Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR)

Peking University

No. 5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Email: nthoang.math@gmail.com

I am currently a Boya postdoctoral researcher at Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR)-Peking University. I received my doctorate at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May 2019 under the guidance of Prof.Chris Hruska.

My research interests are in geometric group theory and low-dimensional topology. In particular, quasi-isometric classification, commensurability classification, and geometric relationship between a group and its subgroups (subgroup distortions, quasiconvexity,...). I spend a lot of time working with 3–manifold groups.

Here is a copy of my CV.

Publications and preprints:

  1. Croke-Kleiner admissible groups: Property (QT) and quasiconvexity (with Wenyuan Yang). arXiv:2009.02863

  2. Quasiconvexity in 3-manifold groups (with Hung Cong Tran and Wenyuan Yang). Arxiv:1911.07807. To appear in Mathematische Annalen.

  3. Subgroup distortion of 3-manifold groups. (with Hongbin Sun) Transactions of the American Mathematical Society., 373 (2020), no. 9, 6683-6711 .

  4. Distortion of surfaces in 3-manifolds. Journal of Topology, (2019) 12(4): 1115-1145

  5. On the relative hyperbolicity and manifold structure of certain right-angled Coxeter groups. ( with H.C.Tran, M. Haulmark.) Internat. J. Algebra Comput . 30 (2020), no.3, 501-537.

  6. On the coarse geometry of certain right-angled Coxeter groups. (with H.C.Tran) Algebraic & Geometric Topology 19-6(2019) 3075-3118

  7. Quasi-isometry of pairs: surfaces in graph manifolds. Internat. J. Algebra Comput, Vol.29, No.04, pp 681-698 (2019)

  8. Distortion of surfaces in graph manifolds. (with Chris Hruska.) Algebraic & Geometric Topology 19 (2019), no. 1, 363–395



Introduction to 3-manifolds (Fall 2019): Beijing Jiaotong University.

2014-2019: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

- Survey in Calculus and Analytic Geometry (4 semesters include 2 semester for discussion and 2 semesters for online course)

- Calculus and Analytic Geometry I (1 semester)

- Calculus and Analytic Geometry II (1 semester)

- Calculus and Analytic Geometry III (3 semesters)

- Intermediate Algebra (1 semester)

- College Algebra (1 semester)