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Now this is a big surprise for me. I never thought that I would be able to go past 30 minutes of this drama, but Temptation‘s first episode did it for me. The promo materials all scream melo from a distance but I am tempted by the beauty. Just look at the gorgeous leads.

I find the first episode decent and enjoyable but one might have to leave his /her brain outside the door before starting this one. As for me, mine is still asleep when I watch the episode. Lucky me?

Episode 1

Temptation E01.avi_000068868The four leads arrive at the airport at the same time, although they’re riding different modes of transport: Cha Suk-hoon (Kwon Sang-woo) and his wife Na Hong-joo (Park Ha-sun) with the airport bus while Yoo Se-young (Choi Ji-woo) and Kang Min-woo (Lee Jung-jin) with their respective expensive cars. They all board the same plane and Se-young isn’t too thrilled to see Min-woo there (I’m not sure if she’s really thinking of stopping the plane or just kidding). The plane is bound for Hong Kong and the quartet have their own reasons. Se-young is traveling for her business but there’s something else weighing on her mind: she might not be able to have children because of a cyst in her uterus. I think it’s worth mentioning that she’s still single.

Temptation E01.avi_000544177Suk-hoon and Hong-joo seem happy on their journey there, but the reality isn’t that beautiful: Suk-hoon’s company is dealing with embezzlement thanks to his business partner and they’re on the verge of bankruptcy. They’re going to Kong Kong since the partner suddenly contacts Suk-hoon, asking him to come over and bring Hong-joo along to have fun. Oooo…kay. Oh, and Suk-hoon seems to recognize Se-young too. As for Min-woo, he recently had his third daughter and his mother is bitching complaining about it since his family lacks male heirs. His wife Han Ji-sun (Yoon Ah-jung) tells him that she won’t be able to conceive anymore but his mother insists on getting her to try again one more time (urgh, what a monstrous MIL). He’s going to Hong Kong after receiving a brochure of a bar from someone.

Temptation E01.avi_000733933Se-young and Min-woo seems to be rivals in business since she finds out that he’s at Hong Kong not because of the hotel she’s trying to get her hands on. Meanwhile, Suk-hoon’s dearest friend is nowhere to be seen at the airport although the guy promised to pick him up and he heads down to the friend’s house. The neighbour tells Suk-hoon and Hong-joo to go to the police station and they find out why: that friend has committed suicide. He left several things behind for Suk-hoon, including a note apologizing to him because he couldn’t find the money needed to revive their company.

Temptation E01.avi_001002502Min-woo goes straight to the bar: Moon River Bar, where he reminisces the time he spent there with his (secret?) girlfriend, Jenny (Miss A’s Fei). She sings at the bar and their rendezvous seem to happen for quite some time already. He asks Jenny’s friend about her but he finds out that the poor girl has passed away due to breast cancer. That friend also thinks that Min-woo should meet someone who stayed beside Jenny during her last moments on Earth: their son, Roy. Well, at least Min-woo’s got a son now. He goes back to the hotel and runs into Se-young, who’s sending off the hotel investors. Spending some time with Min-woo is probably the last thing she has on her mind but Se-young becomes interested when he mentions about a valuable information regarding the hotel owner.

Temptation E01.avi_001167367Suk-hoon and Hong-joo are still moping over the sudden turn of events on the beach, sighing that they won’t be able to recover easily from the blow: not just losing money, Suk-hoon might be jailed as a result of the embezzlement. Yikes. He promises that he won’t let Hong-joo’s father loses his house too (since that’s the thing she’s most scared at the moment..oh wait, second thing, since she hates the thought of sending Suk-hoon to jail). Lucky for them, the friend left something in a sock: a money roll of medium thickness, like an early Christmas present! Instead of saving the money, Hong-joo decides to do what the friend suggested: stay at the best hotel, eat the most expensive food, and go shopping. Live the dream before facing the ugly truth back in Korea.

Temptation E01.avi_001390890Min-woo is (half-)bragging about the son he recently got but Se-young is not interested in hearing such thing. She suggests that he pays a hefty amount of money to the guardian and stay out of it. Cold response but Min-woo knows that’s the reason why he ran away before, when he was trying to woo her. So, were they an item back then? Ohhhh. She takes her leave and Min-woo gives her one wise advice:

“Life is like a multiplication table. No matter what kind of man or love you have, if you’re a zero, then there will be no product at all.”

Temptation E01.avi_001627160Hong-joo calls home but keeps the whole thing a secret from her family: brother Na Hong-kyu (Lee Jung-shin) and father Na Shi-chan (Choi Il-hwa). She sees the list of debts made by Suk-hoon and she makes up her mind about something. The next day, they decide to go sightseeing around the city. Suk-hoon sees Se-young on their way out but he doesn’t tell Hong-joo anything. They look so happy, and the food makes me hungry. Hong-joo keeps staring at a pair of glittery shoes but sadly, the shoes are already reserved by someone. Suk-hoon goes pleading the staff…and he lies that Hong-joo is dying. LOL. The staff tells Hong-joo not to give up, to the clueless woman’s surprise. HAHAHA! Well, he’s technically right since that shoes might be the last pair she can afford to buy.

Temptation E01.avi_002035502Min-woo goes to meet his son Roy for the first time and the boy (hey, it’s Seo Eun-gi’s brother in Nice Guy!) turns out to be decent in Korean. Min-woo is glad to see Roy (he has me in stitches at “I am your father.”) and apologizes that he comes a little too late. He brings Roy together with him. As for Suk-hoon and Hong-joo, they go to a lavish restaurant, where Se-young is dealing with the hotel owner who turns out to be someone doing shady investments behind the hotel business. The owner drops down in shock when Se-young is about to leave. Hong-joo and Suk-hoon approach the crowd witnessing the incident and Hong-joo offers her help since she’s a nurse. Suk-hoon assists her (Hehe, Kwon Sang-woo was a doctor in his last drama) and Se-young finally gets a proper glimpse of his face. He actually went for an interview at her company before and she recognizes him. The situation is resolved and Se-young takes her leave. She goes to the store and finds out that the shoes she reserved had been bought by someone else. Se-young remarks that it is indeed a strange day for her.

Temptation E01.avi_002182449Roy is brought to the hotel and Min-woo buys so many things for him, but the boy prefers the crayon and the drawing block over the video games. The boy’s tummy starts grumbling and Min-woo chuckles, happy to give his son a spaghetti treat. Roy begins to loosen up a bit, smiling at him but Min-woo receives a call from his wife. He lies to her (I think this is a common occurrence), saying that he’s meeting with clients. His little daughters Yoon-ah and Song-ah ask for presents while Ji-sun wants him to explain her situation to his mother. Even with the complicated issue in his life, Min-woo is still capable of being distracted by Hong-joo when she’s entering the restaurant. I don’t blame him since Park Ha-sun is one gorgeous woman, but he might have a penchant for beauties although his wife is nagging at him. Well, even Suk-hoon can’t take his eyes off his wife! Hong-joo sees Roy in his urge to go to the toilet and she points out the direction when the boy turns down her offer to bring him there.

Temptation E01.avi_002521988Se-young is back in her room and her attorney, Choi Suk-gi (Joo Jin-mo, Ji-yeon’s boss in Witch’s Romance) reports to her about the hotel owner’s condition. She decides to play tug of war to raise the price of the deal and plans to keep the dirty money in an account overseas. Attorney Choi advises her to get some rest during her four-day vacation and takes his leave, as Se-young starts to think about her health problem again. She decides that it’s not worth brooding about and goes out of her room. Meanwhile, Hong-joo is the one brooding about her family’s problems while drinking in the night view of Hong Kong. Suk-hoon tries to cheer her up but she doesn’t want to think about the problem yet. At that moment, she just want to enjoy their time there…cue sexy moments

Temptation E01.avi_002700800Roy wakes up from his sleep in sweat, calling or his mother. Min-woo is sleeping soundly and the boy puts on his clothes while looking at his father. Hong-joo is still awake, caressing Suk-hoon’s face before leaving the room. She stumbles on her way out, crying by herself and suddenly, Roy approaches her, asking where he should go to take a bus. Luckily, Min-woo realizes that his son is missing and finds him together with Hong-joo. Aww, the poor boy is planning to go to his aunt since he’s so scared after having a bad dream. Hong-joo teaches him a way to wake up from his nightmare before walking away. Min-woo sings him a lullaby and Roy notices that it’s also the same song his mother used to sing for him (It’s her very own lullaby?).

Temptation E01.avi_003016216Hong-joo is walking towards the sea and it’s now clear that she intends to commit suicide. She left a note for Suk-hoon, telling him that her insurance policy will be able to save him. Run run run to save your wife! Se-young happens to walk along the shore and finds Hong-joo’s shoes she left behind. She looks around and sees Hong-joo in the sea, going deeper and deeper. Se-young manages to drag the suicidal woman onshore and slaps Hong-joo to knock some sense into her. They retreat to Se-young’s room and Se-young can figure out why she tries to kill herself. Suk-hoon arrives and picks his wife up while thanking Se-young again and again for saving his wife. Se-young is left alone…and that smirk plastered on her face is scary. Is she getting funny ideas because of those two?

Temptation E01.avi_003444277Hong-joo feels guilty for her action but Suk-hoon doesn’t blame her; he just want her to think their time in Hong Kong as a dream. As for Se-young, she’s digging up about Suk-hoon’s business and his problems when she realizes that Hong-joo left behind her shoes. She tries the shoes on..and they fit her perfectly. Suk-hoon then receives a call from Se-young, asking for him to fetch Hong-joo’s shoes but actually, she wants to tell him an offer: she will pay him one million for four days of his life.

Temptation E01.avi_003505638*

Crazy deal? This might be one of the craziest I’ve ever heard. It’s too early to stay anything but for now, I’m staying for the pretty and the adorable kids. Choi Ji-woo is fabulous and I’m glad to see her prettied up like a doll in here compared to her stoic character in The Suspicious Housekeeper. Kwon Sang-woo is okay so far and the last time I saw him in a drama was for Cinderella Man (I couldn’t get past 30 minutes of Yawang). Park Ha-sun is gorgeous and Lee Jung-jin is smoldering hot (I’m melting when he smiles!!). Visually, the drama is good enough but the story might not be everyone’s cup of tea. As for me, I’m enjoying the show more that what I thought and I might be a happy camper for the long run.



Temptation is such an easy watch for that I find it peculiar at times, since it deals with a heavy subject: affair. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but the subject itself is not the only focus in the drama. Humans beings and their boundless minds are among the interesting points that worth the journey. Maybe it’s just me but I like something that makes me think without being too overwhelming, and I think I have found a keeper in this one.

Episode 2

Temptation E02.avi_000250483Suk-hoon and Se-young met as a candidate and an employer in an interview, ten years ago. He made an impression but didn’t get hired, simply because she thought that he’s too idealistic to work in an ever-changing company. Cut back to the present, where Hong-joo is shopping and runs into Min-woo and Roy. The little boy is excited to see her and Min-woo offers to buy her the watch she intends to give to Suk-hoon but she declines, much to his disappointment. At the same time, Suk-hoon goes to meet Se-young to fetch Hong-joo’s shoes but she actually calls him to offer him a solution to his debts: give her four days of his life and she will pay him one million. He’s angry to hear the ridiculous offer but Se-young argues: pride won’t pay him any money. He can’t argue with her, knowing it too well and she gives him a deposit of 100K. Suk-hoon declines the offer but Se-young gives him another one hour to give it a good thought.

Temptation E02.avi_000622088Hong-joo returns to the hotel and sees Suk-hoon in front of Se-young’s room, contemplating on the crazy offer. He avoids the subject at first, but soon spills it all in front of Hong-joo about the offer. She’s angry just like him before, but he knows that it’s a rare opportunity although it will crush his pride. Hong-joo gives him an ultimatum: she will wait downstairs and she will leave by herself if he doesn’t show up. As both Se-young and Hong-joo are anticipating him, Suk-hoon is left to make his decision..and he chooses to go to Se-young. With that, the deal is on but not without rules: Suk-hoon has to obey Se-young’s every words, attempt no inquiry about each other’s private lives, and avoid contacting other people. Breaking any of the rules will break the deal and Se-young will pay him 300K per day for the next three days. Hong-joo calls him but Suk-hoon has to reject it because of Se-young.

Temptation E02.avi_001071338Although Hong-joo has arrived at the airport, she’s still hoping that her husband will show up there somehow, but her rejected calls prove that Suk-hoon is really going to accept the crazy deal. Min-woo and Roy happen to be flying home on the same day and greet Hong-joo when they see her. Realizing that she’s in the economy class, Min-woo asks for her to join them in the first class since he seeks for her help to make Roy comfortable on his first flight. Meanwhile, Suk-hoon finds out that Se-young is hiring him to be her assistant. HA, she looks so amused, knowing that he is thinking of something else (“Did you think that I’ll ask you for bed service?”). Min-woo tries to strike a long conversation with Hong-joo on the flight but she’s not interested in talking about Suk-hoon for the time being.

Temptation E02.avi_001200166Suk-hoon is given the task to list down several consultation companies based in Hong Kong and Singapore for Se-young and both of them work diligently through the day. He wants to give a call to Hong-joo but cancels his intention. Hong-joo has arrived in Korea and she’s disappointed that her husband doesn’t contact her yet. Roy tries to persuade her to follow him and she gives him her phone number, telling him to contact her if he needs someone to talk to. Min-woo offers her a ride but she declines the offer. Instead of bringing him home, Min-woo sends Roy to his cottage to hide the boy for the time being. Hong-joo goes to her father’s house and acts like nothing has happened, but she gets worked up when Hong-kyu mentions about his new work that makes a lot of money. She locks herself in her room and doesn’t answer her phone when Suk-hoon calls her.

Temptation E02.avi_001748415Suk-hoon is man of principles and suggests that Se-young use a consultation company with a clean reputation, but she doesn’t really care about that. Se-young is deep in her thoughts while she is taking her bubble bath and she seems to make up her mind about something. She goes to Suk-hoon’s room and the man doesn’t even chase her out; instead, he approaches her and pulls her into a passionate kiss..before Hong-joo jolts up awake from her nightmare. Oh, thank God! She’s upset to have that kind of thought weighing on her mind and the missed calls from Suk-hoon doesn’t help to make her mood any better. Se-young confronts Suk-hoon, telling him that she overheard the phone call he made to Hong-kyu earlier. She doesn’t want to hear any excuse and declares the contract void since he broke the rules. Suk-hoon knows that he can’t argue with her and decides to leave, saying that he has learned his lesson from her. Se-young decides to forget the last rule and forgive Suk-hoon.

Temptation E02.avi_002195595On the next day, they are getting ready to meet the consultants when Se-young sees the notes made by Hong-joo before. She chuckles, wondering if Hong-joo is a romanticist who likes Tian Mi Mi, but Suk-hoon reminds her of the second rule. He then rejects her request to ride a bicycle together and she retaliates, pointing out that he just broke the first rule. Ahaha! Suk-hoon can’t argue anymore and Se-young admits that she’s just joking, since she can’t stand cheesy things like that. Back in Korea, Hong-joo learns that the hospital where she worked at has hired another person to replace her. She also sees Min-woo at the hospital with his wife but doesn’t greet him. She decides to get a haircut (RIP lovely locks…) using the remaining money given by Suk-hoon’s partner. Se-young and Suk-hoon spend the whole day running from one company to another and at the end of the day, they are warming up to each other. Awwwh, Se-young is momentarily fazed by Suk-hoon’s smile!

Temptation E02.avi_002399866Hong-joo’s worry over Hong-kyu’s new work is not entirely baseless, since his friend who offered the work turns out to be a private investigator/PI, and Hong-kyu is to become his driver. They are to follow their target, who is no other than Min-woo; however, they lose him when he makes a sudden U-turn after Ji-sun informs him that their youngest daughter is admitted into ICU. Min-woo is actually on his way to meet Roy and he apologizes to his son for breaking his promise.

Temptation E02.avi_002529129Se-young and Suk-hoon’s conversation takes a new direction over the course of wine as she suggests that he clears the misunderstanding between him and his wife. Suk-hoon is confident that Hong-joo will understand him, but Se-young reminds him that no woman would be that understanding in such situation. She comes clean about her intention: she wants to test how strong their marriage is, like a wave hitting on the sand castles. Suk-hoon calls Hong-joo to explain about the situation, but she’s not interested in it; she’s disappointed that he didn’t show up when she waited for him and didn’t pick up her calls. Suk-hoon realizes that her trust for him has been affected by the happening. Hong-joo hangs up, but someone calls her after that. It’s Roy, who is crying and asking for her to come to him. Min-woo receives a call from Hong-joo and asks for her help to go to Roy since he can’t leave his wife by herself.

Temptation E02.avi_003216916Hong-joo goes to Min-woo’s cottage to comfort the crying Roy and the poor boy wants to go back to Hong Kong since he doesn’t like it there. Suk-hoon is wallowing in disappointment and anger while downing one can of beer after another. He admits to Se-young that she is right, and he thinks that everything is a mistake from the start: from coming there to leaving Hong-joo by herself because of money. She listens to him silently from the inside of her room and she doesn’t admit it when Suk-hoon says that her fears made her think of the deal. He’s left to brood alone as Hong-joo, trying to console Roy, tells the boy that he can’t return to the past now matter how much he want it, just like her own situation.

Temptation E02.avi_003436670Suk-hoon falls asleep in the living room and made a drunken mess, much to Se-young’s amusement. She has nothing on the schedule for the day and he’s free to go anywhere since it’s the last day of their contract. Se-young’s father President Yoo doesn’t think that she is having a vacation but she manages to persuade him into believing her words. She hangs up when Suk-hoon calls her and her father overhears his voice. Suk-hoon insists on working for his pay and when Se-young refuses to let him do so, he decides to buy her time. She agrees, and off they go for a cheesy bicycle ride. Suk-hoon promises not to run into her when they return to Korea and Se-young agrees to treat their meeting as an unforgettable bad fate..


Temptation E02.avi_003112512Temptation E02.avi_003130363After two episodes, Se-young is confirmed to be a woman who seems to be stoic on the outside but she’s actually someone who is not afraid to experiment if she’s curious about something. I don’t really say that what she did was right, but she’s brave to spend a lot of money just to feed her curiosity. Suk-hoon chose a very dangerous deal, but who wouldn’t sell his soul when hit with money problems, or any other difficulties? Just like what Se-young said, during the times of difficulties, there’s almost no room for someone to be practical; he can only choose what’s the best for a solution. These two met at a wrong time and situation but I am curious on what will happen afterwards; will they give in to their desire or play a game tug of war with each other? I enjoy watching them having a thoughtful discussion over their different views, because they can argue with ideas that can be right and wrong. I also hope to see more of Hong-joo and Min-woo, especially Min-woo’s family and what made him turn into a playboy he is now.

Temptation E02.avi_000217117


This drama is beautiful. The colours remind me of an Instagram filter, setting the drama different from others. Maybe it’s just me, but the bluish hue suits perfectly with the tone and the characters of the drama, since all of them are actually raging with internal problems despite their composed exteriors. Despite being symbolized as a colour which can induce calmness, blue is also used to describe depression and bleakness, just like what the characters are going through at this moment.

Episode 3

Temptation E03.avi_000166900Min-woo went to his pension straight from the hospital and he’s relieved to see Roy sleeping calmly in Hong-joo’s arms. Hong-joo declined his money as payment, but Min-woo is offering her the chance to become Roy’s babysitter. She mused that the riches had it easy since they could solve everything with money, but Min-woo said that it’s not all the time money had the upper hand in everything. Hong-joo promised to consider the offer and headed back home. As for Suk-hoon and Se-young, they had arrived in Korea and just like they had agreed with each other, decided to forget their meeting in Hong Kong. It’s easier done than said, since they were both affected by the moments they spent together. Suk-hoon arrived home to an overly happy Hong-joo, but she’s actually trying to act like nothing had happened between them. Se-young did not tell anyone about the time she spent in Hong Kong, including Attorney Choi.

Temptation E03.avi_000566466Hong-joo broke the news about her new job as a babysitter in front of her father and Suk-hoon, much to the latter’s surprise. She decided to stay at the pension for the whole week and to come home only on the weekends. She only told her husband several details without explaining too much about her job. Suk-hoon couldn’t take it anymore and talked about it with Hong-joo, but the real reason she was acting like that was because she’s mad at herself: she couldn’t forget her nightmare about Suk-hoon sleeping with Se-young and she’s even upset that it didn’t actually happened, since it meant that she was suspecting her own husband. She asked to be given some time, since that’s what both of them needed the most.

Temptation E03.avi_001061661Min-woo’s heavy thoughts about his household was temporarily lifted when Hong-joo decided that she’s going to accept his offer. As for Se-young, she’s cautious about the fact that Min-woo was holding onto an important but rare information which he told her before and she decided to look further into the matter regarding Min-woo’s involvement with the hotel she’s going to buy. A problem had occurred at her hotel, which turned out to be caused by her sister, Yoo Se-jin (Kim So-young). Se-young told her sister to go home instead of staying at the hotel, but Se-jin was not that interested in seeing her father’s mistress. Se-young won the argument this time and Se-jin went home, buttering up to her father so that he would buy her an officetel. Chairman Yoo wondered out loud on why he’s given a daughter who preferred to stay single and and another daughter who couldn’t stay still. LOL! Se-young continued to deny it when her father asked about the man’s voice he heard over the phone, saying that it’s a hotel staff.

Temptation E03.avi_001310944Suk-hoon attended his partner’s funeral and gave a hefty sum of money as the funeral money to the partner’s wife. His friend Kim Young-chul (Kim Hyung-beom), told him not to feel guilty about the incident and promised to help him. Suk-hoon too, is planning to get back the money that his clients owed him and start over again. Se-young went back to her own place (I like the colour choice!) and called her friend the gynecologist, asking if the medicine she’s taking caused her to space out easily (she had been thinking about Suk-hoon several times already in the course of several days!). She continued to reminisce the time she spent in Hong Kong but didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Temptation E03.avi_001579579Roy was getting along very well with Hong-joo but she realized that the boy would start asking why he had to stay hidden and suggested that he bring the boy home as soon as he could manage. Min-woo joked, saying that it would be better if he could turn the pension into his another home, with her taking care of Roy and he coming over to spend time together. Wow, he’s indeed a true player! At the same time, Hong-kyu and his friend were nearby, tailing behind Min-woo to take pictures of him. Hong-kyu didn’t believe that it was Hong-joo there, since he hadn’t seen her after she did her hair. Meanwhile, Se-young spent her night reading about Suk-hoon and his company profile.

Temptation E03.avi_001784884Suk-hoon suited up since he’s going to meet up with several people on that day. Hong-joo’s father asked if something happened between him and Hong-joo, but he only promised to do better for their family. Hong-kyu’s friend wanted to sell the pictures he took of Min-woo at a high price since he knew that it wouldn’t be a problem for his client (Min-woo’s wife Ji-sun) to pay him the money. But then, he went to Min-woo first, asking for money if he wanted to keep the pictures buried. Min-woo wasn’t fazed to hear the offer, informing the young man that he never lose any deal and offered another job for him. Hong-joo was teaching Roy how to write when Hong-kyu called her, demanding to know where she was working. He realized that the woman he saw together with Min-woo was indeed his own sister and told her to stay there.

Temptation E03.avi_001948882He accidentally hit someone’s car when he was rushing to go to Hong-joo, and it was Se-jin’s car. He immediately took pictures of the accident while Se-jin was not that happy that he took pictures instead of apologizing to her. She began doing so too and realizing that Hong-kyu was good-looking, snapped a few pictures of him. LOL how sneaky! He handed her his name card since he’s in a hurry and left, while Se-jin couldn’t believe that he’s a director at a research center (it was written on his name card!). She was there to meet Min-woo and they seemed to be on good terms with each other. Se-jin said that she could sense that Se-young was dating but both of them thought that it was impossible. HA! He also asked Se-jin’s thought about jewelry to be given to someome. Hong-kyu arrived at the pension and urged Hong-joo to leave the place at once since he thought that his sister was being seduced by the player Min-woo. He even decided to quit his job at once, but Hong-joo assured him that Suk-hoon knew everything about it so he didn’t have to spend his time worrying about her. Love that they’re very close as siblings!

Temptation E03.avi_002600233Young-chul, who was working with Se-young’s company Doosung, saw a report of Suk-hoon’s company Ace being uploaded on the company’s server. He thought that Se-young might be interested in learning more about Ace, so he invited Suk-hoon for a drink. Suk-hoon went around meeting his old clients but all of them refused to have any relation or whatsoever with Ace after the incident. He called Hong-joo, asking about her day and wondering if she wanted to go home that night, but she had planned to leave the pension on the day after. Both of them were missing each other badly..and Se-young too, was reminded of Suk-hoon when she saw the three dollars he paid for her time. Min-woo and Ji-sun went to the hotel which belonged to Se-young to have a dinner and ran into her there. Se-young was really enjoying the sight of Min-woo squirming in front of her when she hinted about Roy to Ji-sun. Min-woo managed to subside the jealousy of his wife for the time being, while Se-young was planning to learn more about Min-woo’s involvement with the hotel. Unknown to her, Hong-kyu’s friend Han-soo was spying on her per his deal with Min-woo.

Temptation E03.avi_002966066Suk-hoon was also at the same hotel to meet Young-chul and his friend finally told him the real reason he picked the place: Se-young was going to make a tour around the hotel at that time and they would be able to meet her. Although Young-chul tried to persuade him that Se-young liked his ideas enough for her to order for detailed research about Ace, Suk-hoon refused to meet her but before he could leave, Se-young arrived at the restaurant. Both of them acted like nothing happened in Hong Kong and treated this meeting as the first time they saw each other after the interview, ten years ago. Min-woo had bought a rare necklace for his wife but Ji-sun was highly skeptical about it, knowing it too well that he might have caused trouble; but then, she acknowledged that he knew the way to buy her heart. Ji-sun tried to persuade Min-woo into sending his mother to his sister overseas since she couldn’t bear to see the harsh treatment received by her daughters, but Min-woo was angry, warning her not to make him the cause for his mother’s sadness. Now I’m really curious about this old lady.

Temptation E03.avi_003041341Suk-hoon and Se-young were awkward with each other since Young-chul was there and Se-young sent him away with the excuse to fetch the report about Ace. Suk-hoon apologized, saying that he would have avoided the place if he knew she was there, but Se-young was cool about the meeting. She praised the business concepts he implemented into his company but Suk-hoon wasn’t too happy to discuss about something that couldn’t be revived. He pitied Se-young for her lack of extreme happiness and sadness moments, which would explain why she’s so great at maintaining her poker face. She wondered if he had reconciled with his wife and said that it was his fault for accepting her offer, when he told her that she was the reason the conflict happened. Se-young decided to take her leave, but not before Suk-hoon guessing that she must be that kid who stayed far away from the water, afraid of the waves at the beach. He vowed to keep building the happy sandcastle with Hong-joo over and over again despite being hit by waves countless times, instead of standing far away as a coward, just like what she had been doing.

Temptation E03.avi_003516883Suk-hoon went home but instead of entering the house, he drove his car to a place. At the same time, a slightly drunk Min-woo reached the pension and checked on his son, who had just fell asleep. He had a glass of wine and invited Hong-joo to join him, but she declined; however, she changed her mind shortly after and thought that she could handle a few glasses of the drink. As Suk-hoon was reaching the place, Min-woo was pouring his heart out to Hong-joo, lamenting about his life conflicts despite having money and all. Their conversation was interrupted when Suk-hoon appeared at the place…

Temptation E03.avi_003644577


Now the misunderstanding might go both ways for Hong-joo and Suk-hoon! Glad to see that Ji-sun isn’t just a meek woman who believes her husband 100%, but I’m afraid to see the outcome of her meeting with Roy. Actually, I’m more afraid of Se-young because she has not realized that she likes Suk-hoon and when she does, she might not stop at anything to make him hers, probably to the point of eliminating Hong-joo altogether from the love triangle.



Now that the introduction to the main characters are almost done, the story delves deeper into the people around the four leads, but not without abandoning their developments. The side characters, as much as the main ones, are also tempted in a way or another, by various things and people around them. It’s easy to get confused in front of a big opportunity, but at times, emotions running high can cloud the mind and thus the judgement, leading to another miscalculated step and possible misunderstanding.

Episode 4

Temptation E04.avi_000256222Suk-hoon wasn’t that happy to witness Hong-joo getting friendly with Min-woo and they left together. Se-young, on the other hand, still had Suk-hoon’s words bugging her mind and she kept recalling the moments she saw Hong-joo and Suk-hoon together. Was she jealous or plain curious? She then received a call from Se-jin, who’s standing on her doorstep to have a surprise wine date with her. While the sisters were sitting down to spend time together, the married couple argued back and forth in the car, with Suk-hoon exploding with anger to see his wife being chummy with a player and Hong-joo questioning his credibility to suspect her when he was the one who abandoned her for another woman. Suk-hoon admitted that he lost in the argument and decided to walk away.

Temptation E04.avi_000410243Se-jin tried to dig further into his father’s suspicion about Se-young dating a man but her sister insisted that it wasn’t true. She showed the pictures of Hong-kyu she took before to Se-young, telling her that he’s his ideal type. LOL love at the first fight? Just like an ordinary young woman, Se-jin wanted to date and fall in love first instead of going straight into marriage, experiencing the fluttering feeling in her heart. As for Suk-hoon, a walk down the road provided an encounter with Hong-joo, who was singing almost off-key from the car. He apologized and they make up, with Suk-hoon suggesting that she should practice singing more. Ah, the wonders of giving in and saying sorry..

Temptation E04.avi_000755121Se-young went to her family’s house early in the morning since her father wanted to talk with her. He found out about Min-woo’s possible involvement with the hotel in Hong Kong, but Se-young had big dreams about expanding her hotel chains Dongsung to the Asian market and told him not to worry about it. Chairman Yoo sighed, saying that they didn’t have to worry about Min-woo’s company Ajin if they got married back then. I’d say she dodged a bullet, since Min-woo was spending time with Roy as his wife’s multiple calls went unnoticed. Ji-sun started to suspect that the PI she hired had been bought over to Min-woo’s side. Since it’s the weekend, Hong-joo spent a day out with Suk-hoon but she never forgot about Roy. The reason was the boy reminded her of the child they lost years ago, who would be around Roy’s age if he was alive. Suk-hoon got even more defensive when he was trying to stop Hong-joo from reading Se-young’s message on his phone.Hong-joo sighed, her words had never been truer..

We seem to get angry often these days. We get angry and then regret it before apologizing for it.

Temptation E04.avi_001364197Hong-kyu was jobless again and his search for a job opening went futile again. He received a call from Se-jin, who wanted to meet him because of the accident. Se-young wanted to meet Suk-hoon and assured him that it was not something personal, so he headed out with the excuse to meet Young-chul. Se-young actually wanted to appoint him as the hotel’s supplier partly because she felt bad for causing problems between him and his wife. She challenged him, wondering if he’s scared of something before even giving it a try but Suk-hoon had set his mind and only offered to help her should she needed any.

Temptation E04.avi_001665665Meanwhile, Hong-kyu refused to pay for the damage of Se-jin’s car but she’s prepared with a report from her attorney and gave him four days to settle the matter. He was seething in anger but she’s enjoying it. Suk-hoon kept thinking about the offer from Se-young but he didn’t tell Hong-joo anything about it. Hong-joo wanted to try to have a child again since she couldn’t help but to think that their lives might be different without her suicide attempt and his deal with Se-young if they had a child. As for Hong-kyu..well, he went to his friend Han-soo again and helped him with hacking something in order to earn the money to pay for Se-jin’s car.

Temptation E04.avi_001781014We finally got the chance to see Min-woo’s mother, Mrs Jang, who urged for Ji-sun (loved her dress here!) to try having a son again. Is she trying to kill her own daughter-in-law? She fully believed that Min-woo was destined to have at least a son thanks to the psychics and I love how Min-woo went wide-eyed at that moment. Min-woo received an info from Han-soo and they met, while Ji-sun confirmed that Han-soo had indeed switched sides. She also asked for her newly hired PI to find Min-woo’s hidden woman. Roy innocently asked about Hong-joo’s child and assured her that his mother is watching over her child, just like what she’s doing with him. Awwww…kids and their innocent thoughts! Min-woo went to visit Attorney Choi at his house and the meeting was kept secret from Se-young. Attorney Choi was offered something he couldn’t refuse that was the chance to help his son in return for working with Ajin instead of Dongsung.

Temptation E04.avi_002365498Suk-hoon went out for a drink with Hong-kyu per Hong-joo’s plea to have a word with him but he accidentally learned about Min-woo digging into Attorney Choi’s background since that’s what Hong-kyu did before. Min-woo went straight to Roy after the visit and the boy gave him the card he made himself. Roy also showed a drawing that illustrated his dream: living together with Hong-joo and Min-woo. The boy even gave some space for the two of them to talk and Hong-joo told Min-woo about someone hiring PIs to stalk him. He was aware that she didn’t want to get involved with the mess caused by his family, but Min-woo wished that they could stay as good friends.

Temptation E04.avi_002483817Suk-hoon decided to inform Se-young about Attorney Choi and she wasted no time to confirm the matter herself. Of course, Attorney Choi was surprised that she knew about it, but she realized that she didn’t have as much influence as Min-woo. Although she was angry with the tactic pulled by Min-woo, she still had some conscience for her most trusted attorney who had been working for her all this while. At his house, Min-woo was greeted by a smiling Ji-sun, but she had actually found out about Roy and Hong-joo was also captured in the pictures. Se-young later thanked Suk-hoon for telling her about the matter but she was actually sad to lost one of her people.

Temptation E04.avi_003069969Hong-joo secured an appointment with someone and told Suk-hoon to meet her on that day but kept the details a surprise for him. He was actually busy attending job interviews. Se-young informed Young-chul that he would be assigned the task left behind by Attorney Choi regarding the Hong Kong hotel and without her assistant, Se-young had to work harder for the upcoming meeting with the consultation company. Hong-joo had finally decided to let go of her unborn child and burned all the sonograms of the baby. The work had taken its toll on Se-young but she acted like she’s fine. Min-woo, having learned about her meeting from Attorney Choi, wished her all the best. I like that Attorney Choi acknowledged that Min-woo’s ability surpassed Se-young but their work ethics were different, hence he couldn’t respect his new boss as much as what he did for his former lady boss.

Temptation E04.avi_003340640Se-young was growing weaker and she fainted in her office. Suk-hoon learned about it from Young-chul, who was struggling by himself with the upcoming meeting with the consultation company from Hong Kong. Suk-hoon asked about the meeting venue and cancelled his plan with Hong-joo, much to his wife’s disappointment. He told Young-chul that he met with the company together with Se-young and helped his friend since he knew about the deal from the start. Hong-joo ended up going to the place she had her appointment at by herself, which was a fertility clinic. Her face didn’t look too happy after the appointment and told Suk-hoon to fetch her at the hospital.

Temptation E04.avi_003425225Coincidentally, Se-young was being hospitalized at the same hospital due to fatigue but when her doctor friend went to meet her, she’s ready to check out from the ward. She told her friend that instead of her cyst, she’s more concerned about the fluttering she felt inside her heart, which annoyed her. At the same time, Roy was playing by himself when someone came to meet him: it’s Ji-sun, who remarked that the boy resembled her husband. Suk-hoon had arrived at the hospital and he ran into Se-young while he was looking for Hong-joo. She heard about his part in the meeting and wondered why he decided to help her. Hong-joo saw him but she had never thought of seeing him with the last woman she would like to meet, Se-young…

Temptation E04.avi_003605672


Ah, another misunderstanding maybe? As much as I like watching Suk-hoon and Se-young in their heated arguments, I am dreading the moment when Suk-hoon will grow tired of the constant fights and misunderstandings between him and Hong-joo. Well..Hong-joo might be the one who will get tired of her own insecurities, but it’s really a matter of time until the time bomb explodes since fate is set on drawing them further apart from each other. I could see how much love and affection they have for each other, thus it’s heartbreaking to see a married couple like them to be dragged into that kind of messy argument. Will they escape unscathed? It’s too early to tell.

Min-woo is successful when it comes to his work but in terms of his family, he seems at loss. He is stuck in between his mother and his wife, not to mention his affair and his son. Since Ji-sun has met with Roy, I think it’s a matter of time until she herself brings the boy to their house, because Min-woo, in my opinion, is trying to delay the truth from being unveiled. I really hope he will prove me wrong, because by bringing the boy himself to be introduced to his family will make the transition better as Min-woo will be beside him, instead of being forced into the family by Ji-sun.

Se-young is really amazing the more I learn about her, especially from how people around her treat the lady. Even her father respects her thoughts, showing how capable she is when it comes to her work. A CEO who oozes charisma with each step she takes while at the same time a person who’s warm and approachable? Not an everyday occurrence in a drama, absolutely.But then, I can’t help but to wonder why she decided to focus on her work instead of finding someone she loved. There’s probably a story behind it, or it’s just because she has never met a person who could make her heart flutter..

Temptation E04.avi_001310744

Another thing I like about this show? They know that Choi Ji-woo is gorgeous and acknowledge the fact by giving her the style that highlights her beauty. Good job for that one!

I just want to inform those who are following the recaps that I will be away next week so the recaps will be delayed. Sorry for any inconvenience!


When the trust between two parties is at the verge of being broken, what could be the best solution to return to the point where everything was once stronger than anything else? The thing that Suk-hoon is afraid of is happening between him and Hong-joo, and they are at the turning point where they could be embarking on a journey of no return. Maybe if something like a time machine exist, it would be useful during times like this..

Episode 5

Temptation E05.avi_000271971While Ji-sun was at the pension to see Roy, Hong-joo met the gynecologist, who turned out to be Se-young’s friend. Hong-joo seemed confident to go through with the procedure of getting pregnant through IVF but when asked about Suk-hoon, she’s suddenly reluctant again. It just got worse when she saw Suk-hoon with Se-young and she didn’t even try to hide the fact that she disliked her. Se-young continued to intimidate her, pointing out that the money she spent on Suk-hoon was totally worth it, considering how desirable he was. That made Hong-joo stormed out of the building with anger and Suk-hoon was like fueling her burning wrath when he said that he helped Se-young on his own free will. Their argument was cut when Hong-joo received a call, telling her that Roy went missing from the pension. Min-woo got to know about the matter from Hong-joo and he rushed to the place, as Hong-joo continued to ignore Suk-hoon’s text and call.

Temptation E05.avi_000772172Se-young went straight to the office although she was clearly not that well yet and Young-chul gave her the report about the meeting earlier. He’s well aware of the consequences when he decided to accept Suk-hoon’s help but he was only thinking about the best solution for them. Young-chul wondered if Suk-hoon could be hired as Dongsung’s staff, but Se-young doubted he would accept the offer, considering what she witnessed earlier. As for Hong-joo, she reached the Yangpyeong’s pension and went straight into the nearby woods, looking for Roy. She saw a shoe nearby the lake and thought that the boy might had drowned, but Min-woo arrived and assured her that the boy was still safe. But then, Ji-sun arrived with a nervous Roy on the backseat, much to Hong-joo and Min-woo’s surprise. The cat’s out of the bag! Ji-sun warned him that he won’t get out of the issue easily but Hong-joo assured Roy, who’s still troubled over Ji-sun’s sudden presence, that Min-woo would resolve the problem.

Temptation E05.avi_001313079Hong-joo’s worries didn’t stop there as she’s still disturbed over the conversation she had with Se-young. It’s the same for Se-young, who kept thinking about Hong-joo’s words and Suk-hoon, who never leave her mind. She was thinking of calling Suk-hoon about the job offer, but the thunder stopped her. Maybe that’s a good warning since Suk-hoon won’t be in the mood to talk with her, being focused on his way to the pension. He decided to have a talk with Hong-joo after all and she went out in the rain, not really in the mood to discuss anything; but then, she admitted that Suk-hoon’s decision to choose Se-young over her earlier bugged her to no end and she felt that she began to lose confidence in their marriage. *Gasp!* Being an honest man he was, Suk-hoon had to admit that he thought about Se-young at times and Hong-joo thought that they might need some time to reconsider their feelings. Min-woo interrupted their argument in the rain, telling Suk-hoon to go back for that night.

Temptation E05.avi_001865465Suk-hoon drove back home with no energy left in him and he nearly got into an accident; luckily, the truck of doom wasn’t meant for him! Hong-joo didn’t like the fact that Min-woo got involved in her argument with Suk-hoon and on his way home, Min-woo happened to see Suk-hoon in the car but decided against approaching him. The eventful night came to an end and a new day came, but Se-young found herself too tired to leave for work and decided to to take a day off. Hong-kyu had managed to put together the money for Se-jin’s car repair cost and wished to have no further encounter with her, but he got stuck with her when he pleaded (complete with puppy eyes!) for him to accompany her for a shopping spree. LOL, she was enjoying the time she got to spend with him while he wasn’t too pleased to follow around a lady while holding her shopping bags. He didn’t really like to see how easy she was spending that much money like pouring water. She didn’t hide her liking for him but he wished not to see her again, but he accidentally left his key among the bags. Well, let’s just day fate had something planned for these two!

Temptation E05.avi_002140907Se-jin suddenly received a call from Chairman Yoo, who informed her about a family emergency: she should go and visit Se-young, because her sister didn’t go to work. Suk-hoon was still thinking about what Hong-joo said to him the night before while Hong-joo was also thinking about him. She told Roy that she did marry the person she loved but there were people who might not end up together with the person they loved due to various reasons, Se-young had Se-jin and Mrs Hong visiting her after learning about her absence from work, considering how rare it was for her to do so. Se-jin was so worried for her (it’s so sweet to see them like that!) and so was Mrs Hong, who recommended her to visit a gynecologist since it might be an early sign of menopause. Suk-hoon had decided to leave the house for a while as Se-young received a call from Attorney Choi, who wanted to give her some information regarding an important person related to M Hotel in Hong Kong.

Temptation E05.avi_002255288Ji-sun went to Min-woo’s office with some documents but she wasn’t asking for a divorce; instead, she wanted to secure a fortune of inheritance for her daughters in return for bringing Roy into the household, She’s smart, knowing that he won’t file for a divorce and watch his own reputation turned into dust. Suk-hoon saw his father-in-law on his way out but he only told him that he got a job which required him to move out temporarily. It’s clear how much Hong-joo’s father adored Suk-hoon, considering that he was the first person to make her happy. He informed Hong-joo about him moving out and agreed to give a thought about their marriage, but he still had some hope in returning to the happy couple they were once. Se-young went out to meet Attorney Choi, who offered to help her but she refused the offer, thinking that she wanted to achieve it with her own effort. He noted that she had changed after meeting Suk-hoon, but she told him that it wasn’t like what he was thinking.

Temptation E05.avi_002985919Suk-hoon decided to move in with Young-chul temporarily and he commented that the widower pad looked like a pigsty. LOL! These two are cracking me up with their constant friendly bickering and Young-chul dragged him outside for a night’s out. Min-woo finally got the chance to tell his mother about Roy and the witch she was overjoyed, but not for that long! She turned sour when Min-woo showed her the inheritance agreement which Ji-sun gave him earlier, but Ji-sun had the upper hand this time. Yeay for winning over your mother-in-law this time! Min-woo thanked Hong-joo for her help all this while, but Ji-sun was thinking that Hong-joo could be hired to become a babysitter at their house, since, you know, Min-woo wouldn’t dare to flirt in front of the kids. HA. He put on his extra-kind face, asking for her to treat Roy well and she told him that she won’t be an evil stepmother. Uh-huh..I’m not that positive. As for the boy, Roy spent his last night with Hong-joo crying since he won’t be living with her anymore.

Temptation E05.avi_003053119Suk-hoon spilled almost everything to Young-chul, who could guess that Se-young was the reason for him to move out of Hong-joo’s house. He knew that Hong-joo would be suspicious of him, and Suk-hoon admitted that he couldn’t stop thinking about Se-young, although he loved Hong-joo. Oh no, bad news! But at least he acknowledged it! Se-young recalled the moment she told Suk-hoon the offer back in Hong Kong and brought out Hong-joo’s shoes which were abandoned by Suk-hoon when he stormed out of her suite. She tried them on and wore them to work on the next day. Since she had been tipped about the CEO’s whereabouts, what’s left was for her staff to find out more about the person. Attorney Choi told Min-woo about his deed but Min-woo decided to let it pass this time.

Temptation E05.avi_003367801Min-woo called Ji-sun since she was the one who would be fetching Roy and she was waiting outside the pension as Hong-joo helped Roy to pack his stuff and dress up. Both of them were saddened with the impending separation but Hong-joo hugged him, consoling the little boy. She told Ji-sun several things about Roy but Ji-sun’s reply made Hong-joo (and me) slightly worried for Roy. Min-woo continued to work with Han-soo to follow after his wife and despite Attorney Choi’s advice, he thought that he’s doing the right thing. He’s up for the challenge of dealing with a person with anonymity surrounding him while wondering what Se-young would do this time to get the hotel in her hands.

Temptation E05.avi_003641307Suk-hoon got ready, all suited up probably for another interview, but it turned out that he was going to meet Se-young. She found it a surprising turn of event to see him at her company, considering the fact that he turned down her offer before. He went straight to the point: hearing that she’s hiring for the M Hotel project, he offered three weeks of his time to be sold to her. Would she buy his time again?

Temptation E05.avi_003695962


Now that’s an irresistible offer for Se-young. Hmmm…


Sometimes, what you thought to be the best solution for your problem turned out to be the worst, yet no one actually knew what would happen next. The space between a fighting couple might tear them apart instead of bringing them closer. Doing something thinking that you can handle it might take the wrong turn when everything you planned falls apart. And then, your happiness does not guarantee that other people will share the bliss.

Episode 6

Temptation E06.avi_000162896Se-young wondered what made him change his mind and Suk-hoon said that he wanted to confirm something. Since she couldn’t just  hire him without any specific reason, Suk-hoon was given the task to find out about the CEO’s schedule to prove his skills. Se-young was literally breathless and only after he left she could catch her breath. As for Hong-joo, she realized that her husband had really left the house. At Min-woo’s house, his mother was waiting for Roy with excitement and the boy received warm welcome from his grandmother. It’s the complete opposite with Min-woo’s eldest daughter Yoon-ah, who refused to talk to Roy. Ji-sun didn’t want to take the responsibility of coaxing Yoon-ah and told Min-woo to do it. Both Ji-sun and Roy felt awkward around each other but they had no choice since they’re going to live under the same roof.

Temptation E06.avi_000621755Suk-hoon continued to work hard in order to complete his task while Hong-joo didn’t have any clue about his activities. Hong-kyu asked if his sister wasn’t afraid of her husband cheating behind her back, but she replied coldly that he could do it even when they’re living together. Her father sensed that something was wrong but chose not to delve into the matter for the time being. Se-young was thinking about Suk-hoon when she was summoned back to her house, since Chairman Yoo had found out about Se-jin’s shopping spree and the little sister was being punished. Se-jin got tired of being compared with her perfect sister and lashed out, telling Se-young to get married since she found a man she liked. Meanwhile, Min-woo returned home for the day and checked on Roy before trying to make Ji-sun feel better, although his wife was still suspicious of him, probably regarding Hong-joo, who had her own issues to deal with.

Temptation E06.avi_000978411Hong-kyu was called out by Se-jin, who had been drinking by herself at the bar. He wanted to retrieve his key but ended up with the drunk lady, who refused to go home since she’s the ugly duckling of the house. Hong-kyu could relate to her but didn’t admit it and he had to piggyback her to her house. LOL! But then, Se-jin pointed out the direction to Se-young’s house and Se-young was surprised to see her sister passed out on a stranger’s back. Se-young realized that Hong-kyu was the man in the picture Se-jin showed her before and told him to take care of her sister, but Hong-kyu said that he’s not her boyfriend and left in a huff. Hehehe! Se-young sent a text to Suk-hoon, who was still burning the midnight oil and he replied her, but he was soon distracted with Hong-joo’s text and left Se-young waiting for his reply.

Temptation E06.avi_001361261Roy quickly became the apple of the grandmother’s eye, much to the other family members’ chagrin. I feel bad for the Yoon-ah somehow..Min-woo was contacted by Suk-hoon, who wanted to secure a deal with him. He initially refused to help him after finding out that Suk-hoon was helping Se-young, but changed his mind to return his favour to Hong-joo. Suk-hoon also found out that Hong-joo had quit the job as a babysitter. Se-young told Se-jin about Hong-kyu who sent her home and Se-jin was shocked to learn that it wasn’t her dream. Se-jin apologized for her harsh words on the night before and Se-young told her to clean up her place. Ahh I love this sisterhood bond they had! Se-young received a visitor: Suk-hoon, and unlike her prediction, he actually managed to find out about the CEO’s schedule. Min-woo’s help came with a price, since he’s suddenly interested in finding out more about Suk-hoon and Se-young’s relationship. Se-young didn’t like that Suk-hoon chose to come clean with Min-woo about his intention in order for him to find out about the schedule, but she gave him another chance to secure an appointment with the CEO.

Temptation E06.avi_001959292Hong-joo became jobless after her short stint as a babysitter and tried to contact her nurse friends with the intention of seeking for job openings but she didn’t get any. Min-woo reminded her about her salary and she went out to meet him but rejected his invitation to have a meal with him. Hong-joo thought that it would be better if Roy and Ji-sun could be close to each other and chose not to visit the boy at Min-woo’s house, since she could understand how hard it was for his wife to raise a child who wasn’t her own. Min-woo told her about his meeting with Suk-hoon and she was shaken to hear that her husband was working with Se-young’s company. He knew that she had problems with Suk-hoon and offered his support if she needed any. I hope he meant someone like Hong-kyu, who became a reluctant counselor for Se-jin and lent his ears for her whining about Se-young and Mrs Hong, her housekeeper. But then, she avoided him when he asked about his pictures. Heee!

Temptation E06.avi_002466666Hong-joo chose to keep everything to herself but her father was sharper and took her out for a glass of beer. Se-young was about to leave her office but she was momentarily distracted by the sight of Suk-hoon focused on his work. She acted nonchalantly when he saw her and made her exit, but not before reminding the flustered Young-chul to have a proper meal with the company card. Just like what Min-woo encountered before, Suk-hoon realized that nothing much was known about the mysterious CEO, except for a family emblem. We go back to Hong-joo, who chose to tell her father about Suk-hoon moving out of the house; however, she pleaded for him not to ask for more details, since she didn’t want to trouble him with her problems. He tried to cheer her up with his singing and gave her a piece of advice: nothing could be solved between married couples with living apart and they should talk about their problems. Hear, hear! Between Se-young’s new found love and the married couple, my heart leans more on the couple’s side for now. Sigh..

Temptation E06.avi_002823256The day for the meeting with the important CEO had come and Min-woo left early for the important day. He saw Roy planting the flowers given by Hong-joo before and approached him, while Yoon-ah stared at them with wistful eyes. Awww princess, let me hug you! Se-young’s team was also getting ready to approach the CEO and she knew that Dongsung had an advantage over Ajin since they’re more experienced in the hotel industry compared to Ajin. Suk-hoon thought that Se-young should join Young-chul and him to meet the said CEO Du since it would help them greatly in securing a meeting even without prior appointment. Hong-joo appeared at Dongsung to meet Suk-hoon but he left his phone behind; instead, she ran into Se-young and saw that Se-young was wearing the shoes she bought back in Hong Kong.

Temptation E06.avi_003064497The two women sat down for a cup of coffee per Hong-joo’s invitation and Hong-joo insisted that Suk-hoon was working with Dongsung to prove that he could stay loyal to their marriage even with Se-young near him. Se-young came clean that she’s falling for him and if he’s still in love with Hong-joo, then it would be okay to be honest about her feelings. Hong-joo pointed out that it must be her hobby to take other people’s belongings but Se-young set it straight: the shoes was originally hers to begin with. She won’t let the second chance to hire Suk-hoon go away and told Hong-joo to stop blaming her. Hong-joo accidentally knocked down her coffee and left stains on her skirt, which might not come off easily just like her affected relationship with Suk-hoon.

Temptation E06.avi_003696162Although he knew that Hong-joo called him earlier, Suk-hoon chose to focus on his mission for the time being. Dongsung’s team went to the place where Ajin’s side was holding their meeting with CEO Du with the hope to meet the CEO. One of the CEO’s subordinate seemed uninterested with the long presentation by Ajin. Suk-hoon and Se-young were still waiting for the CEO as the subordinate accidentally knocked down Se-young’s notebook and Suk-hoon realized that the man was the real CEO Du after seeing the Du family emblem tattooed on his wrist. They decided to follow after the CEO and reached a remote market. Se-young ended up in Suk-hoon’s arms twice and he decided to hold her hand while walking through the marketplace. They were suddenly greeted by a man holding a flashlight pointed at them, asking who they were..

Temptation E06.avi_003732999*

I hope the CEO is not some kind of thug..because that might be life-threatening for these two and even cause problems for Dongsung later.


I’m still playing catch up with this series but what I have seen so far makes me think it was a good idea for me to give Temptation a chance and sticking with it until now. Maybe it’s too early to say anything but the direction of the story might be better than what I expected when I first started the drama. Getting your guesses right when watching a drama is good but finding out that the drama exceeds your expectation? It’s something that won’t happen every day! Cheers to you, drama!

Episode 7

Temptation E07.avi_000404070Suk-hoon and Se-young followed CEO Du through the dark market and ended up at a rundown restaurant, which was once the CEO’s favourite place each time he made a visit to Korea. He didn’t expect to see that the place had been closed down and felt a little remorseful over the fact that the country was more keen on chasing the standard while abandoning the unique flavour of the country. Se-young’s persistence annoyed the CEO but Suk-hoon saved the day by striking a deal with him: they would try to find the soup CEO Du liked and in return, he would be have to give Dongsung a chance. Meanwhile, Hong-joo continued to be bugged with the talk she had with Se-young about Suk-hoon but she had a good news to make up for it: she might be hired again at the hospital. As for Suk-hoon, he tended to Se-young’s scraped foot from all the running and sent her home, causing the lady to recall what happened at the marketplace in her mind. Se-young made her doctor friend even more worried for her but she said that she knew her own sickness the best. Yes, that’s because she’s lovesick!

Temptation E07.avi_000904571Suk-hoon began to look for the restaurant owner but luck wasn’t on his side so far. He realized that even with knowing the real CEO Du, it’s not a guarantee for Dongsung right now. Hong-joo received a call from him after Young-chul reminded him about her call. She was tensed when Suk-hoon asked about Min-woo and retaliated with the question about Se-young: would he be able to escape it if the lady tried to get close to him? He was confident in himself and he only wanted her trust, but judging from her reaction, it won’t be easy. On the next day, Min-woo was wondering why Se-young didn’t act even when she knew about CEO Du’s whereabouts. You won’t even imagine that she met the real one instead of the decoy you talked to! Se-jin was having an inner conflict since she had been forced to earn her own money by Chairman Yoo and to make it worse, she’s to fill in a part-timer’s position. Se-young warned her not to let her real identity known but Se-jin tried to negotiate with her about keeping the fact that her sister was hiding a man a secret from their father. Speaking of the (soon-to-be-)devil, Suk-hoon appeared as if he’s summoned and Se-jin was starstruck upon seeing him. Hehe! He was there to report that he found where the restaurant owner was currently living at.

Temptation E07.avi_001559159Hong-joo went to the hospital and the person she wanted to meet turned out to be Se-young’s doctor friend. She’s hired again as a nurse but she heard the doctor’s phone call with Se-young. Suk-hoon, on the other hand, was heading to the restaurant owner’s place but Se-young suddenly wanted to join him for the trip, with the excuse of enjoying her day off. The weekend was different for everybody: Hong-joo was starting her job as a nurse while Roy continued to be ignored by his half-sisters. Suk-hoon and Se-young reached the village but he had to ask around, so she took the chance to play with the kids in the river. What’s better than playing in the water and eating ice lollies in the summer? Certainly not working part-time job like Se-jin was doing, and Hong-kyu was having too much fun teasing her. She was instantly cheered up when he said that she looked good in uniform. Se-jin is so cute and so is Hong-kyu!

Temptation E07.avi_001982582After a long walk, they finally found the house of the restaurant owner and the grandma even remembered CEO Du. She agreed to make the oxtail soup since it’s not a hard thing for her, but it would take the whole day to prepare the ingredients and the soup. Suk-hoon thought that Se-young should return to Seoul and he would stay to help around, but she chose to stay too. After all, what’s there to worry about when nothing happened when they stayed in the same suite back in Hong Kong? Suk-hoon couldn’t even argue with her this time. Min-woo decided to have barbeque with the whole family but Yoon-ah felt jealous to see him treating Roy so well. Roy was waiting for Hong-joo’s reply on his dad’s phone when another person’s text arrived: it contained the pictures of Ji-sun with another man. Whoops, Min-woo caught her this time! Yoon-ah threw the ball onto Roy’s flower bed, causing the boy to be upset and hit her when she teased him. Yoon-ah then scratched Roy’s face.

Temptation E07.avi_002147013Suk-hoon proved himself to be a reliable helper while the grandma couldn’t hide her curiosity and asked Se-young about her relationship with him, since she wasn’t wearing any ring while he was. That didn’t stop Se-young from glancing fondly at Suk-hoon. Hong-joo had gotten off work and she decided to buy some meat for her family. The dinner was gloomy as her father chose to drink instead of enjoying the meal at the mention of Suk-hoon. The man was still watching over the fire as the soup was being cooked while giving orders to Se-young. They teased each other but Suk-hoon received a call from his drunk father-in-law. Hong-joo managed to snatch the phone from him before he spewed out more curses and apologized to Suk-hoon. Her mood dampened when she heard Se-young’s voice in the background and realized that he was together with Se-young. She accidentally scalded her fingers and helped to run water onto her fingers.

Temptation E07.avi_002706172Se-young took a rest but she couldn’t stop thinking about Suk-hoon, so she decided to join him outside again. She told him the truth about her encounter with Hong-joo as Hong-joo lashed out her anger by ripping her picture with Suk-hoon into pieces. Se-young said that she found out about his true intention of joining Dongsung, which was to prove his love to his wife. She had made up her mind to come clean about her feelings and confessed to Suk-hoon that she couldn’t focus on her work because of him. Admitting that she indeed caused a lot of problems between the couple, she apologized for it. What I like was Suk-hoon also came lean about his feelings: he liked her and missed her, plus he’s even curious about her but that’s the limit about his heart. He still loved Hong-joo and that meant Se-young was rejected. They had a silent, awkward ride to Seoul while Hong-joo decided to take off her wedding band.

Temptation E07.avi_002910143At the Kang family’s villa, the grandma was angry at her granddaughters for hurting her precious grandson. Sigh, she didn’t even try to hide her favouritism! Roy asked Min-woo if it’s possible for him to return to their secret base, the pension together with Hong-joo and Min-woo could only hug his poor son to coax him. As for Hong-joo, she couldn’t concentrate on her work and she was given a warning since she made several mistakes. She realized that she had no one to turn to but saw Min-woo’s name on her phone. Suk-hoon and Se-young reached Seoul and served the dish to CEO Du, who was so glad to be able to enjoy his favourite soup again. He eventually agreed to listen to Dongsung’s offers before choosing between Ajin and Dongsung. Min-woo wasn’t too happy to hear about this ans suspected that Se-young’s tactical change was caused by Suk-hoon. He received a call and went out.

Temptation E07.avi_003304904It turned out to be Hong-joo who called him and she’s been drinking by herself since she didn’t have anyone to talk to about her problems. Suk-hoon had secured a meeting with the CEO’s side and he’s thinking of quitting from Dongsung in order for him not to make Se-young feel uncomfortable, but she was mature enough to accept his rejection; however, he’s free to do so if he was the one who felt uncomfortable around her. Hong-joo continued to drink while letting out all her bottled feelings, with Min-woo lending her his ears. She even told him about Suk-hoon and his impending affair. Suddenly, she asked if Min-woo wanted to sleep with her, much to his surprise. She reckoned that attractive, rich and confident people like him were all the same: they would be able to have anything they wanted in the world. Min-woo guessed that the person she felt intimidated with was Se-young and said that he was different; if he wanted to have her, he would make her unable to resist him first.

Temptation E07.avi_003626559Young-chul happened to see Hong-joo together with Min-woo at the hotel and told Suk-hoon about it. Suk-hoon went straight to the hotel room and it was Min-woo who opened the door. He barged into the room and confronted Hong-joo, who accused him of stalking her. She’s indeed out of her mind, for not realizing that she’s at a hotel owned by Dongsung!

Temptation E07.avi_003637103*

Awwwww yesssss this is so going to be better, right?!

Temptation E07.avi_001834401


You’ll never know how a person feels until you put yourself in that person’s shoes. We can only give suggestions and advice to people with problems but the person himself knows it best how much it hurts to be stuck in such situation. The same thing goes for this drama: as much as I wish for the characters to be happy, they have experienced things which can’t be wiped off from their memories easily. Even if it’s hard to swallow, the most painful decision might be the best for the people involved.

Episode 8

Temptation E08.avi_000266266Suk-hoon didn’t waste his time to go to the hotel, where Hong-joo was seen with Min-woo. Unknown to him, Hong-joo was throwing up because of the alcohol and Min-woo brought her to the room since she wanted to rest. Min-woo tried to explain things but Suk-hoon didn’t want to hear him. Hong-joo wondered if Suk-hoon was there because he’s with Se-young and told him to go to her if he wanted to. Suk-hoon couldn’t take it anymore and left; however, Min-woo followed after him and tried to persuade him into discussing things with Hong-joo. Suk-hoon didn’t follow his advice; instead, he gave Min-woo CEO Du’s real contact info to return his deed of sharing information about the meeting before. Hong-joo explained to Min-woo that the reason she did that to her husband was because she wanted to see him suffer, just like what he had caused her. Suk-hoon drove to Han River and he was recalling Hong-joo’s question to him earlier when Se-young called him about work matters. Se-young could sense that something was wrong with him, but he didn’t say anything.

Temptation E08.avi_000961761Hong-joo was sent home by Min-woo, who was glad that she thought of him when she needed someone to talk with. Hong-kyu happened to see them and he remembered who Min-woo was. He didn’t wait for too long to find out more from his sister, but Hong-joo didn’t feel like talking with him at all. As for Se-young, she had a lunch with her doctor friend Myung-hwa and finally gave in to her friend’s constant plea to come for a check-up at the hospital. Se-young also admitted that she had a man she liked but got rejected. Myung-hwa was surprised to hear that someone as beautiful and successful as her got rejected and it drew her speechless to learn that the man was a married worker at Dongsung. As a married woman herself, Myung-hwa told her to stop before she destroy a family, but Se-young wanted to enjoy her first love a little bit longer before quitting it for good. Suk-hoon had prepared his resignation letter and gave it to Se-young. She was planning to put him on a permanent position, but Suk-hoon wanted to stop the conflict between Hong-joo and him caused by his work before it got worse. Se-young respected his decision to choose love above his success, but Suk-hoon did seem to be a bit remorseful. But then, he admitted that he used to blame Se-young for causing the rift in his marriage.

Temptation E08.avi_001277510Hong-kyu met Se-jin and wondered what he should do to find out more about Hong-joo’s possible affair but she thought that it’s better for him not to get involved in other people’s business. It’s still a mystery why Hong-kyu was spending time with Se-jin when he didn’t really like her, but she proved to be sharp in relationship issues when she pointed out that Hong-joo and Suk-hoon might had lived separately before Hong-joo’s alleged affair. Hong-joo was working at the hospital when she received a call from Roy, who was sad that his flowers were destroyed by Yoon-ah. Yoon-ah appeared and they started arguing again but grandma came to Roy’s rescue. Roy told grandma about Hong-joo, who used to be his babysitter. I don’t really like the curiosity in grandma’s eyes..Min-woo, on the other hand, had gotten his hands on more evidence about Ji-sun’s extramarital affair with her first love. Han-sun assured him that the ultimate evidence would appear if she went with out with her ‘school friends’. Both Min-woo and Se-young attended a party and she thought that he wanted to learn more about her meeting with CEO Du, but he wanted her to stop playing games with Suk-hoon and Hong-joo. She thought that he was the same, but she learned that Suk-hoon had lived separately with Hong-joo.

Temptation E08.avi_002262929Suk-hoon received a call from Hong-kyu, who asked him straight about living separately with Hong-joo, but he lied that everything was okay. He went out to get his wedding band cleaned as Hong-joo continued acting like she’s okay, while actually, she wasn’t. Se-young went to the hospital to have her check-up and Hong-joo was the one attending to her. Hong-joo realized that Se-young had a cyst in her uterus and it was growing bigger. Se-young was advised to have it removed but she was contemplating it. Myung-hwa thought that it was because of the man she loved and pleaded for her to forget him, but Se-young wanted to experience the regret. She had a talk with Hong-joo and told her about Suk-hoon’s resignation. Hong-joo was surprised but she hated it when Se-young started talking as if the three of them were in a love triangle. Se-young hoped that Hong-joo would never gave up on Suk-hoon and Hong-joo probably took it as a warning not to let her husband go.

Temptation E08.avi_002691424Se-young’s father found out about her visit to the hospital and called her out of worry. It’s sweet seeing the family truly caring about each other! He also told her about Chinese people’s tendency to value people and human relationship. Se-young promised to bear it on her mind for the meeting with CEO Du’s representatives. The staff at Dong-sung were prepared to leave for the meeting and Young-chul thanked Suk-hoon for his effort to prepare for the meeting, while Suk-hoon teased that he’s talking like a CEO. Ajin also heard about the meeting and it turned out that CEO Du decided to hear Dongsung’s conditions before making his decision. Min-woo knew that the conditions from M Hotel’s side would be impossible for Dongsung to agree to and he wondered if Se-young would go bankrupt, much to Attorney Choi’s chagrin. CEO Du’s representatives told Dongsung their conditions, which were to assure 100% employment for both permanent and contract workers. It was hard to be accepted and Se-young was trapped this time. Suk-hoon pointed out that it was CEO Du’s personality not to betray anyone.

Temptation E08.avi_002888755Se-young said that Suk-hoon was similar to CEO Du and thus an idealist, but Suk-hoon replied that she was an idealist too: her dreams to make Dongsung a leading brand in hotel service made her work non-stop to achieve that point. He advised her to focus on her goal and decide what’s the best for Dongsung. Se-young announced that her company would agree to the conditions given by CEO Du. That little nod and smile!! Hee~ Min-woo was confident that Ajin would get chosen and gave money to Ji-sun for her to spend, for instance going for a trip with her friends. She gladly accepted it and Min-woo’s smiling eyes slowly changed into a judging stare..oh, she took the bait! Attorney Choi reported something to Min-woo and he didn’t look to happy about it. Maybe it was about Dongsung’s meeting which had been concluded smoothly. Suk-hoon walked out and it’s like he’s saying goodbye to Se-young from afar, since he was resigned once the meeting’s over.

Temptation E08.avi_003148882Suk-hoon invited Hong-joo for a dinner at her favourite restaurant and she didn’t expect to be brought there. Attorney Choi called Se-young, congratulating her on the successful takeover; but then, she was troubled over Suk-hoon. She was wondering if she should give up on him to be at ease and Attorney Choi thought that it was her duty to find the answers herself. Suk-hoon and Hong-joo reminisced over their memories when they first met, but Hong-joo thought that the person she loved in Suk-hoon and the trust she had for that person in her had disappeared. She excused herself and went to the washroom, crying to herself. Suk-hoon brought out a pair of new rings while Hong-joo brought out a piece of paper. That’s not what I’m thinking…right?

Temptation E08.avi_003670637Suk-hoon put the rings inside his pocket when Hong-joo returned and he thought that they should think about the two of them and keep everything simple. He suggested for them to find a new apartment so that she didn’t have to trouble her family anymore. Hong-joo was not interested, even when Suk-hoo told her about his resignation. Then, he realized that Hong-joo wasn’t wearing her wedding band. Hong-joo brought out an envelope, saying that it’s her resignation letter. The content was a divorce application, with Hong-joo’s seal already stamped on it.

Temptation E08.avi_003724290“I want to resign from the wife position. Let’s break up.”


Honestly, I had never imagined that Hong-joo would ask for a divorce this fast when I first started this series but having watched up to this episode, I think that is the best decision for her. I am not married yet so I am unfamiliar to marriage life, but keeping the marriage seems like a bad choice for Hong-joo. I do feel sad for Suk-hoon since he is trying to save the marriage, but what about Hong-joo? We can easily say that she should try to believe her husband but things are easier said than done. She doesn’t know how deep Suk-hoon’s relationship is with Se-young (unlike us who could witness their action) and to be constantly disturbed over the matter will drive her crazy. It’s not helping at all when she keeps running into Se-young and the feeling of inferiority she has each time she encounters Se-young. Before she ruins herself, it might be better for her to quit. Sometimes, quitting does not mean you’re weak but when you feel that there’s no use of hanging on the thin rope, it might be better to let it go.

I don’t blame Suk-hoon as he’s trying his best to prevent anything bad from happening to his marriage with Hong-joo, but his methods are probably not the best for this problem. Sure, people can say that they should communicate with each other to solve the misunderstanding, but some problems are just too complicated to be discussed about, especially when emotions are involved. He made a big mistake going to Se-young to prove that he loves Hong-joo and nothing will happen between him and Se-young, because Hong-joo will only continue to be suspicious of him. But then, I applaud his confession to Se-young, proving that he’s honest about his feelings but at the same time, he admits that he still love his wife.

As for Min-woo..I have to watch the following episodes to know why he is so keen on finding the evidence about Ji-sun’s infidelity. Maybe he’s trying to get back on her for sending people to stalk him? He also had an affair before and I’m not surprised if Ji-sun is doing it for a revenge on him, but this couple has more things to be considered if they are aiming for separation, including the children.

Temptation – Episode (9) Review

temp ep 9 SS-2

Last week, I harped on Hong-joo’s lack of effort in saving her marriage but I was frustrated by Seok-hoon’s passivity this episode. Of course, it has been there all along, I just couldn’t put a name to it. Why does he go along with whatever and get himself in all kinds of mess?

The divorce finally happened though we had a time skip of one month to that end. South Korean courts surprisingly give a full month worth of consideration to couples before processing the divorce, but Hong-joo was dead set on it. Seok-hoon did try to stop Hong-joo right after that dinner from Hell, but he was shocked to hear that their marriage was a nightmare Hong-joo desperately wanted to get out of (when it was a dream he wanted to re-live). And he said what we had been thinking all along: that she only kept to herself, alone and miserable, without trying to save the marriage.

I’m glad they’re now divorced because it was absolutely exhausting watching the inevitable slowly happen. Now Seok-hoon is completely free to go after Se-young, but some offer by a friend has conveniently sprung up and Seok-hoon is leaving for Brazil. Se-young offered to wait for him and he gave her a back-hug before leaving for his plane, telling her that this does not mean their relationship (in general) has ended.

It might be just me who’s confused but I don’t see the reason for going overseas and having him return the episode right after (judging from the previews). Yes, he needs to get over his wife but if he asked for time and space from Se-young to clear the air, she would have done it. Why be contrived about it? To fill the episode count?

I can’t even put my finger on what’s bothering me exactly, but something definitely is. There were also some parts of the episode when Se-young would just appear at his place and tell him to get in her car and he would go ahead and do that, no questions asked. I can’t for the life of me understand such a character as almost nothing he does makes sense. And Se-young’s sudden guilt at hearing about the divorce. Talk about a late time for it to show up. What about when you were antagonizing Hong-joo all those times?

temp ep 9 SS-7

Then there’s Min-woo’s part of the story which I did not comment much on before. I always thought he was scary when he’d put on a smile but act like a snake, but, this episode, he was terrifying. Last episode, he gave his wife some spending money (a whopping $50,000) and told her to go on a trip. He set her up and took pictures of her with her lover (who’s also a married man), then gave her divorce papers for her to sign. Oh, and she has to do away with her parental rights. I mean, I don’t like the wife but she does care about her kids and she’s suffered a lot in this marriage, what with a cheating player husband and a hawk-like mother-in-law.

The way he was smiling the entire time the wife was warning him that she’d ruin this house was shiver-inducing. This guy is an alpha predator–that’s what my brain was telling me. Lee Jung-jin outdid himself with this character, honestly. And his ruthless attitude in business is no joke. He’s intending to go toe-to-toe with Se-young if she wasn’t going to back off. But her pride won’t let her so I expect we’ll be seeing a major stand-off between their two companies.

On a side note, I definitely won’t be continuing to review the show since it’s a struggle to make sense of something that makes no sense. My brain simply doesn’t compute.


May Contain Spoilers

Danny Jung: Without You 유혹 {Temptation OST} (download @K2Nblog.com)

Temptation Epiosde 9

A marriage breaks apart

I think the titles of Episodes 9 & 10 should be Break-ups, Make-ups, & Somebody’s about to get fucked up!

Divorce is running rampant for our married couples.  One divorce could be considered a new beginning and the other divorce should be considered  as a business deal broken because terms of a new contract could not be  reached.

Temptation Episode 9

The gander can’t do what the goose does.

Hong Joo, Hong Joo, HONG JOO! There are really no words on how I feel about her putting divorce on the table.  Logically , I see it as growth on her part. She is no longer letting others decide what she should or shouldn’t allow in her life.  She had been pushed to her emotional limit and she said “NO DAMN MORE! but emotionally, I felt she made a rash decision that she didn’t think through clearly and when she saw Seok Hoon’s reaction, she knew she made a mistake but couldn’t turn back. Girl ain’t no turning back when a man throws well spent money (rings)like it was yesterday’s trash.

The break-up that had me raging with emotion was Kang Min Woo and Ji Sun. That was cold-blooded and heartless on Kang Min Woo AND his momma’s part.  How is it that Min Woo can have countless affairs and have a child outside of his marriage but when Ji Sun decides to get her a side taste, it’s a OH HELL NAW!!  I understand it was an arranged marriage and Ji Sun lived a privileged life but they didn’t like  when she upped the ante and told them that she has to make sure that her and her girls were well taken care since a male heir was entering into the house. She already knew that they were going to be treated like second class citizen in their own home. The icing on the cake for me was that he gets custody of the children.  As much as I was liking Min Woo, I just can’t now.

Temptation Episode 9

Mommy Loves you

OMG!! My heart broke during that scene with Ji Sun and her daughters. I hope that she gets some major revenge.  I think I may get my wish, we did get to see Ji Sun take a quick jab at Min Woo in episode 10. He didn’t feel it right off the back but it began to sink in deeper and he knows his wife isn’t going down easy. MWHAAHHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!

Temptation Episode 9

I’m sorry

I wanted to touch on Hong Joo and Se Young for a minute. I am wondering if they are going to show them living a parallel life.  Each had a scene in separate episodes with their fathers where they were angry for the decisions their daughters made without either their knowledge nor approval.  Looking back on past episodes, I can see a parallel life and it will be interesting to see more

Temptation Episode 10

Dad can fire you.

As for as Seok Hoon and Se Young, I felt this was just filler episodes for them. Seok Hoon gets divorced, he decides to leave for an undetermined amount of time,  Se Young decides to wait for him and then he returns. He’s rehired at the company with a promotion where he has to go head to head with the cutthroat Kang Min Woo all the while the ill-fated couple continues with longing stares, flirtatious talk, and together moments.

Temptation Episode 9

Kang Min Woo vs Yoo Se Young

It is hard for me to get behind their “relationship” and honestly, I’m uninterested when they are alone together but love it when it’s  set against the backdrop of drama.  So can you imagine my giddiness at the company formal dinner when the ill-fated couple came face to face with Kang Min Woo and his date……. Na Hong Joo.

Temptation Episosde 10
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May Contain Spoilers
Lucky J: Pitiful 불쌍해 {Temptation OST} (download @K2Nblog.com)

Yeah, who ever is the creative director of Temptation must have a wicked sense of humor because only a select few of the characters could be considered angels while all the others are going straight to hell in a hand basket with gasoline drawz on

Before I get to my thoughts about episodes 11 & 12, I HAVE to talk about my favorite moment of episode 11. The glorious , wonderful, & powerful slap to the face done by none other than Han Ji sun { soon to be ex-wife of Kang Min Woo} I replayed that scene 6 times and I received great pleasure from it. I wished that it had knocked some sense into Hong Joo but it didn’t. As usual, she thought she was the victim. You would have at least thought somewhere in this episode she would reflect on her budding friendship with Min Woo and trying to play momma to Ji Sun’s children. You would have thought she would understand what was going through the mind of another man’s wife regardless if they are in the process of getting a divorce. BUT NO!!! Not Hong Joo. She didn’t think she deserved that but Ji Sun put her in her place. Hurry Min Woo along with this divorce and then ya’ll can play house until then hands off of her husband. I paraphrased but that is what she meant.

I gotta backtrack a bit Han Ji Sun had a lunch date with her daughters so while little Moon Geun Young was telling her how much she missed her and asking when she was coming home, Ms little chip on her shoulder and mean mugger slipped her the new family photo and that is what set Han Ji Sun off. I got a mind to go back and watch the scene

Episode 11 & 12 dealt with confrontations and revenge between our 4 main characters. Hong Joo just can’t seem to move on. I figure until the very last episode Hong Joo will have all kinds of reasons to see Seok Hoon so she can spew venom at him. I will give it to Seok Hoon. He hasn’t taken a shot at Hong Joo at all during this time. He gives her reasons why their marriage didn’t work and he always seems to take the blame but she doesn’t see past herself to hear him.

We also have our resident evils, Se Young & Min Woo. They’re cut from the same cloth but are decorated in different ways. Min Woo always seems to be preaching to the choir when he tells Se Young to stop playing games with people’s lives but she retorts in episode 11 that she broke up Seok Hoon and Hong Joo just for him.

They both schemed to get their new partners. Se Young used money and Min Woo used bait and reel. He recognized a female in a troubled relationship, befriended her and waited for the right time to up his game. Now it’s his turn to use his money and prestige to do Hong Joo’s bidding.

Of course, we can’t have confrontations if we don’t get at least one scene between Hong Joo and Se Young. Now what I like about Se Young is she doesn’t let you see her sweat. She keeps her game face on and I HAVE to give it to Hong Joo {I don’t really want to}. Now that she is turning into an evil, hypocritical, and conniving son of a biscuit eater, she had her A game on in this bathroom scene. She was hitting Se Young with some good lines. She had it but as usual Se Young let them deflect off of her until Hong Joo left the scene and then you saw the bruises Hong Joo left.

The end of episode 11 and all episode 12, we have new beginnings with the table-turning for our 4 characters. Yes, you see it right. Min Woo proposed and the crazy chick above said yes to marriage and revenge but no to love. Min Woo’s table turns as he will be in another loveless marriage but he is the one with the unrequited love and a business deal.

We have the ill-fated couple taking their relationship to new levels and Se Young acting more and more like a school girl with her first love but in episode 12, she will have to face the music because Karma or should I say Hong Joo is gunning for her ass. The detail of her “business” deal with Seok Hoon will come to light for the corporate world to see and her overbearing father will make her choose love or career. She called her daddy’s bluff and he blew hard. She was fired. Now she is in Hong Joo’s old place. Unsure of what her next move and a bit unsure of Seok Hoon.

Personally , I could careless of their relationship. It’s doesn’t interest me and most times I fast forward their “alone” time or stop paying attention to them all together. Sorry, I just can’t get behind this relationship. In my eyes, a female like Se Young doesn’t deserve my sympathy when bad shit happens nor does she get my congratulations because she is happy. I know this is drama land but I absolutely despise a female who intentionally sets out to cause problems in a relationship in life and in drama life. I see Se Young as the hated second lead female in Kdramas.

What is in store for Hong Joo in episode 12 is a new life as well. The wife of a wealthy business man and the mother to Lil Roy. Hong Joo is in Se Young’s Old place. She has money ,power and will now become what she despised most in this world, a rich person that can do whatever they want because they have money. Hong Joo is out to make Se Young and Seok Hoon suffer for what they did to her. She feels like they made a fool of her. Yeah, who is the bigger fool?

I have dogged Hong Joo since episode 1 and I will probably continue to dog her until she gets some act right but I have to admit I am anxious to see what Nam Hong “cray cray” Joo does next and how she handles the new-found wealth. I wonder how her immediate family will handle her. We already see that her little brother is not fond of her at this moment and Daddy isn’t very happy with her as well.

There is 8 more episodes left and I need to see more drama instead of melodrama. I need some intensity. I am going to continue the Temptation ride but I am only riding for the Hong Joo Antics, Ji Sun Antics{ she better have some antics} and some romance between Se Jin and Hong Gyu. Oh and to see how the drama ends.

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Temptation" Episode 11

"Temptation" is snowballing into a massive knot of churning emotions and erasing any clear line between right and wrong. Everyone is in an agitated state of mind and not thinking very clearly. This is when the fallout from the divorces can truly be seen, in the aftermath of the emotionally messy affair.

It can best be seen in Hong-joo who is no longer a meek flower who never defends herself. Her bitterness has changed her into a woman out for revenge against the husband who betrayed her and the woman who led him into temptation. She is the only main character who isn't feeling the amorous effects of being in love. Instead, rage colors her vision and she can't see anything but how she was wronged - she can't see her part in the crumbling of her marriage. So she lingers. It's a bleak statement about people who are suffering and how rationality doesn't have a place in their minds.

Unlike his ex-wife, Seok-hoon is trying to move past his broken marriage and thinks he did all he could do to save it. He starts a new relationship with Se-young, which is very sweet. The way the couple is portrayed on camera is quite endearing even though how they became a couple puts a damper on their burgeoning relationship. Seok-hoon is avoiding the messy rubble of his divorce, including how Hong-gyu and his father were hurt by his betrayal. Seok-hoon avoids while Hong-joo seeks revenge.

Lee Jung-shin as Na Hong-gyu has finally come into his own as an actor. He was convincing and his line delivery and facial expressions were dead on. He was very impressive this episode. The efforts behind his acting are no longer visible - instead he has become his character. 

Min-woo is an interesting character. He is greedy and egotistical. He fights a neverending battle with Se-young through his company and stakes his pride on it. But when it comes to Hong-joo, he is soft and desperate enough to love her and have her even though she doesn't love him back. It is his first time loving a woman more than himself, and it will yield interesting results as he gets involved in Hong-joo's plans for revenge.

As for his wife, Ji-seon, she is a greedy ladder climber, but she does love her girls. However, her greed and hurt motivate her to take on the powerful Min-woo in a divorce battle. The victims are her children, especially her eldest. The eldest daughter feels loyalty to her mother and therefore feels left out when her other siblings enjoy play time with Hong-joo and Min-woo. I wish the show would focus more on the childrens' plights. This is typical of what happens when families are split and a new parental figure is added into the mix. It also shows how Hong-joo has some responsibility in the failure of her marriage and refuses to acknowledge it - she spent time with another family and ignored her husband.

Last is Se-young who is riding the tides of love and is only given pause when she realizes the widespread effects of divorce. It doesn't only hurt the couple, but families. What this character needs to work on is becoming less two-faced. She has beautiful moments of realization, like realizing what divorce means, and then she is cruel to Hong-joo. She knows it is wrong, but can't seem to help herself.

This show is a big mass of blurred gray lines. Everyone has done something they should atone for, but no one has yet stepped up to admit fault and make amends. That may only happen when someone really gets hurt.

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Temptation" Episode 12

"Temptation" has stagnated in forward movement and become a massive gray area. Anger and hurt fuel half of the characters while the desire to avoid the problems at hand  keeps the other half withdrawn from reality. The plot is made up of characters making constant, consistent mistakes without any sign of improving. Although the mistakes create tension between characters, they don't do much for plot movement.

Hong-joo is a seething mass of righteousness and a desire for revenge. She cannot remove herself from the pit of seething anger she has fallen into. Her desire to marry Min-woo is motivated by it. She even ignores the wishes of her father and Hong-gyu because she can't hear them - she is so deafened by her pain. Her character is interesting because she is currently in a hell mostly of her own making. The basis of her pain does stem from her broken marriage, but it is her inability to accept her situation and move on that makes her so incredibly bitter. It happens all the time to people who have been hurt by others - they create their own misery.

Seok-hoon, on the other hand, is avoiding his marriage issues and focusing on his new relationship. However, when he meets Hong-joo and she asks him to throw away her wedding ring, he can't and seems saddened by her instability. This inability to let go of Hong-joo will manifest itself as time goes by and he's not in the throes of new love. When the show gets to that point it should be interesting. Until then, the buildup to the battles between former lovers is rather circular. Yes, there are business problems that are thrown in for variety, but they don't carry much weight.

Se-young is consumed by her love for Seok-hoon and it is blinding her to the consequences of her actions. Those consequences negatively affect her company and she still seems unable to decide clearly. Despite being a CEO, she is a like a child when it comes to relationships and that is her downfall. Her inexperience in love will affect her keen business mind, but it hasn't quite happened yet. Again, this episode is more about set up than about forward plot movement.

Hong-gyu, Hong-joo's brother, is also colored by anger, but he sees that the fault in the ending of his sister's marriage lies squarely on Hong-joo's and Seok-hoon's shoulders. He doesn't' like the way his sister is going about things, and it's a relief to see someone who sees the situation for what it is: a huge mess that needs working out rather than avoidance or revenge. If he was as irrational as his sister than the show would have no balance to it whatsoever. In fact, the show could use an extra character like him - one who thinks things through.

The show has also attempted to focus on Min-woo's children, but has turned their plight into his ex-wife's revenge. It would be better to focus on how children suffer through divorce. They are also more relatable than the greedy ex-wife.

"Temptation" needs to move forward. Until it does, it is just a teary mess.

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Temptation" Episode 13

As "Temptation" weathers on, it becomes a more exacerbated version of what came before. Characters change, especially Se-young, but true growth avoids them in favor of more dramatic happenings like feverish revenge. It is sad because there are so many issues that were carefully placed earlier on in the drama, but they are woefully underdeveloped.

The biggest issue that has been mishandled is that of Min-woo's children. His daughter's are suffering through the divorce and losing their mother, the oldest is fuming with anger and feeling betrayed by her father. These are real and present issues of the modern day family, but they find little screen time to develop. Instead, the oldest daughter is shown acting out and we see how it makes Hong-joo feel, but not the source of the daughter's anger or that anger's effect on the other children. The children are being used to show Hong-joo's plight.

They are also being used to bolster Ji-seon's character. The woman states that she is a mother without children, but the writer chooses to focus most on her greed for wealth and power. It is difficult to pity a woman as a forced empty nester when the bulk of her screentime has showed her predisposition for ladder-climbing. She needs to show a little vulnerability, even if only in an introspective scene.

Hong-joo is a character who has been greatly damaged, but who continues to damage herself via revenge rather than seek healing. Marrying Min-woo for the purpose of revenge leaves the rest of her life after the revenge a rather bleak prospect. Revenge is destroying her more than Seok-hoon. This is an interesting character arc to watch except for the fact that it keeps being disrupted by her new living situation. Her difficult mother-in-law and being a stepmother of three should aid in her downward spiral. Instead it makes her entire situation feel disjointed.

In contrast, Se-young is learning how to open up and enjoy life as something more than a working experience. It's quite a beautiful change, but it is tainted by how she got there: she tempted and stole a married man and still doesn't truly realize her wrongdoing. This development in her is overshadowed by the revenge that Hong-joo is executing against Se-young using Min-woo's power. If the writing was tighter, the development wouldn't be overshadowed, but would stand in relief against the darkness.

Seok-hoon is the least changed character. He continues to be more of Se-young's supporter than an independent character. I'd like to see more than just his avoidance of his first marriage and how he's drowning himself in his new love.

Min-woo, on the other hand, is very hard to read, which is the point. We are supposed to wonder whether or not he has really changed because of and for Hong-joo. But again, the way this revenge story arc has been executed has blurred character development by stealing the spotlight. "Temptation" needs more introspective moments with clear camera storytelling and fewer close ups of wedding rings and teary faces.

There is a lot of wasted potential in this show. In terms of provoking emotions, and making the Seok-hoon/Se-young couple winning, it does very well. But overall those two strong points do not carry the drama. There needs to be a better balance between elements, especially when the plot relies so heavily on melodramatic tropes.

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Temptation" Episode 14

"Temptation" is no longer at a standstill. The showdown between the three women has begun, and despite the fact that is is very ugly, it spikes the activity and interest levels upwards. No longer are the characters standing around a posturing. Things are happening and its much better than the wearying setup we were subjected to for the past few episodes.

Unfortunately, "Temptation" took a very long time to warm up and switch gears. Now it has six episodes to follow through with the change in the storyline and keep it as interesting as this episode was. What made the episode different was its pace and how tightly knit the writing was. The women, Hong-joo, Se-young, and Ji-seon, were vicious in the underhanded ways that the sex is known for: gossip, insults disguised as pleasantries, insidious comments intended to bury in the mind and rankle. These interactions were well-planned and timed and kept the episode moving at a brisk pace.

The men, on the other hand, are more dubious. Their characters are blustering about in attempts to protect their women, but their growth is virtually non-existent. Min-woo is hard to read. He either smirks or looks disconcerted. Normally I find actor Lee Jung-jin compelling, but the direction of his character makes the performance confusing instead. It seems as though the viewer is supposed to doubt him as well, but with all the suspicion floating about the plot, it is unnecessary. Seok-hoon was on a similar path in that his character was trapped in his romantic bubble and was blind to everything else. He didn't do much of anything besides act sweet with Se-young and avoid Hong-joo. The very end of the episode showed him acting more aware of Hong-joo's emotional distress and that morphed him into a much more interesting, and indeed relevant, character.

Hong-joo as a character is also more evolved now. Rather than continuously plotting revenge, we now see how exacting that revenge takes a toll on her and how difficult it is for her to be in the midst of it. What makes a good story is watching the plot pressures mold and change characters and situations. "Temptation" stayed quite stagnant for a while because it focused on the characters "planning" to take revenge. It is now showing the effects of the revenge. That is where the interest lies. Hong-joo is exhausted, confused, and subject to the whims of her emotions. When her temper flares because of Se-young or Ji-seon, she suffers emotional fallout and physical exhaustion afterwards. She doubts Min-woo's loyalty to her, which is propagated by old cheating pictures provided by Ji-seon. It's a nasty game these women play, but if the show is going to air the game, it needs to continue the kind of direction this episode has shown.

As for Se-young and Seok-hoon, their relationship is solid. Even when she breaks up with him to re-take her position as CEO, they are mature about it. It is their beginning that taints their relationship. For Se-young, the relationship has done worlds of good. She sees the trouble she caused in Seok-hoon's marriage and the wrong in her behavior. She's learned how to relate to people because of Seok-hoon, and has become more open in business. Seok-hoon just seems to be a devoted puppy, like he seemed to be with Hong-joo in the first few episodes.
I'm not sure if the quality of this episode is a fluke or if it will continue, but hopefully it is the latter.

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Temptation" Episode 15

Falling into temptation and seeking revenge are never what one expects. Temptation the noun is more than loving someone one shouldn't. It is also the desire to taste revenge, to ignore one's moral code for an expected feeling of satisfaction. "Temptation" the show is exploring the destruction that follows in the wake of taking the darker path.

Instead of feeling satisfaction, Hong-joo is suffering just as much as her revenge makes Seok-hoon and Se-young suffer. She doubts Min-woo's fidelity, gets picked on by her mother-in-law, and struggles to assume the position of "step-mother" to Min-woo's and Ji-seon's children. On top of that she is constantly worried, angry, and hurt. She's sacrificing herself as she falls for revenge's temptation and the hope of resolution. She's a classic example of why revenge is bad - it only hurts everyone involved.

While I find her character annoying, her actions are understandable, especially after she reveals why she left Seok-hoon and stayed with Min-woo after their betrayals: she thinks Seok-hoon's heart left her, while Min-woo's stayed. To hear a bit of logic in this emotional mess was sorely needed.

Min-woo, on the other hand, is puzzling. He loves Hong-joo, but doesn't understand that cheating on a spouse involves more than just the physical. Meeting with his ex-wife constitutes as cheating and it hurts Hong-joo, but he doesn't' really see his wrongdoing. It's good to see what little change in him that has transpired, but he still has a nasty attitude in business and in dealing with his enemies, primarily Se-young and Seok-hoon. That attitude is what needs to be altered. Perhaps Hong-joo can find it in her to help him change. First she would need to abandon her revenge.

Seok-hoon is still kind-hearted and understands Hong-joo and why she's hurting. It is that sympathy, and the love he once had for her (and may still have) that makes him concerned for her. He worries that Min-woo will only hurt Hong-joo more, which in turn hurts Se-young. It's a tangled web of emotions. It always happens with cheating, which "Temptation" shows very well. The messy nature of cheating makes for wonderful plot fodder because it creates such complicated relationships and consequences. If only the show would address the reactions of the men and children better. They are underdeveloped and confusing. Focusing on faces that are constantly frowning does not reveal nearly as much as a clever line of dialogue. This shows does a lot of that, focusing on faces and rings while intense ballads play in the background. It needs more than mood to really work - it needs tighter writing.

Hong-gyu and Se-jin are a breath of fresh air with their cute relationship, although it's only a matter of time before Hong-joo's revenge and the emotionally entangled couples break it apart. It's sad because the show has little of the much needed respite from the heavy angst. When this couple is broken, there will be none.

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Temptation" Episode 16

Paths and minds have been twisted beyond repair in "Temptation". Trust has been willfully manipulated by all parties so that nobody trusts anybody else. It's very tense, but a wickedly clever way to keep the plot going. The tension causes fissures that grow into cracks, exposing the characters' true personalities and thoughts. It is a relief because up until now, it has been difficult to read many of them.

The biggest character revelation was Min-woo's. The man is so incredibly selfish that any sincerity of emotion is difficult for him. He glosses over his wrongs with apologizes and fast excuses, never taking any responsibility upon himself. This makes him the most cold-hearted of the main characters, and he is a long way from being broken, much less changed. Lee Jung-jin must be credited with the amount of nuance he gives to such a narcissistic character. Lee is able to bring out the moments when Min-woo almost resembles a human being.

Min-woo's ex-wife Ji-seon is also quite the character. She purposefully plants doubt in both Min-woo's and Hong-joo's minds in order to sever the trust in their marriage - and she succeeds. Min-woo is too selfish to believe Hong-joo, and Min-woo's track record with cheating makes Hong-joo suspect him. It's so insidiously clever that I can't help but admire the writing despite my detestation for such underhanded play.

Amongst two such driven people with little to no moral boundaries Hong-joo doesn't really stand a chance. She finally cracks, unable to stand the pressure of her new position, her cheating husband, the attacks from Ji-seon and Se-young, and the weight of her fury and pain driven revenge. We finally see the Hong-joo from the beginning: the innocent, sweet, mild-mannered woman who could not fathom such a thing as revenge. It is now she sees what we see, that revenge is harder on her that it is on anyone else. She turns to Seok-hoon, the most honest person in this entire mess, which makes this twisty pretzel of a story even twistier.

Se-young is hiding her illness, the token illness that must plague every self-respecting melodrama. It strikes while the metal is hot and the feud between the two couples is at its zenith. Se-young, too, is plagued with doubt, unsure of Seok-hoon's loyalties. More than that, she is battling Min-woo and her pride in a vicious battle between their companies that can only end in disaster. At its core, this story is centers around damaged prides. If people would just admit fault and forgo pride, we wouldn't have much of a story. Unfortunately, Se-young's character is stuck in a business battle and doubting her love so her character doesn't have a chance to continue the beautiful growth it enjoyed in the middle of the drama.

Sadly, Hong-gyu has followed is sister's footsteps and is lying to Se-jin. He knows that they their siblings are at odds, but chooses not to tell her. It draws him into this mess when at first he kept himself so cleanly (albeit painfully) away from it. But such is lying, cheating, and deceit. It draws in the innocent and damages everyone it comes in contact with. The writers of "Temptation" understand this well and use it to their advantage, especially when they create characters as spunky, fun, and loveable as Hong-gyu and Se-jin. They are the innocents who are damaged by the greed of others. Even though this isn't a very happy drama and it hasn't always been strong, when it excels, it does it amazingly. The web of relationships is knotted painfully and I don't see any respite in its future.

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Temptation" Episode 17

"Temptation" is a whirlwind of deceit, lies, and omissions that keep the tension high and the characters and viewers in a constant state of confusion. There is so much betrayal that there is hardly a moment of respite. Not one character is truthful or forthcoming, which shrouds all of their doings in shadow.

Hong-joo, despite her moment of clarity at the end of the last episode where she realized that she is in way above her head, has turned back towards Min-woo for another attempt to keep her marriage from falling apart. She doesn't want to fail at a marriage again, but this marriage is based on revenge. That means it doesn't have a sound foundation and the show thrives on the crumbling of that weak foundation. Hong-joo may be the most interesting character in terms of development because of how she exacerbated her circumstances and is now drowning in the enormity of the situation. She was genuinely wronged, but now she is wronging herself and others. Her character incites a wealth of emotions in the viewers, and that makes her effectively written.

Min-woo, on the other hand, deserves and receives little pity. He is very much the coldest, cruelest character on the show. He systematically causes harm to others and enjoys it. But he inserts a lot of tension into "Temptation" because he will do anything to win, and that makes him unpredictable. He challenges the other characters to do the same and the dilemmas they face because of it create some of the tensions that propel the show forward. This show is all about tension and people making bad choices that turn them into twisted husks of human beings.

It is also about the dramatic as Se-young's illness progresses into a melodrama staple: cancer. I find her less interesting as time goes on because all the progress she made while dating Seok-hoon degenerates into secret-keeping that brings her back to where she started as a character. Her character has become more stereotypical and less progressive.

Seok-hoon is still difficult to suss out. He wants to do right by everyone, but that is what got him in trouble in the first place. He is sinking into Min-woo's traps, falling purposefully deeper into moral depravity, going against his personal beliefs, turning into another major victim of stress, love, and pain.

Min-woo's mother has no substance as a character save for the fact that she is selfish and cruel, but she does shape a lot of how Min-woo, Hong-joo, her grandchildren, and Ji-seon behave. She is so overly irrational that she is annoying, but she does push the characters around her. 

Ji-seon has become ruthless to fight the cunning Min-woo and his viperous mother. As her circumstances become more difficult, she grows more cunning, unlike Hong-joo who collapses under pressure. The character discrepancy becomes more obvious over time.

"Temptation" isn't about the ending. It's about how we get there. The next three episodes are going to be one heck of a ride.

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Temptation" Episode 18

This episode of "Temptation" was another turning point. The characters laid bare their truest feelings and stopped the pretenses that made their relationships so twisted. Despite the medical dramatics, the honesty of emotion was very refreshing.

Hong-joo has been a highlight for the past several episodes as she realizes that revenge harms her as much as it does Se-young and Seok-hoon. It changed her into a person who is the antithesis of her naturally soft-spoken and kind-hearted personality. That change was too difficult for her to sustain, especially because of the unhealthy home environment Min-woo and his mother created. It is good to watch a weak female character transform into someone strong enough to admit her wrongs and remove herself from a poisonous situation. It is the first time she has genuinely taken care of herself since Hong Kong. She goes back home to her father and brother who love and support her. Yes, Hong-gyu fights with her, but it is out of genuine concern for her well-being, something she has lacked for the bulk of the drama.

Min-woo lets Hong-joo leave him though he asks her not to - he does not beg. He is too stuck in his ways, too used to doing whatever he wants to change for her. He seems to love the idea of her more than he actually loves her. Whether or not he realizes the pain he has subjected his family and ex-wives to remains a question. Sometimes people don't change, and Min-woo may be one of them. A character like him is more of a foil for the other main leads than a solid character in and of himself. His mother is an extension of him, and as a character, she is quite dull. She's only there to stir up circumstances and keep a fire lit under Hong-joo's rear end.

Se-young finally stops being a noble idiot, which allow the growth she experienced to shine through. The standstill that the noble idiocy caused in her character growth was stifling to the point of utter apathy on my part. The scenes where she pushed Seok-hoon away became so frequent and repetitive that it was difficult to focus on them. The show seemed to be buying time with idiocy and tears. When written as an open character, Se-young is quite winning. She has a healthy relationship with her loving sister, and is beautifully honest with Seok-hoon - a trait she acquired from him.

However, Seok-hoon, like Min-woo, does not seem to change much over the long, arduous road he has traveled. He certainly tries harder to keep Se-young than he did with Hong-joo, perhaps in an attempt to succeed where he and Hong-joo had failed. But other than that, he is coasting through the show as the nice guy who made a mistake. He doesn't seem truly changed by his broken marriage. It occasionally gives him pause, but the writers didn't show how the experience molded him like it did for Hong-joo.

The last unexplored issue is the relationship between Hong-gyu and Se-jin. Se-jin still doesn't know the relationship between her sister and Hong-gyu's sister. Two episodes really isn't enough time to explore such a revelation and I'm afraid it's going to be a rushed affair. Time could've been devoted to this rather than the numerous and repetitive scenes where Se-young pushed Seok-hoon away.

"Temptation" has some great things going for it. It explores difficult material and has wonderful actors. It just doesn't fulfill its potential because it goes for the most dramatic writing over the most effective development. Hopefully it can reach a satisfying conclusion without resorting to exaggerated emotional dramatics.


May Contain Spoilers

Seo Young Eun: Tears Rain 눈물비 {Temptation OST}

Temptation Episode 20: Finale

This drama, This drama here!! Sorry, I didn’t review the last 6 episodes. I just couldn’t bring myself to waste 6  hours plus screen cap and edit for a drama that didn’t logically make me believe that the OTP, Se Young & Seok Hoon belonged together.  I don’t go into any drama using a my moral code to decide what I will or won’t accept.  Hell I was all for the cheating OTP from the drama, Secret Love Affair. Those writers logically made me feel that the illogical 20 year age difference and a marriage didn’t matter, THOSE two deserve to be together and I was rooting hard for them.  Ha Ji Joon did not persuade me but actually made me despise the OTP and that is a major disappointment because I loved the drama, Time Between Wolf & Dog.

Temptation Episode 20: Finale

The best part of Temptation was the true full circle of Hong Joo. She started off as a weak and belligerent little foe that got on my nerves until episode 18, which is too long for a character to continue getting  knocked down and steam rolled. In the ending episode, Se Young finally admits to Hong Joo her plan to test and break her marriage. She actually apologized {a little to late in my book} but Hong Joo did not accept and further emphasized that all 3 of them are far too broken for her to accept her words. SY TRIED to return those damn shoes but she slid them right back over to her and graciously told her they look better on her. { I took that as ” You wanted them that bad, keep them and all the good and bad that goes with them}. Hong Joo said her peace to Seok Hoon basically saying ” I don’t want to have anything else to do with you or Se Young, please see to it that Se Young stops playing games in order for me to run into you.  With that in her last words she said to him ” Good Bye”

Temptation Episode 20 : Finale

Temptation Episode 20: Finale

Ji Sun really surprised me. I will never make excuses for her evil antics but it was a delight in seeing her execute them and I will sympathize with any mother that had her children taken away from them for no good reason. I am a bit more understanding of her but the thing that puzzles me is why the writer wanted until episode 18 to finally reveal that Ji Sun actually loved Min Woo.  OOPs off topic, yeah she surprised me by sincerely thanking Hong Joo for how she cared for her children and in a roundabout way suggested she go to Min Woo and tell him to get some act right. LOL!! I honestly felt like Hong Joo and Min Woo were the only ones who felt the consequences for their decisions. {coughs} Which brings me to say Mr.  Lee Jung Jin was the break out star of this drama.

Temptation Episode 20

Most of you already know that Hong Joo realized her wrong doings and humbly approached those she felt that she wronged and gave an apology. Min Woo as the powerful lord he thought of himself , was knocked off his throne he ended up alone in the process.  Ji Sun received what she wanted the most and that were her children. I will never understand the reasoning for Min Woo and his mother keeping those girls from their mother. Hong Gyu  & Se Jin have the cutest type of relationship and looks like mini P.I. has a love interest as well. As for as our OTP, they cry and run off into the sunset together, “WINNING” and not being held accountable for their wrong doings. There is no amount of “justification” from Shippers of this OTP couple to make me see any different and they have been many who tried.

Temptation Episode 20

Saying all that, I don’t think this is the worst drama because I did like certain aspects of it but it will not land on my “favorites” list neither will it land on my “watch again” list and the OTP couple certainly doesn’t deserve to end my review so I will give that to my FAVORITE COUPLE, Hong Gyu & Se-Jin.

Temptation Episode 20

My disappointment of this drama actually feels like I lost 14 hours of my life on something I knew was going to happen before episode 10.  The happy ending that never happened for Jung-Suh & Song Joo from Stairway to Heaven. The best part of the ending is that it makes way for SECRET DOOR, one of the dramas that I have been anxiously waiting for since they were casting parts. YEAH!!!! COME ON SEPT 22:)

[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Temptation" Episode 20 (final)

"Temptation" has come to a hopeful end without resolving a lot of questions. Some of those questions don't need resolution, but some of them have become loose ends. Most of the focus was on Seok-hoon and Se-young's relationship and how it weathers the storm of her cancer.

Se-young's cancer did give Hong-joo and Seok-hoon a chance to say goodbye at the silent behest of Se-young. Their relationship never had a real resolution, but in a situation such as theirs, resolution can be impossible. Individually, Hong-joo and Seok-hoon found resolution and reasons to live that grew from their broken marriage and the subsequent events. Hong-joo now knows how she wants to live and even advises her very miserable ex-husband Min-woo to buck up and fight his misery as she did. Seok-hoon has found a person who needs him. He is a natural caregiver and needs someone to look out for and to love.

Min-woo had a last minute turn around because of Hong-joo's advice. He is still arrogant, but will now fight Se-young in business the fair way. His fall far long and hard. He lost everyone around him. Although this is a great catalyst for change, it should've happened before the last episode. A lot of things should've happened before the last episode.

The unresolved issues that really needed to find some resolution had to do with the families of the main characters. The romance between Se-jin and Hong-gyu thrives, but there are still secrets there that have not been exposed and dealt with. Se-jin does not know that her sister's romantic rival is Hong-gyu's sister. That's a big issue that needs to be dealt with. Se-young's father hasn't spoken with her for ages and doesn't know about her illness. She was worried for him and loves him, but has no contact with him. It makes little sense. Her father only comes into the story to serve as a person to move along the exposition. Same with Min-woo's children. They only appeared to act as foils for Min-woo, Ji-seon, or Hong-joo. Their situation was a wonderful one for the writer to explore with a broken home and the pressures of money and half-siblings, but that was also left by the wayside.

Regarding Se-young's cancer, if "Temptation" really wanted to include cancer, it should've addressed the suffering of the patient and her loved ones more fully rather than try to cram the horror of realization and the uncertainty of the future all into one hour. It dealt with the doubt and denial as Se-young avoided surgery for several episodes, but the cancer issue felt rushed. I do like that there was no resolution, but that Se-young came to terms with her illness and decided to fight it anyway alongside Seok-hoon.. That is a beautiful open-end for them.

So much of "Temptation" was "drama for drama's sake" rather than purposeful. Only Hong-joo felt like a continuous character who bumbled through life and learned and grew. Even she became gauche to serve the plotline. The others changed, or stagnated, in fits and starts that led to high tension with little payoff. In terms of entertainment, the romance and cheating and tensions were quite fascinating. But logically, there was little satisfaction. The actors did excellent jobs with what they were given, especially Choi Ji-woo who wrang so much out of every second she was on screen. Lee Jung-jin gave Min-woo as much depth as he good given the shallowness with which the character was written.

"Temptation" has come and gone. It had its highs and lows, and ended on a note that gives us hope for the characters' future.

“Temptation” Final Week – Horrible Ending, Don’t Bother

This drama was a nightmare, I’m happy it’s over. And I don’t want to see Choi Ji Woo or Kwon Sang Woo in a drama togetherever again. (LOL) This writer ruined their sweet coupling from Stairway To Heaven by making the pairing in this drama so unlikable that I despised them and hoped they’d fail. The ending was worse than The Woman Who Married Three Times *gasp* and will now take that one’s place as the worst drama I’ve ever seen. Yep, it’s all the way at the bottom.

Se Young is given a blood transfusion and bleeding is stopped so things stabilize, Myung-Hwa tells Seok Hoon and Se-Jin that she’s going to be fine. At DongSung Group, Young-cheol is given a message that DongSung Construction owes 9.2 million and can’t pay. The board realizes this will cause a chain of bankruptcies, they demand he call the CEO of DongSung Construction.

Min Woo is delighted to hear about the bankruptcy, he wants to immediately “shop” the affiliate companies that DongSung will have to sell. Attorney Choi thinks he should wait and Min Woo wonders why no one has been able to reach Se Young yet.

Seok Hoon wonders why Se Young hasn’t woken up, Myung Hwa admits her vitals are stable so they’ll just have to wait. Hong Joo talks to a nursing friend regarding a baby being born and also asks how Se Young’s surgery went? Seok Hoon sits at Se Young’s bedside, begging her to wake up so he can spend the rest of his life with her. *fights gag reflex*

Hong Joo announces she wants to go back to work asap, teasing her Father that they should marry Hong-Gyu off and she can just live at home forever. Hong-Gyu gets angry and snaps that Hong Joo is pathetic, she should have at least gotten an apartment out of that rich family before she left. This stupid kid is angry at the wrong person but then again, he still has no idea what his girlfriends sister did to his sister. I hope he feels like an idiot when/if he finds out.

Min Woo enters his empty bedroom and looks at the freshly ironed shirts Hong Joo left. He flashes back to his proposal, when the only thing Hong Joo wanted was to throw the cheating couple into hell. Yea…that never really happened, did it? Meh, most revenge dramas are lame. Seok Hoon storms into Myung Hwa’s office the next day, demanding to know why Se Young isn’t awake yet. Zzzzzzzzzz…this is boring as hell.

Seok Hoon talks with Young-cheol about the bankruptcies and is told Ajin Group made secret offers for the affiliate companies. He gives Seok Hoon a letter Se Young penned in case of a company emergency. She asks Seok Hoon to protect DongSung Group and Young-cheol’s part gives Seok Hoon the authority to do just that. So he’s re-hired.

Min Woo wants to buy 3 affiliates but Attorney Choi warns him they don’t have the cash. Min Woo snaps to just follow his decisions and stomps out of the office. Ji-Sun tells MIL that she sent paintings as gifts to those who covered Min Woo’s investigation. Min Woo isn’t happy to see her, telling her to just look after the kids and leave him alone. Later that night, he unlocks photos of Hong Joo on his phone for Roy, who asks when she’s coming back. Awww, I missed Roy! I’d still rather watch a drama about just him and Hong Joo.

Se Young’s Father learns about the company trouble and plans to go in. DongSung’s board members aren’t willing to turn things over to Seok Hoon, citing the reason is his romantic relationship with Se Young. He tries to focus their attention on Ajin Group’s hostile take-over when Se Young’s Father walks in and hears this. He accepts Seok Hoon, asking him to protect the company and look after Se Young. *snort* Yea, that could happen – the writer says so.

Min Woo has gifts delivered to Hong Joo, who refuses them but she’s told he wants to speak with her. She very reluctantly goes to meet him. He has good news, DongSung Group is about to fall and Seok Hoon will fall with it. She doesn’t want him to hurt anyone or himself anymore and apologizes for dragging him into this. He wonders if she still has lingering feelings, would she care if he destroyed Seok Hoon anyway? She says that’s on him and leaves.

He chases her down and says she has to come back to him so that HE can ask her to leave when he gets tired of her. LMAO, wut? He wants her to take whatever she wants but she reminds him she’s not money-crazy. He’s offering her another chance because he pities her? Whoa, that’s sooo romantic, this guy really knows how to charm the ladies. As she walks away, he grabs her arm.

Hong-Gyu suddenly appears and tells Min Woo to leave his ugly sister alone and go play with his supermodels. Putting his arm around Hong Joo, they walk away while Min Woo fumes. Seok Hoon plans to file a restructuring plan for DongSung Construction and not allow the affiliates to be sold. More boring company stuff as financing comes through which means DongSung Group is saved. Oh, hold me back from celebrating. No, really. I’m so excited.

More disgusting flashbacks, they keep showing us the exact times this couple were cheating! It proves my point: these two were guilty and there’s nothing “true” or “blessed” about their relationship. Hong Joo stops by the hospital and sees Seok Hoon sitting outside with a wheelchair bound Se Young, laughing and talking. Strange, I suddenly have tears in my eyes, this is incredibly painful to watch. Se Young looks up and sees Hong Joo walking away.

Later, Myung Hwa stops by to discuss a nurse for Se Young. OMG, Se Young asks for Hong Joo! Han Soo tells Hong-Gyu that Min Woo was screwing his ex-wife but Hong Joo asked him not to tell. See what an ass you are, Hong-Gyu? You should now be able to figure out that your sister is keeping something from you about Seok Hoon and Se Young too – not that you would care.

Hong-Gyu wants to get revenge on Min Woo. HUH? Oh, so it’s okay for him to seek revenge – didn’t he chew Hong Joo out for wanting revenge against Seok Hoon and Se Young? Ahhh…that was different since it involved his little girlfriend! Pffftttt, these people all suck. Min Woo learns about DongSung’s restructuring which means the affiliates won’t be sold.

Se Young arrives at her villa to recuperate. Myung Hwa tells Hong Joo about a private nursing job but doesn’t tell her who the patient is. Se Young must have told Myung Hwa whose husband she stole because Myung Hwa suddenly looks at Hong Joo with concern. I’m gonna guess Se Young (of course) left out all the details. This is so wrong, how could she do this to Hong Joo?

Han Soo and Hong-Gyu take pictures of Min Woo bribing an official. Min Woo wants this official to refuse the restructuring plan and make DongSung sell the affiliates. However, Min Woo’s assistant catches the 2 idiots and grabs the camera before they drive off. Another however is – unbeknownst to Min Woo, Attorney Choi was wearing a wire during the meeting, which he gives to Seok Hoon.

Attorney Choi tells Seok Hoon he hasn’t been able to sleep a wink since betraying Se Young, everyone has to live with their own conscience. He also says he was wrong when he told Se Young not to see Seok Hoon and asks him to protect Se Young. *blinks* Oh, I get it – the writer is having all the characters in this drama cheer for the revolting OTP.

Hong Joo is driven to the private villa without a clue, smiling. She sees Se Young walking up and stops smiling. Nooooo, this is not fair! *tears up* When the hell are these people going to leave her alone? Se Young thanks her for coming but Hong Joo tells her she’s gone too far and asks the driver to bring her luggage back out. In another obvious play to show Hong Joo who the boss is, the driver looks at Se Young and doesn’t do what Hong Joo asked. She goes inside to get her own bag.

Se Young comes inside and arrogantly tells Hong Joo that nurses shouldn’t discriminate. It’s very clear she just wants to rub Hong Joo’s nose in this whole mess one more time. She steps up in Hong Joo’s face, sticks her nose in the air and asks if it’s impossible for Hong Joo to help her? When Hong Joo looks at her, Se Young smiles smugly and shrugs her shoulders.

OH MY GOD, I truly hope this bitch dies. I didn’t before but I do now, she’s a horrible, nasty human being. Hong Joo tells her to get someone else and starts to walk out when Se Young doubles over in pain. Just leave her, please! *fumes* Nope, Hong Joo helps her sit down and rushes to get her pain meds. Later, Se Young wakes up on the sofa to see Hong Joo still sitting there. Hong Joo tells her not to over exert herself and to take her meds on time.

Se Young thanks her and then asks if she’s the one who told Seok Hoon she was having surgery? Hong Joo apologizes for interfering but Se Young is glad she did. She asks Hong Joo to stay one more day, there’s something she has to say. *mumbles some not so nice words* Hong Joo honey, make no mistake – this evil bitch just wants to hurt you some more, she’s not done.

She talks to Seok Hoon on the phone and then carries a box outside to give to Hong Joo. It’s those stupid, frigging sparkly shoes, Se Young thinks she should return them. Oh, F’ OFF, YOU STUPID COW. She knows seeing those shoes would hurt Hong Joo even more! She wants to apologize beginning with Hong Kong but since she’s saying this with a smirk on her face, I’m not buying it. Hong Joo refuses her apology. I wouldn’t accept it either, what this bitch did was unforgivable.

Her treatment of Hong Joo was inexcusable plus her present attitude still seems pompous, you can tell she’s not sorry at all. Se Young admits she wanted to test their love and make it collapse but now she’s being punished. (OMO, she fully admitted it!) She;s being punished since she won’t be able to have Seok Hoon’s children. Wow, she’s got some nerve to say that to this woman whose marriage she destroyed ON PURPOSE, since Hong Joo also couldn’t have children.

Seok Hoon takes the tape of Min Woo bribing the official to the newspapers. Hong Joo prepares to leave but Se Young tries to delay her. Is she waiting for Seok Hoon to show up? Yep, she is. As she walks Hong Joo out, Seok Hoon pulls up. Se Young tells him she asked for Hong Joo but was too greedy since Hong Joo wants to leave. What the…she just put Hong Joo down and blamed her again. *shakes head* What a piece of work she is, it’s never-ending.

Se Young insists Seok Hoon take her to the bus stop since she feels bad. OMO, you stole her husband so you’ll make it up to her with a ride? *facepalm* In the car, they’re both quiet until Seok Hoon calls her name and asks if she’s been well? *tears up* This is so painful that I’m actually crying. He warns her that Min Woo will be facing a bribery scandal, he just thinks she should know.

Before she gets out, she tells him that she doesn’t want to meet him or Se Young again. He understands and promises to make sure she’s not bothered again. They say goodbye and turn away from each other. So he just leaves her, standing at a bus stop out in the middle of no where and drives off? Then we see Se Young taking a walk, all smiles. I’m so disgusted.

Hong Joo goes to warn Min Woo but since he thinks she’s there to get back together with him, she leaves without telling him a thing. *hehehe* When news breaks of Min Woo’s bribery, Seok Hoon talks to the board about working with companies with bad morals. No way, is that an inside joke? Attorney Choi gives Min Woo his resignation.

Min Woo’s Mom tells him the Ajin board is meeting to discuss his management rights so he should go to Boston with her. He refuses. Seok Hoon shows up to play nurse for Se Young but I’m skipping ahead again since I can’t stand seeing either of their faces on my screen. I wonder if that means I won’t be able to watch this actress or actor ever again. (LOL)

Hong-Gyu is heading out when his Father teases him about dating. Hong Joo is surprised and asks their Father if he’s met the girl? He admits it so Hong Joo asks Hong-Gyu to introduce her. He promises he will but later and leaves. Lets just sweep that quickly under the rug, shall we Writer-nim? All hell will break loose when that rock is overturned and you’ve conveniently run out of time.

MIL takes Roy with her to Boston, Ji-Sun comes by to take her girls which leaves Min Woo all alone. She tries to tell him to stop drinking and form a new vision for Ajin Group so he can get back to work but he just tells her to leave. Another total waste of time scene showing Hong-Gyu and Se-Jin providing Han Soo with a blind date. *yawns*

When Se Young goes for a check-up, Myung Hwa has bad news: the cancer has spread. Oh, noes! *snicker* Even though Myung Hwa already told her this could happen, Se Young throws a tantrum and screeches that she won’t live her life going in and out of hospitals for chemo. She sits outside on a bench and sobs. Aww, so sad (you all know I’m laughing).

Myung Hwa tells Seok Hoon and asks him to help. He returns to the villa and finds Se Young bent over her puzzle, ignoring him. She screeches at him, feeling sorry for herself. She’s good at playing the victim when she doesn’t get what she wants. Makes me wonder what she would have done if Seok Hoon had told her to go to hell in Hong Kong – had him thrown in jail for defying her? Most likely.

Ji-Sun meets Hong Joo to sincerely thank her for taking good care of her girls. She also drops the news that Min Woo is alone and wallowing in self-pity. Sounds like a perfect match for Se Young. *snark* Seok Hoon hears from Young-cheol that the opening of the new M Hotel in Hong Kong is coming up, Se Young has to attend to dispel the rumor that she’s terminally ill. LMAO, another “rumor” that’s true?

Hong Joo stops by Min Woo’s house trying to get him to stop drinking and move his ass. She mentions how much she’s learned by letting it all go and how disappointed Se Young will be if she returns to find her competition fell apart all on his own. At the villa, Seok Hoon tries to pump Se Young up the same way to get her ass out of bed. He wants her to go to Hong Kong with him.

They fight, she storms out and gets into the car, driving off. White truck of doom coming? *prays* Bummer, no such luck. Seok Hoon follows and finds her at a beach. Maybe they’ll both walk into the water to drown themselves. *silence* What? I’m allowed to hope! He apologizes, she doesn’t have to come to Hong Kong with him. It’s another parallel.

She wonders why she has to accept this punishment, what did she do? Seok Hoon tells her not to look for a reason, there isn’t one and she agrees, that’s why she’s angry! Bwwahahaha, I just can’t. The arrogance continues and as the poor-me crying starts, I fast-forward again.

Hong Joo is walking home with groceries when she sees Min Woo waiting. He tells her he’s going to Hong Kong and asks if she wants to go with? Nope, she doesn’t have any good memories of Hong Kong. He wonders if she’s not going to meet him again then reminds her that you never know what will happen or who you’ll meet. She wishes him well and says goodbye, he watches her go inside. You don’t deserve her and neither did Seok Hoon so leave her be!

Seok Hoon leaves too and later smirks when he sees Min Woo is on the same plane. They meet at the hotel in Hong Kong and trade barbs regarding the rumors that Se Young is ill. Suddenly she shows up, all dressed in white. That’s it – I’m out.


The message? If you have enough money and see a good-looking man or woman you want, just buy them! Yes, people can be bought with money! Doesn’t matter if they’re happily married or how many years they’ve been married – you too, can be a wave and destroy someone’s happiness. Go for it! Be selfish and to hell with morals! You’ll end up in Hong Kong, draped in a fabulous white gown!

Worst drama I’ve ever seen, complete with horrible ending.

I want to express my appreciation to my fellow Temptation watchers, including those who didn’t watch but dropped by to read and leave me encouraging messages each week. You’re all amazing people and I wish I could buy everyone a round. I can’t thank you enough for letting me vent through this whole mess, complete with filthy language and even laughing at my lame jokes. *giantgrouphug*

I promise I’m going to watch a comedy next.