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All About Eve episode 1

All About Eve is still one of my all-time favourite dramas. For classic rivalry this drama is still hard to beat. It was a romantic drama that aired in 2000 on MBC and starred Jang Dong-geon and Chae Rim (Oh My Lady) with Kim So-yeon (Iris, Prosecutor Princess) playing the jealous villain. Two young women from very different backgrounds end up on the same course at the same university. They both want to become newsreaders. One of the girls, Sun Mi, (Chae Rim) is sweet and kind and has led a sheltered and happy life with her father who runs a construction company. She has a good friend Woo Jin (Han Jae-suk) who she has a crush on. Young Mi (Kim So-Yeon) on the other hand has had a hard life growing up in poverty with an alcoholic father. She has had to be tough to survive and envies Sun Mi’s nice life. But from the beginning Young Mi decides that she wants to take away everything that Sun Mi has. The rivalry between the two young women begins.This was the last drama Jang Dong-geon did before concentrating on films. (Too bad!) Here’s a summary of episode 1.

The rivals Sun Mi (Chae Rim) and Young Mi (Kim So-yeon) in the MBC drama All About Eve 2000

Yoon Hyung Chul is studying in the UK. He comes back to his flat from the shops and there are a couple of messages on his phone. The first is from someone called Joo Hee wondering why he hasn’t been in touch and telling him his mum is not doing well. The second message is from his dad. Hyung Chul is just about to delete the message when he hears that his mum has died. (I think the inside of the flat was filmed in Korea though and the voice on the answer phone is not a native English speaker!)

Hyung Chul (Jang Dong-geon) in the UK  (All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 1)

In the countryside of Korea Young Mi rushes to the hospital. Her father has been in an accident at a construction site where he works. She is hysterical and shouts at her father’s boss, Mr. Jin, blaming him for the accident. He says her father will get compensation because he has insurance but he won’t be able to get any pay. She is devastated and we learn that she is now alone as her mum left when she was six years old.

Young Mi at the hospital talking to Sun Mi’s father, Mr. Jin (Hyun Suk) (All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 1)

Now we get a glimpse of Sun Mi (Chae Rim) shopping in the supermarket. She looks happy and calm and the every day task of shopping contrasts dramatically with the terrible situation that Young Mi is going through.

Although she seemed to be sad when she first saw her father in the hospital, Young Mi now tells him while he is unconscious that life with him has been rough and she doesn’t want to see him again. She cries but she has fight in her eyes and seems more angry and frustrated than sad.

Sun Mi goes to see her friend Woo Jin’s mum, Mrs. Song, who works in a shop. Sun Mi tells her that she is going to cook dinner tonight. Sun Mi looks innocent and sweet in her duffle coat, sucking a lollipop. Mrs. Song and Sun Mi chat casually and the two families are obviously very close and Mrs. Song acts like a mother to Sun Mi. (Her father is a widower) Sun Mi goes to find Woo Jin who is in the dark room of his workshop developing pictures. They go home and he helps her cook. Sun Mi mentions that his mum does not think it appropriate to leave the two of them alone together but he replies that there’s no need to worry since nothing would ever happen between them. Sun Mi looks disappointed at his remark. She likes him but he just seems to see her as his little sister. While they are preparing dinner Sun Mi’s dad calls to say there has been an accident at the construction site and someone has died so he can’t come home for dinner. Sun Mi is a daddy’s girl and knowing he is not coming home upsets her. Woo Jin tries to cheer her up.

Sun Mi with Woo Jin’s mum (Park Won Sook) and Woo Jin (Han Jae Suk) (All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 1)

Young Mi is at her father’s funeral. She looks upset but when an adjumma that she knows comes to mourn Young Mi asks her to do her a favor. We don’t know what it is but it seems suspicious. Young Mi obviously hangs out with some dodgy types because there’s an unsavory looking character hanging around wanting to see her. He’s not dressed for a funeral and Young Mi looks shocked to see him. They have a past together and we discover that she asked him to do ‘something about’ her father a few years ago and he also helped her when she got beat up by her father. But now she tells him she wants nothing more to do with him. She has studied hard and now wants to get away from all this. She plans to start a new life in Seoul.

Young Mi at her father’s funeral (All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 1)

She burns everything – photos and clothes and things her father gave her as a child. She really means to start over. We see flashbacks of her as a school girl trying to study while her father was violent and drunk. He must have started drinking after her mother left.

Young Mi after her father’s funeral (All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 1)

Hyung Chul is back in Korea at his mother’s funeral. A Christian burial. He has flashbacks to his childhood too of his father leaving his mother pushing her away when she tried to stop him. His father must have left his mother for a younger woman and back at the house Hyung Chul is cold towards her and goes to his room to pack. His dad tries to talk to him but Hyung Chul is angry. He tells his dad that he and his mum waited for  him all those years to come back but he never did. Hyung Chul says he will not live like his father. He won’t marry someone he doesn’t love. He suggests that his father married his mum for money and says he won’t do that. His dad replies that he didn’t love Hyung Chul’s mum but he left because he couldn’t stand the way her parents treated him and looked down on him.  Hyung Chul storms out past his dad’s new wife and son.

Hyung Chul with his father  (All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 1)

At the broadcasting station MBS, the newsreaders are getting ready. Joo Hee is nervous and stutters through her part. Afterwards she goes to see Hyung Chul in a bar although he didn’t ask her to meet him. He is going back to the UK tomorrow. He is still in a bad mood and he drinks and tells her that he argued with his dad. She tries to suggest that he should get along with his dad but this annoys him. It seems that they were once romantically involved and she still likes him. The other newsreader Sun Dal arrives. Hyung Chul  asks Joo Hee why she doesn’t go out with Sun Dal but she says she has set her sights higher than him. (I think we can assume she means Hyung Chul)

News anchors Sun Dal (Park Chul) and Joo Hee (Kim Jung Eun) (A(All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 1)

Mr. Jin goes to see Young Mi at her house. He wants to help her get a place when she goes to university in Seoul since she is the same age as his daughter Sun Mi and they are going to the same school with the same major – Mass Media. They both want to be news anchors. He compliments Young Mi saying she is pretty and that his daughter is not beautiful but she is cute and kind. For once it seems as though Young Mi’s luck is finally changing as someone genuinely kind is offering to her help. (oh dear, if Mr. Jin only knew what he is getting his family into…)

Woo Jin and his friend Jun Mo are looking at Woo Jin’s photographs in his workshop. His friend is interested in Sun Mi but Woo Jin is protective of her and won’t allow it as he knows his friend flirts with all the girls. Mr. Jin drives Young Mi to Seoul and asks Woo Jin to let her stay at the workshop until she can get a place of her own.

Woo Jin and Jun Mo (Ahn Jung-hoon)in the workshop. All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 1)

Woo Jin, his mum, Sun Mi and her dad join Sun Dal the news anchor in Sun Mi’s garden and they eat fruit. They are all  happy and relaxed. But this is the happiness before the storm, before Young Mi comes into their lives. Both Woo Jin and Sun Mi ask Sun Dal to get them part time jobs at the broadcasting station.

Sun Mi and Woo Jin (All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 1)

Young Mi is alone in the workshop. She starts to clean up and sees a picture of Sun Mi  with her dad and another picture of Sun Mi with Woo Jin. She looks at the pictures with envy. But again we see the contrast of Young Mi’s life with Sun Mi’s nice life. Sun Mi even has contacts at the broadcasting station. Young Mi on the other hand knows no one in Seoul. She is alone and will have to rely entirely on her own skills to get where she wants to be.

Sun Mi is ready to go to university for the opening ceremony. In a cute pink suit. Young Mi turns up too in a grey suit. Woo Jin’s friend Jun Mo (who has taken a liking to her) gives her flower and takes her to the university and there they bump into Sun Mi and her family and they all take pictures outside the university together. Sun Mi’s dad has told Woo Jin and his friend not to tell anyone that Young Mi is staying in the workshop so Jun Mo pretends that Young Mi is his cousin.

On the first day the students have to choose a class president. One of the students Cho Jeh obviously wants to be the president and asks the class to vote for someone hoping that they will vote for her. But to everyone’s surprise, Young Mi nominates herself! Cho Jeh looks upset but later Young Mi tells her that she knew she wanted to be the president and so if she supports her now, Young Mi will support her to be president next time. Young Mi then starts lying about her family suggesting she comes from a family of high flyers which is why she always feels the need to be the leader…

After class, Young Mi talks to her new classmate Cho Jeh (Kim Hyo-jin) (All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 1)

Woo Jin and Jun Mo turn up to take the girls to City Hall where Joo Hee is presenting the news. The girls want to watch and afterwards they are introduced to Joo Hee. At this point Young Mi jumps forward and says she knows all about Joo Hee, even her birthday etc. She wants to show that she has been following her career and she wants to stand out from the crowd. Sun Mi looks on bemused. Later they are shown around the news studio and Young Mi leaps behind the news desk and asks Woo Jin to look at her through the camera. He does this and she begins to pretend to present the news – she has memorized the news script and everyone is impressed. She is clearly very competitive and Sun Mi just stares at her in amazement. It seems as though she has never met anyone like Young Mi in her safe world. Afterwards they go out to a games hall. Young Mi has noticed that Sun Mi likes Woo Jin so she turns her attention to him grabbing his arm when they play on the machines. Sun Mi notices this too and tries not to look concerned.

At the end of the evening, Woo Jin walks Sun Mi home and she links arms with him. But she is rattled by Young Mi and casually asks Woo Jin what he thinks of her. Woo Jin’s reply suggests that he is not interested in Young Mi and Sun Mi seems satisfied. At the end of episode 1 the rivals Sun Mi and Young Mi stand in front of their mirrors at home practicing reading the news. Sun Mi’s nice life has already been invaded. But she has no idea how bad things are going to get. Here we go…

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Jang Dong-geon, All About Eve (MBC, 2000)March 26, 2010In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 6August 10, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve episode 2

In episode two of All About Eve Young Mi starts to dig her claws into Woo Jin, and Sun Mi is not amused, especially since she goes to the UK to study and has to leave Young Mi alone with Woo Jin..

Sun Mi and Young Mi All About Eve 2000, MBC episode 2

Mr. Jin goes to the workshop to see Young Mi. She is grateful for all he has done for her and starts to cry. As he hugs her Mrs. Song walks in and sees them in an embrace. She is shocked and angry and storms out. Mr. Jin follows her trying to explain but Mrs. Song doesn’t think it’s right to have a young woman staying at the workshop when there are young men around. Mr. Jin calls her narrow-minded!

Mr. Jin goes home and has to tell Sun Mi about Young Mi’s situation. She is not completely happy that he has kept this from her and she’s also a bit worried as she remembers how competitive Young Mi was at the broadcasting station.

In the library she meets her friend Cho Jeh who says that Young Mi helped her find something on the internet in English so we can tell that she has obviously been studying English too – by herself as she would not have the money for a teacher. Cho Jeh is under the impression that Young Mi comes from a rich family as that’s what Young Mi has been telling everyone. Sun Mi realizes that Young Mi has been telling lies and it confirms her suspicions that she is not to be trusted.

Cho Jeh watches Young Mi leave the library

Sun Mi goes to confront Young Mi at the workshop. But Young Mi is unrepentant. She tells Sun Mi plainly that she doesn’t like people like her who have all the luck. She also says that Sun Mi need not worry as she is not interested in Woo Jin. But just as she says that, Woo Jin calls her telling her about a part time job at the broadcasting station. She is flirtatious on the phone with him and Sun Mi looks miffed – after all Woo Jin is supposed to be her friend and she had asked him to get her a job there but he has considered Young Mi before her. She must be wondering why Woo Jin has done this and feels jealous. Before Sun Mi leaves, Young Mi challenges her pointing out that although Sun Mi has luck she is tenacious.

Woo Jin takes Young Mi to the broadcasting station and she gets some job training. She catches on quickly and everyone is impressed. Afterwards Woo Jin and Young Mi go to eat noodles. She gets emotional and cries talking about her father’s death. But is this all a show for Woo Jin? He looks like he is getting interested in her.

Young Mi gets shown around the broadcasting station by Sun Dal and Woo Jin, All About Eve, MC 2000 episode 2

Meanwhile at the workshop Sun Mi looks worried as she waits with Joon Mo for them to return. She gives up and decides to go home but as she leaves she sees Woo Jin and Young Mi walking home. Young Mi is linking arms with Woo Jin and flirting with him and then she does the ‘I’ve got something in my eye’ trick to get him to stand close and look into her eyes while she acts all innocent. Sun Mi is watching behind the wall frustrated that he seems to be falling for this and slipping away from her. Once they go indoors, Sun Mi calls him saying she wants to talk to him alone. They go to a cafe where she demands to know what’s going on. She’s understandably annoyed that he helped Young Mi get the job  even though she had asked him to help her get a job first. Woo Jin tries to rationalize his decision by saying Young Mi needed the job more than she did. This is technically true but Young Mi is not the delicate and helpless girl he seems to think she is and it’s frustrating that he falls for her show so easily. Sun Mi throws a little tantrum pointing out that she likes him and he knows it. He brushes this off and says it’s time to go. He doesn’t have those kinds of feelings for her. Outside the cafe he puts his arm around her in a brotherly way.

At university the rivalry continues as both Young Mi and Sun Mi get praised for their work. Sun Mi gets a call to say she has got a job at the broadcasting station too and at first she is happy until Young Mi says she must have got the job because she specifically asked that Sun Mi also get a job there!

Young Mi and Sun Mi go to the broadcasting station and Young Mi has to show Sun Mi the ropes. She treats her like an idiot and Sun Mi doesn’t like it but Sun Mi isn’t as quick as Young Mi and later she has to ask Young Mi for help when the tape gets stuck in the player. She is mortified but she doesn’t know what to do.

Later she asks Woo Jin questions about how things work at the station. She has lived such a sheltered life and needs to be shown everything. Young Mi on the other hand can just figure things out for herself. Woo Jin messes around calling her an idiot and they play fight like brother and sister.

Hyung Chul arrives back at his house in England and gets a call from Joo Hee. She’s in London reporting the news. He goes to see her and they go to a Korean restaurant! (Even though she will be back in Korea in a few days time anyway?) She says she can’t meet him again tomorrow because she has a reception to go to but then she turns up at his flat all dressed up. It’s clear she likes him and tries to get a reaction from him asking if she looks pretty in her dress. He says she does but he looks uninterested. She makes him wear a suit so that they are both dressed up and they go for a walk on the river Thames. They chat and she asks if he has ever had a crush on anyone. But it seems that he has never been in love.

In the workshop Sun Mi looks at a picture of Young Mi taken by Woo Jin for a magazine. Young Mi is very pleased with herself and notices Sun Mi’s face fall as she gazes at the picture. Sun Mi tells Young Mi that it’s a great picture and that she looks pretty in the picture. This is probably hard enough for Sun Mi to say but Young Mi does not accept the compliment gracefully. Instead she takes the opportunity to rub it in even more by casually mentioning that people say the quality of a picture depends on how much the photographer loves the model! Sun Mi decides to leave and hopes Woo Jin will come too, but he doesn’t.

At university Young Mi and Cho Jeh drag Sun Mi away from her studies and they go shopping. The dodgy bloke from her past is waiting for Young Mi outside but she pretends that she doesn’t know him. He follows them around the shops and Young Mi notices this. On the way home she tries to get Sun Mi to go home to the workshop with her for coffee as she is afraid to go alone. Sun Mi notices she is acting strange and then two young blokes turn up. Sun Mi assumes they want her money and is about to give them her wallet when one of the men tries to grab her. Young Mi hits him with her bag and throws one of her shoes at his head and then shouts at Sun Mi to run. They run away and the men chase them. The girls split up and Young Mi runs into the dodgy bloke who is waiting for her. He angrily hits her across the face but then apologizes and sends the two young men off to buy medicine! He takes a plaster off her ankle to reveal a tattoo. She is obviously trying to hide her past. She lets him know that she doesn’t want to be with him and have history repeat itself – they both have alcoholic parents. Sun Mi has gone to get Woo Jin and he runs out with a piece of wood to find the guys who followed them.

Young Mi is staggering back home and faints when Woo Jin finds her. He takes her  to Sun Mi’s house. Mrs. Song sees her and is not impressed. She thinks she is very tough and no ordinary girl and tells Woo Jin to stay away from her. He makes Young Mi some soup and she goes all girly and hugs him saying she likes him but she doesn’t want to hurt Sun Mi. Oh she’s clever. Sun Mi walks in and catches them hugging. She is shocked but quickly composes herself and tells Young Mi that there is no problem if she likes Woo Jin because Sun Mi and Woo Jin are just friends. She apologizes for interrupting and runs out. Downstairs, away from the others she begins to cry while upstairs Young Mi secretly grins smuggly.

Sun Mi is going to the UK to study. Woo Jin and Young Mi see her off at the airport. But as she leaves her expression reveals that she is worried about leaving Young Mi and Woo Jin alone together. (And so she should be..)

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All About Eve episode 1June 12, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve episode 4June 26, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 6August 10, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve episode 3

In this episode Sun Mi meets Hyung Chul in the UK and Young Mi decides that she needs a job that pays more money than the usual hourly wage, so she goes to work as a hostess in a karaoke bar.

Sun Mi arrives in the UK. She has to go to the college office to sort some things out for her course but she can’t make herself understood. Hyung Chul happens to be in the office too and notices that she is Korean. But he doesn’t say anything to her. Then she goes off to join her very weird 60’s style English class! Afterwards on the bus on the way home she is thinking about Woo Jin and Young Mi. She is not concentrating and so when she gets off the bus she starts crossing the road on a red light and ends up getting hit by a car. Hyung Chul happens to be driving the car and is shocked that he has hit someone. Meanwhile Young Mi and Woo Jin and family are enjoying themselves and eating in a restaurant. They have just helped Young Mi move into a flat. But Woo Jin’s mum is still suspicious of Young Mi. She knows she’s trouble.

All About Eve 2000 MBC Episode 3

Hyung Chul takes Sun Mi to the hospital and afterwards she says goodbye but doesn’t get his details, so there is no way that she can get in contact with him. Sun Mi’s aunt wonders if there is something wrong since Sun Mi is acting strange. She is not as bubbly as she usually is. Sun Mi is preoccupied with Woo Jin and Young Mi and she tries to call home but there’s no answer.  Woo Jin is out too. She leaves a message but Young Mi deletes the message. So later she calls Woo Jin’s mobile and Young Mi answers while he’s in the loo. Sun Mi tries to hide the fact that she is upset that Young Mi is with him and even answers his phone. Poor Woo Jin. He is far too soft. He comes out of the bathroom and though he looks disappointed that he didn’t get to speak to Sun Mi, Young Mi soon takes his mind off her by suggesting they go out. Young Mi does her helpless act and tells Woo Jin that she’s jealous of Sun Mi because she has such a great dad  while her own dad is dead. She asks Woo Jin to look after her and he is obviously touched.

Sun Mi tries to call Woo Jin from the UK but Young MI just deletes the message

After another strange English class Sun Mi finds Hyung Chul waiting with a letter for her. She doesn’t seem that pleased to see him. She reads the letter which is from Woo Jin and Young Mi and doesn’t look happy at all.Hyung Chul asks her to go to dinner with him but she says she has a part time job. She’s working at her aunt’s Korean restaurant which happens to be the same restaurant which Hyung Chul always goes to eat at. So while she is at work, he turns up for dinner – so this is where he was going to take her anyway. They laugh about it. When she goes home she reads the letter again and  clearly is wondering what is going on between Young Mi and Woo Jin. Although Woo Jin writes most of  the letter Young Mi adds some bits too so that Sun Mi will realize that they are spending lots of time together. Oh she’s clever.

Sun Dal and Joo Hee are at work and are arguing over Joo Hee’s clothes. They are doing a morning show but she is wearing formal evening wear. Sun Dal doesn’t think her clothes are appropriate for a morning show and says she should be more flexible because these days even news anchors will sometimes have to take on different roles including the role of presenters if they want to be successful. But Joo Hee has a lot of pride. She says she worked hard to beat a lot of competition to become a news anchor so why should she lower herself to do other kinds of work.

Back in the UK Sun Mi is eating kim bap (that her aunt made) in the park outside her school and trying to study. Hyung Chul happens to be passing and sees her. He comes over and eats all the kim bap much to her annoyance! He says he will make it up to her and takes her shopping where they look at hats. Cambridge hats. (I can’t work out if they are supposed to be in London or Cambridge!) He puts a hat on her head and jokes saying the hat is for his girlfriend but she can wear it for now. She tries a hat on him and says it’s for her dad. Hyung Chul is moved since he does not get on with his dad.

Sun Mi’s dad comes to see Young Mi in her new place and gives her some spending money to go out. She goes shopping with Cho Jeh but suddenly gets a phone call and says she has to go. It’s the bad boy from her past. He wants her to come and work for him – as a hostess. He says the girls he has working for him right now are not good enough. She says no. He demands to know if she is seeing the adjoshi (Mr. Jin) who helped her out, but she just walks off. She goes to eat alone in a cheap restaurant and then calls Woo Jin. They go to the cinema and watch a Japanese film. In the theatre she links arms with him. The bad boy from her past is sitting behind them snarling.

After they leave she asks Woo Jin to get her another job because she needs more work. He suggests his mum’s convenience store – night shift works out at 2,500 won per hour! She doesn’t like the sound of that. The bad boy, Bae In Soo, turns up at her flat. He is still pestering her to come and work for him. The money must be too good to refuse and she starts working at the club where she wears lots of make up and  a wig. Sun Dal happens to turn up at the club. He says hello to her but doesn’t recognize her in the wig. She gets loads of money and In Soo wants her to give up school and work with him.

Woo Jin turns up at Young Mi’s place and tells her he has found her a part time job – he is actually giving her his job. He says he needs to quit anyway since he has to concentrate on his studies. She hugs him and tells him he is too good and doesn’t know how bad she is (That’s true. If only she could accept everyone’s kindness without always wanting more)

Sun Mi goes to see Hyung Chul. He is playing the piano.

Young Mi is doing the part time tutoring job. Her student is from a well-off family and not interested in studying. He tells her he will go abroad (as all rich kids do) and spends most of his time looking at her cleavage. She gets annoyed. Back at her karaoke job she is drinking too much and goes to the bathroom to throw up. She gazes at herself in the mirror and In Soo tells her not to drink all the free drinks that she is given. Meanwhile Woo Jin is in his dark room. And he is clearly in the dark about Young Mi and what she is doing too. After work, Young Mi goes back to the workshop still in her makeup and wig and tells Woo Jin to look at her as she is dressed now because this is who she is. It’s like she is trying to make him interested in her and turn him away all at the same time. He looks confused but not put off. But then Woo Jin’s mum comes in and when she sees what Young Mi is wearing she is shocked.

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All About Eve Episode 9August 30, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 13September 26, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve episode 1June 12, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve episode 4

In the 4th episode, Young Mi works on getting Woo Jin to fall in love with her to make Sun Mi jealous. In the UK, Sun Mi’s friendship with Hyung Chul develops too and then she comes back to Seoul ready to tell Woo Jin how she really feels….

Woo Jin’s mum shouts at Young Mi for dressing like a tart. She tells her to behave herself and never to dress like this again! It sounds like she’s nagging but underneath she is probably trying to help her. But Young Mi seems to soak up the criticism as though she knows she can never be good.

Young Mi, All About Eve, episode 4, MBC, 2000

The next day Young Mi goes to her job at the broadcasting station and sees Sun Dal who she saw at the bar the night before. For a moment it seems as though he may recognise her, so she casually says he looks like he has a hangover. He laughs and acknowledges  that he went to a girly bar but tells her to keep that a secret –  especially from  Joo Hee. But Joo Hee is standing behind him looking disapprovingly. (How shocked they would be if they found out that nice girl Young Mi was one of the girls working there!)

Joo Hee overhears Sun Dal saying he was in a girly bar last night
Young Mi makes another attempt to break away from her past. She meets In Soo and tells him she is not going back to work at the bar again. The money tempted her once but she doesn’t want to go back. He wants her back and threatens to tell everyone about her past if she doesn’t come back! But Young Mi says he can do what he likes since she has nothing to lose. (I do feel a lot more sorry for Young Mi watching the drama this time around. Part of her tries to separate herself from her past but another part of her seems fatalistic knowing that she never can. In Soo can be nice to her and wants to look after her as long as she lives in his world. But as soon as she tries to get away and better herself he turns violent and threatens her.)  

In Soo and Young Mi, All About Eve, Episode 4, MBC, 2000

Young Mi is playing house. She goes shopping and then stops off at the convenience store to tell Woo Jin’s mum that she is making neng myeon, a cold noodle dish, for Mr. Jin and invites Mrs. Song too. It looks like she is on her best behaviour but when she arrives at Mr. Jin’s house, she goes upstairs into Sun Mi’s room to have a nose around. She even tries one of Sun Mi’s dresses on. Mr. Jin comes home while she is still wearing the dress. But he simply admires the dress and says she looks good in it. Even when she says the dress belongs to Sun Mi he doesn’t mind at all. (Men are like that, I suppose) But then Mrs. Song arrives and sees Young Mi wearing Sun Mi’s dress. She is upset and says she bought the dress for Sun Mi. Young Mi acts hurt and moodily takes the dress off right  in front Mrs. Song! Then she sweetly says she will put the dress back and walks upstairs in her underwear, carrying the dress. Mrs. Song is shocked and tries to talk to Mr. Jin about it but of course he sees nothing wrong.

Mrs. Song watches Young Mi walk up the stairs in her underwear. Sitting on Sun Mi’s bed, Young Mi seems pleased that she has annoyed her. 

Woo Jin and his friend Joon Mo have arrived and they all sit down to eat.  But Mrs. Song doesn’t like all the attention the two young men give Young Mi – especially when Joon Mo suggests that Woo Jin and Young Mi are an item. Young Mi notices that Mrs. Song is upset and she looks satisfied. She has obviously thought up a plan and sure enough, after dinner she puts on her sweet girly voice and tells Woo Jin that they should stop seeing each other as she can’t cope with the fact that his mother doesn’t like her. She really knows how to manipulate him. She tells him about the dress incident but changes it to make herself look like a victim – she says Sun Mi’s dad gave her Sun Mi’s dress to try on and then his mum, Mrs. Song, made her take it off! OOOOHH! This has the desired effect as Woo Jin doesn’t want to break up and is annoyed that his mum treated Young Mi like that. He knows that his mum really likes Sun Mi and imagines that she has chosen to dislike Young Mi out of loyalty to Sun Mi. So he goes home and shouts at his mum for being mean to Young Mi.(What a fool. All I can do is shake my head…His mum is in a difficult position now because she can see what Young Mi is doing but Woo Jin can’t so if she tries to say anything her relationship with her son will only get worse.) 

In the UK, Sun Mi has finished her English study programme and is ready to go back to Korea. Hyung Chul takes her out for dinner, but it’s clear that she is worried about what’s going to happen with Woo Jin when she gets back. (I can’t believe that Hyun Chul can’t take her mind off Woo Jin!) Hyun Chul advises her to tell Woo Jin how she feels. (Oh dear –  Woo Jin has already made it pretty clear that he is not romantically interested in her.)

Hyung Chul drives her to the airport too. And since Sun Mi still thinks that Young Mi saved her from two muggers that night, Hyung Chul has also bought a present for Sun Mi to give to Young Mi. He’s being very chivalrous. As a parting gift, she gives him what looks like a Beatrix Potter ornament. He’s bemused and says it doesn’t really suit him (that’s true) but Sun Mi argues that it should match her personality as she is the giver of the gift after all. (I agree that it matches her personality but I don’t know if I agree with her present buying philosophy?! ) Hyung Chul sees her off and seems sad to see her go. They agree to meet up in Seoul at some point but Hyung Chul plans to be in the UK for three more years.

Hyung Chul, All About Eve, episode 4, MBC, 2000

Back in Seoul, Sun Mi immediately senses that Woo Jin and Young Mi have become close. She’s jealous when she sees a photo of Woo Jin and Young Mi looking very friendly. But she remembers what Hyung Chul told her and decides to reveal her feelings to Woo Jin anyway. (Although I’m sure he already knows.) But as predicted things don’t go well and he tells her that he is in love with Young Mi. Sun Mi rushes out in shock. ( I do feel bad for her now. Sun Mi hasn’t had to deal with too many things not going her way so far in her life and she’s still young and childish in lots of ways. Now she has to deal with her first broken heart. I remember that too…)

Woo Jin and Sun Mi, All About Eve, episode 4, MBC, 2000

Next we see Sun Mi in the classic K-drama ‘depressed and standing on the edge of a subway platform  as the train comes in, hair blowing all over the place’ sad scene. (I get the impression that Sun Mi  never gets the subway anywhere though. Well-off people don’t generally ride the subway in Seoul and she is a princess who gets chauffeured everywhere by her dad or Woo Jin or someone. This drama was made years before all the subway stations had screen barriers blocking off the tracks. It would take a bit more searching to find a subway station like this in Seoul these days.) In tears she calls Hyung Chul to say he was wrong about everything turning out OK in the end. Poor Sun Mi.

At university Young Mi is looking very smug indeed. She is perfectly aware that her plan is working and that Sun Mi is heartbroken that she has taken Woo Jin away from her. But their focus turns to their studies as the class is told that auditions are going to be held for a freshman to get a scholarship. The rivalry between Young Mi and Sun Mi continues as they are both keen to get the scholarship.

Is Sun Mi tough enough to beat Young Mi?




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All About Eve Episode 16November 24, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 9August 30, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve episode 3June 16, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 5

In this episode Sun Mi and Young Mi compete for the media studies scholarship. Although I’m sure we’re all wanting Sun Mi to win, it’s Young Mi who really needs the scholarship money. They both practise interviewing and reading the news at home but in very different situations – we can see the difference in their lives again. Sun Mi can practise with her loving dad in their nice house. She has a large wardrobe with a wide range of clothes to choose from. And she gets chauffeured to school in the car by her dad. Meanwhile Young Mi practices alone, goes to school on a crowded bus and has to patch her old shoes up as she doesn’t have any others. Watching this time around I have a lot more sympathy for Young Mi. Having said that, her vicious streak drives me mad. If only she could just be happy with Woo Jin instead of having to be so competitive and ruthless all the time… but then it would be a boring drama!The rivalry continues between Sun Mi and Young Mi, All About Eve, episode 5, MBC 2000

The students gather in one of the lecture halls at the university and are introduced to the judges – the anchor woman Joo Hee is one of the judges. For the first part of the test the candidates have to complete various tasks. Their friend Cho Jeh has to read the news in the style of a child. Sun Mi has to interview Joo Hee. Young Mi snarls in the audience as Sun Mi happily asks Joo Hee about her love life and when she plans to get married. (This is ironic since Joo Hee is in love with Hyung Chul who will fall in love with Sun Mi) Sun Mi is light hearted and the the students appreciate this. In contrast Young Mi is asked to imagine her future and the greatest moment of her career as an anchorperson – she pretends that she has just won the Pulitzer prize. She is cold and ambitious and driven and completely the opposite to Sun Mi, but the judges seem to respond well to her.The candidates are given their next challenge: appeal to the public. All About Eve, MBC, 2000

But then for the next part of the test the candidates have to show that they can appeal to the public. So this time they will be judged by the other students. They are given an hour to prepare something on the topic the autumn of a freshman before they read it out over loud speakers to the whole university. Sun Mi looks nervous and can’t think of what to say while Young Mi looks as confident as ever. She enjoys watching Sun Mi clearly worried about the challenge. But Sun Mi finally managed to come up with an idea at the last minute and rushes flustered to the studio where Young Mi is waiting calmly and prepared.Young Mi watches Sun Mi prepare for her speech 

Young Mi confidently reads out her work. But she isn’t popular with the other students. They think she is stuck up and they don’t like what she talks about. Sun Mi starts off nervous but the students like her topic about getting low grades. They can all relate to her and she gets lots of votes.The scoreboard showing how the students have scored the candidates. Young Mi has red stickers. Sun Mi has blue stickers. 

(When I went to school in Seoul to study Korean, the teachers used this sticker method quite often to let the students mark each other’s work. We would have to put our Korean writing up on the walls and then go around and read each other’s work and decide whose piece was the best. Then we’d put a sticker under that piece of work. Great if you get lots of stickers. Embarrassing if you don’t get many!) The other students obviously didn’t like Young Mi. She only got a handful of stickers. She is humiliated and angry and demands to know why she didn’t win when she believes she was clearly better than Sun Mi. She’s told it’s because her speech was too academic.

So Sun Mi wins which means she wins the scholarship and gets to be one of the MCs for an upcoming event. Young Mi is really upset but her ambition alienated people and she doesn’t connect with others – that’s the problem. That’s one of her problems. She’s trying too hard and trying to be too perfect and clever.Again Young Mi is enraged that Sun Mi has beaten her and they have another encounter. This time Sun Mi tells Young Mi that Woo Jin is not really in love with her – He just pities her. This hits Young Mi hard because in her mind there is a possibility that this could be true. (That was a mean thing to say by Sun Mi but she was pushed) Sun Mi’s words have affected Young Mi and later she is cold towards Woo Jin and tries to push him away when he comes to cheer her up for not winning the scholarship. Sun Mi celebrates her victory with her family but Woo Jin is noticeably missing. Sun Mi tries to look happy but she still misses him and envies Young Mi’s relationship with him.At the venue where the event is going to be held, Sun Mi arrives to practise with the other MC. Young Mi stands at the back of the hall and looks on enviously. (She spends a lot of time in this episode standing around in the shadows looking envious and sullen) One of the staff members tells Sun Mi that he will put her bag backstage and when Young Mi sees this she suddenly and suspiciously disappears. Sun Mi sees her leaving the hall and wonders where’s she’s going… Sure enough, backstage we see a hand grab Sun Mi’s bag…It’s the day of the show and Sun Mi’s friend Cho Jeh is trying to help her put her makeup on but  Sun Mi looks terrible afterwards! In the end Cho Jeh gives up and decides to put some of Sun Mi’s skin toner on herself instead. (the skin toner that Sun Mi had in her handbag ) But as soon as she applies the toner her face starts burning. She squeals in agony and her face is bright red and stinging. Sun Mi rushes to the pharmacist with her where they discover that the liquid in the bottle was acetate: someone must have put acetate in Sun Mi’s toner. Who could that possibly have been?Cho Jeh puts some of Sun Mi’s skin toner on her face and it stings. 

In a rage, Sun Mi leaves Cho Jeh in the pharmacist’s and rushes to Young Mi’s flat. She accuses Young Mi of the crime but Young Mi coolly demands to know if she has proof. Of course she doesn’t and Young Mi’s arrogant attitude when she is clearly guilty drives Sun Mi mad and she slaps her face. They get into a cat fight slapping each other’s faces and pulling each other’s hair until Woo Jin comes in and pulls them apart. Although Young Mi was holding her own before Woo Jin arrived, now when he comes in Sun Mi is on top of Young Mi and it looks like Sun Mi is the baddie attacking the defenceless Young Mi. As soon as Woo Jin pulls them apart Young Mi cleverly starts to cry weakly professing her innocence and shocked that anyone could think that she could do such a terrible thing. Her acting is successful and she gets Woo Jin’s sympathy.

Woo Jin probably thinks Sun Mi is just jealous of Young Mi and is trying to frame her. This is hard to watch as he immediately takes Young Mi’s side. Even though he has known Sun Mi for years and Young Mi for five minutes. Sun Mi is like a little girl trying to tell him what she thinks Young Mi has done but she has no proof and Woo Jin doesn’t believe her. She shouldn’t have said anything because Woo Jin is too blind to see what is going on right now and in his defence she has shown that she really is jealous of Woo Jin and Young Mi’s relationship. Young Mi starts packing saying she can’t stay there anymore and is going to go and live on the streets (she knows how to get her way) Woo Jin is annoyed with Sun Mi, demanding that she apologise. Sun Mi can’t believe what’s happening. She storms out. Woo Jin follows her and tries to talk to her but she is too angry and storms off – she says how can he not believe her when he knows her so well. This is true. It’s amazing how quickly things can change between two people.
The SlapThe fightThe tearsThe hurtYoung Mi looks on as Woo Jin watches Sun Mi walk away.

The show begins and Sun Mi seems to be doing well as an MC on stage. Young Mi looks on jealously. It seems there is nothing she can do now. She has lost and that’s it. But wait. Young Mi is the master of grabbing opportunities and when she overhears Woo Jin on the phone saying that Sun Mi’s dad has been in a very minor accident, she sees her chance. Sun Mi’s dad is fine and he is on his way to the show but Young Mi  pretends to overreact at the news and with fake worry she rushes off to find Sun Mi. The next thing we know, Sun Mi is rushing out into a taxi to go to the hospital. Now they are short of an MC for the second half of the show…

Young Mi’s plan works like a dream. She hangs around backstage strategically until she is asked to fill in for Sun Mi. Young Mi is soon on the stage introducing the next act Ju Yu Hoon. She even takes over the other MC’s lines too and then blames Sun Mi for marking the lines as her own. Sun Mi’s dad and Mrs. Song arrive all dressed up with flowers ready to see Sun Mi on stage but discover that she is on the way to the hospital. They call her and although she is relieved that her dad is not seriously ill in hospital, she is disappointed because she can’t get back in time to finish the show. She arrives to find her dad congratulating Young Mi for a great performance!  No wonder she is angry. She knows Young Mi must have done this on purpose and she confronts Young Mi shouting at her in front of everyone wanting to know how she could pretend that her dad was ill. Young Mi apologises meekly. (even though she totally did this on purpose!) It’s unbelievable how none of the men see through Young Mi.Sun Mi’s dad is upset with her for not getting along with Young Mi. The only one who believes her is Mrs. Song. She can see through Young Mi too. For some reason Young Mi has been given the scholarship money instead of Sun Mi. Just because Sun Mi had to leave half way through the show? I don’t really get this bit but anyway, Young Mi tells Woo Jin that she wants to give the scholarship money back to Sun Mi since she won the competition. Woo Jin knows that Young Mi is short of cash and he offers to pay her tuition fees with money he has earned from his part time work. (Don’t do this Woo Jin. You hardly know this woman) Young Mi then meets Sun Mi and gives her the scholarship money and adds with relish that she doesn’t need the money since Woo Jin has said he wants to pay her tuition fees. Sun Mi can’t believe it.Young Mi arranges to meet Woo Jin in the evening for a date.  But Mrs. Song is not happy about this and won’t let him go. She makes him work in the convenience store so that he can’t see her. But Young Mi waits for him all dressed up in her flat and she’s bought a cake. It must be a special occasion. She waits and waits but he doesn’t come. She knows it’s because of his mum so she goes to see her at the convenience store and tries to persuade her to let them see each other. Mrs. Song refuses saying she knows what Young Mi is really like. She is not fooled like all the men seem to be.

Young Mi resorts to threats saying she will take Woo Jin away from her if she doesn’t allow them to date. Mrs. Song angrily slaps Young Mi’s face. Tears come to Young Mi’s eyes and that’s perfect timing because Woo Jin arrives just at that moment, shouts at his mum and drags Young Mi away. They go and sit on the river. He’s drinking. Young Mi says he won’t be able to change his mum’s mind and she wants to die. She cries again. They walk around and now Woo Jin is drunk. He can’t walk straight and Young Mi wonders what to do. Then she looks up and sees the lights of a hotel. She has an idea and her face is smug – this is not going to please Woo Jin’s mum at all…

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All About Eve Episode 9August 30, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve episode 1June 12, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 7August 18, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 6

The weather over the last week just made me want to stay in the house and laze around. But at least I could watch more dramas! Here’s a recap of episode 6 of the classic, All About Eve. Finally, Hyung Chul (Jang Dong-geon) is back on the scene. So things will start getting even more interesting now. It’s a shame that the only time we see Jang Dong-geon these days is on adverts on the TV. Too bad!Jang Dong-geon as Hyung Chul in All About Eve, 2000, MBC

Woo Jin and Young Mi spend the night together at a motel. Young Mi has set up the situation perfectly (as we’ll see later) so that his mum will have to accept her now. When Woo Jin gets home his mum is waiting for him and she’s FURIOUS. She’s knows he’s been with Young Mi and that’s why she’s so worried because she doesn’t trust Young Mi. She can guess exactly what Young Mi is up to. Usually, wouldn’t it be the other way around? – the girl’s parents would be angry that she stayed out all night. But of course Young Mi doesn’t have any parents to worry about her. Mrs. Song hits him, berating him for being such a fool. I have to agree. He is a fool. Then to make things worse, Young Mi arrives. She acts all repentant and meek, kneeling in front of Mrs. Song and apologising – but Mrs. Song knows that this is all an act. But the problem is that the more she screams and shouts at Young Mi the more Woo Jin defends her. I feel for his mum right now. But there is nothing she can do and she storms out in tears. Young Mi storms out too, pretending to be shocked and upset at his mother’s reaction – although inside she is probably congratulating herself. She must have known all along that Mrs. Song would react like this. Mrs. Song is not amused. All About Eve, 2000, MBC

Sun Mi knows that the two of them were out all night. Although she must feel very jealous, she is also worried about Woo Jin getting hurt. So she goes to see Young Mi and asks her if she really likes Woo Jin or if she is just using him. Young Mi doesn’t give a straight answer but implies that she is using him to get at Sun Mi.  Sun Mi leaves in tears and Young Mi sits in her flat – but she looks upset. We know she is using Woo Jin, but it seems that there is a part of her that does actually like him. Or perhaps wants to like him, but feels that she doesn’t deserve a decent man. Sun Mi puts on a brave face and goes to Woo Jin’s place and while he is asleep makes him kimchi chige. He feels bad that she is treating him so nicely even though she likes him and he is seeing someone else, but Sun Mi just smiles and tells him to call next time he stays out because everyone was worried about him. But when she leaves his house she starts to cry. Earlier we saw Young Mi in the bath, coolly thinking over her plan after her night with Woo Jin. Now we have another bath scene with Sun Mi, but with very different emotions. I think these bathrooms are a bit too fabulous though! Especially the bath Young Mi is in. (above) Isn’t it far too nice for a basic motel?  We haven’t seen or heard much of Hyun Chul recently. He’s still in the UK. But now Sun Mi writes an email to him telling him about her feelings for Woo Jin. They’ve obviously been keeping in touch and she confides in him. In fact, he is the only one she seems to confide in.

Then suddenly Hyung Chul has to return to Korea because his father is sick. Sun Dal and Joo Hee the news readers from MBS come to meet him at the airport but Hyung Chul’s smile fades when he sees other men from the company there too. He is still reluctant to have anything to do with the company. He goes to the hospital to see his father but he is still cold towards him as he was before.

His step mum (a young Ra Ra’s aunt in New Tales of Gisaeng, by the way…) and her brother Mr. Kim are at the hospital but Hyung Chul excuses himself and refuses to sit and talk to them. Later Sun Dal explains that Mr. Kim moved to the company after Hyun Chul’s father became sick. Although the company was Hyung Chul’s mother’s company, it looks like Mr. Kim is going to try a take-over. Sun Dal urges Hyung Chul to take his place at the head of MBS before this happens.Hyung Chul at the hospital, All About Eve, 2000, MBC, episde 6

Hyung Chul goes to see Sun Mi. She is surprised to see him. He couldn’t have told her he was coming back to Korea. They sit and catch up with what’s been going on and we can see that they have a sincere friendship. Meanwhile, Woo Jin and Young Mi go shopping and Young Mi chooses a top for Woo Jin’s mum, saying she hopes the gift will make his mum like her more. I think it’s going to take more than a few clothes to win his mother over. And since Woo Jin bought the top anyway, it’s not really a gift from her. As expected, Mrs. Song is not impressed and throws the top on the floor in the convenience store. Looking upset, Young Mi storms out and Woo Jin chases after her. His mum tries to stop him but he pulls away from her and rushes out after Young Mi. I’m shouting ‘FOOL’ at the screen again now. And the intense reaction of Mrs. Song reminds us, if we need reminding, that nothing good can come of this relationship between Young Mi and Woo Jin. Hyung Chul and Sun Mi catch up while Young Mi and Woo struggle, All About Eve, MBC

Suddenly we jump to a scene where Young Mi and Sun Mi are together outside the college grounds. Sun Mi looks worried about Young Mi who is acting strange and unwell. Young Mi says she might break up with Woo Jin as that’s what everyone wants. But this is all an act. She is setting Sun Mi up for the next part of her plan and the innocent Sun Mi falls for it.Innocent Sun Mi and the manipulative Young Mi. All About Eve, 2000, MBC, episode 6

Next we find Young Mi at hospital getting some medicine. (I assume it’s the morning after pill.) The pills are strategically placed in her handbag and then she goes to meet Woo Jin. Again she acts weird, and stops to stare longingly in shop windows with baby clothes. Woo Jin guesses what’s going on and takes her home before riffling through her bag to find the strategically placed pills. He’s annoyed that she’s gone behind his back. But he softens immediately when she gives him another sob story about how terrible she felt today and how much she wants to see her real mum who abandoned her. She manages to make him feel guilty for allowing his mum to speak to her like trash. She is SO MANIPULATIVE! And he is far too NAIVE. Woo Jin starts to cry. He feels bad about how he has let his mum treat Young Mi. Oh No. He is far too sensitive and naive to be getting involved with Young Mi. She looks a little taken aback when he starts to cry though. She’s obviously not used to such a kind, sensitive man. Does she really realise how much damage she is going to cause?So now Young Mi adds the final touches to her plan. She calls Mrs. Song and tells her that she will break up with Woo Jin but she can’t tell him herself. She wants his mum to tell him. His mum realises that something is up. Young Mi has set the situation up perfectly and when Woo Jin’s mum arrives to see him, she finds him feeding Young Mi with seaweed soup!  – eaten during pregnancy and after giving birth.

Mrs. Song guesses the situation immediately. Woo Jin turns on his mum and shouts at her while Young Mi looks upset, but she must be loving it. Mrs. Song is shocked. Oh this is hard to watch. Mrs. Song’s screaming and shouting is so understandable but so useless. Young Mi meekly apologises to his mum and then she ‘collapses’. Mrs. Song rushes off and cries. The situation does not improve when Woo Jin says he will get married next year after he graduates. Oh dear. This does not go down well. His mum was expecting him to marry Sun Mi. While I agree Young Mi is terrible for Woo Jin, it is unreasonable to expect him to marry Sun Mi as to him they are more like brother and sister. Woo Jin tries to calm his mother down. Meanwhile, Young Mi throws the seaweed soup down the toilet. I think this is more proof, if we needed more proof, that she is definitely not pregnant!Woo Jin prepares seaweed soup for Young Mi. Mrs. Song is devastated. 

Mrs. Song has had to back down now that she thinks Young Mi is pregnant. So with a heavy heart she invites Young Mi to her home. Young Mi looks smug when she sees the table of food prepared for her. Later Mrs. Song tells Sun Mi that she has made Young Mi seaweed soup. This is all she needs to say for Sun Mi to understand the situation. She learns that Woo Jin and Young Mi are going to get married and with that, any small hope she had of getting together with Woo Jin disappears. She goes up to her room in tears. Poor Sun Mi. Sun Mi meets Hyung Chul for a walk. She teases him saying she has been too busy studying to see him. She wonders when he’s going to get a job, so obviously has no idea that he will soon be her new boss! During the walk Sun Mi gets upset thinking about Woo Jin. At this point, Hyung Chul is just her sonbae, and a shoulder for her to cry on.  And now, finally, Hyung Chul takes his place at the head of MBS. This is going to surprise a few people – especially Sun Mi. Things are going to get interesting from now on….













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All About Eve episode 1June 12, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All about Eve episode 14October 15, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 20 FinalJanuary 9, 2012In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 7

In this episode Sun Mi and Young Mi start their new jobs at MBS, the broadcasting station. Young Mi is still determined to beat Sun Mi at everything – and she never plays fair. Her relationship with Woo Jin hits a problem but Sun Mi rekindles her friendship with Hyung Chul. This episode is more about setting up the characters in their new environment at the broadcasting station. Young Mi is already searching out the people she can use to help her later. 

Young Mi and Joo Hee share a joke as they listen to Sun Mi struggle on the radio, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 episode 7

Sun Mi and Young Mi and the other newbies get shown around MBS and gasp with excitement at their new environment – or are they gasping at all the old looking equipment, it’s so big and old fashioned now, bless. Hyung Chul arrives for work and catches a glimpse of Sun Mi, but she doesn’t notice him – and still doesn’t know that he’s her boss. In his office he keeps the Peter Rabbit souvenir on his desk that Sun Mi gave him in England. Joo Hee pops in to see him and it’s obvious that she still likes him. It’s also obvious that her feelings are one-sided.Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 episode 7 

Sun Mi is pleased to bump into her university friend Cho-Jeh  – she failed the announcer’s exam but has managed to pass the voice acting test, so they will be working at the same place after all. Cho- jeh has a lot of humorous scenes in the drama and as she chats to Sun Mi she suddenly becomes star-struck as she spots the actor Jeon Kwang-Reol in character as the famous Joseon doctor Heojun which was actually being filmed (in real life) at MBC at the same time. She rushes off to get his autograph!

Then the newbies practice their news reading skills in class with Joo Hee. It’s a hard day and everyone is tired by the end. As it’s their first day, Woo Jin comes to pick Young Mi up when it’s time to go home. But she doesn’t look pleased to see him. In fact, she tells him off for coming to meet her as she wants them to pretend not to know each other at work! She looks around hoping no one saw them together and gets him to drive away quickly. She really is a piece of work.This upsets Woo Jin, not surprisingly, and puts him in a bad mood. He also questions her feelings for him. Woo Jin questions Young Mi’s love for him, All About Eve, MBC, 2000, ep 7

Nothing is mentioned about the pregnancy issue from the last episode. But I suppose we can assume that Young Mi is not/no longer pregnant. But Woo Jin’s mum has softened towards Young Mi. Mrs. Song notices that he’s down in the dumps and she asks Young Mi if they’ve had a fight. She suggests that they hurry up and get married. But Young Mi doesn’t want to get married. She is too ambitious and says there are more bad points than good points for a career woman when she gets married. She also tells Mrs. Song not to interfere in their relationship and Mrs. Song meekly accepts – oh how the power has changed between them. Young Mi is in control now. Woo Jin’s mum is nice to her face but she complains about her later to Sun Mi’s dad over beers. The new announcers go out with their teachers to a karaoke box. On the way home Sun Mi appeals to Young Mi to treat Woo Jin and his mum well. After all he did pay her tuition fees at college! Young Mi basically tells her to mind her own business. Sun Mi sweetly accepts this and gets in the taxi, but on the way home she looks at the two pictures in her wallet – one of her with her father and one with Woo Jin. She scrunches this one up and then quickly straightens it and puts it back in her wallet. She still can’t let go of him.

night out with new colleagues, All about Eve MBC, 2000, episode 7

At work, Young Mi does her best to suck up to Joo Hee by bringing her drinks in the morning. In fact, Joo Hee and Young Mi seem to be getting on very well – I think too well really since Joo Hee is still more of a teacher than a colleague so she shouldn’t be showing favouritism. (although they are not at school anymore this still feels like school) One of Sun Mi’s jobs is to read the time at 4pm on the radio but she’s nervous and she gulps by mistake first. Joo Hee is critical of her in front of Young Mi but Hyung Chul listens to her in his office and smiles.

 Hyung Chul has a meeting and then happens to walk past a classroom where Sun Mi is practising her news reading skills on her own. He watches her through the window as she chastises herself for not being very good. Then there’s a classic stomach rumble sound effect as she realises it’s lunch time. Hyung Chul must have heard it too and he grins and later she finds a burger waiting for her left anonymously! She’s confused. Who could have left the food for her? When she gets home later Mrs. Song and her dad are so proud of her as they heard her saying the time on the radio – she is lucky to have so much support at home. But Young Mi has support too now – from Woo Jin and Sun Mi’s dad. She just abuses it. So I don’t feel sorry for her anymore!!

 Hyung Chul watches Sun Mi practise, All About Eve MBC, 2000, ep 7

The newbies’ next test is to do a three minute speech. Young Mi overhears Sun Mi telling Cho Jeh that she was told her speech was good. This annoys Young Mi and she thinks up a plan to sabotage Sun Mi. First she pages Sun Mi so she thinks that she has to go to the announcer’s room. Sun Mi leaves her speech with Cho Jeh. But then Cho Jeh pops out to go to the bathroom  leaving the speech behind. Young Mi wastes no time and goes and rips the speech up into tiny pieces. Meanwhile Sun Mi has realised that nobody paged her, so she goes back to the studio only to find her speech in bits! She’s shocked and upset and really nervous now as the test is about to begin…

Of course, when it’s her turn she fluffs her lines and does a terrible job much to Young Mi’s delight. Her teachers look on in dismay. To make things worse, Young Mi is up next and does a fabulous and polished speech as always. Afterwards Sun Mi is in tears but then Hyung Chul calls her and asks her out to dinner. He can hear that she’s upset. When she meets him after work he’s wearing jeans – so she won’t know he has a job. I don’t know how long he thinks he can hide who he really is. And the longer he leaves it, the more upset she is going to  be when she finds out the truth.  Sun Mi does badly in the speech test thanks to Young Mi, All About Eve, MBC, 2000, ep 7

Hyung Chul takes Sun Mi to an amusement park and they ride on the (horrific) pirate ship. (Even a date with Hyung Chul would not make me ride the pirate ship.)  But they enjoy themselves and then romantically sit and look up and talk about the stars. (Again, I don’t want to ruin the mood, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a star in the Seoul sky.) Anyway, he tells her that he has never been in love. But when Sun Mi goes off to buy more beer, he sees the picture of her with Woo Jin sticking out of her bag and he stares at it – is he a bit jealous? As he waits for Sun Mi to come back, Joo Hee calls him from a bar to find out where he is. She realises that he’s with a woman and feels disappointed. She drowns her sorrows with Young Mi who is with her at the bar – She is definitely too friendly with Young Mi.

Hyung Chul must have recognized Woo Jin from the photo because the next day at work he calls him to his office….

Woo Jin arrives at Hyung Chul’s office. What on earth does his boss want to see him about?

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All About Eve Episode 9August 30, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve episode 1June 12, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve episode 8August 23, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve episode 8

 Ooh I enjoyed this episode. There are some cute romantic moments with Hyung Chul as his feelings for Sun Mi develop. And there’s laugh-out-loud comedy with Sun Mi’s colleagues Jin Soo and Cho Jeh. And finally Sun Mi learns who Hyung Chul really is…

Hyung Chul takes Woo Jin and and Sun Dal out for lunch. He acts like he has brought them to talk about work but it seems that he really wants to find out more about the man that Sun Mi likes – Woo Jin. And Hyung Chul asks him lots of questions, especially about his girlfriend.  Woo Jin, Sun Dal, and Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 8

In this episode we also start to see glimpses of the ups and downs of life in a Korean company. While the three men chat, Hyung Chul mentions that one of the problems in Korean society is how much age is an issue – even though he is Sun Dal’s boss, he still has to be polite to him since Sun Dal is his sonbae (senior). Back at the broadcasting station, MBS, there are more hierarchy issues as Joo Hee’s sonbae asks her to go and get her some coffee. In some ways it’s a simple request, but it causes tension and Joo Hee is not amused. The two women don’t get along and this seems to be a way  to remind Joo Hee of her (more junior) position. Joo Hee goes to get coffee, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 episode 8

The men come back from lunch but there’s an awkward moment in the lift when they all bump into Young Mi. She seems surprised when she learns that Hyung Chul is her boss maybe because he is so young. Sun Dal introduces her to Woo Jin too since he doesn’t realise that they are dating! Woo Jin and Young Mi pretend that they don’t know each other and Hyung Chul looks on bemused. Woo Jin is not comfortable about this situation and for a while he refuses to speak to Young Mi. But he can’t be angry with her for too long and they make up later.

Now we have some CLASSIC COMEDY. At a coffee machine in another part of the building, Cho Jeh bumps into Jin Soo, one of the young announcers in Sun Mi’s class. As she knocks into him, he spills his coffee. They have never met before and so Cho Jeh simply apologises and walks over to the coffee machine. But Jin Soo is annoyed. He demands that she compensate him for the amount of coffee that spilt out of his cup and he gives a long speech as to why he thinks she should do this! Cho Jeh is shocked. She can’t believe the fuss he is making over a bit of coffee and she refuses to take full responsibility, saying that he is partly to blame for being careless. He refuses to accept responsibility too and starts to re-enact the scene to demonstrate why it was her fault. But he is holding his coffee as he demonstrates this and as he turns around recklessly, the same thing happens again and he bumps into someone else – this time a senior looking man – and spills coffee on him.

Embarrassed, Cho Jeh and Jin Soo run away from the man and as they run, Cho Jeh points out that the man is the company’s financial director! They arrive at another coffee machine where Cho Jeh buys another coffee. She blames Jin Soo for not being careful with hot coffee. And to prove her point, she demonstrates how he behaved… but of course this time she bumps into another senior looking man and spills coffee over him – another director. They have to run away again. Oh. That was great!

 Cho Jeh and Jin Soo meet for the first time, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 episode 8

Joo Hee is starting to show more and more favouritism towards Young Mi. She says it’s because Young Mi is so talented and shows promise. Poor Sun Mi is not at the top of the class at the moment but that’s partly because of Young Mi’s meddling.

Joo Hee and Hyung Chul meet in a smoky but posh bar. He tells her that she reminds him too much of the past – and the problems that he has had with his family. He’s telling her that he can’t be in a romantic relationship with her. (He seems to have to tell her this over and over again!) But she doesn’t want to believe it. He insinuates that he has found someone else. And later that night he turns up at Sun Mi’s house with a single rose. He hangs around outside for a while, but she is inside getting ready for bed and has no idea he is there…. At one point he gets out his phone – this must have been top of the range in 2000 – and it looks like he’s going to call her. But he changes his mind and puts the phone away. He leaves the rose on the gate post. How romantic. Later Sun Mi goes outside and finds the rose. But there’s no note so she thinks someone has left it at the wrong house. Oh. But something did make her go outside, though.

 Sun Mi and Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Back at work, the newbies have one more test – they have to take turns to co-present on the morning show with Joo Hee and Sun Dal. Poor Jin Soo is picked on by his seniors because he’s not very good at presenting yet. Young Mi and Sun Mi have not spoken much since they started working at MBS. But now in the bathrooms Young Mi pretends to try to help Sun Mi by telling her that she looks too young and needs more makeup. Sun Mi doesn’t want to take her advice – she doesn’t trust her. But then Joo Hee comes out of the cubicle. She has overheard the conversation and agrees with Young Mi that Sun Mi does need to do something about her image. She tells Sun Mi that she is LUCKY to have a friend like Young Mi. This strategy of pretending to be friends and helping Sun Mi is Young Mi’s new weapon.


The newbies go off to prepare for their test. Sun Mi still hasn’t decided what to do for her interview. But then one evening, her dad watches a moving programme on TV about kindness and this gives Sun Mi an idea. She goes off to a poor areas of town to try to interview people who have helped others even though they don’t have much themselves. But she discovers that many people don’t want to boast about what they have done. And they are too embarrassed to go on TV. Meanwhile Young Mi takes a completely different approach and prepares to interview a professor at Seoul University.

Back at MBS, Sun Mi is surprised when lots of Chinese food – enough for all her colleagues  – is delivered to her office at lunch time. She wonders if it’s from Hyung Chul and feels embarrassed. Later she meets him and asks him not to do it again as she doesn’t want rumours to spread. Then there’s another CLASSIC scene where Sun Mi complains about the new executive director of MBS – she moans that he is the company president’s son and that is the only reason that he got the job. He hasn’t had to work his way up like everyone else! Hyung Chul just stifles a grin and suggests that she is being a bit harsh considering that she hasn’t even met the man yet…Oh boy. (Hyung Chul… Sun Mi is going to go mad when she finds out. You should have told her earlier…)

Sun Mi goes back to the poor area and waits patiently outside a lady’s house determined to get the interview. (This kind of housing is often built on mountains and is not always legal. When this drama was made there were a lot more areas like this but gradually they have been redeveloped to make room for apartment blocks. I wrote about this before when I went on a walk and found the film location of the drama What Happened in Bali.)

Anyway, Sun Mi is so happy to get the interview that she calls Hyung Chul straight away. (Now she’s thinking of him before Woo Jin) He’s pleased that she called and happy to hear her news, but Joo Hee overhears him on the phone and realises by his manner that he is talking to the woman that he likes. Poor Joo Hee is envious.Sun Mi waits to get an interview. All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 8

It’s the day of the interviews on the morning show. Young Mi goes to Seoul University to interview the physics professor and does a slick performance as always, Jin Soo tries to do something on sport but gets so hot and bothered because he keeps making mistakes, and Sun Mi gets emotional interviewing her kind lady. Sun Mi’s dad cries too when he watches it on TV! Later all the interviews are evaluated by a panel that includes the senior news anchors and company directors. At the meeting Joo Hee pushes for Young Mi to win, but Hyung Chul wants to hear how popular they all were with the public, not just their colleagues. It turns out that Sun Mi was more popular with the viewers as her topic was more appropriate for the morning show. So Sun Mi wins and Hyung Chul looks pleased.

Joo Hee has to tell Young Mi the bad news that she hasn’t won. But she shows far too emotion. She should stay neutral on the issue. But Young Mi is able to manipulate her. Joo Hee has now got the prized position of news anchor on the 7 pm news. But her goal is to be on the 9 pm news – that’s the top prize for a news anchor. And to make Young Mi feel better, she suggests that when she moves to the 9pm slot, Young Mi would suit the 7 pm anchor position! This seems to cheer Young Mi up a bit. She was beginning to wonder if it was worth being nice to Joo Hee since she couldn’t help her win this test! Oooh, Young is such a user.

 Sun Mi’s dad and Mrs. Song watch Sun Mi’s interview. All About Eve, MBC, 2000

After work, Hyung Chul drives Sun Mi home. But Young Mi is hanging around outside Sun Mi’s house for some reason – maybe she’s angry with Sun Mi for winning the interview test and wants to challenge her over this. But then she sees Hung Chul and Sun Mi get out of the car and talk intimately. She can’t believe it. He is on the verge of telling Sun Mi who he is. He tells her he has a new job. But then stops short of saying WHERE he works. But after he drives away, Young Mi storms over and tells Sun Mi EXACTLY who he is. Sun Mi can’t believe it and of course Young Mi tells her that she must have won because of him. Young Mi discovers Sun Mi and Hyung Chul’s relationship. All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Sun Mi also wonders if she won the interview test because of Hyung Chul. She’s upset that he didn’t tell her the truth and she feels stupid for not knowing. She is also worried about what the others will say when they find out that she has a ‘relationship’ with the boss. So the next day she tells Sun Dal that she doesn’t want to do the morning show which is the prize for coming top in the test. She says they should give the job to Young Mi. She shows her immaturity since it’s not up to her to decide who does the job and she’s also letting Young Mi manipulate her again.

Then she storms up to see Hyung Chul who is in an important meeting with his uncle and other directors about the direction of the station’s children’s programmes. Hyung Chul’s presentation goes down well in the meeting and he looks relieved. He is in a power struggle with his uncle who leaves the meeting fuming with anger. But then Sun Mi walks in and she looks at Hyung Chul with an angry expression that I don’t think he has seen before…



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All About Eve Episode 16November 24, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 9August 30, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 11September 10, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 9

Poor Sun Mi starts to have a hard time when everyone at work discovers that she is ‘dating’ the boss, Hyung Chul. This bullying REALLY reminds me of school. Ah the good old days (?) Young Mi is SO JEALOUS, but, clever as ever, decides she should pretend to be on Sun Mi’s side. She’s also realising that Woo Jin may have served his purpose. At least some of Sun Mi’s colleagues support her. And there’s more humour in this episode when Cho Jeh and Jin Soo meet again. 

Young Mi and Sun Mi, All about Eve, Episode 9, MBC, 2000

Hyung Chul has a lot of explaining to do so he takes Sun Mi to a cafe. He wants to apologise for not telling her about his position at the company. And now that she knows, he’s worried that things are going to change between them – that’s why he didn’t say anything earlier. Sun Mi feels silly for confiding in him when she was hurt by Woo Jin and Young Mi. I can understand that she must feel like a complete fool. Things can’t stay the same though. Before he was just her sonbae but now he’s her boss. After they talk, she refuses to go with him in the car and storms off to get a taxi back to the office.

 Hyung Chul and Sun Mi, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Joo Hee is annoyed with Sun Mi for pulling out of the morning show. She thinks it’s irresponsible behaviour but Joo Hee is always looking for excuses to complain about Sun Mi. Sun Dal is annoyed too and tells Sun Mi off, saying if she doesn’t want to do her job she should quit. I agree with this. It was very childish of her to back down from the morning show. It’s not up to her to decide whether to do a job or not. She was given the morning show and she should do it regardless of what is going on with Hyung Chul and her colleagues. Young Mi is listening at the door relishing all this. Then afterwards she tells Sun Mi that she has kept her secret about Hyung Chul for now… Yes, she is just waiting for the perfect moment to tell everyone about this. 

 Sun Mi gets told off by Sun Dal, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Sun Mi goes up on the roof to think. Hyung Chul happens to see her and joins her there to talk to her. She’s still upset with him and is about to walk off when he confesses that he has developed feelings for her. She’s surprised and doesn’t know what to say. He wants to know if she is still only interested in Woo Jin. Oh what a cute scene. I think Sun Mi could look a bit happier about this though!

Young Mi is listening to their conversation nearby. She spends a lot of time eavesdropping in this episode. She storms off when she hears what Hyung Chul is saying to Sun Mi. But as she’s marching down a corridor still fuming over this revelation, she bumps into Joo Hee. Young Mi thinks quickly and her expression changes to a grin as she sees a way to make Sun Mi’s life difficult. Knowing about Joo Hee’s feelings for Hyung Chul, she takes her up on the roof suggesting they should get some air. Of course Joo Hee sees Hyung Chul and Sun Mi together and realises there’s something going on between them. Good work, Young Mi.

 Joo Hee finds out about Sun Mi and Hyong Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 

The rumour quickly spreads that Sun Mi and Hyung Chul are dating. Her colleagues quickly turn against her saying it is thanks to Hyung Chul that she she won the position on the morning show. Jin Soo stands up to defend Sun Mi and tells everyone not to gossip about Sun Mi and Hyung Chul dating but just as he says this, the senior presenters walk in and Jin Soo realises that he has unwittingly made the situation worse!  Now EVERYONE knows. Only Cho Jeh is genuinely pleased for Sun Mi when she hears the news.

Things start getting worse for Sun Mi now as the other newbies feel that she is getting special treatment. They have a meeting and complain about her because they feel it’s not fair that she got the morning programme. Sun Mi arrives but before she can say anything Young Mi storms past her and wastes no time in pretending to jump to Sun Mi’s defence. She even manages a few fake tears. Sun Mi sees through her fake performance and walks away in disgust.

 Sun Mi’s relationship with Hyung Chul causes problems, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

She walks around for a while before going to see Woo Jin. She tells him that someone likes her, but that she feels weird about that – it means a change is coming. And she had always hoped that it would be Woo Jin who one day would tell her that he liked her. Oh. This is like the end of her childhood. 

 Sun Mi goes to see Woo Jin, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Sun Mi presents on the morning show for the first time, but she’s nervous and when she introduces herself she hiccups. Joo Hee and Sun Dal help her out telling the viewers that it’s her first day. Afterwards she goes back to the office where a large basket of flowers is delivered to her. There’s an awkward moment as everyone in the room is thinking the same thing – Hyung Chul has sent her flowers. Sure enough, someone makes a snide remark suggesting the flowers are from Hyung Chul and so Sun Mi grabs the flowers and storms down to his office. Oh no. This is a REALLY embarrassing bit. She slams the flowers on the table demanding to know why he is doing this to her when she had told him not to send her things at work. He looks at her bemused. As she’s glaring at him she gets a phone call from her dad wondering if she got the flowers… Hyung Chul smiles but oh how mortifying for her. He’s guessed that she’s getting a hard time though. She asks him to give her some time to think. All I can say is Sun Mi, Sun Mi, What is there to think about?

 Hyung Chul didn’t send the flowers! All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Hyung Chul goes to a tented restaurant, pojangmacha, with Woo Jin. He tells him he’s fallen in love but doesn’t say who with. And again he asks Woo Jin about his girlfriend  but Woo Jin doesn’t want to say anything since he is sworn to secrecy! Later Woo Jin goes round to Young Mi’s place. He’s drunk and she tells him that the woman Hyung Chul likes is Sun Mi. Woo Jin looks shocked. He didn’t see that one coming. Later when she goes to bed Young Mi symbolically turns over the photo of herself with Woo Jin – looks like Woo Jin’s days as her boyfriend are numbered. She is turning her attention to another man and we can all guess who that will be…

 Woo Jin discovers Hyung Chul is in love with Sun Mi, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

At work Hung Chul continues to make changes to improve the ratings of the broadcasting company. Sun Dal tells Joo Hee that she has been given the top spot of anchor on the 9 pm news. She is very pleased. This means he will present the morning show with Sun Mi. Joo Hee is not so pleased to hear this but Sun Dal points out that Hyung Chul had nothing to do with this decision. Young Mi will be the 7 pm news anchor. It looks like the screens in the background behind Joo Hee are showing other MBC shows that were on at the time. One screen is showing a sageuk drama that must be Heojun.

 Joo Hee is the new 9 pm news anchor, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Now some of Sun Mi’s colleagues are starting to bully her. When Sun arrives in the office she sees that her name has been ripped off the list of new anchors that’s on the wall. Sun Mi is really upset about this but says nothing, while the women (it’s always women that do this kind of thing isn’t it?) sit and snigger. Again Young Mi comes to her rescue. She storms in, slaps the culprit across the face, rips the paper off the wall and storms down to Hyung Chul’s office to show him. Mortified, Sun Mi rushes behind her to stop her. Young Mi arrives at his office and begins to tell Hyung Chul what’s going on. Sun Mi comes in behind her, pushes her onto the floor (!) and grabs the paper. Then she apologises and runs out. Meanwhile Young Mi flutters her eyelashes at Hyung Chul and tells him what’s been going on. He thanks her for being a good friend to Sun Mi. Does he really believe this?? This is like a scene in the headmaster’s office at school. Hyung Chul is the headmaster and Young Mi is the schoolgirl tattle tailing about what’s going on in class.

 Sun Mi gets bullied at work, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Jin Soo comes along and finds Sun Mi in tears. He cheers her up and she is grateful that at least he is on her side. She wants to do something for him in return so he asks her to set him up on a blind date. At first she can’t think of anyone but then she remembers her friend Cho Jeh. Cho Jeh is keen for a date too so Sun Mi gives him Cho Jeh’s number so that he can call her directly.

Another COMEDY scene with Cho Jeh and Jin Soo – The two chat on the phone and don’t realise they literally bumped into each other before at the coffee machine. They both put on their best fake voices – she sounds all girly and he tries to sound manly! But when they come face to face they are shocked and disappointed to see each other and can’t wait to get away from each other!

 Cho Jeh and Jin Soo meet on a blind date, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Young Mi has her first go at the 7 pm news. Hyung Chul comes to give her encouragement. She is already trying to flirt a bit with him like she did with Woo Jin, but Hyung Chul is a completely different man. He is not naive like Woo Jin. In Soo sees her on the news too  where he’s working in his girly bar. On the way home after work, Young Mi bumps into Hyung Chul so he gives her a lift home. She asks him to drop her off at Sun Mi’s place saying it’s easier than taking her all the way home. But when they arrive they see Woo Jin and Sun Mi at the gate and there’s a very awkward moment before Young Mi marches off in  a mood. Even though she is already planning to catch Hyung Chul she is angry and jealous that Woo Jin is spending time with Sun Mi. Woo Jin chases after her. Sun Mi and Hyung Chul are left alone together. He tells her that he’ll wait for her to make her mind up, but if she can’t love him, well that’s ok. Sigh. 

 Young Mi gets promoted but is still not satisfied, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Woo Jin and Young Mi have made up and they go out for dinner. Through their conversation we can see a bit of her conflict. She does seem to genuinely like Woo Jin because she feels that he takes care of her. She says she likes it when he asks her, ‘have you eaten?’ because it shows that he is concerned about her. But he isn’t enough for her. She will always want more and he knows this. Young Mi gets recognised by the adjumma who asks her for her autograph to put on the wall. Young Mi is happy to be recognised. They are having a good time but then Joo Hee calls out of the blue. She’s drunk and wants to see Young Mi. Young Mi  says she isn’t doing anything special and agrees to go! This upsets Woo Jin but he doesn’t stop her and as he watches her sign the autograph and leave he looks a little sad. He is far too soft and this will be his downfall. Poor Woo Jin. 

Young Mi arrives at the bar and is surprised to see that Hyung Chul is there too. Like Woo Jin, he asks her if she has eaten! This is a common expression in Korea after all. But she gazes at him happily. It looks like she has already forgotten Woo Jin. When Joo Hee goes to the bathroom she tells Hyung Chul that she wishes Joo Hee and he could get together since Joo Hee loves him so much. She doesn’t wish this at all! Joo Hee is drunk so Young Mi drives them home. The next day for work Young Mi wears the necklace Sun Mi gave her when she got back from the UK (she doesn’t know  Hyung Chul bought it though.) She must want to look extra attractive today. Then she goes to wait outside Hyung Chul’s apartment. When she sees him come out she drives over and casually offers to take him to work. She was just passing after all…

  Young Mi turns her attention to a new man, All About Eve, MBC, 2000


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All About Eve Episode 16November 24, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 11September 10, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 13September 26, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 10

In this episode Young Mi’s jealousy reaches boiling point as Hyung Chul introduces Sun Mi to his father in front of everyone. Young Mi finds a way to get rid of In Soo and tries to break up with Woo Jin too. Meanwhile Sun Mi and Hyung Chul have a difference of opinion over how he should run the company..

Young Mi’s plan to work her magic on Hyung Chul begins as she drives him to work. She makes casual conversation but then in the car park she tries the same flirty tactic that worked so well on Woo Jin – the classic “oh I think I have something in my eye…” trick.  Hyung Chul moves closer to take a look and she demurely gazes at him. But Woo Jin arrives just in time to see this scene and his face shows that he knows what’s going on. Hyung Chul casually beckons him over, while Young Mi cringes. She realises that Woo Jin has seen her behaviour with Hyung Chul and is not going to be happy about it. But at least Hyung Chul is not reacting to her advances. Later, on the roof, Woo Jin confronts Young Mi. But she pretends to be completely innocent.

 Woo Jin watches Young Mi flirt with Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

In the office the announcers discuss the ratings for their shows. It’s stressful for them all because they know that it’s always the announcers that are blamed when ratings are low. Joo Hee is doing well on the 9 PM news but other programmes are suffering. Joo Hee’s rival and sonbae, Kyung Hui, is worried about her job, and Sun Mi realises that the morning show has been getting lower ratings since she joined. Everyone is worried about programme ratings, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Later Joo Hee needs to find a dress for the MBS anniversary party. So she takes Young Mi with her to a boutique to help choose something to wear. They look around the fancy boutique and then Joo Hee spots a dress that she really likes. But she’s told that the dress has already been sold – to Hyung Chul. Joo Hee is a regular at the shop and the owner seems to be aware of her ‘relationship’ with Hyung Chul, so she assumes that he has bought the dress for Joo Hee. Of course he hasn’t bought the dress for her and Joo Hee’s and Young Mi’s expressions show that they know he bought the dress for another woman: Sun Mi. This upsets Joo Hee and her mood to shop has gone so she leaves without choosing anything.

Young Mi helps Joo Hee choose a dress for the party, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Then Hyung Chul takes Sun Mi to the same boutique and asks her to wear the dress to the party because he wants to introduce her to his dad. She’s flustered but he says it’s just low key  – he’ll introduce her as someone he met in London. Woo Jin turns up at Young Mi’s place with flowers – is he trying to apologise with flowers? But I don’t know what he has to apologise for. He’s now starting to annoy me. Young Mi’s behaviour is totally unacceptable and Woo Jin is making himself into a doormat. Very unattractive. All About Eve, MBC, 2000

At the party Woo Jin notices that Young Mi is paying special attention to Hyung Chul. Why is he putting  up with this?? Sun Mi has to do the radio news first before she can go to the party so she arrives late when everyone is already eating from the buffet. Both Joo Hee’s and Young Mi’s faces drop when they see Sun Mi arrive wearing the dress that Hyung Chul chose. Young Mi  snarls with jealousy as Hyung Chul escorts Sun Mi over to the main table to meet his father. He playfully introduces her as the woman he plans to marry! Sun Mi is mortified but then she is invited to sit down and eat with Hyung Chul’s father and the other directors. Others look on in dismay but Cho Jeh is pleased for Sun Mi.Sun Mi meets Hyung Chul’s dad, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

I love the snippets of light humour woven in between Young Mi’s dark and intense jealousy. Jin Soo for example is having problems because he finds himself sitting next to a foreign guest. First the man asks him a question in English. Jin Soo, taken aback, just frowns and responds with a short sharp, “What?” Then later, struggling to use a knife and fork Jin Soo stabs some food with his fork and the food goes flying everywhere. The same man tells him in English to take more care, but again all Jin Soo can say is “What!” I get the impression that this is the only word he can remember from his school English classes!Jin Soo struggles with his English, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Young Mi and Sun Mi bump into each other in the bathroom. Young Mi unnerves Sun Mi by telling her that her goal has changed and she now plans to go after Hyung Chul rather than just being a top anchor at the company. She reasons that marrying into the family that owns the company is better than just being a news reader. News readers come and go. This is pretty hypercritical to say considering she has just criticised Sun Mi for allowing her relationship with Hyung Chul to help her move up the ladder! At this stage, rather than worrying about losing Hyung Chul to Young Mi, Sun Mi seems more worried that Woo Jin will be hurt if Young Mi breaks up with him. While Young Mi openly shows her feelings to Sun Mi, Joo Hee, who is jealous too, tries to cover her feelings by trying to smile and complementing Sun Mi’s dress.

Young Mi and Sun Mi, All about Eve, MBC, 2000

There’s more comedy as Jin Soo bumps into Cho Jeh (AGAIN), this time at the buffet table, and spills his drink over her again. Then he makes matters worse by trying to wipe it off her chest and she slaps his face a couple of times attracting attention from other guests! It’s so obvious these two are made for each other!

Jin Soo and Cho Jeh meet again, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Sun Dal and Young Mi have to leave the party early to do the evening news. Sun Dal’s had a couple of drinks. But says he’s not worried because the viewers can’t smell his breath through the TV. When Sun Mi gets home after the party, her dad admires her new dress and wonders who bought it for her. Was it a man? He suggests she bring this man home to meet him. But it’s a bit more complicated than that at the moment and Sun Mi is still confused about her feelings for Hyung Chul so she brushes off his questions and goes to bed.

Young Mi is at home watching (I guess this is a recording) of herself on the news. But then In Soo turns up. He wants to reminisce about the past when they were a couple but she has no interest in this. But he seems incapable of reading the situation and suddenly grabs her and kisses her, but she pushes him off. Then he proposes! I sense that this guy can not take a hint! He has brought old photos of them kissing and cuddling but she grabs them and rips them up telling him to get out. But again, her behaviour doesn’t put him off at all. In his mind they are meant to be together and it seems that there is nothing she can do to put him off.

In Soo won’t leave Young Mi alone, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

He points out that Woo Jin is not right for her – because he is too naive. That’s true. Maybe In Soo does know her better than anyone. And he’s not worried about ruining the pictures as he has the film at home anyway. This sounds like a threat. He finally leaves but she knows he will be back. On the way out he bumps into Woo Jin who comes in and sees the ripped pictures. He’s angry but not surprised at what he sees. Young Mi sees her opportunity and says she wants to break up, but he refuses – he went against his mum and Sun Mi to be with her so he’s not going to give her up that easily now. But he’s still upset and goes off to drink soju in a pojangmaja, tent restaurant.

 Woo Jin, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Young Mi has a dream where she walks into work and sees pictures of herself and In Soo all over the walls. In the dream everyone is giving her dirty looks. But when she goes to work the next day everything is fine. Nobody knows. Yet. Still, she knows that In Soo is going to be hard to shake off and also he could reveal her past to anyone at any time. The bottle of liquor he gave her the night before has given her an idea.

When she gets a spare moment at work, with a very guilty expression she makes a phone call to the police.  Soon the police are at In Soo’s place and arrest him for running a dodgy joint with underage prostitution and fake alcohol. But Young Mi feels bad about snitching on him and after she finishes reading the news she has to run and throw up.Young Mi calls the police, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Woo Jin sees In Soo getting arrested on the news. He recognises him as the man in the photos with Young Mi and immediately believes that it must have been Young Mi that called the police, so he confronts her but of course he has no proof and she denies it. But after speaking to some of his  contacts, Woo Jin comes to the conclusion that it was her. He has finally realised who Young Mi really is and he remembers back to all the times that he took Young Mi’s side rather than believing Sun Mi when she accused her of doing something.

 Woo Jin watches the arrest on TV, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

The staff at MBS are worried about losing their jobs because Hyung Chul is planning to bring in celebrity presenters to boost the ratings. Sun Mi does not agree with this policy and stops Hyung Chul to challenge him about it. She is out of line to speak to him this way. It shows her immaturity and it’s a really cringy scene! And she wouldn’t dare say anything to him if they didn’t have their special relationship. He stops and listens to what she says. But he doesn’t answer and he is stony faced. Sun Dal tells her off for speaking out but Hyung Chul just walks away without eye contact. This upsets her and later when Hyung Chul wants to take her out, she refuses. He acts as though nothing happened earlier. Maybe he can separate work and pleasure. But Sun Mi can’t. She is still annoyed with him and marches off in the rain leaving Hyung Chul standing in the classic ‘standing in the rain’ pose. How can she resist him? 








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All About Eve Episode 9August 30, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 16November 24, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 11September 10, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 11

The coolness between Sun Mi and Hyung Chul continues and there are some awkward moments at the company when they see each other – now we get to see the negative side of having a relationship at work! Sun Mi embarrasses Hyung Chul in front of everyone with a sarcastic remark but he manages to keep his cool. Meanwhile, Woo Jin is humiliated when Young Mi flirts with Hyung Chul in front of everyone. Woo Jin really is annoying me more and more. He lets Young Mi walk all over him.Oh Woo Jin, just let her go…

Young Mi’s jealousy of Sun Mi intensifies when Sun Mi takes her place on the 7 PM news. So she has to come up with a new plan to deal with this. 

Hyung Chul arrives at work and has a meeting about the programme ratings. Things are going well and the new freelancers are doing a great job. His new policies have had a positive effect on the company’s stock prices too. Pleased, he goes to Sun Mi’s office to encourage everyone and to share the good news. But Sun Mi is still annoyed with the way he’s running things and she makes a snide remark in front of everyone. She is being loyal to her colleagues who are worried about their jobs but by acting like this she is also showing that she has a personal relationship with Hyung Chul. And making sarcastic remarks is not professional. I always have to look away at this point. Hyung Chul is embarrassed by her comment but doesn’t say anything. But later he drags her away to tell her to stop embarrassing him in public. Sun Mi is unrepentant and won’t back down. She feels that he is not being fair. He thinks she is too idealistic.

 Hyung Chul and Sun Mi have problems at work, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Woo Jin leaves work early to go and see In Soo in prison. He tells him to stay away from Young Mi because he’s going to marry her. But In Soo just laughs. He knows Young Mi better than anyone and he knows that she will just use Woo Jin. Why won’t Woo Jin believe this after everything he’s seen? Love really is blind.  In Soo shows Woo Jin the rose tattoo on his chest – Young Mi has the same design on her ankle. He says this proves that they will always love each other. And Woo Jin realises that In Soo won’t easily give Young Mi up.

When Woo Jin confronts Young Mi about her relationship with In Soo she tells him again that she wants to break up. She keeps saying this but does she really mean it? Does she say it when they argue so that he will back down? Is she saying it because she already has her eye on Hyung Chul and really wants to break up with him? Or is she just afraid of losing Woo Jin and so wants to be the first to break it off? It seems that part of her loves him but part of her will never be satisfied with him. She is so complex. Woo Jin refuses to break up. He says again that he will be the one who decides if they break up or not. Hang on, Woo Jin. I don’t get this. Just because you had trouble convincing your mum to accept Young Mi does not mean that you get to call all the shots from now on! If she wants to break up then that’s that! She might respect you more if you did break up. 

 Woo Jin tries to get rid of Young Mi’s past, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

After all this intensity we need a comedy interlude with Jin Soo and Cho Jeh. Jin Soo is running for the lift just as the doors are closing. So he gets crushed in the doors. Cho Jeh happens to be in the lift and they have to stand next to each other. They exchange glances but don’t speak. Then on the next floor lots of people get in the lift. All of a sudden, Jin Soo gets very protective of Cho Jeh and puts an arm around her to stop her getting crushed! Then they sit by a coffee machine (without incident this time) and  flirt with each other. In a second they have gone from hate to love! And they agree to go on a date.

 Jin Soo and Cho Jeh finally get together, All About Eve MBC 2000

Young Mi collapses in pain just before she has to go on air to read the news. Sun Mi finds her and calls Woo Jin but, like the story of the boy who cried wolf, Woo Jin doesn’t believe Young Mi anymore. He thinks she’s just acting and isn’t sick at all and he walks away refusing to help. But then he sees that there really is something wrong. He wants to take her to hospital but she refuses to go straight away, because she can’t stand the idea of Sun Mi taking her place. She gets through the news programme in agony and then collapses and gets rushes to hospital with a burst appendix. Sun Mi can’t understand what drives Young Mi to act like this even when she is so sick. But Sun Mi has never had to struggle in her life like Young Mi has.

 Young Mi collapses in pain, All About Eve MBC 2000

Woo Jin is waiting for Young Mi when she come out of the operation. She’s honest about her jealousy towards Sun Mi and Woo Jin tries to put her mind at rest. They share a tender moment. Meanwhile, Hyung Chul and Sun Dal go out for a drink and we learn a bit more about Sun Dal. Hyung Chul tells Sun Dal that he knows he likes Joo Hee. He encourages him to do something about it.


The coldness between Hyung Chul and Sun Mi continues at work. Hyung Chul, followed by his entourage, is on a ‘walk and talk’. He’s busy giving instructions to his subordinates, but as they go past the coffee machine Sun Mi is standing there with a tray of drinks. Hyung Chul and Sun Mi glance at each other as he passes, but one of the men bumps into her knocking a cup out of her hand. She lets out a cry of dismay. The man apologises but Hyung Chul doesn’t turn around. He just carries on and Sun Mi pulls a face. We can see the extreme difference in their positions here though – Hyung Chul marches along handing out instructions to his entourage while Sun Mi is preparing drinks for her superiors. Aigoo.

 An awkward moment at the coffee machine. All About Eve, MBC, 2000

At the hospital Young Mi asks Joo Hee a favour – let anyone apart from Sun Mi stand in for her on the 7 pm news. Young Mi really does have Joo Hee wrapped around her little finger. So Joo Hee speaks to Sun Dal about this claiming that Sun Mi isn’t ready for this job. But Sun Dal refuses to accept that this is the real reason that Joo Hee is against Sun Mi taking Young Mi’s place. He suggests that the real reason is that she is jealous of Sun Mi because Hyung Chul likes her. She denies this but her expression suggests that Sun Dal is right. Sun Dal can see that she’s still in love with Hyung Chul. Poor Sun Dal.

Sun Dal confronts Joo Hee.  All About Eve MBC 2000

Sun Mi does take Young Mi’s place reading the 7 pm news and Young Mi looks on helplessly from her hospital bed. She takes it out on Woo Jin when he comes to visit her, throwing things at him and screaming. He’s about to walk back out when she puts her head under the covers and begins to cry. She really knows how to manipulate him. He turns back and is bending down picking everything up off the floor when their surprised colleagues arrive to see Woo Jin there alone and Young Mi crying with her head under the covers. Awkward.

Sun Mi sees immediately that something is wrong and glares at Young Mi. Later she goes outside into the hospital grounds with Woo Jin and tries to cheer him up. But when they go back in, they find Hyung Chul has arrived to see Young Mi. He’s her boss and so it is his duty to visit her. Hyung Chul and Sun Mi exchange a look but don’t speak. Then Woo Jin’s mum turns up too. Young Mi asks Woo Jin to pass her a juice. Woo Jin helpfully leans over to get her a drink as he must think it’s for her, but she immediately passes it to Hyung Chul with a coy smile. How mortifying for Woo Jin. She flirts with Hyung Chul right in front of Woo Jin and everyone notices. His mum is upset too.  Sun Mi can’t watch anymore so she leaves and Hyung Chul excuses himself too. They walk out of the hospital together, but she refuses a lift home with him and formally says good night with a bow.

 More humiliation for Woo Jin. All About Eve MBC, 2000 

It’s Sun Mi’s last day on the 7 pm news as Young Mi is ready to come back. She is getting ready to go on. The hierarchy at the company is shown again through coffee as Joo Hee happily makes Sun Mi go and get her drink. But Sun Mi is sweet and is only too pleased to do what Joo Hee asks. The ratings have dropped a bit while Sun Mi has been the anchor on the 7pm news but Joo Hee tells her she was better than expected. That was a backhanded complement. 

Sun Mi and Sun Dal get ready to present the news. Sun Mi knows that she should be objective but when she reads about a young child that was abducted, she suddenly loses control! She gets angry and glares into the camera. Everyone watching is shocked, including Sun Dal who has to stutter his way through his lines. The production team hastily moves on to the next item but Hyung Chul’s uncle, Mr. Kim, watches in horror. He already thinks she’s a worse presenter than Young Mi and now he wants her fired. Everyone thinks this will be the end for Sun Mi. Oh dear.

 Sun Mi shocks everyone on the news. All About Eve, MBC, 2000 

Hyung Chul looks worried but later when he replays the video of her, he can’t help but laugh. He knows she must be regretting what she did. Sure enough she’s sitting with her head in her hands, crying.

Then suddenly the phone in the office rings. Sun Mi is alone and despondently she answers it. But to her surprise,  it’s a viewer praising Sun Mi’s show of emotion on the news. Then all the phones start ringing! In fact, Sun Mi is an overnight sensation and now all the presenters are trying to copy her style! She is even given the permanent position of 7 pm news anchor!  Happily, she goes off to sit in the news anchor’s seat in the studio. She can’t believe how quickly things have changed. Hyung Chul is secretly watching her. She takes out her phone and Hyung Chul looks interested to see who she is going to call. But suddenly his own phone rings and he has to hurry away before she hears his phone and realises he’s there. So cute. But before he answers the phone Sun Mi realises that she is calling Hyung Chul. She called him without thinking and forgot that they are not speaking (!) so she cancels the call and calls her dad instead. But although they don’t speak, Hyung Chul looks pleased – he knows she’s thinking about him.

Sun Mi calls Hyung Chul without thinking. All About Eve, MBC, 2000

But not everyone is happy about Sun Mi’s good fortune! Young Mi is watching Sun Mi on the news at home and looks really annoyed. Suddenly she gets an idea. She gets dressed up and arrives at Hyung Chul’s house with flowers. She gives the excuse that she wanted to say thank you for his visiting her in the hospital. He doesn’t seem too pleased to see her – after all he only went to the hospital out of duty – but he’s polite. Then as she gets up to leave she dramatically collapses on the floor clutching her stomach – it’s fake this time. He grabs her and she looks longingly into his eyes …




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All About Eve Episode 16November 24, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 9August 30, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 20 FinalJanuary 9, 2012In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 12

The mobile phone episode

Well, Young Mi really starts playing hardball in this episode. She’s consumed with jealousy as she watches Sun Mi get lots of positive attention after her emotional outburst on the evening news! Young Mi is desperate to get her job back and she comes up with a plan to humiliate Sun Mi and make her look unprofessional again. Her mobile phone trick works but not content with this, she also continues her other plan which is to snatch Hyung Chul away from Sun Mi. But the mobile phone incident also gets Sun Mi and Hyung Chul back on speaking terms – this is one of my favourite scenes of the whole drama.

 Hyung Chul looks uncomfortable with Young Mi in his house – it’s late and she has no business turning up uninvited. Sun Mi hasn’t even been there yet, has she? But he tries to be polite and when Young Mi collapses he has no choice but to try to help her. And of course as he puts his arms around her, she takes the opportunity to flutter her eyelashes at him. THEN she looks at him and tells him that she’s OK – as if to say he shouldn’t be so close and putting his arms around her. He backs off immediately and she gets up by herself. This is an interesting tactic – set up the situation and then make the other person feel like they are in the wrong! It’s like she’s flirting and playing hard to get at the same time? She must be used to men falling for her and she seems confident that her plan will work on Hyung Chul too. But we’ve seen what kind of man Hyung Chul is. And he isn’t going to be interested in Young Mi. He seems confused by her more than anything else. But Young Mi thinks her plan is going to be successful. She is underestimating Hyung Chul and on the way out she gives a smug grin.

Hyung Chul and Young Mi, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 

Sun Mi is in demand and talking to different reporters who have come to interview her about her emotional outburst on the news. Young Mi is annoyed that Sun Mi is now the permanent 7PM news reader and she hates to hear her colleagues talking in awe about all the interviews that Sun Mi has done. Finally, she can’t take it anymore and storms out of the office to find Sun Mi. And when she finds her, she tries to make her feel bad by telling her that her outburst was unprofessional and nothing to be proud of. She can’t believe Sun Mi’s good fortune: she always lands on her feet even when she makes a mistake! But Sun Mi is not prepared to let Young Mi get her down, so Young Mi goes off to cry for sympathy in front of Joo Hee instead. Joo Hee apologises for not being able to remove Sun Mi from the 7PM news. I CAN’T BELIEVE she’s saying this. Joo Hee must be blinded by her jealousy of Sun Mi and can’t see that Young Mi is just using her. Young Mi acts as though she likes and respects Joo Hee but after she leaves she grumbles under her breath about how useless she has been to her!

Young Mi is annoyed at Sun Mi’s good luck, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Young Mi is feeling miserable but then suddenly she looks at her mobile phone and gets an idea. She grins naughtily as she remembers that she has got Sun Mi’s mobile number on her phone and Sun Mi is about to go live on air. So just before the news readers arrive she gets hold of Sun Mi’s phone and throws it under her news desk. Sun Mi arrives but notices Young Mi disappearing round the corner. As the news begins Young Mi is eating in the canteen with Joo Hee, but she manages to excuse herself for a moment and secretly calls Sun Mi’s phone (which is now under the desk). So, live on air, the phone starts ringing and both Sun Dal and Sun Mi as well as the production team begin to panic. Oh this is hard to watch. 

As soon as she can, Sun Mi scrambles under the desk to grab the phone. But the damage has been done. Joo Hee watches the TV in the canteen and can’t believe Sun Mi could make such a basic mistake like this. Then Young Mi joins her to find out what’s going on. Like she didn’t know….

 The mobile phone incident, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Mr. Kim is not amused either and demands that the anchor be changed. And back at the office Joo Hee is making a big deal out of the phone issue and gets into a heated argument with her sonbae and rival Kyung Hui. Meanwhile Sun Mi is sure that she didn’t take her phone with her to the studio but it’s a catch 22 situation because if someone else planted the phone then that would cause a scandal so she can’t make a fuss about this. Sun Dal has to tell her that Young Mi is taking over her role. Isn’t this all a bit of an over-reaction though? Would someone really get removed from their job just because their phone rang once? Even if it was live on air. 

Sun Mi tries to find a witness who saw her leave her phone in the dressing rooms but she can’t find anyone. She’s sure Young Mi planted her phone especially since she saw her at the studio earlier. But of course she has no proof and Young Mi also has an alibi – she was eating with Joo Hee at the time of the crime. Young Mi enjoys watching Sun Mi suffer. And Sun Mi is nearly in tears of rage and frustration as Young Mi simply smiles and says she has to go and get ready to read the news. As she walks away she rings Sun Mi on her phone just to rub it in even more! She is very naughty, indeed. 

 Young Mi is happy to watch Sun Mi suffer, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Upset about what happened, Sun Mi calls Hyung Chul in tears and leaves a message on his answer machine. When he comes home and hears the message he rushes out to find her. As he drives to the broadcasting station he hears what happened from Sun Dal. And now for my favourite Hyung Chul moment: He rushes into the doorway full of concern. His top button is undone – he only had time to take his tie off when he got home but didn’t have time to change out of his work suit – and he stands there breathless with a bead of sweat on his brow. Love it. They just look at each other (seems she forgot again that she’s not speaking to him) And then he hugs her. But she apologises for calling him – because he’s her boss now and not just the old sonbae she knew who used to comfort her. He drives her home and she’s embarrassed when she falls asleep in his car. Ahh. They are back on speaking terms.

 Hyung Chul to the rescue, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 

As part of his plan to improve ratings, Hyung Chul introduces a new morning show called Eve’s Morning. It’s a new kind of programme with current affairs, economics, entertainment, and sport. Sun Dal, Young Mi, Jin Soo, Ki-Jong, and Kyung Hui are all presenting on the show. And even Woo Jin is on the show too with Sun Mi! But of course Mr. Kim hopes that the programme will fail.

After the show airs everyone has a drink with Hyung Chul. Young Mi manages to sit next to him and takes every opportunity to get his attention. Sun Mi and Woo Jin watch uneasily as Young Mi seductively lights his cigarette and smiles coyly at him. Hyung Chul notices her behaviour too but doesn’t react to it. The party ends and Hyung Chul gives Sun Mi a video tape that he made for her.

 Young Mi flirts with Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

The next morning Hyung Chul wakes up to a ringing mobile phone. He stumbles around the house trying to find where the ringing is coming from. He finds a phone down the sofa: Young Mi ‘forgot’ her phone at his house the night before. Next thing we know she arrives to collect her phone and invite herself to go with him to watch a baseball match. Jin Soo and his sonbae Ki Jong are there to do the sports commenting. But they are shocked to see Hyung Chul arrive with Young Mi! Then Cho Jeh arrives for a date with Jin Soo and she’s shocked too. I suppose Hyung Chul doesn’t really know how to deal with Young Mi as she is so pushy. He could have said no when she asked to go to the baseball game but maybe he was too polite or saw no harm in taking her. After all, she’s not just an employee but also so closely connected to Sun Mi. But to everyone else this looks like a date. 

   Young Mi invites herself on a date with Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

While Young Mi is trying to work her magic on Hyung Chul, Woo Jin arrives at Young Mi’s place only to find that she has changed the locks and he can’t get in. So he calls her but there’s no answer. Woo Jin, Woo Jin, this really has to stop. It’s getting embarrassing now.  Young Mi is now at a tent restaurant with Hyung Chul trying to act like ‘a lady’ by pretending to struggle drinking one glass of soju… Come on Young Mi, you could drink the whole bottle in one shot, no problem! Not that there’s anything wrong with that (!) But this just shows how she is not being herself with him. She’s trying to create an image of the woman she thinks he would like. 

At home, Sun Mi plays the tape that Hyung Chul made for her. It’s made up of clips of her journey so far at the company. And she’s touched by the gift. This reminds me of the old cassette tapes that boys used to make for girls back in the 80’s and early 90’s made up of a mixture of favourite songs. I’ve still got one somewhere that I was given back in 1990.  Hyung Chul’s gift is thoughtful and sincere. And the innocent Sun Mi sitting at home ready for bed watching the video contrasts dramatically with Young Mi trying to act naive and innocent in front of Hyung Chul. 

Meanwhile, Woo Jin is still waiting for Young Mi to come home and sees her arrive home with Hyung Chul. He overhears her telling him that she likes him. Hyung Chul drives away without a word but then she turns around and sees Woo Jin standing there looking at her. But will he dump her now? Probably not.

Woo Jin catches Young Mi out with Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 

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All About Eve Episode 9August 30, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 11September 10, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve episode 1June 12, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 13

This episode is all about Woo Jin as he struggles to come to terms with his break up with Young Mi. He discovers more about her and the way she operates and it’s not pretty! So reality finally hits him. Poor Woo Jin. I’m feeling bad for him but I just wish he’d got out sooner before it was too late. How could he be so naive? Meanwhile, Young Mi is doing everything in her power to win over Hyung Chul by working hard for the company and flirting with him at the same time. And although this is annoying to watch (!), at least we can be sure that he’s never going to be interested in her.  

Woo Jin is upset after seeing Young Mi flirt with Hyung Chul (again). She explains that she changed the lock on her door because they have broken up! She’s acting cool with him insinuating that she has already moved on and wants Hyung Chul now not him. Woo Jin is upset but when she adds that she has never loved him, he loses control and in anger and frustration slaps her across the face. She seems almost relieved that he hit her – at least now she has a good reason to tell him to leave. She is cold to him but after he leaves she collapses on the floor and cries. She packs away all his things, crying while she does it. So she really does have feelings for him. But her jealousy of Sun Mi is stronger than her feelings for him. How self destructive she is. Woo Jin deals with the situation in the typical guy way – drinking lots of soju.

  All about Eve MBC 2000: Young Mi and Woo Jin finally break up

At MBS, during the filming of Eve’s Morning show, Hyung Chul stops by to watch. Young Mi sees him and looks on jealously as he gazes at Sun Mi who doesn’t notice him. Meanwhile, Jin Soo puts his foot in it AGAIN by telling everyone that they shouldn’t spread rumours about Young Mi and Hyung Chul going together to the baseball game. But NOBODY KNEW that Young Mi went to the baseball game with Hyung Chul. But now they know because he told them all! Poor Jin Soo doesn’t want to spread rumours but he ends up doing it anyway by mistake! Joo Hee looks particularly shocked and upset to hear this piece of gossip. Now she’s going to see another side of Young Mi too.

Things get even worse later when Jin Soo meets Cho Jeh who adds more to the juicy gossip – Young Mi was holding Hyung Chul’s arm. But then she looks up and to her horror sees lots of people  standing around listening in to their conversation! It’s funny that these two are on Sun Mi’s side but always keep saying the wrong thing! 

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000: Jin Soo and Cho Jeh spread rumours again

In a meeting about Eve’s Morning show, Sun Mi and other presenters are told what they need to improve. But Young Mi seems to be perfect as the main presenter and will even be the model for the show’s publicity. Sun Mi looks at her with mild envy but she is far too nice to  begrudge her any of her success.

After work Sun Mi goes on a date with Hyung Chul. He picks her up where nobody can see them and they go for dinner. He seems down, as ratings aren’t as great as he had hoped. And he reminisces about the UK and suggests they run away to London together and lead a carefree life. She tries to cheer him up but she doesn’t really know all that’s going on at work for him.

Meanwhile, the contrast between Sun Mi and Hyung Chul’s relationship and Woo Jin and Young Mi’s relationship is all too clear – Woo Jin is outside Young Mi’s flat waiting for her. (Oh COME ON Woo Jin! ENOUGH already) When she gets home she doesn’t look pleased to see him. She realises that he still feels bad about getting her pregnant and so she finally admits that it was all a lie – she was never pregnant in the first place. But he STILL doesn’t believe that she could lie about something like that. Oh yes, she could. He really doesn’t want to believe that she is capable of these things.

Hyung Chul takes Sun Mi home and they arrange to meet again at the weekend as it’s her birthday. While they are outside her house, her dad pulls up. Sun Mi is taken by surprise and tells Hyung Chul to hurry up and leave quickly before her dad sees him. But Hyung Chul grabs her arm and marches over to introduce himself to her dad. Sun Mi is embarrassment and her dad notices that Hyung Chul is clasping her hand although she tries to pull it away. It’s a big deal to be introduced to the parents so Hyung Chul is showing again and again that he is serious about her.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul meets Sun Mi’s dad

Hyung Chul listens to Sun Mi’s radio show. She’s very concerned about one of her listeners who has no money to pay his medical bills. So she keeps asking for financial help from the listeners to her show. Then suddenly a mystery donor gives money to pay all the hospital fees. I wonder who that could be?

At work, Kyung Hui notices that her colleague Ki Jong is in a strange mood. He tells her a story about a girl he liked at primary school. He was too shy to say anything to her so he carved “you’re mine” onto her desk instead. Then he admits what he is upset about – after ten years he has been removed from his job as a sports presenter. After he goes out of the room, Kyung Hui looks under her desk and sure enough, Ki Jong has carved “you’re mine” on her desk!


All About Eve, MBC, 2000: Kyung Hui and Ki Jong

Sun Mi and Hyung Chul go for a romantic dinner. He gives her an ankle bracelet with both of their birthstones on it and a long explanation about their birthstones and the meaning behind his gift – OK at this point I really think Hyung Chul is too good to be true!  Hyung Chul says he wants to spend all her birthdays together – he’s always saying things like this, telling her in a round about way that he wants to marry her. They have a romantic but innocent evening and when he takes her home, he kisses her on the forehead. This is a bit too ‘father and daughter’ for me though. I could do with a proper kiss about now. 


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi’s birthday

Meanwhile, there’s more comedy as Jin Soo and Cho Jeh go on a date together to the fairground. Cho Jeh is still trying to act coy and hard to get. She acts upset when he kisses her in public but then wants him to kiss her more!

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000: Jin Soo and Cho Jeh on a date

Mrs. Song is worried about Woo Jin and she asks Young Mi to come to the convenience store for a chat. She suggests they go and look at apartments to find somewhere for them to live after she marries Woo Jin. But of course Young Mi isn’t keen. Mrs. Song has no idea what’s going on although she has noticed that Woo Jin is drinking every night. Mrs. Song still thinks they are going to get married and gives Young Mi her own engagement ring and apologises for the way she has treated her, not even giving them an engagement party yet. Mrs. Song is really trying her best to get along with Young Mi and still doesn’t know the truth about her fake pregnancy.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000: Mrs. Song and Young Mi

Young Mi is determined that Woo Jin will believe that she was never pregnant, so she takes him to the hospital where she gets treatment for period cramps. She makes him go and speak to the doctor who confirms that she never had an abortion. Woo Jin is crushed. She explains that she lied about this so that his mum would treat her better. And she explains again that all she wants to do is to take away everything that Sun Mi has. Before that meant Woo Jin. But now that means Hyung Chul. Will Woo Jin finally give up now? 

All About Eve, MBC, 2000: Woo Jin finally discovers the truth about the fake pregnancy

Woo Jin and Sun Mi go away on a business trip to report on a festival. But Sun Mi realises that Woo Jin is acting strange and she’s worried about him. Meanwhile, back in Seoul, Sun Dal invites Young Mi to go out with him and Hyung Chul for a drink. I don’t know why he invited her, but while they are out he suddenly gets a phone call and has to go back to work leaving Young MI and Hyung Chul alone. Convenient. SO now, on the same evening, Young Mi is having dinner with Hyung Chul, Wo Jin and Sun Mi are staying at a hotel. Woo Jin goes to Sun Mi’s room to talk to her. Sun Mi has just had a shower and casually answers the door with a towel around her head! We often see her like this – with her hair washed and getting ready for bed. I suppose it adds to her innocent and childlike image. And it’s OK for Woo Jin to see her like this because they are like brother and sister anyway and they are often in each other’s bedrooms. But Hyung Chul has never seen her like this or been in her room and she has never been alone at his house either.

Hyung Chul seems uncomfortable having dinner alone with Young Mi and suggests that she ring Woo Jin and Sun Mi to see how they are getting along, since she is the main presenter on the show after all. This is cute because he probably wants to hear how they are getting on, too. She doesn’t want to call and tries to tell him that they have broken up. But in the end she has no choice and calls Sun Mi’s hotel room. But Sun Mi is in the shower so Woo Jin answers the phone surprising Young Mi. Hyung Chul looks a little put out when he hears that Woo Jin is in Sun Mi’s room, too. But he doesn’t react. There’s no need to worry anyway, because Woo Jin has only come to cry on Sun Mi’s shoulder. Upset, he tells her that he and Young Mi have broken up. Young Mi seems annoyed to hear that Woo Jin is in Sun Mi’s room. She really does need to control everyone and can’t stand the thought of him spending time with Sun Mi even though she has finished with him. Woo Jin is heart broken and things are only going to get worse… 

  All About Eve, MBC, 2000: Woo Jin tells Sun Mi that he and Young Mi are over




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All about Eve episode 14

 Well Young Mi really gets beaten about in this episode! She gets attacked by Mrs. Song and even slapped across the face by the sweet Sun Mi. I don’t condone violence, but when Young Mi finally tells Mrs. Song that she was only using Woo Jin to get back at Mrs. Song and Sun Mi, I can see why Mrs. Song would lose her cool. She’s devastated to see her son in such a state over a woman she knew from the start was no good for him. So Woo Jin has two women in his life that support him, but blimey, he is SO WEAK. Young Mi has treated him terribly but really, come on Woo Jin, everyone gets heartbroken sometime. I’m obviously not in a very sympathetic mood this morning!

Hyung Chul gives Young Mi a lift home after their dinner together and she explains that she and Woo Jin have broken up. But she suggests they broke up because of Sun Mi and Woo Jin spending so much time together! She’s trying to look like the victim but Hyung Chul doesn’t take the bait. Even when she puts on her soft flirty voice and tells him that she is the one who is hurt, Hyung Chul just repeats again what he tries to tell her several times – you can’t force someone to love you. But Young Mi seems to think that she can make anything happen. Sun Mi is upset when Woo Jin tells her about the break up and as soon as they get back to Seoul she goes to see Hyung Chul for help.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi hears Young Mi and Woo Jin have broken up

He agrees to do something and decides to send Woo Jin and Young Mi together to England on a business trip to see if they can work out their problems. Sun Dal doesn’t understand this and is not pleased about a main presenter going on an unnecessary business trip abroad. But Hyung Chul is adamant – from a business perspective it is a strange move so he is definitely acting from his heart not his head at this point. This is cute since usually he is a rational man.

Young Mi is annoyed when she hears the news. She knows Sun Mi must be behind Hyung Chul’s decision so she storms up to Sun Mi and, with a face like thunder, throws a cup of water in her face! This has never happened to me, but if it did, I would be absolutely fuming. And a cat fight would no doubt ensue. However, Sun Mi doesn’t even get annoyed. She simply takes Young Mi’s hand and begs her not to break up with Woo Jin. But Young Mi has no intention of getting back with Woo Jin and she storms off telling Sun Mi that she, Sun Mi, can have him now. Charming. Then Young finds Hyung Chul to try to get him to change his mind and explain that sending her to the UK with Woo Jin is futile. But he won’t change the plans.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi is annoyed with Sun Mi for interfering.

Next we find Young Mi in the UK standing outside the houses of parliament making a report. Woo Jin is behind the camera and he watches her carefully. But after the work is done, she walks away ignoring him. And after the staff finish for the day and go back to hotel, Young Mi declines to go out and quickly excuses herself. Later Woo Jin goes to her hotel room but there’s no answer. (This really is too much now, Woo Jin.) Young Mi is out looking out at the River Thames and Tower Bridge. She’s wearing sunglasses (even though it’s evening) and smoking – so she must be a bad girl! Nice girls don’t smoke. Or wear sunglasses, especially at night (!) BTW This scene at Tower Bridge must have been filmed at the same time as the Tower Bridge scene earlier in the drama as the 2 extras sitting nearby kissing are the same!

Young Mi walks around smiling to herself as though planning her next move. But when she gets back to the hotel Woo Jin is waiting for her outside her room. She tells him AGAIN that she does not want to be with him anymore but he won’t give up. She starts to undress suggesting he can do what he likes to her but she insists that NOBODY will stop her getting what she wants. Woo Jin is upset by her behaviour and leaves. Young Mi was smirking at him before, but after he leaves her face falls and she looks upset too.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi and Woo Jin go to London

Hyung Chul and Sun Mi continue their (sort of) secret relationship. They exchange a few words at the lift when they happen to arrive for work at the same time but get some looks from other members of staff. Then they meet on the roof for coffee. Hyung Chul suggests he’s looking forward to the day they can be open about their relationship.

Meanwhile, Woo Jin finds Young Mi in a church with a veil on her head as though she’s praying. He tells her that she can’t trap God because God is not a man. But she cruelly tells him that she is praying that Woo Jin will disappear because she is sick of seeing him. He is visibly distressed and shaken by what she says and sadly walks away.

The next day everyone discovers that Woo Jin has actually disappeared and the others have to return to Korea without him. Back in Seoul Young Mi tells everyone that she is worried about Woo Jin too but is she just faking it? She kind of says “I told you so” to Hyung Chul repeating that there was no use trying to get them back together – I don’t think these are the words of someone who is worried about him. In London when she first heard that he had disappeared, she seemed shocked but now she almost seems pleased that he is gone.

After work, as Young Mi is walking towards her car, Sun Mi calls out her name. Sun Mi walks up to her and without a word slaps her across the face for leaving Woo Jin. But Young Mi in unrepentant. Sun Mi tries to slap her again but this time Young Mi grabs her arm to stop her – I’ll only let you slap me once, she says.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi slaps Young Mi across the face

After Young Mi drives away Sun Mi gets a desperate call from Woo Jin’s mum to say that Woo Jin has returned but has packed his bags and gone out again. Sun Mi goes to her house and tries to calm her down but Mrs. Song is livid and In tears she rushes off to Young Mi’s place. Sun MI tries to stop her but it’s no use, Mrs. Song barges into Young Mi’s room and attacks her –  grabbing her by the hair and dragging her around the room berating her for treating her son so badly. It’s pretty violent! Sun Mi looks on helplessly. Mrs. Song cries out in frustration. She’s angry that although she never wanted to accept Young Mi, she had to because there was no choice. She demands to know where Woo Jin is. Young Mi brazenly says she doesn’t know. This annoys Mrs. Song even more and Young Mi’s attitude makes things worse and Mrs. Song starts slapping her in the face.

Finally, Young Mi glares at Mrs. Song and says that she DOESN’T WANT to find Woo Jin and that she NEVER LOVED him. Oh boy. Mrs. Song staggers back in shock and then Sun Mi’s dad arrives scolding Mrs. Song for treating Young Mi badly!!! Young Mi batters her eyelashes helplessly at him. (Men can be so gullible sometimes) And this sends Mrs. Song over the edge. She goes crazy shouting at Sun Mi’s dad for bringing Young Mi into their lives in the first place. Finally Sun Mi has to drag her away. After they leave Young Mi collapses in tears. Maybe she realises she has taken things too far this time.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Mrs. Song is worried about Woo Jin and attacks Young Mi

Woo Jin is on his own in the countryside drinking. In the morning, Eve’s Morning show is on the TV. The adjumma who runs the place wants to change the channel because she thinks the show isn’t very interesting. Woo Jin gazes at the screen and Young Mi trying to persuade the adjumma to watch the show since everyone on the show works really hard. But the adjumma just changes the channel anyway.

At MBS the news team meets to discuss the rating and strategy for Eve’s Morning show. The team wonders why Hyung Chul is not at the meeting. They think it must be because the rating are not good so his pride is hurt. We see him walking in a park and a clip of his earlier conversation with his rival, Director Kim. Hyung Chul has had to ask for another month to turn things around. But if ratings don’t improve Director Kim says he will have to resign.

But then  Hyung Chul sees a lineup of parents with their children. They are waiting to use what looks like a Purikura Japanese sticker booth (but I could be wrong). This gives him an idea and when he gets back to the company he suggests that they do some shows on housewives and their success stories. Everyone thinks this is a good idea and Young Mi also suggests they could do something on missing children too. Hyung Chul smiles at her and then looks to Sun Mi for her ideas. But she is distracted and removed from the conversation. She’s obviously thinking about something else, or rather someone else – Woo Jin. Hyung Chul must realise this but asks her if she has any ideas. But Sun Mi has not been listening to the conversation. (I must admit this is unprofessional) Then her phone rings and she excuses herself as it’s a call from ‘Oppa’ – Woo Jin,  who asks her to pass on a message to his mum.Hyung Chul watches her leave the room to take the call without a word.

Later Hyung Chul sees Sun Mi in the corridor and she apologises about the meeting but he just pats her arm and walks away. He must be feeling a bit neglected – Sun Mi is understandably concerned about Woo Jin but she doesn’t seem able to help or support Hyung Chul at all. But Hyung Chul doesn’t show his emotions even though he is worried that he could lose his job. 

  All About Eve, MBC, 2000, while Hyung Chul worries about the company, Sun Mi is focused on Woo Jin

Woo Jin’s mum has taken to her bed and Sun Mi’s dad brings her some food. Then we see Woo Jin still in the countryside. He rips up a photo of him and Young Mi and throws it into the water. Has he finally got the message?

Young Mi is still at work with her colleagues – it’s late. Hyung Chul comes in and sees them and suggests they all go out. They end up going to a street tent. Young Mi tells Hyung Chul about her past – her mother walked out on them when she was young and her father was a drunk. She’s flirting again – she says she feels a connection with Hyung Chul even though their backgrounds are so different. He looks uncomfortable and then gets a call from Sun Mi to say that Woo Jin is back. He tells Young Mi, but she is not interested. She tells him clearly that all she is interested in is Hyung Chul and the success of Eve’s Morning show! Wow she is so direct! There’s an awkward moment but then the other colleagues arrive and (thankfully) they are not alone anymore. She’s still making eyes at him across the table though…

The next day Woo Jin arrives for work. He’s reprimanded by his boss but seems to be forgiven. He’s carrying his (huge) camera with him when he bumps into Young Mi. But this time he ignores her and walks past. She stops to look back as he walks away and there seems to be some sadness in her eyes. Woo Jin spends his evenings drinking soju too. But he’s alone.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi pursues Hyung Chul while Woo Jin drinks alone

Eve’s Morning Show seems to be getting better ratings now that they are doing pieces on housewives. We see a staff member racing to the set with a video tape, yes a video tape. Oh it’s all so cute. Sun Mi and her colleague are eating at a sikdang, restaurant, where the adjumma working there agrees that the show is interesting now. Everyone is in a much better mood at the next staff meeting now that the show is doing better. So a staff event is planned.

They all go away for the night to celebrate and end up (of course) in a karaoke box. They make Hyung Chul sing – everyone looks surprised that he can sing. (Well Jang Dong Geon does have at least one album out, doesn’t he?) The camera passes around the room as he sings. Sun Mi and Young Mi sit back to back and while Sun Mi smiles sweetly as she watches him sing, Young Mi is thoughtful – probably thinking what her next move should be. Her plan so far is not working as Hyung Chul is showing no interest in her at all.

All about Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi sits thoughtfully watching Hyung Chul

When they get back to the hotel, Hyung Chul calls Sun Mi for a chat. He has nothing to talk about but just wants to call her since he’s had a few drinks. Ahhh. After they say good night, Sun Mi decides to take him some headache tablets since he drank quite a bit. But as she walks towards his room, she sees that Young Mi has turned up at Hyung Chul’s room! This doesn’t look good and she walks away in shock. Sun Mi doesn’t know that Hyung Chul tried to turn Young Mi away but she was adamant that she had to speak to him there and then as she has something important to say.

I feel sorry for Hyung Chul now. He doesn’t seem to get any support from Sun Mi. From the start he has been like her big brother and a shoulder to cry on when she’s upset about Woo Jin. But its really time for her to grow up. And if they are in a relationship why doesn’t she say something when she sees Young Mi going into Hyung Chul’s room so late at night. It’s completely inappropriate. 









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All About Eve Episode 15

 Poor Hyung Chul gets neglected as Sun Mi concentrates more and more on Woo Jin’s break down. And although I feel bad for Woo Jin I really wish he’d pull himself together! He’s upsetting his mum even more drinking every night and since she tried to warn him about Young Mi in the first place, I think he should have the decency to accept that she was right and stop wallowing in self pity now! He knew how upset she was when he started dating Young Mi and now he’s making things worse by not being able to get over her. Joo Hee sees another side of Young Mi that she doesn’t like so much and gets a taste of her hard character. No one is safe from Young Mi but at least we can see that no matter what, she doesn’t seem to be able to manipulate Hyung Chul. 

Young Mi sits in Hyung Chul’s hotel room and tells him that she wants to quit the company (yeah right) because it’s too hard to look at him when he shows her no feelings in return. She’s so manipulative but he recognises this and asks if she’s trying to blame him for her break up with Woo Jin. Then he calmly asks her if he ever showed her signs that he liked her. He didn’t of course and she has no answer to this. She seems to be trying to force a reaction from him – by saying she wants to quit. But he simply says he doesn’t want to lose her because she’s a good news reader. But that’s it! It’s not personal. She can’t break him – this must be very frustrating for her!

Meanwhile Sun Mi has realised that Young Mi must have broken up with Woo Jin because of Hyung Chul. So now she’s worried that Young Mi will try to take Hyung Chul from her – she’s in his room now after all. To make things worse, in the morning  Sun Mi happens to find them together in the lift. Suspicious – it looks like they spent the night together? But Hyung Chul is pleased to see her and pulls her into the lift before the doors close  – it’s awkward in the confined space with the three of them though!


All About Eve, 2000, MBC, Sun Mi feels jealous over Young Mi and Hyung Chul

At work Sun Dal tells Joo Hee that he saw Young Mi coming out of Hyung Chul’s hotel room. Joo Hee thinks this is strange and tries to question Young Mi about it when they eat together. But their relationship has definitely soured and Young Mi is not so responsive to Joo Hee anymore and refuses to talk about her relationship with Woo Jin. The balance of power has changed in their relationship. Young Mi is more in control now.

Finally, Sun Mi questions Hyung Chul over Young Mi. Why was she in his room late at night? But Hyung Chul does not get defensive at all.  In fact, he looks happy that she is jealous!

At work, Cho Jeh has a coffee break with Young Mi who is bad mouthing Joo Hee since she doesn’t need Joo Hee anymore and in fact is now after her job – the prestigious 9pm slot. Young Mi really is super confident and says she doesn’t need anyone to help her – she can get whatever she wants by herself. Just then, Joo Hee walks past, but Young Mi doesn’t even acknowledge her! How things have changed. Joo Hee’s expression shows that she has realised this too.

All About Eve, 2000, MBC, Young Mi casts Joo Hee aside. 

Comedy Time Again – Jin Soo arrives to see Cho Jeh. I love these little comedy interludes with this couple. Cho Jeh still acts coy and embarrassed to be with him in front of other people. Is she embarrassed to be seen with him at work or just in public?! He gets offended at her attitude and does his classic routine of talking loudly and revealing too much information and they get spotted by their seniors! But then SHE gets offended when He tells the others that they are DEFINITELY NOT dating. She walks off in a mood even though SHE didn’t want to tell people they were dating either. Women are hard to please, aren’t they!

All About Eve, 2000, MBC, the interesting romance of Cho Jeh and Jin Soo

Sun Mi goes to warn Young Mi to stay away from Hyung Chul. Why oh why does she do this? It’s only going to make things worse. Sure enough, Young Mi looks pleased that Sun Mi is worried and of course she has ABSOLUTELY no intention of giving up on Hyung Chul. Sun Mi is still so naive.

Woo Jin comes home drunk AGAIN. His mum tries to get him to go on dates with other girls and even mentions Sun Mi again. She’s trying to help but it’s far too soon to think of dating other women. And he refuses. At work it’s hard because he has to edit Young Mi’s tapes – she’s interviewing mothers about missing children. Hyung Chul watches Young Mi trying to show empathy on the video. She’s not doing a great job. She tries to look emotional on live TV. Then Woo Jin watches Sun Mi and raises a sad smile.

Sun Mi and Woo Jin go off filming reports at outdoor concerts. They spend time together and she tries to cheer him up. She hates seeing him like this. But later she has to go. She leaves him and he looks upset again. Her feelings really have changed. Before Hyung Chul came along she would have wanted to date Woo Jin herself.

All About Eve 2000, MBC, Woo Jin struggles to get over Young Mi

At work, Young Mi bumps into Joo Hee and knocks all the paper out of her hand onto the floor. But she just apologises and rushes off – she doesn’t held her pick up the papers and this is not lost on Joo Hee. Sun Mi comes along and tries to help. But Joo Hee is upset. She has realised how rude she herself was when she first start working there because other people compare Young Mi to her. She worries that she was just like Young Mi but Sun Dal says Young Mi is different – nobody knows who she really is.

Hyung Chul invites Sun Mi on a date at the weekend but she already has plans to have lunch with Mrs. Song and Woo Jin. Mrs. Song is worried about Woo Jin and is trying to cheer him up. But she agrees to meet him in the afternoon. He says he wants to introduce her to someone special. Before she goes in, she tells him that she likes him! Ah. He smiles all the way home – how cute.

Woo Jin arrives drunk at Sun Mi’s house and wants to stay the night there – since they are like brother and sister and he doesn’t want his mum to see him drunk again. But in his drunken state he proposes to her – hoping that being with her will help him get over Young Mi! Oh dear. They both cry…Woo Jin sleeps there for a while and then leaves late while Sun Mi sleeps. Meanwhile, Hyung Chul tells Joo Hee on the phone that he’s taking someone with him to his mother’s grave on her birthday. Sun Mi doesn’t know he’s planning to take her there.


All About Eve, 2000, MBC, Sun Mi tries to comfort Woo Jin

Woo Jin is waiting at the restaurant but he’s very drunk. His mum and Sun Mi’s dad look uncomfortable when they arrive and see him in that state. His mum runs off in tears as he knocks things over and rolls around drunk. Meanwhile, Hyung Chul is waiting for Sun Mi (with flowers) to take her to his mother’s grave. But Woo Jin is in a mess and so Sun Mi calls and cancels their date saying her father is sick – oh no, that was a lie. (well he was complaining earlier that she mentions Woo Jin’s name a lot. She must have worried that he would be upset if she cancelled their date over him.)

Hyung Chul goes to the grave by himself and then goes to see Sun Mi. But as he’s waiting outside her house he sees everyone helping a drunk Woo Jin out of the car and he realises that Sun Mi told him a fib. She sees Hyung Chul standing there and is mortified. But again, he’s very understanding but a bit disappointed. He says he’ll wait for her but feels she keeps pulling away from him.

All About Eve, 2000, MBC, Hyung Chul gets stood up

Joo Hee and Young Mi’s tiff continues. A writer comes to complain that Joo Hee keeps altering his news script. She is unrepentant so he asks Young Mi for her opinion of his work. She doesn’t have a problem with it! Joo Hee glares at her for not siding with her and walks away annoyed at Young Mi. She walks past a room where Sun Mi is practising reading the news and goes in to help her. She must be feeling bad about the way she has treated her. Then Young Mi walks past and sees them together and pulls a face. Later in a meeting Young Mi tries to impress Hyung Chul by working so well. She suggests he buy her dinner as a thank you! He looks surprised at first but then agrees. Why does he do this?

In a street tent Woo Jin overhears some young men chatting about Young Mi who’s reading the news on the TV. Woo Jin doesn’t like what they say about her and gets into a fight. They beat him up. Meanwhile, Hyung Chul takes Young Mi for dinner. She flirts and suggests that she wants him to dance with her. Blimey. He declines and she dances seductively by herself while he watches her. He seems confused by her.


All About Eve, 2000, MBC, Young Mi tries to seduce Hyung Chul again

At work Joo Hee asks Sun Mi if she went with Hyung Chul to his mother’s grave. Oh no, now she realises where he wanted to take her and she feels bad. She rushes off to see him. But he is still out. He takes Young Mi home in the car and she tries to snuggle up to him! He pushes her back to her seat. She really is pushy. But why does he keep going out with her when he knows what she is trying to do? Sun Mi goes to wait for Hyung Chul at his house but while she waits she gets a call from Mrs. Song saying Woo Jin is at the police station after getting into a fight. She waits a bit longer for Hyung Chul but then rushes off to the police station before he gets home. Oh she could have waited to see him!  In contrast, Young Mi also gets a message on her answer machine about Woo Jin but she coolly deletes the message.













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All About Eve Episode 16November 24, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

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All About Eve Episode 17November 25, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 16

Young Mi’s jealousy of Sun Mi is really starting to get out of control now. And when it looks like Sun Mi might get a promotion thanks to Joo Hee’s help, Young Mi turns her anger on Joo Hee and even puts her life in danger. But Young Mi is getting careless and people are starting to see what she’s really like. Woo Jin is still in a mess and so Sun Mi carries on neglecting Hyung Chul to look after him. Hyung Chul has been patient so far but he can’t keep waiting for ever. 

Mrs Song and Sun Mi go to the police station to bring Woo Jin home after his arrest for drunk fighting. Mrs. Song is so upset and worried about Woo Jin that she asks Sun Mi to ‘stay with him’ because she’s frightened of what will happen to him – she must mean she wants Sun Mi to date him?

So Sun Mi dutifully tells Hyung Chul not to wait for her anymore because she needs to look after Woo Jin. And she might even MARRY HIM. What? He’s heart-broken over someone else. The last thing she should do is marry him. He’s even told her again and again that he has never looked at her as a woman. This is crazy. Anyway, Hyung Chul patiently says he’ll still wait for her until the day she marries Woo Jin. OH PLEASE.

All About Eve MBC, 2000, Sun Mi tells Hyung Chul that her loyalties lie with Woo Jin

The work day is finishing at MBS and everyone is going home. Young Mi comments to Joo Hee on how she’s being nice to Sun Mi all of a sudden. She’s got a nerve. Get over it Young Mi. You’ve burned your bridges with Joo Hee now. Then on her way to the news desk, Young Mi walks past Sun Mi and Woo Jin but ignores them both. Sun Mi is trying to get Woo Jin to go straight home instead of going out drinking. AGAIN. But as they leave together and she gets in his car, Hyung Chul sees them. Woo Jin tells her to get out as Hyung Chul is looking over, but she refuses and tells him to drive.

Mrs. Song is grateful to Sun Mi for looking after Woo Jin. But Woo Jin tells her not to do everything his mum says. Well at least he’s able to think about what’s best for her and he feels bad that she’s not spending time with Hyung Chul because of him. He knows they will never be romantically involved. Then there’s a moment of very bad timing as they put the TV on to catch Young Mi reading the news about weddings! Oh dear. Woo Jin turns the TV off quickly. That was quite funny though. Woo Jin walks Sun Mi home.

She plays with the ankle bracelet from Hyung Chul – she seems to wear it all the time. So she is still thinking about him. Meanwhile, Hyung Chul is taking a bubble bath and drinking red wine (a habit he picked up in the UK perhaps?) He’s deep in thought too.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi feels jealous that Joo Hee is warming to Sun Mi

It’s comedy interlude time again! Jin Soo and Cho Jeh are in their swimming costumes at the swimming pool. Cho Jeh comes out all sheepish in her cute (not sexy at all, bless) outfit and Jin Soo is smiling. But then he pushes her away because he’s NOT looking at her but the two other girls behind her!!! OMG. That would be the end for me. I would go home in a mood.

But they go off to mess around together in the pool. But they start messing around too much splashing each other more and more until what started off as a play fight has turned into something more sinister – they are are holding each other’s heads under the water for a little TOO LONG. It looks like they are trying to kill each other now! And they are causing quite a commotion and the other swimmers have gathered around to watch in bemusement!

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, The comedy duo have ‘fun’ at the pool

Back at the office, Hyung Chul is having problems getting people on board with his new ideas for the company. The older producers want to keep a more traditional format and rely on things that they know will work – semi naked women etc – to keep the ratings up. Hyung Chul wants to take a more sophisticated approach.

He’s called to Director Kim’s office where he also meets Young Mi. Director Kim likes Young Mi and wants her to work on a new project. Hyung Chul thinks this will clash with her work on Eve’s Morning so she dutifully declines to do the other show. But after the meeting she’s waiting for Hyung Chul. She refused the offer to please HIM and now she wants her reward. She really is something. And it looks like he can’t refuse. 

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi continues to work on Hyung Chul 

Sun Mi finds Woo Jin unshaven and STILL DRINKING in a bar. She orders a shot of the bar’s strongest liquor – ha ha. I’ve never heard anyone going into a bar and saying to the barman that they want a glass of their strongest liquor. She is so unworldly. She takes a gulp before almost spitting it out. Then, what a coincidence, Young Mi and Hyung Chul arrive at the bar too. Of course Young Mi ignores them and sits at the bar.

She focuses her attention on Hyung Chul and when he goes to get the schedule sheets for the show out of his brief case, she asks him what the secret combination of his lock is! She asks because she says people usually use a meaningful number. How cheeky she is. But he tells her (so the secret number is not so secret anymore) Sun Mi and Woo Jin both hear this and know the numbers are the same as Sun Mi’s birthday. Woo Jin gets up and staggers out. Hyung Chul tells Sun Mi to stay where she is – he will deal with this.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, The two couples meet in a bar – awkward

Outside, Woo Jin promptly throws up. He demands to know why Hyung Chul is not spending time with Sun Mi. Is Woo Jin jealous thinking that Hyung Chul has fallen for Young Mi? But Hyung Chul merely says he has to let Sun Mi do what she wants. And right now she is choosing to be with Woo Jin…

Inside, Young Mi goes over to sit with Sun Mi for another showdown. She’s still unrepentant about Woo Jin but then suddenly changes her tune and begs Sun Mi to let her HAVE Hyung Chul IN EXCHANGE for Woo Jin! Oh if only things were that simple! Sun Mi won’t listen and leaves with a very drunk Woo Jin. So Young Mi turns to flutter her eye lashes at Hyung Chul again.

Back at his house, Woo Jin collapses on the bed and tells Sun Mi to stay away from him – because he doesn’t love her like he loves Young Mi. Charming. Meanwhile Young Mi sits at home crying over a picture of Woo Jin. Why is she doing this then, duh? She rips up the graduation photo of herself with Sun Mi. Looks like it’s time for her to really start playing hard ball. 

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Another classic Sun Mi and Young Mi face off

BUT then Young Mi hears some very bad news indeed – Joo Hee is training Sun Mi so SUN MI may be able to get the 9 pm news slot soon. This sends Young Mi crazy with jealousy.

Desperately, she tries to butter up Joo Hee to get back in her good books. But Joo Hee is not a fool and seems to see through her now. Then to make matters worse she overhears Sun Mi and Joo Hee chatting and getting on well in the office. Sun Mi offers to help Joo Hee with an article she’s writing. And Young Mi looks ready to explode with rage.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi jealously watches Joo Hee help Sun Mi

During Sun Mi’s evening radio program, Hyung Chul secretly watches her as she reads out a love poem. Meanwhile, Young Mi is desperate to do something about Sun Mi’s new improved relationship with Joo Hee. She knows that Sun Mi is helping Joo Hee with her writing, so when nobody is looking she removes the floppy disc from Sun Mi’s computer and deletes Joo Hee’s files.

The next day she overhears Joo Hee scolding Sun Mi and jumps to the conclusion that they are talking about the deleted files. Joo Hee demands to know how she knows about the disc. Now it feels that the tide is turning against Young Mi. Before she was the Golden Girl and everyone always fell for her lies. Her survival skills and instincts were brilliant before, but she is starting to make mistakes now. They realise that she has got something to do with the missing files. And for the first time she is caught out. She must be getting really desperate and she’s letting her guard slip.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi deletes Joo Hee’s files

And now there’s even more trouble for Young Mi as her ex calls her from prison to let her know that he will be out soon. He tells her to enjoy herself as much as she can before he gets out. This sounds like a threat. She was the one who had him arrested after all. And she looks worried.

Nothing is going right for her. Next, she has a problem with her car and nearly runs people over at a crossing. She takes the car to the garage and is told that she must have ignored the light that shows the brake oil is low – an issue that affects FEMALE drivers according to the rather sexist mechanic! But being told that it’s a dangerous but common problem with female drivers (grrrrr) seems to give her an idea. And we see her acting very suspiciously sneaking down to the car park at work.

Later, Joo Hee gets in her car to go home. But sure enough, her brakes are not working! She crashes into the wall and is rushed to hospital. Then Young Mi looks very pleased with herself when she’s called to a meeting with the directors. Because with Joo Hee out of the way, SHE is in line for the 9 pm news reader position as there is not enough time to train Sun Mi. Of course she pretends that she couldn’t possibly do it!

But just as she is finally persuaded, the door bursts open and an agitated Joo Hee staggers in on crutches saying she can still do the news. It’s only her leg that’s broken. Ha Ha. Young Mi’s face. There’s a tender moment after work when Sun Dal drives Joo Hee home and lets her know how important she is to him. Ahh.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Joo Hee comes back to work and ruins Young Mi’s plans

Woo Jin comes back from his business trip and hears about Joo Hee’s ‘accident’. But the fact that this means Young Mi will take over her 9 pm slot makes Woo Jin suspicious. He rushes to the company security office and asks to see CCTV footage from the car park. Sure enough his worst fears are realised as he sees Young Mi quite clearly opening the bonnet of Joo Hee’s car and tampering with the engine. She really is getting careless. And when she arrives for work, to her horror she sees the camera too.

Sun Mi is standing in the rain waiting for Woo Jin when Hyung Chul happens to walk by and see her. He runs under her umbrella and she guiltily tells him who she’s waiting for. She’s acting like a little girl! Then when a car comes close and splashes them, Hyung Chul grabs her and they get pushed closer together. It’s an awkward moment and afterwards Hyung Chul quickly runs off into the rain. Sigh.

Young Mi arrives at the security office too, desperately looking for the tape. The security man is wondering why so many people are looking for the same tape! So Young Mi learns that Woo Jin came to see the tape first and she rushes off to find him. She finds his office. But he’s not there, so she takes the opportunity to search the office for the tape. Then he arrives waving the tape in front of her like carrot on a string. But he won’t give the tape to her. His eyes show that he knows what she is but he still loves her. Crazy fool. She puts on her annoying helpless doe-eye look. She’s sure she can persuade him to give her the tape. 

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Awkward Moments: Sun Mi and Hyung Chul; Woo Jin and Young Mi

She pleads with him to help her. Tells him she loves him. And suggests they go home. He agrees. What is he thinking? Is he going to use this tape as blackmail to make her stay with him? In the car she cuddles up to him, but he drives without emotion. He must know that she just wants the tape back. As they drive away, Hyung Chul comes out of his meeting and sees them together. He realises that Sun Mi is probably still waiting for Woo Jin. So he drops his umbrella and rushes off to find her.

Sure enough she IS still waiting in the rain. Without his umbrella, Hyung Chul is getting soaked. Finally, he marches over to her and grabs her by the arm. She struggles but he pulls her away. She wants to stay and wait, but he knows that Woo Jin is not coming and he can’t stand to see her like this…




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All About Eve Episode 11September 10, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 9August 30, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 13September 26, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 17

Woo Jin is starting to confuse me. Why is he putting himself through all this misery? Before, he DIDN’T KNOW what Young Mi was really like. So he stood up for her when others made accusations against her. That was admirable. Naive. But admirable – although he should have believed Sun Mi and his mum who had his real interests at heart. But now he DOES KNOW what she is capable of – she has even attempted murder. And yet HE STILL wants her back. And he’s prepared to cover up what she did. Surely he doesn’t believe that she will ever stop lying. All I can do is shake my head and shout at the screen.

Sun Mi is irritating too now. Why doesn’t she JUST TELL Hyung Chul how she really feels? And save all this misunderstanding? But she doesn’t say anything and so their relationship is now on the rocks. 

Hyung Chul drags Sun Mi to his car determined to take her home because he can’t bear to see her standing in the rain waiting for Woo Jin. But she struggles, sure that Woo Jin WILL come.  At Hyung Chul’s place (is this the first time they have been there alone?) they dry off, but she is in a mood with him. So Hyung Chul explains that Woo Jin WON’T be coming because he is with Young Mi.

Meanwhile, Woo Jin takes Young Mi to a motel – he doesn’t want to take her home. He shouldn’t even be spending any time with her. What is he thinking? Young Mi tries to work her magic on him by trying to hug him and kiss him. But he’s cold and unresponsive. She doesn’t know what to do and collapses on the floor trying to make excuses for what she did to Joo Hee’s car. She begs him not to tell anyone. And she wants the tape. (surely that’s the ONLY reason she’s here.) But Woo Jin gives her an ultimatum – he won’t go to the police this time, but she had better behave from now on, or else….. And he’ll keep the tape just in case she misbehaves. He walks away and leaves her in the room screaming in frustration. She got off lightly though. He should have gone to the police!


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul explains that Woo Jin is with Young Mi

Sun Mi is still being cold towards Hyung Chul. Why? He’s patient but then finally tells her that he’s realised that he means nothing to her. Because when she likes someone it’s all or nothing. (that’s why all her attention is on Woo Jin.) Sun Mi tries to tell him that this is not the case – she wasn’t waiting for Woo Jin because she loves him but because she trusts him and so believed he wouldn’t stand her up.

But she can’t say how she really feels about Hyung Chul, the words won’t come out. So Hyung Chul decides to take her back to the meeting place. And IF Woo Jin IS there, then Hyung Chul thinks he may be able to let her go. He probably doesn’t think Woo Jin will be there. But as they pull up in the car, Woo Jin appears. Oh this is such a sad bit. Nothing is said between them. Sun Mi really needs to say something at this point. But she just gets out of the car without a word and meets Woo Jin. Hyung Chul gazes at the two of them for a while from his car. I don’t like this. It’s hard to watch. I wish he would just drive off instead of lingering there. He seems weak and I don’t like him getting soppy!


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul decides to let Sun Mi go

Woo Jin’s mum uses a towel to dry Sun Mi’s hair just like Hyung Chul just did. She is just like a surrogate mum to Sun Mi so I suppose I can see why Sun Mi wants to do anything to please her, but she’s going too far with Woo Jin now. And Woo Jin knows this. And he doesn’t want her to lose Hyung Chul because of him. He tells her to go to Hyung Chul. He really cares about her like a little sister. And he’s embarrassed that she has had to see him like this.

Sun Mi goes home. But after waiting in the rain she gets a fever. (Is it from waiting in the rain or is she stressing over possibly losing Hyung Chul?) Anyway, her fever gets worse the next day on Eve’s Morning Show.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi gets sick

More comedy now as Jin Soo gets ‘advice’ from his two male senior colleagues Sun Dal and Ki Jong. He’s thinking of a way to propose to Cho Jeh. Really? Even after they almost killed each other at the pool? He wants to do a ‘parachute proposal’ – sending the wedding ring on a little parachute from above so it lands in her lap. Is this romantic he wonders? But the two men are against it. They say that’s the cheesiest thing they have ever heard. It’s just the ring that’s important. So there is no need to do anything extra.

Jin Soo (stupidly) takes this advice and later in the lobby (!) he presents Cho Jeh with the ring. She’s pleased with the ring but asks WHAT ELSE he has planned. The answer of course is NOTHING. And he just repeats what he was told – doing other stuff would be cheesy. But just as he says this, Cho Jeh is distracted as a parachute with a ring floats down to Kyung Hui who is sitting nearby! Ki Jong has stolen Jin Soo’s proposal idea! Of course Jin Soo is furious. Especially now Cho Jeh feels jealous and dissatisfied because Kyung Hui has had a more romantic proposal! Jin Soo energetically tries to explain that this was HIS IDEA. But she doesn’t want his excuses and simply walks off.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Jin Soo has his proposal idea stolen

Jin Soo is still mad as he watches Ki Jong and Kyung Hui flirting during a meeting. Sun Mi turns up late  – perhaps she forgot because she’s sick. But she gets told off by Hyung Chul. His words seem a little too harsh – I’ve never seen him shouting at other people like that. His emotions seem to be getting in the way. But he has been told that she is unorganised in her work. And when he asks her what she has prepared for the next show he hears that she hasn’t decided on anything yet.

He asks around for other ideas and of course Young Mi has got a suggestion ready so they go with that. This IS Sun Mi’s fault though.  Later in his office he tells her that he doesn’t want to help her out any more at work – it makes her colleagues think less of her for starters. She apologises and leaves. But she’s not looking well.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi gets told off 

Sun Mi goes to do her evening radio program and feels gradually worse and worse. By the end of the show she can barely speak and collapses on the desk. Hyung Chul is listening to the show on his car radio as he goes home. Suddenly everything goes dead and he wonders what’s going on. He turns the car around and drives back to work. He rushes into the studio to find Sun Mi has collapsed.

He picks her up in his arms like she’s a baby (not the usual piggy-back style lift that we usually see when someone is sick) and rushes off to the hospital. It’s very dramatic but is she really that sick? Wouldn’t she be ok just going home taking a couple of aspirin and going to bed with a hot water bottle? Hyung Chul calls Sun Mi’s dad who is working away on a site and can’t make it back to Seoul till tomorrow. So Hyung Chul says he will stay with her in the hospital.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi collapses and is hospitalised 

At work Young Mi is still trying to creep around Joo Hee. But her efforts are not working. Sun Dal comes up and tells Joo Hee that her car has been tampered with – so unless the mechanic made a mistake, this was not an accident. Young Mi overhears and spills coffee over herself (we hear her classic angry ‘cup squeezing’ sound effect here again) She is agitated and hurries off – obviously guilty.

The thought that she might be found out has flustered her and she goes running off to Woo JIn. She says ‘lets start again’. He knows this is all about the tape. She even admits it. But she says she’s scared of what she might do next. After all, she has already tried to kill Joo Hee! But is this an act? Is she really this shaken up over what she did? She suggests they move abroad or at least out of Seoul. She even says he can keep hold of the tape. This pleases him and he hugs her. OH NO! He’s taken her back. What a fool. From now on I have zero sympathy for him. ZERO.

In hospital Sun Mi looks over a magazine. There’s an article about Hyung Chul and a rumoured engagement. She looks visibly shaken to see this. Then he calls her. He’s in the hospital car park but says he’s at work. He asks to come and see her. But she puts him off saying her dad is on his way.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi and Woo Jin get back together

Jin Soo is still mad about Ki Jong stealing his proposal idea. He asks Sun Dal for his opinion on another idea he has but Sun Dal says that’s cheesy too. Don’t tell me Sun Dal is going to steal his idea this time. Yes he is! Cho Jeh and Jin Soo walk outside when they see a bear dressed up. Joo Hee comes out and sees the bear holding a poster – the poster says ‘I love you Joo Hee!’ Jin Soo can’t believe it. Cho Jeh thinks it’s so romantic so again Jin Soo tries to explain that it was HIS IDEA. But she doesn’t believe him!

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Jin Soo gets another proposal idea stolen!

Young Mi and Woo Jin seem to be back together but Young Mi doesn’t want to say anything to his mum yet. Young Mi goes to a photo shoot where Hyung Chul is too. And she still seems to be giving him the eye. It seems that she hasn’t given up totally on him yet then. Meanwhile, Sun Mi is invited out to dinner with Director Kim and other important people. He wants her to be an announcer on a new show. But this will rival Hyung Chul’s programme.

During dinner Hyung Chul arrives with Young Mi and Sun Dal. Hyung Chul is initially shocked that Director Kim is trying to get Sun Mi on his shows – he hasn’t shown any interest in her so far so I’m a bit surprised too frankly. All he’s done so far is complain about her. But Hyung Chul doesn’t want to hold her back. This is good for her career and he says it’s up to her what she wants to do. Sun Dal senses something is wrong and asks Hyung Chul in front of Young Mi if he broke up with Sun Mi. Oh come on Sun Dal – don’t say anything in front of Young Mi. Hyung Chul doesn’t reply. Young Mi gets suspicious and wants to confirm the break up with Sun Mi. This new development leaves Young Mi looking thoughtful. Is she going to try it on again with Hyung Chul now?


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi gets offered another position

Young Mi calls Woo Jin saying she will go to his place since his mum is not home. When she arrives Woo Jin pretends to be in the shower. Sure enough he catches her searching his room for the tape.

Meanwhile, Hyung Chul waits for Sun Mi outside her house but she is taking a long walk as she has a lot on her mind. But when she finally gets home Hyung Chul is still waiting….


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All About Eve Episode 9August 30, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 16November 24, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 11September 10, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 18

Finally, thanks partly to Woo Jin, Sun Mi and Hyung Chul manage to work out their differences and gets back together. But things are going very badly indeed for Young Mi. Her ex, In Soo, gets out of prison and comes looking for revenge. Woo Jin is still in denial and thinks Young Mi will want to go away and start a new life with him. But of course Young Mi wants nothing to do with this idea. However, when In Soo turns up, Woo Jin has to step in and save Young Mi’s life…

Young Mi arrives to see Woo Jin. But he must know deep down that she’s only after the tape. That’s why he’s pretending to take a shower to see if she starts looking for it. And sure enough, he comes out and finds her riffling through his drawers. Caught in the act, she quickly pretends that she’s looking for a photo of them which he has kept in a drawer since they broke up. But come on Young Mi, even Woo Jin isn’t that stupid. He calmly finds the tape and offers it to her. But she refuses to take it saying he should keep a hold of it.. Make your mind up!

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi wants the tape

Hyung Chul and Sun Mi meet in a cafe. She blames herself for their situation – making him wait while she spent time with someone else. He asks her is she still needs to be with Woo Jin and wants to break up with him. She confirms that she does. But even so he still says that whatever happens, he doesn’t want her to pass up the good opportunity of working on the show with Director Kim. He’s such a decent, mature man!

But Sun Mi is confused about Hyung Chul and wonders why he has been telling people that they broke up. (Why is she listening to Young Mi though?) They both misunderstand each other and they don’t know how the other really feels. Anyway, Sun Mi leaves and that night Hyung Chul calls Sun Dal wanting a shoulder to cry on. He looks good with his hair down.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi and Hyung Chul break up

At home the next morning, Sun Mi hears from her dad that Hyung Chul stayed at the hospital all night when she was sick. So her dad wants to invite him over to thank him. She feels bad that she hasn’t thanked him herself. Meanwhile, Young Mi arrives at Hyung Chul’s place with the excuse that she has some ideas for the show. He’s genuinely pleased with her hard work (in contrast to Sun Mi who has been focused on Woo Jin!) and invites her out to lunch.

She asks him directly if he broke up with Sun Mi. She’s SO inappropriate. He doesn’t want to answer – but his silence answers her question anyway. And then, just as they are going off for lunch, Sun Mi arrives (to thank him for staying at the hospital?) and she sees the two of them leaving his house together and getting into his car. This does look pretty bad.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi’s jealousy

Sun Mi scuttles away before they see her and then bumps into Woo Jin. They go off to the park to talk. Woo Jin has something he wants to tell her that he hasn’t told anyone else yet. (Yes, we can guess what that is) but Sun Mi has something to say too, so she goes first – She tells him that she and Hyung Chul broke up and she feels bad because he’s spending time with ‘someone else’. And he can guess who – Young Mi! Oh. Woo Jin closes his eyes in disappointment as he hears how Young Mi was at Hyung Chul’s house. He shouldn’t be surprised though.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Woo Jin and Sun Mi comfort each other

When Young Mi comes home she finds Woo Jin waiting for her. He questions her about where she’s been and she snaps at him for questioning her so much. Then she catches herself and politely thinks up an excuse. She’s obviously on best behaviour because she wants the tape back. She doesn’t want to tell him where she’s been and merely wants to take a rest! So she does. And Woo Jin sits by her bed in despair telling her how much he loves her while she sleeps. Then he goes to the editing room and erases the footage on the CCTV tape. It’s sad and I think Woo Jin has now lost all his self-respect. Is there anything he wouldn’t do for her?

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Woo Jin erases the tape

At the broadcasting station there are two posters up – one featuring Young Mi and one featuring Sun Mi. And as they are rivals on different shows now (Art Club and Eve’s Morning), the two women are invited on ‘Rival Talk Show’ so that the viewers can learn more about them.

‘Your ideal man’ is one of the first questions on the talk show (!) and Hyung Chul is standing in the wings when Sun Mi has to answer the question (awkward). She says she has no specific criteria for her ideal man and doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment. Hyung Chul raises he eyebrows at that! But Young Mi has a more concrete answer. She wants a man who is confident and understands her and appreciates her talents. And she says she has someone in mind. I wonder who that could be? But at least she does say what she wants. Sun Mi could do with being more direct sometimes. And saying what she feels. But she doesn’t seem able to do that yet. 


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Rival Talk Show

They are asked if they would ever give up the man they loved. Young Mi says no way but Sun Mi says she would rather he were happy even if that meant him being with someone else. Hyung Chul seems to like her answer.  Finally the presenter tells them they have questioned their coworkers to find out who is more popular and the results show that Sun Mi got 90% of the votes and Young Mi 10% of the votes. It’s a landslide victory for Sun Mi and Young Mi looks embarrassed and uncomfortable. Mind you, she’s lucky to have got 10% really…


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul watches the show from the wings

After the show Hyung Chul invites Sun Mi out for dinner, but it’s still uncomfortable between them and when she sees Young Mi come in behind him, she turns down his offer. Sun Mi leaves and Young Mi then suggests to Hyung Chul that they go off to eat! She is still after him. He agrees but on their way out, she spots Woo Jin waiting for her – hanging around the corner looking pathetic. So she makes her excuses to Hyung Chul and goes home with Woo Jin. She must really want that tape back. She would never have done that before. 

To Woo Jin she tries to make out that it’s Hyung Chul who keeps inviting her out and she can’t refuse him because he’s her boss!!! Oh Young Mi. But Woo Jin tells her that he can put up with anything from her – except lies. Does he really think she will stop lying? She tries to sound offended that he thinks she has ever lied to him!! And suggests that he thinks he can accuse her of anything just because he has The Tape. But he admits that he has erased the tape (because he loves her) and to her surprise he calmly gives it back to her.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi and Hyung Chul keep their distance

Sun Mi arrives home to find a single red rose on her gate. Again. And Young Mi rushes home to watch the tape and sure enough the car park incident has been erased. (He could have made a copy though) Then her phone goes and she happily switches the video off just as we get a glimpse of Woo Jin on the screen. Looks like he’s recorded something to say to her but she hasn’t noticed. And if this is not a pathetic sight then I don’t know what is.

Meanwhile, Woo Jin stands in front of his mother and tells her that he plans to marry Young Mi. She reacts as expected. She throws things at him and breaks down in tears and tells him to leave her house. Oh his poor mum. This really is too much.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Woo Jin can’t let Young Mi go

And now we cut to this episode’s comedy interlude with the odd couple: There’s some filming going on in the lobby at work when Jin Soo and Cho Jeh arrive ‘to talk’. This is not a good idea. Why do they always insist on talking about private matters in the LOBBY? They want to talk about the wedding but they have totally different ideas and both want their own way. Of course their voices get louder and louder and they end up getting told off by the people filming. But although they’ve just been yelling at each other, quick as a flash they make up and happily go off arm in arm!

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Comedy with Jin Soo and Cho Jeh

Hyung Chul gets home to find Woo Jin waiting for him. They go to a cheap street tent together (as usual) and drink soju. Woo Jin wants to let Hyung Chul know that he is seeing Young Mi again and that there is nothing going on between him and Sun Mi. He also wants Hyung Chul to know that Sun Mi loves him.  It’s sweet that he’s telling him this and trying to get them back together.

Hyung Chul is grateful. And later he goes to see Sun Mi (Does he drive there? Hasn’t he been drinking soju?) He grabs her arm and drags her off to the park(!) and tells her that he will never talk about breaking up again. This makes her cry. Ah.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul and Sun Mi make up

In Soo gets out of prison. His boys are waiting for him with a packet of fresh tofu. I wrote about why people get tofu when they get out of prison here. And after he takes a bite they all leave together. But Young Mi had better watch out…


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, In Soo gets out of prison

The 9 pm news anchor job is now up for grabs and Young Mi wants to compete with Sun Mi for it. But Sun Mi isn’t bothered about the job. She tells Young Mi that she can have the job but just asks that she be good to Woo Jin in return. Young Mi nearly explodes with rage when she realises that Sun Mi knows she is ‘back’ with Woo Jin. She runs off to find Woo Jin but to her horror discovers that he has also told Hyung Chul about their relationship. She demands to know why he is trying to block her future. What does she mean? SHE was the one who wanted to get back with him, wasn’t she? 

Sun Dal has to tell Young Mi that they have received information that she has been working in a ‘room salon’ (we can guess who gave them this information) She looks tearful and pathetic and strongly denies doing any such thing. Sun Dal is sympathetic and assumes the informer is just someone who envies Young Mi being on TV.

But as soon as Sun Dal walks away, Young Mi’s sorrowful face turns angry as she grabs her phone and calls In Soo. I sympathise with Young Mi over this issue though. And I can’t help thinking it’s hypercritical that Young Mi could get sacked for having worked in a dodgy bar in the past, when Sun Dal and his colleagues all happily go there for drinking and entertainment whenever they feel like it …


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi’s past comes back to haunt her

Hyung Chul gets a call from Sun Mi while he’s speaking to some foreign business associates ( Why does EVERY drama insist on having at least one scene with some foreign extras. I wish they wouldn’t do this) It must be an important business meeting, but when she tells him that it’s the anniversary of the day they met in England (the day he crashed into her!) he rushes off to see her. It’s nearly midnight so he has to hurry to get to her place in time. In the end he leaves his car when he gets to some road works and runs to her house! With five minutes to spare he arrives and grabs her for a long hug. I think we should really see a kiss at this point surely? But no…

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi and Hyung Chul’s anniversary

They are relaxed and happy while Young Mi is having nightmares. She wakes up in the middle of the night to hear from In Soo who threatens to spread the photos he has of her. So what does she do? She goes running to Woo Jin. Unbelievable. She has just shouted at him for telling people they are dating and now she wants his help.

She wants Woo Jin to get rid of In Soo! Really? How can this nice boy possibly do that? She is trying to drag him down to her level now. Woo Jin wants her to give up worrying about the photos. So what if people see them? Oh Woo Jin you just don’t get it do you? He is prepared to give everything up and start somewhere new with her. He doesn’t care about her past. And he will leave his mum and everyone just for her. I feel sick!

But she just turns on him. She doesn’t want to give up her dream of getting the prestigious news anchor job. And she admits that she only wanted him to do her dirty work for her. But now that he won’t help her, he’s useless. She storms out leaving him tearful. But  I don’t even feel sorry for Woo Jin now. He’s a mug.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi wants rid of In Soo

Young Mi and Woo Jin go ahead with their two very different plans. Young Mi needs to deal with In Soo and has taped a conversation with him where he threatens her: Marry me or else… Meanwhile Woo Jin has got 2 plane tickets. (grrrr) He prepares to start his new life with Young Mi by saying goodbye to the people he loves. (He really lives in his own little world) First he goes to see Sun Mi. But she doesn’t realise he has come to say goodbye. Then he goes to see his mum at work. But she ignores him. And again she refuses to accept Young Mi.

Young Mi has arranged to meet In Soo and he is is waiting for her. But the police turn up instead and he has to run off! Again! In some ways In Soo is just as bad as Woo Jin. I mean how many times has she called the police on him now? And he still wants her back. But In Soo and Young Mi are as bad as each other.  

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Woo Jin says goodbye

Meanwhile, Woo Jin and Young Mi are going off-site for a news report. She is cold and ignores him. But In Soo, still out of breath from running away from the police, finds out where Young Mi is doing the report and prepares his flick knife. Woo Jin hands Young Mi the plane tickets – their chance at a new life. But she just rips them up in front of him and throws the pieces on the ground.

She begins the news report but In Soo is in the crowd. And she sees him out of the corner of her eye and fluffs her lines. She gets more nervous when she sees the knife. Then he comes out of the crowd towards her. She looks at him in horror. Woo Jin immediately jumps on him and they wrestle over the knife.

But Young Mi seems to be in shock and unwittingly steps back into the road in front of a huge truck. (It’s always a huge truck not just a car.) She sees the truck and screams and Woo Jin rushes towards her pushing her out of the way (is that really Young Mi – it looks like a stuntman with a wig) and Woo Jin gets hit by the truck instead. And it’s not looking good…








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All About Eve Episode 16November 24, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve episode 2June 14, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 9August 30, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 19

 Well this is tough. We start with a death and end with an attempted suicide. Young Mi as always covers up her feelings and carries on as if nothing has happened. This horrifies her colleagues but she seems to want to be punished and so wallows in the nasty comments and dirty looks that she gets from them. But then she only has herself to blame. This kind of feels like the final episode to me as towards the end Young Mi finally reaches out to the people she’s wronged. But what’s done is done and she can never make things better.  

Woo Jin is rushed to hospital after getting hit by the truck. But as Young Mi stands by and his mum makes her way to the way to the hospital, he flatlines. Young Mi is by his side – it’s reminiscent of the first episode when she sat by her father. And she looks more like she did back then too somehow. Maybe it’s the lack of makeup. The guard that she always has up is down for a moment as she stares at him. 

Young Mi seems numb as Mrs. Song arrives and in disbelief quietly takes the cover off Woo Jin’s face. She doesn’t even see Young Mi standing there at first. When Woo Jin’s body is about to be taken away she breaks down and becomes hysterical clinging onto him. She finally notices Young Mi and turns on her screaming and accusing her of killing her son. And Young Mi just stands there and takes it as if she knows that it’s true. Sun Mi, her dad, and Hyung Chul arrive and try to calm Mrs Song down before she collapses in shock.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Everyone gathers around Woo Jin’s bed

Young Mi stands fully dressed in a (I’m guessing cold) shower. She thinks back to the good times she and Woo Jin had together. But she doesn’t go to the funeral. After all that’s happened it’s probably best that she doesn’t. She goes to work instead and acts like nothing has happened. Her colleagues give her strange looks as they can’t believe that she can act so normal, especially when – as Kyung Hui says – it was her fault that Woo Jin died.

But Young Mi is not willing to take responsibility in front of everyone and merely states that it was an accident. She gets through their morning show laughing and smiling to everyone’s dismay. Meanwhile, Mrs. Song sits quietly on the hill and Sun Mi gets comforted by Hyung Chul. But later, when Young Mi is alone, she breaks down too. She’s putting on her usual tough exterior and seems to be inviting the others to despise her.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi goes to work rather than attending the funeral

Meanwhile, Cho Jeh is over the moon to be asked for an interview by a newspaper reporter. But the reporter seems dodgy –  like he’s fishing for info. And Cho Jeh is so easily flattered and eager to please that when he asks about her relationship with Jin Soo (off the record) she ends up telling him about ALL the romances at the company – including Sun Mi and Hyung Chul.  Oh she’s so naive and the last person anyone should trust their secrets with!

Afterwards she’s mortified that she’s let this happen, but it’s too late now. Then Jin Soo turns up and promises to make the situation better. But based on his past performances I think we can guess he’s only going to make things worse! And sure enough he calls his ‘friend’ at the newspaper and tells him not to publish the story about Hyung Chul and Sun Mi. But he also admits to his ‘friend’ that Sun Mi IS dating Hyung Chul – what an idiot. His ‘friend’ thanks him for this new information as the reporter who interviewed Cho Jeh was from a different newspaper. So now they all know! Good job as always Jin Soo and Cho Jeh!

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Cho Jeh gives a reporter too much information!

Young Mi continues to act normal at work – too normal – and it’s freaking everyone out. Cameramen don’t want to work with her on assignments and rumours spread about her. She even finds graffiti on her car – murderer. But she doesn’t wash it off – she just drives home with the word still scrawled across the bonnet of her car. She doesn’t seem to care anymore what anyone thinks. 

Mrs. Song asks Sun Mi to give Young Mi all of Woo Jin’s belongings that are related to her – photos and other bits and pieces. But Young Mi doesn’t want the stuff and tells Sun Mi to take it away. Sun Mi can’t believe how cold Young Mi is and slaps her face, but again – no reaction. She really isn’t making herself popular right now. She can’t show her emotions and it’s only after Sun Mi leave that she breaks down and cries.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi refuses to show her emotions

Young Mi and Sun Mi are both announced as candidates to take over from Joo Hee on the 9 pm news. But then the article appears in the newspaper about Sun Mi’s relationship with Hyung Chul – very bad timing indeed. Their romance is all over the front page. Is this really front page news though? After this, the office is full of gossip about how Hyung Chul must have helped Sun Mi get where she is. But I expected to see Sun Mi MORE upset over Woo Jin’s death. She’s back at work and pleased about being up for promotion. And now concerned over the gossip in the papers. Surely she wouldn’t care so much about all this until she gets over Woo Jin? 

Sun Mi assumes it must have been Young Mi who informed the papers. And when Sun Dal announces that Young Mi has got the 9 pm slot, there’s muttering around the office. Because Sun Mi is not the only one who suspects Young Mi. (It’s the perfect case of the boy who cried wolf. No one trusts Young Mi now)

But later Sun Mi bumps into Jin Soo and Cho Jeh in the corridor and they LOOK SO GUILTY and admit that they were the ones who told the reporters. Sun Mi rushes off to find Young Mi to find out why she’s letting everyone think she did it. But who’s going to believe her now anyway? She seems to be wallowing in the hatred that everyone feels for her..


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul and Sun Mi’s romance appears in the paper

Hyung Chul meets with the reporters who think he’ll be angry over the rumours they’ve started. But to their surprise he just confirms that he plans to marry Sun Mi and asks that they don’t hassle her – he will let them know of any new developments.

In Soo apologises to Young Mi for his behaviour and hugs her saying he never intended to kill her (!) Can a relationship get any more dysfunctional? Just like Woo Jin he’s been trying to hang on to her all this time too! But she just demands the photos back and agrees to give him money for them. They arrange to meet the next day. But after he leaves, she stops acting tough and fondles a bottle of (sleeping?) tablets whilst gently talking to Woo Jin’s picture telling him that she will get revenge for his murderer, In Soo. Looks like she’s planning to join Woo Jin in the afterlife too.

Sadly she puts the tape that Woo Jin gave her in the video player. And she watches the clip again of her in the car park. She’s about to switch the tape off  when Woo Jin appears on the screen. He’s made a tape of some of the good times they had together – birthday parties etc. And at the end even asks her to marry him and forgives her for everything she’s done. And tells her to stop hating herself too. She breaks down as she watches the video. And it must be even worse knowing that she did all this. Woo Jin understood that it was self-hatred that was making her do all this things. And the video just shows what they could have had. 


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi sees a final message from Woo Jin

Young Mi gets her revenge on In Soo by having him arrested AGAIN. Then she goes to Woo Jin’s grave and cries. She talks to him blaming herself for his death and wishing he had never met her. Meanwhile, Hyung Chul gets hold of the photos of In Soo and Young Mi.  And Sun Dal wonders if this means she is off the 9 pm news slot now. Why? Because she had a boyfriend in the past? The pictures are hardly pornographic. But I suppose they do show that she knows In Soo (who is also a pimp) and so they may connect her to the dodgy club)

But Young Mi is busy tidying up loose ends. And her next stop is Mrs. Song. Young Mi kneels on the ground and apologises for what she did. But they both cry and Mrs. Song blames herself too for treating Young Mi badly when Woo Jin loved her so much.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi apologises to Mrs Song

Heavy rain pours again, sympathetic background to the heavy mood. Young Mi wants to see Sun Mi. And finally the two of them patch up their differences. At Sun Mi’s house, Sun Mi tries to towel dry Young Mi’s hair. But Young Mi stops her – she can’t bear it that she’s still being nice to her after everything that’s happened.

Now Sun Mi has got the 9 pm news job after all. But she’s not happy about it and says she doesn’t even want it. Young Mi admits that’s why she hates her – because Sun Mi doesn’t realise the value of what she’s got. Young Mi wanted that job so desperately.

On the other hand Sun Mi doesn’t understand why Young Mi wants more and more and doesn’t value what she has either. They both admit that they envy each other. And finally they shake hands.

Hyung Chul finds a letter of resignation on his desk the next morning. He must sense something so he rushes with Sun Mi to Young Mi’s place to find the clothes that Young Mi borrowed from Sun Mi neatly folded along with the necklace she gave her. Sun Mi looks carefully at the necklace and realises that something is very very wrong.

Meanwhile, Young Mi stands by a lake somewhere. In her mind she hears Woo Jin saying he forgives her. But can she forgive herself and be free now, she wonders? And then she starts to walk fully-clothed into the (I’m guessing freezing) water…







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All About Eve Episode 5July 22, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 18November 27, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve episode 3June 16, 2011In "TV&DRAMA"

All About Eve Episode 20 Final

So here we are at the final episode. I’ve loved watching this drama (YET AGAIN) but I do have a few complaints about this episode though! First of all, everyone seems to be SO FORGIVING towards Young Mi after everything she’s done. She even tried to physically harm (murder?) Joo Hee, but now that she’s disappeared everyone says, ‘oh well never mind! Forgive and forget.’ And then there’s Hyung Chul and Sun Mi’s relationship – It’s been so innocent all the way through. TOO innocent, I think! We could have been given a bit more at the end …. 

Young Mi gazes blankly ahead as she walks deeper into the lake to commit suicide. (I bet that’s cold though.) She has flashbacks of her arguments with Sun Mi and Mrs. Song and finally the truck that killed Woo Jin. Meanwhile, Sun Mi and Hyung Chul have arrived at Young Mi’s place. Now Sun Mi realises that it was odd that Young Mi came looking for her – maybe Young Mi was trying to reach out to her. Sun Mi chastises herself for not doing anything to help Young Mi (But since Young Mi is the reason that Woo Jin died, Sun Mi seems to be VERY UNDERSTANDING  – particularly since surely they were NEVER friends. To me she is being FAR too nice.) Back at work, Sun Mi checks to see if there have been any accidents reported. It doesn’t look like it.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi worried about Young Mi’s disappearance

Young Mi has left a letter to Hyung Chul confessing everything. Joo Hee is shocked to learn that it was Young Mi who tampered with the brakes of her car and caused her accident. But when Hyung Chul asks her what she wants to do about this –  Does she want to press charges? – Joo Hee decides to do nothing. Because if Woo Jin could forgive her, then so can she! She even adds that it must have been hard for Young Mi to confess to all this and then leave. Everyone is being VERY understanding all of a sudden.

On the news, Joo Hee reads out an item about a young woman who has been found drowned. Sun Mi cringes. It makes her think about Young Mi because nobody knows what’s happened to her. She could be dead.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Joo Hee is willing to forgive and forget

Joo Hee has decided not to the UK and to get married instead. (Hang on a minute. I thought she was really ambitious? But all of a sudden she turns down a great opportunity because Sun Dal doesn’t want her to go? Are they trying to say that all women really want to do is get married?) Anyway, now it looks like Sun Mi can go to the UK instead of Joo Hee …

Hyung Chul finds Sun Mi waiting at the bus stop. He grabs her hand and she’s surprised that he does this so openly in public. She’s still worried about keeping their relationship quiet. (Even though it was all over the front page of the newspaper?) He walks her home in the rain again (some of this drama must have been filmed in the rainy season or under a sprinkler). Sun Mi mentions that Joo Hee won’t be going to London after all … She’s testing the water. She asks him if he were Sun Dal would he let her go to London. Of course he says yes. But he seems to have no idea that she is thinking about going …


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Joo Hee’s marriage means Sun Mi can go to the UK instead

Sun Mi is trying to read some English newspapers. But Hyung Chul obviously didn’t take the hint because he is going ahead with his marriage plans and arranges to formally introduce her to his father – after he speaks to her father of course. So adorably traditional. Then he goes to choose a ring for her and writes a marriage proposal. He even watches clips of romantic films starring Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman) for inspiration. (Oh now that’s a bit much!)

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi studies English while Hyung Chul buys a ring

It’s the day of Sun Dal and Joo Hee’s wedding. There’s more comedy as Jin Soo and Cho Jeh arrive. Jin Soo has got a (very large) video recorder and but Cho Jeh slaps his face when he seems more interested in recording her chest! Are these two really going to get married? During the wedding Hyung Chul and Sun Mi both confess that they have something to tell each other. They agree to meet after the wedding. Sun Mi says she’s envious of the bride so Hyung Chul looks hopeful since he is obviously planning to propose to her. But they are both thinking completely different things. Ahh.

Cho Jeh has been picked to catch the bride’s bouquet so she steps forward. But to her annoyance Sun Mi catches it instead! Hyung Chul looks very pleased though.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, is this an omen when Sun Mi catches the bouquet?  

After the wedding, Hyung Chul and Sun Mi go to a rather cheesy bar. (I think he could have chosen somewhere better than this. This is not the classiest place ever – there’s even a bottle of brown sauce on the table. Hello!) Anyway, Hyung Chul seems nervous as  he asks the singer (in English) to sing a romantic song as he’s going to propose. This bit is cheesy too. He takes the ring out of his pocket to the song The Rose, (made famous by Bette Midler).

But he wants Sun Mi to speak first. So of course she tells him about the job in London. He’s taken aback. He didn’t see that one coming although she has made several hints. Hyung Chul doesn’t want to hold her back and says that if she wants to go then she must go. He puts the ring back in his pocket, but Sun Mi does look a little disappointed … Did she want him to say, DON’T GO? 

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul gets ready to propose

Meanwhile, Sun Mi’s dad has a few drinks with Mrs. Song and they talk about Woo Jin. She’s worried that Woo Jin will hate her if anything bad happens to Young Mi. Hyung Chul drives Sun Mi home and her dad comes out to meet them. He’s drunk and to Sun Mi’s dismay invites Hyung Chul in for a drink. They drink together while Sun Mi has to make snacks! Sun Mi isn’t pleased to have Hyung Chul there at all! And she worries about how he will get home if he has a drink. (She’s being very prissy right now.) To make matters worse her dad invites Hyung Chul to stay the night!

So Hyung Chul is to sleep in Sun Mi’s bed. She brings him some pyjamas. (But she seems very uncomfortable. Why can’t she just enjoy having him stay over? And where’s the sexual tension?) Hyung Chul obviously senses that she’s uncomfortable and says he’ll leave as soon as her dad goes to bed.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul bonds with Sun Mi’s dad

They sit together on the bed and she turns the video on for some background noise. But it’s the video he gave her that starts playing and she quickly switches it off. That was embarrassing! But he smiles and they spend some time together – he looks through her photo albums of when she was a baby. They laugh until they see a photo of Young Mi and Woo Jin. But what are those pics doing in between the baby pictures though? Hyung Chul tells her that they were going to offer her Young Mi’s job on Eve’s Morning, but the London job is even better.

So is that what you were going to tell me? Sun Mi asks.

Hyung Chul says yes. She seems disappointed and is about to say something but stops herself. They are having a misunderstanding again. She says goodnight and Sun Mi sleeps with her dad in his room while Hyung Chul seems thoughtful in her room. He gazes at the engagement ring…

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul stays the night in Sun Mi’s room

It’s Sun Mi’s last day at work and everyone is excited for her trip to London. But Hyung Chul is  quiet in the meeting. But then on her last appearance on Eve’s Morning, Sun Mi is shocked when she happens to see Young Mi on a news item about an orphanage. Straight afterwards, Hyung Chul and Sun Mi drive to the orphanage in the countryside to find Young Mi.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi recognises Young Mi on the news

When they arrive there, Young Mi is playing with the children. Sun Mi calls her name, but Young Mi doesn’t recognise her. (She looks like she did at the beginning of the drama. Her hair is longer. I suppose this part of the drama was taped earlier?) Sun Mi is upset that Young Mi has lost her memory. She doesn’t even remember who Woo Jin is. But she has a picture of him in her wallet and guesses she must have liked him.

A nun explains that some of the children saved her from the lake. But now she can’t remember anything that happened after she was 6 years old. And nobody at the orphanage recognised her because they can’t watch MBS there in the countryside.

Young Mi asks Sun Mi what kind of person she was. (awkward!) So Sun Mi says she was pretty and smart! (Well that is true, but ...) So Young Mi asks again what kind of person she was. Sun Mi says she was her best friend. (Oh! Really? But I suppose there’s no point saying anything else.) Before she goes Sun Mi gives Young Mi the necklace. She wants Young Mi to go home with them but she is happy at the orphanage.

It’s a tearful farewell for Sun Mi who realises that the reason why Young Mi can’t remember anything after she was 6 years old is because that’s when her mum left her. So she can only remember the happy times of her life.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi is happy at the orphanage

Hyung Chul drives Sun Mi home and they are quiet because they know it will soon be time to say goodbye. Sun Mi asks him  not to go to the airport tomorrow. Then she gets out of the car. Is that it? No hug even? Or eye contact?

She waits for the lights to change to cross the road. And Hyung Chul watches her as she walks away. They both have tears in their eyes. Then suddenly he gets out of the car and calls her name. She turns around in surprise. He rushes over to her and puts the ring on her finger. And proposes. Don’t go, he says. She agrees and they kiss. The camera swirls around them as we see that they are still standing in the middle of the road. Cars driving by!

Hmm. Well, we’ve been waiting for this moment. The kiss. But, it looks very uncomfortable to me. They kiss a few time but between each kiss, their expressions are saying, ‘oh no we have to kiss again!’ These are not the faces of two people who haven’t even noticed that the traffic lights have changed and they are still standing in the middle of the road! They seem to be very aware of everything around them! And as for her not going to England because he wants to marry her – why can’t they get engaged and put off the wedding for a while? She could still go. She’s too young to get married straight away anyway. But I get the feeling that she won’t be going back to work. OK I guess it’s because this drama represents traditional values -women get married and live happily ever after as homemakers. They don’t have a career after they marry. After all, the only women who have careers or jobs in this drama are single or widowed (Mrs. Song)

But even with my little complaints about the ending, this is still one of my favourite Korean dramas. Loved it! 



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