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Course TitlesDescriptionLinks
HP 201 Psycho-philosophical Foundation of HPEd  (see description below) HP 201 under Dr. Fajutagana 
HP 201: Psycho-Philosophical Foundations of HPEd. This course deals with the principles of philosophy and psychology pertinent to educational situations in the health professions that form the basis for the teaching and learning of the health professional. HP 201 under Prof. Grageda 
HP 211: Curriculum Design.  Principles and strategies for planning of new curricula and modifying existing ones. Development of a total curricular plan in a specific area of interest of the learner. HP 211 under Dr. Fajutagana 
HP 215: Trends in HPEd  HP 215 under Prof. ME Grageda 
HP 221: Instructional Design  HP 211 under Dr M Atienza 
HP 223: Clinical Teaching and Evaluation o Clinical Competence  HP 233 under Dr. M Atienza 
HP 231: Evaluation in the Health Professions.  An introductory course in educational evaluation, it gives an overview of the role of evaluation in the totality of health professions education. It deals with the principles, techniques, and trends in the assessment of student achievement, teacher performance and health education programs. It precedes a sequence of course in special areas of evaluation: Test Construction, Attitude Assessment, Evaluation of Clinical Competence, and Teacher Evaluation. HP 231 under Dr. Fajutagana 
HP 234: Teacher Evaluation in Health Professions Education.  The course deals with the basic concepts, general principles, research, and development issues on teacher evaluation in health professions education. Philosophical, technical, and organizational concerns on teacher evaluation will be covered in the context of improving faculty performance and meeting institutional accountability. HP 234 under Dr. N Alviar 
HP 235: Evaluation of Programs for Health Professions Education.  Purposes and methods for evaluating health educational programs and the use of obtained data to plan educational change. HP 235 under Dr. Fajutagana 
HP 241: Practicum   
HP 242: Learning in Small Groups  HP 242 under Prof. Grageda 
HP 244: Individualized Learning in Health Science  HP 244 under Prof. EA Sana 
HP 245: Media in Teaching.  Principles and techniques in the choice, preparation and presentation of various audio-visual aids and other instructional media. (Catalogue of Information, University of the Philippines Manila, 1997 – 1999) HP 245 under Dr. Fajutagana 
HP 261:  General principles of organization and management of health programs and health agencies; relationships of participant’s institution to other agencies in the National Health Plan. Operation of participant’s institution, his own and other’s roles within it. Utilization of these principles in educational change. (Academic Programs, Policies and Procedures, NTTC, 1996) HP 261 under Dr. Fajutagana 
HP 262: Organization and Management  (see description above) HP 262 under Dr. Fajutagana 
HP 262: Organization and Management.  Application of theories of management to the school/agency of participant in the determination and attainment of its goal. (Source: UPM Catalogue of Information for 2005-2010)  HP 262 under Prof. Grageda 
HP 263: Selection of Students for the Health Sciences  HP 263 under Prof. Grageda 
HP 292 Art and Science of Research.  The course deals with the basic concepts, principles, and application of the scientific inquiry in solving problems for research purposes. It features the study of theory construction in the development of research frameworks. HP 292 under Dr. Fajutagana 
HP 299: Research Methods  (see description below) HP 299 under Prof. E A Sana 
HP 299 Research Methods.  The scientific methods and approaches to research; basic statistical techniques used in analyzing data; and skills in the review of research literature and in writing and evaluating research proposals in health professions education. HP 299 under Dr. Fajutagana 
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