Equal Opportunities

I operate an equal opportunity policy in compliance with the Children’s Act 1989.

 Gender Stereotyping

  • Avoidance of the use of male/female typical roles
  • In role play, letting girls have a go at being pilots or mechanics etc. and boys take on roles of house husbands and nurses etc.
  • Allowing girls to take part in the same physical work and sports as boys.

 Cultural Considerations

  • In celebrations, consideration of needs of individual cultural beliefs and family situations when celebrating recognised days e.g. the making of Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day Cards – letting every child make a card, even if not for the celebration recognised.
  • In role-play, consideration of lifestyles of all cultures in our society.
  • The purchasing of multicultural toys that accurately reflect examples of different cultures in our community.


  • Showing and encouraging empathy with people with disabilities.
  • Giving examples of people/children with disabilities from a wide variety of families.
  • The use of appropriate role-play, books, posters, jigsaws and TV. programs.


  • Enabling all children regardless of race, religion, gender, culture, ability and social status the opportunity to reach their desired potential.
  • Creating a positive relationship with children by listening and observing.
  • Taking time and having lots of respect.
  • Being considerate, caring and reliable regardless of age, race religion, culture, gender and ability