Parents in Partnership Policy

It is my policy to inform parents of my aims and intentions through letters etc., thus allowing parents to participate in planning / decision making at all levels, and the planning and delivering of services. I want parents to feel valued and that we can work as a team to ensure that the children are valued and happy.


An extract from The Education of Children Under Five – HMI states:

 “…parents play a crucial part…in early learning, and will continue to be a strong influence on the young child’s development.”

 I aim to do this by:
  • Creating an ethos where parents feel welcome and at ease
  • Letting parents know they are welcome to visit at any time
  • Consulting with parents regarding planning the care given to children
  • Making contact with all families rather those who may be causing concern
  • Keeping parents regularly informed about their child’s progress
  • Ensuring that parents have access to records
  • Informing parents of policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Encouraging parents to be involved in the curriculum, festivals and events
  • Allowing parents the time to talk and discuss any concerns
  • Maintaining an open channel of communication
  • Having a comments and suggestions form
  • Ensuring that parents have copies of policies.