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Radare – A Modern Reverse Engineering Framework

Radare is name of a Reverse Engineering Framework with full-featured tools, libraries which aims to create a completely reverse engineering environment for Reversers at any platform. I saw many members of MMD research group was using stuffs in this framework. and they’re really powerful. I think that in future, radare will be the most commonly used toolkit in Reverse Engineering.


Multi-architecture and multi-platform
GNU/Linux, Android, *BSD, OSX, iPhoneOS, Windows{32,64} and Solaris
i8080, 8051, x86{16,32,64}, avr, arc{4,compact}, arm{thumb,neon,aarch64}, c55x+, dalvik, ebc, gb, java, sparc, mips, nios2, powerpc, whitespace, brainfuck, malbolge, z80, psosvm, m68k, msil, sh, snes, gb, dcpu16, csr, arc
pe{32,64}, te, [fat]mach0{32,64}, elf{32,64}, bios/uefi, dex and java classes
Highly scriptable
Vala, Go, Python, Guile, Ruby, Perl, Lua, Java, JavaScript, sh, ..
batch mode and native plugins with full internal API access
native scripting based in mnemonic commands and macros
Hexadecimal editor
64bit offset support with virtual addressing and section maps
Assemble and disassemble from/to many architectures
colorizes opcodes, bytes and debug register changes
print data in various formats (int, float, disasm, timestamp, ..)
search multiple patterns or keywords with binary mask support
checksumming and data analysis of byte blocks
IO is wrapped
support Files, disks, processes and streams
virtual addressing with sections and multiple file mapping
handles gdb:// and rap:// remote protocols

Filesystems support

allows to mount ext2, vfat, ntfs, and many others
support partition types (gpt, msdos, ..)
Debugger support
gdb remote and brainfuck debugger support
software and hardware breakpoints
tracing and logging facilities
Diffing between two functions or binaries
graphviz friendly code analysis graphs
colorize nodes and edges
Code analysis at opcode, basicblock, function levels
embedded simple virtual machine to emulate code
keep track of code and data references
function calls and syscall decompilation
function description, comments and library signatures
And more…

Binaries (compiled package) download link:
Binary packages for various platform download page (No ads)
Source code:
Source Code download section (No ads)
Documentation from official website(No ads)
Screenshot radare2 (r2 disassembler) running on Linux: