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First Impressions/Review: My Love Eun Dong ~ Episodes 1-4

Kwon Sang Seung 2015-06-08

EUN1At first it was Fall In Love with Soon Jung, now it is My Love Eun Dong, i guess there’s plenty of space for a drama getting titled My Secret Passion, Kwon Sang Seung or something; thanks a lot in advance, i promise to review/recap it! Don’t ask me why i started My Love Eun Dong, i don’t even know the reasons why, i should blame my dramatic sixth sense that was pointing towards the direction of deep feels. Let’s be honest, i have a radar inside my room, it’s called feel-o-meter and when i started reading about My Love Eun Dong it transmitted the right vibes and made me eager to find out what may be lying inside this drama’s world and here i am. After the first four episodes reached the end i can say that i don’t regret being a part of My Love Eun Dong’s pilot ride from my emotionally secure seat! Consider me a permanent citizen of this drama’s universe until it reaches the very end; i am ready for feels, how about you?

EUN2My Love Eun Dong tells the story of Park Hyun Soo (Joo Jin Mo) and his continuous journey in the discontinuous torrents of love among decades. What gradually became innocent and platonic was lost to be found anew and was able to dream and breathe under more palpable circumstances, but fate had a different plan and we arrive at the present. Before our main story unveils its contours it was essential to go through a glimpse of everything that happened in the past and become aware of the figures’ background looking at them through their ongoing emotional prism. Everything started 20 years ago and at the present Hyun Soo under the name Ji Eun Ho tries to find Ji Eun Dong (Kim Sa Rang) in an attempt to recollect the shattered pieces space and time left scattered on his heart’s soil. The only reason he always wanted to become famous was to find Eun Dong and cherish life by her side. It’s an ongoing struggle between blurry memories and a reality filled with longing and heartache. His fame alongside his autobiography are his last vanguards in this devastating journey with only one destination; Eun Dong.



bscap0025At first we meet the youngest versions of Hyeon Soo (Junior of GOT7) and Ji Eun Dong (Lee Ja In) in their 10s when everything began back in 1995. It was a rainy day and Hyeon Soo almost hit Eun Dong while riding a motorcycle, but his maneuvering prevented her from getting severely harmed. He already had problems with the law because he didn’t have a driver’s license and had Eun Dong not appeared at the court he would had been sent to the detention center. Hyeon Soo not only took her to the hospital, but as days were passing by he kept caring more and more about her, especially after he found out that her only relative was her dying grandmother. Eun Dong helped Hyeon Soo at the court because she wanted him to become a nice person, it’s a sacrifice she wouldn’t like to be in vein. Ever since we could witness Hyeon Soo’s gradual change into a better and more considerate person. Eun Dong’s story touched him deeply to the extent it could bring tears to his eyes, even though he never was a person that would shed tears at life’s sad aspects.

bscap0026 bscap0028bscap0027 bscap0029

bscap0030Stealing secretly food from his parents’ fridge, helping her with washing their clothes, ruining his own shoes to look like Eun Dong’s in order not to make her feel uncomfortable and eventually buying for her a new pair of shoes are just a few acts of sincere, platonic and unconditional affection and caring on Hyeon Soo’s behalf, but also Eun Dong waiting for him outside of his school and spending time with him was her own part of silent admiration while interacting with a person she could relate to finding comfort throughout the hardships of life and also being able to talk about her dream which was no other than to become a famous actress in order to find her mother. What once was gratefulness and feeling indebted to Eun Dong’s kindness on Hyeon Soo’s behalf and what once was having faith in him in becoming a better person and finding someone she could talk to and forget about everything overburdening her at such a young age on Eun Dong’s behalf grew into something pure that would haunt their young lives after Eun Dong’s grandmother passed away.

bscap0034 bscap0036bscap0035bscap0037

bscap0039At that time Hyeon Soo lost her for the first time because she was adopted right away while he was at the hospital after getting beaten up by the motorcycle gang he used to belong to after they badmouthed Eun Dong in front of his very eyes. After he got released from the hospital he went to Eun Dong’s house, but it was as empty as his world was about to become. Keeping dear to his heart the letter and a pair of shoes just like the ones he bought for her he was left devastated by the sudden turn of events. In a blink of an eye he lost her and promised to find her. Just like Patra found Nero at the story she was reading to her grandmother, she had promised to recognize him from his warm and caring back, the one that had returned her back home on a rainy day. He moved to Seoul with his parents and started dreaming of becoming an actor in order to become famous and meet Eun Dong just like Eun Dong wanted to become an actress to find her mother.



bscap0058Ten years have passed and Hyeon Soo (Baek Sung Hyun) never gave up trying to find Eun Dong (Yoon So Hee). He got into college after the third attempt, but his parallel dream of becoming an actor wasn’t flowing well! Even though he didn’t have much talent he tried really hard, but everything was ending in failure and we witnessed many hilarious scenes while trying to work on his facial expressions, performing tap dance and failing at his auditions and acting attempts! His manager is a “friend” from the motorcycle gang days, Lee Hun Bal (Kim Hyung Kyu). Eventually, Hyeon Soo decided to join the army and he got assigned to work at the city hall where he was having a hard time since an idol actor was there as well and his fans were appearing all the time bringing more work upon Hyeon Soo’s shoulders! One rainy day a girl almost hit him with her bicycle and she fell on the ground. He instantly recognizes her and he can’t hold back his tears as Eun Dong’s shivering filled with emotion! Both of them found themselves in a dreamlike state and later on at the restaurant Hyeon Soo’s almost at loss for words since he’s absorbed by Eun Dong’s beauty, he’s even embarrassed to look at her as he’s heart racing!

bscap0056 bscap0062bscap0057 bscap0063

bscap2897The change upon him is omnipresent once again while singing and dancing at home with his parents and sister being unable to read through the lines! Spending time together was essential and he not only gets to know her last name but what she’s been up to all this time. She’s teaching Korean to grandmas and she’s in the fourth year at the university studying literature. Amidst flashback scenes and the current present’s magic the moments they meet grow in numbers and she even cheers for him at his workplace! Hyeon Soo’s enamored by Eun Dong’s presence in his life and the more he sees her the more he loses himself in her, but he’s not the only one! Eun Dong’s feeling the same way, but she played a little trick on him by not giving him an answer on whether she has a boyfriend or not! It’s something he can’t stand and asks for his sister’s help! Park Hyun Ah (Kim Yun Seo) appears at the bar where Hyeon Soo had been drinking while in the background Bon Jovi‘s Always is rocking the place with love! All he wants to know is how to steal Eun Dong from her boyfriend, a brother-sister relationship is not to his liking at all!

bscap1799  bscap2898bscap0076bscap1802

bscap0066A grandmother at Eun Dong’s class definitely approves of the young couple and both of them secretly enjoy the lovey ambiance! Hyeon Soo wants Eun Dong to watch a movie with him, as for whether he’s a brother or a man to her? He will take care of his feelings and she should start caring about her own! During their picnic there was a scene of immense affection as she was reading the poem he had memorized while he was at the hospital ten years ago and he was protecting her eyes from the sun with the palm of his hand, that scene could only get surpassed by a rainy scene of ever-flowing love! She appears in front of the cinema and she walks shyly, just like when she was waiting for him in front of his high school, as both of them are wearing the pair of shoes they exchanged in the past. After having watched The Notebook he tries to hold her hand and step by step he achieves it. Even though he thinks she’s got a boyfriend, he can’t give her up and he wouldn’t expect anything else if her heart felt the same way. It’s always the rain and as they find shelter inside a call box she urges him to increase the amount of love! A slow, romantic, old school, affectionate kiss completes the scene as they are unaffected by the pouring rain around them!

 bscap0068bscap0067 bscap0074bscap0075 bscap0087bscap0086

bscap0103Hyeon Soo appearing at Eun Dong’s workplace and staring at each other through the glass was a moment of blissful silence and the grandma made it happen by urging everyone to remain silent! Now that he’s happier with Eun Dong in his life everything starts flowing well and he will get auditioned for a supporting role that could actually have a positive impact on him! During dining time Hyeon Soo lets his parents know that his sister wants to marry someone and all the expected questions pop up making her life uncomfortable! Hyeon Soo takes her side urging them to stop asking senseless questions since it’s the person that matters! Soon the truth comes to the surface, the man Hyun Ah’s in love with is a cancer patient she’s taking care of, but she’s not mad at Hyeon Soo since he helped her tell the truth to her parents. Through her brother’s reactions at the table she also understood Eun Dong’s background when it comes to her real parents. Even though she had told him that her adoptive parents were treating her well it definitely wasn’t the truth, but her father can’t prevent her from traveling with Hyeon Soo by bus where she reminds him of their song!

bscap0089bscap0090 bscap0096bscap0097 bscap0102bscap0101 bscap0104

bscap0105Days have passed and Hyeon Soo inevitably wonders whether she’s still seeing the other guy and during the tension of the moment he mistook her ring as one of his presents and threw it inside the water at the park. The truth behind the ring is that it was her mother’s and he jumped into the water to find it! He had found it, but he intended to give it to her after she would come back with a towel. He kept waiting and waiting, but the only thing that came was the rain. On her way to bring Hyeon Soo a towel Eun Dong was hit by a car and was transferred to the hospital and for the second time they were bound to part ways.

 bscap0110bscap0109bscap0116 bscap0115bscap0114 bscap0117 bscap0121bscap0120bscap0123bscap0124


bscap0125Ten years later, Park Hyeon Soo has changed his name to Ji Eun Ho (Joo Jin Mo) and it’s always related to Eun Dong. His most alive memory with her is a video of just a few seconds and he’s watching it over and over again to keep her memory alive in his mind and feel closer to her. The reason behind his autobiography is to find Eun Dong, his one and only fiancée. As for dating Young Sun Group’s oldest daughter, Jo Seo Ryeong (Kim Yoo Ri), it’s just a rumor, he only see her as a good friend. Except for the video, he always returns to the same place at the park and eagerly prays for Eun Dong’s presence. The only reason he became a famous actor was to reach this point in his life and try to find her once and for all.

bscap2804 bscap0127bscap0126bscap2798

bscap2805He doesn’t intend to write the book on his own and his manager found a ghostwriter for him, Seo Jung Eun (Kim Sa Rang) who’s eager to work for the renowned actor Eun Ho. It’s just the beginning of a quirky and deeper connection since Eun Ho will be contacting her with the recordings of his memories and various information concerning everything that has to do with Eun Dong whom he holds dearly close to his heart, just like their very own song. Eun Ho is the mastermind of his past and Jung Eun is the one structuring his memories into a book form. Jung Eun’s life is tough, she has to take care of her husband, Choi Jae Ho (Kim Tae Hoon), who’s on a wheelchair and their son, Choi Ra Il (Park Min Soo), whereas at the same time she’s working as a part-timer at a store and on very specific days she progresses Eun Ho’s autobiography which isn’t really an autobiography but the cartography of his heart. “My Love Eun Dong” is the title of his forthcoming book and was conceived by Jung Eun.

bscap2839 bscap2829bscap2830bscap2844

bscap2916Going throughout Eun Ho’s memories, as time passes by they echo differently in Jung Eun’s mind, especially the name “Eun Dong” and flashbacks of utterly blurry memories emerge to the surface as she maintains a connection of the song and the moment it became more precious in Eun Ho and Eun Dong’s lives. There’s a reason behind her blurry memories who felt as if she was hallucinating while losing herself way too much inside someone else’s story. See dwells in the empty waters of amnesia that occurred after a car accident, the same car accident that separated Eun Dong from Hyeon Soo ten years ago.

bscap2915 bscap2918bscap2917 bscap2914

bscap2937Her adoptive mother tries to hide everything related to her life before the accident and her father makes her feel guilty for her husband’s condition and considers her a constant sinner for this. On top of that, her mother-in-law accuses her of not taking care of her husband properly even though she was the one whom her husband tried not to hit with the car and ended up in a wheelchair. Her father had his own benefits from that accident, i can’t know for now what deals took part in the background and how Eun Dong found herself married with a child, but one thing is for certain, her adoptive father’s coaching career was benefited from this and he sacrificed his daughter’s memories, dreams and whole life for his own ambitions.

bscap2934bscap2935bscap2936 bscap2937

bscap2930The doctor Jung Eun had been visiting with her husband has been Hyeon Soo’s sister, Hyun Ah who’s currently a single mother since her husband eventually passed away. In order to move on with the marriage and her life she ran away from home and she never looked back ever since. Another coincidence has to be the fact that Hyeon Soo’s mother who has never seen her granddaughter buys clothes for Hyun Ah’s daughter from the store where Jung Eun works as a part-timer. All in all, Jung Eun or most preferably Eun Dong is surrounded by Hyeon Soo and his family! Hyun Ah urges Jung Eun to give it a shot and try to recover her memories and she’s the only one actually supporting her in her decision. As the episodes were passing by the grandmother from the Korean class who used to have Hyeon Soo’s letter in case she appeared recognized her and so did Hyun Bal (Kim Yong Hee) who has become quite successful and he’s currently the president of the company promoting Eun Ho.

bscap2813bscap2814 bscap2815bscap2817bscap2818 bscap2819bscap2820

bscap2800Hyun Bal and Seo Ryeong doesn’t want Eun Ho to meet his ghostwriter because it would inevitably mean that he would definitely find Eun Dong in Jung Eun’s existence. Hyun Bal doesn’t want this meeting to take place because it would go against his ambitions since the relationship between Eun Ho and Seo Ryeong wouldn’t progress, not that it would progress anyway, but if it had a 1% chance of blooming now it doesn’t stand a chance. Seo Ryeong swims in the waters of one-sided love and she doesn’t want to lose Eun Ho, even though he only sees her as a friend. She’s willing to try to hide the sun, Eun Dong, from his eyes and it’s one more reason to join forces with Hyun Bal. However, Jung Eun’s voice has already started echoing differently to his ears and he started making connections to Eun Dong despite the information about her that points towards a different person, he won’t rest until he finally meets his ghostwriter who’s no other than the ghost of Eun Dong awaiting for its awakening!


Thoughts: I can’t deny it, there are many clichés all over the place and during the first four episodes of My Love Eun Dong they have already made their appearance. There’s the adoption factor, there are family secrets, there was an accident which caused amnesia when love’s most precious bird was just learning how to fly, there are villainous parents and figures, there’s unrequited love and of course there’s fated love against all odds and everything which derives from it. Some call it fate, some others refer to it as a massive explosion of coincidences parading in front of our very eyes one after the other, but humble experience has shown that it’s just a part of the world of South Korean dramas!


One could easily ask what could make this drama a pleasing and eventually rewarding sight to someone’s eyes. There are quite a few possible answers and one of them is the acting factor and along with it pace the nature of the characters and the way the actresses and actors embed all the necessary vibes each and every figure asks for. It always depends on how many feels you can handle. Apparently, since you’re watching South Korean dramas there are many feels and you obsessively ask for them, so it’s always a positive aspect! My feel-o-meter has already entered the heartfelt area and i am certain there are more feels coming our way.


Amidst glimpses of bliss one can easily notice tremendous amounts of pain lurking in the background waiting for the right moment to come to the surface. I don’t know about you, but once i get attracted to a drama i have already invested my forthcoming time in it beforehand so the more the pain the better if the scenario flows in a like-minded tone. Of course, there’s always hope for an emotionally rewarding ending, especially when you can find quite many irritating figures throughout a drama and My Love Eun Dong has plenty of them. I would like to put them in a row and punish them all alone by myself until i have found some peace of mind.


Irritating figures are unavoidable with so many clichés, but sometimes their very presence makes the longing for more feels even greater and My Love Eun Dong has all the required potential! I am still cautious though since there’s always a chance of this drama turning into a makjang paradise and a noble idiocy hideout, but i deeply hope all this longing and the desire for unfulfilled love to finally burst into millions of mutual lasting fireworks will find its way. I talked about acting a while ago and it’s definitely one of My Love Eun Dong’s strongest aspects. Within the first four episodes all of the main and secondary figures make their appearance, but the main couple throughout its sparse meetings and separations always manages to be in the foreground whether they are together or apart, even when none of them appears on screen it’s always about them. Truth be told, i love the fact that the main couple haunts each and every aspect of this drama, after all it’s all about them!


I highly enjoyed Junior‘s presence on screen, somehow he reminded me of Yoo Ah In when he was younger. He depicted perfectly well young Hyeon Soo’s transformation and shyly blooming internal world. Lee Ja In shone as well and she’s a rough diamond at this very moment, time shall tell whether she’ll be able to shine even further in the future in the vicious world of dramas/movies, but for the time being she was always spot on when it comes to younger Eun Dong’s kindhearted and innocent soul and essence. Baek Sung Hyun and Yoon So Hee were a humble apocalypse to my eyes, i could fall any second for So Hee’s astonishing beauty and both of them lived up to my expectations as our story’s couple in their 20s after ten years of absence. All the intensity, beauty and awkwardness which derived from their sudden meeting were breathing the air they deserved to breathe while at the same time they were exhaling all the representative vibes.


My Love Eun Dong doesn’t only evoke feels, pain and hate according to the figures and their interactions, there are also hilarious moments! In the past it used to be Junior and Sung Hyun with their quirky presentation on Hyeon Soo’s growing character whenever the occasion was asking for it, now it’s Joo Jin Mo‘s turn to fill in the laughter factor! At first it always used to be about Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong and in the way their lives were progressing towards one another, now it’s all about the way Eun Ho’s personality has developed throughout the years in Eun Dong’s absence. He’s seemingly an unsocial person who doesn’t possess the art of communicating with other people and he’s often being misunderstood as rude or odd, but underneath his seemingly cold shell lies a heart pounding brighter than a thousand suns and he actually has his own hilarious moments! They are always related to his personality and in the way he’s unable to understand what could he be doing wrong in his interactions with other people! The military housemaid was priceless and he finally found a teacher!


Joo Jin Mo does a really good work in presenting Eun Ho’s multifaceted characteristics, but you have to love Kim Sa Rang‘s interpretation as well as Eun Dong imprisoned in the forced reality of Jung Eun. The way she breathes through Eun Ho’s recordings is a louder than silence awakening as Eun Dong’s name starts echoing differently to her ears with the passing of time. Her expressions and all the hints that point towards the direction that she could actually be Eun Dong are always carved on the canvas of her face with the most intense of colors. The more she dives in Eun Ho’s half part of the story the more her own half part of it struggles to blossom and you can sense her boiling internal world through Sa Rang’s interpretation.


I am highly looking forward to the next episodes and i hope they won’t get overshadowed by tremendous amounts of hate instead of the more than welcome amounts of feels. I came here for the kiwis of love and found the watermelons of wrath! I like Kim Yoo Ri (The Master’s Sun, Kill Me, Heal Me) as a second leading female figure in general, she always manages to present all the necessary amounts of feels, hate or quirkiness and i am glad i could find her here as well. In addition, she’s a real pleasure to my eyes and no matter how villainous her character may be, well, i can’t help it but secretly love her! After his exceptional interpretation as the ultimate villain in the world of bullying, embezzlement, etc in Angry Mom i was really curious to see Kim Tae Hoon in a different role and Jae Ho is quite an intriguing figure making me curious about his internal world which has already started falling apart once the signs started pointing towards the most unwanted direction when it comes to Jung Eun; Eun Dong. His physical scars are related to Eun Dong, but his life isn’t sincere and stands in the shadow of two families’ secrets, i am curious to find out how he will progress as a character.


Concluding, i love the sense of rain in My Love Eun Dong, it’s characteristic of these very specific grains of sand in time’s infinite hourglass when they met, but it’s also highly representative of the moments they shared and when they were separated. It’s nature’s element that defines perfectly well their unfortunate relationship quenching their thirst at times, but mostly flooding the void within. The excessive use of flashbacks connects the past at the present as the blurry puzzle in Jung Eun’s mind starts taking shape, the one of Eun Dong. The narrative tone throughout Eun Ho’s recordings are not only a declaration of his most profound love, but also a heart-awakening moment in Jung Eun’s unawareness. I want more towards the right direction, the one of a love craving for mutual completion and not a hate-fest with all these irritating figures!


“The star which shines the longest in the sky is the latest one; if it means that the longer it takes to meet again the more we’ll get to shine the brightest and the longest together, i will wait.”


My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 5 Recap

Kwon Sang Seung 2015-06-14

DongHoOkay, first of all i would like to apologize to everyone for not having replied to the latest comments here, but the first exam is on Monday and my computer/drama/blogging time became limited in a blink of an eye. You may have my silence for now, but you always have my love! However, i managed to steal away some time while taking a break from the whole studying process and exhaustion and wrote down my thoughts concerning the 5th episode of My Love Eun Dong. The forthcoming article isn’t being followed by an extended recap part, it’s just my thoughts throughout its whole duration with a slight recapping tone.


bscap0893One thing is for sure, my divided mind moves towards two certain directions at the same time. My Love Eun Dong holds two parallel worlds, the one of warmth, feels and longing and the one of pure unrefined hate towards many specific figures. My left foot is here and the right one is there and the soothing crossroad seems so far away since we’re gradually reaching the drama’s 1/3 check point progress-wise. The 5th episode strengthened all these vibes that attract me more and more to My Love Eun Dong’s world, but it also intensified my boiling nerve system.


bscap0871Let’s be honest, both parameters are more than welcome, the first one for more than apparent reasons and the second because i want to see all these hard to digest figures getting punished one after the other since i can’t punish them myself. Now that i think about it, who needs a time-traveling machine? All we need is a drama-traveling invention that could transfer us into a certain drama’s world where we could punish all these villainous figures and of course, become our drama-crushes’ midnight summer dream or worst nightmare, it will depend on our interactions! Are you with me? I guess you are, i don’t think a drama addict would say no to such a more than welcome invention, but let’s dive back into My Love Eun Dong’s world!


bscap0884Throughout the whole duration of the episode Eun Ho desperately wanted to meet his ghostwriter, Jung Eun. It’s not like he suddenly got overwhelmed by the world of a woman other than Eun Dong, it’s because all the signals point towards Jung Eun’s direction as the one and only Eun Dong. At times it feels as if he was hallucinating, but he can’t take it out of his mind. It’s all about all this indirect evidence he receives while interacting with her through the phone and the more he can’t meet her the more he wants to get a glimpse of her in order to silence his assumptions or embrace her once and for all.


bscap0875Calling her in the middle of the night and trying to arrange a meeting with her even through his manager shows the everlasting longing within his heart, the one always connected to the one and only person living in his memories. He’s not the only one getting overly emotional through their phone interactions, Jung Eun’s feeling the same way as blurry memories trespass her harmony and she’s gradually heading towards a heart-awakening moment that will bring her back to that day and everything she forgot, everything she has to remember and reclaim her life, even though it means that Jae Ho and Ra Il will get hurt.


bscap0878Jung Eun’s always caring towards her husband and affectionate towards Ra Il, but it’s more than apparent that the shadows around her, at the cost of her remembering everything, are trembling in fear. Jae Ho emphasizing on her name, Seo Jung Eun, and the “beauty” it beholds is just a moment of enforcement at the present in order to silence any possible attempts of memory recollection. All this emphasis on who she is, but never was supposed to be in the first place, is yet another frail preservation of the ongoing present.


bscap0881Eun Ho’s sister is the only one supporting her in regaining her memories. Of course, Jung Eun is afraid of the past that lies in the shadows between everything she was and everything she became. It’s the constant void between the past and the ongoing present since that day, the day of the accident which was divided in the time she spent with Hyeon Soo and the fact that she never returned and eventually became someone else. Even though all the information around Jung Eun points towards the direction of another person, Eun Ho’s heart always lingers around her figure and longs to meet her and it’s actually the first time within the past ten years that he felt her presence more than alive around him.


bscap0873Seo Ryeong doesn’t intend to lose Eun Ho to another woman, even if she is Eun Dong. She decides to meet her at the clothing store she’s working at as a part-timer. All she wanted was to see how that woman looks like and gather information about her. Being married with a child for the past ten years was a sign that she had moved on with her life and her cold and relentless personality was pleased for the time being. No matter how hard she tries, Eun Ho can only see her as a friend. The drama where Seo Ryeong witnessed him for the first time and established his name in the acting pantheon wasn’t because he was acting, it was the presentation of his ongoing reality through his deep longing. Pouring his very soul and essence into a role gave him the chance to become famous and search for Eun Dong under a different perspective with more possibilities to find her.


bscap0889In one hand we have Seo Ryeong who gradually enforces the information she received from Jung Eun. Even if Eun Dong is married with a child there’s nothing in the world that would change the way Eun Ho feels about her, but there would be nothing he could do about it. On the other hand we have Jae Ho who gradually shows his discomfort due to Jung Eun’s interactions even with Eun Ho’s manager and always restrains her from meeting Eun Ho himself because he knows that at that very moment she would meet her past as well.


bscap0890The firing passion of so many people around Jung Eun preventing her from meeting Eun Ho can only make her suspicious that something’s not right. I hate the fact that he’s using his paralysis to restrain her and keep her a prisoner of her lost memories. Overworking himself in order to get exhausted and eventually pass out so that his wife wouldn’t meet Eun Ho’s manager was a no-no in my book, but i do recognize the physical and internal pain he’s going through. One thing is for certain, Ra Il is the most innocent victim inside this maelstrom of secrets two families masterfully crafted ten years ago.


bscap0887Eun Ho’s confession at the very end of the book was deeply heartfelt as he presents Eun Dong as his one and only reason to keep on living. Starting and ending the last paragraph with “My love Eun Dong” which is also the title of the book shows his infinite affection and deepest longing towards her face, a face that was filled with tears while completing her ghostwriting task. Eun Ho’s book got eventually released and it was bound to become a bestseller as people embraced it with warmth.


bscap0900Not everyone was pleased though. Seo Ryeong was unable to finish it since she couldn’t stand all this purity of emotion she will never cherish alongside Eun Ho, but Hyun Bal and his own ambitions weren’t pleased either. The same applies to Jung Eun’s parents, especially her father who is remorseless when it comes to the past, but her mother has almost reached the point of no return and she can’t keep nurturing all this sickening ambiance.


bscap0894Jae Ho’s emotional struggle is more than apparent as he reads through the lines and tries to hide it by urging Jung Eun to write her own book. However, without memories and experiences she can’t dive into her own stories and present them to the world. If her memory returns she could actually chase after her dream, but her memories would bring forth much more than expected. Even though he knows the truth and keeps it hidden from her, Jae Ho is apologetic towards Jung Eun’s face, but for their current status’ sake it’s the least he can do in order not to reveal the whole truth and ease his guilt for a while.


bscap0920Later on during the episode, while being in a playful mood with his son as he reads him a tale you can’t help it but see that he’s not in the same category as his mother, Jung Eun’s parents, Seo Ryeong and Hyun Bal. He’s a person with his own traumas living in guilt for hiding the truth from Jung Eun, but he can’t help it but keep hiding it from her since things turned out this way. After all he has to protect his own son who will get deeply hurt after he finds out that Jung Eun isn’t his real mother who probably died at the car accident ten years go. Jae Ho is a victim of the circumstances as well and even though he partakes in the whole dissonance and confusion around Eun Dong’s memories you can’t put him in the same irritating category as the aforementioned people, even though he becomes a bit irritating at times.


bscap0899Talking about people belonging or not in the irritating category, Eun Ho’s mother isn’t one of them either, even though she has her own faults. The fact that Hyun Ah had to leave home in order to feel alive and follow her own path proves that it never felt like home to her, at least not in the most crucial crossroads in her life. Eun Ho wants his mother and sister to meet anew and even though his mother pretends she doesn’t want to, she craves for the presence of her daughter and granddaughter in her life. All in all, we have victims and perpetrators, victims of fate since the drama circulates around this factor and victims of people as a more palpable aspect of the factor named fate.


bscap0901Eun Ho taking Seo Ryeong to the place where he saw Eun Dong for the last time was a symbolic scene in order to let her know once and for all that he will never have feelings for her no matter how hard she tries. It’s the place where he enters another world within the existing one, a world that doesn’t abide to the world of other people. It’s his personal Bermuda Triangle, the place where he finds and loses himself anew. He can stare at the past but he can’t touch it; a distant lasting memory.


bscap0914Eun Ho being unable to meet Jung Eun was an unwelcome situation that forced his manager to take a picture with her, but Hyun Bal was aware that such a picture would ruin his ambitions and deleted the photo. Have i told you already how much i hate this careerist piece of crooked breath? The good part of the story was that Jung Eun got Eun Ho’s autographs and delivered them to their rightful enthusiasts! Inside the classroom where she used to teach Korean the silent echo of memories starts blossoming. She recalls the moment she was uttering the four seasons starting from spring when everything blossomed, moving on to summer when they warmed up their hearts with the memories stopping during autumn. It’s the place she’s found herself ever since, a grey autumn and the emotional winter hasn’t even started yet. I really do hope at the end of the cycle she’ll embrace spring anew.


bscap0915She’s revisiting her past in her own unawareness, everything feels like drops of memories inside her amnesiac void. Witnessing a picture of her back from 2005 it made the torrent of blurry memories more powerful. Taking into consideration the cloudy horizon in her mind along with recent memories with so many people preventing her from seeing Eun Ho can only point towards a direction after all this collision has reached an end.


bscap0918Eun Ho was probably the only person who didn’t read his book, but he had no reason to, he knows it by heart; or at least he thought so! An interaction with a reporter was quite insightful since Jung Eun implemented inside the book memories that were rising to the surface from her subconscious world while she was interacting with Eun Ho’s recordings. She managed to blend Eun Ho’s reality with her own without noticing from a moment and on which information she received from him and which appeared out of nowhere as she was getting devoured by her own memories lying in the dark side of the moon.


bscap0921Eun Dong’s heart’s compass points towards one direction, Jung Eun; Eun Dong. He rushes to see her and calls her on the phone to inform her that he’s in front of her apartment waiting for her. The moment he witnesses Eun Dong alive in front of his very eyes he can’t hold back his tears in the whole magic of the moment. All these tremendous amounts of longing found completion in Joo Jin Mo’s heartfelt presentation crystallizing the emotional charge of ten years of absence reaching an end before his very eyes.

bscap0922bscap0924bscap0925bscap0857 bscap0926bscap0853bscap0869

bscap0862I love surprises and after the episode and the preview reached the end there was a flashback ride in the past back when Hyeon Soo went to the stable to bring Eun Dong some fresh milk! Referring to the goat as “chingu” or “punk” and chasing after them to get the milk was priceless! And the scene that followed with Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo was beautiful inside a deeply caring universe, even though it ended in a toilet big bang because Eun Dong couldn’t deny Hyeon Soo’s heartfelt offering. If during the end of every episode we get to receive flashbacks from Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo in their 10s and 20s i will feel more than satisfied, i am currently praying with both hands and feet that my personal thirst for such scenes will be quenched!

bscap0861bscap0927 bscap0865bscap0864bscap0866

bscap0062Concluding, i would like to point out that Eun Ho lives in 3 parallel worlds; the past he cherished, the ongoing present which is filled with both suffering and longing and the dreamlike future which is filled with Eun Dong all around him. The dream is about to reach an end for reality to unfold its winds before his very eyes.



My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 6 Recap

Kwon Sang Seung 2015-06-18

eun dongAs episodes pass by My Love Eun Dong becomes more captivating as it gradually attracts the audience’s interest with its two-fold world and alluring cinematography which transmits its warm vibes all over place. The drama’s not in a rush to move forward and progress the storyline, everything’s flowing step by step without pressuring the events and the circumstances to take place. It’s a natural flow that steadily unfolds before our very eyes while always taking into consideration the main couple’s interactions whether they are together or apart, in presence and in absence. Had My Love Eun Dong been a solar system, Joo Jin Mo’s evocative interpretation in combination with Kim Sa Rang’s gradually awakening character would be the sun with everyone else orbiting around them. Consider me a satellite with the potential to become a planet with every airing episode.


bscap1755Eun Ho took his time and prevented himself from meeting Jung Eun after his arch emotional shock. He could barely talk on the phone while being unable to hold back his most sincere tears at the revelation standing in front of his very eyes. Making up an excuse to not appear in front of her under these circumstances and in that condition was to prevent any further shock from both sides for the time being. The least he could do was to watch her leave unable to believe the truth he treasured after ten years of absence. Crying his heart out was the utmost level of silent completion.

bscap1753bscap1754 bscap1757

bscap1760Jae Ho finding out that Jung Eun went out to meet Eun Ho definitely made him start boiling on the inside even though they didn’t eventually meet. As for Jung Eun, she’s flustered and kind of enraged for being unable to see him while accusing him of selfishness and that probably being the reason why Eun Dong left him and never looked back. Throughout her overall frustration a deep remembrance takes place as her internal Eun Dong takes the lead and refers to the fact that Eun Dong wanted to break up with her boyfriend for Hyeon Soo’s sake at that time. It’s something she wasn’t supposed to know, making Jae Ho question her. She doesn’t have the answer, but she tries to put the blame on the impact the book left upon her while succumbing to her own assumptions. Deep within, she knew she had already started questioning herself, always silently because the things that don’t make much sense anymore grow in numbers ever since Eun Ho entered her life.


bscap1764Eun Ho has nowhere else to go but to Dong Gyu’s apartment in search of answers when it comes to Jung Eun’s past and the more he learns the more he’s unable to hold back his tears. Finding all the information surrounding Jung Eun is essential and bringing forth the past at the present while wondering if she’s eating well or if she falls off her bicycle are just affectionate scintillations of his memories with her. In times like these the one and only Eun Dong oriented video he possesses is his safe heaven.


bscap1771The coalition bound to keep Eun Ho and Eun Dong’s meeting in the shadows progresses with yet another conversation and Seo Ryeong wants Hyun Bal to distort the purity of his memories in case Eun Ho meets her. Telling him she was already pregnant when she met Hyeon Soo and that she was two-timing with her current husband is the web she weaves. She’s unaware of Eun Ho’s moves who wants to make Jung Eun’s life as easy as possible since he knows all the hardships she had to go through all these years. Dong Gyu’s in charge of this plan and Eun Ho delivers all the necessary instructions, he even intends to buy the clothing store she’s working at to make things more comfortable for her! However, Eun Ho’s morning didn’t start well, he neither received the answers he was craving for from the married make-up artist to find a possible way to approach Jung Eun nor he maintained his calmness since a disrespectful thorn from the past, Seok Tae, ruined his harmony.

bscap1781bscap1782 bscap1772bscap1776bscap1777

I’ll take care of you later, peach. Now i’m fabulous.


bscap1783Eun Ho wouldn’t stand still and delivers one of his most powerful punches in the form of an unwelcome present upon Hyun Bal’s face. Hyun Bal knowing that Jung Eun was Eun Dong and keeping his mouth shut even though he knew everything Eun Ho went through all these years in her absence was unforgivable. However, this didn’t prevent Hyun Bal from finding excuses in order to preserve his corrupted ambitions and unfolds all of the lies Seo Ryeong ordered him to infuse in Eun Ho’s mind. Dong Gyu became aware of their conversation and Eun Ho’s sudden caring side towards Jung Eun started making perfect sense. However, Hyun Bal was right, there are two types of people when it comes to Eun Ho; Eun Dong and the rest of the world! Eun Ho doesn’t believe Seo Ryeong’s lies through Hyun Bal’s mouth, the only truth for him will be the truth Eun Dong will utter right in front of him once she recalls her memories.

 bscap1785bscap1784 bscap1787bscap1788 bscap1790bscap1789 bscap1791

bscap1792Jung Eun unavoidably starts questioning the past she’s heard from Jae Ho and her parents’ lips, it’s something Jae Ho can’t withstand but he tries to push her doubts away without being that convincing when her questions become more specific around places they were supposed to had been together. Jung Eun goes out for a walk to find some peace of mind leaving Jae Ho in his own discomfort. Eun Ho’s dedication towards her face is being depicted through the fact that he’s always nearby at nights and the moment he witnesses her he restrains himself from meeting her anew in order to stare at her from a safe distance while still being lost in his own thoughts. A star which forms the latest shines brightly the longest and this time he wants to pave his footsteps one after the other cautiously no matter how great the longing may be. Jung Eun is at the park nearby losing herself in Eun Ho’s recordings and her nameless tears that will eventually be shaped into memories.

bscap1805bscap1804 bscap1815bscap1807 bscap1814

bscap1817After his silent and distant interaction with Jung Eun took place Eun Ho found comfort in the embrace of alcohol and through her connections Seo Ryeong appeared out of nowhere to keep him company. She’s definitely going after her own emotional demise which also ruins her humane side, one step at a time. Eun Ho drinking could only mean one thing, that he would talk to her about Eun Dong and the fact that Seo Ryeong and him will never become a couple. Both of them see the Bermuda Triangle differently and for Seo Ryeong it is a love triangle where she loses herself in. As for Eun Ho, it could only mean the two eras in the past which were filled with Eun Dong in his life with the third vertex being the ongoing present that points towards his future with Eun Dong in order to complete that very specific construction of a love triangle which consists only of Eun Dong and Eun Ho in their 10s, 20s and 30s respectively.


bscap1618Seo Ryeong took him back home safe and sound and her deeper feelings for him were omnipresent on the ride back home. After a night filled with alcohol and memories the next morning awaits for you something scarier than Mondays, hangover and Dong Gyu doesn’t quite help Eun Ho get over it with his playful presence! Eun Ho’s interview didn’t go as planned since such reporters always care about the hidden side of celebrities’ status. Even though Dong Gyu told her not to ask him about Eun Dong she eventually did. In fact, Eun Ho used this seemingly uncomfortable situation to his advantage delivering his message indirectly towards Jung Eun that he will wait for her until she remembers him. Jung Eun’s almost religious commitment to the interview doesn’t go unnoticed by Jae Ho, but Seo Ryeong isn’t pleased either. She may have pleased her senses by using her assistant (Kim Hyun Joon) as a pleasure toy, but her void only deepens every time Eun Dong’s name echos, especially when it comes from Eun Ho’s lips.

bscap1621bscap1620 bscap1623bscap1622 bscap1619bscap1626bscap1628bscap1820bscap1826bscap1822

bscap1823Eun Ho’s plan to make Jung Eun’s life less burdened moves on and he wants Dong Gyu to give her enough money, as much as she wants to, in order to be able to do everything she never had the chance to do so. These money will be coming from Eun Ho’s pocket but they will be presented as a bonus for the book’s bestselling course. In the meantime, Jung Eun lifts Jae Ho’s spirit and she deeply believes he will be able to walk anew. Her one and only wish is to piggyback her just for a little while.

bscap1642 bscap1645bscap1641 bscap1651

bscap1829The next morning wasn’t the most pleasant one for Jung Eun since Ra Il’s teacher’s words weren’t the most hopeful ones. Ra Il doesn’t fit in Korean school’s environment and it’s not easy for him to acclimate himself in the classroom, it’s something that makes him lonely at such a fragile age. International school feels like the only option for him. On top of that, later on Seo Ryeong approached Jung Eun anew at her workplace making her already concerned world even more turbulent. Jung Eun would never accept the present Seo Ryeong left behind the previous time they met and Seo Ryeong isn’t a mother of charity either.

bscap1654bscap1828 bscap1673bscap1668

bscap1676It was only the beginning of a civilized yet vulgar display of grandeur and a silent superiority bombardment to show her that she doesn’t belong in high society just in case she recalls the past and heads towards Eun Ho’s direction. In the meantime, Jae Ho was surpassing himself during the rehabilitation procedure and everything shows that things can only get better health-wise. However, the fact that he wanted to inform the doctor himself made me think that he wants to keep it a secret from Jung Eun.


bscap1681If Eun Ho won’t meet Eun Dong on his own, Dong Gyu made it happen since he knows how much he craves for her presence in his life. Except for his sister, Dong Gyu is the most sincere person in Eun Ho’s life except for his manager. It’s a meeting neither Eun Ho nor Jung Eun expected to take place and both of them are astounded by each other’s presence for seemingly different yet internally the same reasons. It’s a ten-minute scene filled with utter surprise in the very beginning and suave awkwardness as compliments come to the surface one after the other from both sides to eventually turn into a blissful and filled with laughter soiree.

 bscap1683bscap1682 bscap1701bscap1717bscap1725 bscap1722bscap1720bscap1721

bscap1703Eun Ho can’t get enough of Jung Eun’s evocative laughter and he loves seeing her happy, but it wasn’t only a meeting filled with emotional hilariousness, it possessed its own meaning as Eun Ho ordered everything Eun Dong would like to eat, pleasantly surprising Jung Eun and letting her know that he successfully read her heart. Talking directly to Jung Eun while indirectly referring to Eun Dong was a beautiful sight possessing its own emotional dynamics as Eun Ho indicates that he wants to make Eun Dong happy and from now on he intends to make her laugh a lot.

 bscap1727 bscap1723bscap1711

bscap1745The elevator scene that ended the 6th episode was a grand declaration of ever-flowing feels. The presence of other people found Eun Ho and Jung Eun in a kabedon stasis in order not to get recognized by curious stares. It’s an emotionally fortified still that left Eun Ho and Jung Eun losing themselves in each other’s stare in the blissful awkwardness of the moment. It’s also a still that left the audience craving for more! My Love Eun Dong is an emotional refuge between heaven and hell in the shadow of reality. I won’t invest in any further thoughts this time since most of them have been expressed throughout the article whenever my mind considered it essential.

 bscap1743bscap1744  bscap1747 bscap1748bscap1834bscap1812

My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 7 Recap

Kwon Sang Seung 2015-06-20

EunDongahTighten your seat belts, My Love Eun Dong’s zones are gradually intensifying everything they preserve. The first and most important one is the chamber of feels and silent emotions craving to come to the surface as they blossom solely or in the crossroads of a steadily awakening conscience to eventually turn into mutual bliss. The second and most abhorrent one is the unofficial coalition of everyone trying to prevent the emotional big bang in the making from happening; for different reasons each and every one of them. Last but not least, we have all those walking on the thin red line between these two drama fractions and they are figures whose participation range varies from being neutral to leaning towards one of the two directions. The flow of events will point towards specific destinations as moral or sentimental dilemmas will appear along the way. One way or another, the past will inevitably force its very essence at the present, deciphering everyone’s reality into a nightmare or a dream. While the bestselling book “My Love Eun Dong” has been released inside the drama’s world and it preserves all the beauty and all the longing of the past, the drama itself already feels like another book in the making whose ending chapter will be written at the final episode.


bscap0060The kabedon interaction between Eun Ho and Jung Eun at the elevator made time stand still for a while. He takes her back home and starts playing their song inside his car. He’s not forceful with memories, he tries to awaken them from slumber one step at a time. Eun Ho can’t help it but recall their multifaceted interaction at the restaurant with Jung Eun denying his offer since she was just a ghostwriter following his emotional lead. It doesn’t feel right since the story belongs to Eun Ho and Eun Dong, but Eun Ho emphasizes on that being the most important reason why she should accept it. The moments inside his car are awkwardly soothing and distantly warm.

bscap1701bscap1722 bscap0061 bscap0065bscap0062 bscap0063

bscap0066Jae Ho’s boiling in solitude back home and i am not quite sure whether all these crises are due to his paralysis or him pressuring himself in physical discomfort to make Jung Eun get closer to him now that Eun Ho has entered her life anew. Instead of Ra Il calling his mother, he wants him to call Hyun Ah. In the meantime, Eun Ho would like to be able seeing Jung Eun quite often, but she doesn’t reply back. Eun Ho tries to break the ice of awkwardness and wants her to tell him how does he look like, but it’s not helpful either. Their nighttime has reached an end, but Eun Ho’s mind keeps running and running, he can’t help it but imagine how it would feel to run after her and take her in his embrace. The urge to keep seeing her can only become more powerful and he restrains himself so that everything will fall into place step by step, memory by memory. Watching her leave is the only thing he can do for now.

bscap0071bscap0070bscap0072bscap0073 bscap0076bscap0074bscap0075

bscap0077Back home, Jung Eun dives into a torrent of recent and past memories, but she’s not the only one, Eun Ho’s losing himself in his own thoughts which are always being accompanied by a man’s best friend; beer. He knows it’s not going to be easy, but life has proven it was never easy in the first place. At least he found the very specific road he should walk upon instead of finding himself in endless crossroads. Hyun Ah’s on her way to the hospital and she delivers all the necessary information concerning Jae Ho’s condition until she arrives.


bscap0083Hyun Ah’s one of the greatest supports Jae Ho could ever have. Referring to him as superman is always reminiscent to his immense tries to walk again. Hyun Ah tries to comfort Ra Il’s emotional anxiety reassuring him that everything will be fine. Jae Ho, even though he can’t walk, he will always be the one and only superman Ra Il ever witnessed. Jae Ho’s mother has just arrived and we all know it’s not going to be easy for Jung Eun once she appears, but Jae Ho restrains her and unfolds an affectionate side towards Jung Eun who would like to take Ra Il back home. However, Hyun Ah reassures her that everything will be fine, especially now that Ra Il found a new friend, Mi Na, who stood by his side a while ago.

bscap0081bscap0082 bscap0086bscap0085 bscap0088bscap0087bscap0090bscap0091bscap0092bscap0093

bscap0097Dong Gyu was trying to buy the clothing store, but he wasn’t successful. Once Eun Ho appeared everything became so easy and soon enough they started signing all the necessary papers; it’s always easier when you are a celebrity! He would like the owner to keep it a secret from the workers and he intends to turn it into a part-timer’s heaven when it comes to salaries and working conditions for Jung Eun’s sake! Dong Gyu has already read the book and he’s deeply aware of what Eun Dong means to him. He wants him to focus on her and he will take care of everything else.

bscap0094 bscap0095bscap0096bscap0101

bscap0106Jung Eun shows the photo of the Korean language class to her friend and both of them think that the girl in the photo looks exactly like her back in the days. Once Jung Eun lets Mi Soon know that the girl in the photo is Eun Dong she takes her friend by surprise as memories strike Jung Eun once again. We get a glimpse of the past when it comes to Jae Ho. Eun Dong may had playfully lied to Hyeon Soo that she had another boyfriend to make him get even closer to her, but Jae Ho appears to had been in the one-sided aspect of love since Eun Dong had clearly stated that she didn’t have feelings for him. Jae Ho was losing himself both in the whirlwind of memories and literally as well with his wheelchair until Ra Il brought some light into his life with his heartfelt affection. He’s happy to have found a new friend, Mi Na, but he’s even happier witnessing his father’s arms functioning anew after all this time. Jae Ho wants him to keep a secret from Jung Eun in order to surprise her once and for all in the future and Ra Il concurs.

bscap0104 bscap0103bscap0102bscap0107bscap0110

bscap0112Mi Soon and Jung Eun are watching Eun Ho’s new drama, I Have a Lover, but they aren’t the only ones. Seo Ryeong and Eun Ho are doing the same and Hyun Bal’s happy about the ratings and informs Eun Ho who doesn’t really seem to care. Eun Ho can’t help it but contact Jung Eun wondering whether she liked the drama or not. The answer could only be positive and he lets her know that Eun Dong would feel the same way about it since she always supported him even when nobody else was there for him. Even if ten years have passed since he last saw her, Eun Ho thinks that even if he’s aged a bit nothing would have changed in her heart and that she would still see him as the amazing Hyeon Soo. It was a statement that made Jung Eun lose herself in tears as she was reassuring him that Eun Dong would definitely feel the same. Stating that she could have missed him more and urging him to wait a bit more may have sounded a bit bitter at the present, but it beheld tremendous amounts of hope for the future. Jung Eun can’t stop staring at the Korean language class picture and it’s not an easy moment for Eun Ho either.

bscap0111 bscap0114bscap0115bscap0120 bscap0123bscap0124 bscap0125

bscap0127It’s golf time for Seo Ryeong and Hyun Bal accompanies her, but she doesn’t consider him the most essential person to listen to her emotional struggles. However, in one hand she unveils her shattered world due to her one-sided love, on the other hand it’s some sort of bliss for her every time she sees Eun Ho. Eun Ho’s parents are working at their own greenhouse and his mother lets her husband know that Eun Ho intends to buy them a second house over there to make their lives much easier. His mother’s always concerned because he’s not getting married, but his father would like his son to find Eun Dong anew! The book made him realize how deep Hyeon Soo’s love for her had been throughout the years and he can finally talk about his son with a bright smile carved upon his face. If he didn’t understand him back then, now he does. During his first high school year he caught him smoking, but it wasn’t enough to make him quit. He stopped smoking when he met Eun Dong. Ten years later, he would never iron his clothes when he was in the military, once again, when he met Eun Dong anew he changed this bad habit. Urging his wife to stop two-timing Christianity and Buddhism in order to offer heart and soul to one religion and pray wholeheartedly for her son to find Eun Dong was priceless! Once she tells him that Hyun Ah and Mi Na will be arriving tomorrow he can’t hide all these shivers down his spine, all he wants is to make everything perfect for their presence in his life for the first time after all these years!

bscap0129 bscap0131bscap0133 bscap0132

bscap0137Hyun Ah has already noticed that Jae Ho’s condition can only get better and praises his efforts, but he wonders whether he will be able to be functional as a man. She doesn’t offer him a direct answer, but she tries to strengthen him even more since he has already surpassed himself up to this moment and tells him that perfect love between a man and a woman doesn’t necessarily involve physical contact to be complete. The soul is the G-spot and i am the mayor of Wonderland. Her words had her own positive impact upon him and he lets her know that she should had been a psychologist instead of a therapist!


bscap0138Seo Ryeong already knows by now that Hyun Ah is Jae Ho’s doctor and she can’t believe that all roads point towards an Eun Dong-Hyeon Soo direction! Jung Eun’s with her mother and home is a better place when her father is not around. She knows that her mother won’t answer to her questions and she’s aware that she will present a different “truth” in front of her and that’s why she found some answers to her questions by paying attention to her mother’s reactions. Being thankful to her mother for bringing her to life with her mother telling her that she always loved rice cakes made Jung Eun wonder whether there were rice cakes in the US. Jung Eun’s in search of honest answers when it comes to her past before the accident took place and shows her mother the picture from the classroom, but her mother’s lips are sealed since she’s afraid the truth will hurt her. Jung Eun pointing out that she’s already hurt while living the life of a person she never was made her mother urge her to keep living this way. One after the other the room gets filled with lies. According to her mother Jung Eun wasn’t happier before the accident and there wasn’t another man in her life before Jae Ho. Questioning her if she’s the woman who gave birth to her made her mother apologetic for everything, but still she won’t reply positively on whether she knew Eun Ho back then. Jung Eun’s thankful for her mother’s honesty since in her own she received the answers she wanted and the replies she got always possessed the opposite meaning.

bscap0139 bscap0140bscap0144 bscap0146

bscap0148Eun Ho’s task is to drive both Hyun Ah and Mi Na safe and sound for the first family gathering. Hyun Ah’s concerned on whether her mother will forgive her or not, but Eun Ho soothes her internal struggle and praises her strong character. The moment when her grandparents met Mi Na was a scene filled with feels and more feels approached us once Hyun Ah entered the room. Like father like son, just like Eun Ho was waiting for Eun Dong, his father was waiting for Hyun Ah. Hyun Ah’s apologetic and their hug was emotionally charged. Her mother was trying to hide her emotional intensity, but she can’t help it but unfold a part of her internal world and the fact that she should have come back home earlier all these years whenever she couldn’t take care of everything on her own. Eun Ho probably wanted to let them know that he found Eun Dong, but it wasn’t the right timing.

bscap0149 bscap0151bscap0152

bscap0154Jung Eun keeps dwelling in her Eun Dong files and she can’t stop listening to Eun Ho’s recordings as in her computer background lies a picture of her with Ra Il. Eun Ho was always afraid of Eun Dong riding a bicycle and he was worried if she got hurt while he was gone and that’s why she can’t contact him, he was always worried about everything and she recalls the words he told her before parting ways the night they ate at the restaurant. Now it makes more sense and such moment always end up in tears and silence.


bscap0155Eun Ho embraces the outskirts of solitude and his sister comes to his aid as she’s curious if Eun Dong appeared. He asks her about amnesia and if the person’s memories may feel more alive once she encounters old pictures or things that were part of her past. Hyun Ah asks him whether it is pathological or psychological amnesia and Eun Ho says it was a car accident. It can only point towards brain damage and Eun Ho lets her know that he met Eun Dong who is no other than his ghostwriter. Hyun Ah is thrilled as Eun Ho thinks that the gods envied everything they shared and made them a part of their violent playground. Eun Ho tells her that she’s married with a child and asks for her advice just like he did back in the days when he thought she had a boyfriend.

bscap0157 bscap0159bscap0158 bscap0160

bscap0161Jung Eun returns back to the playground and sits at the swing. Jae Ho’s staring at her through the window crying as he imagines how it would feel to be able to walk alongside Jung Eun. It’s something that shatters him to pieces and he cries his heart out. The next morning Jung Eun’s in front of the mirror and her past selves turn to life right in front of her very eyes as she recalls her hairpin. She does her own research and visits the university she attended. She depends on her resident registration and it appears that she attended the Korean literature class up to the first semester of 2005.

bscap0162 bscap0164bscap0163 bscap0165bscap0167bscap0170 bscap0169

bscap0171In front of the university she recalls memories that were always Eun Dong-Hyeon Soo related. She walks on the same places she used to walk with him and as his recordings keep echoing she gets overflown by flashbacks. With tears in her eyes she reads the book she wrote and it feels as if she can watch herself in the past. Inside the bus she keeps listening to Eun Ho’s recordings and the rivers of memories won’t cease flowing. At some point a rough maneuver makes her almost fall and she can finally see the face of Hyeon Soo in his 20s somewhere between memories and reality. Hyeon Soo’s at his own Bermuda Triangle were memories turn back to life as Jung Eun, Eun Dong, loses herself in tears inside the bus.

bscap0180 bscap0174bscap0175bscap0176

Thoughts: I love the way memories erupt in Jung Eun’s mind as instant flashes in the night sky. There’s neither continuity nor duration, they are like distant pieces of the same puzzle coming together as her soulful core pulls them together like a magnet. What once had been scattered by the wind is gradually finding its way back home and what once was glowing like the sun is finding its forlorn sparkle through never-ceasing sparks. All arrows point towards the same blurry target, once the horizon becomes clearer the revelations will have their impact upon everyone, with Eun Dong finding herself right in the eye of the storm.


Eun Ho’s emotional struggle is immense, but it’s blissful in its own way by now. He has found the latest star at its birth pangs, all that remains is for it to start shining; the brightest. He could easily reveal the whole truth in front of Eun Dong anytime, but he restrains himself because he can’t afford to lose her at this very moment. His attempts to help her recall are elegant and not forceful even though he would like her to know the whole truth in a blink of an eye. The fact that he wanted to take her in his arms and actually imagining how the moment would be is just a glimpse of everything he might had thought throughout the years had Eun Dong been a part of his life.


Hyun Ah finally managed to do one grandiose step ahead by meeting her parents after all these years and the moments were more than heartfelt. Even her austere mother was softened at her very presence even though she was trying to hide it. Eun Ho is definitely his father’s son and the father proves it at the present, especially now that he got to utterly understand his son through the book. Both Hyun Ah and Eun Ho got their mother’s tenacity and their father’s more poetic vibes which are being presented through Eun Ho’s constant longing and infinite love and through Hyun Ah’s utterly humane side.


At this point i don’t think Jae Ho picked Hyun Ah as his doctor randomly, could it be that he wanted a missing link between his condition and a forthcoming revival or Eun Ho and Eun Dong’s romance? Someone from the “inside” that would eventually take his side once the grandiose revelation would take place. So many coincidences can’t be coincidences, but we all know how this factor works in the world of dramas. There are also some different and kind of affectionate vibes between them, i may be wrong, but i see a slight longing between them which could had been forged steadily throughout the years, but it could also be a patient-doctor relationship that approached a more friendly tone with the passing of years.


Jae Ho is probably the most controversial figure of My Love Eun Dong and he’s in my personal drama quarantine. He irritates me at times, quite a lot dare i say, but he always manages to leave the irritating camp and find a warmer place in my heart. Every time he takes advantage of his paralysis and pressures himself to the extent of causing himself major physical discomfort due to the whole anxiety of Eun Dong coming gradually to the surface i can’t help it but get angered. It’s the utmost level of self-pity alongside the fact that he intends to keep his improvement a secret. But then again, trying so hard to reclaim his physical strength and actually succeeding in it step by step is a moving achievement. Every time he cries alone or he is happy around Ra Il i can always forgive him because he’s not devoid of his humane side, on the contrary.


My Love Eun Dong gets filtered through two very different windows. It’s poetry in motion, but it’s also reality’s distortion. Sometimes it’s tough trying to differentiate between the host and the parasite because they breathe the same air. One thing is for certain, crystal clear or soon to be awakened memories shine in heartfelt tones no matter how heartrending it may be. The barren present is about to blossom as the seeds from the past had been kept pretty well and the rain that had always been a part of Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo will soon become a part of their lives anew.


My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 8 Recap

Kwon Sang Seung 2015-06-22

HoDongThenAndNowIf i am reading your mind correctly, you desperately want it to rain during the very beginning of the 9th one after the gracious ending of the 8th episode. It is about time the rain gradually embraces their lives anew, adorning them with that kind of warmth only they know; the way it did 20 and 10 years ago. The water had always been their very own element with the pouring rain always bringing them together or tearing them apart. And this time it’s going to be even more heartfelt but twice as vicious in the shadow of the circumstances as the magic steadily surrenders under the sleepless stare of reality.


bscap0221Jung Eun visualizes the past before her very eyes as the recent conversations with the employee at the university, Jae Ho, her mother, Eun Ho and most and above all herself overrun her mind. Nighttime isn’t easy for Eun Ho either since thoughts keep emerging to the surface. Back home, Jung Eun’s not her usual self and Jae Ho notices it. The next morning he went to meet Jung Eun’s father and informs him on the latest events and his emotional concerns. Stop dwelling in self-pity, Jae Ho, from what exactly are you protecting Jung Eun from? There was never a reason for her to be protected, especially from Eun Ho. Jung Eun’s father points out that Jae Ho has the strongest card which is no other than the fact Jung Eun, Ra Il and him are a family and that nobody can crack these bonds, especially now that lots of time has passed. Jae Ho thinks he’s the one who interfered in their relationship in the first place, but her father doesn’t have anything to say.

bscap0225 bscap0228bscap0227 bscap0226bscap0230bscap0231 bscap0229

bscap0233Jung Eun appears at the clothing store and the previous owner’s attitude has already changed. She’s trying to take advantage of Eun Ho’s ideal working environment and she wants her nephew to start working there. Even though she got fired, once she checked her bank account she noticed that she has more money than expected and she calls Dong Gyu instantly, it’s a reward for her hard work. She’s thankful for everything, but at this very moment she’s unable to call Eun Ho.


bscap0236Inside a bookstore she finds A Dog of Flanders which is the book she used to read to her dying grandmother, but it’s also the book which beheld its own symbolism between Eun Ho and Eun Dong back in the days. Inevitably, a flashback scene pops up as memories find their way in Jung Eun’s mind and shortly after she notices an Eun Ho advertisement for Him & Me which was kind of cheesy, but it served its purpose well; I guess.


bscap0237Eun Ho’s constant victim when it comes to the thoughts of a married woman has to be his make-up artist and it’s one of these times! He doesn’t necessarily receive the answers he’s been craving for, but his friend could easily misinterpret his intentions as well! So he asks her directly that if he should give up on the woman he loves if she’s married to another man and the answer he receives is positive because it’s illegal and an act of infidelity! Their conversations are priceless and a ray of laughter amidst the cracks! He receives a message from Jung Eun asking him to eat with her and he instantly questions his friend about the meaning of such a message to receive the hilarious answer that it’s something people do when they’re hungry!

bscap0182 bscap0183bscap0184

bscap0238Dong Gyu can’t believe that the previous owner fired Jung Eun to take advantage of the advanced payment conditions and orders her to make things right before Eun Ho finds out! Seo Ryeong pays a visit to Hyun Ah and she directly unveils her thoughts. She thinks Eun Ho’s been playing with fire lately, but it’s neither the first nor the last time he acts as an arsonist and a firefighter of his own emotions. It’s always about Eun Dong and Hyun Ah lets her know that she’s a special person to her brother. Seo Ryeong wants her to believe that something’s not right with him and lets her know that he bought the clothing store Eun Dong works at. Her strongest card is the fact that she’s married with a child, but Hyun Ah’s already aware of that and she’s burning all bridges or at least she thought so. Aware of her patient, she directly makes the whole scenery way more specific referring to the fact that Eun Dong’s husband is Jae Ho and she is suffering from amnesia due to a car accident. Seo Ryeong found the perfect ally by stepping on Hyun Ah’s humane side.

bscap0248 bscap0245bscap0242  bscap0247

bscap0249Eun Ho returned back home and he doesn’t care about the military housemaid’s dinner since he can only think of the forthcoming time he will spend with Jung Eun! He doesn’t intend to leave her alone though, he’s got some evil plan! And the surprise dinner company of the military housemaid are Dong Gyu and Hyun Bal! It’s going to be an astonishing night! On top of that, they can’t avoid it since it’s Eun Ho’s order! At least the food is magnificent and soon the overall ambiance gets heated up! A new love blossoms between her and Hyun Bal!

Don’t put your finger in there, hyung!

bscap0251 bscap0252bscap0253 bscap0255 bscap0266bscap0263bscap0270

bscap0262Mi Soon will prepare Jung Eun for tonight and she urges her to make her a piece of art. Mi Soon can’t help it but notice that something’s not right. It’s probably one of the few moments she ever had that much money to spend for herself. Once Mi Soon finds out that she’s doing all these preparations for Eun Ho she can’t believe her ears! Jung Eun eventually bursts into tears since she can’t explain what’s going on in her mind and in heart, all she wants from her friend is to make her look pretty without having to talk about anything.


bscap0272Jung Eun walks in and she’s such a sight to Eun Ho’s eyes! I loved Jung Eun’s majestic simplicity in her stare the moment she walked in leaving Eun Ho stunned! Due to the money she received, she wanted to treat Eun Ho properly. Eun Ho becomes aware that Jung Eun got fired and that she already started trying to find a new job when it comes to publishing. She will start working next week making Eun Ho wonder what happened to her dream which was to become a writer making Jung Eun wonder how could he ever know such information. The answer to her question is easy, he can read through her heart’s lines, but he unveils his source of information who is no other than Dong Gyu!

bscap0271 bscap0274bscap0273 bscap0275

bscap0279I love their emotional contrast with Eun Ho being quite calm yet enamored while Jung Eun’s emotional tension can’t really remain hidden. Eun Ho points out that Jung Eun may had been thinking about things that shouldn’t be discovered and as always, he’s spot on. She would like him to eat properly and take good care of himself as Eun Ho wouldn’t like her to start working for the publishing company since he intends to help her. It’s always about fate and he refers to Eun Dong’s dream of becoming a writer and the insightful ending she conceived of A Dog of Flanders. Jung Eun loved watching Eun Ho’s drama and she would like to write about something inspiring herself with Eun Ho urging her to write about her first love.

bscap0277 bscap0281bscap0285 bscap0284

bscap0288It’s something she can’t do for the time being since her mind is devoid of memories and Eun Ho would like her to think of him as her first love. Things had already started getting emotionally fortified and she manages to escape for a while until she finds some peace of mind. Jung Eun’s husband’s not aware of her meeting him and Eun Ho wants her to keep it a secret, but she doesn’t intend to do so making Eun Ho be at loss for words. Seo Ryeong’s sex toy was waiting for them to appear in front of the restaurant and managed to get a few shots.

bscap0293 bscap0290bscap0291 bscap0296

bscap0297Inside the car, Jung Eun would like to know why Eun Ho can’t forget Eun Dong and he pulls over the car. Sleeping with her, it’s something he can’t forget. It was during their trip when we witnessed them inside the bus where she reminded him of their song. Asking her if she remembers didn’t have only a recording-oriented essence, it possessed an internal grandeur of its own. Jung Eun is at loss for words, but Eun Ho emphasizes on her already knowing things he never mentioned, so that much information shouldn’t be confusing her by now. He invests in more details and Jung Eun doesn’t want to listen to what he has to say, but he does refer to everything they treasured entwined during these 2 days with Eun Dong disappearing on the third one. So many simplistic yet powerful lines in a row but the stronghold of his pounding heart echoes as he urges her to find Eun Dong for him.

bscap0300 bscap0301bscap0305 bscap0304

bscap0320Eun Ho could finally erupt once Jung Eun wants him to remain patient, but he can’t do that since she’s already married with a child and on top of that, she can’t remember him. They can barely prevent the tears from falling and once Jung Eun starts leaving Eun Ho would like her to stay a bit longer with him and she would like to go somewhere with him the next time he won’t be filming. Once again, he has another request, he doesn’t want her to sleep with her husband tonight, but she can’t comply. Eun Ho can only watch her leave for one more time.

bscap0307 bscap0312bscap0311 bscap0316

bscap0321Jae Ho had been waiting for her and Jung Eun just returned back home, but she’s not in the mood for anything either. Jae Ho doesn’t feel comfortable since she met Eun Ho even though he told her not to do so and she wants to know the reason why he wanted to prevent her from meeting him since it doesn’t make sense him being afraid of Eun Ho being interested in an ahjumma in her 30s with a husband and a child. Once again she doesn’t receive any proper answer and he refers to Ra Il and that she should take him into consideration, but Jung Eun can’t hold back and asks him if he knew who Eun Dong was and why he pretended he didn’t know. She really can’t believe nobody ever dared to tell her the truth about the past even at the cost of finding her pitiful due to her memory loss, but Jae Ho points out there is no meaning in that since it’s all over and he puts all the blame on her for being this way all this time. She wants know everything Jae Ho knows, especially when it comes to love’s vicious playground as she wonders if Eun Ho’s book is filled with lies. Jae Ho questions her which one she’d wish it was a lie, the book or the life she was living through everything other people told her, but this is the end of their conversation since both of them are broken.

bscap0328 bscap0326bscap0203 bscap0329

bscap0332Eun Ho was in solitude and he couldn’t hold back but send Jung Eun a message which was read by Jae Ho in her absence and eventually it got deleted by him in his own discomfort. Eun Ho arrives at the company and wants to talk to Dong Gyu who’s astonished by the fact that Jung Eun simply accepted the money they deposited in her account and tries to deliver a deeper meaning to her actions, it’s something that tires Eun Ho big time. On top of that, he’s enraged by the clothing store owner who fired Jung Eun and he wants Dong Gyu to fire her!

bscap0333 bscap0334bscap0335

bscap0338It’s something that eventually happened and Jung Eun’s back at work with the previous owner trying to make her own assumptions on age, body and beauty parameters as to why she got fired instead of Jung Eun! Eun Ho messages Jung Eun and asks her why she ignored his message last night, but she tells him she never received anything and he calls her right away since he doesn’t believe her and for ignoring his text as well! Eun Ho wants to eat with her and he does it in his own way since he was filming and both of them exchanged pictures of their food to feel closer together making everyone around him wonder since when was he uploading photos to SNS or taking selcas! He feels like a child again and Jung Eun as well in a way, but she’s more thoughtful.

bscap0339 bscap0342bscap0341bscap0347bscap0345bscap0346 bscap0348

bscap0350Jae Ho’s going through his own struggle and the outcome is positive. His condition can only get better and he always has by his side Hyun Ah who urges him to try to try the electric bicycle. The first hints of noble idiocy have already started popping up as Hyun Ah wants him to recover as fast as possible in order to protect Jung Eun from Eun Ho’s villainous love; okay. A girl named Oh Nan Shil (is she the same actress who was Seo Noo Ri’s colleague in Heard It Through the Grapevine?) would like Hyun Bal to audition her and he takes her effort in seeing him into consideration. She can pretend as if she was speaking French and she’s giving it a priceless shot somewhere between English with French accent, generic French and Korean! She can draw well and she can sing also, but it doesn’t seem like Hyun Bal was pleased.

bscap0351 bscap0353bscap0207

bscap0356Jung Eun met her mother who’s trying to avoid any conversation referring to the past and she starts talking about Ra Il, but Jung Eun is very specific on what she wants to talk about. She’s thankful for being raised with care by her throughout the years and even though she wasn’t her biological mother she sees her this way. Her mother would like to know how much she knows and Jung Eun refers to herself as Eun Dong, the girl Eun Ho was searching for all these years. She wants her mother to help her since she’s the only who could do so. Eun Dong states that she wants to start anew from that moment, the day before the accident, the day Hyeon Soo was waiting for her. When she stares at Eun Ho her heart trembles and asks her mother if she should be more honest in front of her in order to convince her that’s she’s more than serious this time.

 bscap0358bscap0357bscap0211 bscap0212bscap0213bscap0364

bscap0366Eun Ho stares at the picture of Ra Il. He asks Dong Gyu if he knows Jung Eun’s exact schedule and he lets him know that she must be working at the clothing store by now and there he is! He wants her to follow him so that they’ll eat together but she resists since she has work to do and right before leaving a customer appeared and Jung Eun hid him inside the changing room! He opens the door to stare at her and she urges him to close it back anew so that he will go unnoticed! By the moment the customer leaves Jung Eun informs him about it, but there was no response. Once she opened the door the hand of love pulled her inside! Boom, it’s kabedon time!

bscap0367bscap0215bscap0368 bscap0216 bscap0369bscap0370bscap0373bscap0372bscap0217

bscap0376He keeps staring at her face to face as she tries to avoid his stare and as he lets her know that she’s not scared because Eun Dong was like that as well, unafraid of everything when she was with him and that’s the reason why she doesn’t have to be afraid of anything. Jung Eun’s not afraid of him, she’s afraid of herself and she tries to leave, but Eun Ho prevents her and asks her if she knows who she is and if she understands how much does Eun Dong mean to him. It’s the first time he refers to her directly as Eun Dong and time stands still between them; until a customer arrives.

bscap0374 bscap0378bscap0379 bscap0380bscap0382bscap0383 bscap0384

bscap0387Eun Ho helps her with her work and she’s curious if he ever dated a woman after he got separated from Eun Dong. It’s something he never did because it felt like Eun Dong would do the same and just like he didn’t date anyone else he didn’t want Eun Dong to see another man as well. Until he listens to the whole truth from Eun Dong’s lips he’s not going to make any assumptions. The answer to why he thought she would never see another man gets him hilariously enraged as he throws up in the air everything she had been packing! He wants to take her to the place she wanted to visit with him but she’s negative since there is more work to do! Eun Ho says that the owner is his friend and takes her with him!

bscap0388 bscap0390bscap0391 bscap0392

bscap0394That place is no other than the park where they first kissed outside of the cinema. They revisit the emotionally fortified awkwardness of the moment with their hands leaning towards the same direction. Eventually they reach their destination as they’re walking hand in hand towards the spot where the legendary phone booth used to be. Once he tells her that the hand he’s holding at this very moment was his ten years ago both of them smile at each other and i caught myself wishing for the rain to make its appearance!

bscap0395bscap0397 bscap0398 bscap0400bscap0401 bscap0402bscap0403bscap0404 bscap0409bscap0408bscap0407bscap0413bscap0412bscap0416 bscap0418bscap0421bscap0415bscap0419 bscap0420

Thoughts: Noble idiocy spotted, major noble idiocy in the making. It’s not always bad, but it’s usually nasty and it’s going to get pretty nastier as the drama will be flowing. There are many figures that deserve to be placed in a line and get punished for their atrocious personalities and/or actions. First of all Jung Eun’s father who enforces guilt upon her shoulders while he had his own benefit through the whole background story. Then it has to be her mother, she may not necessarily agree with her husband and she thinks that they deserve punishment for everything they did throughout the years, but this doesn’t change the past or the fact that even now she refuses to open up her mouth to utter the truth.


Seo Ryeong is way too deep in the one-sided territory of love to the extent that it isn’t love anymore but an unwholesome obsession with a mission that should be accomplished at all costs which is no other than gaining Eun Ho even though he will never treasure her the way she craves for. Jae Ho is somewhere in the middle, we still don’t know the exact conditions under which the accident took place and why he considers Jung Eun responsible for what has happened to him, but directly accusing her while not delivering any further information whereas at the same time he tries to keep her memories locked in a cage is something gruesome. And all this thirst to protect Eun Dong, protect her from whom? Herself or Eun Ho? But why do i feel that they want to protect her from finding the whole truth since it’s something that would leave everyone defenseless in front of her very eyes? Isn’t it some sort of transformed self-protection in the form of forced protection and ongoing guilt?


What has happened to him is definitely devastating, i can deeply sympathize with him and i am glad that his condition gets better and better day by day. However, there’s this side of him willing to keep Jung Eun by his side at all costs even though she never loved him in the first place while he’s well aware of that. It’s kind of selfish and heartless, don’t you think? He’s in an ongoing internal conflict, there’s that part urging him to keep Jung Eun by his side at all costs no matter how immoral and pitiful it may seem, the other part is the one knowing the whole truth and it’s something that shatters him within, but the first one isn’t any less destructive either. The only positive rays of light in his life have to be Ra Il, Hyun Ah and the fact that he will probably walk again, but then again, even though he loves Ra Il, he’s his strongest card that binds him to Jung Eun’s life. I’m rather confused, sympathetic and negative at the same time when it comes to Jae Ho.


I thought Hyun Ah would be by her brother’s side no matter what, especially since she knows everything he had to go through all these years. Seo Ryeong’s target was spot on and striking with full force right into the heart of Hyun Ah’s sense of humanity by revealing the whole truth which was related to one of her most treasured patients made that part of her mission successful. She may be mistaking her own experience with her deceased husband and the fact that they got married against all odds with Jae Ho’s part of the story. Knowing that her husband will eventually die was a fragile matter for her back then and it still is and the fact that she built stronger bonds with Jae Ho throughout the years made her feel like she has to protect Jae Ho, Jung Eun and Ra Il’s family at all costs like she did with her own family. To my eyes it’s definitive noble idiocy, but i can see the reasons why she could easily take his side on this matter, but in a blink of an eye denouncing her support towards her brother? I feel like placing a cannon at the balcony and start firing at a random direction!


Whose child is Ra Il and why did Eun Ho had a picture of him? Jae Ho loved her, but Eun Dong had eyes only for Hyeon Soo even when he wasn’t around because she was longing for his appearance. Back in the days, Eun Ho and Eun Dong didn’t intend to make rice cakes in heaven, it was all about their very own and passionate woof woof dance and there’s a high possibility Ra Il could had been their own son. Somehow, Eun Dong and Jae Ho found themselves in the same accident after the truck that ruins drama families appeared and behind this accident the whole background was built and it was based on Eun Dong’s loss of memory, Jae Ho’s paralysis and Ra Il who’s the most innocent victim of the circumstances.


Eun Ho gradually left behind his reluctant approach on Jung Eun and all the longing of all these years found its way to the surface. We also witnessed a more lively part of him revealing itself from the unfathomable depths it was lurking for years after his recent interactions with Jung Eun. There was a gradual progress on the pathway towards her heart and the moment to call her Eun Dong face to face for the first time had arrived.


There’s a multifaceted approach when it comes to Eun Ho throughout the episode, we witness the playful or astonished Eun Ho, but there’s also that side of him which unveils a whole era filled with a constant sense of loss which steadily reaches an end as the void within gets filled with her presence in his life. Everything was more than apparent through the gradual revelations that were coming out of Eun Ho’s mouth as the episode was progressing. There was love and there was longing, but there was also the taste of memories, the ones with her that were always being cherished in pain and agony due to her absence.


We have yet to find out his more possessive part, the one craving for more of Eun Dong in his life regardless of the circumstances and the consequences. The only truth he will accept is the one coming out of Eun Dong’s lips, the only lips he can trust. Eun Dong is Eun Ho’s very essence of life and he’s willing to help her remember everything for their short-lived yet everlasting mutual memories, but she’s also the sleeping source of the utmost and purest form of truth he’s been longing to hear all these years.


Eun Dong’s on an ongoing journey to recalling her memories. What once was dwelling in silence now has awakened in the form of distant and blurry flashbacks. There’s a long way ahead, but she’s willing to see it to the very end. There are many sources that could help her, but the only one willing to do so is Eun Ho. I hope Hyun Ah will keep urging her to recall her memories and she won’t become yet another obstacle at least in that factor. Life owes Eun Dong her memories and since life has progressed she deserves at least that much.


Eun Dong had been used liked a pawn on the chessboard of two families for the past ten years. She deserves her memories back; who she used to be, what she treasured with Eun Ho and there’s always Ra Il in the middle. During the episode we witnessed her for the first time feeling the heartfelt urge to look beautiful for someone. Along with her memories, the woman within fell asleep as well. I can see ten years filled with raising a child, taking care of Jae Ho and working all the time for the family’s well-being and all that while living a life filled with lies; the life of Jung Eun.


Both of them being to the place where they first kissed possessed a glowing beauty of its own as a scene, but there was also a rampant sense of bliss marching towards the surface. What was lying imprisoned is learning to breathe anew, but reality is always harsher and they are about to sense its sharp contours with bare hands quite soon. My Love Eun Dong is soulful and it gets better and better with every episode, it’s an ongoing journey with multiple yet related destinations. Eun Ho’s personality during the 8th episode was a probable sign of the vibes of the forthcoming episodes with the horizon darkening or getting filled with dazzling light within the same episode. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster!


My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 9 Recap

Kwon Sang Seung 2015-06-28

EunDongaaaaahWe passed the midway ground and we’ve already moved towards the second half of My Love Eun Dong, it’s a sign which shyly points towards the falling curtains of the drama in three weeks from now. Is it just me or time flies quite fast lately? I thought the time i spent with Heard It Through the Grapevine would last a lot, but the end arrived sooner than expected even if it was 30 episodes long. School 2015 waved goodbye to its audience after 16 episodes and i have already started preparing myself to bid farewell My Love Eun Dong. Time is relentless, even in dramas. Ratings aren’t a cable channel’s best friend when it comes to dramas, but not always. However, My Love Eun Dong appears pretty strong, especially during the last 4 episodes since it found itself between 1.386%-1.549%. The 9th episode achieved a more than welcome 1.406% and since it still remains inside the 1%-2% safe zone it’s doing pretty well.


bscap0899Eun Ho and Jung Eun are at the park where they first kissed outside of the cinema. They revisit the emotionally fortified awkwardness of the moment with their hands leaning towards the same direction. Eventually they reach their destination as they’re walking hand in hand towards the spot where the legendary phone booth used to be. Once he tells her that the hand he’s holding at this very moment was his ten years ago both of them smile at each other. But they are not alone, Seo Ryeong’s sex toy’s nearby and he’s once again in the role of the shady paparazzi with the sharp as a knife stare and a non-existent smile, of course, he’s in a costume!


bscap0904The phone booth may not be there anymore, but all that matters is their very own presence at the exact place where Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo kissed for the first time. Eun Ho states that had people known this is the place where Eun Ho had his first kiss they wouldn’t have gotten rid of the phone booth. Eun Ho refers to Eun Dong 10 years ago as a fox who seduced his innocent self back then and he’s pretty certain she had planned it all beforehand! Jung Eun thinks that he shouldn’t accuse someone innocent making Eun Ho happy since he thought that her memories had already started coming back, but that’s not the case here, she deeply believes Eun Dong wasn’t like that!


bscap0901She was Hyeon Soo’s personal seductive injection and he refers anew to the renowned by now phrase that he should proceed at all costs making Jung Eun say that it is because it was fine back then, making him question her if he should do the same at this very moment. Jung Eun says she was talking about Eun Dong and not herself as Eun Ho wonders if this makes her feel relieved if she’s talking about herself in the past and herself at the present as two different people. It’s not something that can happen overnight since she’s not familiar yet with her memories as Eun Dong. Their conversation is playful and she’s taking the lead just like the fox she used to be in the past!


bscap0909The next step is the restaurant where they used to eat and he doesn’t go unnoticed by other people! He’s not willing to eat since later on he will have to film a scene where he’s eating late at night and he needs to have an empty stomach for the scene to look more realistic. Eun Ho can’t take his eyes off Jung Eun as she’s eating and he finds the right moment to place a ring on her finger, it’s the ring that belonged to her mother. One after the other, the stories of the recordings turn to life before her very eyes. Things had just started getting emotionally fortified until Jung Eun received a message from Dong Gyu so that Eun Ho won’t be late at the filming sight!

 bscap0911bscap0908 bscap0912bscap0917bscap0915

bscap0918Seo Ryeong receives the photographs from her sex toy and she doesn’t look that pleased with the outcome. Hyun Ah is the next recipient of a message, it’s one of these pictures and guess what, she’s not pleased either! Jae Ho can finally use his hands to a welcome extent, it’s something that makes him happier and more functional in his daily life. Ra Il’s already fallen asleep and Jae Ho moves towards the playground where he receives a phone call from Hyun Ah. Right before arranging a family meeting he notices Eun Ho bringing Jung Eun back home and he loses the world underneath his feet. She notices that something’s not right and he lets her know that his wife’s with another man. It’s something he can’t withstand, but he can’t hate Jung Eun either. Jae Ho hid so that he would go unnoticed as he was crying in silence as our lovely couple’s nighttime was reaching the end.

bscap0922bscap0921bscap0923bscap0924 bscap0925bscap0926bscap0927

bscap0933Seo Ryeong’s sex toy arrives at her office to get slapped and get questioned whether he likes her or not. He wants her to get rid of Eun Ho from her life since he doesn’t love her. In fact, he’s more than a sex toy and he did start to like her as he intends to do just anything for her if she’s willing to forget Eun Ho once and for all. Was it an order to get pictures of them or he acted on his own? His one-sided love’s unveiled background points towards the second direction.

bscap0935bscap0934 bscap0932

bscap0937Jae Ho lets Jung Eun know that he’d like their family to visit Lake Park alongside Hyun Ah’s family and shortly after delivering a positive answer she falls asleep leaving him Jae Ho his own thoughts. Time doesn’t flow differently for Eun Ho either. Dong Gyu arrives and informs him on the latest news concerning the filming process, but he doesn’t seem to care at all. By the time he reads between the lines and notices that he won’t be filming his mood changes drastically and the weather is one of his greatest allies!

bscap0938bscap0939 bscap0941

bscap0944Jung Eun’s staring at her wedding ring and the ring of her mother, it’s a tough decision. The picnic journey is about to begin and Ra Il’s very excited about it! Eun Ho witnesses the whole family getting ready to leave and it wasn’t what he was expecting to see. His plans just got cancelled and he calls Jung Eun on the phone asking her to meet him, he urges her to leave her family behind, but it’s not something she can do right now. They arrive at Lake Park and Eun Ho’s disheartened stare is watching from a safe distance. Eun Ho won’t stop calling her and he lets her know that he wants to see her at the parking lot. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Jae Ho who urges her to follow him, but she decides to meet Eun Ho for a while. He wrist-grabs her and eventually she follows his lead.

bscap0946bscap0947bscap0953bscap0951bscap0957 bscap0954bscap0956bscap0958

bscap0961Hyun Ah welcomes Ra Il and Jae Ho at the park and they try to make the whole ambiance more pleasant in Jung Eun’s absence. Mi Na and Ra Il are playful the way kids should be as Jae Ho lets her know that the first thing he would like to do once he starts walking again would be to walk around barefoot the whole day until his feet start to bleed! He wonders whether Jung Eun will come back if he starts walking again, but Hyun Ah’s at loss for words since she’s aware of the whole truth. If Jae Ho could sell his soul in order to be with Jung Eun he would definitely do so and Hyun Ah refers to the day of her husband’s funeral. The only person who stood by her side at that time was her brother who was the only one to support her along the way even though her parents never approved the pathway she chose to walk upon. Her love for her brother is beyond words, but even though she’s glad he’s in love and she needs to support him she finds it tough because she thinks that Eun Ho’s point of view is rather selfish without caring about other people getting hurt or not. Jae Ho says that he understands her brother since this is what happens when one’s in love as he starts to realize that Jung Eun may not be coming back, at least for today.


bscap0972Eun Ho lets Jung Eun know that once he finds Eun Dong, meaning once she recalls her memories, he would like to run all over the place with her while holding hands, go on a date and travel with her, but he became too famous! This is the reason why he bought that villa in order to be able to run and play with her far away from other people’s stares. It’s all because of Eun Dong, his life had always been Eun Dong oriented. He waited for her for ten years and waiting even more isn’t that hard. However, there’s a major problem, in case he keeps waiting there’s always the chance of Jung Eun never becoming Eun Dong again. He lets her know that he wants to keep seeing her as Jung Eun as he plans to start anew his approach on their present selves as Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo.

 bscap0966bscap0965 bscap0970

bscap0975Jung Eun would like to know how did Eun Ho know that she knew she was Eun Dong and he found out when she accepted the money he gave her without complaining and it’s his own turn to ask her how did she find out she was Eun Dong. It was all about her heart trembling whenever she saw him and she wants to put an end to it since she doesn’t want her heart to keep wavering at his very presence. Whether she recalls the past or not, she’s still her husband’s wife and her son’s mother. Eun Ho wonders whether she loves her husband or not and as she’s touching her wedding ring she replies positively and announces the end between her and Eun Ho.

bscap0968bscap0969 bscap0967

bscap0978It’s something that angers him and he can finally explode as he sees Eun Dong in her overall approach as he thinks she played with him back then, shaking his heart and then suddenly disappearing. Jung Eun’s apologetic as Eun Ho cries his heart out urging her to live well so that he can finally give her up, he can’t accept that she’s living like that after she ruined his heart and disappeared. Jung Eun’s raw realism unveils itself as she points out that he can’t date a woman with a husband and a child. She decides to leave unable to hold back her tears as Eun Ho shouts at her that she needs to face hardships he’s already been through in order to sense the amount of pain that has overran him throughout the years in order to understand the way he feels about her.

bscap0981bscap0973bscap0974 bscap0983

bscap0985Both Eun Ho and Jae Ho are waiting for Jung Eun to return, Eun Ho eventually met his housekeeper and Jae Ho earned Jung Eun’s presence since she had reassured him she would come back and he’s actually quite happy. Jung Eun’s mother finally erupts in front of her husband since she can’t stand his approach on Jung Eun anymore. I used to get the same impression, that he cares more about Jae Ho and treats him like a son rather than being a paternal figure to Jung Eun! She has already started reconsidering her opinion since Eun Ho hasn’t given up on Eun Dong, on top of that he’s a billionaire and despite being one he never gave up his first and only love! Her husband refers to Eun Ho as trash and he thinks his wife is dazzled by the money; look who’s talking! He’s not pleased with his wife lecturing him and she urges him to read just a few pages of the book she wrote in order to understand her, but he’s not willing to comply to any of her requests.

bscap0984bscap0989 bscap0988 bscap0991bscap0992 bscap0882bscap0993bscap0994

bscap0997Mi Soon arrives and both Jung Eun and Jae Ho greet her at their house, she’s here to take care of his hair! They talk about this and that and Mi Soon’s indirect cause is for him and the rest of the family to return back to the US since she’s well aware that Jung Eun is seeing Eun Ho. Hyun Bal is pleased with Eun Ho’s drama’s progress, but his mood changes as soon as Eun Ho informs Dong Gyu that he’s going to get drunk tonight and needs his aid. The whole team rushes to support him! By the time they arrived people had already started taking photos of Eun Ho. Eun Ho feels quite lonely after his last encounter with Jung Eun, so lonely he can’t find the proper words to express it.


bscap0998Hyun Bal’s approach isn’t helpful and Dong Gyu mentions that everyone’s lonely in his/her own way. Eun Ho wonders whether he should marry Seo Ryeong and have a child with her since she’s the daughter of Yong Seong Group, he could easily give up everything by then. Of course, Hyun Bal would concur in this turn of events and pours him more alcohol! Lonely days like this crave for the first love’s remembrance, but it’s not something Hyun Bal can do since his wife was his first love and these memories have faded by now as reality has taken charge of his life. Had Eun Ho gotten married to Eun Dong this would have happened to him as well and he thinks Hyun Bal may be right at this moment.


bscap1005However, he wishes he could have lived with her like that whether it would feel like heaven or it would have turned into utter hell. He acknowledges that even though she can’t remember him her attitude hasn’t really changed and he can’t conceive reality’s parameters and the fact that she’s married to someone else with a child in between. He wishes she would had put an end to everything they shared before disappearing. He’s highly representative of a broken man in love, nothing makes much sense but everything makes sense perfectly well, his complaints are always being followed by tremendous amounts of love towards her face and alcohol keeps flowing.


bscap1007Jae Ho and Ra Il are at the playground talking about Jung Eun and Mi Soon’s friendship and at some point Ra Il’s ball heads towards Jae Ho’s direction and it’s the first time for him after all these years to hold a baseball. It’s something that makes both of them extremely happy! Mi Soon and Jung Eun are eating together and Mi Soon feels uneasy about recommending Jung Eun as Eun Ho’s ghostwriter. Both of them get emotional as Mi Soon lets her know that she’s aware of everything. Jung Eun doesn’t know what to do, she can’t help it but keep loving Eun Ho and her heart never lies, it’s something that makes her daily life some kind of torture. Every time he’s around her he finds his own way into her heart. He always finds a way in without knocking the door and she can’t help it but love that feeling. Jung Eun crying her heart out after such beautiful lines made that scene a personal favorite alongside Eun Ho’s drunken self a while ago.

bscap1008 bscap1012bscap1010 bscap1011bscap1013bscap1014bscap1015 bscap1016

bscap1022Her mother calls her on the phone and lets her know that she’d like to meet her. Hyun Bal and Dong Gyu return Eun Ho who’s about to pass out back home and he salutes the military housemaid! They were about to leave, but her cooking caught their attention! She doesn’t like drunkards for sure! Once Eun Ho becomes a human again she will treat him accordingly and Dong Gyu and Hyun Bal’s condition don’t go unnoticed either, they are between being human and getting wasted and shows them the way out!


bscap1024Seo Ryeong has already started moving towards the baseball field and she wants her sex toy to work on something as she refers to Jae Ho’s background. She intends to support a baseball sports center for handicapped people and it doesn’t look that innocent to my eyes at this very moment. Eun Ho wakes up and he’s got a long way ahead to come back to reality in full force after a night swimming in oceans of alcohol. He gets off the bed and rushes to his beloved sofa, but it doesn’t last long since he has to throw up!


bscap1027Jung Eun visited her mother and the moment of truth has arrived as she takes her to her old room. Jung Eun opens up her box and finds her renowned hairpin and her pair of shoes as memories erupt. There’s also Hyeon Soo’s book with their photographs inside. There so many feels as we go through Hyeon Soo reciting the poem inside the hospital room and then we head towards Eun Ho’s recording with his voice getting united with Eun Dong’s own words! She finds her old diary and witnesses her other wish, the one to marry Hyeon Soo alongside finding her mother. Eun Ho’s words from the last time they met keep echoing and she can’t help it but unveil her most heartfelt tears to date.

bscap1028 bscap1032bscap1031bscap1033bscap1035bscap1036 bscap1040bscap1038bscap1043

bscap1044Eun Ho’s playing with the yolk and once he decides to eat everything points towards the direction that he shouldn’t have drank that much! He doesn’t remember anything and he starts cutting his toenails as he hallucinates with Eun Dong being all over the place in his life! She’s going crazy over everything, but it feels like heaven to his eyes and eventually tears follow when reality takes over.

bscap1050bscap1046bscap1048 bscap1049bscap1053bscap1057

bscap1061He’s lying on his bed and once he receives a message he rushes to read it, but it was Hyun Ah urging him to pass by the hospital tomorrow. Jae Ho’s going there as well and Hyun Ah is pleased to know that he will be a part of the baseball center. Eun Ho arrives at the hospital and heads towards his sister’s office. On his way there, he meets Jae Ho at the elevator and both of them can’t believe they actually met face to face.

bscap1064bscap1065 bscap1066 bscap1068bscap1069

Thoughts: On the 9th episode there was a wide variety of emotions and the prism through which they were being filtered had a variety of its own as well. Commemorating the second half of the drama, the 9th episode was a milestone for My Love Eun Dong’s emotional progress since it managed to convey the strict opposition between reality and a steadily outspreading bliss.


South Korean dramas have some sort of affection when it comes to hand portrayal. It’s not emphasis just for the sake of it, the hands work as an extension of the characters’ personalities and internal world during a scene and they display in a more apparent way everything going on in a figure’s mind at that very moment. In My Love Eun Dong hands hold a deeper symbolism than a generic expression of affection, love or discomfort. Every time we witness Jae Ho’s hands moving with one of them being more functional and the other one struggling to achieve at least as much as the other one can it’s a slight but deeply meaningful presentation of his progress after having worked hard to get better.


Eun Dong’s hands have to be the drama equivalent of a crossroad. There’s the wedding ring and there’s also the ring which belonged to her mother, but it is absolutely related to Eun Ho. Having to choose between the life she had been living for the past ten years and the life she was dreaming before losing her memories is being depicted on her hands somewhere between the ring which enforced Jung Eun upon herself and the ring which holds everything Eun Dong was craving for; her mother and Eun Ho.


At the spot where the phone booth that made everything more palpable used to be there was nostalgia on Eun Ho’s behalf, but there was also an attempt of memory recollection for Jung Eun and that makes it even harsher for her. She wants to treasure all these memories, but she can only caress their distant contours making the whole process blissfully traumatic. Only her heart recognizes everything her mind refuses to see for the time being.


Even though i would never say it had been easy for Eun Ho all these year, it’s easier for him to demand Jung Eun’s presence in his life. However, it’s something that can neither happen overnight nor progress that easily when it comes to Jung Eun, she’s married with a child. She can neither erase the past ten years nor keep in silence her past before the accident. Eun Ho’s pain throughout the years had been immense and all this longing was mainly embittered and that’s why he explodes at times, but he never gave up hope.


Now that Eun Dong’s in his life anew he wants to treasure everything with her without taking into consideration reality’s parameters or anyone else’s feelings, it’s only him and Eun Dong. You can sense his desperation in Jin Mo’s stare even at the thought of losing her anew after he just found her. My hyung is doing an immense work on depicting all the internal conflicts of Eun Ho’s personality.


The whole way of thinking is selfish, i know, but i would had done the same and you would probably act this way as well had you tried walking in his shoes, fellow reader. Right now i felt like trying to convince a court on my client’s innocence, excuse me ladies (and few gentlemen). Just take into consideration these manly tears below.


Eun Ho’s drunken scene was an emotional masterpiece, as a man myself i can deeply dwell on that very moment. Not everything he said was making sense, but at the same time everything was more than meaningful. All these incoherent thoughts of trying to push her away in his mind for the time being was a failed attempt to regain his senses and slightly embrace a different reality. However, everything that didn’t pace with his Eun Dong oriented world was always being followed by the “but” factor that was doing justice to his own feelings towards her which are no other than his everlasting love and ceaseless craving to be around her. Wondering how can she be so pretty even now was the perfect closure for such a scene. His slight smile and rainy eyes depicted in the utmost way his love for her in comparison to his own struggles that haven’t reached an end even though he finally found her. Bittersweet was never so alive in such a shot.


Had he married Eun Dong back then their entwined lives may had turned into a daily routine, but even then he would never want to miss this chance of going through that blissful “hell” despite not being the heaven it would had been in the past. His hallucinations inside his house during the abhorrent hangover process were that aspect of Eun Dong that would point towards that direction of “hell”, but even then, he would never ask for anything else. Even though he may have idealized Eun Dong’s very soul and essence throughout the years, especially during her absence, he knows what he wants and his life will only be complete with Eun Dong by his side.


Jung Eun chose raw realism over emotion and memories and tried to embrace the life she had been living for the past ten years, but it wasn’t easy to erase the past even though it remains hidden in the corridors of her mind. In one hand she declared the end of an era to Eun Ho, on the other hand, in front of Mi Soo, she could utter the whole truth and that her heart can only point towards Eun Ho’s direction. Her heart’s always an open door for Eun Ho to enter any time he wants to and he’s more than welcome to do so despite the ominous circumstances. She doesn’t know what to do at this very moment and i can totally understand her. She can’t leave Jae Ho and Ra Il behind in a blink of an eye, but she can’t become Eun Dong out of the blue either. Her crossroad is tough and the whole truth hasn’t come to the surface yet.


It wasn’t easy talking this way to Eun Ho at the villa he bought for them, but it wasn’t easy lying to her own feelings either. The box of memories beheld tremendous amounts of feels and you could sense her emotional struggle through Sa Rang’s vivid interpretation. Everything she was hearing from Eun Ho’s recordings and everything she wrote about was there.


All these legendary items, after her mother’s ring, started parading in front of her weary eyes one after the other, her emotionally fortified hairpin, her shoes which were Eun Ho’s first unconditional present towards her, his book and their photos and last but not least, her very own thoughts when she was still a little girl. The compass was always pointing towards Eun Ho’s direction and the mist surrenders, step by step. Emotion could finally overwhelm realism and her most sincere tears to date came to the surface.


Her mother played an important role. At first she defied her husband who’s a major ash-hole and i want him to suffer as much as possible. Then, she managed to take that mighty step ahead and let Jung Eun get a more palpable glimpse of Eun Dong. I don’t know where all this hate towards Eun Ho’s face derives from when it comes to Jung Eun’s father, but i hope there’s a good explanation about it, not that it would make him look less guilty to my eyes, but okay. And why does he care about Jae Ho that much as if he was his one and only son instead of delivering even the slightest sense of love towards his daughter instead of ongoing guilt? My fists are always ready for you, “ahjussi.”


I can’t see Seo Ryeong as a philanthropist and the baseball center has nothing to do about it. Bringing Jae Ho in her own field can only be Eun Ho oriented and she knows that she can only rely on Jae Ho and Hyun Ah at this very moment. Hyun Αh has found herself in a tough position and Seo Ryeong definitely played a dirty game with her. In one hand she wants to stand by her brother’s side the way he supported her throughout the years and she deeply knows more than anyone else everything he went through.


On the other hand, she can’t give up Jae Ho, her humane side can’t let it happen and talking to him about her husband and her brother wasn’t only Eun Ho oriented in order to deliver the arch signs that he is her brother. She also wanted to know his opinion in the way he would feel had he been in her brother’s position and on top of that, she always makes a connection to him with her husband since both of them went through hard times. Her husband didn’t make it, but he treasured love with Hyun Ah and eventually Mi Na was born. She doesn’t want Jae Ho to end up alone because of her brother’s everlasting love and never-ending focus on Eun Dong. It makes sense, but i still see it as noble idiocy.


One thing is for certain, she probably wanted Jae Ho and Eun Ho to meet at the end of the 9th episode, even indirectly. Hyun Ah has something in mind, but i can’t say what for now. We witnessed Jae Ho’s happiness as his hands become more and more functional and gradually he will be able to walk again, we sensed his relief once Jung Eun appeared at the park, but we also went through his silent tears and boiling discomfort. The meeting at the end of the 9th episode was a powerful scene as both men silently weighed their dynamics in front of each other.


However, witnessing Jae Ho face to face for the first time could be Hyun Ah’s plan to make Eun Ho’s selfish part surrender; at least for a while. It’s time to enter the world of the 10th episode, one thing is for certain, My Love Eun Dong only gets better and the feels grow more powerful with the passing of time!

      bscap0980bscap0979 bscap1041

My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 10 Recap

Kwon Sang Seung 2015-07-02

EUNDONGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHThese post-exam moments are kind of traumatic, especially when you have to wait for the outcome while hoping it will be the one desired. It’s like a constant anxiety shock waiting for you right in the corner and you get the impression as if someone thought your heart was a gong making it pound that way so you can feel each and every heartbeat’s pressure inflicted upon your body. It’s like an ongoing earthquake that doesn’t leave the boundaries of your body. It was difficult trying to write down my thoughts on a single episode throughout all these mood swings from one edge to the other to eventually fall inside a pit of uncertainty. Well, this longing may not be compared to the one of Eun Ho, but it’s still a sense of longing.


bscap1066Eun Ho arrives at the hospital and heads towards his sister’s office. On his way there, he meets Jae Ho at the elevator and both of them can’t believe they actually met face to face. Time stood still for a while and both of them eventually moved on. Hyun Ah boasts about Eun Ho being her brother and we all know that it’s only the beginning of everything she has to say. She refers to Jae Ho’s condition and the emotional struggle he has to go through ever since her brother acknowledged Eun Dong in Jung Eun’s face.

bscap1068bscap1069bscap1512bscap1519bscap1520 bscap1517

bscap1531Eun Ho can’t believe that his sister is Jae Ho’s doctor, but most and above all he can’t accept the fact that Hyun Ah has chosen the opposite side and she doesn’t want Jae Ho to be separated from Jung Eun, especially not during the rehabilitation process. Eun Ho wants to know if Jae Ho can get intimate with Jung Eun and as soon as the answer is negative he leaves feeling kind of relieved.

bscap1523bscap1522 bscap1524

bscap1535Hyun Bal actually accepted the girl after the audition and after he finds out she’s playing the piano he intends to follow her and see for himself! Before that, he meets Jae Ho who just arrived at the company. He’s complaining about the fact that Eun Ho keeps seeing his wife more than required when it comes to work matters and he lets Hyun Bal know that he won’t stay still if this keeps going on. The message has been delivered and Hyun Bal feels uneasy about it.

bscap1534 bscap1538bscap1539

bscap1540Eun Ho’s parents alongside Mi Na visit Jung Eun at the clothing store and Mi Na recognizes her surprising everyone! The father seems to have sensed something familiar and warm in Jung Eun’s very presence. Jae Ho keeps up his self-pity campaign and meets Seo Ryeong right away. After all the necessary introductions she gets on point and refers to her interest towards Eun Ho. Jae Ho just found the right ally so that he will proceed towards Jung Eun and Seo Ryeong towards Eun Ho respectively.

 bscap1543bscap1541 bscap1546 bscap1551bscap1550 bscap1552

bscap1553Filming has reached an end and Eun Ho’s not in the mood to sit with the others as he sings his way out. He recalls Jung Eun’s not so positive words the last time they met. Jae Ho returns back home and it’s the first time he shows Jung Eun that his hands are actually functioning anew. He lets her know that it’s been some time he started getting better and he didn’t let her know because he didn’t want to lose her. Once again he makes Eun Ho look like a mean person that has his own impact on Jung Eun’s personality. Jung Eun reassures him that nothing has changed and that all she needs is time. Jung Eun says that Eun Ho is meaningless to her and she doesn’t intend to keep talking about him, but Jae Ho orders her to refuse receiving money from him from now on. Jung Eun complies and the whole climate inside the house isn’t vibrant.

bscap1555 bscap1556bscap1557 bscap1476bscap1559

bscap1562Hyun Bal lets Eun Ho know that Jae Ho appeared at the company and he gets enraged with everything going on lately! Jae Ho can’t get out of his mind Eun Ho while at the same time Jung Eun receives a phone call from him. None of them is in a fine mood. He refers to her as Ji Eun Dong and he wonders what happens now that he can’t give up on her, the one and only woman he ever loved. He wants to see it to the very end until one of them passes away. She keeps referring to him as Eun Ho without being able to say anything else and he interrupts her by referring to himself as Hyeon Soo just like Jung Eun isn’t Jung Eun but Eun Dong.

bscap1477bscap1560bscap1561 bscap1563 bscap1570bscap1571 bscap1572

bscap1577Seo Ryeong recalls the first time she met Eun Ho and how astonished she was in the first place. During their handshake and while everyone would think it would be either an autograph or his phone number he was letting her know that she should change the barista since the coffee was horrible! It’s always about Eun Ho’s excellent communication skills!

bscap1576bscap1575 bscap1581bscap1579

bscap1584Eun Ho’s by the sea and he calls Eun Dong right away, but it’s Jae Ho the one to answer the phone call disheartening Eun Ho who’s at loss for words. Jung Eun returns back home and Jae Ho wants to make sure she will come with him tomorrow. She may not be that pleased that her father will be present too, but she will follow Jae Ho who lets her know that Eun Ho had just called. He’s displeased with the fact that Eun Ho called his wife and on top of that he didn’t say anything over the phone. Dong Gyu meets Eun Ho whose discomfort is omnipresent.

bscap1478bscap1479 bscap1481bscap1585bscap1586

bscap1591Seo Ryeong progresses the Eclipse event and everything’s flowing according to plan. She receives a phone call from Jae Ho who lets her know that he would like Eun Ho to be present as well for a face to face confrontation. Seo Ryeong likes the whole idea and wants Hyun Bal to arrange Eun Ho’s presence at the event. Jae Ho’s at the stadium watching the training process while Jung Eun eats with Mi Soon who notices that something’s not right. When it comes to food and the way it’s people-oriented she offers a diplomatic answer, instead of Jae Ho or Eun Ho it brings forth Ra Il’s presence in her life. Mi Soon invites Jung Eun to Jeboo island and she likes the idea, once Jae Ho’s event will be over they can get there.

bscap1589bscap1590 bscap1593bscap1592

bscap1595The grandmother from the Korean classroom calls her on the phone and by the time they meet she refers to her as Eun Dong teacher. The grandmother’s really glad to see her and Jung Eun lets her know that she lost her memory. She finally found the letter and hands it over to Eun Dong. She keeps it safe inside the book which has the same title as the writing on the letter, My Love Eun Dong, but she doesn’t intend to read it yet.

bscap1594 bscap1597bscap1598

bscap1602Eun Ho’s by the seaside and the scenery by sunset is enthralling! The Eclipse event preparation has almost reached the end and Jae Ho who’s accompanied by Jung Eun are about to arrive. Eun Ho’s heading there as well, but he doesn’t know the details. Seo Ryeong greets Jae Ho while Jung Eun can’t believe her eyes, but Seo Ryeong unveils her civilized mask by praising her beauty as if nothing happened in the past. Hyun Ah arrives as well and Eun Ho’s getting ready for his appearance. Hyun Bal’s aware that Eun Ho’s going to be quite pissed off and he lets Dong Gyu know about the event’s real nature. Hyun Bal wants Dong Gyu to help him in order not to face Eun Ho’s wrath, but it’s too late, Seo Ryeong already managed to inform him and he’s at loss for words. It’s one more way to keep Eun Ho by her side, or at least she thought so, because Eun Ho doesn’t intend to see it happening.

bscap1599 bscap1604bscap1603 bscap1605bscap1606 bscap1607 bscap1609bscap1608 bscap1611bscap1610bscap1484bscap1485

bscap1618Eun Ho enters the event area and he exchanges stares with Jung Eun. She’s being overran by discomfort while Eun Ho maintains his calmness. Jae Ho’s display of power is ill-natured and it doesn’t possess the grandeur it should. The crowd applauds Jae Ho’s presence on stage and refers to his background story with some sort of humor and praises his wife who was by his side all this time. Once he refers to fate and the power of love between them Eun Ho’s face changed thousands of colors in a blink of an eye. Jae Ho mentions that he’s willing to do just anything to protect his marriage and he calls Eun Ho to start his speech. It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for a wide variety of reasons.

bscap1614bscap1615 bscap1617bscap1616bscap1486 bscap1621bscap1620

bscap1487He maintains his calmness and his grandeur shines through declaring his own fair play that only a few can understand for now. He won’t give up, but he won’t use foul methods. Eun Ho won’t give up until he reclaims all these lost years, as for Jae Ho, he hopes he will recover soon! Not exactly what everyone was expecting as a speech, but Eun Ho delivered all the necessary messages and the recipients have started losing the world underneath their feet! Jung Eun tries to leave, but Jae Ho wrist-grabs her and forces her to sit down, but she eventually manages to escape. Eun Ho wants to leave as well, but Dong Gyu restrains him and the most heroic moment of the drama arrived with Eun Ho crying out her name in the middle of Seo Ryeong’s speech as Dong Gyu tries to cover everything up! Eun Ho leaves and Jae Ho lies defeated in his own territory. Seo Ryeong tried to call him on the phone, but he deactivated it to find some peace of mind.

bscap1622bscap1623 bscap1488bscap1624bscap1625 bscap1626bscap1627bscap1630bscap1631bscap1632bscap1633

bscap1634The moment for Eun Dong to read the letter amidst memories through Eun Ho’s narrative voice in his 20s has arrived. The accident wasn’t the first time Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong met, they had met before when he had parked his motorcycle to help Eun Dong and her grandmother. It was the first time Eun Dong started falling for him and she eventually helped him get rid of the accusations that were coming his way after the accident. And she was the one who spotted Hyeon Soo in Seoul first and started searching around for him. Everyone thought of Hyeon Soo as a loser back then, but Eun Dong’s dream was to become a writer and support him in his acting attempts. Even for the short time they were together she was always supportive, loving and caring and she never took into consideration Jae Ho’s feelings.

bscap1636 bscap1637bscap1638bscap1639 bscap1646bscap1645bscap1643bscap1647bscap1649bscap1650bscap1651 bscap1652

bscap1654It’s not only the distant past she steadily recalls, it’s also the recent past with Eun Ho in her life that goes through her mind. And it was Jae Ho’s fault they got into an accident because he couldn’t accept the fact that Eun Dong would never love him while he was having her father’s support who was using the fact that he was providing her everything she needed. He wasn’t only useless as a father, he was also an abusive subhuman trying to force Jae Ho in her life. It’s a whole maelstrom of massive memories making her feel dizzy at the present, it’s an emotional overload that makes her collapse. The only thing she can utter is “Hyeon Soo oppa” just like back then on the day of the accident while she was lying on the ground before losing consciousness and eventually her precious world.

bscap1642bscap1658bscap1659 bscap1661 bscap1663bscap1664bscap1666bscap1670 bscap1671 bscap1498bscap1502

Thoughts: The first half of the episode was testing my already fragile nerves. It was Jae Ho’s self-pity campaign to get Eun Ho out of the way and he met with every possible person that could actually help him. At first it was Hyun Ah, then Hyun Bal and eventually Seo Ryeong. Each and every one of them did their best to compose the perfect symphony of decomposition in order to create the ideal environment that would evoke major discomfort in the ranks of Eun Ho and Eun Dong.


The plan seemed perfect and everyone was gradually paving his/her own way, but they didn’t take into consideration a factor of utter importance, Eun Ho’s unparalleled love and longing. You simply don’t mess with a man’s feelings, especially while he was nurturing them for the past 20 years inside an ocean of loneliness with tiny islands of bliss in between. If Eun Ho mastered loneliness and managed to forge a distant yet loved social figure then he will use all means necessary in order to put all this longing at ease and transform it into palpable fields of love, even if he has to maintain his calmness despite the fact that it would seem an unreachable goal given the circumstances.


Jae Ho played in his own field and lost to Eun Ho’s skillful approach. He may not have lost the war yet, but he lost an important battle. They may have the same destination, but their kickoff point and the progress in between can’t be compared. Jae Ho stands for one-sided love, lies, obsession and among others he’s yet another thief of someone else’s life. If you might have guessed correctly, my sympathy towards Jae Ho’s face reached the end, he crossed the thin red line and entered the area of irritating figures that deserve to be punished. Crying around like a neighborhood gossip princess and plotting like your average middle-aged ahjumma while using his disability to his own advantage without preserving his self-respect while badmouthing Eun Ho and stepping upon Eun Dong’s life is something i cannot accept anymore.


Everyone belonging to the same league of irritating people was taught a lesson that night, that not everything can flow according to their malevolent plan all the time and that they can’t turn love’s purest form into a violent playground in order to progress their own selfish plans. It’s all about Eun Ho and Eun Dong’s common kickoff point and Eun Ho masterfully presented all the love and all the longing just for those aware of everything going in the background without taking into consideration the rest of the audience. If some people wanted to play with him he played back and the message was delivered.


That was one part of the twofold meaning of a message during the episode, the other part was Eun Ho’s letter which the grandmother finally brought back to the surface and Eun Dong had the chance to dwell deeper in the realms of her lurking memories. Eun Dong’s platonic affection and deeper longing towards Hyeon Soo’s face started before Hyeon Soo started nurturing his own feelings. It was before the accident, but Eun Dong never forgot about him and life brought it this way so that they would meet again and Eun Dong would protect him from getting into trouble.


After they met again in their 20s Eun Dong was the first one to notice Hyeon Soo and wanted to approach and seduce him in her own playful way, making sure they would be together ever after while nothing would be able to keep them apart. Everyone kept accusing her for Jae Ho’s condition and infused tremendous amounts of guilt in her traumatized soul while it was Jae Ho’s one-sided obsession and carelessness which harmed both himself and Eun Dong. Judging from Eun Dong’s attention stasis in front of her father she was probably being abused by her father both as a little girl and a young lady  and he was filling her with guilty before the accident.

Who needs Transformers when you have trucks?!


Back then it was the fact that she was living in his house and that he was giving her food and clothes to survive and he wanted her to get married to Jae Ho at all costs. After the accident and the fact that she couldn’t remember anything it was the falsified life which brought her in Jae Ho’s life while her own had remained buried by time and dust. Her mother is yet another victim to her husband and at this very moment i can’t put the blame on her; except for her silence all these years.


What was hiding underneath many layers of lies has finally emerged to the surface and the shock was immense. Eun Dong didn’t only lose her physical balance but also her emotional one since everything shattered before her very eyes. She was aware that many things were not right during the flow of the episodes, but her own memories had a different and more powerful weight upon her at this very moment. Through Hyeon Soo’s simplistic and slightly poetic letter of love, longing and dedication memories stroke her like a torrent.


The preview was rather insightful of what to expect. Our two wounded love pigeons will finally meet each other as Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong and they will treasure their stolen lives and all these ten years of absence will reach an end. A circle ends for yet another one to begin. Both of them have waited for a long time to feel complete in each other’s embrace and the passion will get multiplied. On the other side of the fence, Ra Il is not Jae Ho’s son and he wants a child to tie himself and Jung Eun together. He doesn’t seem to have learned a single thing throughout the years and what he shares with Eun Dong isn’t love but some sort of the Gordian Knot. However, Eun Ho’s not here to cut it, but untie it just like he masterfully progressed towards Eun Dong; step by step, episode by episode, memory by memory.


Oh well, i give my life for such drama letters, they usually possess a different type of emotional dynamics and Hyeon Soo’s letter back in the days definitely had a glimpse of what i expected. Nobody messes with a man when the whole universe is so powerless compared to his feelings for a woman and if the universe conspired to keep them apart, it’s time to pay them back.

My Love, Eun Dong.
I was the most fearless boy in the world.
Ten years ago, when I first met you, I was like that.
But after losing you, I became a coward.
The only thing I’m scared of in this world is losing you.
Eun Dong, like ten years ago, I became a coward.
I’m scared that I will lose you again.
Eun Dong, no matter what happened to you,
No matter what you were thinking,
I will understand everything and wait for you.
So please come back.
Is it that man? Is that why?
Are you with that man that remained in your time while I lost you?
Even if somebody gives me the whole universe, I wouldn’t trade it with you.
I’m going to wait until you come back.
Even if that takes a year, two years or three years.
I’m going to wait until I find you.
Even if that takes ten years, I will wait for you.
We will meet again.


My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 11 Recap

Kwon Sang Seung 2015-07-05

1You know an episode is going to be perfect if it starts with “EunDongaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” The rain is here, it poured down with utter love and bliss and the theft of a decade’s longing reached the end within a nighttime’s completion. The past’s most beauteous perfume may have come to the surface, but the ominous shades of the past aren’t willing to surrender at the present either. The rain now beholds a two-fold essence, the one of purity and the one of demise and both sides made their appearance during the 11th episode which managed to achieve the drama’s best ratings up to this very moment (1.643%) for all the love and all the hate which was lying in its fragile world.


bscap1776It’s a whole maelstrom of massive memories making Eun Dong feel dizzy at the present, it’s an emotional overload that makes her collapse. The only thing she can utter is “Hyeon Soo oppa” just like back then on the day of the accident while she was lying on the ground before losing consciousness and eventually her precious world. She gets transferred to the hospital and she wakes up with Jae Ho by her side. This time, after memories have come to the surface, she’s negative towards him and she wants to be alone. Back in the days she had overheard her father’s conversation with Jae Ho on the phone urging him to take her with him to the US. It was the night she left home to go on vacation with Hyeon Soo to love themselves to death.

bscap1778bscap1780 bscap1782bscap1783 bscap1784

bscap1786Once Jae Ho returned back to the room she had already left. In the meantime, Eun Ho was filming and break time has arrived. Dong Gyu informs him on Mi Soon and Eun Dong’s journey and suddenly Eun Ho’s mind starts swimming in the waters of Jeboo island. Mi Soon and Eun Dong had already arrived and the scenery is so beautiful! Seo Ryeong hasn’t given up and she wants Hyun Bal to become a part of her forthcoming plan, it seems like a tough decision. However, he seems to be getting closer to the girl he auditioned and he asks her what she would choose between money and a friend and her answer was rather insightful. He should choose the one that would make him happier! In case he can’t decide he should measure the impact of one’s absence from his life and choose accordingly.

bscap1788 bscap1790bscap1791bscap1789

bscap1793Jae Ho’s reading a story to Ra Il until he’s fallen asleep. The stormy weather doesn’t intend to leave Jae Ho at ease and he dwells in the past when Eun Dong declared that a closer relationship can’t happen between them emphasizing on the fact that their lives are separate. It wasn’t only her father’s ambition fueling Jae Ho’s feelings, it was also Jae Ho’s fault the accident happened in the first place. He’s not the only going through thoughts, Eun Dong dwells in the past as well as Eun Ho’s words echo in her mind and the beautiful memories they shared gradually come to the surface. What a lovely kiss and they were always choosing to treasure each other to the fullest the whole time, as for the sea? They’ll see it later! The scene at the rooftop had a majesty of its own, but had they fallen down they would have literally loved each other to death!

bscap1795 bscap1797bscap1799bscap1801 bscap1800bscap1796bscap1802bscap1803 bscap1804bscap1806bscap1805bscap1807bscap1808bscap1829bscap1810bscap1811bscap1812 bscap1813bscap1814  bscap1816bscap1818bscap1819 bscap1820bscap1821 bscap1822 bscap1823bscap1825 bscap1826bscap1827bscap1828

bscap1831Eun Ho goes through his conversations with Eun Dong and he receives a phone call from her! She refers to him as “Hyeon Soo oppa” just like the good old days and the past haunts him with bliss at the present as she’s crying her heart out! The moment for him to go to Jeboo island has arrived! The stormy weather has a different impact upon our three characters, but I don’t care about Jae Ho, the rain has arrived for those who deserve it! Dong Gyu’s worried about Eun Ho, but he can’t reach him on the phone and he calls Mi Soon who’s already fallen asleep. Eun Dong can’t sleep and it was worth it since she notices Eun Ho waiting for her in the garden! Eun Ho’s enamored by her whole presence and Eun Dong’s in the same state of both heart and mind!

bscap1833bscap1832bscap1834bscap1838bscap1837 bscap1843bscap1840 bscap1844

bscap1845They hug in the rain and they can’t hold back their tears of happiness, but it doesn’t matter anymore! They stare at each other with so much love and the longing reaches the end as their lips entwine with so much passion! What a kiss, that’s a kiss! If drama bliss could be described within a scene then that’s the one! Both of them waited for a long time but it was all worth it, they live for this moment! The scene is so angelic, it’s like they’re floating in unparalleled heavens of passion and they can love themselves to death anew inside his car this time! Do you feel it Jae Ho? Having nightmares again? But he moved his leg, that’s positive for his health!

bscap1846 bscap1849bscap1847bscap1850bscap1851bscap1852bscap1855bscap1856bscap1858bscap1860bscap1863bscap1864bscap1865bscap1866bscap1869

It wasn’t a nightmare, Jae Ho, they loved themselves to death; again!


bscap1872Mi Soon has woken up and just noticed all the missed calls from Dong Gyu, but this time it’s Jae Ho who wants to know if Eun Dong’s with her and she lets him know that she’ll call him later on. Ra Il would like to sleep to Mi Na’s house, but Jae Ho would like her to sleep here. There’s a special connection between the two kiddos, Mi Na’s father passed away when she was 3 years old and he wants to be nice towards her now that his father gets better. Ra Il’s proud of his father, but he wants to go there by subway and not by riding a taxi since it’s something that makes his mother upset and Jae Ho thoughtful.


bscap1876Eun Dong wakes up inside his car and caresses Eun Ho’s face. Both of them are so happy staring at each other. The child within Eun Ho has awakened and he doesn’t want to go to work, there’s so much chemistry between them! She urges him to leave and go to work in order not to neglect his duties. Every time she calls him oppa he secretly dies and gets reborn in a cloud of bliss! She’s thankful towards him for waiting for her and I so love this couple! He’s like a child again and he intends to obey! They head towards the house holding hands and he lets her know that he’ll be back and she puts his life in a healthy program, always with love! Eun Ho states that he’s scared as if everything they cherished was a dream and she reassures him that it was reality. Another beautiful hug takes place and he wouldn’t like her to disappear again! He can’t leave, but he has to obey her orders! Both of them are so caring and overprotective towards one another! Have I told you already how much I love them?

 bscap1878bscap1877 bscap1880 bscap1882bscap1883bscap1984

When a “single” oppa can change the world.


bscap1902Dong Gyu can’t reach Eun Ho on the phone, he’s already late and he tries to cover him up. Her grandmother makes Mi Na ready to welcome Ra Il. Once they start talking about Ra Il’s father who’s in a wheelchair Mi Na’s grandfather seems quite thoughtful once he brings Jung Eun in the whole picture, could it be that he knows or assumes something? Jae Ho meets Hyun Ah, he’s worried and wants to have a child through artificial insemination. He hasn’t discussed anything with Jung Eun and he can’t accept the fact that he’s gradually losing her to Eun Ho to the extent of wanting to kill him. At that point Hyun Ah noticed that Ra Il isn’t Jae Ho’s son since he doesn’t have that something that would bind them together.


bscap1906Eun Ho has arrived at the filming sight and he intends to follow Eun Dong’s orders and eat well! Ra Il and Mi Na are reading a story and his grandparents take good care of them. Ra Il takes off his plate the scallions since he doesn’t like green vegetables since it gets slippery inside his mouth. It’s something that makes the grandfather even more thoughtful and at this very moment the mother starts noticing a connection to Hyeon Soo’s younger self.


bscap1913It’s yet another break for Eun Ho and he doesn’t want to eat kimbap since he can’t help it but keep following Eun Dong’s feeding orders! Mi Soon and Eun Dong are having fun at the sea and later on they enjoy their gracious meal where she lets her know that Eun Ho came last night! Eun Dong wants to live for him and make him happy, he’s the only one in her mind at this very moment, but Mi Soon points out it won’t be easy since there are Jae ho and Ra Il in her life.


bscap1921Eun Ho returned back home and he goes right away to his beloved sofa and falls asleep instantly. Jae Ho’s inside the stadium on his own and imagines how it would feel had the accident not happened with the crowd would be cheering for him. Seo Ryeong appears and she thinks it would be better if he goes back to the US alongside his wife. In case Jung Eun won’t agree she has something in mind.

bscap1924bscap1923 bscap1925 bscap1926bscap1927

bscap1930Eun Ho has 3 new movie proposals, but one of them is a martial arts one from a Chinese production early next year. The girl Hyun Bal auditioned appears once again and brings him a juice! An emergency meeting will take place tomorrow and he wants Eun Ho to be present as well. Eun Ho receives a message from Eun Dong asking him if everything went well and he asks her if she’s coming back tomorrow. The answer is positive, he calls her right away and mutual caring takes place! She wants to go with him at the amusement park. He calls her Eun Dong and tells her he loves her, it’s the first time he was able to utter these words. They are words he kept stored in his heart for 10 years and for the first time he can let her know how much he loves her. She can’t hold back her tears and they can’t wait to see each other tomorrow!

bscap1931bscap1932bscap1936bscap1937 bscap1938

bscap1939The emergency meeting takes place and Hyun Bal refers to his friendship with Eun Ho for the past 20 years. Hyun Bal’s wife appears and she has pictures of him with Nan Shik! She kicks him right away in the fragile spot and this acoustic guitar chords in the background make the scene more priceless and… fragile! It was indeed an emergency meeting! She expresses his discomfort to Eun Ho as Hyun Bal struggles to get back on his feet! Once he tells her he didn’t pursue the pleasure with her she tried to make his smile as vast as Joker’s and the beating up moved on! They take Hyun Bal to Eun Ho’s place where he can find some peace of mind from all the pain and suffering! First they will eat under the military housemaid’s sleepless stare, then they will talk! Hyun Bal’s wife contacted Eun Ho who reassured her he’s with him! She also wants a picture as proof and all of them take a selca! This night Eun Ho and Hyun Bal will sleep together just like the good old days! Hyun Bal thinks they’re fated and tries to sleep close to Eun Ho like a couple! It’s something that enrages Eun Ho and his tranquility!

bscap1940bscap1941 bscap1943 bscap1945bscap1946 bscap1948bscap1947 bscap1949bscap1950bscap1985bscap1978  bscap1986bscap1987 bscap1988bscap1989 bscap1990

bscap1954Mi Na and Ra Il have fallen asleep and Hyun Ah can’t help it but stare at them with a more examining stare as she recalls Jae Ho’s words. Suddenly Ra Il feels closer to her and she got a hair from him to perform a DNa test probably. The morning has arrived and Eun Ho wakes up with Hyun Bal sleeping close to him and pushes him away! Once again he finds comfort on his beloved sofa! Both Ra Il and Mi Na spend some time together along with Mi Na’s grandfather who shows them everything inside the garden and teaches them the art of planting.

bscap1955 bscap1958bscap1956

bscap1957Jae Ho’s all alone at home and Eun Dong returns. Jae Ho asks her why she never contacted him back and she didn’t do so because she needed some time to think about Hyeon Soo, Jae Ho and herself. She lets him know that she met Eun Dong and that she’s aware of what happened ten years ago. Her memories are back and so is Eun Dong. She’s like a torrent of thoughts flowing and he breaks the mirror since he can’t stand everything she has to say. He asks her if she remembers how he messed up himself trying to save her and the child in her belly. He tells her that there’s no way she would remember since it’s only part of his memories. Jae Ho demands his life back and he lets her know he will never forgive her and Eun Ho, he wants them to suffer just like he did. The next time she will meet him he will make sure Eun Ho’s fame collapses.

 bscap1960bscap1959  bscap1962bscap1961bscap1963  bscap1979bscap1980 bscap1981bscap1982bscap1964

bscap1970Eun Dong gathers the pieces of the mirror in tears and gets cut. At that point she receives a phone call from Hyeon Soo who can’t wait to see her. She urges him to stop calling her and Jae Ho takes the phone from her hands and demands to know the reason why he calls his wife! As Eun Dong’s blood drips on the floor while she’s crying Jae Ho ends the phone call. Hyeon Soo’s inside his car and something tells me he’s heading towards Eun Dong! The avenger is here!


Thoughts: This is the type of a perfectly perfected perfect episode! There was bliss, there was happiness, there were feels, there was laughter, but there was also uncertainty, there was pain and there was hate too! All the necessary ingredients were there to forge the perfect recipe for our eyes only fellow citizens of Eun Dong’s constellation, fellow EunDongians! A sudden holler trespassed a nighttime’s harmony and everything started taking shape before our very eyes;     EunDongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Her memories are back, there’s no more Jung Eun, only Eun Dong. Once she woke up on the hospital bed everything started pointing towards the direction of the life she never had the chance to cherish, the life she was dreaming of, the life she would have treasured had she not found herself in the midst of lies and amnesia. The scenes of the past were adorable and there was cuteness overload, i wanted to enter the screen and clap my hands for them! Yoon So Hee managed to occupy a vast part of my heart and her interactions with Baek Sung Hyun were divine as they surrendered to passion’s utmost euphoria as Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong.


The rain was there just like it should be, it should be there, the rain owes them, fate owes them, life owes them, the universe owes them. Everything conspired to be together and all these bright smiles, all these tears of happiness, all these passionate kisses and all these heartfelt hugs with their hearts pounding as one were highly representative of the scene’s grandeur. Kim Sa Rang and Joo Jin Mo made it happen, they perfected the whole scene with their vibrant and more than alive acting pouring themselves in their roles.


Inside his car they could love themselves to death once again under new parameters and difficulties that were nonexistent at that very moment that seemed liked a thousand years. The whole scene was dreamlike and highly representative of all the longing reaching completion. It was as if they were floating in a dream within a dream while countering reality with their very own and most unique sense of reality which is no other than being together against all odds. The next morning their mutual caring came to the surface which was yet another proof of how much they live for each other and how incomplete they will be had one of them managed to disappear anew.

*vroom vroom*


I love this couple, they are the personification of shipping and i am glad My Love Eun Dong presents them in a more palpable and natural way with more passionate kisses and not a mere lip-touching. People also get closer together due to their fiery passion and babies don’t fall from heaven out of nowhere during rainy baby season. Something actually happens and that something happened many times 10 years ago and happened again during the 11th episode!

Who cares about the sea when you are with EunDongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?!


Having cherished their short-lived but everlasting heartfelt and eventually heartrending crescendo in their 20s and having dived deep at the present’s one night’s heaven i can’t help it but root all the way for them to the every end. Everyone who goes against them will be my sworn enemy and Jae Ho entered that team from the previous episode already, so no hard feelings.


What are you going to do now Jae Ho? Why are you thinking of artificial insemination without consulting her first? Who do you think you are to tie her and her life to your own misery? You are responsible for your actions and your condition and if you had any dignity left you should had let her go now that she can be alive once again! My sympathy has already reached the end towards your face, my hate has already began and you’re not helping me to calm down!


Are you going to sneak in her bedroom and inject semen into her womb while she will be sleeping? Are you the baby-bringing needle of revenge or something? Just step back and let them live the life you stole from them so viciously! You are paying for your emotional crimes already and at the same time your health gets better, take it as your last chance because you are already questioning the humanity within me.


Hyun Ah has already noticed that there’s no way Ra Il would ever be Jae Ho’s son and the fact that she got a hair from him is to do a DNA test and see if he’s Eun Ho’s son. Eun Ho and Hyun Ah’s father seems to be aware of something, is he really aware of the whole truth or he’s assuming things pointing towards the right direction? Time shall tell!

bscap1914And what does Seo Ryeong have in mind in order to entrap Eun Dong in Jae Ho’s life once and for all and what does Jae Ho has in mind which is always Seo Ryeong oriented? They will try to bring down Eun Ho’s acting reign through the photos Seo Ryeong’s sex toy got by creating a scandal? Anything they have in mind is already disgusting and my wrath awaits for them in the corner!


Jae Ho senses the end is near and he will do just anything in his despair. We don’t care about you, the only thing that matters to me is for you to get better and walk again, other than that you don’t want to know what i truly think about you! You ruined your own and Eun Dong’s life as well, you stole her life, her dreams and you act as if you have justice by your side to act like a spoiled little kiddo who just lost his ice-cream! Keep in mind that Eun Ho’s already on his way and he looks like an alien vampire avenger on a homicide mission. Eun Ho’s on a crossroad now, the one road leads towards Eun Dong and the other one leads towards Eun Dong, what don’t you get already?! Time to dive into the 12th episode and i hope my nerves won’t erupt any further!



My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 12 Recap

Kwon Sang Seung 2015-07-09

EUNDONGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHI adore great plot twists that grab your brain and squeeze it until grains of sand fall from the cogwheels within. The last two episodes of My Love Eun Dong offered the most precious gift i could ever ask for during this period of my life. The 11th one started with Eun Ho shouting EunDongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah and the 12th one ended in a like-minded way. However, what once was floating all over the place up to the previous episode, by the end of the last one entered the sphere of legend because it echoed in such a grandiose way when they were on that bicycle i could have left my final breath on this earth had the scene taken place a few seconds ago while i was drinking water. Setting aside the personal risk and without taking into consideration my own life i can say i love this drama even though its name should be My Myocardial Infarction Eun Dong.


bscap2206Everything takes us back to that blissful morning Eun Dong woke up next to Hyeon Soo and it felt like heaven. We’re diving in little Eun Dong’s world in Hyeon Soo’s absence right before leaving home while he was at the hospital. The renowned by now line that every time she was seeing him her heart was getting cramps floats all over the place. Ever since she lost him the cramps were replaced by a lump making the whole experience quite painful and suffocating. Only the longing remained until she would see him again and recognize him from his warm back. At the present, the urge to reclaim their stolen moments feels like the only option. Living for Hyeon Soo and trying to make him happy is where her heart’s compass points at.

 bscap2209 bscap2210bscap2207  bscap2208

bscap1977The alien vampire avenger rides on his car after Jae Ho put an end to his phone call with Eun Dong. Sensing her distress has fueled him even more. In the meantime, Hyuan Ah progresses the DNA test process. Mi Na and Ra Il are inside the car and the grandpa’s driving it. Ra Il who’s proud of his “father“ intends to give the flower to Jae Ho in order to bring him luck. Jae Ho goes downstairs to pick him up and he’s apologetic towards Eun Dong who simply ignores him. Jae Ho gets the flower that will make him feel better and he’s thankful towards Mi Na’s grandfather for everything. By the time he was leaving the grandfather noticed Hyeon Soo’s car that had just arrived. Hyeon Soo calls Eun Dong and if she won’t come down he will invade their apartment! She would like to see him tomorrow once things have calmed down, but it’s not an option. Jae Ho’s with Ra Il at the playground nearby and he notices Eun Dong entering Hyeon Soo’s car.

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bscap2220Hyeon Soo can clearly notice that she was crying and wonders whether Jae Ho’s making her life difficult or not. He’s well aware that her life has not been easy ever since she met him anew and once he notices her wound he loses his mind! Jae Ho urges Ra Il to play hide and seek with his mother while Hyeon Soo’s not there and wants him to go find her inside the car! Hyeon Soo enters a pharmacy to get medicine and the working personnel can’t believe that Eun Ho just passed the gates! He signs on the back of their scrubs and rushes to find Eun Dong! Ra Il’s at the side of the car and calls his mother on the phone asking her whose car is this and then he appears in front of her as she notices Jae ho in the distance who just made her life way more difficult. You’re playing a dirty game, Jae Ho, a very dirty one. Once Hyeon Soon returned back Eun Dong was nowhere to be found.

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bscap2235It’s time for yet another encounter between Jae Ho and Eun Dong. If she wants to go to Hyeon Soo she should go, but he will keep Ra Il. Hyeon Soo calls her on the phone and she doesn’t want to pick it up, but Jaeo orders her to do so. Hyeon Soo wants to talk to Jae Ho right away, Jae Ho notices what’s going on and accepts the challenge by holding out his hand. Hyeon Soo urges him to not let Eun Dong get hurt, if he hurts her one more time it will be the end of him. It’s Jae Ho’s turn to remain silent and Hyeon Soo ends the phone call.


Am i the only one who wanted to place a dynamite there, take Eun Dong and leave?

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bscap2245Hyun Ah’s hair can’t be used at the DNA test process because there’s no Ψ chromosome and since she intends to remain silent for the time being she will use one of her father’s hairs. Dong Gyu tries to reach Hyeon Soo unsuccessfully and the meeting apparently can’t take place. Dong Gyu pretends to be talking to him on the phone in front of the director and then his phone rings; the embarrassment! The director’s not pleased at all and Eun Ho’s career just started being in danger.


bscap2248Seo Ryeong welcomes Hyun Bal at her office. Her plans have changed and so did her attack tactics, she intends to make him kneel in front of her. Hyun Bal lets her know that Eun Ho won’t go down that easily, but she has Hyun Bal in her hand as well with many hidden scandals. She wants him to cooperate with her and follow her lead if he wants to survive, as for Hyeon Soo, she intends to make him get hit by a different kind of rain, not the one that entrances him.

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bscap2255Eun Dong intends to take Ra Il with her and once Jae Ho asks her with what right she intends to do so she refers to Eun Ho whom Jae Ho intends to ruin once and for all at all costs. As for Eun Dong, he wants her to live with him in misery and agony. Eun Dong insists that he stole her whole life and that he was far worse compared to her worse side when it was about him. Jae Ho thinks he was her only choice before Hyeon Soo re-appeared in her life back in their 20s, where are you living dude? You were never a choice, never. If he has to hear it so be it and it echos straight from Eun Dong’s mouth, she never loved him, the only man she ever loved was Hyeon Soo. Once again, he says she’s the one who made him this way, but Eun Dong clearly states it was only himself who turned him this way.


bscap2260She doesn’t need anything, neither a house nor a car and even if he won’t have anything nothing will change. She refers to everything that happened ten years ago when Jae Ho had everything and Hyeon Soo had nothing, back then Hyeon Soo was her one and only choice and right now nothing has changed. Jae Ho’s mother appears like a musketeer to protect her 5 years old son and she slaps Eun Dong. She directly accuses her of everything. She takes charge of the situation and throws her out of the house. Jae Ho rushes to find her, but he can’t locate her. He calls Mi Soon right away and wants her to inform him right away and stay with Eun Dong if she appears.


bscap2267A family meeting without Hyeon Soo takes place and his mother would like to find him a suitable bride for him while she still can’t believe how beautiful Eun Dong can be keeping her son entrapped in her lovely web. Once her mother wonders whether Hyun Ah has seen her face or not she replies positively without thinking, but she takes it back. Hyun Ah wants a hair of her father without investing in further details and her father mentions that he had noticed Hyeon Soo in front of the apartment where Ra Il leaves.


bscap2268Eun Dong calls Mi Soon to come and get her since she’s not at her finest. Jae Ho keeps searching around but everything seems pointless. Hyeon Soo receives a phone call from Hyun Bal and he’s not interested in anything even though it’s urgent. He receives another phone call and it’s Mi Soon this time informing him on everything. She’s eating with Eun Dong who doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but everything she had already thought of progresses. She misses her grandmother and Hyeon Soo too. She was a little girl who had nothing and he was the whole world to her. Mi Soon informs her that he’s on his way and once she receives a phone call from Jae ho she goes outside to answer it. She lets him know that she’ll stay at her place, returning back home is not an option for the time being. Jae Ho calls his father-in-law right away and informs him that Eun Dong will probably leave him, it’s something that enrages him in his sleep. Jae Ho wants his help just like he helped him back in the days. It’s “homework” time!

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bscap2287Hyeon Soo calls his make-up artist friend and tells her to bring clothes and underclothes for women at his place! Of course, she misinterpreted everything! Mi Soon lets Eun Dong in Hyeon Soo’s caring hands and he’s deeply thankful for everything. The moment they enter the car the first thing he does is to take care of her wound. If she gets hurt he hurts more. You have to love Kim Sa Rang’s slight smile while he was taking care of her wound, it was an Eun Dong in her 20s déjà vu; once seductive forever seductive.

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bscap2300Eun Dong enters Hyeon Soo’s house for the first time, she’s entranced by the fact that he was living well. Smiles have returned to their faces and he shows her the whole house! There’s the kitchen where he eats thinking of her, the bed where he sleeps while thinking of her when he’s not drinking or sleeping on his beloved sofa! And of course, there’s the renowned place where he poops while thinking of her! There’s also the balcony where he gets some fresh air while thinking of her, it’s always about her; everywhere. There’s also a room he made while thinking of her. She can only be thankful towards Hyeon Soo for waiting for her and living well all these years. He’s also thankful for her appearing in his life anew.