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Restore AlienPC to your HD/PenDisk/SSD: Standard Procedure

If you want more execution speed you can clone your favorite AlienPc to your hard disk.
There are 2 possibilities:
1) Very Easy: Replace all hard disk OS: With Clonezilla you can restore hard disk image and overwrite your current hard disk OS. You must first create clonizilla packet from PendDisk UsB. We distribute only PenDisk o .IMG format (non usable for hard disk). 

2) You can install and use 2 OS. In this case you must:
  • Download a Install a Live OS (x32 o x64, is not important), with correct partition split.
  • Restore ONLY THE PARTITION (not the disk) from AlienPc Clonezilla Image overwriting the partition installated from Live Linux.
  • With Ubuntu you can create MBR-GRUB again using Recover Mode.