice!!

With two hot drinks in hand, Jae Yi is surprised when a woman walks in the office. Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) finds the woman there and declares this is his workplace. The woman turns out to be Geum Gang’s sister. When Sang Pil comes down the stairs, she’s mesmerized. He introduces himself. Geum Gang starts to drag her away. She spins and asks what kind of relationship Sang Pil and Jae Yi have. Geum Gang declares they are work colleagues and pulls his sister out of the office. Jae Yi and Sang Pil laugh.

Cute way to start the day.

Jae Yi and Sang Pil walk hand in hand on the beach. They frolic and laugh. Later Sang Pil asks when Jae Yi will tell her father. She admits she need to do so. Sang Pil asks if she’ll be okay if Hyung Man beats the charge of murder. Sang Pil declares that Hyung Man didn’t murder the mayor, so he should be found innocent. Sang Pil smiles and says they are lawyers. Jae Yi firmly states Hyung Man will pay for what he did to her mother. She puts her head on Sang Pil’s shoulder. He puts his arms around her. They stare out to sea.

I am LOVING the quiet unity of this couple. Getting to this stage seemed true and the best way for them to move forward intellectually and emotionally to handle what waits for them. This is the calm before the storm. I’m glad they had this moment of peace and happiness.

Hyung Man calls O Joo. He’s made up his mind. He tells O Joo to come. O Joo and his lawyer arrive. O Joo is pleased that Hyung Man has accepted his offer. Hyung Man asks O Joo for his phone. O Joo directs his lawyer to hand his phone over. Hyung Man calls Sang Pil. He tells Sang Pil that O Joo is with him right now. He says O Joo has a video that proves his didn’t kill the mayor. Hyung Man asks if Sang Pil can get him acquitted without the video. Sang Pil says Hyung Man will go free. Hyung Man lowers the phone and tells O Joo to get lost. O Joo counters that Hyung Man is digging his own grave. Hyung Man declares he was a cop and should have put scum like O Joo in jail. He’s remembered that now. He leaves. O Joo yells that Hyung Man was always a dirty cop.

Sang Pil tells Jae Yi her visit to Hyung Man convinced him to stick with them. He asks about the evidence against Hyung Man. Jae Yi knows the evidence is fake and she has an idea who did it.

At the courthouse, Jae Yi and Sang Pil inform him they’ll call him as a witness. Inspector Min can’t imagine why. Sang Pil says he’s Hyung Man’s lawyer now. He tells Inspector Min that Hyung Man saw an interesting video. He tells Inspector Min who showed Hyung Man the video. Inspector Min runs out the door. Sang Pil and Jae Yi watch him go and smile.

Inspector Min bursts into campaign headquarter and demands to know if there is an exonerating video. O Joo tells his thug campaign manager to get Inspector Min out of there. Inspector Min won’t go. O Joo hits him. O Joo gets a call from Yeon Hee.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi visit Hyung Man in jail. He describes the video that shows the evidence being fabricated. He remembers a truck at the scene.

At the office Sang Pil assigns his men the task of finding the truck before the trial. They are fired up. Geum Gang’s sister bursts through the door. Geum Gang is surprised she’s back. His sister says that Sang Pil hired her. Now Jae Yi is surprised. Sang Pil states he’s hired Geum Gang’s sister to collect all their remaining loan debts so they can exit the private loan business. Geum Gang’s sister lays out several envelopes of cash saying she’s made a good start. The men are surprised at some of the hard-nosed clients she got money from. Geum Gang’s sister tells Jae Yi to watch out, in 2 months she’ll have her job. Jae Yi wishes her well in that pursuit. Jae Yi gives Sang Pil a look. Sang Pil shrugs as if he couldn’t refuse.

LOL, I’m enjoying the lighted hearted moments before we settle back down into revenge.

When Jae Yi arrives home she finds her father heading out to campaign for O Joo. She tells him O Joo is a bad man. Jae Yi’s father says that O Joo promised to revitalize the area and Judge Cha supports him, what more does he need to know?

No doubt O Joo’s revitalization includes razing the neighborhood to build Golden City.

Yeon Hee meets O Joo at his office. She cuts to the chase and asks what involvement he had in the mayor’s murder. O Joo demurs that since she asked him privately and not in court, he’ll take that as a good sign. Yeon Hee states she’ll be back with investigators and ask him formerly. O Joo tells Yeon Hee that if she pursues him, her precious mother will suffer.

O Joo immediately calls Yeon Hee’s mother and warns if her precious daughter continues to question his involvement in the mayor’s murder, she’ll be hurt. He hangs up on the outraged woman.

O Joo shows his thug campaign manager the video showing the murder evidence being fabricated. The man doing the fabrication is Inspector Min. O Joo says now Yeon Hee is caught in the swirl.

Gwang Soo reports to Sang Pil they believe the truck they are looking for is a food truck. Jae Yi remembers Detective Oh arguing with his partner about the apparent suicide of a food truck owner. She tells Sang Pil she’s off to meet with Detective Oh. Sang Pil won’t let her go alone. Jae Yi smiles.

An interviewer tells Judge Cha she may be elected to the supreme court.  She declares her goal is to serve the people of Ginsung. The interviewer asks which mayoral candidate she supports. O Joo watches the interview and recalls headlines that Judge Cha supports him. Was that real?

Judge Cha stares at her father’s statue.

Flashback…She recalls receiving grievers when her father died. She remembers overhearing one of the grievers say her father lived too long and deserved to burn in hell. Judge Cha gets a look that says that man will pay. Judge Cha follows the man and runs him over. She backs up and finishes him off. She curses him. She calls O Joo to clean up her mess. O Joo stabs the man. Judge Cha tells him to clean up the mess and take the blame.

Judge Cha tells father she’ll have everything including supreme court. She apologizes to her father for passing him up.

Jae Yi asks Detective Oh for the information form file on the food truck driver’s suicide. Sang Pil says it is important. Detective Oh hands over the photos from the case file.

The next day in court Hyung Man asks Sang Pil where Jae Yi is. Sang Pil notes that seeing Hyung Man must be difficult for Jae Yi.  Hyung Man agrees. Sang Pil says in spite of that Jae Yi is getting evidence.

Jae Yi, Gwang Soo, Geum Gang, and his sister are at the food truck driver’s company. Jae Yi asks to see the dash cam footage. The man refuses. Geum Gang’s sister rolls her eyes and launches into the spiel about the man needing money and having a current debt. Unnerved the man is uncertain. But when Geum Gang’s sister mentions his wife he caves and agrees to hand over the video. Jae Yi is impressed and smiles. But the number of food trucks is daunting.

Geum Gang’s sister is just as entertaining as Geum Gang is, if not more!

Sang Pil questions Hyung Man. The former detective admits he did terrible things for a long period of time. He declares he was O Joo’s loyal dog. Judge Cha warns Hyung Man not to make claims he can’t back up. Sang Pil states with two individuals citing O Joo’s involvement an impartial trial would call O Joo as a witness. Judge Cha is forced to agree. O Joo’s lawyer leaves the courtroom.

O Joo gets a call from his lawyer informing him that Judge Cha has allowed him to be called as a witness. O Joo is confident that Judge Cha has her reasons. He says he’ll be there soon and returns to campaigning.

They search the food truck dash cams. Jae Yi might have found something.

Sang Pil questions Inspector Min. Jae Yi enters the courtroom waving her cell phone. Sang Pil announces there is new evidence. Yeon Hee objects. Judge Cha brings them to the bench. Sang Pil tells Judge Cha that Yeon Hee will make the call. He says he has evidence that the evidence was fabricated. Yeon Hee stares at him. She tells Judge Cha she’ll allow the evidence to be admitted. Jae Yi hands her cell phone to Sang Pil. The video plays and shows Inspector men fabricating the evidence. Yeon Hee is outraged. The courtroom erupts thanks to Gwang Soo and the man.  Inspector Min tries to leave. Jae Yi trips him. Sang Pil smiles. Jae Yi smiles. Yeon Hee declares due to the fabricated evidence, the prosecution drops the charges against Hyung Man. Sang Pil nods in respect to Hyung Man. Judge Cha can only follow suit and end the trial.

As Sang Pil, Hyung Man, and Jae Yi leave the courtroom, Jae Yi gets a call. She tells them they need to go to the hospital right now.

Yeon Hee’s mother falls on her knees before Judge Cha and begs her to save her daughter.  She declares Inspector Min is at fault. Judge Cha declares Yeon Hee trusted the wrong person. Yeon Hee’s mother begs for mercy.

Hyung Man’s wife tells him to beg for forgiveness for his sins. He promises to do so. She thanks him for never giving up. She dies. Hyung Man cries out in pain.

Yeon Hee is demoted for trusting Inspector Min. She’s not happy.

Judge Cha calls Yeon Hee to the courtroom. Judge Cha offers Yeon Hee the chance to become closer to her than Jae Yi ever was. Yeon Hee wants that prize.

And so Yeon Hee turns to the dark side. At least she was had ethics at the right point to drop the charges against Hyung Man.

Hyung Man looks at pictures of his wife. He calls someone in Thailand. He tells a woman that her daughter Jae Yi just saved her life. The woman can’t believe it. Hyung Man tells her to listen carefully. He says if he dies…

OMG! Jae Yi’s mother is ALIVE!

Sang Pil and Jae Yi look at the evidence wall. Sang Pil says now she will learn the most important thing. He hands her the notebook. She sees several names. Sang Pil tells her they are called “The Seven”. These are the people that must be held accountable.

Judge Cha gets out of the car and leads Yeon Hee to her first meeting of “The Seven”. O Joo, his attorney, and the others greet her. Yeon Hee’s mother welcomes her. Judge Cha welcomes Yeon Hee. They celebrate O Joo’s surge in the pools. O Joo bows before Judge Cha. She tells him to get up. Yeon Hee offers her congratulations to O Joo. They clink glasses.

What does Yeon Hee’s mother think about Judge Cha removing the innocence of her daughter by bringing her into the fold?

Sang Pil lists “The Seven” – O Joo, O Joo’s attorney (rotten to the core), O Joo’s CFO, Head of a newspaper the blocked the articles on Jae Yi’s mother and declared his mother’s murder a suicide, the Chief Prosecutor, Yeon Hee’s mother and personal secretary to Judge Cha and the kingpin Judge Cha. Sang Pil says they can’t defeat them alone. He declares Hyung Man is the first piece of the puzzle. Jae Yi declares Lawless Lawyers will do this. She offers her fist, Sang Pil smiles and bumps fists with his partner. They vow to win with the law.

My Thoughts

Sang Pil is no longer fighting alone. He did and didn’t want Jae Yi to find out what happened to her mother. I liked that Sang Pil didn’t have that ultimate knowledge, Hyung Man did. His shock at learning that Jae Yi was the daughter and subsequent apology certainly lead me to conclude her mother was dead. But in a surprising twist, Hyung Man stashed Jae Yi’s mother Thailand. That will be a terrific reveal later in the show.

Team Good is formed and battling a strong Team Evil. The seven (now eight) are formidable opponents each with a power base to be envied. How long before Sang Pil and Jae Yi know that Yeon Hee has joined the dark side? Sang Pil is correct. This will be a difficult battle. I still what to know…What’s Sang Pil’s end goal? Does he want Team Evil dead? In jail?

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) told Jae Yi the truth and forged the connection he’s dreamed of. I believe Sang Pil’s been emotionally drawn to Jae Yi for years as he’s watched her from afar. I LOVED the way Sang Pil wouldn’t walk away even when Jae Yi pushed him away. I LOVED the way Sang Pil leaned back into her back hug. I LOVED the way he took her in his arms to comfort and console. I LOVED the subtle but real shift from sympathy to the need to physically connect. Their kiss was good. The lovemaking a bonus. Their interplay the next day showed they were a united couple. I LOVED IT.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) believes her mother is dead based on Hyung Man’s stunned reaction and apology. I’d draw the same conclusion. Jae Yi impressed me by accepting that her surrogate mother wasn’t the woman she knew. In fact, she was the woman that ordered her mother murdered. I’m loving the interactions between Jae Yi and Sang Pil. She is one half of this couple. She actively participated in the kiss and taking it to the next level. She had no regrets in the morning. I’m completely on board with this character.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 7 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 7 Recap

Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) et all watch An O Joo (Choi Min Soo), the new mayor. Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) notes that O Joo is a member of “The Seven” – O Joo, O Joo’s attorney (rotten to the core), O Joo’s CFO and bank President, Head of a newspaper the blocked the articles on Jae Yi’s mother and declared his mother’s murder a suicide, the Chief Prosecutor, Yeon Hee’s mother and personal secretary to Judge Cha and the kingpin Judge Cha – the powerful in Ginsung. Sang Pil notes that O Joo will give Judge Cha everything she wants. Sang Pil says Hyung Man is the key to bringing down O Joo. Jae Yi realizes that Hyung Man is in danger from O Joo who views him as a threat. SJ, Jae Yi, Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee), Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) and his sister decide it is best to secure Hyung Man.

Woo Hyung Man (Lee Dae Yeon) cleans out his desk at the police station and secures what looks like keys taped to the underside of his desk. He sees the news report on O Joo’s win and murmurs that O Joo rose from the bottom to the top. As he exits he vows to bring O Joo down.

O Joo basks in the adoration of the reporters except Reporter Yoo that presses him to keep his promise to put his company in a blind trust. Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) congratulates O Joo on his win and the reporters snap photos of the moment. He vows to Judge Cha he’ll be a worthy mayor of Ginsung.

In Judge Cha’s chambers O Joo promises to follow her orders. O Joo says he’s selected the bank president to be his company’s CEO as she suggested. Judge Cha is pleased.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi find Hyung Man at the beach spreading his wife’s ashes. He promises to be a better man. Hyung Man asks Sang Pil how he managed to survive. Sang Pil says his uncle helped him. Jae Yi tells Hyung Man that O Joo is after him now. Hyung Man appreciates her concern and leaves. Following Hyung Man, Sang Pil tells Jae Yi that Hyung Man has nothing to lose. O Joo’s thug tries catch up with Hyung Man but Sang Pil cuts them off. Gwang Soo and Geum Gang take over tracking Hyung Man.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi tell Hyung Man he’s indebted to them.

Hyung Man raises his gun on Jae Yi’s mother. She begs him not to kill her. She cries she has an 8-year-old daughter. Hyung Man fires his weapon in the air. He orders Jae Yi’s mother to get up. He orders her to disappear forever. He warns her if she returns, he’ll kill her daughter. He demands her to leave tonight and live like she is dead. Jae Yi’s mother is forced to agree and sobs at all she must leave.

Dressed in a wig, Jae Yi’s mother returns to Korea. She sees the news report of O Joo’s mayoral win and his photo op with Judge Cha.

Hyung Man locates his stash of incriminating documents on O Joo, his gun, and the photos Jae Yi’s mother took.

At Ohju, O Joo pontificates on his road to becoming mayor. His thug apologizes for losing Hyung Man. He vows to retrieve him no matter what. O Joo says they don’t need to capture Hyung Man, he’ll come to them.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi arrive in the parking lot where Hyung Man just was. They call his phone and hear it in his car. They find the box in the back of his car. Jae Yi’s cell phone rings. Hyung Man says the box is how he’s paying his debt to her not Sang Pil. He says O Joo will be difficult to bring down but the box is a good starting point. He tells Jae Yi he has no debts to her. He hangs up and walks away from the spot where he was watching them. Jae Yi examine the contents of the box and is immediately interested.

O Joo sits in his favorite eatery and tells Judge Cha’s father’s photo that he’s the new mayor. Hyung Man enters and joins him. Hyung Man puts his gun to O Joo’s head. O Joo recognizes the gun as the weapon Hyung Man was supposed to kill a young Sang Pil and “that woman” (Jae Yi’s mother) with. Hyung Man declares he’ll kill O Joo. Daring him to do it, O Joo presses his head against the gun. Then O Joo wrests the gun from Hyung Man and kicks him repeatedly.

Sang Pil directs his team to sort through Hyung Man’s box of data to find what they need to take O Joo down. Geum Gang notices the closeness between Jae Yi and Sang Pil. Gwang Soo tells him he’s imagining it. Geum Gang’s sister is also suspicious. They focus their attention to the bank president who will take over as Ohju’s president. Sang Pil tells Gwang Soo to follow O Joo to locate Hyung Man.

O Joo’s thugs take Hyung Man to a remote location.

The seven gathers to celebrate O Joo’s victory as mayor. They pledge their support. O Joo announces he’s putting Ohju in a blind trust and the bank president will be the CEO. The bank president promises to keep the company functional until O Joo can take it back. They toast to their mutual success.

Kang Yeon Hee (Cha Jung Won) tells her mother she doesn’t care who paid the inspector to falsify the evidence against Hyung Man. Yeon Hee declares she’s on a path to go up the ladder just like her idol Judge Cha.  Her mother suggests she go big or go home. Don’t idolize Judge Cha, replace her.

I hope that Yeon Hee’s mother will turn on Judge Cha and O Joo.

Sang Pil’s team identifies a shell company that created a slush fund for Ohju. They decide to target the new CEO and prove Ohju has a slush fund. Sang Pil declares they’ll use Prosecutor Chun. Gwang Soo objects noting Prosecutor Chun sent Sang Pil to jail. Sang Pil declares he’ll use their relationship to his advantage.

Sang Pil offers Prosecutor Chun the bank scam information. Sang Pil suggests Prosecutor Chun make a name for himself in Ginsung.

Jae Yi waits for Reporter Yoo who Sang Pil characterized as tenacious. She tells the reporter she has a scoop for her.

Sang Pil calls Gwang Soo and tells him to locate O Joo’s thug.

O Joo arrives at City Hall to a warm welcome. He gets a call that the bank is under investigation. He turns on the TV to see Reporter Yoo discussion the illegal trust and sees the bank President arrested for his involvement.

Prosecutor Chun arrives in Ginsung ready to tame the “lawless city”. He recalls Sang Pil stating the bank scam case can open many avenues and make his career. Prosecutor Chun enters his office and finds an assistant and Detective Oh ready to support him. DO asks why Prosecutor Chun requested his support. Prosecutor Chun says he was recommended. Prosecutor Chun tells DO their first order of business is to interrogate the bank President.

Yeon Hee watches Prosecutor Chun interrogates the bank President. He points out the hard facts he has. He suggested that Ohju will toss him away. Prosecutor Chun suggests the bank President take Ohju down with him.

Will Yeon Hee interfere with Prosecutor Chun? Will Yeon Hee tell the head prosecutor (also a member of the seven) that Prosecutor Chun is trouble?

Yeon Hee’s mother visits the inspector that fabricated evidence. She demands to know who told him to do it. She suggests O Joo was the instigator. The inspector lies he did it alone.

Judge Cha tells O Joo that replacing the tarnished bank President would be sufficient to convince anyone that Ohju’s blind trust is real. Judge Cha tells O Joo to turn the company over to her father’s trust. O Joo can’t believe the audacity of Judge Cha’s command. He thinks but can’t come up with a way around Judge Cha’s edict. He tells her he understands. He leaves.

I hope that O Joo will turn on Judge Cha.

O Joo’s thug reports that Hyung Man won’t divulge where the damming documents are. O Joo warns Hyung Man that if he doesn’t talk he’ll kill Sang Pil and Jae Yi. The thugs start beating him.

With righteous fury Yeon Hee’s mother hits O Joo for putting her daughter’s career at risk. O Joo grabs her and tells her she won’t be able to hit him again. He’s mayor now. He tells her to run and whine to Judge Cha.

While getting a massage, Judge Cha directs Yeon Hee’s mother to find the judge that suspended Jae Yi. The blind masseuse stupidly calls to report this WHILE IN Judge Cha’s HOUSE. Yeon Hee’s mother overhears the breach.

Judge Cha calls Jae Yi and asks her to come to her chambers.

When Jae Yi arrives the prosecutor, she hit is there. He tells her he’ll be working in Ginsung. Jae Yi tells him not to touch her. Judge Cha says that she and the prosecutor have petitioned for her 6-month suspension to be rescinded. Jae Yi says nothing. Judge Cha asks why she isn’t happy. Jae Yi thanks her but states Judge Cha will regret this decision. Jae Yi vows to unearth all of Judge Cha’s crimes and see her prosecuted. Judge Cha’s careful smile disappears. She recovers and laughs. Jae Yi leaves. Judge Cha stares daggers at the closed door.

Holy smokes! That was a bold declaration from Jae Yi. That’s exactly what the fiery Jae Yi would do. What will Sang Pil’s reaction be?

Jae Yi reports that Judge Cha lifted her suspension. Sang Pil smiles and says now they are partners. He jokes he’ll rename the firm to “Invincible Lawyers”. Jae Yi asks if Hyung Man has been found. Sang Pil doesn’t know where he is. He says Gwang Soo and Geum Gang are working it. Sang Pil tells Jae Yi to tell her father the good news. Sang Pil says he has something to do.

Interesting that Jae Yi didn’t tells Sang Pil what she said. I don’t find that surprising, merely interesting.

Gwang Soo and Geum Gang watch O Joo get into his car solo. Gwang Soo calls Sang Pil who tells them not to lose O Joo as he’s liking heading to Hyung Man’s location.

Jae Yi’s mother watches her husband clean the windows. Then Jae Yi comes and gives him her good news. Jae Yi’s mother cries watching the two of them.

Sang Pil finds Judge Cha and comments on Jae Yi’s suspension being lifted. Judge Cha doesn’t like his familiar tone when he references Jae Yi. Sang Pil tells Judge Cha that he and Jae Yi have the same target…her. Judge Cha wishes both of them luck. Sang Pil says losing Jae Yi must her Judge Cha. She walks away. He walks away.

In her chambers Judge Cha looks at pictures of herself and Jae Yi. Tears fills her eyes.

Flashback…Judge Cha visits Sang Pil’s mother’s law firm. She sees the damming photos and rips them. Sang Pil’s mother advises Judge Cha to turn herself in. Sang Pil’s mother promises to help her. Judge Cha says she can’t do this to her father. Sang Pil’s mother says the truth can’t be buried. Judge Cha says she’s in no position to give her advice. She tells her not to interfere. She passes a young Sang Pil and says boo.

Sang Pil drives.

Flashback…Sang Pil finds his mother crying. She says something doing the right thing is hard. He encourages to do it anyhow. She smiles. She tells Sang Pil that he’ll live in a better world.

O Joo arrives at the location where Hyung Man is being held. Gwang Soo and Geum Gang tells Sang Pil where O Joo is. Sang Pil speeds to the location. O Joo asks Hyung Man if he told Sang Pil about the bank President. Hyung Man confirms it. O Joo tells Hyung Man his betrayal isn’t acceptable. Hyung Man tells O Joo he’s going down. O Joo tells his thug to take care of Hyung Man.

Sang Pil arrives. Gwang Soo reports that O Joo is leaving. Sang Pil and Gwang Soo dispatches the first wave of thugs. O Joo has gasoline poured on Hyung Man’s car. He looks at the damming photos and recalls the night he killed for Judge Cha. The thug torches Hyung Man’s car. It explodes in flames. O Joo walks away. Geum Gang arrives but there’s nothing he can do.

Sang Pil and Gwang Soo burst into the warehouse with Hyung Man. It is full of thugs. They fight, spin, and kick their way through. Gwang Soo unties Hyung Man. A thug bashes Hyung Man with a metal pipe. Sang Pil goes into full fury mode. Hyung Man is mortally wounded. Gwang Soo goes to get the car. Hyung Man tells Sang Pil he wished he’d been killed by him. Sang Pil tells him not to speak. Hyung Man says he’s dying. He thanks Sang Pil for being his lawyer. With his last breath he tells Sang Pil never to forgive him. He dies. Sang Pil shakes him. But he’s dead. Tears fill Sang Pil’s eyes. Gwang Soo bring the car and finds Sang Pil leaning over the dead man.

Judge Cha smiles as she watches O Joo pitching the time is now to restart Golden City. He promises the development will be managed by the city, not greedy individuals.

At Hyung Man’s memorial gathering, Sang Pil and Jae Yi can’t believe their eyes…O Joo has the gall to attend. O Joo smiles feigning surprise that Sang Pil is there. Jae Yi tells O Joo he shouldn’t be there. O Joo looks over Jae Yi. She tells him she’s a lawyer. O Joo pays his respects to Hyung Man. He tells Hyung Man to rest now. Jae Yi says since O Joo killed him he has a lot of gall. O Joo says there’s no evidence. He tells Sang Pil though Hyung Man has no family it is inappropriate he acts as chief mourner. He invokes Sang Pil’s mother name, saying she’d be disappointed in her son. Sang Pil says he’ll take him to court. O Joo laughs in his face and walks away.

Jae Yi’s mother (dressed in a wig) watches at Hyung Man’s memorial. Jae Yi startles her. Like a deer caught in a headlight, Jae Yi’s mother stares at her daughter. Jae Yi doesn’t seem to recognize her. Sang Pil walks over to the two of them.

My Thoughts

Back to an uphill battle. Just when you thought Team Good had an advantage with Hyung Man and Jae Yi’s mother, Hyung Man is killed. I must nitpick Hyung Man’s capture and subsequent search for Hyung Man. Sang Pil must have known from the moment Hyung Man was released that O Joo would try and kill him. Sang Pil waited too long before sending his men to find Hyung Man, follow O Joo’s thug and O Joo. This was a tactical error I’m not sure Sang Pil would have really made. The good news – Hyung Man turned over evidence. The bad news – most of the evidence was too old. The good news – the evidence was sufficient to get the bank president in trouble. The bad news – Judge Cha will now control Ohju. The good news – O Joo likely hates turning over his company into Judge Cha’s control. I could go on, but I’ll end it there. I still what to know…What’s Sang Pil’s end goal? He told Judge Cha and O Joo he’ll see them in court. Does that mean putting them in jail is his end goal? I hope the addition of Prosecutor Chun, who I like (he reminds me of Sang Pil though not an official member), and Reporter Yoo (though she’s not an official member either) gave Team Good a boost.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) watched the man he vowed to kill but came to see as a flawed person (and perhaps respected) die in front of him. I liked how Hyung Man was not a black and white character. Yes, he did dreadful things as O Joo’s right hand man, but he did save Jae Yi’s mother (in the past) and spurned O Joo (in the present). Hyung Man loved his wife and felt ashamed about how he lived his life. That didn’t expunge Hyung Man, but remorse and acknowledgment of his wrong doings touched Sang Pil. What will Sang Pil do now? What tack will he take to get the evidence against Judge Cha and O Joo (and the rest of the seven)? How will Jae Yi’s mother come into play?

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) met her mother but didn’t know it. No surprise that Jae Yi didn’t recognize her mother (sporting a wig) after all these years. Now that Hyung Man is dead, what will Jae Yi’s mother do? I respect the forthright and fiery Jae Yi. I loved how she told the prosecutor she hit not to touch her. I liked her flat announcement to Judge Cha that she will expose Judge Cha’s crimes. Does Judge Cha realize that Jae Yi knows she ordered her mother killed? I’m glad Judge Cha felt pain over the loss of Jae Yi. But for goodness sakes, Judge Cha ordered Jae Yi’s mother killed then had the audacity to seek out Jae Yi and become her surrogate mother. The good news is that Jae Yi is can now practice law with Sang Pil. Geum Gang’s sister can take over as office manager (and excel at the position). While I love Jae Yi’s determination, the path forward will be difficult.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

The first song of the OST is the peppy “Burn It Up” by iamnot

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 8 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 8 Recap

Jae Yi’s mother (dressed in a wig) watches at Hyung Man’s memorial. Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) startles her. Like a deer caught in a headlight, Jae Yi’s mother stares at her daughter. Jae Yi doesn’t recognize her. Jae Yi’s mother’s eyes fill with tears. She rushes away ignoring Jae Yi’s calls. Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) walks over and asks Jae Yi if she knows the woman. Jae Yi doesn’t know the woman. Her mother watches her from around the corner wishes she knew who she was.

Uncle Dae Woong (Ahn Nae Sang) receives a text that Jae Yi’s mother is alive. He tells his man there’s someone they need to find ASAP.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi drink to her reinstatement as a lawyer. Jae Yi says she didn’t tell her father Judge Cha was the one that had her reinstated. She says she’s keeping more and more secrets from her father these days. Jae Yi passes out and Sang Pil catches her. He smiles and muses that she’s a cute drunk. He gives her a piggy back walk on the beach.

Yeon Hee’s mother brings Jae Yi’s father to Judge Cha’s house. He’s awestruck at the honor. Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) asks him to take a photo for her autobiography. He’s thrilled. He learns that Judge Cha is the reason Jae Yi’s suspension was lifted. He’s surprised and grateful. Judge Cha suggests that Jae Yi should return to Seoul to practice law. Judge Cha worries that Jae Yi won’t leave because of her relationship with Sang Pil. Jae Yi’s father declares he’ll send Jae Yi back to Seoul without delay. Judge Cha smiles, her mission is accomplished.

Yeon Hee’s mother is impressed that Judge Cha lifted Jae Yi’s suspension not for Jae Yi but to manipulate her father. Judge Cha hates the smells that Jae Yi’s father left and declares the house must be sanitized and she’ll sleep in a hotel.

Judge Cha has the quirk of keeping everything precision clean. Sang Pil should throw Judge Cha into a garbage pile, she’d probably go into shock.

Jae Yi’s father isn’t pleased to see his daughter drunk with Sang Pil in front of the house. Jae Yi admits she drank too much. Jae Yi’s father ignores Sang Pil and tells her to come into the house.

Inside, Jae Yi asks where her father was. He asks why Jae Yi didn’t tell him that Judge Cha lifted her suspension. Jae Yi asks if he visited Judge Cha. Her father confirms that and states Judge Cha will find her a job in Seoul. Jae Yi declares that Judge Cha isn’t who he believes. He doesn’t like that. Jae Yi blurts out that Judge Cha is the one behind what happened to mother. Her father slaps her. He yells that Sang Pil’s influence caused her to think this way. Jae Yi holds her face, shocked that her father struck her. He orders her to leave for Seoul ASAP. Jae Yi cries.

Jae Yi packs a bag and goes to the office. Sang Pil asks what is going on. Jae Yi asks to stay. Sang Pil asks if she fought with her father because of him. Jae Yi says the fight was her doing. Jae Yi knows she’d tell her father all about Judge Cha and he’s not ready to hear the truth. Sang Pil hugs her and tells her that was the right choice. He makes them coffee. They sit and look at the night sky. Jae Yi asks about Sang Pil’s mother. He shares his mother was caring to all her clients. Jae Yi believes that caring is why her mother got involved with Sang Pil’s mother.  Jae Yi asks if he wants to be a lawyer like his mother. Sang Pil admits that he won’t know the kind of lawyer he’ll be until he gets Judge Cha. Sang Pil accepts that. She shares her mother’s birthday is coming up. Sang Pil says they were both young when they lost their mothers. They hold hands and smile. Sang Pil gets her to giggle when he reveals the chairs they are sitting in are massage chairs.

I LOVE this couple. They are sweetly supportive. They don’t berate each other. Their common grounds and goals make their relationship deeper than most.

Dae Woong learns that Jae Yi’s mother is back in Ginsung. He tells his right-hand man he’ll be gone and on his own for the next couple of days.

Let me say, I like Uncle Dae Woong and don’t want anything to happen to him. He is Sang Pil’s only living relative that I know of. I don’t want Sang Pil gutted by losing Uncle Dae Woong.

O Joo visits the band president in jail. O Joo tells the bank president he has to take responsibility. The bank president doesn’t like that. They threaten his daughter. O Joo gets physical.

The bank president tells Prosecutor Chun he did this all solo, O Joo was not involved. Detective Oh interrupts the interrogation with the news that the chief prosecutor (member of ”the 7”) is ending the investigation. Yeon Hee (junior member of ”the 7”) smiles behind the one-way mirror.

Prosecutor Chun demands the chief prosecutor explain his actions. Calmly the chief prosecutor says there isn’t sufficient evidence.

The Lawless Law firm celebrates Jae Yi be reinstated as a lawyer. Geum Gang’s sister is thrilled when Sang Pil names her office manager. She declares she’ll never leave Sang Pil’s side. Jae Yi snatches the meal Geum Gang’s sister offers and feeds it to Sang Pil. Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) mentions Jae Yi sleeping at the office. Everyone looks suspicious. Sang Pil announces Jae Yi is staying at the office temporarily. Geum Gang’s sister declares Jae Yi must live with them to avoid impropriety. Jae Yi agrees. Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) tells his sister he knows her intent is to separate Sang Pil and Jae Yi. She doesn’t deny it claiming soon she’ll be Sang Pil’s wife.

LOL! I enjoy the territorial posturing Geum Gang’s sister and Jae Yi engage in. Geum Gang’s sister has her eye on the prize (Sang Pil).

Prosecutor Chun calls Sang Pil and states they need to talk in his office. Sang Pil counters Prosecutor Chun need to come to his law firm. Detective Oh says that’s the Ginsung way. Prosecutor Chun says Sang Pil is from Ginsung. Detective Oh asks if Sang Pil recommended him. Prosecutor Chun avoids answering.

Prosecutor Chun meets with Sang Pil and Jae Yi in their office. They vow to fight those above the law with the law. Prosecutor Chun explains the bank president case has been shut down. Sang Pil promises to create another case soon.

Dae Woong sees Jae Yi’s mother and says he knows who she is. In a secluded spot, Dae Woong explains who he is. Dae Woong says that Hyung Man told him that she was still alive. He tells her Ginsung is a danger location. She cries that she’s been alone for 18 years and won’t live that way again. Dae Woong asks what she can do alone.

Judge Cha gets a massage by the blind masseuse. Yeon Hee’s what’s happening with Ohju. She chuckles with glee that O Joo must put his company in Judge Cha’s father’s foundation.

Yeon Hee’s mother feigns concern that O Joo must feel bad losing control of his company. O Joo counters that Judge Cha reinstated Jae Yi, the favored one. Yeon Hee’s mother asks how O Joo knew about the reinstatement. O Joo says he guessed.

Yeon Hee realizes the blind masseuse is working for O Joo. She confronts her and burns her hand to get her to confess. The blind masseuse admits she’s O Joo’s informer.

Jae Yi’s mother sobs she only wants to live with her daughter and husband. Dae Woong says he’ll help. He wants to keep Sang Pil safe. He says now that Sang Pil and Jae Yi are involved he can’t passively watch. He must protect. He asks Jae Yi’s mother to work with him. She gratefully accepts.

I like Dae Woong. I want him more involved. He’s got street smarts. Having him protect Jae Yi’s mother is a good pairing.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi sees the news broadcasts that detail the bank president claiming he acted alone. It also shows a PR opportunity Judge Cha and O Joo take together.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi stare at the wall of evidence. Sang Pil notes now Judge Cha controls O Joo’s company. Jae Yi believes O Joo is not happy that the blind trust was nullified and Judge Cha got control of his company. Jae Yi states Judge Cha not only wants power but also money. Sang Pil declares they must cast a wide net to catch ”the 7”.

O Joo calls Sang Pil to gloat that the charges against the bank president did nothing to him. He promises since Sang Pil took someone from him, he’ll take someone dear from Sang Pil.

Jae Yi asks who the phone call was. Sang Pil lies that it was a telemarketer. Sang Pil suggests Jae Yi leave early to settle in at Geum Gang’s place. He claims he needs to work late.

Sang Pil calls Uncle Dae Woong. He’s surprised to learn his Uncle is in Ginsung. Uncle Dae Woong claims he missed Sang Pil and came to visit. Sang Pil states O Joo has declared war. He asks his Uncle to protect Jae Yi. Why not ask Gwang Soo? Sang Pil admits that Gwang Soo can’t keep anything from Jae Yi which would only increase the danger. Uncle Dae Woong knows that sometimes those you love can’t know everything. He notes Sang Pil has an important person he wants to protect. Uncle Dae Woong suggests that Sang Pil step aside, live a quiet life with Jae Yi and let him handle O Joo and Judge Cha. Sang Pil refuses the offer, this is something he must do. Uncle Dae Woong vows as long as he lives, he will protect Jae Yi.

That vow makes me nervous.

O Joo’s thug reports that things are unfolding as expected.

Yes, I should be nervous about Dae Woong being a target.

Geum Gang’s sister provides a bedroom for as long as Jae Yi wants. Jae Yi asks to be considered a friend. Jae Yi’s father texts assuming she’s in Seoul. He apologizes for hitting her. Jae Yi doesn’t respond.

O Joo tells his thug that Sang Pil had to reach out to Dae Woong for protection for Jae Yi. O Joo says he has two power cards and isn’t sure which one to use.

Dae Woong follows Jae Yi and Geum Gang’s sister as they drive to work. O Joo’s thugs surround his car. O Joo’s thug tells Dae Woong to come with him to see O Joo. That gets Dae Woong’s interest.

Yeon Hee’s mother interviews the 3 replacement masseuses. One of them is Jae Yi’s mother! She’s the only masseuse that states she’ll keep her lips zipped about what happens in this house. Yeon Hee’s mother sends the other two masseuses away. She warns Jae Yi’s mother to keep quiet as she pledged.

Is Dae Woong executing his own plan to take down Judge Cha using Jae Yi’s mother?

Flashback…Prosecutor Chun recalls Sang Pil promise that he’ll become Chief Prosecutor if he takes down O Joo. Prosecutor Chun notes the current Chief Prosecutor is on O Joo’s side. Sang Pil names “the 7”. Prosecutor Chun declares it is a buffet of baddies. When Sang Pil states Judge Cha is the kingpin, Prosecutor Chun laughs.

Yeon Hee visits Prosecutor Chun and informs him she’s sharing the office and will provide support.

Judge Cha is surprised to see a new masseuse. She tells Jae Yi’s mother to lift her head. Shyly she does so. She starts massaging. Judge Cha says she’s not happy with Jae Yi’s actions. Jae Yi’s mother doesn’t react.

Does Judge Cha know it is Jae Yi’s mother?

It’s Jae Yi’s mother’s birthday per the notification on Jae Yi’s phone. Sang Pil brings Jae Yi clothes to wear. Geum Gang and Gwang Soo’s sister don’t’ like the personal gift. Sang Pil and Jae Yi leave. The blue dress looks pretty on Jae Yi. Sang Pil picks a pretty bouquet of flowers. He asks if Jae Yi has a harmonica at home.

Jae Yi isn’t happy with the large number of steps she must climb in high heels. Sang Pil offers to carry her when she flips a shoe at him. Sang Pil puts the shoe back on Jae Yi’s foot. She asks if he’s professing his love. They hold hands until they reach the overlook. Sang Pil gives Jae Yi a cake in honor of her mother’s birthday. He has her sit next to the flowers and cake. They light the candles. Jae Yi thanks him for the moment and promises to handle this day going forward. Sang Pil sings happy birthday to Jae Yi’s mother. She joins in and cries. Awk! Tears!

Sang Pil cups her face and tells her not to cry. Jae Yi thanks him. She blows out the candles. Jae Yi dabs icing on Sang Pil’s nose and laughs. She gently kisses his forehead. Awk! Tears! They smile at each other. He gently kisses her lips. Sang Pil hugs Jae Yi as she plays the harmonic. Awk! Tears!

Beautiful touching scene. Whoever scouted that location, delivered a picture-perfect setting. The real magic was in the performances. I LOVE this couple.

Dae Woong is brought to O Joo. They sit on opposite sides. O Joo suggest they could be friends. He recommends that Dae Woong take Sang Pil back to Seoul. Dae Woong says Sang Pil has prepared for this his entire life and won’t be dissuaded. Dae Woong says only O Joo’s death along with Judge Cha’s will end things. That wipes the smile off O Joo’s face. He says they won’t be friends. The thug plunges a syringe Dae Woong and another stabs Dae Woong’s man. Dae Woong stands, wobbles, and falls down. O Joo is pleased and tells his thugs to finish the job.

Rats, I was right to be concerned that Dae Woong was a target.

Sang Pil drops Jae Yi off. She thanks him for the day. She starts to walk away but Sang Pil pulls her into a hug and vows to protect her. He says if anything happens, he’ll come to her.

Dae Woong wakes on the rooftop still feeling the effects of the drug. O Joo’s thug says Sang Pil will be here soon to say goodbye.

Sang Pil welcomes Jae Yi and Gwang Soo when they arrive at work. O Joo’s thug calls Sang Pil and says his uncle is on the edge. The thug taunts Sang Pil that he may not make it in time. Uncle Dae Woong yells not to come because it is a trap. The thug hangs up. Sang Pil yells. Gwang Soo says he’ll go with Sang Pil. But Sang Pil won’t hear it ordering him to stay and protect Jae Yi. Sang Pil claims nothing is wrong and he’ll be back soon. Jae Yi demands to know what is going on. Sang Pil yells at Gwang Soo to hold Jae Yi so she can’t leave.

Sang Pil recalls moments with his Uncle as he drives. There’s a moment when Uncle Dae Woong says he can’t stop being a thug, because he wants to protect Sang Pil. They fist bump. Tears well in Sang Pil’s eyes as he drives.

When Sang Pil arrives he sees his Uncle hanging from the rooftop. Sang Pil dispatches thugs but O Joo’s thug cuts the rope holding his uncle. Sang Pil dives for the rope and his uncle dangles while Sang Pil holds on for dear life. But his uncle is mortally wounded and tells Sang Pil to let him go. Sang Pil can’t do it. His uncle tells Sang Pil not to seek revenge for him. Dae Woong tells Sang Pil to become a good lawyer and be happy. Uncle Dae Woong forces Sang Pil to release him. He falls to the ground. Sang Pil is destroyed.

That was very difficult to watch.

Gwang Soo assures Jae Yi he doesn’t know where Sang Pil went or why.

The police arrive and arrest Sang Pil for murder. He’s dazed with grief as they handcuff him.

Geum Gang and the others arrive at the office and turn on the TV. The news reports on Dae Woong’s murder and show Sang Pil being led away in handcuffs. Gwang Soo can’t believe. Jae Yi reels from the news.

Judge Cha watches the report.

O Joo laughs at the revenge he’s administered to Sang Pil. He wonders what Sang Pil will do next.

Jae Yi arrives at the courthouse. Sang Pil walks into the courtroom in a prison uniform.

My Thoughts

Things just got serious for Team Good. Uncle Dae Woong was a touchstone for Sang Pil. O Joo deliberately and cruelly killed him, having Sang Pil tortured literally holding the hope that Dae Woong dangled from and then framed for murder. I didn’t hate O Joo before. I do now. The stakes are raised. Revenge and justice must be brought by Team Good. They need a plan to dispense with “the 7”. Now Jae Yi can take front and center with her own lawyer skills.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) was gutted when Uncle Dae Woong died. That scene was difficult to watch and Lee Joon Gi’s portrayal was the reason. I felt Sang Pil’s agony, the splintering of his soul, as his Uncle, the man that raised him after O Joo murdered his mother fell to his death. O Joo has now killed the two most important people in Sang Pil’s life. My blood lust is boiling. I want O Joo dead. That is the only justice that works.

On the up side, Sang Pil and Jae Yi grew closer. The memorial to Jae Yi’s mother was beautifully staged and perfectly portrayed. I LOVE this couple.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) honored her mother’s memory. Little does she know that her mother is alive. I was surprised when her mother applied to be Judge Cha’s masseuse. Was that her idea or Dae Woong’s? Jae Yi’s father’s worship of Judge Cha is hard to behold. He is brainwashed and if Judge Cha held a knife to Jae Yi he’d explain it away. Jae Yi drew closer to Sang Pil but he had to protect her and forced her to stay with Gwang Soo. I’m betting that will be the last time Sang Pil can play that card with Jae Yi. I want her to rise up and slay the courtroom with her skills as a lawyer.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The second song of the OST is lovely ballad “Memories” by Babylon:

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 9 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 9 Recap

After Uncle Dae Woong falls to his death, Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) hangs over the edge of the roof stunned. O Joo’s thugs toss the knife used to stab Dae Woong onto Sang Pil’s car. The police arrive and arrest Sang Pil for murder. He’s dazed with grief as they handcuff him.

Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) watches the news report of Sang Pil’s arrest. Yeon Hee’s mother bursts in her office to share the news. Yeon Hee’s mother suspects O Joo is behind this. O Joo calls and Judge Cha orders him to come to her home ASAP.

O Joo is still staring at the phone when his thug bursts in the office full of glee. He notices O Joo isn’t happy and wonders why. O Joo praises his thug’s efforts. O Joo tells his thug to send something special to the funeral. Yeon Hee’s mother calls O Joo and tells him Judge Cha isn’t thrilled with his actions. She reminds him of his past assessment that they were side players not main players. She hangs up.

That’s two hang ups on O Joo! Simple pleasures are the best.

At the office, Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) tells Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) they need to get Sang Pil. Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) spots the police driving to the office. Detective Oh arrives with a team and declares the office is under search and seizure due to Sang Pil’s arrest for murdering Dae Woong. Prosecutor Chun and Kang Yeon Hee (Cha Jung Won) arrive to oversee the process. Jae Yi protests that Sang Pil didn’t do it. Prosecutor Chun notes he isn’t Sang Pil’s friend, he is a prosecutor. Yeon Hee says she never expected Sang Pil to murder. Jae Yi yells at Yeon Hee. Calmly Yeon Hee states the evidence points to Sang Pil’s guilt. Jae Yi vows she’ll regret those words. Jae Yi tells Prosecutor Chun she’s willing to testify. Gwang Soo tells Jae Yi they need to get to Sang Pil. They leave.

At the jail, Gwang Soo reminds Jae Yi she needs to keep her cool. She’s Sang Pil’s only chance to beat these charges. Jae Yi says her anger was part of her strategy to prove Sang Pil isn’t the murderer.

The police find drugs in the office. Geum Gang and his sister call Sang Pil to report the planted evidence. Detective Oh leads them away. Jae Yi assures them they will be questioned then released. Jae Yi tells Gwang Soo that Sang Pil was framed.

Jae Yi can’t believe her eyes when Sang Pil staggers into the interrogation room. With tears in his eyes, Sang Pil asks Jae Yi to arrange a fitting funeral for his uncle. Jae Yi holds Sang Pil’s shoulders and promises she’ll get him out of jail, so he can execute the funeral himself. She puts her arms around Sang Pil. He slowly hugs her back. Jae Yi practically wills Sang Pil to take her strength.

I’m excited that Jae Yi’s skills, tactics, and strength will be showcased…finally.

Yeon Hee’s mother tells Judge Cha that O Joo is overstepping his boundaries. Judge Cha tells Yeon Hee’s mother to watch O Joo carefully and gather evidence when appropriate.

Geum Gang, his sister, et all claim they know nothing to the police. They disavow the planted drugs. Jae Yi arrives and declares her staff must be interrogated properly. She tells them they are leaving. The police tell Jae Yi she’ll be questioned too.

At the office, everyone tries to act normal. Gwang Soo worries about Sang Pil and declares Dae Woong was precious to Sang Pil. They notice once of their team isn’t there. Geum Gang’s sister yells at Geum Gang for mismanaging his team.

O Joo arrives at Judge Cha’s home. When he asks for a drink she toss her wine on him. She declares he’s her dog and he acted without her permission. O Joo drinks her wine from the bottle. He tells her to never forget everything he does is to protect her. She walks away. O Joo drinks more wine from the bottle. O Joo is not happy when he’s driven away. Judge Cha isn’t happy either.

Infighting…first chink the armor!

The next morning, Jae Yi arrives at Judge Cha’s house. She informs Judge Cha she’s Sang Pil’s lawyer. She requests that Sang Pil be allowed to attend his uncle’s funeral. Judge Cha states only the prosecutor can arrange that. Jae Yi states Judge Cha is the power. She states the uncle was Sang Pil’s only remaining family. Judge Cha asks what Jae Yi will do for her in return for the favor. Jae Yi tells Judge Cha to name her price. Judge Cha surprises Jae Yi with the request that she prove Sang Pil’s innocence in court and show her skills as a lawyer. Jae Yi says she knows there’s a reason why Judge Cha wants this but she won’t dwell on it know. She states she’ll request the reason after the trial is over. Judge Cha says she’ll be the judge for the trial, so she’ll see Jae Yi in action. Judge Cha calls Prosecutor Chun and directs him to release Sang Pil.

Judge Cha is not only the kingpin, but a strategist too.

At the funeral, Dae Woong’s right hand man strikes Gwang Soo when he and Jae Yi arrive. Sang Pil arrives surrounded by police officer. The man tells Sang Pil he killed Dae Woong. Sang Pil quietly states that even now he’s not trusted. He grouses Sang Pil has 10 minutes. Everyone watches Sang Pil walk to the front. Sang Pil wishes his uncle to rest in peace. Sang Pil cries and falls to his knees. He weeps his sorrow and remorse. Gwang Soo and Jae Yi eyes fill watching the once strong Sang Pil gutted.

Before returning to jail, Detective Oh gives Sang Pil a moment with his team. Sang Pil tells Gwang Soo this isn’t the end of him. He tells Gwang Soo not to leave Jae Yi’s side increase she does something reckless. The team vows to do as Sang Pil says. Sang Pil thanks Jae Yi for arranging this. She tells Sang Pil to hang in there and promises to get him out of jail permanently.

Detective Oh takes Sang Pil aside. Sang Pil assumes he wants to know if he killed his uncle. Detective Oh says his grief at the funeral proved he didn’t kill his uncle. He asks if he’s Lawyer Choi’s son.  Sang Pil confirms it. Detective Oh says he never felt right about his mother’s case. Detective Oh assumes Sang Pil sent him to work with Prosecutor Chun and his association with Jae Yi is not a coincidence. Sang Pil confirms this.

In jail, O Joo visits Sang Pil who calls him a SOB for killing his uncle and not him. O Joo laughs in his face and says he’ll pick off everyone Sang Pil cares for before he deals directly with Sang Pil. He warns Sang Pil to back off. O Joo turns to leave. Sang Pil tells him that Judge Cha dared Jae Yi to prove his innocence. Sang Pil says O Joo and Judge Cha aren’t on the same page. That surprises O Joo much to Sang Pil’s pleasure. O Joo says Judge Cha keeps her plans to herself. Sang Pil laughs the O Joo is merely O Joo’s dog.

That exchange cost Sang Pil to keep it together enough to needle O Joo. I loathe O Joo.

Sang Pil sees one of his uncle’s men in prison. He nods in respect and recognition. Sang Pil recalls his uncle’s right-hand man and this man toasting his status as lawyer with mutual respect for all.

Gwang Soo brings Jae Yi to the scene of the crime. Jae Yi looks over the ledge and imagines what Sang Pil went though. She tells Gwang Soo there’s an eye witness. Someone drops something from the rooftop. Gwang Soo ensures Jae Yi isn’t hurt.

While Jae Yi’s mother massages Judge Cha, Yeon Hee reports they have evidence that proves Sang Pil killed his uncle. Judge Cha reminds her that her evidence wasn’t sufficient in Hyung Man’s trial. Yeon Hee’s mother stands up for her daughter. Judge Cha tells her not to interrupt. Judge Cha declares she wants to go horseback riding this weekend. Yeon Hee’s mother promises to clear her schedule.

O Joo recalls Sang Pil’s taunt. He says Sang Pil is unsettling. He worries that he’s missing something that could topple him.

It’s good to see O Joo worry.

  Jae Yi tells Sang Pil about the planted drugs the police found the office. Jae Yi states there is an eye witness. Sang Pil isn’t surprised the deck is stacked against them. Sang Pil says the call he got from O Joo’s thug alerting him to his uncle’s dire situation was made on a burner phone. Jae Yi knows there’s a flaw in the frame but can’t find it yet. She says she’ll go for a jury trial. She tells Sang Pil not to worry. She makes him promise he’ll behave in jail. He promises. They smile.

Yeon Hee’s mother says Yeon Hee will win the case. She urges Yeon Hee to make Sang Pil and Jae Yi pay in court. Detective Oh overhears their conversation.

Detective Oh looks at Sang Pil’s mother’s case call. He knows that his mother was murdered and vows to unravel the web.

Jae Yi’s father visits her at the office. She explains she’s staying with a co-worker. He asks her to go to Seoul. Jae Yi says Sang Pil is innocent and she’ll prove it. Her father doesn’t like that. He asks to ditch Sang Pil. Jae Yi declares she loves Sang Pil. Her father is shocked and dismayed.

Bravo Jae Yi! Put your father on notice that Sang Pil is the man you love.

Sang Pil swears he didn’t kill his uncle to his uncle’s man, Mr. Jung. Sang Pil is warned that if he can’t prove his innocence in court, Mr. Jung will kill him.

Nothing like a death threat to brighten your day.

Jae Yi’s mother reads the news reports of Dae Woong’s death and Sang Pil’s arrest. She recalls Hyung Man sending her away. She recalls taking key negatives with her. Specifically, the negatives that identified O Joo killing a man. She recalls a young Jae Yi calling for her while sleeping. She recalls telling Dae Woong she didn’t want to live in fear.

Sang Pil recalls telling Dae Woong that he was opening the law firm because of Jae Yi and that the notebook was given to him by one person.

Who gave him the notebook?

Jae Yi recalls Dae Woong telling her that meeting Sang Pil in Ginsung wasn’t a coincidence.

Jae Yi, Gwang Soo and their documents arrive at the courthouse. Sang Pil’s men greet her. Geum Gang’s sister declares her outfit could be better. Jae Yi demurs she was busy prepping for the trial. Everyone gives Jae Yi their trust that she’ll prove Sang Pil’s innocence. Jae Yi is surprised when her father arrives and says he’ll sit with Sang Pil’s team and root her on. He brings her a new suit to wear. Geum Gang’s sister is thrilled. Jae Yi’s father makes it clear he’s rooting for his daughter, not her client. That puts a smile on Jae Yi’s face.

I’m surprised that Jae Yi’s father was able to set aside his antipathy for Sang Pil to support Jae Yi’s first trial since her suspension was lifted.

Judge Cha visits Sang Pil in the holding room. She declares it is more believable that he’s a criminal. Sang Pil retorts his prison grab is false but she’s the hypocrite in the robe of the law. Sang Pil declares one day he’ll be a judge. Judge Cha declares he will live or die in court based on what she does. Sang Pil counters the law and his tenacious lawyer will be on his side. Judge Cha states she wants Jae Yi to win. Sang Pil doesn’t understand why. Judge Cha stares at him and says nothing.

Judge Cha is a strategist. She has a plan for this trial.

Sang Pil enters the courtroom and smiles at Jae Yi and his team. He sits next to Jae Yi at the defendant’s table. He sees her hands shakes and tell her not to be nervous. They agree they both need each other’s support.

This won’t be easy for Jae Yi to win. The deck is stacked against her.

Judge Cha enters the courtroom. Prosecutor Chun states the case for the prosecution. Yeon Hee describes how Sang Pil lured Dae Woong to the scene and killed him. She shows the knife with Sang Pil’s fingerprints. Prosecutor Chun explains the drugs found in Sang Pil’s office was the same drug injected into Dae Woong.

O Joo asks his thug if the eye witness is ready to nail Sang Pil in court.

The eyewitness claims to be talking a walk and points to Sang Pil as the man that dropped Dae Woong from the rooftop. During Jae Yi’s cross examine she asks if the eye witness remembers the color the billboard installed on the day of the crime. She proves his memory is faulty. The witness is uncomfortable. Yeon Hee objects. Judge Cha instructs the jury to consider what the defense and prosecution have said.

Prosecutor Chun questions Sang Pil. He establishes Sang Pil’s gang affiliation. He asks if Sang Pil betrayed his uncle by moving to Ginsung. Prosecutor Chun shows an insurance policy that names Sang Pil as beneficiary. Prosecutor Chun says Sang Pil killed his for money. He declares Sang Pil’s actions were cold, calculated, and inhumane.

O Joo’s thug reports the trial is going well. O Joo declares Ginsung is his city and he’ll destroy those that threaten his power base.

Jae Yi brings Gwang Soo and Geum Gang’s sister to her father’s house to see can pick up a couple of items. Jae Yi’s mother appears claiming she needs an ID photo taken. Geum Gang’s sister talks Jae Yi into taking the picture. Jae Yi asks her to remove her sunglasses and positions her.  Jae Yi takes the photo. There are tears in the woman’s eyes. Jae Yi flashes back to asking Hyung Man what happened to her mother. Jae Yi tells the woman she looks like her mother. Tears fill her eyes. Jae Yi asks if the woman was at Hyung Man’s funeral. She goes to print the picture. Jae Yi’s mother almost plants an envelope of photographs but bolts when Jae Yi’s father arrives.

Judge Cha meets with the party’s president who compliments on her good karma. He says he regrets what he had to do to her father. Judge Cha says he rejected her father. Judge Cha declares he’s the reason she can’t trust anyone. He apologizes. She suggests he make her an offer she can’t refuse. They fake smile.

In jail, Sang Pil recalls taunts Judge Cha about losing Jae Yi. He recalls O Joo taunting him that he’d lose those previous to him. He recalls Dae Woong promise to protect Jae Yi and to handle Judge Cha and O Joo. Sang Pil wonders if Dae Woong was planning something. He recalls Dae Woong’s men doubting him.

Jae Yi’s mother arrives at the office. She tells Jae Yi that Dae Woong got her the job as Judge Cha’s masseuse. That surprises Jae Yi. She hands Jae Yi a photo that Dae Woong wanted her to have. Jae Yi stares at the photo. Her mother declares she’s fighting against Judge Cha too.

Dae Woong’s man tells Sang Pil to follow him. He tells Sang Pil the evidence proves he killed Dae Woong. The man tries to suffocate Sang Pil. They fight. Sang Pil takes a beating. When the man tries to stab him. Sang Pil stops him then pushes the knife into himself. The man can’t believe it. Prisoners call the guards. Sang Pil tells the man this is the only way he can prove his innocence. He tells the man to run.

Jae Yi stares at the photo that shows Judge Cha as the driver in the car and O Joo as the thug that murdered a man.

As Sang Pil reels from the self inflected wound, he recalls his uncle saying revenge begets revenge.

My Thoughts

Dae Woong’s men believed the worst about Sang Pil. I’m a bit surprised that Dae Woong’s men who knew Sang Pil’s love for his uncle so easily believed that Sang Pil killed his uncle for money. When you know someone for years, you have an understanding of their character. Dae Woong’s men didn’t trust Sang Pil nor did they believe his proclamation of innocence.

Posturing is over. The battle is underway. While I understand why Dae Woong was killed, it sucked the careless confidence out of Sang Pil and made this fight serious and deadly. War has been declared by all parties. O Joo is clearly a monster who relishes systematically destroying anyone Sang Pil holds dear. There is no redemption for someone like O Joo. Judge Cha believes she’s untouchable and able to manipulate outcomes. Her view that this is a chess game makes me more nervous about her moves than O Joo’s brute force methodolgy.

The trial. Jae Yi won’t have an easy time proving Sang Pil’s innocence. She knows he’s been framed but proving it is a different matter. She needs to find the thread to unravel the planted evidence.

O Joo and Judge Cha were needled by Sang Pil. I enjoyed Sang Pil getting under O Joo’s skin by identifying O Joo’s ignorance that Judge Cha wanted Jae Yi to find him innocent. O Joo makes me angry when I see his smug “can’t touch this” face. But O Joo was smart enough to know that Sang Pil could find something to make his empire crumble though he doesn’t know what the weakness in his power base is. Sang Pil told Judge Cha that she was a hypocrite wearing the robes of the law. Jae Yi and Sang Pil have the same question, why does Judge Cha want Jae Yi to prove Sang Pil’s innocence? What will Judge Cha gain if that occurs? “The 7” need to self-implode due to their own greed and desire for power. Yeon Hee’s mother and O Joo are the two members that might reach to take the brass ring of power from Judge Cha. Thankfully they hate each other and won’t join forces.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) was fragile as he grieved for Uncle Dae Woong. The funeral scene was perfectly played by Lee Joon Gi. His grief felt real and raw. He was vulnerable not invincible. When OJ visited him in prison he struggled to keep it together. SP tried to give Jae Yi confidence at the trial. But the physical evidence of the drug found in Dae Woong’s system and the knife with Sang Pil’s fingerprints is solid and compelling. How will Sang Pil benefit by stabbing himself? It removes him from jail and into an infirmary. What advantage does that give him?

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) defended Sang Pil in court. She was surprised when the woman explained she was Judge Cha’s masseuse because Dae Woong arranged the position. She was stunned to get photographic proof that Judge Cha was there when O Joo murdered a man. The logical conclusions are that Judge Cha ordered O Joo to kill.  What evidence does Jae Yi have that Sang Pil didn’t kill Dae Woong? How can she refute the physical evidence? How can she rebut the insurance policy with Sang Pil as the beneficiary? Why does Judge Cha want her to win? What advantage will Judge Cha gain if this occurs? I was surprised when Jae Yi’s father showed support for Jae Yi by bringing a new outfit. I enjoyed Jae Yi’s support of Sang Pil and his gratitude that Jae Yi was in his corner. This is a sweet, supportive, couple. How they are going to get out of this mess and proceed to ridding Ginsung of Judge Cha and O Joo, is unknown. I expected Jae Yi to be nervous in the courtroom. While I want her to rise up and slay the courtroom with her skills as a lawyer, she needs evidence not supposition that Sang Pil was framed. Jae Yi’s father blind faith in Judge Cha is irksome. It was a surprise that her father backed Jae Yi as she went to trial. He did not berate Jae Yi’s choice to defend Sang Pil. I liked the quiet declaration when Jae Yi admitted her love for Sang Pil.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 10 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 10 Recap

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) stares at the photo that shows Judge Cha as the driver in the car and O Joo as the thug that murdered a man.

Detective Oh calls Jae Yi with the news that Sang Pil is being transferred to a hospital due to a stab wound. Jae Yi drives Sang Pil’s car and meets the ambulance at the hospital. She rushes to his side calling his name. She holds his hand as he’s wheeled down the hallway. She stares as he’s taken to surgery. The team arrives upset and wanting details. Jae Yi’s tears won’t let her feign absolute authority that Sang Pil will be okay.

Judge Cha calls what the party president said about joining him to pursue political aspirations.

An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) gives an interview where the press fawns.  He tells the media member of “The 7” that Judge Cha doesn’t come to their gathering as much. His thugs get a call and interrupts their conversation.

Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) learns from Yeon Hee’s mother that Sang Pil has been stabbed and is in the hospital.

O Joo demands to know if his thug went rouge and ordered Sang Pil hurt in jail. His thug denies it. He notes that if Sang Pil dies, the investigation is over. O Joo wonders who wants to kill Sang Pil more than he does. O Joo assumes that Judge Cha hired her own assassin and didn’t utilize him.

Detective Oh tells Jae Yi not to worry. The surgeons tell Jae Yi the surgery went well. The team is relieved.

Only Jae Yi is allowed to go into Sang Pil’s hospital room. She recalls Sang Pil’s words about protecting her. She wonders how she didn’t see the efforts he took to protect her. She calls him precious to her and promises to be wonderful to him from now on. She lays next to Sang Pil and he asks if she meant the words. Jae Yi is thankful he is okay. She feigns anger then smiles then hits him in the chest.

Back at the office, Jae Yi tells the team she’s requested that Sang Pil not be returned to jail. Though she’s tired she assigns everyone a task. The team vows to do their best. They strike a pose. Jae Yi encourages them vowing to save Sang Pil.

In the hospital, Sang Pil smiles remembering needling O Joo about not knowing Judge Cha’s wish that he be found innocent.

O Joo’s thug can’t believe that Dae Woong’s men believe Sang Pil murdered his own uncle. O Joo believes Dae Woong’s replacement should be grateful for his new position of power.

Judge Cha recalls O Joo boasting that he’ll take care of Sang Pil for messing with his blind trust for his company and his statement he can handle it by himself.

Sang Pil recalls pushing the knife into himself and vowing to prove his innocent to Dae Woong’s man. Sang Pil can’t believe his eyes when O Joo strolls into his room. He tries to grab O Joo but his restraint won’t allow him to fully grasp. O Joo declares Sang Pil will die before he can kill him. Sang Pil tells him to say what he has to say then leave. O Joo says he might find the person that stabbed him. He tells Sang Pil he is responsible for everyone wanting to kill him.

O Joo tells his thug that Sang Pil doesn’t know who hurt him.

O Joo spies Prosecutor Chun with the man accused of stabbing Sang Pil. O Joo says he won’t forget how Prosecutor Chun helped to stop him from naming a successor to his company. Prosecutor Chun asks why O Joo visited Sang Pil. O Joo claims he’s interested in the case because Sang Pil killed his uncle. He encourages Prosecutor Chun to throw the book at Sang Pil. Prosecutor Chun says O Joo better hope he never gets ahold of him in court. O Joo chuckles as he agrees.

Prosecutor Chun and Detective Oh bring Dae Woong’s man into Sang Pil’s room. Sang Pil declares he’s not the man that stabbed him. Prosecutor Chun doesn’t believe him but can’t do anything without Sang Pil’s identification. Detective Oh takes Dae Woong’s man away. Sang Pil asks if Prosecutor Chun thinks he killed his uncle. Prosecutor Chun states the evidence points to him. But he can’t stop wondering why O Joo visited Sang Pil so soon. Sang Pil says O Joo wanted to know who stabbed him. Sang Pil encourages Prosecutor Chun to prepare as best he can for the trial. Sang Pil declares Jae Yi is fiercer than Prosecutor Chun. That makes Prosecutor Chun chuckle. He likes lawyers that are like him.

I like Prosecutor Chun. He seems incorruptible.

At the courthouse, Kang Yeon Hee (Cha Jung Won) boasts that Sang Pil will soon be found guilty. Jae Yi asks who is worse a judge that using her power to convict an innocent man or a prosecutor that only does a surface investigation before coming to conclusions. Jae Yi promises that Sang Pil has a worthy advocate by his side.

Judge Cha calls to Jae Yi in the hallway. She tells Jae Yi she’s glad that Sang Pil is on the mend. Sang Pil doesn’t believe her. Judge Cha chuckles that Jae Yi has changed and not for the better. Jae Yi counters that Judge Cha can’t hide her past because of this case. Judge Cha feigns ignorance. Jae Yi recalls the photos of Judge Cha and O Joo. She states the future is shaped by the past. Judge Cha dares Jae Yi to prove her accusations.

In the courtroom, Judge Cha calls Jae Yi to explain what happened to her client. Jae Yi asks for bail to Sang Pil won’t be hurt again in prison. Yeon Hee believes the Sang Pil got hurt deliberately. Prosecutor Chun believes Sang Pil would try to eliminate trace evidence of the crime they haven’t found yet. Judge Cha denies Jae Yi’s bail request for Sang Pil.

Jae Yi visits Sang Pil in the hospital. He guesses her request for bail was denied. He thanks her for fighting for him. Sang Pil teases her about her frequent visits. They laugh.

Jae Yi rolls Sang Pil to meet with his team. They are thrilled to see him smiling and upright. Sang Pil thanks them for their concern then tells them to beat it so he can talk privately with Jae Yi.

A little boy asks Sang Pil why he’s handcuffed to the wheelchair. Sang Pil explains someone that supports him, hurt him by mistake. The boy’s mother leads him away. Sang Pil looks at the mother and son. Jae Yi teases that she has every right to know all of Sang Pil’s secrets because she’s his lawyer and his is her man. Sweet! That puts a smile on both their faces. Sang Pil kisses Jae Yi’s hand. He thanks her.

I LOVE the sweet support this couple gives each other.

Jae Yi’s mother massages Judge Cha. Yeon Hee’s mother smirks that O Joo hasn’t been seen recently. O Joo states she doesn’t want O Joo to visit her home again. Yeon Hee’s mother loves it. O Joo enters. Judge Cha doesn’t like that he came without being summoned. O Joo says he came because of Sang Pil. Yeon Hee’s mother is told to leave too.

Yeon Hee’s mother throws Jae Yi’s mother’s money on the floor. She warns her that if she speaks of what she hears in the house, anyone she cares for will suffer. Jae Yi’s mother vows silence and leaves.

Jae Yi shows Sang Pil the photos. Sang Pil is surprised to learn a Judge Cha’s masseuse was placed there by his uncle. He stares at the photo of Judge Cha and O Joo.

Judge Cha doubts that O Joo’s claim that he didn’t hurt Sang Pil. He vows to find out who did it. Judge Cha isn’t impressed. O Joo vows to catch the person that messed with his prey. Judge Cha counters that O Joo is only worried about himself. O Joo cuts his losses and leaves.

Jae Yi stares at the picture she took of Judge Cha’s masseuse, the woman that gave her the picture and declared she’s fighting Judge Cha too.

Jae Yi’s mother stares at a picture of Jae Yi.

Jae Yi’s father brings her breakfast. Jae Yi notices his suit and asks he if should wear her mother’s tie. Jae Yi’s father says that Judge Cha isn’t who she imagines.

Jae Yi’s father is horrified when he breaks a priceless vase at Judge Cha’s house during their photoshoot. Jae Yi’s mother is ordered to help clean up. She notices the tie he’s wearing. Judge Cha baits Jae Yi’s father by talking about his wife.

Judge Cha knows who the masseuse is.

Sang Pil warns that the masseuse’s claim to help could be a trap. Jae Yi believes her.  Jae Yi’s mother texts Jae Yi to meet her that night at the law firm. Jae Yi agrees to meet.

That night Jae Yi waits and the masseuse arrives.  Jae Yi gives her the ID photos and offers tea. Her mother smiles with pride at her nameplate. Jae Yi asks why she gave her the photos. Why is she willing to risk going against a powerful woman like Judge Cha? Jae Yi’s mother says she stole the photos from Judge Cha’s house. She confirms Dae Woong got her the job. She says she took the job to get her life back and she has nothing to lose. She shares there is a fissure between Judge Cha and O Joo. She stands to leave. Jae Yi asks her name. Jae Yi says at Judge Cha’s house they call her mama. Jae Yi smiles and calls her mama.

Jae Yi tells Sang Pil about the issue between Judge Cha and O Joo. Jae Yi says she believes the masseuse. Sang Pil likes the news that Judge Cha and O Joo aren’t getting along.

O Joo recalls Judge Cha throwing wine in his face. He decides to go out on his own.

Sang Pil drives Sang Pil’s car away from the hospital just as O Joo drives up. Then Dae Woong’s gang’s new leader has multiple cars pull up in front of the hospital. They report they’ve arrived. The new leader bows to a mystery person.

O Joo gains access to Sang Pil’s room with ease. Sang Pil sighs at the unwelcome visitor.

The new leader directs his gang to begin. The lights and CCTV footage in the hospital are affected. The gang strides down the hospital hallway.

O Joo demands to know if Judge Cha really wants Sang Pil to be proven innocent. Sang Pil laughs at O Joo’s irritation. The gang bursts in Sang Pil’s room. They report to the mystery person on the phone that the mayor is there. The new leader asks the mystery person how to proceed. Judge Cha considers.

Judge Cha has indeed hired her own assassins.

O Joo can’t believe the gang members will take him on. They declare a hurt handcuffed guy and an old man are easy pickings. O Joo is offended. O Joo declares Sang Pil must defend himself. He dispatches the gang members and throws the handcuff keys to Sang Pil. O Joo states Sang Pil is his special treat. But today isn’t the day that Sang Pil will die by his hand.

In the strangest version of the odd couple, Sang Pil and O Joo stand in the hospital hallway at the gang of men. O Joo says it will be better if Sang Pil hides behind him. Sang Pil refuses. They stride to meet the gang. The theme song pulses while Sang Pil and O Joo fight hand to hand with the sea of thugs. Needless to say, O Joo is adept with a metal bat. He calls to Sang Pil that it is time to go.  O Joo laughs then tries to hit Sang Pil but he dodges the blow. There’s a fight with the gang members going down the elevator. O Joo and Sang Pil emerge victorious.

Sang Pil asks THE question “who wants both of us dead and would be willing to hire a gang”? Sang Pil laughs because he knows that O Joo knows that Judge Cha hired the gang. O Joo tells Sang Pil to consider himself lucky. He punches Sang Pil in the stab wound and strides away.

The police arrive at the hospital.

Geum Gang and Gwang Soo step out for a bite to eat while Jae Yi works. She calls Sang Pil statement about Judge Cha and O Joo fighting. She looks at the pictures the masseuse gave her. Geum Gang and Gwang Soo burst in the door helping a bloody Sang Pil through the door. Jae Yi stares in shock. Sang Pil is relieved Jae Yi is okay. He explains there was an incident at the hospital. He worried that she was in danger. Jae Yi calls Prosecutor Chun to report Sang Pil is with her. She asks him to come get Sang Pil. Geum Gang and Gwang Soo rush to the pharmacy. Jae Yi can’t believe Sang Pil came to her. Sang Pil admits he couldn’t stay away he was so worried. He reminds her of his promise to protect her. Tears fill Jae Yi’s eyes. Tears fill Sang Pil’s eyes. They hug.

O Joo’s thugs can’t believe his eyes when he sees O Joo’s state. He demands to know who did this to him. O Joo asks who would dare to do this to him.

Prosecutor Chun arrives and is surprised to see Sang Pil’s state. Prosecutor Chun calls him an escaped criminal and hauls him to his feet. Jae Yi recommends Sang Pil receive medical care. Prosecutor Chun agrees not to call this escaping custody due to Jae Yi’s quick notification. Sang Pil and Jae Yi smiles at each other. Prosecutor Chun pulls Sang Pil out of the room.

Judge Cha stares at Jae Yi’s mother. She recalls Dae Woong’s replacement stating that Dae Woong was looking for a woman that lived in Thailand for many years and came to Ginsung to meet her. Judge Cha stares at Jae Yi’s mother.

She knows.

O Joo’s thugs complains about his lack of freedom to pursue matters as he wishes. O Joo recalls Judge Cha’s offer to support his candidacy for mayor, then her directions to put the Ohju in a blind trust, then turn over Ohju to her. O Joo shakes his head and says the fantasy is over. O Joo wonders why Judge Cha made him mayor. He realizes Judge Cha has used and taken his money and business away from him.

O Joo knows he’s been used and Judge Cha tried to toss him away like trash.

Back in jail, Sang Pil walks the hall to his court date.

Jae Yi is ready to head to court. She gets a call from someone and asks what business they could have together.

In the courtroom, Sang Pil and Jae Yi look at each other. Sang Pil asks what happened. Jae Yi warns him today will be a surprise. She vows to prove his innocence no matter what she has to do.

Judge Cha enters the courtroom.

Jae Yi requests the right to call a new witness. Judge Cha asks what the prosecution thinks. Yeon Hee refuses due to the last-minute addition. Jae Yi declares she just found the witness this morning. Jae Yi declares the witness’s position will verify the witness. Judge Cha asks who the witness is. The door in the back of the courtroom open. Sang Pil stares in surprise. Jae Yi calls O Joo to be a witness for the defense. O Joo strides forward and tells Judge Cha he’s positive and can state unequivocally that Sang Pil isn’t the man that murdered his uncle. Judge Cha stares at O Joo in shock. Sang Pil can’t believe what O Joo said. O Joo smiles at Judge Cha. She manages to quiver a smile.

BAM! O Joo flexes his power to thwart Judge Cha!

My Thoughts

If you had told me after last episode that O Joo would fight WITH Sang Pil and become a witness FOR Sang Pil I would not believed it possible. But that’s exactly what happened. Last episode I loathed O Joo’s cruel and heinous murder of Dae Woong. But like it or not, O Joo has a certain amount of charm. When Judge Cha sent goons to kill Sang Pil and O Joo was caught in the fray. When Judge Cha told the goons to kill him too, O Joo had a taste of his own medicine. He was the goon that Judge Cha sent to kill Sang Pil’s mother and Sang Pil. Now the tables were turned. The scales fell from O Joo’s eyes. He realized Judge Cha had manipulated him into the position of mayor strictly for her own benefits – greed for his company was a major component. Last recap I stated “The 7” need to self-implode due to their own greed and desire for power. It has begun.

Judge Cha knows her masseuse is Jae Yi’s mother. She’s biding her time to use Jae Yi’s mother for her own gains. Judge Cha is like a cat that patiently plays with a mouse before killing it. I like Jae Yi’s mother bravery but she’s playing with fire.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) landed in the hospital and O Joo wouldn’t’ stop visiting him. Sang Pil’s self inflected wound got him out of jail. O Joo couldn’t let Sang Pil’s statement that Judge Cha wanted Sang Pil to go free and hadn’t told him alone. It drove O Joo nuts knowing Judge Cha kept this from him. O Joo dreamed of a partnership with Judge Cha. She instead wanted the status quo maintained. O Joo was and will always be her lackey. During O Joo’s second uninvited visit to Sang Pil, the goons descended and the two enemies worked together to defeat the goons sent to kill them. They were the “odd couple”. Sang Pil left the hospital to assure himself Jae Yi was okay and not in danger. Sang Pil glowed with pleasure when Jae Yi called him her man. But Jae Yi completely surprised Sang Pil when she produced O Joo as a witness for the defense. I’ve got to hand it to O Joo. He realized he was used and abused and decided to stick it to Judge Cha in a dramatic and public forum. Sang Pil will reap the benefits of the fissure between Judge Cha and O Joo.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) worked to find a way to get Sang Pil acquitted. O Joo handed it to her on a silver platter and she took it. She was surprised when O Joo made the offer but knew she wouldn’t get a better opportunity to get the charges against Sang Pil dropped. Jae Yi stood tall as she called O Joo forth. The stunned looks in the courtroom were a sight to behold. Jae Yi committed herself to freeing Sang Pil by hook or crook. Looks like Jae Yi choose crook. Switching gears, Jae Yi and Sang Pil once again managed to carve out some sweet moments in the chaos. I LOVED it when Jae Yi declared Sang Pil was her man.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 11 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 11 Recap

In the courtroom, Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) requests the right to call a new witness. Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) asks who the witness is. The door in the back of the courtroom open. Sang Pil’s eyes widen in surprise. Jae Yi calls An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) to be a witness for the defense. O Joo strides forward and tells Judge Cha he’s positive and can state unequivocally that Sang Pil isn’t the man that murdered his uncle. Judge Cha stares at O Joo in shock. Sang Pil can’t believe what O Joo said. O Joo smiles at Judge Cha. She manages to quiver a smile.

Flashback…Jae Yi is ready to head to court. She gets a call from someone and asks what business they could have together. Jae Yi turns the recorder on her phone and slips it in her briefcase. She heads to the meeting.

In O Joo’s office, Jae Yi asks if he’ll admit to framing Sang Pil to get his charges dropped. O Joo refuses to comment because she might be recording their conversation. Jae Yi pulls out her phone and turns the recorder off. She asks why O Joo is doing this. He admits he doesn’t care whether Sang Pil lives or dies. O Joo will name his price after the trial. O Joo asks Jae Yi if she’ll accept his help or go it alone during the trial.

In the courtroom, Jae Yi asks O Joo why Sang Pil isn’t the murderer. O Joo declares his bodyguard committed the murder due to fear that Sang Pil would hurt O Joo. He claims his bodyguard turned himself into the police as the prosecutors should know. Prosecutor Chun checks his phone and sees a text from the police stating O Joo’s bodyguard turned himself in as Dae Woong’s murderer. Prosecutor Chun knows it is a false confession. Jae Yi asks why O Joo came to court versus going to the police. Ever the showman, O Joo stands and bows the spectators. He apologizes to Sang Pil for the misguided actions of his bodyguard. He claims be at the courtroom as the bodyguard’s employer. He gets on his knees and bows to the spectators. Sang Pil tries not to roll his eyes.

Judge Cha calls the prosecution and defense forward. The prosecution confirms they just got a text that O Joo’s bodyguard confessed to Dae Woong’s murder. Jae Yi requests the trial end. Judge Cha tells the prosecution to determine the validity of the confessions and adjourns court. She sneers at O Joo. He smiles at Judge Cha. Sang Pil wonders what O Joo’s game is.

The press surround O Joo. He claims as the body guard’s employer, he needed to beg forgiveness for his employee’s actions.

Prosecutor Chun announces to the press the charges against Sang Pil are dropped.

Back in his own clothes, Sang Pil meets Jae Yi in front of the court room and asks what kind of deal she made with O Joo. Sang Pil says in this instance she and O Joo could mutually help each other. Sang Pil nods.

O Joo’s thug worries that O Joo’s courtroom declaration will cost him. O Joo declares taking risks is necessary. O Joo notes he and Judge Cha are in a silent war.

Yeon Hee’s mother rushes into Judge Cha’s chambers. She’s furious at the praise O Joo is receiving for his courtroom grandstand. Judge Cha sees the articles loving what O Joo’s did.

Sang Pil’s team has a celebratory dinner on the beach. Jae Yi walks to the water and recalls Judge Cha telling her to strut her stuff in court. Sang Pil joins her. Jae Yi wonders why Judge Cha wanted her to win the trial. Sang Pil believes Judge Cha ordered him and O Joo killed in the hospital. Jae Yi is surprised that O Joo and Judge Cha’s relationship had deteriorated to that degree. Sang Pil believes everything has turned out Judge Cha hoped it would. Jae Yi declares she needs to speak with Judge Cha. Sang Pil doesn’t like it but Jae Yi insists.

Jae Yi meets with Judge Cha in her chambers. Judge Cha refuses to explain herself because Jae Yi won due to O Joo, not her own efforts. Jae Yi asks if lifting the suspension was part of Judge Cha’s plan for her. Judge Cha clarifies she’s wanted Jae Yi to follow in her footsteps, and giving her guidance is something her mother never could have done. Jae Yi states Sang Pil has opened her eyes to the truth…the ugly woman behind the judge’s mask. Judge Cha asks if Jae Yi’s mother was alive would she turn from Sang Pil. Jae Yi retorts that Judge Cha can’t use her mother or Sang Pil to change her or any positive memories of their relationship will evaporate.

Interesting that Judge Cha tried to manipulate Jae Yi with her mother (which should raise a red flag) but Jae Yi countered with destruction of happy memories of Judge Cha. Jae Yi should realize that Judge Cha didn’t bring up her mother casually.

Sang Pil tells Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) that Jae Yi made a deal with the devil O Joo for his sake. He’s not sure he can live with that.

I know Sang Pil will meet with O Joo. But part of me wants him to let Jae Yi handle it.

Sang Pil meets with O Joo and asks about his relationship with Judge Cha. Sang Pil declares that O Joo should monitor the news to see what will happen to Judge Cha. He promises he’ll take care of O Joo when he’s done with Judge Cha. O Joo suggests Sang Pil simply kill him. Sang Pil declares his revenge will be administer by the law. O Joo points out in Ginsung there is a high power than the law. Sang Pil vows that power will be destroyed. Sang Pil promises if O Joo messes with Jae Yi, he’ll deal with him outside the law. O Joo smiles at that.

Sang Pil’s path is to use the law to destroy the power of “the 7”. Easier said than done.

Yeon Hee’s mother tells Jae Yi’s mother that the judge is under stress and to be aware. Judge Cha enters and asks Jae Yi’s mother to get her ringing cell phone.  Jae Yi’s mother does so. Judge Cha takes the call and Jae Yi’s mother listens.

O Joo tells his assistant that he new assignment is to watch Judge Cha.

The missing team member returns to the fold claiming he was kidnapped after trying to stop the drugs from being planted.

Judge Cha arrives in O Joo’s office. Yeon Hee’s mother brings flowers. Judge Cha asks why O Joo came to court. O Joo claims he did it for Judge Cha. Yeon Hee’s mother’s is sent away to they can speak privately.

O Joo’s thugs tells Yeon Hee’s mother he knows nothing.

O Joo shows Judge Cha the photos he claims he received on the day of the trial with a phone call stating if he didn’t go to court, the photos and the crime from 18 years ago would be revealed. Judge Cha suspects Sang Pil. O Joo agrees. He vows his goal is to protect her as her loyal servant.

O Joo’s thug asks O Joo why he lied to Judge Cha. O Joo wonders if Judge Cha believed him. O Joo state that politicians lie.

Jae Yi’s mother reports to Jae Yi that Judge Cha has a meeting tomorrow at 3pm. She tries to dart away when Sang Pil enters the office. Sang Pil asks how she knew his uncle. Sang Pil asks why she’s fighting against Judge Cha. She leaves.

Sang Pil takes Jae Yi on a date to subway. He calls Gwang Soo to gather the team together.

Writer Yoon you disappoint me with the blatant product placement.  Sang Pil, if a sandwich and transition to work meeting is your idea of a date, try again.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi looks at the photos. When Gwang Soo tells them everyone is there, they declare the time to attack Judge Cha directly has come.

As the team munches, Sang Pil and Jae Yi task them to track Judge Cha tomorrow, find out who she is meeting with and what the meeting is about. Geum Gang’s sister is assigned the task of being Judge Cha’s caddy.

Geum Gang’s sister compliments Judge Cha’s body (LOL!) as she plants a listening device on the golf cart.

Alone, Judge Cha tells the political party representative that she accepts the offer but she’ll do things her own way. She notes the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court hasn’t been identified. She tells the representative she wants it. Sang Pil and Jae Yi look surprised as they listen to the conversation.

Judge Cha gives a man a death sentence. The courtroom observers love it but the man’s father yells at Judge Cha. The press asks Judge Cha about the supreme court position. Judge Cha tells her father soon she’ll keep her promise to him. Sang Pil interrupts her revelry. He calls her scary for being able to be able without slipping up. He promises she will be punished.

O Joo inquires who Judge Cha met with at the golf course. He watches a news report with political party representative declaring Judge Cha is a top-notch choice for supreme court. O Joo calls Yeon Hee’s mother and suggests they bond. She refuses but O Joo dangles her daughter as bait.

Sang Pil’s team wonders why Judge Cha is going for supreme court when she’s rejected the opportunity in the past. Sang Pil states they have to take advantage of the fissure between Judge Cha and O Joo.

Jae Yi and Sang Pil meet with the reporter that helped them before. Jae Yi show her the damming photos from years ago. She hesitates knowing she’ll risk her career. Jae Yi notes the photos will make the case for her.

Yeon Hee’s mother arrives at O Joo’s office demanding to know what he wants. O Joo asks if Judge Cha becomes a supreme court justice who will take care of Yeon Hee? It makes Yeon Hee’s mother consider.

Yeon Hee’s mother visits Judge Cha in her chambers. She asks about what will happen to Yeon Hee if Judge Cha becomes supreme court justice. Judge Cha isn’t happy to be interrupted or questioned.

Yeon Hee’s mother tell Yeon Hee that if Judge Cha leaves things could get hard for her. She urges her to watch what happens with Judge Cha and O Joo. Yeon Hee is pragmatic and says she’ll side with the stronger of the two.

Sang Pil tells his team the old photos won’t be enough to take Judge Cha down.

At the meeting of “the 7” everyone praises Judge Cha’s reach for the supreme court. Yeon Hee’s mother asks where O Joo is. Judge Cha doesn’t like the inquiry. She tells the Chief Prosecutor to stop by her office. She leaves. Yeon Hee follows and offers to drive her home. Judge Cha declines the offer. Yeon Hee’s mother isn’t happy about that. O Joo calls Yeon Hee’s mother. He promises to take care of Yeon Hee. He’s got her. O Joo smiles.

The reporter shows the old photographs.  Judge Cha turns off the news report, clearly irked. She recalls telling Sang Pil’s evidence the photos weren’t enough evidence to convict her. She recalls telling O Joo he did the crime. She hears people calling for an explanation. She’s not happy. Sang Pil and Jae Yi listen to the press complain about Judge Cha’s silence and wonder who the blurred-out person in the photo is (O Joo), they smile. O Joo smiles at the press coverage and wonders if Sang Pil is attempted to take down Judge Cha and him with one photo. When Judge Cha emerges from her chambers she tells the press she’ll talk to them later. She stares daggers at Jae Yi and Sang Pil as she walks by. Sang Pil hopes she’ll blow a gasket soon.

Sang Pil and the team celebrate. Sang Pil believes Judge Cha wants to kill O Joo who wants to kill him. They cheer.

Sang Pil asks to speak with Jae Yi’s mother. She agrees. He thanks her for the photo of Judge Cha. He tells her without knowing her background, he won’t trust her. He admits her is worried because Jae Yi trusts her. He asks her not to see Jae Yi in the future. She thanks him for protecting her DAUGHTER!!!!

Sang Pil turns and recalls how she saved him on that night. He stares at Jae Yi’s mother and asks her to repeat what she said. Stunned her asks her to confirm that Jae Yi is her daughter. He asks who he can believe her. She points out that his uncle knew who she was, that’s why he helped her. Sang Pil’s eyes fill with tears and asks if she’s the woman that helped him. She smiles and declares he grew up to be a fine man, just like his mother.

Jae Yi wonders who the woman who gave them to photos is.

Jae Yi’s mother explains she stayed in Thailand to keep Jae Yi and her husband safe. She says she needs time before she tells Jae Yi. He agrees. She questions how long Jae Yi will be safe by his side. She begs him to break up with Jae Yi to keep her safe. She cries knowing she asks much, but it is only for her daughter.

NO! I HATE THIS!!! The old “if you love my daughter, set her free”. Sang Pil’s relationship with Jae Yi is built on trust. Sang Pil should not implode it for a mother that hid in the shadows.

Dae Woong’s man that “stabbed” Sang Pil in prison is released. He says he was in prison because his uncle willed it. He tells Sang Pil that he’ll stay in town. Sang Pil promises to tell him when he learns why his uncle’s replacement is bad mouthing him.

The political party representative calls Judge Cha and tells her to explain her presence in the photos or he’ll withdraw his support. Judge Cha isn’t happy about his flip flop position reminding him he did the same to his father. The political party representative declares this is the nature of politics. He gives her one day to explain herself. Judge Cha looks at the photos.

Is she going to target Jae Yi’s mother because she took the photos?

Sang Pil recalls the hardships Jae Yi has endured because of him and this pursuit of justice.

The next morning Jae Yi arrives surprised that Sang Pil worked all night. He asks her to go somewhere with him.

Sang Pil takes her to a gym to teacher her martial arts. He thinks of Jae Yi’s mother’s words while they spar. He’s not gentle. Jae Yi gamely gets up. Sang Pil promises to continue the lessons as time permits.  She manages to pin him, then he gains the advantage, and coaches her to gain the advantage again.

Judge Cha appears to the press and thanks them for their support. She shows the picture and claims that someone has been blackmailing her with the photo to stop the Golden City project. Judge Cha reminds them that Golden City will revitalize Ginsung. She declares she can no longer keep her silence with her reputation at risk. She swears she had nothing to do with the murder that night.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi lay exhausted on the mat. Jae Yi asks why he’s teaching her to fight on her own. Sang Pil doesn’t answer.

Gwang Soo bursts in to inform them about Judge Cha’s press conference. They turn on the TV to see Judge Cha promise to accept the nomination for supreme court justice. The man who won was sentenced to death throws a glass bottle at Judge Cha. O Joo loves the show!

My Thoughts

I’m digging O Joo. He has proven that his street smarts make him a worthy opponent. His flair for drama is the perfect counterbalance to the stiff germ-phobic Judge Cha and our caped crusaders fighting to bring him down. Last episode he realized Judge Cha was willing to kill him.  He didn’t join gathering of “the 7”. He reeled in his most vocal protestor by promising to protect her precious daughter Yeon Hee. He’s not as dumb as he proports to be.

Judge Cha was temporarily stymied by the damming photo. She keeps silent and earned a threat that the supreme court nomination would be ranked unless she cleared her name. She boldly lied claiming her silence was due to blackmail. Is Jae Yi’s mother the next target? Judge Cha knows who her masseuse is. Judge Cha is angry that her ordered world is threatened by Jae Yi’s mother, Sang Pil and ‘her once loyal but no longer’ Jae Yi. She will strike back. She did look good in the golf skirt.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) is on the brink of making the dumbest decision ever. Writer Yoon has made solid plot choices throughout this series. But Writer Yoon is making a mistake if Sang Pil breaks up with Jae Yi “to protect her”. Don’t get me started how much I dislike this plot point. Jae Yi’s mother had no right to ask. Sang Pil is Jae Yi’s best protection. Her safety is NOT the issue. It is a smoke screen generated by fear. Did Lee Joon Gi dislike this plot point even though it will provide loads of angst?

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) took note when Sang Pil said she needed to know who to defend herself. She’s quickly realized that Sang Pil wasn’t acting normal. But before he could dump her, Judge Cha’s press conference provided an interruption. I love this couple. Their relationship is built on trust and fighting together for the common goal of taking down those that altered their lives on a fateful night. I’d love it if Jae Yi threw Sang Pil’s breakup in his face and refused to accept his lame excuses. Seo Ye Ji looked fabulous in the royal blue jacket and sparring robe.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

The third song of the OST “When our Eyes Met” by Kim Yeon Ji is a pretty ballad:

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 12 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 12 Recap

Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) and Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) lay exhausted on the mat. Jae Yi asks why he’s teaching her to fight on her own. Sang Pil doesn’t answer. Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) bursts in to inform them about Judge Cha’s press conference. They turn on the TV to see Judge Cha promise to accept the nomination for supreme court justice. The man who was sentenced to death throws a glass bottle at Judge Cha.

An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) watches the TV showing Judge Cha taken to the hospital. He wonders if she paid the man to create the incident. Yeon Hee’s mother / Judge Cha’s assistant calls O Joo and orders him to come to the hospital. He grouses he was coming anyway.

Sang Pil, Jae Yi and the rest of the team watch the news reports. Only Sang Pil believe that Judge Cha planned the event to garner sympathy. Gwang Soo starts looking for alternative angle footage to provide more insight.

At the hospital Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) orders O Joo to tell everyone she’s in a coma. She tells Yeon Hee’s mother who she wants to see at the hospital tomorrow morning. She sends O Joo away with a wave of her hand.

I do enjoy the interchanges between O Joo and Yeon Hee’s mother.

O Joo knows this is a critical time in his relationship with Judge Cha. He muses they both hide their true selves behind their masks.

O Joo slips on his mask as tells the press that Judge Cha is in a coma. He can’t believe this happened in “his” city.

The alternate footage proves Judge Cha knew that man would attack her. Sang Pil declares that Judge Cha’s plan to turn herself from villain to victim is working perfectly. Sang Pil ignores Jae Yi and tells Gwang Soo they need to investigate further. They split. She sighs.

Judge Cha tells the chief prosecutor she won’t press charges against her attacker. She decides to make a statement to the press.

With the sobbing attacker next to her, Judge Cha declares she can understand a parent’s loss of reason as the result of her verdict. She forgives the man. The crowd applauds as she hugs the man. Sang Pil asks Judge Cha if she allowed the attack to happen to eliminate the scrutiny about the photo from 18 years ago. Judge Cha glares at Sang Pil and declares that photo was fabricated as previously stated. She leaves. Jae Yi tells Sang Pil his supposition is correct. Sang Pil tells Jae Yi to head home. He leaves.

She feels his cold shoulder.

Jae Yi watches her father’s support of Judge Cha on TV. She sighs when she thinks about Sang Pil pulling away from her. Geum Gang’s sister shares a bite and advises that her father will found out the truth about Judge Cha soon enough and to give Sang Pil space. She tells Sang Pil they are a darling couple.

Sang Pil struggles with Jae Yi’s mother’s request to leave her daughter alone. He knows Jae Yi digs him as much as he digs her. Sang Pil shocks Gwang Soo with the news that Jae Yi’s mother is alive. He warns him to say nothing until Jae Yi’s mother agrees.

Sang Pil meets with Jae Yi’s mother and agrees to her request that he break up with Jae Yi. She’s pleased. But she doesn’t recognize the notebook of information Sang Pil was sent. He can’t believe it. He was sure Jae Yi’s mother was the silent supporter.

Sang Pil, you are an idiot for agreeing to break up. When you break up with Jae Yi I’ll repeat this opinion.

Jae Yi is pleased that her strategy has erased the negativity.

Things go her way too often for my taste.

O Joo is livid when he learns the Golden City development is on hold. Then he learns Judge Cha isn’t backing the development anymore. He storms out of his office.

Judge Cha and the lawyer aren’t sympathetic to O Joo’s anger. Judge Cha says the Golden City was put on hold because it might become a problem later. O Joo points out he promised voters the development would happen. Judge Cha and the lawyer can’t help but chuckle. O Joo didn’t get elected on his merit, they helped put him there. O Joo sees that his lawyer is really Judge Cha’s lawyer. The lawyer slaps O Joo’s face and tells him he’s serves the one with the power and that isn’t O Joo anymore. O Joo tells Judge Cha that she only used him to get control of his company. She doesn’t deny it. O Joo declares he’s no longer her loyal servant. He promises he’s going to look out for himself from now on.

The scales fell from O Joo’s eyes. What will he do?

When O Joo’s assistant asks him for a favor, O Joo loses it and works him over. He yells that he’s the one in charge. He stops short of beating him with a brick. He warns his assistant he won’t get another chance.

Gwang Soo and Sang Pil wonder who gave him the notebook. When Geum Gang and the rest of the gang arrive for work, Sang Pil declares its time for payback for his uncle’s murder. He declares O Joo’s assistant must pay. And this time, they won’t play by the rules, blood will be spilled.

Sang Pil and Gwang Soo arrive at a bar where they find O Joo’s assistant drowning his sorrows. Sang Pil tells him his day won’t be getting any better. Geum Gang et all arrive and take O Joo’s assistant with them.

They hang a blindfolded O Joo’s assistant by the hands in a warehouse. Sang Pil promises today he’ll suffer just like his uncle did.

O Joo wonders where his assistant is.

O Joo’s assistant says he only followed O Joo’s orders. He swears he has evidence that O Joo ordered his uncle murdered. Sang Pil pretends O Joo’s assistant will fall to his death. But he only falls one story. Sang Pil warns him that O Joo won’t be as kind. Sang Pil and his men stride away with the assistant’s phone and smiles on their faces.

Sang Pil practiced restraint, did O Joo’s assistant deserve it?

Yeon Hee’s mother is not happy to learn her investment in Golden City is on hold. She demands to know what O Joo plans to do about it. He asks if she’ll help him. She promises that as long as he can get her money back, she’ll do anything.

Sang Pil arrives at O Joo’s office. He tells Yeon Hee’s mother that she’s well known for being Judge Cha’s dog. She doesn’t like the description. Sang Pil finds it fascinating that they are together. Sang Pil promises O Joo that tomorrow he’ll get a special present. He promises to tell Judge Cha about their relationship. O Joo aims a pistol at Sang Pil. He walks straight to O Joo’s gun. O Joo pulls the trigger but there isn’t any bullet. Sang Pil makes a gun with his hand and pretends to pull the trigger. He swaggers away.

Bold move, Sang Pil, bold move.

Sang Pil returns to the office to find a gleeful Gwang Soo and Geum Gang. They show him the video of O Joo ordering his uncle dealt with from O Joo’s assistant’s phone. He tells Gwang Soo before he sends the video to the prosecutor, to post it for the public to see. Sang Pil tells him they must determine who gave him the notebook before they try O Joo in a court of law.

O Joo has his former assistant search for his assistant. He’s shocked to see the video of him ordering Sang Pil’s uncle’s murder online and reported on the news.

Jae Yi arrives at work not happy with Sang Pil taking steps without keeping her in the loop. She says they need to talk.

At the beach, Jae Yi demands to know why he’s acting distant and why he’s not sharing all. Sang Pil says there are things he can’t share with her right now. She strides away.

The chief prosecutor meets with Judge Cha and her lawyer. Judge Cha order him to bury O Joo in court. She gives him evidence of campaign finance fraud. He’s not sorry to get the assignment.

Livid that Sang Pil posted the video, he demands that his assistant be found…now.

Jae Yi’s mother calls her for lunch (Jae Yi doesn’t know this is her mother). Jae Yi agrees.

The lunch goes well until Jae Yi unknowingly eats fried shrimp. She has an allergic reaction. Her mother realizes what has happened and orders an ambulance. Jae Yi asks how she knows that she’s allergic to shrimp. Yeon Hee’s mother calls. Jae Yi’s mother runs out to answer the call. Jae Yi realizes the woman is her mother. She calls her. Her mother apologizes for leaving. Jae Yi says only her mother knows she’s allergic to shrimp. Her mother hangs up. Both women cry. Jae Yi is determined to find where her mother went.

Jae Yi’s mother texts Sang Pil that she’s at Judge Cha’s house. He leaves the office. Gwang Soo and Geum Gang wonder where he’s going and why he didn’t tell them.

Jae Yi’s mother slips a white powder in Judge Cha’s tea. She notices and won’t drink it. She spins and reveals she knows who her masseuse is.  Judge Cha yells that she should have stayed away. She calls for Yeon Hee’s mother who drags her out of the room. Judge Cha falls to the ground.

Judge Cha flops more than most soccer players.

Jae Yi searches for where her mother is staying.

Sang Pil searches Jae Yi’s mother room. He recalls telling her that Judge Cha probably knew her identity. But Jae Yi’s mother refused to back down, insisting that she help nail Judge Cha.

Jae Yi is shocked when she finds Sang Pil staring at her family photo. She asks if he knows her mother is alive. Tears fill her eyes and she demands to know why he hid the truth from her. She rushes out room. She calls her mother but gets no answer. Sang Pil grabs her wrist. Jae Yi says her mother’s phone has been off for a period of time. She’s worried something has happened.

Jae Yi goes to Judge Cha and demands to know where her mother is. Judge Cha scoffs that family only makes you weak. She calls security. Sang Pil arrives and tells the guards to unhand her. Judge Cha tells the guards to back off. Sang Pil drags Jae Yi out of the judge’s chambers.

Jae Yi demands to know if Sang Pil is using her mother for his revenge. Sang Pil says she’s too upset to hear the truth. Jae Yi declares that Sang Pil has been driven by revenge. He stalked her with revenge in mind. He returned to town with revenge in mind. With tears in her eyes, Jae Yi declares she can no longer trust him.

She asked him the right question.

Yeon Hee’s mother meets O Joo with the news that the Chief Prosecutor is taking his campaign cash as payback. O Joo counters that he needs her support. He warns her Sang Pil has something special planned for her.

These two are a bright spot in this series.

Gwang Soo tells Sang Pil they can’t find Jae Yi’s mother.

Jae Yi searches the streets for her mother. The panic rises.

Prosecutor Chun arrives at Sang Pil’s office with the news O Joo will be investigated for murder soon. He puts the evidence of campaign finance fraud on the table and asks if Sang Pil provided it. Sang Pil eyes widen at the documentation. He realizes Judge Cha is going after O Joo.

Judge Cha enters the empty courtroom.

Sang Pil and Gwang Soo stare at the wall of evidence. He tells Gwang Soo that Judge Cha is going after O Joo.

Judge Cha recalls sending the notebook of information to Sang Pil.

Sang Pil says Judge Cha supplied the notebook of information so he could eliminate her enemies for her.

The chief prosecutor tells Judge Cha that O Joo will be finished with all the evidence against him. She smiles.

Sang Pil says that Judge Cha used his revenge to her advantage. Gwang Soo points out that Sang Pil’s ultimate take down goal is Judge Cha. Sang Pil says that was a calculated risk Judge Cha took so she could use him to wipe out her enemies.

My Thoughts

Who is using who? The reveal that Judge Cha set everything in motion makes perfect sense. She IS the chess master of this series. Sang Pil realized she lured him to town to extract revenge for her. Can he ever hope to extract revenge against her?

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) realized that Judge Cha is using him. Writer Yoon allowed Sang Pil to see that he was another tool in Judge Cha’s toolbox. It must chafe knowing unwittingly he’s been doing her dirty work. How can he turn things around? What can he do destroy Judge Cha? Sang Pil honored his word to Jae Yi’s mother and pulled back. But when Jae Yi realized her mother was alive, she naturally accused Sang Pil of betrayal. And is she wrong to question Sang Pil using her for his own revenge?

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) learned her mother was alive. The quiet woman that told her call her mama is her mother. Just as Jae Yi realized this, Judge Cha revealed she knew who her masseuse was and had her taken away. Like a wounded animal Jae Yi went to Judge Cha’s office but of course the chess master revealed nothing. Sang Pil arrived and dragged her away. She realized he used her for his revenge. Accordingly Jae Yi declared she couldn’t trust Sang Pil. She searches alone for her mother. Will she realize she must go to Sang Pil for help? Jae Yi’s passion is a double-edged sword.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as almost terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The fourth song of the OST is “Livin’ in the City” by Pullik is the theme song of the series:

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 13 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 13 Recap

Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) tells Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) that Judge Cha used his revenge to her advantage. Gwang Soo points out that Sang Pil’s ultimate take down goal is Judge Cha. Sang Pil says that was a calculated risk Judge Cha took so she could use him to wipe out her enemies. Sang Pil says he’s realized her game and they must take advantage. He wants to know where Jae Yi is.

Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) smiles when the Chief Prosecutor claims that O Joo will be destroyed soon.

The repeated calls Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) makes to her mother go unanswered. She recalls Judge Cha claiming her mother disappeared 18 years ago. She knows her mother has been taken.

In a bold move, Jae Yi meets An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) and demands to know where her mother is. Clueless, O Joo is surprised to learn Judge Cha’s masseuse is Jae Yi’s mother. He shares that he and Judge Cha aren’t on speaking term. Jae Yi believes that O Joo didn’t know. She warns him to find her mother to secure her services as his lawyer, because he needs her help. She walks away.

O Joo tries to wrap his head around the situation. He guesses that Judge Cha has kidnapped Jae Yi’s mother. He realizes Jae Yi’s mother is the only living witness to the murder he finished for Judge Cha. He gets a call ordering him to come to the prosecutor’s office.

Sang Pil meets his uncle’s trusted gang member. He shares the gang has a traitor that is working for Judge Cha. The man reveals Sang Pil’s uncle asked him to protect Sang Pil should something happen to him. Sang Pil asks him to keep his word and help him.

Yeon Hee’s mother, Sang Pil’s uncle’s trusted gang member, and other thugs toss Jae Yi’s mother in a holding room. Yeon Hee’s mother tells O Joo’s replacement thug (the traitor) to keep an eye on her.

As expected, Sang Pil goes to Judge Cha’s office where she’s been waiting for him. He wants to know where Jae Yi’s mother is. Judge Cha claims not to know and says if she’s involved he’ll have to prove it. Sang Pil points out that the innocent doesn’t say that. Judge Cha reminds him that others before him have tried to take her down. Sang Pil counters that they didn’t know all her ugly secrets. As he turns to leave, Judge Cha asks if Sang Pil wants justice or revenge. She tells him he’s wasting energy pursuing justice and his quest for revenge will be fruitless.

Sang Pil didn’t tip his hand that he knows Judge Cha is using him. He has to walk a fine line.

Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) and Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) report that Jae Yi went to the police and then home. They tell him his uncle’s trusted gang member has been released from jail. Sang Pil informs them he met with his uncle’s trusted gang member. He leaves to speak with Jae Yi.

Gwang Soo explains to Geum Gang who his uncle’s trusted gang member is. Geum Gang declares should anyone ever stab Gwang Soo, he’d extract revenge. They first bump to seal the deal.

Judge Cha learns that O Joo hasn’t reported to the prosecutor. When Yeon Hee’s mother reports that Jae Yi’s mother has been stashed away, Judge Cha turns the tables and says this is all her fault allowing a mole into her home. Yeon Hee’s mother can’t disagree. Judge Cha sends her away with a chuckle.

Jae Yi stares at her family photo. She recalls the moment she realized that Sang Pil knew her mother was alive and hadn’t told her. Sang Pil arrives. She tells him she met with O Joo. She says she had to do something. Sang Pil asks her to trust him. She tells him to leave.

I can’t blame her. But isn’t Sang Pil a better choice than O Joo?

Sang Pil watches their home to keep her safe. She finds him there the next morning. She ignores him when he tries to speak with her.

O Joo calls Yeon Hee’s mother. He asks were the masseuse is. She lies that she’s giving Judge Cha a massage as they speak. O Joo declares they are in the same boat. She pretends to agree. O Joo knows she’s lying to him. He claims he’s got to go and hangs up. Yeon Hee’s mother scoffs that she’ll never be in the same boat as O Joo.

Those two are always entertaining to watch.

The newspaper man tells O Joo he’s in deep trouble and has to turn himself into the prosecutor. O Joo asks him to write a favorable article stating he’s being framed. The man says an article won’t get him out of the pit he’s in.

Yeon Hee’s mother tells her daughter that Judge Cha has replaced O Joo and he is in big trouble. Yeon Hee can’t believe that Judge Cha would toss aside someone that had been as loyal as O Joo. Her mother advises her to bring in O Joo and score brownie points with Judge Cha.

Detective Oh meets with Jae Yi. He’s not 100% sure the woman is her mother. Jae Yi convinces him. Even though there isn’t any hard evidence, he wants to help Jae Yi. She asks him to keep her mother’s kidnapping from Prosecutor Chun for the time being. She shares that O Joo and Judge Cha are on the outs. She guesses Judge Cha has another thug doing her dirty work. Detective Oh shares that the man that stabbed Sang Pil in jail was recently released. They agree to keep each other apprised.

Sang Pil spies them speaking. His uncle’s trusted gang member calls him that Jae Yi’s mother is fine and under his care. Sang Pil counters that Jae Yi’s mother in Judge Cha’s control isn’t a positive situation. The gang member asks why Sang Pil is involved in this situation. Sang Pil says someone he cares for is hurting because of this situation. He watches Jae Yi head out and follows her.

The gang member loosens Jae Yi’s mother’s bindings. She spies his tattoo and recalls Sang Pil assuring her the man with the tattoo will protect her.

Sang Pil and Gwang Soo take a determined Jae Yi to see O Joo’s replacement thug. When tattoo dude walks in Jae Yi demands to know where her mother is. He claims ignorance. She doesn’t believe him. Sang Pil intervenes. The two men tussle a bit. Sang Pil drags Jae Yi out of the thug’s lair. She ignores Sang Pil’s offer a ride. Gwang Soo follows her.

O Joo’s assistant tells O Joo his assistant can’t be found. Sang Pil calls O Joo and shares O Joo’s replacement thug has taken up headquarters at O Joo’s old stomping ground. O Joo quips Sang Pil must like him if he’s volunteering information. Sang Pil says it will never be like that and hangs up. O Joo decides he better check out Sang Pil’s intel.

Judge Cha vows to reform Korea if she’s elected to the supreme court. Thrilled with her performance, Judge Cha offers Yeon Hee’s mother (aka Mrs. Nam) to take some value of the illegal accounts she orders liquidated due to her imminent supreme court nomination. Yeon Hee’s mother is overcome and vows her lifelong loyalty. Mrs. Nam is stunned when Judge Cha informs her the masseuse is Jae Yi’s mother, the witness that could destroy her. Mrs. Nam vows she didn’t know and begs forgiveness.

Mrs. Nam is a simple woman – cash is the only gift that matters.

Mrs. Nam tells Yeon Hee that she’s made a big mistake with Judge Cha because of Jae Yi’s mother. She tells her daughter they’ll have to do whatever it takes to protect themselves going forward.

O Joo catches his assistant cleaning out his safe. He threatens to kill him. O Joo’s assistant begs for mercy.

I had to chuckle when O Joo said he could make time to kill a traitor.

Mrs. Nam assures Judge Cha the illegal accounts have been disposed of. She assures Judge Cha she’ll handle Jae Yi’s mother. Judge Cha says Jae Yi’s mother died 18 years ago. Mrs. Nam gets the message. She vows to protect Judge Cha until the day she dies.

O Joo’s former assistant confirms Judge Cha’s new thug has taken over O Joo’s former establishment.

Mrs. Nam tells Judge Cha’s new thug that Jae Yi’s mother is supposed to be dead anyhow so the kid glove treatment isn’t needed. She tells him to kill her. The new thug agrees to do so. He promises to follow her orders in the future. The thug working with Sang Pil overhears. A camera recorded the conversation.

Sang Pil hears the news. He tells Gwang Soo things are going to get messy. Geum Gang offers to come. Sang Pil declines.

Judge Cha’s new thug shows the recorded conversation of Mrs. Nam ordering him to kill Jae Yi’s mother. Judge Cha can only smile. Judge Cha confirms that Jae Yi’s mother should be killed. She tells him to do it personally.

Jae Yi can’t believe the situation.

O Joo, his assistant and former assistant drive to the new thug’s place.

Sang Pil and Gwang Soo arrive at the new thug’s place. Sang Pil tells him another party will arrive soon. Right on schedule O Joo’s car drives up.

Judge Cha’s new thug finds Jae Yi’s mother gagged. They shove her in a barrel. They get the word that O Joo has arrived. Sang Pil’s thug is put in charge of Jae Yi’s mother.

O Joo strides through the establishment and stares at Judge Cha’s new thug who isn’t respectful. O Joo warns him his fate will be his future fate. O Joo wants Jae Yi’s mother. The thug refuses.

Judge Cha and the chief prosecutor complement each other. Judge Cha relishes the moment in anticipation of the future she’s master minded.

O Joo waves his gun. He asks Judge Cha’s thug how good he is. O Joo’s assistant spots the barrel being rolled. They try and chase it down but it is dumped into the ocean and sinks. O Joo declares a precious commodity was just wasted. They leave. Sang Pil drives by them.

The chief prosecutor declares O Joo will be arrested tomorrow. Judge Cha says he must be punished for his crimes. She gets a phone call and tells him to leave. Her new thug reports even though O Joo interfered Jae Yi’s mother is dead. She orders him to return to Seoul. She smiles. Another loose end is taken care of.

Sang Pil and Gwang Soo have Jae Yi’s mother in the back seat. Flashback to Sang Pil telling her that she must die again because she’s the only witness that can nail Judge Cha. He promises to protect her. She agrees to help. Next, we see Sang Pil and Gwang Soo retrieving her while sandbags are placed in the barrel.

O Joo wonders if Sang Pil fooled him again.

Sang Pil calls Jae Yi and tells her he has her mother and he’ll text her the meeting location. Jae Yi can’t believe it.

Jae Yi’s mother thanks Sang Pil. He brings her to the location. Jae Yi is waiting.  Jae Yi and her mother hug. Both women cry. Sang Pil watches then nods to Gwang Soo that they should leave. Jae Yi’s mother tell her she asked Sang Pil to break up with her and not to share that she was alive. She didn’t want her precious daughter hurt by revenge. Jae Yi hugs her mother and tells her all is well.

Geum Gang complains to Sang Pil that he lied to them. Of course, Geum Gang’s sister stands up for him. Jae Yi arrives mad that he’s lied to her. She hits him several times. She demands to speak with him privately. There she hugs him. She thanks him for returning her mother. They hug again. Sang Pil apologizes. Everyone can see them. Geum Gang’s sister is happy for them. Geum Gang promises she won’t be an old maid. She retorts she can find her own man.

Jae Yi’s mother leaves and Jae Yi agrees it is best to keep her mother safe. Jae Yi’s mother tells Sang Pil that his uncle thought his enemies had too much power. But he was determined to help Sang Pil so that he could eventually prevail. Gwang Soo says they must go. Hugs and smiles between mother and daughter. Jae Yi’s mother tells him to take care of Jae Yi. Sang Pil assures her he will. Gwang Soo drives her away.

Jae Yi is surprised to learn Judge Cha sent the notebook to Sang Pil to use him to eliminate select members of “the 7”. Jae Yi sees that Judge Cha is the master manipulator. Sang Pil says this time they’ll fight to the end.

Judge Cha is all smiles knowing her plan is working like a dream.

O Joo stares at his nameplate, angry at how he’s been used.

Sang Pil shares the wall of evidence with Geum Gang and his sister. Sang Pil states this time they’ll catch “the 7” in their nets. Sang Pil wonders who will easily crack when they catch them. Jae Yi guesses Mrs. Nam is the most vulnerable. Jae Yi agrees.

Mrs. Nam drops Yeon Hee off. The police drive up. Yeon Hee asks why they are there. Detective Oh states a video with Mrs. Nam was given. Yeon Hee and Mrs. Nam aren’t happy. Detective Oh arrests her instigating a murder. Mrs. Nam blusters the charges are absurd.  Detective Oh handcuffs her and puts her in the police car. She doesn’t go gracefully.

Detective Oh does a search and seizure at O Joo’s corporate office and mayoral office. He calls his superior that he can’t locate O Joo.

The newspaper reporter calls O Joo and tells him an arrest warrant for him has been issued. O Joo is shocked. Mrs. Nam’s arrest is relayed. O Joo declares he won’t be caught.

Judge Cha listens to the news reports. Sang Pil walks to her office. Judge Cha exits her office in her robe. Sang Pil sees her and hold up the notebook. He says he knows she sent it. He thanks her. He warns her that the ending, her ending, won’t go as she wishes. Judge Cha wishes him luck. Sang Pil says that taking Jae Yi’s mother from her twice is unforgivable.  Judge Cha tells him to provide the evidence of that claim. Judge Cha admits she didn’t foresee Jae Yi becoming involved with him. Judge Cha declares Jae Yi is his Achilles heel. Sang Pil counters that will be the undoing of all her plans.

My Thoughts

Judge Cha’s chess master moves have worked but has her luck run out? I was a bit surprised that Sang Pil revealed he knew Judge Cha gave him the notebook. Wasn’t that the secret advantage? I’m ready for Judge Cha to lose. Looks like Mrs. Nam is caught in the net while O Joo is determined not to be caught. Does Team Good finally have the advantage they need to take down Judge Cha and the remaining members of “the 7”? Let’s hope the last two episodes provide a satisfying ending to this series.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) told Judge Cha he knew she was using him. Writer Yoon allowed Sang Pil reveal to Judge Cha that he knew she was using him. When she pointed out that Jae Yi was his Achilles heel, Sang Pil cockily claimed that relationship would lead to her doom. Jae Yi’s mother thanked Sang Pil for saving her life. Jae Yi hit Sang Pil for lying then hugged him for saving her mother. I was relieved to see their impasse resolved. I disliked that plot point.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) was reunited with her mother and Sang Pil.  Jae Yi’s mother told Jae Yi that Sang Pil distanced himself from her at her request and kept her existence a secret at her insistence. What would Jae Yi do but forgive both of them? Now this plot point is resolved, I want Jae Yi to become a crucial part of the take down of “the 7”. I was surprised that Jae Yi went to O Joo for help in finding her mother. That was a bold move.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as almost terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The fifth song of the OST is “Big Picture” by Ma Sang Woo. It is the first instrumental song of the full OST:

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 14 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 14 Recap

At the office Geum Gang’s sister declares Sang Pil is the greatest. Little does she know he’s just walked into the office. Jae Yi can’t help but smile as she stands to greet him. Everyone agrees that they must pretend Jae Yi’s mother is dead (though she’s safely tucked away). They reveal that Mrs. Nam is caught in their net. Recall she was arrested yesterday. Sang Pil declares they’ll use Mrs. Nam and the other smaller members of “the 7” to catch Judge Cha.

Mrs. Nam rants that everyone will be fired once the plot to convict her is revealed. Prosecutor Chun enters the interrogation room where Detective Oh and “the 7” lawyer have been listening to Mrs. Nam. Prosecutor Chun shows her the video where she demands Jae Yi’s mother death. She bluster the man that video tapped her is the criminal. Prosecutor Chun wants his name. Mrs. Nam doesn’t know. She demands her phone call.

Mrs. Nam calls Judge Cha and feigns surprise. Mrs. Nam asks the name of her current thug. Judge Cha claims not to know. She urges her to trust the lawyer will handle it. She hangs up on Mrs. Nam.

Jae Yi’s father can’t believe his eyes when Jae Yi’s mother appears. The family is reunited with tears.

Liking Jae Yi’s haircut.

Flashback to Sang Pil telling Judge Cha that taking Jae Yi’s mother was a big mistake. Judge Cha counters that his relationship will be his downfall. Sang Pil retorts that will be his strength.

Geum Gang reports to Sang Pil that Prosecutor Chun is Mrs. Nam’s prosecutor. Jae Yi says they can’t get caught by Judge Cha’s machinations. They visit Prosecutor Chun and correctly guess he got the damming video from the chief prosecutor. Prosecutor Chun asks if Judge Cha is behind this. Jae Yi tells him to see like an owl in darkness.  Sang Pil and Jae Yi realize Judge Cha will select another judge for Mrs. Nam.

Judge Cha tells the chosen judge to be fair to Mrs. Nam.

Gwang Soo finds Geum Gang studying a law book. Everyone likes how Jae Yi explains the law. She heads out to the pretrial for Mrs. Nam.

Prosecutor Chun presents the evidence to the judge. He’s eager to move to the trial. Mrs. Nam’s lawyer has nothing to add. Prosecutor Chun can’t help but notice their lack of caring.

Sang Pil visits Mrs. Nam in jail. He wants to know about the false name accounts she controlled for Judge Cha. She doesn’t want to hear that Judge Cha betrayed her. Sang Pil tells her to keep hoping that’s true. He reminds her what Judge Cha did O Joo. That gets her attention.

O Joo’s assistant suggests they flee to another country. O Joo doesn’t want to run for the rest of his life. He declares he’ll put things back to the way they were. He watches the news report that he’s lost his position as mayor.

Jae Yi approaches Mrs. Nam’s judge. Recall this is the judge she punched in Seoul. When Judge Cha walks by he calls to her. Judge Cha and Jae Yi look eyes. Jae Yi accuses Judge Cha of killing her mother and ruining her family.  Judge Cha reminds her about all the good she’s done for her. Jae Yi scoffs and declares she’ll take her down.

O Joo and his assistant watch Jae Yi. O Joo declares she’s Sang Pil’s Achilles heel.

Detective Oh can’t believe it when Jae Yi tells him her mother is alive. She asks him for time before they reveal this.

O Joo calls Sang Pil. O Joo shows him a video of Jae Yi. That gets Sang Pil’s attention. O Joo tells him he must help him return to power…or else. He calls Jae Yi and confirms Gwang Soo is with her.

Yeon Hee asks her mother the video. Mrs. Nam says Yeon Hee must plead her case with Judge Cha.

Yeon Hee visits Judge Cha in her office. She asks her to help her mother. She points out her mother’s loyalty. Judge Cha claism to be shocked that Mrs. Nam is in the situation. Yeon Hee shares that Mrs. Nam has a ledger that Judge Cha should have. Judge Cha chuckles that threatening her isn’t going to help. Judge Cha tells Yeon Hee her mother must admit to her crimes and pay for them. Yeon Hee can’t believe it.

Judge Cha visits Mrs. Nam in jail. Judge Cha won’t give Mrs. Nam her new thug’s name. Judge Cha points out that Mrs. Nam did the illegal activities. Mrs. Nam can’t believe that Judge Cha won’t help. Judge Cha tells her to trust the lawyer. She leaves. Mrs. Nam can’t believe it.

Gwang Soo calls Sang Pil with the news that their inside man has been discovered. Sang Pil’s group gather to retrieve him by force.

Judge Cha’s new thug teaches the inside man a lesson in pain. Sang Pil and his guys arrive. The theme music plays. The fight ensues. Sang Pil acquits himself admirably. He and his men are victorious. Sang Pil demands to know why Judge Cha’s new thug betrayed his uncle. He declares he hates Sang Pil. The inside man says he’ll take care of the traitor and brandishes a knife. Sang Pil offers the choice – justice by the knife or the law.

Jae Yi finds Sang Pil, Gwang Soo, and Geum Gang recovering from the fight. She chides him for getting in scrapes as part of his strategy. He declares sometimes physical fights are necessary. She flicks his face pleased that he won.

Later she makes coffee and they discuss Mrs. Nam’s judge. She confirms that Judge Cha brought that judge from Seoul. Sang Pil declares they’ll make it so Judge Cha must be the judge. Jae Yi agrees.

In jail, Mrs. Nam can’t get her visits from Judge Cha and Sang Pil out of her mind. She decides she can’t be a victim. She needs Sang Pil. She calls to the guards she needs to speak with her daughter.

The next morning Yeon Hee visits Sang Pil at his office. She says her mother accepts the deal. Yeon Hee brings the ledger her mother kept on Judge Cha’s foundation. Sang Pil promises her mother will get the punishment she deserves – no more, no less. Yeon Hee declares her mother had to chose the lesser of two evils by siding with him. She glares at Jae Yi entering the office as she leaves. Sang Pil shows her the ledger. The rest of the team arrives and are thrilled to learn Mrs. Nam provided them evidence. Jae Yi says Judge Cha’s name isn’t anywhere in the ledger. Sang Pil knew that would be true. He states he must trade with Mrs. Nam to get the evidence they need to put Judge Cha away.

The chief prosecutor tells Judge Cha he’s worried what O Joo may do. He brings her a gun to keep in her house.

Sang Pil becomes Mrs. Nam’s lawyer. She agrees that she’s breaking ties with Judge Cha. Sang Pil agrees she won’t be punished for the crime she didn’t commit because she was acting on Judge Cha’s orders. Mrs. Nam agrees. She declares she never made the decisions, Judge Cha did.

Jae Yi wonders if they can trust Mrs. Nam. Sang Pil says they must meet Prosecutor Chun. She asks about his past with Prosecutor Chun.

Flashback…Prosecutor Chun interrogates Sang Pil and Gwang Soo for fighting with another gang. Sang Pil declares he couldn’t let his brother’s attack be ignored. Prosecutor Chun laughs when he learns Sang Pil is studying to be a lawyer considering his uncle is a gang leader. He provides the evidence that Sang Pil and Gwang Soo fought. He promises to put the thugs in jail. He promises one day he’ll catch the gang because he’s not afraid of thugs.

Sang Pil declares the payoff for bring Prosecutor Chun to town begins today.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi visit Prosecutor Chun and tells him Sang Pil is Mrs. Nam’s new lawyer. CP laughs. Jae Yi promises there will be many surprises in the courtroom. Prosecutor Chun asks if Sang Pil is using him for his revenge. Jae Yi assures him that Sang Pil doesn’t use his friends for revenge. Prosecutor Chun likes her affirmation. Prosecutor Chun won’t share intel. Sang Pil declares they won’t need it.

As they exit, Jae Yi gets a call about the judge.

Detective Oh tells Prosecutor Chun about Sang Pil and Jae Yi’s past that happened 18 years ago.

Jae Yi, Gwang Soo, Geum Gang, and Geum Gang’s sister watch the judge dump her mistress. She tries to hit him but he pushes her away. Jae Yi says the litany of mistresses will come back to haunt the judge. She tells the mistress she can make sure she gets big money from the judge. Geum Gang’s sister pipes up that Jae Yi can avenge the scorned woman. The woman provides them evidence that the lawyer took a bribe to fix a trial. They are all smiles.

O Joo isn’t a welcome sight for “the 7” lawyer. He tries to run by O Joo’s assistant pushes him to O Joo. The lawyer apologizes to O Joo. A bat is applied to the lawyer. O Joo tells the lawyer that Judge Cha is next. O Joo’s assistant takes a picture of the bloody. Ha!

Judge Cha tells the judge she’ll have one more thing to take care of after the trial. He assures he he’ll do his best. He shares that Mrs. Nam has a new lawyer. Judge Cha guesses Sang Pil is the new lawyer. Judge Cha gets a text and picture of her beaten lawyer with the message “this is what happens when you betray me”.

Judge Cha pays a visit to Sang Pil at his office. He’s surprised to see her. She asks why he’s defending Mrs. Nam. Sang Pil says Judge Cha will never understand the pain she’s caused. He says Jae Yi is in agony. He declares he’s going to extract justice.  Judge Cha declares she’s the power in the city. He’ll never topple her. Sang Pil smiles and tells her to watch him work his magic. Judge Cha declares he’ll lose. She stalks out.

The hearing for Jae Yi’s mother’s kidnapping and instigation of murder begins. Sang Pil arrives and takes his place at the defense lawyer table. Mrs. Nam is brought in. Yeon Hee is concerned about her mother. The judge enters. Jae Yi glares at him. He begins the trial.

Before Prosecutor Chun can make an opening statement, Sang Pil demands a new judge. The judge asks why he’s using this old tactic. Sang Pil states he believes the judge will render an unfair verdict. The judge doesn’t like that. He dares Sang Pil to risk his license to convince him. Sang Pil states his client deserves a fair trial. The judge presses Sang Pil to risk his license. Sang Pil agrees to stake his license. The judge is shocked. The courtroom is filled with murmurs.

Judge Cha learns of Sang Pil’s bold move. She’s not surprised. She leaves her office.

Back in the courtroom, the judge declares Sang Pil’s accusation is an insult. Sang Pil asks if he’s ready for the proof. The judge says he’s not the defendant but will allow Sang Pil to proceed. Judge Cha arrives in the back of the courtroom. Sang Pil looks at her. Sang Pil shows the expensive vacation house the judge owns. The judge scoffs that real estate isn’t a crime. Sang Pil agrees the vacation house isn’t a crime but only paying a fraction of the value to buy it is. Sang Pil shows the payment contract. Jae Yi gets a call and exits the courtroom. On her way out she sees Judge Cha and glares.

Outside the courtroom, Jae Yi’s phone caller is O Joo. He claims to have an offer she’d be interested in. He asks if she wants evidence against Judge Cha. He tells her to come alone or he’ll go to her father. Jae Yi leaves.

Sang Pil details how the judge gave a defendant special treatment to earn the reduced price of the vacation house. The judge declares this is a fantasy. Sang Pil declares based this evidence the defense demands a new judge. Prosecutor Chun rises and declares the prosecution agrees. The judge closes his eyes. Sang Pil stares at Judge Cha.

After the trial, Sang Pil tells Gwang Soo to find Jae Yi when he learns she left the courtroom after receiving a phone call.

Reporters cluster around Sang Pil. He spies Judge Cha watches. He declares a courtroom must be a place of fairness. Sang Pil locks eyes with Judge Cha. He declares he wants the judge with the strongest sense of justice as the judge for this trial.

Jae Yi calls Sang Pil. He gets in his car then answers the call. But O Joo speaks not Jae Yi. Sang Pil reminds O Joo that he’ll pay if her hurts Jae Yi. O Joo tells him to come.

An angry Sang Pil arrives and yells for O Joo. He demands to know where Jae Yi is. O Joo chuckles that they both have something they want to protect. Sang Pil tells him he can’t fix the mess O Joo has made for himself. Sang Pil tells O Joo this is his chance to kill him. O Joo pulls a gun and puts it at Sang Pil’s head. He forces Sang Pil to kneel. O Joo promises Jae Yi will be taken care of. They stare at each other. O Joo counts down to pulling the trigger.

My Thoughts

Sang Pil begins his countermoves to defeat Judge Cha.  This episode was smooth as silk. Almost all the moves and countermoves made sense. I will admit that I was a bit surprised that Jae Yi agreed to see O Joo alone. That felt a bit clunky. It was also clunky when Sang Pil didn’t tell Jae Yi about O Joo’s threats. Once again, the decision to protect someone makes them vulnerable.  Writer Yoon appears to be setting up the final showdown to occur in the courtroom. That’s fitting. Let Judge Cha preside over her own demise.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) became Mrs. Nam’s lawyer. Writer Yoon repeated the plot point of Sang Pil defending an enemy. But there was no other way to position the courtroom final showdown unless Sang Pil is the defense lawyer. I like Sang Pil’s swagger and respect he shows in the courtroom. I like Sang Pil’s swagger when he and his men went to the thug lair and mixed it up. I like Sang Pil confident but mindful he still has many mines to avoid in his quest for the ultimate prize. He told Judge Cha that Jae Yi wasn’t his Achilles heel. O Joo decided she was. Is he right?

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) was reunited with her mother and father.  Jae Yi’s mother and father were reunited. I’m glad I didn’t have to suffer watching Jae Yi’s brainwashed father learn the truth about Judge Cha. I’m sure he’s being deprogrammed as I write this. I had hoped Jae Yi would play a larger role in the finale showdown and share the lawyer’s table with Sang Pil. Now she’s in O Joo’s clutches and Sang Pil is on his knees before O Joo.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as almost terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The sixth song of the OST is “Ohju: I ain’t a Gang, No More” by Hwang In Kyu. It is second first instrumental song of the full OST:

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 15 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 15 Recap

An angry Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) arrives and yells for Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) who is with O Joo and his assistant.  An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) mutters that Sang Pil was quick. He tells his assistant to keep Jae Yi there. She warns him not to use her as a bargaining chip. O Joo strides out of the room. She punches the assistant but he pushes her down in the chair.

O Joo yells to Sang Pil who is full of angry energy. He demands to know where Jae Yi is. O Joo chuckles that they both have something they want to protect. Sang Pil tells him he can’t fix the mess O Joo has made for himself. Sang Pil tells O Joo this is his chance to kill him. O Joo pulls a gun and puts it at Sang Pil’s head.

O Joo’s assistant tells Jae Yi O Joo has a gun. He listens at the door. Jae Yi comes up behind him and uses the martial arts training Sang Pil provided and takes him down. She strides out of the room.

O Joo forces Sang Pil to kneel. O Joo promises Jae Yi will be taken care of. They stare at each other. O Joo counts down to pulling the trigger. Sang Pil flashes back to O Joo doing the same on the night his mother was murdered. Jae Yi finds them and demands that O Joo stop. His assistant limps in. Jae Yi pulls the notebook from Sang Pil’s jacket. She shows it to O Joo and declares Judge Cha is the one that provided it to Sang Pil to get rid of O Joo. He can’t help but look at the notebook. He sees Judge Cha’s notes of his illegal activities. Jae Yi says his loyalty to Judge Cha isn’t wise. O Joo demands to know if Sang Pil has the evidence to get rid of Judge Cha. Sang Pil says he can IF O Joo will testify. O Joo chuckles that he won’t go to jail. Sang Pil asks what he’s afraid of. Sang Pil reminds him Judge Cha is his target.

O Joo empties his gun except for one bullet. He offers the gun to Jae Yi. She takes it.  O Joo and Sang Pil fight. O Joo agrees to testify against Judge Cha. Jae Yi says a plea bargain and immunity for testifying is the deal they can offer. O Joo says it is time for round two. Jae Yi holds the gun and aims it at O Joo. Sang Pil grabs the gun, smiles, and lowers it. O Joo and Sang Pil fight more. It is gritty. Sang Pil gets O Joo in a death grip. Jae Yi tells Sang Pil to stop. He does.

Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) organizes the crowd to demand Judge Cha be the new judge for Mrs. Nam. She drives away. Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) calls Sang Pil and reports the rally was a success.

Jae Yi asks Sang Pil if O Joo will testify. They agree he is the most powerful weapon against Judge Cha. Jae Yi believes the notebook will prove that Judge Cha wasn’t loyal to O Joo.

O Joo’s assistant doesn’t believe Sang Pil and Jae Yi. But O Joo recalls moments with Judge Cha when she demanded utter loyalty.  O Joo rips the notebook and declares he’ll use his hands to defeat Judge Cha.

The chief prosecutor tells Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) the judge is being fired as they speak. He recommends she take over as judge. She agrees to consider it.

Back at the office, everyone gathered seeing the evidence of the fight. Sang Pil declares they are closer and mustn’t stop their quest.

The political party leader tells Judge Cha taking over as judge is a wonderful opportunity for a powerful final trial. He believes it will help her confirmation hearing for the supreme court.

Back at the office, everyone is thrilled when Judge Cha takes over as judge. Sang Pil declares this will be Judge Cha’s last trial. Everyone leaves to celebrate. Sang Pil stays behind.

O Joo waits at the courthouse. His assistant can’t grab her. O Joo calls her. He says he knows about the notebook and her plan to use Sang Pil to dispose of him. He warns her he won’t let it happen. She suggests they talk in person and hangs up.

Mrs. Nam calls Sang Pil upset to learn Judge Cha is her new judge. She demands he come to the jail. Jae Yi declares she’ll be Sang Pil’s supporting attorney. He’s pleased and welcomes her to the team.

Mrs. Nam isn’t excited to see Jae Yi when Sang Pil visits her. He assures her that Jae Yi will unnerve Judge Cha. Mrs. Nam claims she didn’t know the woman she ordered killed was her mother. Jae Yi says Judge Cha is her target.

Judge Cha tells Yeon Hee she must make her mother confess to her crimes. She dangles the opportunity to be her side as she shifts to the supreme court. The choice is clear – stick with Judge Cha or go down with her mother.

Mrs. Nam can’t believe a member of “the 7” will testify against her. Jae Yi points out “the 7” aren’t the loyal cohorts Mrs. Nam believed.

As they walk down the hallway, Sang Pil thanks Jae Yi for being by his side on this. He tells her he’s got a thug to pressure.

Sang Pil visits Judge Cha’s new thug with his uncle’s trusted thug standing guard. Sang Pil wants him to dish dirt on Judge Cha. He asks to make a phone call to wish his mother happy birthday. Stupidly, they allow it and leave the room. The thug calls Judge Cha.

The trusted thug asks Sang Pil if he believes the man can be trusted. Sang Pil is counting on him not to be trustworthy. Sang Pil asks the trusted thug to testify instead. He agrees.

Jae Yi and Sang Pil enter the empty courtroom. They realize their moment has come. They agree this fight they won’t lose. They vow to fight to the end. They hold hands. The lights come on and people begin to enter the courtroom.

Judge Cha meets Mrs. Nam before the trial. Judge Cha says Mrs. Nam did things because she cared for her too much. Judge Cha says Yeon Hee is worried about her. She urges Mrs. Nam to make the decision that gives her daughter a bright future. Mrs. Nam cries and asks Judge Cha to vow she’ll support Yeon Hee.

O Joo watches his assistant play basketball. His former assistant monitors the trial.

In the courtroom, the prosecution plays the video where Mrs. Nam orders murder. Prosecutor Chun calls the new editor to the stand. He claims Mrs. Nam has repeatedly seen Mrs. Nam’s verbal and physical violence at Judge Cha’s house. Prosecutor Chun submits supporting written testimony from her housemaids. Jae Yi questions him focusing on his friendship with Mrs. Nam and benefits repeated from knowing Judge Cha. Sang Pil asks about Mrs. Nam’s loyalty. He declares she’s a vulgar woman. Sang Pil eggs him on until he starts yelling at Mrs. Nam. He admits her wrote favorable articles about Golden City. He apologizes for the statement. Sang Pil declares the words of this witness can’t be trusted.

The trusted thug is the next witness. He admits to killing Judge Cha’s masseuse. Sang Pil asks who ordered him to kill. After a pregnant pause he states someone else ordered Mrs. Nam to kill but he can’t remember the person’s name. Judge Cha orders him to taken into custody and adjourns the court.

Mrs. Nam is pleased with how things went. Jae Yi and Sang Pil and press her to testify against Judge Cha. Mrs. Nam says she can’t make the decision.

O Joo learns how court went from his former assistant. He wonders if Sang Pil can really nail Judge Cha.

Mrs. Nam struggles with her decision.

Sang Pil tells Jae Yi they need a backup if Mrs. Nam won’t testify. They both agree they need O Joo’s testimony.

Jae Yi asks Prosecutor Chun to give O Joo immunity. She tells him he needs to meet someone before he decides. Detective Oh escorts Jae Yi’s mother to meet Prosecutor Chun. He’s surprised the dead masseuse is alive. Jae Yi admits the masseuse is her mother. Jae Yi’s mother tells her Judge Cha tried to kill her 19 years ago. Detective Oh states there is a long-standing connection between Sang Pil, Jae Yi, her mother and Judge Cha.

O Joo arrives at Judge Cha’s house. His assistant worries this is a trap.

Judge Cha tells O Joo to say what he needs to say. He stares at her. She tells him the notebook means nothing. O Joo should trust her. O Joo pulls his pistol out and aims it at her. He asks why he shouldn’t kill her. From another room someone trains a gun on O Joo. Judge Cha points out that Sang Pil wants to nail him for killing his mother. She declares he needs to do her bidding once again.

Prosecutor Chun meets Sang Pil. He says he won’t be used for Sang Pil’s revenge. He refuses to grant O Joo long term immunity because the evidence is obviously provided by powers that want O Joo out of the way. Prosecutor Chun says he’ll indicts O Joo fair and square. Both men smile. Sang Pil says this is important to him. Prosecutor Chun claims not to care. He leaves.

Sang Pil calls O Joo, he says his part of the deal is done. O Joo is impressed. Sang Pil tells him the next move is his. O Joo considers what to do next. Should he testify?

Mrs. Nam is passed a note in prison.

The next morning, Jae Yi is concerned that Sang Pil worked all night. The gang arrives and teases the couple.

Sang Pil tells Jae Yi about Prosecutor Chun’s agreement to short term immunity for O Joo. They smile.

Judge Cha is interviewed about the popularity of her book. The party leaders and other members of “the seven” watch her pretend to be demur and only want to help Korea be a better country. And the crowd goes wild. They are all pleased with her showing.

The chief prosecutor yells at Prosecutor Chun for giving O Joo immunity. He counters the evidence isn’t sufficient. He asks his boss how the evidence happened to come to him. The chief prosecutor bristles and order him to indict O Joo. Prosecutor Chun counters he can’t order him to do that. He refuses with respect.

O Joo reads the positive press about Judge Cha.

The gang reads the positive press about Judge Cha.

The party leader is pleased with Judge Cha but it is time for a couple of hard questions. They ask about her wealth. She notes she rents her house. They ask about the picture from 18 years ago. Judge Cha that picture cost her but provided the people of Korea an understanding at how fair she really is.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi arrive at court.

O Joo wonders who he should trust. His assistant says he he’s going to court, they have to leave now.

In the courtroom, Judge Cha enters. Sang Pil says Mrs. Nam wants to testify. Judge Cha agrees.  Mrs. Nam stares at her daughter. Yeon Hee recalls Jae Yi telling her that Judge Cha can’t be trusted. Mrs. Nam rises and stares at Judge Cha. She recalls Judge Cha promising to facilitate Yeon Hee’s long term success if she’ll take the bullet for her. She starts to speak then grabs her heart. Sang Pil stares at Judge Cha. He realizes this situation was manufactured. O Joo calls and declares he won’t testify. Sang Pil realizes Judge Cha has manipulated events again. Sang Pil tells Jae Yi that O Joo won’t testify. She urges him to bring O Joo.

O Joo declares they must leave. His former assistant stabs him. He realizes Judge Cha has him in her employ. O Joo’s assistant rushes the murdering assistant. Sang Pil arrives and sees the situation. He passes O Joo and fights the former assistant. The man flees. O Joo’s assistant jokes they could have used him sooner. O Joo struggles to remain standing. His assistant dies from the knife wounds inflicted by the former assistant.

Jae Yi sits in the courtroom. She stares at Judge Cha’s chair.

Judge Cha sits in chambers. She smiles knowing she’s played the winning hand.

My Thoughts

Judge Cha manipulates with deadly intent.  Judge Cha proves again she’s the chess master. She offers Mrs. Nam guaranteed success for her daughter if she does not implicate her. Mrs. Nam struggles with the decision. Just when she’s about to reveal her choice, she collapses. I assume Judge Cha has something to do with that (the note in prison) as she doesn’t leave anything to chance. O Joo met with Judge Cha to confront her about the notebook. He confronts her that the notebook she supplied to Sang Pil that has been the guidebook for Sang Pil’s pursuit of him. While Judge Cha didn’t deny it, she resumed the master slave stance she’s always had with O Joo. Was it the comfort of that tenor that made O Joo decline to testify against Judge Cha? But he got skewered when his former assistant (now on Judge Cha’s payroll) literally stabbed him and stabbed his assistant mortally wounding him. Sang Pil’s arrival fended off another attack and the former assistant fled. Have the scales fallen from O Joo’s eyes? Will he agree to testify? Can he testify with his wound? Writer Yoon has primed the pump. I can taste Judge Cha’s defeat. Will I be happy after the finale episode?

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) needs help to defeat Judge Cha. Writer Yoon drove home the point that Judge Cha’s aura isn’t easily broken. Sang Pil’s logic wasn’t enough with Mrs. Nam and O Joo sever the ties and see the lies Judge Cha fed both of them. Will Sang Pil’s timely intervention in saving O Joo’s life be the turning point? Early in the episode Sang Pil had O Joo in the death grip but refused to kill him. Then at the end of the episode he saved him. Sang Pil’s mother would be proud that her son is pursing justice not revenge.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) returned to the courtroom as the supporting defense attorney.  I’d hoped she step up and join the defense team. Jae Yi is a good lawyer in her own right and the perfect complement to Sang Pil. Jae Yi told Yeon Hee that Judge Cha couldn’t be trusted. But no one wants to believe Judge Cha would lie to them. Everyone wants to believe Judge Cha’s honeyed lies. Jae Yi sees Judge Cha clearly. Will she be a crucial component to bring Judge Cha down in the final episode?

What’s my wish list for the final episode?
*Judge Cha is revealed to be the mastermind and monster behind the affable self-deprecating mask she wears. She needs to lose EVERYTHING. Her status, her money, her good standing in the public, and the goal of being a supreme court judge must vanish into thin air. I’d like to see her in jail at the end of the episode.
* Sang Pil and Jae Yi are triumphant in court. I’ve enjoyed this couple professionally and personally (save their brief separation at Jae Yi’s mother’s request). I want them rock solid at the end of the show.
* O Joo goes to jail. He can’t get off. He killed Sang Pil’s mother. He must testify and turn the tables on Judge Cha. Then he must go to jail. Fingers crossed that O Joo paying for his crimes start in the the courtroom or later by Prosecutor Chun.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The seventh song of the OST is “Establishment of Lawless City” by Lee Tae Hyun. It is third instrumental song of the full OST:

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Lawless Lawyer Episode 16 Recap (Final)

Lawless Lawyer Episode 16 Recap (Final)

An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) and his assistant prepare to leave the county per the arrangements of his former assistant. He grabs his bag of cash and declares they must leave. His former assistant stabs him from behind. He realizes Judge Cha has him in her employ. O Joo’s assistant rushes the murdering assistant. Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) arrives and sees the situation. He passes O Joo and fights the former assistant. The man flees. O Joo’s assistant jokes they could have used him sooner. O Joo struggles to remain standing. His assistant dies from the knife wounds inflicted by the former assistant. O Joo eyes his dead assistant. Sang Pil shakes the dead man but to no avail. O Joo asks about the trial. Sang Pil reports the trial was adjourned and what just unfolded was her machinations. O Joo agrees. He falls down. He asks if he can still testify. Sang Pil confirms this. O Joo manages to stand. He pulls his bag of cash out of the lobby.

Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) sits in chambers. She is not happy when O Joo’s former assistant calls to report that he did not kill O Joo because Sang Pil came and saved him. Irked, she orders him to find O Joo and finish the job.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) listens to Mrs. Nam admit she faked the attack to gain herself more time. Jae Yi warns Mrs. Nam not to believe Judge Cha’s promises. Sang Pil arrives and tells Jae Yi that O Joo was found and Judge Cha won’t like the outcome. Mrs. Nam demands to know if O Joo will testify. Sang Pil confirms O Joo will testify. She can’t believe. Sang Pil tells her she must decide if she will testify for or against Judge Cha.

Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) gets flirty with Geum Gang’s sister. Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) tell them besmirch his beloved Subway with that kind of behavior. The gang performs a mock trial with Geum Gang’s sister as Sang Pil and Geum Gang as the judge. Sang Pil and Jae Yi can’t help but smile when they enter. Everyone laughs. They discuss how having O Joo testify is crucial. They agree they need press coverage too.

Subway product placement, a staple.

Sang Pil meets with Prosecutor Chun. He admits asked the trusted thug not to name Judge Cha because he’d hoped to get Mrs. Nam to confess. They discuss O Joo who has been called as a witness and forbidden from leaving the country. Sang Pil admits he’s keeping Jae Yi’s mother in secret and will produce her IF he needs her at the trial.

Mrs. Nam is horrified when her daughter Kang Yeon Hee (Cha Jung Won) declares she’ll beg Judge Cha for mercy because Sang Pil can’t save her only Judge Cha can.

Jae Yi tells her reporter friend the trial will pull the mask off Judge Cha. Jae Yi asks the reporter to gather local and international reporter to cover the trial so the trial has wide coverage. The reporter agrees anxious to see Judge Cha go down.

Judge Cha and her lawyer meet with Mrs. Nam. They claim to be concerned about her. Judge Cha asks if Sang Pil claimed O Joo would testify. Mrs. Nam is surprised. Judge Cha is firm that O Joo will never testify because he knows the consequences. The lawyer warns Mrs. Nam not to believe Sang Pil’s promises. Judge Cha takes Mrs. Nam’s hands and reiterates that Sang Pil cannot be trusted. Judge Cha says that Sang Pil doesn’t care about her like she does.

As they leave Judge Cha tells the lawyer that Mrs. Nam cannot be trusted. She says she’ll have to neutralize both Mrs. Nam and O Joo.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi prepare for the next day in the trial. They agree that Judge Cha adding her lawyer to the witness list is designed to pressure Mrs. Nam and reduce her credibility as well as O Joo’s credibility. Sang Pil gets a phone call. He listens then stares at Jae Yi.

Any one else find it odd that Sang Pil didn’t take O Joo under his control or get him medical attention? If he’s a crucial witness shouldn’t he be treated as such?

O Joo loads his pistol. He burns his money.

The next day outside the courtroom, Sang Pil and Jae Yi see Judge Cha. Jae Yi promises her she’ll be the star of the day. Judge Cha counters that she’ll control the trial. Sang Pil states O Joo wasn’t planning on testifying. Judge Cha declares O Joo will not testify. Jae Yi promises this will be Judge Cha’s last trial.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi thank all the reporters who have attended to cover the trial. He promises an exciting day.

Yeon Hee calls to her mother as Mrs. Nam takes her place next to Sang Pil and Jae Yi at the defendant’s table. Mrs. Nam frets that Judge Cha controls her daughter. Jae Yi points out Mrs. Nam created the situation and her testimony can change all that.

The video of Mrs. Nam is shown. Detective Oh testifies that the video is real not fabricated.

When Jae Yi cross examines Detective Oh, she asks how the video was obtained. Detective Oh states the Chief Prosecutor provided the video. Jae Yi asks how often the Chief Prosecutor provides evidence. Detective Oh admits it is a rare occurrence. Jae Yi asks where the Chief Prosecutor got the video. Detective Oh admits the Chief Prosecutor refused to share the origins of the video. Jae Yi finds that unusual. Judge Cha stops the questioning. Jae Yi requests the Chief Prosecutor testify. Judge Cha agrees.

The Chief Prosecutor takes the stand. Sang Pil asks where he got the video clip. He claims it was an anonymous informant. Sang Pil asks if the informant has more clout than he does. Judge Cha asks what the point of the question is. Sang Pil reminds the court the previous witness stated that a high-ranking official was named by the “murdered” masseuse. Sang Pil reminds the court the Chief Prosecutor also provided documents detailing O Joo’s illegal campaign fund activities from an anonymous informant. Sang Pil asks who the Chief Prosecutor who the anonymous informant is. The Chief Prosecutor refuses to reveal the identify. Sang Pil promises that will be revealed later.

Mrs. Nam is called to testify. Sang Pil asks if she ordered the murder of the masseuse. There is a long pause in which Mrs. Nam stares at Judge Cha, then she admits to the crime. Sang Pil asks if she’s aware that she’ll receive the same punishment as the murderer. Mrs. Nam confirms she knows this. Judge Cha tries to end Sang Pil’s questioning and wrap her Mrs. Nam’s testimony. Sang Pil states he has more to ask. Judge Cha relents. Sang Pil asks Mrs. Nam if she acted solo. Mrs. Nam states someone ordered her to do kill the masseuse. The courtroom buzzes. Sang Pil asks Mrs. Nam if the person that ordered her to kill the masseuse is the same high ranking official the previous witness testified about. Mrs. Nam confirms this. She admits she was afraid to admit this, hence her silence on the matter. She stares at Judge Cha and declares those with power can erase the truth. Sang Pil asks if the high-ranking official is in the court. Mrs. Nam identifies Judge Cha as the high ranking official. The courtroom buzzes. Judge Cha calls the courtroom to order. She orders the statement stricken. Sang Pil asks Judge Cha if she ordered the murder. Judge Cha ignores him and ends Mrs. Nam’s testimony.

Judge Cha calls her lawyer to the stand. He testifies as the former attorney for O Joo, he new that Mrs. Nam was active in the Golden City development only to line her own pockets. He declares Mrs. Nam is a liar. Judge Cha suggests Mrs. Nam’s statement that someone else ordered her to murder the masseuse is also a lie. The lawyer provides evidence. He confirms that Mrs. Nam stood to make $10B in the Golden City development. Mrs. Nam doesn’t like that. Judge Cha tells her to sit.

The courtroom doors open. O Joo stands in the door way. He walks into the courtroom. Sang Pil declares that O Joo will testify. Judge Cha calls the Prosecutor Chun and Sang Pil to the bench. Prosecutor Chun confirms he wants O Joo to testify. He steps away. Judge Cha tells Sang Pil she’ll neuter O Joo’s testimony just like she did to Mrs. Nam’s. Sang Pil declares the truth will come out and she’ll soon learn why O Joo is here to testify. Judge Cha approves O Joo as a witness.

O Joo swears to tell the truth and is seated. O Joo declares the life he’s lived is proof. He asks for a glass of water.  He testifies that he has been the “fixer thug” for the Cha family for years. Judge Cha doesn’t want the questioning to continue. Prosecutor Chun wants it continue. Judge Cha is forced to allow it.  Sang Pil list people including his mother that O Joo murdered under Judge Cha’s orders. O Joo confirms that Judge Cha ordered him to kill all those people. The courtroom buzzes. Judge Cha suggests Mrs. Nam and O Joo are colluding. Sang Pil shows the picture from 18 years ago of Judge Cha and O Joo. Sang Pil asks O Joo to identify the people in the photo. O Joo identifies himself and Judge Cha. Sang Pil asks O Joo to explain the circumstances the photo was taken. O Joo grabs the mic and tells the courtroom that Judge Cha ran over someone and called him to fix the mess she made. Judge Cha asks how O Joo can prove it. She declares the testimony and picture have been fabricated. Jae Yi declares another witness can verify the picture and testimony. Jae Yi calls the witness to appear.

Jae Yi’s mother steps forward and stares at Judge Cha. Jae Yi declares this is the masseuse that was ordered murdered because she took the picture 18 years ago. Jae Yi declares she an eye witness to the murder and her mother. Jae Yi stares at Judge Cha and declares Judge Cha ordered her mother kidnapped and killed. Sang Pil explains they rescued Jae Yi’s mother just before Judge Cha’s thugs killed her. Sang Pil demands Judge Cha to respond to their accusations. Judge Cha adjourns for the day. Sang Pil orders her to sit. She stares at Sang Pil. The gallery erupts and demands Judge Cha answer the accusations. Sang Pil declares she cannot escape the accusations. Prosecutor Chun declares he’s amending the charges and wants to postpone the trial. Judge Cha looks around her courtroom.

O Joo is handcuffed and taken away. Sang Pil and Jae Yi watch him go. He asks to smoke a cigarette.

Judge Cha hangs her head in her chambers. She trashes her desk.

Jae Yi and Sang Pil exit the court room. Gwang Soo rushes to them and declares O Joo got away. Sang Pil thinks he knows where O Joo is headed. He tells Gwang Soo to stay with Jae Yi. She tells him to be careful.

At the waterfront, O Joo stares at the police. Sang Pil arrives. O Joo waves his gun at Sang Pil. He walks to O Joo and declares he must face the punishment the law demands. O Joo declares himself above the law.  He handcuffs Sang Pil to him and puts the gun to him. He tells Sang Pil that his mother suffered. Sang Pil grabs his throat. O Joo laughs that his mother is in heaven. Sang Pil puts the gun to O Joo’s head. Prosecutor Chun tells him not to do it. O Joo dares him to kill him. Sang Pil considers and bends down to O Joo. He says he’s lived in pain for 18 years. Sang Pil says he won’t dirty himself with O Joo’s blood. Instead he’ll destroy him with the law. They butt heads. O Joo declares he was born in this location and he’ll die here too. He tells him to destroy Judge Cha with the law. He grabs the gun and shoots himself in the head. Sang Pil stands, his hand tethered to the dead O Joo.

Judge Cha smiles at a positive article about herself. She drops her judicial robes and leaves the office.

At Judge Cha’s house, Detective Oh says he’s there to arrest her. She refuses to be handcuffed but goes with the police.

The news reports Judge Cha’s arrest.

The police arrest Judge Cha’s lawyer.

The editor is arrested.

The Chief Prosecutor is questioned by the police.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi enter Prosecutor Chun’s office and give him all the evidence from Sang Pil’s past. Jae Yi says Prosecutor Chun can build a good case with this evidence. Sang Pil states his mother’s murder was the beginning. Prosecutor Chun praises Sang Pil for turning revenge into justice.

Yeon Hee thanks her mother for giving her a chance for fresh start. Mrs. Nam praises her daughter for taking a new path. Both women cry.

In prison garb Judge Cha meets with Jae Yi and Sang Pil. Jae Yi asks how it feels to be a mere mortal. Judge Cha declares she knows humans are ugly and as a judge she’d helped the world by putting criminals away. Sang Pil counters that Judge Cha’s greed and hypocrisy created tragedy. Sang Pil says he made her accountable to those she hurt over the years. Sang Pil says she should ask for their forgiveness. Sang Pil stands and tells them they must forgive her or the rest of their lives will be spent in pain.

Outside the prison, Jae Yi says that Judge Cha doesn’t get it. She thinks the world still revolves around her. Sang Pil states power was Judge Cha’s birthright and she doesn’t even know it.

That must be a bad translation because that is a ridiculous statement. Judge Cha knows she has power and has welded it her entire life.

Sang Pil stares at the wall of evidence. He looks at photos of his mother.

Flashback…As a young boy Sang Pil watches Jae Yi’s mother giving her mother the damming photos of Judge Cha. His mother stated that these photos would ultimately help Judge Cha. Jae Yi’s mother asked Sang Pil how old he was. Seven was the response. Jae Yi’s mother shows them a picture of a young Jae Yi. The woman clasped hands. Sang Pil’s mother declares exposing the truth will benefit their children. Jae Yi’s mother smiles and agrees this is worth doing.

Jae Yi joins him at the wall of evidence. Sang Pil admits he was remembering the early days. He reminds her they lived near each other. He wonders if they met long ago at the stationary store.

Flashback…A young Jae Yi stares at the closed sign on the stationary store. A young Sang Pil walks up and sees the sign. He tells her he can help if she needs to buy anything. She scoffs no and walk away. Sang Pil follows. Jae Yi stops and smiles. Sang Pil smiles.

Jae Yi doesn’t believe they met as children. Sang Pil believes the possibility exists.

Jae Yi and Sang Pil stare at the justice statue at the courtroom. Prosecutor Chun calls to them. Outside Prosecutor Chun reports the Judge Cha has appealed the guilty verdict. Sang Pil says that Judge Cha won’t be able to wiggle out of the conviction. Jae Yi teases Prosecutor Chun for working at the special prosecutor branch. Prosecutor Chun retorts that isn’t the stepping stone to success. Prosecutor Chun declares they should return to Seoul. He wants them to do something for him at the special branch. Jae Yi agrees to go. Sang Pil agrees to go because Jae Yi agrees.

In prison Mrs. Nam yells to Judge Cha that she should talk to her and not ignore her. Judge Cha says nothing.

Outside the lawless lawyer office, the gang distributes flies in celebration. One member of the team pretends to be O Joo and declares Judge Cha made him do it. Geum Gang declares Judge Cha can’t deny the truth. Gwang Soo and Geum Gang’s sister love it. The gang gathers and declares they are the Lawless Lawyers. They strike a pose. The office is filled with clients. Sang Pil and Jae Yi are busy offering legal advice.

Later the gang include Jae Yi’s parents in a celebratory dinner. Geum Gang declares the Lawless Lawyer serve the entire city. Jae Yi’s father makes a toast. Geum Gang asks if Sang Pil and Jae Yi will leave for Seoul. Sang Pil declares even though they are leaving, they’ll return often. Geum Gang’s sister is bummed. Gwang Soo declares the firm will move forward. Sang Pil announces Gwang Soo is studying to be a lawyer. Gwang Soo declares his intent to follow in Sang Pil’s footsteps. Geum Gang is impressed. His sister says she likes lawyers. Geum Gang realizes Gwang Soo could become his brother in law. Everyone laughs.

As Jae Yi drives back to Seoul and Sang Pil suggest they switch and he’ll drive the rest of the way. Sang Pil says he’s watched her for a long time. They smile. Jae Yi asks what it is like to leave his hometown with her. Sang Pil declares he achieved everything he wanted – revenge, justice and love. They smile. Jae Yi punches the accelerator. They put on their shades and declares the future is theirs. The theme music swells.

They arrive in Seoul. Prosecutor Chun greets them. He welcomes they to the lawless city of Seoul. Prosecutor Chun declares they will stamp out corruption in government. Jae Yi declares they will be busy. Sang Pil declares they’ll punish those that hide behind power to take advantage of others. Jae Yi declares sometimes they’ll have to be lawless. Sang Pil proclaims it is time to start. Jae Yi agrees. They bump fists. Prosecutor Chun grins. Sang Pil and Jae Yi put on their shades and stride in the future. A new day has dawned in Seoul!

My Thoughts

Judge Cha went down with a whimper.  Writer Yoon closed this series ticking all the boxes. Judge Cha and the rest of the seven had some form of justice served. Sang Pil and Jae Yi prevailed in court. A bright future awaits our couple. And yet…this wasn’t an exciting final episode. The tension, the drama, the emotion, felt subdued. Lawless Lawyer came in like a lion and out like a lamb. I liked where the series ended up, but compared to all the other terrific episodes, the finale fell a bit short.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) achieved the trifecta – revenge, justice and love.  Writer Yoon nailed that line. Sang Pil didn’t want only revenge, he wanted justice and got it. Initially his instinct was to pursue seize revenge but he evolved and walked the path to achieve justice. As a couple, Sang Pil and Jae Yi are well matched. The reveal that they met as children was sweet. Thankfully the dalliance with noble idiocy didn’t destroy them or drive me crazy. Lee Joon Gi embraced Sang Pil and effectively portrayed this cocky, street smart, strategic lawyer. If you are a Lee Joon Gi fan, you know he brought it this series. Isn’t he expressive like few actors are? Didn’t he acquit himself well in the fight scenes? Weren’t there moments where you felt the depth of his pain? If he didn’t elevate this character, wouldn’t this series have been less than satisfactory?

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) had the pleasure of revealing the eye witness to the murder Judge Cha committed in court.  Jae Yi got to nail Judge Cha with that reveal. It was good to see her father stand by her mother’s side in court. Finally, he knew that Judge Cha had wrecked his family and his blind allegiance was gone. Jae Yi’s faith in Sang Pil was briefly shaken over her mother but for the most part their goals and trust in each other was mutual. Jae Yi was a female character I liked and respected. She was smart. She said what she thought. She punched men that behaved like jerks. She had a relationship with Sang Pil that was adult, caring, and based on mutual respect. Ignoring the noble idiocy segment, this was a solid couple. Seo Yi Ji impressed, bringing to life an ethical passionate character that withstood every challenge.

How did I do on my wish list for the final episode?
* GRANTED – Judge Cha is revealed to be the mastermind and monster behind the affable self-deprecating mask she wears. She lost her status, her money, her good standing in the public, and the goal of being a supreme court judge vanished into thin air. She was in jail at the end of the episode. And yet, she considered all the fuss about what she viewed as justifiable actions unnecessary. Bottom line, she learned nothing as she was extracted from public life.
* GRANTED – Sang Pil and Jae Yi are triumphant in court. They worked as a team to make their strategy effective and a winning one. I was glad to see Jae Yi contributing. I was glad to see Sang Pil rely on her.
* PARTIALLY GRANTED – O Joo goes to jail. He can’t get off. He killed Sang Pil’s mother. O Joo did testify against Judge Cha. But he escaped from the police after trial. He and Sang Pil had a head to head show down. O Joo goaded Sang Pil to kill him, but Sang Pil declared justice not revenge would be served. Unable to handle what that future entailed, O Joo took his own life.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

The entire OST is comprised of 20 songs:

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