Lost Child Policy

All precautions are taken to ensure children are safe and monitored at all time in my care. It would not be good practice though if I did not consider the fact that a child may go missing and what I would do in such circumstances.
Procedure for when a child goes missing.
  • As soon as I am aware that a child is missing I would check the immediate area for them.
  • I would then contact the police and inform them of the situation.
  • I would make a note of the circumstances surrounding the disappearance in order to help the police as much as possible with their investigation.
  • The police will then be able to advise me about informing the parents/guardians of the missing child and what the next steps are to take.
  • All details of the incident would then be recorded and forwarded to OFSTED.
  • A full investigation into how this happened and what action needs to be taken to prevent it happening again would be made.