Safety Policy

  1. No smoking in the premises during childminding sessions
  2. No hot drinks left unattended or on a low surface in any room occupied by one or more children
  3. No inappropriate jewellery to be worn
  4. All electrical sockets should be protected by safety plugs – no trailing wires
  5. All cleaning materials / toilet cleaner to be placed out of reach of children
  6. All fire exits to be free from obstruction
  7. A copy of the fire drill to be clearly visible
  8. Never leave scissors or potentially dangerous objects lying within reach of children
  9. Under no circumstances may a child be taken from the childminding establishment without written consent having been obtained from the parent or guardian on the named child
  10. Temperatures within the childminding establishment will be maintained at an appropriate level
  11. All members of the household over the age of 16 are police-checked
  12. All effort is made to provide a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in all areas to avoid the spread of infection
  13. In compliance with the Children’s Act 1989, OFSTED will be notified of any infectious disease that a qualified medical person considers notifiable
  14. Children who are ill or infectious will be excluded as discussed with parents
  15. Parents or guardians of a minded child will be contacted if a child becomes ill whilst in my care
  16. I carry public liability insurance
  17. Equipment is maintained and conforms to BS EN safety
  18. Positive steps are taken to promote safety within the setting and on outings, and to ensure proper precautions are taken to prevent accidents.