Manual (HTML) NTS-3000, NTS-4000, NTS-5000, NTS-9000


This are the important Safety Instructions that should be followed during installation and maintenance of the Elproma NTS-xxxx time server products.   This equipment contains hazardous voltages. Do not handle any metallic part until the power has been disconnected. Do not assemble, disassemble set when the power is ON. Making wiring and touching cables is strongly prohibited when power is ON. Please refer to your RACK’19 safety instruction to learn more about connecting power to equipment. The NTS-protection system requires PE line to be connected into RACK’19 din rails. Elproma advices for You:

1. Do not work alone under hazardous conditions.
2. High short circuit current trough conductive materials can cause sever burns.
3. Check that the power cord(s), plug(s), and sockets are in good conditions.
4. Use qualified service personnel to install permanently wired equipment.
5. Do not handle any metallic part before the power has been disconnected.
6. Take care your power lines and rack'19 frame are properly grounded.

User Manual Contents:


1.     Introduction

2.     Hardware

3.     Mounting GPS antenna

4.     Powering up NTS time server

5.     Basic device configuration

6.     Error messages

7.     NTP – Network Time Protocol

8.     NTP on Time Failure Tolerance Network

9.     NTS time server software Setup

10.   Security and NTP authentication mode

11.   Diagnostic utility