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[2003] Những lá thư tình - Love letter - Ji Jin Hee, Kim Yoon Kyung, Kim Young Ae, O Hyun Jae, Soo Ae

 Xem Phim Những Lá Thư Tình - Love Letter



Love Letter

16/16 Lồng Tiếng
Diễn viên:
Ji Jin Hee, Kim Yoon Kyung, Kim Young Ae, O Hyun Jae, Soo Ae,
Thể loại:
Phim Tình Cảm
 Quốc gia:
Phim Hàn Quốc
Đạo diễn:
Oh Kyung Hoon
Thời lượng:
16 tập

Phim Những Lá Thư Tình – Love Letter full trọn bộ 16 tập MBC lồng tiếng mồ côi và lớn lên trong sự hà khắc của cô ruột cho tới khi được cậu ruột đón về sống trong nhà thờ với những đứa trẻ mồ côi khác, Andrea (Jo Hyun Jae) nuôi một ước vọng lớn lao là đem tình yêu chia sẻ với khắp nhân gian – ước mơ lớn nhất trong đời của Andrea là trở thành Thầy tu.

Phim Những Lá Thư Tình

Choo Eun Ha (Soo Ae) đột ngột mất đi hai người thân khi cha mẹ cô qua đời. Ở lứa tuổi trung học, Eun Ha hiểu rõ sự đời và trở nên thù địch, xa lánh với tất cả mọi người cho đến khi được đưa về Nhà thờ. Cô gặp Andrea, được tâm hồn thánh thiện hiền lành của Andrea cảm hoá và hai người trở thành bạn, rồi trở nên thân thiết và trọ học chung một nhà khi họ lên thành phố để học đại học.

Biết được ước nguyện muốn trở thành Thầy tu của Andrea, Eun Ha đành trôn chặt tình cảm trong lòng, không thể thổ lộ. Tại trường đại học, hai người gặp và thân với Jung Woo Jin (Ji Jin Hee), người có tình cảm với Eun Ha. Trong thời gian học đại học, Andrea dần nhận ra mình cũng có tình cảm với Eun Ha, và biết được Jung Woo Jin là anh trai của mình. Liệu Andrea sẽ chọn lựa tình yêu hay là trở thành một Thầy tu HTV2, VTV1, VTV2, VTV3, VTV9, VTV6, TodayTV, HTV7, HTV9, SCTV9, THVL1, THVL2, BTV, KTV…

Love Letter
Love Letter DVD cover
Written by Oh Soo-yeon
Directed by Oh Kyung-hoon
Country of origin South Korea
No. of episodes 16
Producer(s) Jang Geun-soo
Running time 60 minutes
Original network Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Original release February 10 – April 1, 2003

Love Letter (Hangul러브레터RRLeo-beu Le-teo) is a 2003 South Korean television series starring Jo Hyun-jaeSoo Ae and Ji Jin-hee. It aired on MBCfrom February 10 to April 1, 2003 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes.

This drama revolves around Lee Woo-jin's conflict between priesthood and his love for childhood friend Eun-ha.


Act 1 - Growing up

As a young orphan, Lee Woo-jin (Andrew) received horrible treatment while growing up under his aunt. When his uncle comes back from Italy, his uncle a priest decides to raise him. Eun-ha, another orphan is brought to the cathedral as well. Although initially antagonistic to Woo-jin, the two becomes inseparable friends. At the end of high school, Eun-ha is about to confess her feelings for Andrew however Andrew tells her of his dreams to become a priest.

Act 2 - College

Andrew and Eun-ha leave the cathedral to attend college. Andrew meets Jung Woo-jin and the two become close friends. Jung Woo-jin falls in love with Eun-ha but she rebuffs his attentions. The love triangles causes hurt and pain for all 3 friends. It is brought to a climax where Andrew writes Eun-ha a love letter but Jung Woo-jin destroys the love letter without Eun-ha reading it.

Act 3 - Finale

Andrew returns from the seminary but has not taken his final vows of priesthood. Eun-ha develops a heart condition and before the final operation makes Andrew promise to fulfill his dreams to become a priest. After the operation Eun-ha slips into a coma. Jung Woo-jin is finally able to escape the love triangle and Andrew takes his vow to become a priest. Eun-ha awakens from the coma and Andrew agrees to take care of her.

Cast and characters

Main characters

Jo Hyun-jae as Lee Woo-jin (Andrew)
Lee Woo-jin was raised by a cruel aunt before being taken to live with his priest uncle. Although he believes his mother has died, it is later revealed that she abandoned him to become Jung Woo-jin's stepmother. Kind and introspective, he wrestles with his desire to become a priest with his feelings for Eun-ha. He studied medicine in university and is a trained surgeon.
Soo Ae as Cho Eun-ha
Another orphan taken into care at the seminary after the death of her mother. Although antagonistic at first to everyone, she slowly develops feelings for Lee Woo-jin. She is caught between affections from Jung Woo-jin and her own unrequited love for Lee Woo-jin. A life threatening heart condition makes her ask Lee Woo-jin to choose priesthood over her. Although the surgery on her heart was a success she slips into a coma. She awakens from a coma at the end of the series ready to spend the rest of her life with Lee Woo-jin.
Ji Jin-hee as Jung Woo-jin
Although initially friendly to Lee Woo-jin, his jealously of the relationship of Eun-ha and Lee Woo-jin as well as the discovery that his stepmother is Woo-jin's biological mother causes him to act out of character and sabotage Lee Woo-jin's attempt at happiness. Like Lee Woo-jin he is also a qualified surgeon. He has unresolved issues with his father for leaving his biological mother and although he rebels against him, he finds himself turning out to be exactly like him.

Supporting characters

Father Peter is Lee Woo-jin's maternal uncle who raised him in the church after rescuing him from a cruel paternal aunt.
Im Kyung-eun is Lee Woo-jin's biological mother who abandoned him at birth.
  • Kim Yoon-kyung as Seo-young
Eun-ha's friend.
Father Peter's cook/housekeeper.
Im Kyung-eun's husband and Jung Woo-jin's father.
  • Choi Jae-hyung
  • Seo Hyun-ki
  • Son Young-joon
Jung Woo-jin's friend
  • Jung Mi-ae as Andrew's high school classmate
  • Yoo Seung-ho as young Lee Woo-jin/Andrew
  • Han Ye-rin as Hee-jin
Lee Woo-jin's cousin.


♥Love Letter [Series] SYNOPSIS

Posted by "L drinks T"




Lee Woo-jin (aka Andrea): Jo Hyun Jae
Jung Woo-jin: Ji Jin Hee (Four Sisters)
Cho Eun-ha: Soo Ae (Maeng)
Father Pedro (Andrew’s maternal uncle, 40-50): Son Hyun Joo (To Be With You/First Love)
Seo-young (Eun-ha’s friend, 28): Kim Yoon Kyung (Popcorn)
Sister Esther (29): Kwon Min Joong (Man of Autumn/More Than Love)
Sister Gemma: Yoon Yoo Suk (Her House/
Maria (Father Pedro’s cook/housekeeper): Yang Hee Kyung (Since We Met/More Than Words Can Say)
Dr. Yim Kyung-eun (Andrea’s real mom/Father Pedro’s sister/the mother who raised Jung Woo-jin): Kim Young Ae (Tender Hearts/More Than Love)
Dr. Jung Myung-woo (Jung Woo-jin’s dad/Dr. Yim’s husband): Jo Hyun (Yellow Handkerchief/Trio/Loneliness)
Jung Yuri (Jung Woo-jin’s sister):Choi Jae Hyung
Suh Hyun Ki (Jung Woo-jin’s male friend): Son Young Joon (Glass Slippers/Her House)
Kim Mee-hee (Eun-ha’s deceased mom): not seen in drama
Lee Woo-jin/Andrea (as a child): Yoo Seung Ho
Screenplay: Oh Soo-yeon (오수연)

Director: Oh Kyeong-hoon (오경훈)

01 Heaven’s farewell |
wrote: ohseungeun RYU, Words: gimjinah, arranger: Michael Lee,
a singer: Tri-Be
02 Do you believe in love |
lyrics, composition: RYU, singer: Tri-Be
03 Praying for you |
Words: hansohyeon Composition: hansohyeon, gwonseongmin Arrangement: gwonseongmin
04 Allowed (Tri-be) |
wrote: mundaehyeon, Words: gimeunchae, arranger: hongseonggyu
05 Remember that in winter (Guiter Variation) |
wrote: mundaehyeon, Words: gimeunchae, arranger: hongseonggyu
06 Until I’m brilliant (Tri-be) |
wrote: ohseungeun, Words: bakgihyeon, arranger: Michael Lee
07 Ending Title (String Variation) |
08 Andrea Theme (Variation Guiter) |
09 Jeongwoojin Theme (Variation Guiter) |
10 Remember that in winter (Guiter Variation) |
11 Do you believe in love (Violin Instrument) |
※ OST MP3 file without permission of the copyright holder, copy, distribute or use for other purposes in violation of copyright laws is the act of civil or criminal penalties and are subject to suffer.


My Thought before the drama:

The first time I’ve watched a melodrama perhaps was when this Endless Love Series aired in GMA 7. The first one was Autumn Season so I got very enthused by its very essence and the idea of making a sequel under the category of SEASONAL SERIES. Then I found out that the same SCREENPLAYER made this one…

Autumn in My Heart , Winter Sonata, Summer Scent


Andrew a.k.a Lee Woo Jin is an orphan living with his aunt. Mistreated, he hopes and yearns for God to send down a saviour to take him away from his misery. His saviour comes in the form of his dead mothers brother, Father Pedro, who upon returning to South Korea, sees Andrea being bullied by his own kin.

Father Pedro takes him out on a walk and after buying him a good meal and some toys, asks him sincerely whether he wishes to leave with him. Andrea refuses, as he is told by his horrible aunt to say so, but when he pokes further about his mother (he has never seen her before), he realizes that all his aunt had said to him about his mother being a bad lady was all a lie. Father Pedro tells him she was a wonderful lady, a doctor who cared a lot for his patients, and above all, her own son Andrea.

Father Pedro leaves Andrea, but Andrea is still bullied, and one day, Father Pedro chances upon Andrea being beaten by his aunt. Infuriated, he takes Andrea back to the church and raises him there.
Fast forward ten years, the once young and thin Andrea is now a handsome young man attending high school.
Here enters Cho Eun Ha, the daughter of a late famous actress plagued by scandal. Both her parents have died, her father first, then her mother, leaving her all alone. Her only kin left comes in the form of Dr Yim Kyung Eun, her late mothers personal doctor. Dr Yim brings Eun Ha to the church and Father Pedro decides to let her stay as one of the occupants in his orphanage.

Eun Ha, suddenly faced with the loss of both parents and her mothers scandals, vows never to trust anyone again. She tries to close herself up in total isolation, but Andrea is unfazed as he understands how she feels with his own parents death and all the lies he was told about his mother being a bad woman by his aunt.

Eun Ha is eventually touched by Andreas pureness of heart, and he becomes the only person she truly trusts apart from the elders in the orphanage. One day during Christmas, she writes a love letter, in which she write the hopes and wishes of hers to become the only woman Andrea will see for the rest of his life. However, her hopes are dashed when Andrea tells her he wishes to become a priest and that he only sees her as a younger sister.

Andrea and Eun Ha eventually get scholarships to study together at the university in Seoul. They both make it to the stream of medicine. Here, Andrea meets Woo Jin, the son of the most famous doctor in Korea, Dr Jung Myung Woo [who is also married to Dr Yim]. Woo Jin is a typical rich brat, spoilt and doesnt care much about what he does about his life. He loves his mother [Dr Yim] more than his father, but when he finds out she ist his natural-born mother, he is disheartened and leaves home. He even tries to commit suicide but when he was about to jump, he saw a beautiful girl all dressed in black, singing a sad song at the top of the hospital he was about to jump from. The beautiful girl was none other than Eun Ha after she had lost both her parents. He is so mesmerized by her that he draws and keeps pictures of her even after two years. Woo Jin is being beaten by a bunch of gangsters when Andrea tries to intervene but ends up being beaten up too.

To thank him, Woo Jin makes a trip to Andreas house, only to see Eun Ha beside him. He tries ways and means to get close to Eun Ha, and Eun Ha, being naturally suspicious of pple and extremely possessive over Andrea, thinks of him as a hypocrite. She doesnt know that Woo Jin is in fact, interested in her.

Woo Jin and Andrea become as close as brothers, whilst Eun Ha is trying ways and means to stay close to Andrea. One day, Woo Jin discloses the truth to Eun Ha about how she saved his life, and from there she realize Woo Jin has always been interested in her. Confused, she returns home only to see Andrea crying and sobbing alone by the street. He stands up upon seeing her, walks slowly towards her and hugs her tightly with tears streaming down his eyes. Eun Ha is astounded, as she knows of nothing that can hurt Andrea so much, thus she cries along with him.

It seems that Andrea was paid a visit by Father Pedro whilst at home. In a slip of tongue, he accidentally disclosed the fact that Woo Jins mother , Dr Yim, is also his mother. The dead mother Andrea always thought he had was none other than his best friends mother. He is hurt, angered and disappointed as to why he had to go through all the hardship as a child, just because his mother did not want him. At the same time, he is confused, because she doesnt seem like a lady who would abandon her own child. Faced with so many thoughts, he collapses into Eun Has arm upon seeing her.

Dr Yim meets Andrea up upon knowing he is actually her own flesh and blood. She is equally hurt and shocked, because all these years she has been waiting for a chance to redeem her sins and take Andrea back. Unfortunately, Father Pedro has never disclosed Andreas location until now. She breaks down upon seeing him, seeking his forgiveness. Andrea is reluctant at first, but being a generous chap, he forgives as all he wants now is just some maternal love.

It seems things will go well until Dr Jung finds out his wife, Dr Yim, is now seeing her own son. He is disheartened and starts drinking, tearing the happy family Woo Jin once had apart. Woo Jin eventually uses his sisters illness [his sister is the daughter of Dr Jung and Dr Yim] to force Dr Yim to leave Andrea.

Andrea is heartbroken, but knows his mother has no choice as no mother would let her own children die. He decides to leave for Italy to pursue his religious and medical studies.

Before leaving, he thinks of Eun Ha and all the happy times they spent together. He realizes that all these while, although he has been treating her like a younger sister, he has always yearned to be more than that to her. She even expresses her love for Andrea [in the love letter], but Andrea knows he cannot accept it as his destiny is to become a priest.

He pens down his last thoughts in Korea on the same love letter he was given on the other side, stating to Eun Ha that if she ever wanted him back, all she had to do was to write a letter to him after one year, and he would return to be with her for the rest of his life.

However, Woo Jin finds the letter first, and Eun Ha never gets to read the words of her true love.

Fast forward another few years, Woo Jin is now a famous doctor himself. He is the assistant chief doctor at the hospital owned by his father, who is now an alcoholic and cannot operate on patients anymore. He is always torturing himself, because he cannot forget Eun Ha. She left him suddenly two years ago to do volunteer work in Africa, merely days after they announced their engagement.

When he sees her again, he slaps her and cannot bring himself to forgive her. Eun Ha is about to leave the hospital when he grabs her again and hugs her tightly, telling her he will do anything to make her stay, Eun Ha smiles and hugs back.

At the same time, Andrea returns from Italy as a brother. Over in Italy, he is renowned as a heart surgeon but is banished to South Korea after a fellow female doctor tries to commit suicide after he rejects her love [he is going to become a priest after all you know :P]. Saddened, he returns to Korea, only to find Eun Ha and Woo Jin is now an item.

Eun Ha, now back in Korea, bumps into Andrea coincidentally and is shocked to see that he has returned. Andrea, also wonders why Eun Ha never contacted him when he was in Italy, but they both dont know that Woo Jin hid the letter Andrea left for her.

The three are united in unique circumstances, and that leaves Eun Ha torn between Woo Jin and Andrea.

The story climaxes when the reason behind Eun Has sudden departure from Korea two years ago turns out to be a heart problem she discovered she has, and that she has only months to live….

The Review (Spoilers included)

Love Letter is a typical Korean drama that toys around with puppy love and how love always win. I mean, its a winning formula. Take a look at Stairways To Heaven or Winter Sonata, the ending is always the same. Love is the motivating factor, love is the truth, love is the way, love unlocks even the hardiest of hearts, love makes us happy, love keeps us strong, but probably most importantly, we cant live without love.

Love Letter isnt a drama formulated around a love triangle like we typically see. It is more like a love quadrangle if theres such a word. Between Andrea, Woo Jin, Eun Ha and Andreas love for God.

Its also quite a taboo topic, something that producer PD Yoon seems to love to touch. In Winter Sonata and Autumn in My Heart [both his productions], it was incest.

Here, it was how a Catholic priest-to-be could fall in love and have a relationship with someone apart from God.

There were many times in this movie I felt like yelling out to Andrea to give up God and stick to Eun Ha, but then as I watched the movie, I realized why he didnt do so. His attachment to God was like a lifeline he was thrown since he was a child. Without parents and mistreated by his guardians, Andrea could only hold on because he trusted God. He loved God, possibly more than he loved himself.

Although towards the end of the show, you see that he realizes that Eun Ha is his true love, he attempts to give up God for her, he cant do so successfully.

Personally I find it quite interesting as God is put in a sort of a negative light in this film, because towards to end, although Andrea wishes to be with Eun Ha, he knows if he does so, she will die. Thus there is this scene where he walks into the chapel and challenges God, telling him that if he wishes for an exchange ie Him becoming a priest in exchange for Eun Has life, he will get it. And so coincidentally, the camera chooses a part where lightning strikes as Eun Ha stops breathing momentarily, as if to challenge Andrea back the he could take away Eun Has life anytime.

Now to the cast:

Jo Hyun Jae:

I didnt find his acting particularly appealing. If you folks remember, he also acted in Untold Scandal as a male supporting role, although he was much plumper then. Here in Love Letter, its a much more demanding role. On one hand, you have to handle the role of Andrea the lover, in another its Andrea the priest-to-be. Its difficult to gauge how much he loves Eun Ha. There are the scenes where he suddenly starts drinking and doing hard labour to punish himself for Eun Ha leaving, but it stops there. Dont get me wrong, Jo Hyun Jae is a suitable actor for the job, but perhaps as PD Yoon were less conservative, Andrea would truly shine in this drama.

Soo Ae:

Gosh, she can really cry. She has this save-me-I’m-a-puppy look, no wonder Woo Jin fell for her upon first look. Apparently I read that she won an award for her role in this film, as Cho Eun Ha, she does a convincing job, bringing out the pains of suffering alone rather than bring pain to her loved ones when she chooses to wait for death in isolation at a hospital, and not informed neither Woo Jin or Andrea of her location. You can feel the pain in her eyes when she realizes in the chapel that she realized that the contents of Andrea’s letter to her, when she had missed the chance to be with the man she loved so much, more than she loved herself. Her fears, agony of leaving Andrea. She truly is a one-man woman, because she only accepts Woo Jin when she is convinced Andrea wishes to become a priest and wishes for him not to be distracted by herself.

And there’s this scene where she’s lying in the hospital bed before the final heart transplant op, and she’s saying good bye to everyone including Woo Jin and Andrea, as she is convinced she won’t survive the op. Gosh, I cried my eyes out there, really touching scene ?.

Ji Jin Hee:

You know, if Park Yong Ha is the Woo Jin of Love Letter, then Ji Jin Hee is the Sang Hyuk of Winter Sonata. This is the first time I’ve been more impressed with someone who is in a supporting role than the lead himself. Ji Jin Hee is really passionate about Eun Ha. From the first time he sets his eyes on her, he cannot get her out of his mind. He may be unscrupulous [like all 3rd parties are in a relationship in K dramas] but he truly means good for Eun Ha. Like when he scolds Andrea for indirectly causing Eun Ha’s heart condition to worsen, and when he even pretends to act as Eun Ha’s fiancé one last time to kill Andrea’s heart [obviously Andrea isn’t taken in, but the point is: He loves Eun Ha more than she loves him].

If I could make a guess, I figure he loves Eun Ha more than Andrea loves her, but the scenes where he begs her to seek treatment and she staunchly refuses is a real heartbreaker.

The crux in making a melodrama is to make it so touching that the audience will cry at every possible scene. I followed Love Letter and found that this wasn’t always true. You do not need to cry to feel for a drama, the occasional tinge of sadness and reluctance is often more than enough to make you feel for the character.

A good OST also makes a world of difference, which in the case of ‘Love Letter’ is present! The songs ’Sarang Eul Mid Na Yo (Andrea Theme)’ and ‘Chun Gook Eh Ee Byul (Ending Title)’ by Tri-Be really made an impact when they were played at various stages of the show.

Perhaps you will be even more touched when you see Woo Jin hesitating on the operating table to operate on Eun Ha as he is afraid he might cause her death, the agony on his face is vividly displayed as he looks to Andrea for help [they’re both heart surgeons remember?], Andrea simply takes his hand and grips it tightly, so we have two friends supporting each other on the prospect of saving the life of the woman they love so deeply. You even catch Andrea dropping a tear as he operating on Eun Ha, such is the love he has for her that he can’t help but sob even on the operating table. I must confess, the last episode of ‘Love Letter’ left me in tears despite my best efforts.

The ending for ‘Love Letter’ is mildly confusing, as you see Andrea successfully becomes a priest. Woo Jin visits him at the chapel and requests that he pass a stock of dried flowers to Eun Ha. Eun Ha has been in coma for the past two years since the operation and somehow after Andrea passes the flowers to Eun Ha, she wakes up. As Eun Ha is wheeled along the beach by Andrea, Andrea promises that their love will start again.

If you like me, are surprised, well don’t be, there’s nothing wrong with a Catholic priest falling in love. Because for Andrea, he fully understood that God was now his calling, and that the love he had for Eun Ha was now nothing more than brotherly love for a sister.

I enjoyed the ending for ‘Love Letter’ and found it a very entertaining drama.



…The pace and development was very well done from beginning to end which I can’t say the same for all
Korean dramas. That framework I was talking about ended the story which creates this roundabout
closing, except many viewers including myself was confused about the open ending. Even if you’re not a
fan of romance, don’t turn away from it because of the title, it may be about love, but more of a
examination of spiritual/Platonic love. – clouds421

…The strongest point about this series is its cast. The characters presented in this series are
developed very well, whether from the main cast or supporting roles. It becomes very easy to associate
with them by despising the bad characters and caring for the good characters. Their emotions also pour
out of the screen. Another attraction to this series is how the interactions between characters in past
and present events develop extremely dramatic situations. While the main story us covered in the
present, there are also past events that play a very big role in the show’s development. It adds a very
strong melodramatic characteristic that you’d only expect to find in a soap opera.

… Overall, I really enjoyed watching Love Letter. Its characters and the stories driving their relationships
and interactions were most definitely gripping. However, while I have praised this series for its
entertainment value, it does incur a few dry spots where developments seem to move slowly.
Fortunately, the overall mood and tempo are not hindered by these moments. Additionally, there are
some situations that get slightly out of reality. Of course, while they may you leave you rolling your
eyes, they will also make each moment more dramatic than the last. Needless to say, the somewhat
out of reality situations do not harm the series, but heighten the drama. – Jeffrey Robinson  Full Review

Love Letter is the drama that made me a certified Jo Hyun Jae fan.  Hyun Jae is just so adorable here.

This drama tackles different forms of love in this world and beyond.  It has the typical “ingredients” in aKorean drama but still able to make it into a great unique series.  The cast were all very good.  Thesoundtrack was moving and certainly played a large part in making it a memorable drama. – Song Hyun

Love Letter – MBC Homepage (in Korean)  – photos
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Love Letter OST – YesAsia (Korean titles of tracks)

Recap on old series Love Letter 러브레터 by Jo Hyun Jae and Soo Ae.

After spending the past few weeks watching Yongpal, it sort of triggers my memory on watching an old MBC drama 'Love Letter' 러브레터 aired in 2003. This is one of the first few dramas I remembered my mother brought over from Malaysia to Australia for me to watch during my past time. She used to tell this new actor is very handsome..etc bla..blah.
I started watching this drama and amazed how it drew me from the start to the end.

Opening act has little Yoo Seung Ho (back then he was still a kid)- Lee Woo Jin was illtreated by his aunt at home. His parents were no longer around so his uncle Father Peter (Soh Hyun Joo) quickly rescued him and brought him back to church. From there Woo Jin spends his entire life with other orphans in the church along with Sister Gemma and Maria. Many years later Woo Jin/Andrew (Jo Hyun Jae) grew up to be a fine young man and meets his destiny Cho Eun Ha (Soo Ae) who was prickly like a porcupine at the start. She was badly hurt that her mother died and her father abandoned her. It was Andrew who brought her out and made her smile again. 

In school and college, Eun Ha is very fond of Andrew and she is bitterly sad when he tells her he dreams to become a priest later in life. The two managed to enter University and studied medical. There they meet a happy go lucky fella Jung Woo Jin (Ji Jin Hee) whose parents were both medical professors and doctors. He often have issues at home and confides in Andrew. The two become close buddies and made Eun Ha very jealous. Woo Jin tries his best to please and date Eun Ha but she rejects him. 

Soon Andrew finds out his biological mother is Woo Jin's current stepmother, he was disappointed. Before he leaves for Italy, he writes Eun Ha a letter telling her if she tells him not to leave, he will stay by her side. However Woo Jin destroys the letter before she reads it. Eun Ha and Woo Jin finished their studies and became doctors as well. Not long Eun Ha meets Andrew again at the church but this time he has returned from seminary in Italy without taking his vows yet as priest.

Feeling relieved that she has seen Andrew but he is now battling with another problem which he hasn't forgiven his mother. Whenever Andrew is facing dillema, Eun Ha helps him and he tells her he will never let her go. He informs his uncle and sisters in church that he will not become a priest since he has the woman he loves. They were dazzled at how fast he changed his decision but supported him no matter what happens. 

Their happiness didn't last when Eun Ha finds out she is suffering from a serious heart illness. She kept it a secret while taking meds. Woo Jin tries his luck to help her with the surgery and Eun Ha pushes Andrew to take up the priesthood before it's too late. To her she felt she was been punished for taking Andrew from God. Reeling with pain, Andrew and Woo Jin were the surgeons to operate on Eun Ha. 

She survived but slipped into a deep coma for a long time. Woo Jin decides to back out from the love triangle. Even though Andrew is a priest but he has vowed to take care of Eun Ha when she wakes up. 

Ending has Eun Ha finally wakes up from coma after Andrew is seen praying hard for her recovery. And we know she is living happily together with Andrew at the very end.
A very touching drama where one chooses and sacrifices for their loved ones. 

I must say I even bought the Original OST album from YesAsia after watching this drama.
Believe or not I love the song Tri-Be duo sang for the OST- Farewell to Heaven.
Love the song...i never get sick of it until today I still listen it to it in my mp3 and phone. 
Well this must be one of the favourite dramas I loved seeing Jo Hyun Jae in it. Apart from 49 Days, he was also great in the drama. Now that he has aged a bit and doing secondary roles and baddie characters- i cannot help thinking he was the young and naive Andrew I used to like in Love Letter drama. :D 

Love Letter [2003 Korean Drama] Has An Awful Ending

I completed 2003 Korean drama, Love Letter, a couple of days ago. It was a difficult watch because of Soo Ae. LOL Prior to that, though, I already read on the web that Cho Eun-ha (Soo Ae) would lapse into coma and that finally, Jung Woo-jin (Ji Jin Hee) would be free from his gripping love for Eun-ha.

In the final episode, Eun-ha underwent heart transplant after finally getting a matching donor and her surgery was headed by Jung Woo-jin, assisted by the priest, Andrea Lee Woo-jin.

Yes, Eun-ha sort of forced Andrea to become a priest because she believed that she would die. She did not but while she was in coma, Andrea took the final step to be one, since he promised her. Meanwhile, he continued to care for the sleeping Eun-ha while Jung Woo-jin went overseas to be a volunteer doctor. And he seemed pretty happy (free from the grip mentioned earlier) despite the fact that Eun-ha was comatose. Does that mean that he doesn't love Eun-ha anymore or that he finally realize that there will be no future for him and Eun-ha?

Andrea said that should Eun-ha wake up, they should "love again" but he's a priest now, so how could he love a woman again? Strange, really strange.

And now that Eun-ha is awake, and Jung Woo-jin comes back into her life because he loves her so much it's painful to watch how his love is not reciprocated but it's always been Andrea, Andrea, Andrea in Eun-ha's mind, and if Andrea gives up his priesthood because he wants them to "love again", this triangle love will never end.

Poor Jung Woo-jin. I could easily fall for a man like that. Ji Jin Hee is married to a Korean actress, by the way.

Ending theme
A Farewell In Heaven [천국의 이별 chun goo.k eh ee byul] - Tri-be

I searched YouTube and found this music video of the ending theme of Love Letter. It's called A Farewell In Heaven. It's not my favourite song in the whole OST album. My favourite is Andrea's theme [sarang eul mid na yo], Jung Woo-jin's theme [huh rak] and "noon boo shin nae ga dwel ddae gga ji" all by Tri-be. Too bad I could not find any of these on YouTube. SIGH!

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