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2015/07: Migration to VMDK.7z distribution format and new AlienPCs

pubblicato 3 ago 2015, 04:12 da Stefano Petrone
  • As we found a simple program to convert from VMDK to USB PenDisk, we choose to use only this format to distribute our virtual machines (without VM config, as you can choose between VmWare and VirtualBox config using the vm disk image).
    • VMDK is the best supported format as vm disk distribution and compressed with .7z format this is the most compact archive distribution
  • This month we start to distribute AlienPC.DG.X64.G16 supporting for the first time the KWM/Qemu remote player and spice protocol.
  • We are starting to produce a new AlienPC only for server use without desktop usable also for hosting purpose. AlienPC.DS.X32, with only 256mb  requirement of ram for server user, from Atom to more powerful intel cpu.