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[2003] Cổ Điển - The Classic - Son Je Jin, Jo In Sung, Jo Seung Woo

Cổ Điển
Xem phim

Cổ Điển

The Classic (2003)

  • Quốc gia:Phim Hàn Quốc
  • Thể loại:phim tình cảm
  • Thời lượng:127 phút
  • Trạng thái:Thuyết minh
  • Tập tiếp theo:
  • Diễn viên:Ye-jin Son, In-seong Jo, Ki-woo Lee, Seung-woo Cho
  • Đạo diễn:Jae-young Kwak
  • Năm phát hành:2003

Diễn viên

Một câu chuyện tình yêu, thuần tuý hơn một bài thơ, xót xa hơn một tiểu thuyết… 127 phút của bộ phim kể lại hai câu chuyện tình yêu cách nhau 3 thập kỷ nhưng sự lãng mạn, ngọt ngào, chua xót, tiếc nuối… thì dường như vĩnh cửu giống nhau. Bộ phim làm cho những người đang yêu thêm yêu say đắm…

Ji Hye (Son Ye Jin thủ vai) và Soo Kyung học cùng trường đều thích Sang Min (Jo In Sung)- sinh viên khoa kịch. Soo Kyung tính nóng vội, nhờ Ji Hye viết giùm một lá thư cho Sang Min. Ji Hye đã muợn tên của Sô Kyung để thổ lộ tình cảm của mình với anh. Nhưng khi thấy những lá thư ấy giúp Soo Kyung gần gũi được Sang Min, Ji Hey nảy sinh cảm giác tội lỗi vô cớ và cố xa lánh Sang Min nhưng họ cứ liên tục bị bắt gặp một cách ngẫu nhiên. Tình yêu đã sớm bắt đầu…

Một lần tình cờ, Ji Hye ngẫu nhiên phát hiện được hộp thư bí mật của mẹ, trong có chứa nguyên vẹn ký ức mối tình đầu của bà… Ji Hye dần biết được về tình yêu cổ điển của mẹ… Tình yêu của cô thấm đượm màu tiếc nuối… nhưng cô hiểu và cảm thấy bình yên với quyết định chia tay với Sang Min, giờ đã là người yêu của bạn...

When the sun shines on the sea, I think of you When the dim moonlight is on the spring, I think of you

Tạm dịch:

Khi những tia nắng ban mai đầu tiên chiếu sáng, anh nghĩ đến em Khi ánh trăng ngà trải dài trên con suối, anh nghĩ đến em…

Như một bài thơ về tình yêu trong sáng và hạnh phúc trong nuối tiếc, The Classic đi vào lòng người xem nhẹ nhàng và đơn giản. Tình yêu hiện hình qua những cảnh phim miêu tả đầy chất lãng mạn với một thoáng lãng đãng trong tâm hồn. Để có và để nuối tiếc vì đã từng có với hạnh phúc từng tồn tại…


Running time : 132 mins
Date opened in Korea : 30 Jan 2003

Director: Kwak Jae-yong (My Sassy Girl)

Actors :

Son Ye-jin as SONG Joo-hee / YOON Ji-hye (Summer Scent)
CHO Seung-woo as OH Joon-ha
Jo In-sung as OH Sang-min (Piano)
LEE Ki-woo as YOON Tae-soo
LEE Sang-in as Soo-kyung
YANG Hyun-tae as Suk-woo


The movie begins with Ji-hye cleaning up her apartment and accidentally stumbling on her mother’s love letters from her first love. As she unfolds the old and yellowed pages, the words used were poetic and sounded like an old-fashion story.

She is interrupted by a phone call from her friend Suk-woo. Suk-woo is dating Sang-min, a popular undergraduate from the drama club. Ji-hye corresponded as Suk-woo for three months with Sang-min. Suk-woo asks Ji-hye to join them for a movie and dinner, on Sang-min’s invitation. Ji-hye agrees and gave a sigh of helplessness as she is also in love with Sang-min.

She goes back to read the old love letters. From the letters she discovers that they were from her mother’s first love, Oh Joon-ha. He was corresponding with Ji-hye’s mother Joo-hee as Yoon Tae-soo. Tae-soo is Joon-ha’s friend/schoolmate and also Joo-hee’s fiancée as arranged by both parents.

But actually Joon-ha had met Joo-hee in his uncle’s hometown during one of his summer vacations before that. Joo-hee had begged Joon-ha to take her to the ghost house opposite the river. She is curious to explore the house but her grandfather forbids her to go there. They had a wonderful day together visiting the ghost house. Both took shelter in the rain after Joo-hee sprained her ankle, and ended up spending the entire day together. When they returned safely to the village in the dark evening, Joon-ha was greeted by Joo-hee’s family, and was given a loud slap by her grandfather. Joo-hee is the granddaughter of a reputable family in the village, and her father is a government minister. Joon-ha is blamed for his inappropriate actions and taking Joo-hee to the ghost house. Joo-hee eventually fell ill and was ferried to the city, and Joon-ha thought he would never see her again.

When Tae-soo approached Joon-ha to write to his fiancé, Joon-ha was pleasantly surprised to know that Joo-hee is Tae-soo’s betrothed. And because of Tae-soo, Joon-ha and Joo-hee manage to meet again. Firstly at Joo-hee’s school piano recital, and then they caught up again at a social dance lesson where they double dated.

The young couple’s relationship was put to the test when Tae-soo confesses to Joon-ha that he is falling for Joo-hee. Joo-hee tried to break-up with Joon-ha over Tae-soo. She does not want to have anything to do with either Joon-ha or Tae-soo as she does not want to hurt anyone, and she felt that the difference (I think in terms of background) between Joon-ha and herself was too big.. But their first break-up was not very successful. Joon-ha decided to tell Tae-soo the truth. Surprisingly, Tae-soo already knew of their relationship because he recognise the necklace that Joon-ha wears, a gift from Joo-hee. The necklace was in turn a gift to Joo-hee from Tae-soo’s father. The kind Tae-soo decides to help the young couple by allowing Joon-ha to use his name on his letters to Joo-hee so that they may continue to correspond behind Joo-hee’s family’s back during the long winter holidays.

Unfortunately, the truth was discovered by Joo-hee’s family, and reported to Tae-soo’s father. In a fit of rage, he whips Tae-soo ruthlessly with his belt. To get back at his father, Tae-soo commits suicide, but was saved by Joon-ha. Overcome with guilt of his friend’s suffering, Joon-ha leaves Joo-hee. He leaves the necklace Joo-he gave him on the doorknob of Tae-soo’s hospital room.

A few years passed and Joo-hee bumps into Tae-soo at a student demonstration. She asks about Joon-ha and found out that he was to be shipped off to war. Tae-soo and Joo-hee manages to send Joon-ha off in time at the train station. As she runs after the train, she returns the necklace to Joon-ha and tearfully asks him to return safely.

Joon-ha fights in the war, and during a retreat, he realised that he left the necklace behind the battlefield. He made his way back into the frontline to retrieve the necklace, and as he was making his way for back to the helicopter, he is injured by a landmine and the camera pulls away as it shows a bloody Joon-ha shaking and reaching for the necklace.

The next screen shows Joon-ha gets off a taxi, and walked into a café. He was meeting Joo-hee. She was overcome with tears as she sees Joon-ha. He asked why she is still single, and informs her that he is already married. As the conversation progressed, Joo-hee realises that Joon-ha has gone blind (most probably blinded from the battle injury). Both wept as Joon-ha tried to return Joo-hee the necklace. But Joo-hee insisted that the necklace belongs to Joon-ha.

Eventually, Joo-hee marries Tae-soo and gives birth to Ji-hye three years later. During a visit to her hometown, she found out that Joon-ha had passed away. He asked for his ashes to be scattered in the village’s river. Joo-hee also found out that he actually married after she did, and has a son. He leaves behind his dairy for Joo-hee.

In the meantime, Ji-hye was confronted by Sang-min of his feelings for her. They got together and went back to Ji-hye’s mother’s hometown to backtrack the story that she has just read…..It seems like the fate of Joon-ha and Joo-hee continues in Ji-hye and Sang-min.


I watched this movie because it was highly recommended by another Korea movie addict friend of mine. He felt that "The Classic" was better than "Il Mare" and "My Sassy Girl", and felt that I should catch it. Fearing for the throne of my dear "Il Mare", I had to watch it. If it was to be, then I will have to change my name to "The Classic" (doesn’t sound as cool as "Il Mare", it’s all in a good name).

"The Classic" was an entertaining movie with a fair share of laughs and tears. But it lacked the “WOW” factor. You know that feeling that your insides been turned out, and you are forever affected by the movie. Although I felt the only thing that saved “My Sassy Girl” was the ending, but the “WOW” during the ending made up for all the times I was asking myself “Why was this the top grossing Korean movie of the year?” I could not identify the “WOW” in "The Classic". I felt that the similarities drawn between the love stories of mother and daughter was to make up for the sadness that was created in the mother’s version, and that the audience would get some form of relief with the daughter’s eventual partner. I also thought that the director would play on the difference in family background as the main reason for the break-up, instead he picked the weaker plot of friendship. Strange, I felt it would have been a more convincing motivation.

Otherwise, this movie was no different from an atypical Korean sob love story of first love, missed opportunities, and friendship. I felt that the director had bought an off-the-shelf recipe for successful Korean movie when making this movie. The ingredients are
1. Good looking leads
2. Beautiful country scenery
3. First love memorable moments – damsel in distress, caught in the rain, sprained ankle
4. Common reasons for parting – family, good friend, guilt or self-sacrifice because of terminal disease or … some handicap like being blind
5. Light-hearted hilarious moments – Tae-soo’s farting act, students fighting for the toilet, social dancing gathering
6. Tear jerking tragic wailing moments – Joon-ha leaving the necklace on the door knob, the send off at the train station, Joo-hee reaction to Joon-ha’s death
7. Love gift – the necklace
8. Twist at the end to bring everything together

Speaking of the twist at the end, I have to say it was not very well executed as the director had already provided obvious clues early on in the movie, e.g. with the poem Sang-min for Ji-hye in his gift. This technically took away the element of surprise with the twist, thus rending the ending “twist-less”(By the way, how did Ji-hye know how the necklace looks like?). I think one-word sums up my view of this movie, predictable. But despite the unsurprising storyline, I have to give credit to the great execution of the cast.

The leads Son Ye-jin and Cho Seung-woo had outstanding chemistry as first loves. Son has this damsel in distress look that no one can resist the helpless expression in her eyes. Cho is the romantic literary who steals Son’s heart with his words and his shy smile. I also felt the boyish Cho and the sweet Son were appropriate in their roles. Even when transcending to their older persona in the movie, both were able to add that touch of age and a sense of lost time on both sides. I enjoyed Lee Ki-woo as the kind yet silly Yoon Tae-soo. But I liked him as the high school student better. He looked awkward as an adult. The surprise find for me was Jo In-sung. Can Korean man get any better! (Who’s talking about his acting).

My favourite scenes were actually the scenes of the boys in school. I am not familiar with Korean history/living, but the regimental way of school life was depicted in a light-hearted manner although it must have been difficult enduring such strict code of school rules. The movie also gave me some insights on youths growing up in a changing Korea. But I wished the director had given me more of that versus the love story.

All in all, I will be keeping the name "Il Mare" for obvious reasons. Watch this if you have time to spare for a heart-tugging (and not heart wrenching) love story on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Movie Review: 5 Classic Scenes from The Classic (2003)

White tees and skinny jeans, Grimm’s fairy tales and Marvel comics, 80s disco beat and soul music—what do these things have in common? Yes, they are all classics.

In films, specifically Korean, there’s one masterpiece that always comes to my mind when I think of classics, and that’s none other than the 2003 romance-melodrama that truly lives up to its name—The Classic.The Classic movie poster

The movie tells the parallel love stories of mother-and-daughter Joo-hee and Ji-hye, both portrayed by Son Ye-jin, with the former’s love history being told in periodic flashbacks. It comes from the direction of Kwak Jae-yong, who previously directed the 2001 smash hit My Sassy Girl, resulting in very high expectations for this follow-up.

Though The Classic is definitely a gorgeous film, it had some flaws that somehow affected its overall appeal, but not enough to ruin it. Its similarities with its predecessor are too striking it’s hard not to notice right away. For example, both The Classic and My Sassy Girl contained main-lovers-braving-the-pouring-rain and female-lead-piano-recital scenes. Ji-hye’s tamed sassiness can also be compared to that of “the Girl” (Jun Ji-hyun) in My Sassy Girl. Also, the use of the same piano piece—Pachelbel’s Canon in D—in both movies didn’t go unnoticed from the viewers’ ears. All of these similarities actually worked out well for The Classic, the only problem is, it made the audience and critics question the movie’s originality.

Meanwhile in the acting department, Jo In-sung’s portrayal of Sang-nim, Ji-hye’s love interest, also felt dry to the point that their chemistry didn’t reach the viewers. But, whatever is lacking in Jo In-sung and Son Ye-jin’s connection is fulfilled by the latter’s undeniable on-screen chemistry with Jo Seung-woo, who played the role of Joon-ha, the man Joo-hee loved so dearly in their 60s you-and-me-against-the-world love story. This earned them the Best Couple trophy at the 9th Moscow International Love Movie Awards.

PicsArt_07-04-08.28.58Son Ye-jin in character as Joo-hee in The Classic.

Joon-ha and Joo-hee’s love affair that is wonderfully depicted through flashbacks everytime Ji-hye reads her mom’s old love letters and diary probably helped Jo Seung-woo and Son Ye-jin establish a much stronger chemistry. Their love story is more complicated and dramatic compared to that of Ji-hye and Sang-nim, with family obligations being the most significant hindrance to their happiness.

PicsArt_07-04-08.30.43Son Ye-jin in character as Ji-hye in The Classic.

The one thing that officially made The Classic a classic is Son Ye-jin’s remarkable portrayal of Joo-hee and Ji-hye’s characters. Her acting performance alone is more than enough to cover up for some of her co-stars’ lackluster delivery. She effortlessly made the viewers feel Joo-hee and Ji-hye’s pain and frustration for not being able to express and fight for their feelings for their respective love interests. For this, she was hailed as the 39th Baeksang Arts Awards’ Best New Actress.

Now if these are still not enough for you to give The Classic a try, here are five classic scenes from the movie that will make you want to click the play button ASAP. Read on!



Wanna experience a not so typical first date just like Joon-ha and Joo-hee? There are four things you need: a haunted house, rain shower, a watermelon, and fireflies.


Ji-hye had probably wished for a time freeze during this moment in which Sang-nim volunteered to accompany her to the library one rainy day. She thought it was just a random act of kindness, but she later on discovered that Sang-nim purposely left his umbrella at a coffee shop to be with her. Woah, it wasn’t a one-sided love all along! Lucky girl!


Joon-ha’s love for Joo-hee is probably one of the purest I’ve seen. After returning from his military deployment to Vietnam, Joon-ha met with Joo-hee where he lied to her about being married so that she could finally accept her arranged marriage with Tae-soo. But Joon-ha’s fake marriage isn’t what pained Joo-hee more, it’s her discovery of Joon-ha’s tragic fate of losing his eyesight during the Vietnam War while retrieving the necklace she gave him. Joon-ha’s pretend to cover up his disability was almost perfect, with him even visiting their meeting place a day before they met. It’s just that it’s hard to hide the truth from a longing woman in love.


There are people who are just not meant to be together no matter how sincerely and deeply in love they are with each other. Years after the two of them parted ways, Joon-ha died and wished that his ashes be scattered by Joo-hee on the river where they first met. It was in this moment, Joo-hee also discovered the sad truth that Joon-ha only got married right after her, and had one son.


Time flew so fast, and Joon-ha and Joo-hee’s love affair is nothing but an old, sad tale until fate meddled in as if it wanted to make up for the tragic end the two suffered in the past. One afternoon, while Ji-hye was sharing her mother’s love story, Sang-nim broke down in tears. Confused, Ji-hye just looked at him only to be surprised when Sang-nim showed her a familiar necklace. Then they realized that right from the start, the two of them are fated for each other to give their parents’ love story a happy ending.

Final verdict: Imperfect yet satisfying. 3.5/5

~All credit for the stills used in this review goes to Egg Films and Cinema Service.

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CAST:  Son Ye-jin, Jo Sung-woo, Jo In-sung

Ji-hye is a typical young woman, blood type O, with a constant habit of *pffft sighing and enjoys Taekwondo.  Her father died when she was young, and her mother didn’t opt to marry again. 

While tidying up the house, she takes a box which is very special to her mother.   There in the box are letters of her mother’s first love.

She is about to read one of the letters when the telephone rings, and when she comes to pick it up, the wind blows the letters out of its confinement. 

The caller is Ji-hye’s friend, Soo-gyung, who is inviting Ji-hye to come with her and Sang-min to visit an Art Museum. 

Soo-gyung likes Sang-min and Ji-hye has been helping her write love e-mail letters for him.  Secretly, Ji-hye also likes Sang-min just like most of the girls in the campus, but she has to give way for her friend.

When she gets back to the room, she sees the room in a mess because of the scattered letters.  She picks up the letters, sits down and turns the pages of a journal.   She sees a picture of a young man, and from that picture we will go to our first time travel.

Tae-soo approaches Oh Joon-ha to request him to write love letters for her fiancée, Sung Joo-hee.  When Tae-soo shows him her picture, Joon-ha is sent back to a beautiful memory he shared with her.

Joon-ha is catching a beetle with his friends, but his attention is caught when he sees a beautiful young lady passing by.  His friends tell him that she is from the city and is a Congressman’s daughter. 

In another moment, and still catching beetles with his friends, (Oh how simple and pretty killing time before, you just have to catch insects *giggles) the young woman approaches Joon-ha to look at the insect and asks him to accompany her to go to the haunted house near the river.  Lovestruck, and even without knowing how to row a boat, Joon-ha obliges to her plan.

Joon-ha and Joo-hee go haunted house hunting the next day, and when they arrive on the place, they scream when they sees an old bum drunk.  

Unfortunately, the rain falls and pushes away their boat so they have no choice but to wait for the rain to abate and settle inside a small resting place.  If eating watermelon is how they did dating before, I would be more than willing to indulge.

They start to head home, and when they pass by a wooden bridge, beautiful fireflies light the place.  He catches one for her, and I’m so envious of that scene, next time I won’t ask for flowers, just lighted flying insect surrounding an old wooden bridge. 

When they are about to depart, she gives him her necklace and when she reunites with her worried family, her grandfather slaps his face.

It is hard for Joon-ha to write letters for Tae-soo because he himself wants to tell a lot of things to her, but he doesn’t have a choice but to help his friend, and in a way continue his secret love for her.

Tae-soo comes rushing one day to find Joon-ha in the library.  He received an invitation to witness Joo-hee’s musical recital.  Joon-ha goes to see her perform and hopes to give her flowers but she was dragged for a lunch with Tae-soo’s family and hers. 

Joo-hee comes back looking for Joon-ha, and after a very short hello, she excuses herself because she can’t stay long.

Back to the present time in the Art Museum, Ji-hye exchanges glances with Sang-min while Soo-gyung annoyingly played sweet with him. 

When Ji-hye tells Soo-gyung that she’s wanting to leave, he tries to convince her otherwise by asking her to spend the dinner with them, but she politely refuse it. 

When she is about to leave, Sang-min calls her again and asks her to pick a gift.  She picks one. leaves, but Soo-gyung follows her to exchange the present she got.

When she gets home, she iss debating whether to open or not the gift, and when she finally open it, she is surprised to see a cute bear key chain and a short love letter. 

Of course the user-friendly Soo-gyung demands to get the love note when she reads it to her ovet the telephone. Ji-hye is sad thinking that Sang-min must have really like Soo-gyung a lot to write something sweet and special like that.

Switching to another flashback, Tae-soo asks Joon-ha to come with him to a Polka class with Joo-hee and her friend Na-hee.  Joo-hee is surprised when Tae-soo introduces Joon-ha as his bestfriend. 

The secret lovers exchange whispers on how coincidence is playing with them as Tae-soo in his playfulness changes the Polka music to Rock and Roll.  Tae-soo walks Joo-hee home, and annoyed with her tongue twister display, Joon-ha leaves Na-hee’s side secretly and rushes to catch up with Joo-hee. 

When Joo-hee is about to ring the door bell, the street light flicks on and off in resemblance of a firefly, and she smiles when she sees him standing beside the street light post.  She embraces him and our I-love-my-bestfriend’s-fiancee-love-tale is established.

Back to the present time, Ji-hye purposely tries to be late on her music class only to find out Soo-gyung patiently waits for her as well to get the love note. 

Ji-hye gets caught in the rain so she shelters herself under a tree.  She sees Sang-min running towards the shed and pretends she doesn’t notice him, but he calls her attention and they are put in an awkward situation.


When she tries running away, he asks her where she is heading.  She tells him her destination and he offers to run with her until she gets to the library.  Under that rainy day, with Sang-min’s jacket and a secret love resonating in the air, my second favorite scene happened.

During the morning exercise, Tae-soo tells Joon-ha that Joo-hee is not responding anymore to his letters and it’s making him sad because it’s the first time he has really liked a girl.  He goes to see Joo-hee to confess his feelings for her. 

When Joon-ha and Joo-hee meets up that night, he requests her to reply to Tae-soo’s letter.   It made Joo-hee sad because they are torn in causing pain to someone both dear to them. 

Joo-hee decides on not seeing Joon-ha and Tae-soo anymore because of their complicated situation, but Joon-ha still visits him every night turning the street light on and off. (This is why I’m lucky because my friends don’t have the same preference as mine when choosing a guy.)

Joon-ha visits sick Joo-hee, and he tells her that he wanted to come clean with Tae-soo, but when he tells him about it, he laughs and retorts not to let the necklace Joo-hee gave to him be seen by his father because he gave it to her as a gift. 

During school break they exchange letters, and one of the letters got returned back to Tae-soo’s address.  He is hurt big time by his father because of it.  Joo-hee’s father learns of her secret affair with Joon-ha and her plan to visit her grandfather’s house is cancelled.

When Tae-soo and Joon-ha get back to school, not being able to handle the emotional stress, Tae-soo pretends to be sick during the morning exercises and attempts to commit suicide.  (Before all the other bromance I saw, this has been my first favorite.)

When Joo-hee visits Tae-soo in the hospital, Joon-ha hung the necklace she gave him on the door knob and left.  She tries chasing him but he is nowhere to be found.

Back to the current time, The store owner chats with Ji-hye.  She narrates that she has a special umbrella, and it is special because Sang-min gave it to him. 

She tells Ji-hye that Sang-min left it the other day when the rain was pouring heavily.  Ji-hye realizes that it was the same day when she met him under the tree shed.  It dawns on her that he might have liked her too and ran happily under the rain to see him to confirm her suspicion.

She goes to see Sang-min to confirm if they have mutual feelings, and when she was about to walk away away, he stops her and admits his feelings to her.  He tells her that he likes her all along, and that when he asked her to pick up the present, he was hoping, she’ll get the one with the note.  (which we all know we got when Soo-gyung replaced hers)

During the stage play, Soo-gyung makes a fuss and childishly declares her love for him while they are on stage acting.  When the curtains close,  Sang-min reprimandes her and they end up slapping each other’s face. 

Ji-hye and Sang-min go for a date and she tells him about her parent’s love story.

Tae-soo and Joo-hee meet again during a civil rally they both participated.  When the war breaks in, Joo-hee learns from Tae-soo that Joon-ha will be signing in for the war, she goes to the heroes’ send off, at first he ignores her, but his heart melts and she gives him the necklace again.

But the war blinded Joon-ha, when he realizes that the necklace is lost, he goes back to the war zone and gets into an explosion.  He wasn’t able to return to Joo-hee’s side and later married another woman who patiently took care of him even if he was blind.

Years later, Joon-ha finally meets with Joo-hee.   He tells her that he was married already.  He is pretending all along that he is not blind, but Joo-hee learns what he is trying to hide when he talks about a piano doll which was earlier picked up by a little boy to play with it. 

She asks him how she looks and he replies differently.  He hurriedly makes an excuse to be out of the situation but he falls down on the floor. 

Both of them cries of how their love will be coming to an end.  He tells her he even practiced there in the restaurant last night to calculate his movements but it is still not perfect. He tries returning the necklace, but she puts it back on him and tells him that it will always belong to him.

Tae-soo and Joo-hee got married and had Ji-hye, but Tae-soo died after three years.  In the movie, Ji-hye has been seen doing that *pfffffttttt sigh, which she actually got from Tae-soo. 

After Ji-hye narrated her parents’ love tale, Sang-min cries and takes off the same necklace her mother gave to Joon-ha.  As it turned out, he is Joon-ha’s son and the love that their parents weren’t able to have, will be finally achieved in their time.

Joo-hee and Sang-min passes by the fireflies bridge where their parents love story started.  Sangmin catches a firefly and gives it to Ji-hye.  He kisses her and the love fate denied their parents are given once again for them to continue.  ^_^

“CHANCE is a GIFT for those who TRY”


When I first saw this movie, I was deeply moved I named all my pet dog…  Sang-min.  *giggles  Until now, my pet is named Sang-min.  It was a time-transcending love at it’s best.  This made me love Director Kwak Jae-young much more.