2007 Bad Love Drama Recap

Bad Love (2007)

 Liz K-Popped  11 Years Ago

Korean title: 못된사랑 (Mot-dwen-sa-rang)

What’s popping:

What a great Christmas present we received last night when KBS World aired the first episode of Kwon Sang-woo and Kim Sung-su‘s latest melodrama Bad Love (the network named it Cruel Love)!

After a very early Christmas morning running around at church followed by a very late Korean lunch (more on that next time) with the women of the clan, it was nice to finally unwind in front of the TV; watching two very handsome oppas – 좋아해요!

OK, enough about me. How was the show? I enjoyed the first episode and am looking forward to the next one.

We saw Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) and Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) falling in love (pic below) before he informs her that he’s married and wants out. Damn.

Kiss: *Cue Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On”*

Su-hwan’s wife is a spoilt, rich b*tch who turns into a kleptomaniac during “that time of the month”. Uh huh, she steals from her family’s store whenever she’s ovulating and walks around with this ugly Afro-like wig on. Oh, wait a minute, the wig seems to be a permanent fixture.

But her Daddy’s Mr. Rich, Powerful and Influential and cheating hubby decides to stay with her so he can fulfill his ambition. Also, Rich B*tch doesn’t want to let hubby go since oppa’s so hot and all…I think ;-).

Enter Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo), an artist who has had his heart broken when Daddy disapproved of his relationship with some chick. He’s planning to go to New York – new beginnings and all that jazz – but meets the very heart broken In-jung on the way to the airport.

Hey, out of curiosity, was the kissing scene in the first episode? You know, the one that took 10 hours to film? If it was, then our Malaysian censors snipped it out.

Back to the series. Ah, Yong-gi’s Daddy is actually Mr. Rich, Powerful and Influential himself! He was the result of an affair Rich, Powerful and Influential men like Daddy usually have. Thus, this makes Yong-gi and Rich B*tch blood siblings.

Can you already see the complications that will occur soon?


In-jung & Su-hwan: I love you, you love me, but you’re married. Bummer.

Bodily harm: ‘Look at me like that again and I’ll whack you with my cello.’

Yong-gi & In-jung: I was once heartbroken and will do anything to protect a new romantic relationship but the man vying for your affections is technically my bro-in-law. How now?

And so, the plot thickens.

Watch it:

  • KBS World (Astro Channel 303)
  • 9.00pm to 10.15pm
  • Caught the 1st episode on Tuesday, Dec 25. Please check your Astro guide for details, but try tuning in every Monday and Tuesday.
  • In Korean with English subtitles – hip, hip hooray!
  • Official Bad Love website
  • The series aired in Korea on Dec 3, 2007.

Pics credit: Naver

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Bad Love – Episode 2

 Orchid  11 Years Ago

Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su)
Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won)
Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo)
Jo Ann (Cha Yae-ryeon)

I watched Bad Love – Episode 2, and am just dying to discuss the drama with someone. May I?

For those who are not following the drama but plan to watch it later, there are spoilersin this entry.

Su-hwan & In-jung had an affair.
Despite trying to cling on 
to the relationship,
Su-hwan is forced to give it up. 
In-jung is no match
for his ambition, hot-tempered forthright 
and gambling mother.

As a result of her affair with the married Lee Su-hwan, Na In-jung suffers great loss. Su-hwan’s wig-wearing hot tempered wife slashes In-jung’s wrist causing irreparable damage and poor In-jung is left without a career. She cannot play her cello.

She also finds herself pregnant with Su-hwan’s child. After that, a series of bad luck strikes and she looses the child and her beloved parents meet with a serious car accident.

The confrontation: Su-hwan’s wife confronts In-jung
causing her to loose her baby. 

In-jung’s mom bows her head in embarrassment.

Fast forward five years later and you find In-jung happy but working hard selling fried chicken in a small town. I find the change in scenery very refreshing.

In-jung’s little shop – Chicken House. 
Does anyone know where this is filmed? 

It looks like a small fishing village / island.

There she bumps into Kang Yong-gi again. Yong-gi also has been through heartbreak and his 10-hour-to-shoot kissing partner Jo Ann, has since passed on. We are not told why she committed suicide.

I wouldn’t mind meeting handsome Oppa at a seaside town!

All three characters of the love triangle are brought together once again in the small town.

Su-hwan is seen at the small town checking out the row of shops in which In-jung happens to have her “Chicken House” located. His company probably wants to demolish the place and build a modern building.

So near yet to far. Both ex-lovers are less than 
10 feet away yet do not see each other.
(So typical of Korean dramas)

In-jung and Yong-gi discover that they bought the same piece of property. In-jung had plans to turn the place into a farm for her surviving father. Her mom died in the car crash.

Another confrontation! Yong-gi and In-jung 
happened to have purchased the same piece of property.


Episode 2 ends with In-jung in the arms of Yong-gi 
because he was saving her from a ~ certain legless reptile.
What will happen next? Will the two victims of love hit it off and become friends in next episode? They seem to have one thing in common – both recovering from the pain of past broken relationships.

Bad Love – Episode 3

 Orchid  11 Years Ago

Things are beginning to get interesting in episode 3 of Bad Love. If you are watching the drama, how is it at this point for you? Do you intend to keep watching?

Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) is turning to be quite a cheeky fella. Despite nursing an emotional scar from his previous relationship with a certain Kim Jo-ann, he dishes our naughty remarks and his “friendship” with Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) is heading from acquaintance to complication.

Yong-gi and his BMW: Single, handsome
Yong-gi drives around the 
village / island in a Beemer.
Yong-gi discovers In-jung supports her 
ailing father and pays hefty hospital bills.

Yong-gi discovers that In-jung funds her dad’s hospital bills and his conscience gets the better of him.

Yong-gi and his ‘samchun’ (uncle).
I wonder if he is really his 
uncle or just a good friend.
Again, we are not told how they met.
And is he In-jung’s uncle as well?

Yong-gi decides to help In-jung (after she was scammed by the property owner), by paying her the same amount of money for her depo$it for the property. But that does not come free. In-jung will have to cook for Yong-gi’s construction workers as payment.

Yong-gi strikes a deal with In-jung over a bottle of soju.

(Yay they get to spend more time with each other. One of the reasons why i love K-dramas is that the leads get a lot of scenes together.)

Although both act rude towards each other, there is attraction between the two. Which hot-blooded man wouldn’t be attracted to doe-eyed sweet In-sung, and which hot blooded woman wouldn’t be attracted to someone as fine as Kwon Sang-woo erm i mean Kang Yong-gi!?

They proceed to spend time together at Yong-gi’s property. To get to the said property, they need to travel by boat. (I was told by Azura from KWS’s Singapore Fan forum that filming location is in Geonggi-do, Samcheok island.)

Yong-gi: “I have no designs on your flat chest!”
On the first day itself, both Yong-gi and In-jung gets trapped on the island due to a storm.
Yong-gi and In-jung missed the boat.


Yong-gi: “I think i might have had too much to drink. 
You look very pretty to me right now. 
May i kiss you?”

Yeah, episode 3 ends with this scene. Do they kiss?

Some viewers might think, how come they like each other so quickly when they just met and were so rude to each other? Well, i think they were attracted very early on, but “pretended” to dislike each other.

Let’s see what happens next.

Drama stills sourced from Naver.

Bad Love – Episode 4

 Orchid  11 Years Ago

Another English title for this Korean drama is “Cruel Love“. That’s what it’s called on Astro’s KBS World. I assume there will be 16-episodes to this drama series (isn’t sixteen the magic number for Korean dramas?) then we are 1/4 through the series.

In episode 4, Kwon Sang-woo reveals his muscular naked upper torso not once, but twice! Details in the drama stills below. 😉

Episode 3 ended in a scene where both Kang Yong-gi and Na In-jung, stranded on the island due to a rain storm, nearly kiss. Yes, they do kiss, but it’s not a romantic kiss. Yong-gi ruined it by jesting that he was just teasing In-jung about the kiss. But later, admited that he really wanted to kiss her and so he did. After that outburst, he felt bad and quarantined himself out in the corridor, away from the warmth of the fire & In-jung. Despite the teasing, could he be falling for her?

Kiss #1: Yong-gi couldn’t help but kiss pretty In-jung
Yong-gi’s estranged father visited him on the island one day and they happen to have a conversation in front of Kim Jo-ann‘s tree (yeah, Yong-gi dedicated a tree to his now deceased ex-girlfriend). Although we only know bits and pieces, i believe the reason why Yong-gi hates his father so much and the reason for Jo-ann’s death will resurface in the coming episodes.


Yong-gi despises his father and is unforgiving even when his dad is ailing

Yong-gi’s samchun is genuinely concerned for both In-jung and Yong-gi. When he sees that the pair are getting along fabulously, he is worried and has a heart-to-heart talk with Yong-gi. Where else do men go for talks like these…if not at a soju bar? They go to the sauna.

Forever wearing his sunnies, Samchun reminds Yong-gi
that he is on the rebound. “Don’t play with
In-jung’s heart as she has suffered much
in her last relationship.”
Despite the difficulties live has dished out to her and the pain and hardship she has suffered because of her love for a man, In-jung remains sweet and kind-hearted. Even after Yong-gi teasingly kisses her and mocks her, she brings out a piece of cardboard so he could keep warm. She even chauffeurs a very intoxicated Yong-gi to the city hospital to visit his sick father.

He must trust her …he let’s her drive his BMW. 😉

Yong-gi and In-jung at the city hospital, to visit his dad.
But he did not see his father as his step mother got in the way.
Orchid is really curious…is that a “I love RAIN” t-shirt Yong-gi is wearing?
Off with the jacket i say! 😛

How unromantic: Lee Su-hwan and Kang Joo-ran
must be very unhappy in marriage.
Su-hwan says to his wife,
“Please don’t lean on me. We are in a
public place, sit straight!”

Back on the island, In-jung’s cooking days are nearly
over as construction work on Yong-gi’s property is coming to an end.

Yong-gi and In-jung continue to spend time working on the island and one day, In-jung comes across Yong-gi at work with his shirt off.

“Do I look sexy?” Yong-gi is a real joker.

Since his restoration work is ending, Yong-gi tells In-jung
he has nothing left to do. “Shall i be your delivery boy?”
That coy smile tells me she is beginning to go soft on him.
Tsk tsk tsk…so easy.

We also find out that Joo-ran and Su-hwan’s driver (the one on the far right in picture below) are very chummy. Su-hwan and family decides to get out of Seoul for an out-of-town trip and guess where they go?

Joo-ran prefers the company of her husband’s driver

Joo-ran and daughter Miso arriving at their
apartment in the outskirts

Because this is a Korean drama and the plot is cleverly devised so that you get maximum adrenalin rush while watching, Su-hwan and family comes to the very same town where In-jung and her little fried chicken delivery business lies and their maid had to order fried chicken from In-jung!

Little Miso plays with a cute puppy and got lost, but In-jung
finds her while on her way delivering fried chicken.

Whee! In-jung gives Miso a ride home on her
cute red chicken delivery scooter.
(Can’t wait to see Sang-woo oppa riding it.)

In-jung is shocked to discover that Miso’s mother is indeed her #1 nemesis –
the same woman whose husband she had an affair with 5-years ago,
the same woman who stole her bright career away from her,
the same woman who caused her miscarriage.

Scarred for life: Once a yuppy and cellist with a bright future,
In-jung now leads a simple life selling fried chicken for a living.

Su-hwan and his wife…now re-appears in her life…
Her past is back to haunt her.

But ’tis not all despair, Kang Yong-gi is part of the equation now,
and i bet he will be on In-jung’s side.

Episode 4 ends here and all four characters are now in close proximity again.

Drama stills sourced from Naver.

Bad Love – Episode 5

 Orchid  11 Years Ago

This is the episode where Kwon Sang-woo’s character (Yong-gi) makes like Queen’s Freddie Mercury and sings “I want to break Free!“. I think this the the first time i am hearing English words coming out of Sang-woo sshi’s mouth. Oppa, please speak moreEnglish. 😉

In episode 5, we get a better look of Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) and Kang Joo-ran’s (Su-hwan’s wife) not-so-humble abode in Samcheok. It wasn’t an apartment like i said it was, it’s actually more like a huge wooden mansion! Well, Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) was invited for dinner and they dined over Na In-jung‘s (Lee Yo-won) fried chicken! How ironic.

Love is cruel, love is bad: Both Kang Yong-gi and 
Na In-jung find it hard to trust & love

Besides a love triangle, there’s also a power struggle going on in the plot of 
Bad Love. Although not happily in love, Su-hwan and Joo-ran are like minded when it comes to business. Su-hwan is currently running his father-in-law’s business, but both are secretly afraid that the old man will one day pass the empire over to his mistress’ son Yong-gi.

Husband & wife discuss business matters at dawn
Joo-ran and her mother talk about their inheritance. 
Mom is worried that her husband will not leave her 
her daughter a single cent after he’s gone,
will instead give it to Yong-gi.

This is also the episode where you see Su-hwan meeting his ex-lover In-jung for the first time in five years. Liz and i laughed at this part…because a baby complete with pramconveniently appears at this point. This causes Su-hwan to assume that In-jung is happily married now and the mother of a baby boy.

In-jung instantly becomes a mother.
Baby complete 
with pram conveniently comes into the picture.

Su-hwan wants to chat with In-jung, but says nothing much in the end. In-jung is not chatty and tells Su-hwan to pretend that they do not know each other the next time they meet. Yeah, what else is there to say to a 
married man who loves you then leaves you…out in the cold.

Ex-lovers in shock as they meet by chance after 5 long years
Baby and pram conveniently disappears after In-jung meets with Su-hwan. Due to the stress of the meeting, In-jung suffers acute stomach pains. Who is there to help her but Yong-gi. He gives her a piggy back ride plus therapy (love the part where he asks her to let the pain out and not hold it in. Cry out louder!) on the way to his car and sends her to the nearest hospital.


Yong-gi picks In-jung up when she’s down
Yong-gi indirectly tells In-Jung to break free from her past by singing Queen’s
on the way back from the hospital
In-jung is secretly touched, but of course does not say anything

Yong-gi is showing that he cares and does all these sweet things that In-jung is having happy thoughts about their budding relationship.

Happy thoughts…
Since Yong-gi’s new home is ready, he will be moving out of samchun‘s place into his new arty-farty home on the island. Yong-gi devises a plan so he can see more of In-jung. Yong-gi’s “Kim Jo-ann tree” is being attacked by insects and he ’employs’ In-jung to care for it. In-jung’s dad used to be a gardener so she has learned some of the gardening tips.
In-jung says “No worries, we can fix this” as she 
visits Yong-gi at his new home on the island.


How romantic: Yong-gi surprises In-jung by cooking dinner for her.
He also confesses that he likes her. Awww….
Yong-gi wants them to become a couple, but In-jung is hesitant. She is still wrecked with the guilt of her past. She confesses to Yong-gi that she had an affair with a married man. Yong-gi is unaffected by this statement. He urges In-jung to let go of her past and allow herself happiness now.


They walk around in his arty-farty home talking…Yong-gi tells
In-jung that he knows she will be by his side though thick and thin.

Yong-gi brings In-jung to “Kim Jo-ann’s tree” – the tree symbolizes Yong-gi’s deceased girlfriend, one whom he used to love dearly. He asks Jo-ann for her blessing and says that he now wants to be with In-jung.

Drama stills sourced from Naver.

Bad Love – Episode 6

 Orchid  11 Years Ago

This has gotta be my favourite episode to date! Kwon Sang-woo’s character Yong-gi is the perfect boyfriend – he takes his new girlfriend shopping, buys her food and they both look so cute together. Lots of lovey dovey sweet stuff happening as they get to know each other. Plus Yong-gi has such great romantic lines. If you missed episode 6 of this Korean drama…it’s really a shame, but no worries, there are lots of drama stills below to fill you in. So are you ready?

In episode 5, Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) confessed that he likes Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won), but they have the baggage of their past relationships. At night, Yong-gi sleeps and is haunted by recurring nightmares of his ex-girlfriend Kim Jo-ann.

Yong-gi is haunted by his past relationship

Jo-ann comes across as very needy and depends on Yong-gi a lot. She finally succumbed to suicide after many many attempts.

Yong-gi recalls the times when Jo-ann has attempted suicide

Fed-up of being held by this guilt and wanting to break free, Yong-gi burns the tree he labeled “
Kim Jo-ann’s tree” to signify that he no longer wants to be captive of a past that haunts him.

Good-bye Kim Jo-ann

The next morning, Yong-gi purposefully went to In-jung and brought her to show her evidence of his conviction – the burnt tree. He will look only to the future and their new relationship. Yong-gi convinces In-jung to give their relationship a chance and do so as well.

I will have eyes only for you now…

How could any sane woman resist KSW oppa?
They kiss and with unspoken words, seal their
brand new relationship

While all these happen, Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) instructs his driver friend to do some detective work and check out In-jung. He finds out that she lives a difficult life in Samcheok, selling fried chicken. He drives out to see her one night. They talk and In-jung tells him that she not only hates him, he made her go through so many other horrid emotions…anger, shame, loneliness and humiliation. She would much rather not see him again.

In-jung: “You live your own life, i live mine now.”

In-jung and Yong-gi discover each other and spend more time together in the little town of Samcheok. Samchun and samchun’s girlfriend are both very happy for them.
In-jung and Yong-gi make and eat kimbap together 
while samchun and his girlfriend steals glances at the happy couple

In-jung: “This seems like a dream.”

I don’t think these carefree times for Yong-gi and In-jung
will last…as many other complications are 
bound to creep in.


Yong-gi : “I want a kiss, not food!”

Meanwhile, Yong-gi’s stepmother gets word that Yong-gi has a new girlfriend. Maybe she has spies at Samcheok. Stepmother now wants to see who this new lady is…who knows, she might be her new daughter-in-law.
Since Yong-gi is In-jung’s boyfriend now, he helps In-jung at her chicken shop – delivering fried chicken! Ever since i heard Yong-gi joking about being In-jung’s delivery boy in episode 4, i couldn’t wait to see him on the little red scooter.

Don’t argue and make this delivery please…

On the way to one of the deliveries,
Yong-gi (on little red scooter) sees his stepmother approaching

As Yong-gi chats with his stepmother, he is on guard and very protective of his new relationship. Stepmom’s real purpose of keeping an eye on Yong-gi and his new girlfriend is not hidden from him. He knows his gold-digger stepmother well. The purpose of her visit is to see if Yong-gi’s new girlfriend would be a threat to the family heirloom.

Stepmother: ” I want to meet this new girlfriend of yours
Yong-gi. Ask her to come out and meet me!”

They meet at a cafe and Yong-gi appears impatient and wants to leave immediately, but In-jung reasons that Stepmother has not finished talking. Stepmother is pleased at this… (They both are so great together and calms each other down when needed.) Stepmother invites them over to dinner to celebrate Yong-gi’s father’s birthday.

Stepmother: “Yong-gi, your dad’s birthday is coming…
please come over for dinner.”

After the meeting Yong-gi relates to In-jung that as the child of his dad’s mistress, his stepmother did not treat him well. During his childhood, Joo-ran was her only true daughter and stepmother did not acknowledge him at all. With that painful past, he grew up lonely, with no one to depend on….Yong-gi urges In-jung not to leave him, because if she does, he would have no one. In-jung promises not to leave him…and they pinky swear on that promise.

Heart to heart talk: Yong-gi opens up &
relates his painful past to In-jung

In-jung: “I won’t leave you Yong-gi, i promise”

They spend more time talking and walking along the beach, then Yong-gi brings In-jung to a church and confesses before God – “the big man above” – that up until now, he has not been strong and is easily swayed. But now that he has met In-jung, he vowed to be a better man. (This makes me think that in the next episodes, Yong-gi will change his wayward ways and will be interested to take up the family business…why leave everything to his brother-in-law when he is the rightful son?)

I have only one heart…and it beats for you.

After meeting with In-jung twice, you see the “shell of a man” Su-hwan drinking himself into a stupor and going to the noraebang (karaoke) to belt sorrowful tunes all alone. (At this point, Liz exclaims…why did they give Kim Sung-su such a silly character?) With all the shenanigans, his wife Joo-ran is beginning to get suspicious.

Joo-ran: “Are you having an affair? You used to act
silly like this when you had an affair with that cello girl.”


Now comes the exciting part…Yong-gi and In-jung drives into the city to attend Yong-gi’s father’s birthday dinner. First they stop by a mall to get presents for Yong-gi’s mom and dad. [More pictures on the shopping trip in a previous entry – KSW is the perfect boyfriend.]

Would this sweater fit your dad?
Don’t worry In-jung…don’t be intimidated by the huge house 
and my father. My parents will love you.
Yong-gi brings his new girlfriend home, unsuspecting anything amiss. In-jung has no clue or inkling that Yong-gi is Su-hwan’s (her ex-lover) brother-in-law. Su-hwan will be attending the dinner, but his wife and daughter are away on a skiing trip.
Meet the parents…


In-jung comes face to face with Su-hwan…she did 
not expect to see him at Yong-gi’s parent’s home. 
Clueless Yong-gi is just happy to show his girlfriend off.


Episode 6 ends with the leads giving off these facial expressions.
How do you think In-jung and Su-hwan will react? Will they pretend not to know each other? Would they let bygones be bygones? Do you think Su-hwan is jealous seeing his brother-in-law with the woman he once loved (or still loves)…?

Watch Bad Love Episode 6 on VeohTV

Drama stills sourced from Naver.

Bad Love – Episode 7

 Orchid  11 Years Ago

Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) happily brings his girlfriend Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) home to celebrate his father’s birthday. Ex-lovers In-jung and Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) are shocked to see each other in the same house. They do not say a word about their past relationship and both carry on the charade. In-jung is stunned and appears to be suffering from the same syndrome Su-hwan is suffering. Both look stoned.

Su-hwan and In-jung are uncomfortable. Su-hwan excuses himself
from dinner and makes sure his family does not get 
home while
Yong-gi and In-jung are at the house.

Su-hwan’s wife Kang Joo-ran and daughter Miso will return from a skiing trip and join them at dinner, but Su-hwan intercepts them before they get home and lies that he has important matters to attend to at the office. Thus Su-hwan and family ended up having dinner outside.

Yong-gi’s dad is looking out for him and wants him to get involved in the family business to secure his share in it.

After the revelation that Yong-gi and Su-hwan are brother-in-laws, In-jung is in a dilemma. She can’t bring herself to tell Yong-gi this and she can’t seem to see any future for her and Yong-gi. At this point, there’s a communication breakdown in their relationship. Yong-gi is unaware of what’s really troubling In-jung and is led to believe that she is not feeling well.

In-jung walks away from Su-hwan after telling him she
hates him but is in love with Yong-gi.

In-jung meets with Su-hwan and tells him that she will leave Yong-gi. She truly hates him and it looks like she is still indebted to her adulterous involvement with him 5-years ago. She has not finished paying for it. Su-hwan does not say a word.

Yong-gi is very VERY sweet and In-jung cannot bring herself to leave him. They spend a romantic Christmas Eve together. Ah….Yong-gi is absolutely adorable at this point.

Yong-gi makes a red “seesaw” love bench 
expressing their love for each other
Yong-gi and In-jung spend Christmas eve together. Yong-gi put 
together a romantic party just for his girlfriend.

The next day, In-jung attends to matters at her chicken shop. She has found a buyer for her little shop and intends to sell it and leave Yong-gi and Samcheok.

At Seoul, we are introduced to someone who seems to be Yong-gi’s dad’s business partner. Su-hwan meets this man and also a woman who looks uncannily like Yong-gi’s now deceased ex-girlfriend Kim Jo-ann. She even has a scar on her wrist which suggests that she has attempted suicide. Who could the pair be?

Su-hwan meets the mysterious pair

In-jung goes to Yong-gi’s very arty home to say goodbye, but he is nowhere to be found. She cleans up the Christmas eve party mess and then gets a call from the hospital her dad is staying…someone has changed his room.

Yong-gi was at the hospital visiting In-jung’s dad and making him very happy. In-jung’s dad likes Yong-gi very much. They go to the beach so that In-jung’s dad gets some fresh air instead of being cooped up in the room all day.

Yong-gi gets along with In-jung’s dad famously.


In-jung’s dad is so pleased to see that In-jung has found herself a
wonderful man like Yong-gi. He says they are 
soul mates.
The old man is really 
very adorable.

Yong-gi tells In-jung’s dad that despite what difficulties they face, he will not leave In-jung. In-jung is moved to tears. How is she going to leave this man?

After a day spent with In-jung’s dad, In-jung asks Yong-gi how much he loves her. He says “I go crazy when I look at you. I love you.” In-jung can’t bring herself to leave him.

In-jung calls Su-hwan who happens to be in Samcheok and they meet by the docks. In-jung begs Su-hwan to let her be with Yong-gi (at this point, i am wondering why she has to beg him? All she has to do is come straight with Yong-gi…who cares what Su-hwan thinks). Anyway, Su-hwan says “No. Think of what we meant to each other.” Apparently now Su-hwan wants In-jung for himself – still. He will not let her go to Yong-gi.

In-jung is weak…weak at the thought that there is no way 
out and she has to leave Yong-gi. She collapses into Su-hwan’s arms.
Don’t forget, Su-hwan is the man who seduced her on a yacht
over a weekend affair, made her pregnant, then tells her
he is married & leaves her. His parting words? “If there was such thing
as another life, let’s not meet there too.”
(At this point, Liz is so irritated at Su-hwan that 
she clenches her fist and goes…”Eat sh*t and die!)

Yong-gi sees what is happening…he sees In-jung begging Su-hwan and Su-hwan bringing In-jung into his embrace…i do not know if he heard any of the conversation…we will know in the next episode.

Yong-gi is furious to see his girlfriend in 
the arms of his brother-in-law!
Drama stills sourced from Naver.

Bad Love – Episode 8

 Orchid  11 Years Ago

Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) witnessed the emotional exchange between his brother-in-law Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) and girlfriend Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won). He is furious that Su-hwan was the lover who hurt In-jung so badly in the past. Anger takes over and Yong-gi goes home, bashes his nice house up a bit, and finds comfort in a bottle of soju.

Yong-gi is utterly dejected to find out In-jung’s 
ex-lover is his brother-in-law Su-hwan.

At this point, Su-hwan confronts Yong-gi and rubs salt to the wound by saying that Yong-gi and In-jung cannot be together. Yong-gi is mad and throws a couple of punches at Su-hwan * 
yeah punch punch kick kick * Su-hwan does not fight back but asks Yong-gi “How can you love a women whom i used to love?”.

Yeah Yong-gi whack him… 
(Even when intoxicated, Yong-gi looks more alert 
the forever contemplative Su-hwan)

Now comes the part which i don’t really understand – due to pride and family obligations, Yong-gi reasons that he needs to break up with In-jung and they cannot possibly continue their relationship (why why?) He is rude to In-jung the next day. In-jung has sold her shop and Yong-gi knows that she intended to leave him quietly. Both actually have made a resolve to end their relationship, but cannot bring themselves to say it. Major communication breakdown happening here.

In-jung cooks all of Yong-gi’s favourite dishes for lunch, but he has no appetite. He plans to leave her.

Yong-gi packs his stuff…intending to leave In-jung

Yong-gi packs his stuff and drives away – he makes a stop to visit In-jung’s dad at the hospital. In-jung’s dad was undergoing his physiotherapy exercises. After Yong-gi leaves, In-jung’s dad met with a fatal fall, hits his head and passed away.

Poor In-jung is devastated by the news and rushes to the hospital with her faithful friends – 
samchun and ajumma (samchun’s girlfriend). Su-hwan saw them rushing into a taxi and follows them to the hospital. They try to calm In-jung down as she grieves for her dear father.

On the way to the hospital,
 samchun calls Yong-gi but the latter refuses to answer his mobile phone. Only after a few tries, did samchun manage to get Yong-gi and he comes to the hospital. Yong-gi sees Su-hwan there, brushes past him, stood by the dead body for awhile, then after a brief inner struggle, he goes and comforts In-jung.

Yong-gi was leaving In-jung when he received his
samchun‘s call. He rushes back to the hospital.


Yong-gi’s heart breaks to see In-jung grieving…
he comes and comfort her.
(Ahh…this is my favourite part in episode 8)

Meanwhile, back in Seoul, Yong-gi’s dad who wants Yong-gi to get married to In-jung quickly, is making arrangements to meet “the mysterious pair” – 
Mr Han and his lady driver/assistant. Stepmother is very angry about this because she knows that her husband wants to get Mr Han to take over the business from her son-in-law and later, hopefully hands it over to Yong-gi. Despite Yong-gi’s non-interest, his dad really wants him to take over his construction business. But no one else in the family supports this.Kang Joo-ran and her mother wants to see Su-hwan at the helm.

Joo-ran and Stepmother does not want Yong-gi
to inherit the family business

After the meeting with Mr Han, Yong-gi’s dad goes on to tell Su-hwan that he will be sent to Japan and his work on the Samcheok properties will be handed over to Mr Han. Su-hwan is furious at this and knows that he is being thrown aside by this father-in-law. He lashes back by threatening to hand in his resignation. Joo-ran is furious at her father and a family feud ensues.

Yong-gi stood beside his girlfriend at her dad’s funeral. In-jung tells Yong-gi “This is probably punishment for thinking that I could have you.” At the funeral, Su-hwan comes again to pay his respects but In-jung asks him to leave.

Yong-gi stands by his woman at her dad’s funeral


In-jung: “This is probably punishment for 
thinking that I could have you.”


In-jung refuses Su-hwan entry

Su-hwan and Yong-gi talk outside and Su-hwan again re-iterates that Yong-gi cannot be together with In-jung. What a meanie! Yong-gi asks what if he and In-jung go away quietly and live their lives together (now why does he need to ask his brother-in-law permission escapes me).

Yong-gi: You wanna die? If not, just shut up!


In-jung says a final goodbye to her dad as she disposes of his ashes.
Yong-gi is there to support her.

Yong-gi accompanies In-jung as she disposes of her father’s ashes into the deep blue sea. After completing her dad’s funeral, she collapses in exhaustion and Yong-gi takes care of her. He looks at the beautiful In-jung while she sleeps and can’t leave her now.

Yong-gi cares for In-jung and battles with himself. 
He finally decides to stick by her side.

In-jung wakes up while Yong-gi goes out to buy some sesame porridge. She quickly packs her belongings and leaves. She goes to the bus station and purchases a ticket and got on a bus. When Yong-gi returned, he immediately knows she has left and drove to the bus station.

In-jung leaves him…but Yong-gi goes after her…

He sees her in the bus and chases after her in his car. Focusing on the bus and In-jung, Yong-gi did not see the oncoming car and meets with an accident…he jumps out of his BMW and runs after the bus (typical Korean drama style). But a car knocks him down and he can only see In-jung’s bus speeding away.

Poor oppa: An injured Yong-gi sees In-jung’s bus speeding off.

Drama stills sourced from Naver.

Bad Love – Episode 9

 Orchid  11 Years Ago

It’s only episode 9 and Yong-gi is confessing his undying love for In-jung. After watching this episode and the short clips at the end, i feel that there will be lots of rocky terrain to follow through before these two love birds finally get together – happily ever after. Ah…tis ok, it’s all bearable ONLY because of KSW. 😉

An injured Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) runs after Na In-jung‘s (Lee Yo-won) bus. He does not give up chasing and she caves in. He wins…this time, but this will not stop her for trying to run away again…and again.

Kang Yong-gi is determined not to let his girlfriend go…


Yong-gi runs after her bus and In-jung
tries to stick to her 
guns but she cannot bear
seeing one as dashing 
as Kwon Sang-woo running
after her. She finally 
starts crying like a baby and caves in.
Yong-gi will not take no for an answer…

After stitching up his injured head and a full MRI scan, Yong-gi is certified OK.

Ouch ouch…watch it nurse…please be gentle.


You are OK Sang-woo sshi, please try not to run after 
buses and do your own stunts on dramas again- get a stunt double.

Yong-gi and In-jung are in limbo. They don’t know where to go – they get some food to eat and Yong-gi is afraid that his girlfriend might run away from him again. He holds her hand at all times and even tries not to sleep.

Yong-gi and In-jung have an “unacceptable” relationship 
going on…they do not know where to go.


Despite that, Yong-gi does not want to let In-jung go. 
He holds on to her hand – even while eating.


He tries not to sleep…

Well the moment he gets some shut eye, In-jung attempts to run away again. He catches up with her, and comes to the decision that they bring their relationship out in the open. Yong-gi wants to confess that In-jung was once Su-hwan’s lover…to his parents. He wants to bring it all out in the open. No more running away. No more hiding. No more guilt!

What are you trying to do to me woman!
Do i need to smack you on the head to 
knock some sense into you?

On their way to Yong-gi’s dad’s house, they meet Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su). Yong-gi leaves In-jung in front of the house while he has a word with his brother-in-law. In-jung catches a glimpse of Kang Joo-ran and she goes weak in the knees. She realises that she cannot possibly face Su-hwan and his family. She runs off and pleads Yong-gi not to confront his family, for she cannot bear it.

They meet Su-hwan on the way to Yong-gi’s dad’s house


In-jung pleads with Yong-gi not to confess all. 
She cannot bear to face Su-hwan and
his wife Joo-ran.
Poor Yong-gi is exasperated, but he will do anything for the woman he loves. He decides to take In-jung far away from all the complications and leave for the States immediately. He makes plans to leave the very next day.


Yong-gi makes arrangements to go to the US,
while In-jung thinks up a plan of her own.

Meanwhile, Su-hwan returns after a time of soul searching and has decided to firmly resign from his father-in-law’s construction company. His father-in-law accepts his resignation – “If this is what you want, i will accept your resignation”.

His wife Joo-ran is alarmed by Su-hwan’s decision, because this would mean, he no longer has any reason to remain married to her.

Su-hwan checks into a hotel. He views photos of his wife and driver friend and knows of their affair.

At home, Joo-ran is anxious and wants to talk to her husband. She calls him and they agree to meet for drinks at the hotel.

Of all the hotels in Seoul, Su-hwan and Yong-gi checks into the very same one! (Gee…that’s really hard to believe.)

Don’t worry, i will not leave you. 
If i do, i will be punished. Dead or alive, 
i will only be thinking of you. 
So get some sleep honey.

In-jung blatantly lies to Yong-gi that she will not leave him anymore. Instead of going to the sauna, she sneaks out to meet Yong-gi’s dad while he is asleep. She confesses all to Yong-gi’s dad and plans to leave Yong-gi after that.

Yong-gi’s dad is livid and says “You ruined my whole family, and now, you want to leave Yong-gi and let me pick up the pieces?”

It’s a family affair…

At that moment, Joo-ran and Su-hwan enters the restaurant and Joo-ran sees In-jung. Upon recognizing In-jung, Joo-ran raises her hand to hit her but her husband prevents her from doing so. Yong-gi’s dad is angry to see Su-hwan protecting In-jung – still. He leaves, and is seen to be having some health problems.

Poor Yong-gi wakes up, oblivious to all that has happened.

Bad Love – Episode 10

 Orchid  11 Years Ago

This episode was another emotional roller-coaster. It was fast paced with a lot of revelations and shifts. We are half-way through the drama series as there is a total of 20 episodes in Bad Love. Episode 10 sets a different tone to the drama. New beginnings – Yong-gi’s abeoji passes away. Yong-gi and In-jung breaks-up. We see the once impulsive illegitimate son installed as the head of the family, sole heir and Chairman of his father’s estate.

Many have also asked about Lee Su-hwan. Is he having health issues? Well yes, in episode 9 we were given glimpse of a terminal illness. Su-hwan has trouble breathing at times. Doctors say he has weak lungs but need further tests to provide a conclusive diagnosis. Probably more on this in the next episode.

As soon as Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) finds out that Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) told his father everything, he rushes to stop her from leaving. During the family confrontation, Kang Joo-ran blurted out “This is the woman who had an affair with my husband and got pregnant!”. Oh dear…now everything is out in the open. Only In-jung and Joo-ran knew about the baby and miscarriage.

No more secrets. Everything is out in the open…

In-jung leaves in a cab but Yong-gi still wants to pursue her. Yong-gi’s dad begs him to let her go, but Yong-gi is adamant. He gets into another cab and chases her – again. In-jung stops to confront Yong-gi and they both had a very emotional discussion. Yong-gi, despite all, says he loves In-jung and is willing to stay by her side. In-jung asks Yong-gi to stop being so possessive and let her go.

In-jung and Yong-gi exchange piercing truths


In-jung : If i really loved you, i wouldn’t have been afraid. 
So maybe i don’t love you, i just love the idea of loving you.
In-jung rejects Yong-gi’s love and says she’d rather die. She goes and stands right in the middle of the road, waiting for a car to knock her down. An on-coming car comes and Yong-gi rushes out to safe her just in the nick of time.


Yong-gi saves In-jung from her ridiculous stunt

Although In-jung was unscathed, the near-accident signified the death of In-jung – in Yong-gi’s heart. That was the last straw. It was like a stab in the heart for Yong-gi. He turns his back and walks away.

Yong-gi turns his back on In-jung and walks away.

Yong-gi returns to the hotel to find that his father has collapsed. They rush him to the hospital in an ambulance, but Yong-gi’s dad breathed his last breath in the ambulance, with Yong-gi, Joo-ran and son-in-law Su-hwan at his bedside.

Yong-gi’s dad dies…
Poor Yong-gi, he lost the one person
truly loved him. His 아버지 (abeoji).
Mr Han and his daughter (who looks like Yong-gi’s ex-gf Kim Jo-ann) arrives to pay their respects. Mr Han is Yong-gi’s dad’s business confidant. His daughter, who in the previous episode confessed that she wants to find a rich man and get married, catches a glimpse of handsome Yong-gi. She calls him the “Troubled Prince” (i like the sound of that) and immediately has her sights set on him.


“Troubled Prince” Yong-gi
Samchun arrives (without his sunglasses) to pay his respects and Yong-gi tells him what happened between In-jung and himself.


I put my heart and love on the line, but In-jung
did not trust me enough. 
She put a knife through my heart.

Yong-gi has loved and lost – twice. He buries his hurt and decides to be the man his dad was.

Yong-gi prepares to go to work. 
He is now Chairman of his father’s company.
Yong-gi’s dad left a will which puts Yong-gi in charge of his construction company. Stepmother and Joo-ran are at the mercy of Yong-gi now.

Su-hwan files for divorce, but Joo-ran refuses to sign the papers. We also find out in this episode that Miso (Su-hwan & Joo-ran’s daughter) is actually adopted.


Yong-gi is the sole heir to his father’s fortune. 
Both Stepmother and Joo-ran need to live “peaceably” with him.

When Joo-ran cries and clings on to Su-hwan despite his pleas for divorce, Yong-gi tells his sister…”Dad did not warm up to your husband because he wanted Su-hwan to love you, not take over the company.”

Yong-gi meets Mr Han – his late father’s business confidant

Yong-gi is now Charmian of the construction company and he is introduced to Mr Han – who will show him the ropes on managing the conglomerate his dad left him. One of my favourite scenes is when Yong-gi’s father’s faithful driver offers Yong-gi a piece of advice…”To be like your father, you need to hide your feelings.”

The first decision Yong-gi makes at work is to go ahead with the Samcheok property project. This means, the little town of Samcheok – the place where his samchun and In-jung resides, will be rebuilt.

Yong-gi’s good friend Christian flies in from the States to offer him support. Yong-gi has also entrusted his friend the company’s finances.

Yong-gi is happy to have his friend here in Seoul.
Christian is concerned that Yong-gi has forced himself
to become a different man…
Yong-gi is learning fast. He is less impulsive and does not wear his heart on his sleeve anymore. He has one of his men spy on In-jung who is now back in Samcheok.
Yong-gi takes over his father’s company – Daehan Construction

Episode 10 ends with In-jung, Joo-ran, Su-hwan and Yong-gi back at Samcheok. Joo-ran went there to ask In-jung to leave for good ( to go far far) because her estranged husband has plans to go back to her (silly Su-hwan). Yong-gi observes the drama enfolding from afar.

Drama at Samcheok beach

Bad Love – Episode 11

 Orchid  11 Years Ago

In this episode, we get to hear Kwon Sang-woo sing! Yeah, he sings his heart out at the karaoke plus, you hear him singing “Erases of the heart” in the background during the scene where he visits his arty farty home and tears up his picture with In-jung. This is the track that did not make in into the Bad Love OST. So what do you think? Can KSW sing? Hmmm…i think oppa should stick to his day job. 😉

Episode 11 opens with the dramatic scene at Samcheok beach. Kang Joo-ran came to further show her disgust towards Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) and her husband, the adulterer who started the mess in the first place rushed over – to defend In-jung.

Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) raises his hand to his wife.
“Don’t you dare hit In-jung again… or i’ll beat you i swear!”

He stops Joo-ran from causing bodily harm to In-jung and raised his hand to threaten to hit his estranged wife. In-jung is so fed-up of the never-ending abuse and embarrassment because of something that happened more than 5-years ago, that she asks Joo-ran if she kneels before her, would this end once and for all? Lee Su-hwan cannot bear this, and offers to kneel to apologize instead!

Na In-jung is fed up of this family. She walks away from
Joo-ran who wrecked 
her career, Su-hwan who loved
her and left her, 
Yong-gi who still loves her.

Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) joins the company and more drama ensues. In the end, Su-hwan bows in apology to both Joo-ran and Yong-gi.

Su-hwan’s moment of truth – in apology,
he genuflects before his wife Joo-ran for not loving her as he ought
to and to Yong-gi 
for causing so much pain when he was with In-jung.

The photo Yong-gi tears up…

While he is back in the sea-side town of Samcheok, Yong-gi visits his old house. He tears up a photo with him and In-jung in it and he sits on the “red see-saw love bench” he made for In-jung. [Here you will hear Kwon Sang-woo singing in the background.]

Yong-gi reminisce his relationship
In-jung and nurses his broken heart
Poor Yong-gi, despite putting up a brave front to his Stepmother and family, he is really heart-broken and finds comfort and a listening ear in his friend Christian. Yong-gi tells Christian that since he was young, everyone whom he truly loved has left him – his mother, his first girlfriend who committed suicide, his abeoji (who passed away recently) and now, Na In-jung.
What do Korean men do when they are sad? They drink
like crazy and sing their hearts out 
at the noraebang (karoake).
Yong-gi sings while Christian looks on.

Yong-gi: My heart hurts so much i feel like it’s gonna explode!
Why do all those whom i love leave me?
Christian then asked Yong-gi if his father was a good or bad man? Yong-gi said, “I will answer this…he was a father who loved me.”

“I hated my father for leaving my mother. 
I hated my father for not supporting
what i wanted to do. 
But most of all, i hated his hypocrisy. 
Ironically, now i am turning out to be exactly like him.”

Su-hwan has the urge to meet with In-jung again, but In-jung says that there’s nothing left to talk about and she would rather not see him again. Su-hwan has another one of his “attacks” after the meeting. The man is suffering from a serious illness.

Su-hwan & In-jung’s favourite meeting place –
at the Samcheok docks

The next day, Yong-gi, who is Chairman of 
Daehan Construction attends to business matters. His company will be building a resort in the beautiful sea-side town of Samcheok. The catch is, they would need to demolish the market and an old folks home there called “House of Hope“. It is at this “House of Hope” that In-jung frequents to cheer the occupants and help out in whatever way she can. It is a sort of therapy to help her forget her painful past and move on.

A complication has cropped up and the landowner has run off with the compensation money that Daehan Construction paid. As a result, the villagers (who own stalls at the market) and caretaker of the “House of Hope” are the victims.

Despite the complication, Yong-gi makes an executive
to carry on with the demolition work.
He will not re-compensate the villagers.

Yong-gi meets up with Assemblyman Kim who gave the permit to demolish the old settlements in Samcheok for development of the proposed resort. It seems that Su-hwan made some “special” arrangements with this politician to get the permit. Yong-gi makes it clear that he is not going to carry on the “special” relationship. The Assemblyman is not happy at all.

Yong-gi does things his way and refuses to
bribe his way to get Assemblyman Kim’s favour

While in Samcheok, Yong-gi decides to visit the House of Hope – which his company will demolish soon. He meet’s In-jung there and they have a brief chat. Before, at the dramatic beach scene, Yong-gi told In-jung that he does not know what to do with her yet. But now, he has decided…he intends to keep her close, to keep seeing her.

Yong-gi: I’ve decided to keep seeing you.
I want you next to me – so you can see what kind
of man you’ve made me become.

Finally, Su-hwan and Joo-ran gets a divorce

The villagers of Samcheok put up a protest against the development work for the new Blue Sky resort project. Samchun and In-jung are caught between the protest and knowing that Yong-gi heads Daehan Construction.

Yong-gi reads in the morning papers about the villagers’ 
protest on his construction project

Yong-gi heads to Samcheok and spots In-jung marching with the villagers. Yong-gi then says if In-jung would come to Seoul to work at his construction company, he would call off the demolition work. All she has to do is call him.

It’s a game of love: Do as i say, and i will call off the
demolition. Your precious
 “House of Hope” will be safe.
Upon hearing of the trouble Daehan Construction is in, Stepmother is concerned and has a chat with Yong-gi. She is worried of the plummeting share prices and that Yong-gi will run the business to the ground.
Yong-gi tells his Stepmother, “If the business goes under, 
i’ll just close down the company. But don’t worry,
you and Joo-ran will be well taken care off.”

Yong-gi waits all night for In-jung to call.
Dawn approaches and the stubborn In-jung has not called. This will be the day of the demolition. Yong-gi dispatches a crane to tear down the House of Hope. In-jung runs and positions herself in front of the crane. Thus ends episode 11 of Bad Love.
Yong-gi observes as In-jung protects the
“House of Hope” with her life

Will In-jung cave in? Or will Yong-gi?

Find out in the next episode…

Bad Love – Episode 12

 Orchid  11 Years Ago

Episode 12 opens with this scene: Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) is jogging in the city early in the morning. He stops on a hill overlooking Seoul and wishes aloud that Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) slept well last night.

Yong-gi gets some much needed exercise and 
recalls what happened in the previous episode

In-jung and Yong-gi made a deal. If Yong-gi would delay the demolition of the House of Hope until spring, In-jung will move to Seoul, work for him, and do as he says until then. At least the occupants will have time to find a new place by then.

In-jung did not get knocked down by the crane after all.
Instead, they made a pact. Demolition to be postponed until spring.
In exchange, In-jung becomes Yong-gi’s slave 
and moves
to Seoul to be close to him.

Samchun (Mr Hwang) and Chansuk (samchun’s girlfriend) has conveniently moved to Seoul as well, and In-jung is now living with them.

Samchun, Chansuk & In-jung relocates to Seoul – 
all because of Yong-gi. In-jung skips breakfast in 
not to be late on her first day at work.

Yong-gi makes In-jung his secretary. She will be in charge of his schedule. The first thing she has to do is bring him some water. [At this point, Liz says…”I want to be Yong-gi’s secretary. I can do the job. I want! I want!]

Daehan Construction is in a bit of a fix. Because of the delay in demolition and the resort project, their partner has withdrawn funding the project.

Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su), who is now out of Daehan Construction, meets with Assemblyman Kim. The latter is really cross with Yong-gi and uses his power to ensure that Yong-gi’s project will not be funded by any bank.

Assemblyman Kim and Lee Su-hwan are pals.
Assemblyman makes it impossible for Yong-gi to get funds
for his project unless Yong-gi reinstalls
Su-hwan as CEO of Daehan Construction.


Christian: Yong-gi, the company is in a lot of trouble. 
All funding has been cut off for the Samcheok project. 
There’s a conspiracy. We are done for. We are in deep sh*t! 
We need Su-hwan back.

Su-hwan and his best friend (former driver) meet up to talk. Mr Yun confessed to Su-hwan about his affair with Joo-ran. Su-hwan really does not care about that at all, and goes on to tell Mr Yun that he still has feelings for In-jung. She is the only person he would sacrifice for. He is willing to give up anything – just to get her love and affection again.

While his former driver Mr Yun envies Su-hwan for 
always having Joo-ran’s love, Su-hwan confesses 
he is still pining for Na In-jung.

Mr Yun then asks Su-hwan “What are you going to do about that? At least Yong-gi hangs on to her and makes sure she is by his side – she is working for him. But what are you going to do?” Su-hwan says, “I will get her back.” Su-hwan is all worked up. He psyche’s himself up with all the talk to get In-jung back. Since he has divorced, he is a “free man”. Nothing can stop him from getting the woman he loves now. He is willing to risk all.

At the office, In-jung overhears the trouble Yong-gi and Daehan Construction is in. Yong-gi needs Su-hwan in order to save the company.

In-jung calls Su-hwan on his mobile.
Su-hwan answers the call he has been waiting for his entire life.
He probably set a special ring tone for her.

In-jung swallows her pride and calls Su-hwan on his mobile phone. Su-hwan appears nonchalant, but cannot totally hide his excitement. He answers the call anxiously. In-jung wants to meet Su-hwan to talk and ask him for a favour.

Control macho: Su-hwan is nervous as he observes
his ex-lover 
(whom he still has the hots for) approaching. 
His heart is beating doubly fast, his palms are 
sweaty and he desperately tries to look handsome.
Su-hwan is disappointed that In-jung wanted to meet to ask
him to return to Daehan Construction to help 
Yong-gi as a
favour. Su-hwan’s hopes shatter and is 
probably thinking…darn,
she wants to meet me for this?

Su-hwan agrees to In-jung’s request because he reasons that he owes her. Plus he is hoping that all debts will be canceled between her and him so that he might have a second chance with her again.

In the meantime, Yong-gi gets good advice from his late father’s former driver – Mr Guardian Angel. Yong-gi accepts the advice graciously and immediately seeks Su-hwan at his hotel.

Mr Guardian Angel advices Yong-gi: In the business world, 
you need to sometimes swallow your pride and work
people you don’t like.

Su-hwan smugly says, “Oh yes…i was just with 
In-jung and she told me about this. 
I will help
you because she asked me to. Unlike you, i worked my
way up so i actually know how to manage a company.”

Yong-gi is furious and intercepts In-jung on her way home and scolds her for meeting up with Su-hwan and interfering. They are at each others’ throats, but it’s so obvious that both love each other.

In-jung and Yong-gi exchange a very heated
discussion on a cold wintry night.
[Orchid says: Stop with the fighting and kiss already!]


Yong-gi yells out at In-jung: “Don’t you dare meet with
Lee Su-hwan again. And don’t you raise your 
voice at
me again.” Then he drives off in his Beemer.

Su-hwan bumps into Ms Lee Sin-yeong the irritating looking lady who looks like Yong-gi’s deceased ex-girlfriend Kim Jo-ann. Ms Lee only wants to make money no matter what the cost. Su-hwan notices her suicide scar on her wrist and starts to scheme. He plans to use this woman to trap Yong-gi – let him think she is actually Kim Jo-ann.

Adulterer now turns into an evil scheming man to get a
woman who not only does not love him,
 but hates him.

Ms Lee attempted suicide because she needed $$$. 
Su-hwan asks her to lie about her scar to trap Yong-gi 
into thinking she is actually Kim Jo-ann.

Su-hwan executes his plan by showing Ms Lee old videos of Yong-gi and Kim Jo-ann. He also introduces Ms Lee to Jo-ann’s mother and encourages them to spend time together. Kim Jo-ann’s mother is shocked to see the uncanny resemblance of this woman with her late daughter.

Video clip of Yong-gi and his ex-girlfriend


Low-down schemer says: “Watch and learn –
be that woman! Muahahahahaha”

One night, In-jung leaves the office suffering from a stomach ache. She refuses Yong-gi’s help, but after taking a few more steps, bents over in pain. Lo and behold, Ms Lee appears out of nowhere to help her.

Introducing Ms Lee: She comes to help In-jung.


Yong-gi is shocked to lay eyes on a woman who looks so
similar to Kim Jo-ann. Schemer Su-hwan in the background 

leaning against his car is pleased that his plan is going underway.

P.S: We are liking the Bad Love Soundtrack very much. Anyone else out there thinks the songs are nice?

Listen to Bad Love OST

Bad Love – Episode 13

 Orchid  11 Years Ago

This is one heck of an irritating episode. Lee Su-hwan and Lee Sin-yeong’s plan to trap Kang Yong-gi begins… and to make matters worse, Na In-jung is completely clueless, and seems to be giving Yong-gi a hard time. When he needs her support and love the most, she keeps thinking about herself and pushes him away. * Wake up woman! *

Episode 13 picks up where episode 12 left off. Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) is shocked to lay eyes on a woman who looks exactly like his deceased ex-girlfriend, Kim Jo-ann.

Yong-gi is shocked to meet Lee Sin-yeong

After the unexpected meeting, poor Yong-gi is reminded of his painful past relationship with Kim Jo-ann. After trying to forget her, meeting the Jo-ann look-a-like brings back memories of her. He is distressed and he can’t sleep at night. Yong-gi needs to talk to a friend. He calls Christian, but his trusted friend is away on business.

Meanwhile, Joo-ran wants to end her relationship with Mr Yun and pays him off.

Joo Ran: Take this money and leave. Bye bye Mr Yun…

Nightmares…poor Yong-gi can’t sleep. He is troubled by 
seeing someone who looks like his ex-girlfriend.

Yong-gi wakes up in the middle of the night, haunted by the same Kim Jo-ann dream. He misses Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won). He misses her more than ever at this point and drives to see her. He rings her doorbell in the dead of the night and she comes close to the door, but does not open it.

Yong-gi longs to see In-jung…he rings her doorbell
in the middle of the night.


She only opens after he’s gone and peeks through
the crack to see him walking away. 
(Silly woman).

The next day, Lee Sin-yeong purposely moves into the apartment building Na In-jung is currently residing. She wants to get closer to In-jung and of course indirectly to Yong-gi.

Stalker Sin-yeong: Oh you are in apartment 108? 
I’m moving into 109. We are neighbours!

Yong-gi had a sleepless night and he still misses In-jung. The following morning he calls her out and brings her to the location he intends to rebuild the “House of Hope” (old folks home) and shows her the plans. In-jung is really happy about that for a moment, then continues to show him her sour face and resumes her zombie-like movements in order to turn him off. In-jung is still hoping that Yong-gi will forget her and move on.

In-jung’s countenance immediately lights up
she sees the plans for the new “House of Hope”.

Meanwhile, Samchun (Mr Hwang) and Chansuk set up a fish (seafood) restaurant in Seoul.

Samchun and Chansuk keep themselves
by starting a Korean seafood restaurant business

They are really cute together and are constantly arguing. Chansuk wants handsome waiters for her restaurant to attract customers. But Samchun argues that what they need is hard working men!

The sign says – “Employee’s wanted, only
men need apply” (or something along those lines)

Back from their day-trip, In-jung couldn’t wait to get out of the car but Yong-gi pleads for her to stay and keep him company for awhile. He is still in distress.

Can’t you tug at my heartstrings for a bit? 
Can’t you stay with me tonight?
I am afraid i will get those nightmares again.
I need you.

Does she stay with him?

In-jung goes up to her apartment and sees her new neighbour and Chansuk in a tussle. Chansuk wasn’t happy that Sin-yeong was driving nails into her wall at this hour of the night. Sin-yeong twisted her way into In-jung’s good graces and they ended up chatting and drinking wine together, while Yong-gi waits for In-jung downstairs. He calls her, but she refuses to answer.

Drinking with the enemy: Sly Sin-yeong has silly In-jung 
wrapped around her little finger. Sin-yeong obtains
from In-jung by asking questions about her love life.

Does she go to him?

In the end, In-jung just stares with half longing eyes at Yong-gi as he waits for her. But she does not go to him.

Silly woman – don’t you know your enemy is trying
to steal your boyfriend away from you?

The next day, Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) starts his first day of work at Daehan Constructions after being called back to save the compa