Syllabus and lecture notes

  • This club is leaded by students who are interested in or doing research related to computeLr vision. We will read interesting papers on the toppest conferences, and carry out in-depth discussions of these papers as well as the students' own research projects.

 LectureDate  Description Readings Presenter
1. Oct 31 2014 A novel parametric warp Shape-Preserving Half-Projective Warps for Image Stitching -  CVPR Li-De Chen
2. Nov 14 2014 Shadow removal in single image Single Image Shadow Removal via Neighbor-Based Region Relighting Yi-Hsien Huang
3.  Nov 28 2014 Looking beyond the visible scene Looking Beyond the Visible Scene 洪志文
 Dec 12
  Text spotting in natural images Deep Features for Text Spotting - EECV Shun-Jen Hsiao
5.Dec 26
A novel depth measurement method Fusing Depth from Defocus and Stereo with Coded Apertures - CVPR Li-Ren Huang
6. Jan 9
A new image matting algorithm Improving Image Matting using Comprehensive Sampling Sets - CVPRWei-Han Cheng